Dear KMAG: 20200817 Open Topic

This Stormwatch Monday Open Thread is VERY OPEN – a place for everybody to post whatever they feel they would like to tell the White Hats, and the rest of the MAGA/KMAG/KAG world (with KMAG being a bit of both).

Yes, it’s Monday…again.

But it’s okay! We’ll get through it.

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Our President is fighting for us night and day…please pray for him.

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Wheatie’s Word of the Day:


Heliophobic can be used as an adjective or as a noun, as in, someone who is suffering from Heliophobia.

Heliophobia is the ‘fear of sunlight’.

Used in a sentence:

The heliophobic DC Swamp Creatures are known for slithering around in the dark.


454 thoughts on “Dear KMAG: 20200817 Open Topic

  1. Obama said dogs are delicious. I find the active eating of animals as pets a step toward inhumanity.

    “North Korean dictator Kim Jong Un has ordered pet dogs to be confiscated in the country’s capital, saying the pooches represent Western “decadence’’ — but their owners fear Fido is really headed for someone’s dinner table.

    Kim issued the directive in July to round up the pets, claiming they were part of “a ‘tainted’ trend by bourgeouis ideology,’’ a source told the English edition of Chosun Ilbo, a South Korean newspaper.

    “Ordinary people raise pigs and livestock on their porches, but high-ranking officials and the wealthy own pet dogs, which stoked some resentment’’ among the lower classes, the source said.”

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  2. Barron W Trump
    I love my father.
    Barron W Trump
    I can’t believe Twitter. I’ve already got a warning for one of my tweets. I have been on Twitter for what? An hour?

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    1. Dd Barron just join Twitter? Maybe his parents just allowed it fr the first time? And Twitter has already given him a warning? They are brazen. I can’t imagine his tweeting anything offensive. Surely it wasn’t for “I love my father.”

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        1. That’s okay, I’ll wait till he sends a proof. Idk.. like turning the lights off and on in one of his father’s cabinet meetings.

          Meanwhile it is nice to see all the support going Barron’s way.

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    1. This guy is a real POS. This Dulce is the mother of his child who he abused and hasnt had anything to do with him for years.
      From his youtube.

      Dulce C
      Hello everyone, please report this video… this was me when I was just 16 years old… I am now 25. I think it was 2011/2012? My daughter and I are happy and have had no contact with him. I am now married with a family of my own. I do not even recieve child support. Thank you. Ps he also hit me when we were “dating”. ( how embarrassing) I hope the guy gets justice

      7 hours ago (edited)4522


      it’s good you got out of that situation

      6 hours ago13

      Dulce C

      antiami me too!!! Haven’t heard about him in years

      6 hours ago (edited)8


      Lmao lady you dodged a bullet by staying with this guy. Good for you, best wishes.

      5 hours ago2

      El Jugador

      How old was he? Sounds like statutory rape can be another charge

      5 hours ago4

      The Uneducated Wolf

      You can probably get a DMCA takedown on it…

      4 hours ago3

      Dulce C

      El Jugador he was the same age as me… he only got one day… I was pregnant with kid 😦 the baby on the photo… he literally tried to kill me and our daughter 😦

      4 hours ago2

      Dulce C

      The Uneducated Wolf how can I do that? I am not to tech savvy

      4 hours ago2

      Alek Hidell

      Has he always been an anti-White militant? or is this recent?

      4 hours ago1

      Dulce C

      Alek Hidell I really really have no idea!! We do not talk… like I said I am married and did my life after my daughter was born…

      4 hours ago4

      I hate you

      My other comment was deleted: So if i may suggest this internet. Don’t target this girl, She clearly has nothing to do with him anymore, and has her own issues with this guy.

      3 hours ago6

      Dulce C

      I hate you thank you!!!! I want this video down :(.

      3 hours ago3

      I hate you

      @Dulce C No worries, hope you and your new family doing well. Stay safe out there in Portland, best wishes to you. The internet can be the wild west sometimes lol.

      3 hours ago

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      1. Uh, me thinks we’ll have more indictments this month and next. Come October, DOJ will go all PC. I’ve got faith in Barr, and President Trump will nudge him from time to time.

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    1. The link in Q’s post goes to 18 U.S.C. § 371—CONSPIRACY TO DEFRAUD THE UNITED STATES. Clinesmith’s guilty plea was not for that, but for one count of making false statements. Is Q indicating that others might be charged with conspiracy to defraud the U.S.? Or that that would have been appropriate for Clinesmith, but that he cooperated?

      Q confirms that 11.3 was KC, Kevin Clinesmith.

      It looks as if there will be 6 non-civil indictments in the first set, with presumably at least another set to come, and that there will be also be civil indictments coming.

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    Greg Rubini

    1. about SpyGate:
    keep your eyes on Sir Richard Dearlove
    who is “Sir” Richard Dearlove?
    the former British MI6 Director

    in chapter 13 of my book
    “The Spy Operations on Trump”


    7:23 PM · Aug 17, 2020·Twitter Web App

    2. There is an upper level, above John Brennan, in SpyGate.

    who is this upper level?

    “Sir” Richard Dearlove and Michael Hayden.


    3. who is Michael Hayden?
    the former NSA and CIA Director.

    in chapter 19 & 20 of my book
    “The Spy Operations on Trump”
    4. Michael Hayden and Sir Richard Dearlove are more dangerous and more nasty than John Brennan.

    imagine that…


    5. Sir Richard Dearlove is connected with Stefan Halper.

    Stefan Halper framed Gen. Flynn, George Papadopoulos and Carter Page

    Stefan Halper is a long time CIA Spy
    for 40 years.

    chapters 13, 14, 15, and 18 of my book
    “The Spy Operations on Trump”


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  4. Well, at least one good thing happened today.

    Trump-Hating Mayor of San Juan Badly Defeated in Gubernatorial Primary Race

    Over the weekend, San Juan Mayor and noted Trump-hater Carmen Yulín Cruz of the Popular Democratic Party (PDP) was defeated in her primary bid for the Puerto Rican governorship to Carlos Delgado.

    As of Sunday night, Delgado led with 60% of the vote, followed by Senator Eduardo Bhatia with 23%, and Cruz received only 13%.

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    1. This is the kind of harbinger of what is to come in Nov.

      In fact, expect the left to claim the result can’t possibly be real and must be fake given the size of Trump’s landslide victory.

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    1. They filed for the patent in February, before China virus was so bad and before all the hype about mailing ballots. I’m not sure what that means…

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  5. Jonathan Turley has piece up at Zerohedge… actually copy of his column in The Hill (Note: Turley is a Democrat who has been criticizing DIMs… also, Ric Grenell has recently praised The Hill as more “fair and balanced” than Fox…


    “Authored by Jonathan Turley,

    Below is my column in the Hill on the announced criminal plea by former FBI lawyer Kevin Clinesmith and the continued calls by Democratic leaders to end the John Durham investigation. This week I discussed the call of Andrew Weissmann, one of the top prosecutors with Special Counsel Robert Mueller, for DOJ lawyers to refuse to help in the investigation despite his own conflict of interest. When the Clinesmith plea was announced, Weissmann proceeded to deride the charge and make spurious legal and factual claims about its basis. The Weissmann call for DOJ lawyers to hinder this investigation is unprofessional and unwarranted but hardly uncommon in this rage-filled environment.”

    con’t at link

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    1. We all have known and do know that Cabal will get more aggressive as we approach November… buckle up… and FIGHT the fear… our faith and our standing with POTUS and the Plan and prayers will keep us positive, work to reduce the hate… there’s about 10% of peeps awake fighting against the 1% who are trying to prevent 90% from AWAKENING…(yeah, I know the math’s a bit off! 😉 Smile, we ARE WINNIN’ … do not think for a nanosec that POTUS does not know what is going on, or that he is not prepared to fight back. We WILL NOT lose this spiritual battle… WWG1WGA

      Now comes Nanzi with news that States will be suing POTUS for cuts to USPS

      Campaign to sabotage the election?

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      1. Anyone on our side who is afraid damn well needs to fowboy the cuck up and get angry.

        Cold, hard, steel-outside-in-winter like anger.

        Not white hot, reactionary anger. Cold, calculating, I-will-be-as-patient-as-necessary-to-ensure-your-eternal-doom anger.

        This kind of anger is to be greatly feared and respected. This kind of anger is what gives rise to sayings like “revenge is a dish best served as cold as ice”. This is the kind of anger that fueled the legend and fame of the 47 Ronin.

        Let the left be afraid. They damn well should be, but they are too stupid to know it.

        America is not going to tolerate much more of this….

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    2. “The Weissmann call for DOJ lawyers to hinder this investigation is unprofessional and unwarranted but hardly uncommon in this rage-filled environment.””


      Hey Turley, if Weismann is calling for DOJ lawyers to HINDER the investigation, how is that not OBSTRUCTION of JUSTICE?

      They would IMPEACH Trump (again) for instructing anyone to ‘hinder’ a DOJ investigation, but you gloss over it likes it’s NOTHING when the career criminal and traitor, Andy Weissman, does it?

      And now you’re making excuses for ‘obstruction of justice’ based on ‘rage’, because it’s ‘hardly uncommon’ in this ‘environment’?

      Lemme axe ya somethin’, Johnny.

      Does the LAW still apply in “this environment”?!?

      I don’t think Turley is even a real lawyer at this point. 😂🤣😂

      Let me guess, he went to one of those Caribbean correspondence law schools, with two N’s in “University”?

      What a joke.

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      1. In the FBI, hindering ANY investigation would exceed “lack of candor” and would be fireable, I’m pretty sure.

        Is WeissTreason trying to suggest that his compatriots commit fireable offenses, so that they don’t have to cooperate?

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        1. “In the FBI, hindering ANY investigation would exceed “lack of candor” and would be fireable, I’m pretty sure.”


          Instructing anyone to hinder an FIB investigation (I’d be surprised if there has been any real FIB investigation in a hundred years, if ever) is textbook obstruction of justice, and unlike ‘collusion’, I’m pretty sure ‘obstruction of justice’ is a real criminal offense.

          Anyone following such an instruction, and actually hindering an FIB investigation, would likewise be committing ‘obstruction of justice’.

          It seems like poor strategy to commit felony obstruction of justice pursuant to attempting to overthrow the President of the United States, in order to get fired.

          Couldn’t they just resign instead?

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          1. This is what’s getting a bit WEIRD. And I think it’s basically very “Holder”. “Let’s have a REVOLUTION in DOJ, MAAAAAAN!”

            Watch for what SD releases. I think WeissTreason is in for a world of hurt, and he needs a general DOJ rebellion, but it ain’t gonna happen. Most people will say “just following orders”, and they will point back to HIM.

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            1. I think Holder is psychologically invested way too heavily in old Shaft! movies, to the point of caricature… I can practically hear the blaxpliotation Shaft! theme music / soundtrack (Isaac Hayes, 1971) playing in the background whenever I see Holder. 😂🤣😂

              It’s pretty fun to listen to, so I get that part 😁

              And you know that anybody who looked like THIS photo of Eric Holder, back when those movies were new, modeled himself after Shaft! in those movies!


              The problem for Shaft — er, I mean, Eric Holder — is that people like Andy Mccabe and the lover, Lisa Page, are definitely NOT Shaft!… and they’re never gonna be 😂😂😂

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              1. edit / correction: blaxpliotation blaxploitation

                I purposely checked that because I knew it was wrong, separating the ‘blax’ from ‘ploitation’ and put an ‘e’ in front of it to verify it was spelled correctly… when I did, there was no ‘red underline’ indicating WP thought it was spelled wrong… and it STILL posted with the ‘o’ and the ‘i’ reversed!


    1. Who’s Gonna Be Lucky Indicted #2? – Brian Cates Retweeted
      So Yuk Ching Ma & his relative were responsible for the 2 dozen CIA informants being killed in China.

      They identified for their handlers at least two people that Chinazi intel officials believed were US informants.

      Time to bring out the Old Sparkies!

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      1. Fry his fucking ass. Being a spy means he has training sufficient to deceive his commie masters. Yet he didn’t because he didn’t care if those people died.

        Our turn to not care about his life.

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  6. And in 35 minutes…the lying liars of Liarsville.

    Anti-American filthy communists will do their lying best to sway the least intelligent of American citizens (and illegals and dead people) to vote for them in November. The rest of the votes they will fraudulently steal and invent out of thin air.

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      1. It is the language defining it that I find interesting, particularly the SCOTUS opinions.

        “Resistance” to the Trump administration, esp. by gov’t employees (and in particular by Exec. branch employees), is clearly illegal.

        Gonna be some interdasting headlines when known dem shills are indicted under 371, given that the media has been cheerleading these illegalities.

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    1. I mentioned it above. 😁 Yes, it is interesting! I think I read somewhere that Clinesmith could have been charged with that but wasn’t, and they were speculating that he only pleaded guilty to one count of making false statements because he was cooperating. I don’t know, but I hope Q’s posting it means there will be charges under that statute.

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      1. Heard the same. Claims Barr is holding onto a 371 charge and using the lesser 1001 charge as leverage to ensure Clineslimes proper motivation.

        Which makes sense, given Wiessturd’s panic and tweet deluge.

        Speaking of, anyone find it interesting that Weissturd is openly encouraging DOJ insiders to commit 371 crimes as this thing unfolds??

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    1. There are millions of dems who have had their eyes opened up to who they have long sided with.

      We shouldn’t get too cocky.

      There are plenty of GOPers who need the same treatment as Pelosi and Co.

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  7. Now THIS IS laugh out loud funny. 100% news for libtards. Stuff we have known all along. This won’t sit well with PLT, Crazy Bernie and D-Rat Platform.


    California Gov. Gavin Newsom: Time to ‘Sober Up’ About Green Energy’s Flaws

    California Gov. Gavin Newsom said Monday that the state had to “sober up” about the fact that renewable energy sources had failed to provide enough power for the state at peak demand, and needed “backup” and “insurance” from other sources.

    Newsom addressed journalists and the public in the midst of ongoing electricity blackouts that began on Friday, as hundreds of thousands of Pacific Gas & Electric (PG&E) customers in northern and central California lost power.


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    1. Also from MaReQ:

      This, from Q 1828 on August 9, 2018…
      [FBI [JC][AM][JR][MS][BP][PS][LP][JB][MK][JC][SM][TG][KC]]

      …reverses to


      There are more graphics in that tweet.

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      1. My God. 😳

        It’s truly happening.

        After all these decades.


        At the pace he’s going, Trump may surpass even Lincoln himself…if such a thing is possible.

        Relatedly, Lincoln was as hated in his day as Trump is now.

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    1. What if national political conventions are expensive, and what if everyone on the enemy Left knows they have ZERO chance of even surviving as a political party, much less winning, and what if it’s harder than they thought to raise money just to throw down a toilet, and what if a ‘virtual convention’ is ‘good enough’ to keep up the pretense, and what if it can be done a shoe-string budget?

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      1. I doubt if money is a problem, Scott!!! I think they are playing up the ‘stay at home’ stuff to support mail-in voting – not safe to be in big crowds – and – they do not know how to ‘peacefully protest’ like PT!

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    1. Earlier on the thread page before this one, I read info saying that the pickup driver had died. DW told me that Hannity said more than once that the pickup driver was in the hospital and did not have life threatening injuries.

      Do we have a good resolution of those conflicting opinions?

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      1. Good grief, Word UNIMPRESSED is censoring again I think.

        Andy N. has an update He is in the hospital.
        “Portland Police has posted a small update on the status of the unnamed driver. They say he is “recovering” in hospital. They are trying to get in contact with the trans woman who was assaulted & robbed earlier in night. The driver tried to help her….”

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    2. I reported all to the FAA, TSA, and FBI under the “See something, say something” security policy. Quite certain I was not alone in doing so.

      I guarantee this coward will lose his security job at the Portland airport at a bare minimum and won’t ever get anything like it ever again.

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      1. Assange would be a total game-changer.

        Imagine a WH presser with Trump and Assange during which Assange tells the world that he got the DNC’s emails from Seth Rich, and he can prove it.

        And the details of same are on Anthony Weiner’s laptop being held by Wray’s FBI.

        Liberal media would collapse overnight.

        They won’t be able to walk the streets in safety.

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    1. Trying not to set myself up for disappointment. Who else could it be? Paul Manafort? Would he be considered very, very important? Ghislaine Maxwell would be, but no.

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    2. If pardons are only for people convicted of crimes, would Assanage qualify? I know he haas been charged with many things. He was sentenced to 50 weeks in prison in May of 2019 for breaaching bail.

      “On 13 September, District Judge Vanessa Baraitser ruled that Assange would not be released on 22 September when his prison term ended, because he was a flight risk and his lawyer had not applied for bail.[425] She said when his sentence came to an end, his status would change from a serving prisoner to a person facing extradition.[425]”

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  8. Mesquite, NV is ~80 east of Vegas. Below pretty cool, me thinks.


    An entire neighborhood in Mesquite, Nevada, switched out their porch lights recently to let local officers know they are appreciated.

    “They say a picture is worth a thousand words, but there aren’t enough words to explain what this picture means to us,” the Mesquite Police Department wrote on its Facebook page August 10, along with a photo of a street awash in blue lights:


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      1. True – Anti-Fascists are the real Fascists – BLM to Democrat Candidates and not to black businesses – Rioters and Looters engage in forced redistribution of wealth – and SJW believe policing is their job.


  9. My neighbor was hospitalized with Covid19…….
    My son and I mowed his yard while he was in…….
    I noticed my other neighbor shoveling dirt to cover a french drain he had dug (by hand)….
    I took my tractor over to move the dirt for him……
    He did not ask….. neither had asked….. I expected ZERO pay!
    They are FRIENDS and my Neighbors!
    Was HAPPY to HELP them!
    What the PHUCH is wrong with this country?
    ME! ME! ME!

    Sorry for the rant.

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      1. Something along the lines of (I posted on the open thread for the 18th):

        And First on Her Knees When She Needs To Advance…
        [and I’m not talking about praying, which WOULD help her]…

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