The Revelations of Sundance of MAGA (With A Foreword by Attorney General William Barr)

Get it all in here, fellow cultists!

This thread is meant to contain most of the fighting over Sundance’s upcoming revelations about DOJ, and whatever AG. Bill Barr seems to be doing to preempt those revelations.

We will spawn more threads as needed over the next few days.



488 thoughts on “The Revelations of Sundance of MAGA (With A Foreword by Attorney General William Barr)

  1. I trust Catherine Herridge’s knowledge, motives and insight more than SD.


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    1. All she’s doing is reporting what Barr said – which is fine, and excellent reporting, but she’s not using her analytic abilities there – in part to keep access. That is a big problem with “journalism” – even the MAGA kind. It’s easier to get handouts from those in power than to gumshoe for what they don’t tell you.

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        1. Fair enough. I don’t care about his motives, in part because I understand and agree with his analysis, because it matches mine, using different logic and data. It comes in like an independent confirmation.

          The Tash Gauhar stuff was a huge convincer for me. It draws in all my Holder research.

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    2. She may have cornered him into some admissions – so we can try to pick apart what he said – but I’m not seeing anything big in these tweets, other than:

      (1) Sundance, NOT Herridge, cornered Barr. Sundance pitched, she caught the bunt.

      (2) Barr is minimizing, which is expected

      (3) Barr’s language still sounds like it allows a Comey whitewash at the end, because lawfare includes strongly the principle that criminal results can be obtained from a big process with no one person committing an overtly criminal act.

      I want to believe Barr won’t Comey out, but unless they have something on the FISA plotters other than simply what they did, the conspiracy may not be successfully prosecuted (IMO) on individual acts which resemble wishful thinking and bad assertions. Will a jury see past the deceptions hidden as self-deceptions?

      Now if somebody is talking to investigators to the extent of revealing SECRET CONVERSATIONS and hushed whispers – well, then it’s a different matter. But I think Mueller and Weissmann’s July 2018 BS lies about the FISA being good may not be enough of a smoking gun to get convictions. We’ll have to see if Barr even tries.

      He’s leaving enough room for the whitewash, IMO.

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      1. Barr says repeatedly that, if they have evidence beyond a reasonable doubt that a crime was committed, it wlil be prosecuted. Are the lies and plots crimes that can be proven and prosecuted? I hope so. It certainly seems that spying on a presidential campaign and trying to take down a president would be crimes.

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        1. “Barr says repeatedly that, if they have evidence beyond a reasonable doubt that a crime was committed, it wlil be prosecuted.”


          There is already evidence beyond a reasonable doubt in the public domain, ergo, Barr is just blithering.

          Is he blithering because he’s protecting an investigation, or is he blithering because he’s never going to do anything?

          That has been the 64 trillion dollar question since he became AG, and the longer that question goes unanswered, the more certain the answer is ‘never going to do anything‘.

          I know the argument is that ‘no leaks’ proves these are super cops.

          It could also prove there was nothing to leak, because nobody has been doing anything substantive.

          They are all Deep State actors, and even if they are not compromised (which is a long shot so long it should be called a Moon shot), these are their beloved ‘muh institutions’ that we’re counting on them to blow up.

          If it ever happens, I’ll be amazed.

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          1. 👍🏼 the longer that question goes unanswered, the more certain the answer is ‘never going to do anything‘.

            👍🏼 It could also prove there was nothing to leak, because nobody has been doing anything substantive.

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        2. “It certainly seems that spying on a presidential campaign and trying to take down a president would be crimes.”


          They are the biggest crimes in American history.

          And he knows it.

          And we know it.

          And he knows we all know it.

          So either he takes them down, or he’s part of it.

          In the end, it’s not any more complicated than that.

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          1. They most definitely are POLITICAL Crimes.
            They have to be criminal charges according to existing statutes in the LAW…perjury, lying under oath, obstruction…..(not strong enough, IMO)
            Our laws don’t include prosecution for POLITICAL Crimes.
            Haven’t researched myself so not sure, but others are saying Treason is for war time, sedition must include violence.
            I’m holding out for Nunes’ 14 Criminal Conspiracy referrals, meself.

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            1. “They most definitely are POLITICAL Crimes.


              Treason is punishable by death.

              Treason is only the tip of the iceberg.

              Every kind of graft, scheme, blackmail, extortion, bribery, acting under color law, abuse of power, criminal violation of the rights of hundreds (more likely tens of thousands) of Americans, not to mention all the human trafficking, pedophilia, all connected to the DNC and the former Hussein and Clinton administrations, and Soros, all of which is connected to the grotesque criminal abuse of ‘foundations’ and ‘charities’ being used for laundering money (and people, and drugs, and influence), not to mention the use of “mass immigration” as a weapon of invasion throughout Western Civilization…

              These are crimes against humanity. Atrocities.

              These people are worse than Hitler, and they came a LOT closer to achieving Hitler’s objectives than Hitler ever dreamed of doing.

              Would we have let Hitler and his cronies get away because of a loophole or technicality?

              We should stop even entertaining the thought, because it only conditions us to accept the possibility that these monsters go free.

              We should reject that possibility, with extreme prejudice.

              I certainly do.

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      2. Have to agree Wolf, collectively big crime, individually enough wiggle room to not convict. Bottom line they all walk except some low level sacrificial lambs.

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          1. “If they don’t RICO together, they WALK separately.”


            However they are ‘gotten’, there is no circumstance where they can be allowed to ‘walk’, because it’s like a serial killer, except on a nation-state scale.

            If you let a serial killer ‘walk’, you have sentenced more innocent people to a terrible death, 100% guaranteed.

            The people we’re talking about are not just traitors, they have conspired together to take down the United States of America, and the last semblance of freedom on planet earth WITH it.

            If you let these monsters ‘walk’, then you have sentenced the population of planet earth to death.

            Because where are these monsters going to go?

            Some other planet?

            No, they’ll stay right here, with us.

            And what are these monsters going to do, go ‘straight’ and become pillars of the community?

            Or are they going to redouble their efforts and make sure to not make the same mistakes in the future?

            Wiping these monsters out is not only about justice, it is an act of self-defense, it is making sure they never — ever — have the chance to destroy the world AGAIN.

            Which is why all the concerns about ‘propriety’ and ‘technicalities’ is BS.

            When the stakes are the lives of everyone on the planet, ‘technicalities’ don’t count.

            They just don’t.

            They wouldn’t even count on a scale infinitely smaller than the entire population of earth, but in this case, it’s actually the entire population of earth that is at stake.

            No serial killer ‘walks’ after trying to murder 7+ billion people.

            This isn’t a TV episode of Reno 911.

            Although most of the main players in this Treason docu-drama farce could certainly play those roles with astonishing ease.

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            1. Bill Ayers…..Loved to bomb things…became a university professor and ghost write a future President’s phony “autobiography “. Perfect example of walking away.
              Then there’s Hillary Clinton….

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              1. Yes, they all need to be convicted and executed.

                This isn’t an episode of CSI or Law & Order.

                It’s us or them.

                Either they die, or we do.

                All this BS about ‘technicalities’ and ‘loopholes’ and ‘appearance of impropriety’ is sickening.

                It’s sick to even contemplate it.

                It’s like having the opportunity to prevent all the death and destruction and sin that has ever happened since the Garden, and then saying “whoops, technicality, sorry for all the needless suffering for all of humanity until the end of time, but I just couldn’t stop it, because of a technicality.”

                Even considering the possibility is to condition ourselves toward acceptance.

                And that is not an acceptable outcome.

                I sometimes think that if our side was presented with the opportunity to end all evil, just by pushing a button, that our side would only find a thousand reasons to never push it.

                And that’s devastating.

                It makes me want to hate our side, because it’s often impossible to believe that our side actually wants to win.

                Makes we wish God would just end this world sometimes.

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      3. They ALREADY whitewashed Comey, had him DEAD to rights for LYING to congress. They chose to let him WALK for that. I refuse, and maybe it is naïve of me, to believe that Barr, after ALL that he has PERSONALLY said, and done, would ALLOW another skate job.

        Plus, WHY keep Durham, and transfer him from an investigative to as CRIMINAL investigation. Even as a delay tactic it is STUPID.

        No, I maintain what I think happened, and the TIMING is VERY curious. Recall that just last week we find out that Durham had in fact requested an interview with Brennan, after ALL this time, obfuscation, and stalling.

        Is it not “coincidental” that RIGHT after that, SD comes up with his, I found out a secret, and Durham is a feint, I negotiated a release with Barr, BS.

        Look, IF you have the goods, do not PLAY with a release, hint it is called BUILDING hype, simply RELEASE what you “have” and let the CHIPS fall where they may. You would EXPOSE Barr, and FORCE actions and or REPERCUSSIONS.

        By PLAYING this “I will release to reporters I LIKE on Friday, and THEN publicly on Sat”, SMELLS, and BAD.

        I maintain, that IF SD found out ANYTHING, it was as you said what Barr WNATED him to find out. The ONLY thing I think he was “given” that was TRUE, is the announcement was COMING, and most likely Friday.

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    3. Sadly, Barr has certainly lowered the expectations Barr. The bar has settled on the ground for now. HOPE I am wrong.

      – After four years, looks like we’ll get some lower level flunky indicted today. Guessing a moron associated with FISA abusive lies. Perhaps the FBI asshoe that changed something to make it look like Flynn lied. IIRC.

      – Barr IS intimidated by the election. IMO.

      – Barr IS protecting DOJ establishment.

      The ONLY real positive I took out of his blathering with Hannity, is, we are supposed to learn what happened in 2016 and 2017, before the election. Guess Catherine chose to NOT TW that tidbit. Perhaps I misunderstood Barr’s statement.

      – We already know a hell of a lot.

      – WE, President Trump and Americans NEED indictments and arrests of the coup plotters. ANYTHING less is a travesty, that 100% validates two tier “justice” in America.

      My enthusiasm for Barr has dwindled mightily. So very much hope I am dead wrong on this.

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      1. I’m not reading Barr that way – he’s playing his cards close to the chest and avoiding any hint of political partisanship. Total opposite of Holder/Lynch/Øbastard regime.

        Let’s let it play out.

        SD’s attempt to meddle in this is unseemly.

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        1. We’re only looking at a second Trump term because Sundance meddled on Sessions, IMO. I’m trusting his instincts here, too.

          Yes, it’s unseemly. Just like snapping the trap on a loyal servant turned into trap-bait, as Sessions was.

          War is not just unseemly – it’s ugly.

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          1. Wait, you think it was because of SD that Trump finally got to replace a compromised Sessions? NO, it was because of the Herrige article that REVEALED that Rosenstein was tasked to wear a WIRE. That event gave Trump the “leverage” to remove BOTH Rosenstein AND Sessions. Sessions was forced to “resign” and then Whittaker was put in to do what Sessions COULD not or WOULD not, neuter Rosenstein.

            Let us not forget that it was BARR that FINALLY was able, in SHORT order to STOP the Mueller never ending witch hunt, because HE was NOT compromised politically like Sessions, and he was NOT Cabal like Rosenstein.

            Barr even FORCED Rosenstein to AGREE with his decision to END Mueller, and made him STAND side by side to boot. SD had NOTHING to do with that, he just was revealing that Sessions was compromised, which we ALL, especially Trump, knew. He did NOT give Trump the hammers to finally force Sessions out, Herrige ( at least I think it was her that broke the story, it might have been another reporter, but it SURE was not SD.) did.

            We all know Trump has “place holders” in positions until he gets what he WANTS or NEEDS. A perfect example was Grinnell for Ratcliffe, and Whittaker for Barr. There are more, there will BE more.

            I think that is giving SD too much clout, and paints him as MR Maga, when there have been numerous times when he OPENLY railed against Trump, and especially Q, which we KNOW is affiliated WITH Trump.

            He MAY be right on this, as it SEEMS, hell it may BE, but I know his HISTORY, and he HAS been a self promoter, and a site dictator. IF he got this one right, which STILL remains to be seen, it was because he too was a “placeholder” used for a PURPOSE. I do NOT think that purpose was to REMOVE either Durham OR Barr, and I most CERTAINLY do not believe that it was to LEVERAGE either Barr or Durham into action.

            There are MUCH more powerful people who could not or WOULD not than SD.

            I think that THIS may actually be to out a leaker or SUSPECTED leaker more than an ACTUAL leak, Wictor talked EXTENSIVELY about Trump’s use of “barium meals” I think we JUST got one. This would make SD the unknowing receiver of BAIT in a trap.

            Think, WHY would Barr announce so stupid LOW LEVEL indictments, just because some, all be it popular, blogger threatened to “out” some info and a “secret Attorney name” Makes NO damn sense, unless it was PLANNED to do so. Heck, how do we know this info, with DIFFERENT attorney names was not leaked to MULTIPLE bloggers and media, to SEE just WHERE the leaks came from, a CLASSIC barium meal.

            Lets let this play out before awarding any medals here. JMHO. I want ACTION just as much as ANYONE, hell even MORE so, but if I got “secret” info, I sure as HELL would not be plastering it on my blog, and doing it for $$$$$. I would sure as hell not try to actually or PRETEND to use it as a sort of “leverage” on a sitting AG.

            Especially KNOWING, as SD has to, though he NEVER admits to, that this is ALL a great big PLANNED takedown of the swamp. I had NUMEROUS arguments with him over “the plan” and was summarily banned as a Q fanatic because of it. SD NEVER, to my knowledge believed there was a PLAN in motion,
            How can he now, say he is FORCING action, her believed the cabal was too big and imbedded for even Trump to take on, let alone win, HIS words not mine.

            I guess we find out TODAY. I HOPE so, I WANT indictments, because I KNOW where they ALL lead. I WISH I could prove it beyond a shadow of a doubt, you can bet the farm that if I COULD , I WOULD, and there would be NO negotiating, OR self promotion, just a announcement and a reveal.

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            1. “Think, WHY would Barr announce so stupid LOW LEVEL indictments, just because some, all be it popular, blogger threatened to “out” some info and a “secret Attorney name””


              My impression was that SD was implying there was no “lead investigator” name to release, because there is no actual investigation, and that was going to be the ‘bomb’, the ‘reveal’, the exposure that the whole thing is a giant sham to stall past the election.

              OR there is a ‘lead investigator’, BUT the name is someone who we already know is corrupt, which means the Durham investigation itself is (once again) a giant sham to stall past the election.

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              1. My impression is that SD could not differentiate between a stall and a non-stall, so he forced the issue with the only weapon he had – something which looks like a stall, unless DOJ adds context.

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              2. But see, SD is full of shit on BOTH. There IS a “lead investigator” his name is William Barr. He has Lieutenants’ like Durham, Huber, Bash, and probably MORE that we do not yet know.

                This was SO big it HAS to be that way. ONE big case by ONE attorney or even one GROUP of attorney’s would RISK too many loopholes, and be RIFE for mistakes, and ONE mistake kills it ALL.

                It HAD to be compartmentalized, and I am sure it was, allowing specific areas of FOCUS. Now they will all proceed in their particular areas, but in the END it will ALL be tied together, most likely as a CONSPIRACY under RICO, which will require a special counsel to tie it ALL together.

                I think THAT is the plan, have EACXH area get indictments for their specific field, force them to roll as BIGGER, and when they ALL get to a certain level (White House) THEN a special Counsel will be appointed to look at the HEADS of the conspiracy under RICO.

                As I have ALWAYS said, in the END they ALL had only ONE boss, Barack Obama, and HE has ALWAYS been the TRUE mark.

                Yesterday was the FIRST step on the road to that END. The die has been cast, the FIRST domino has fallen, the STORM is HERE.

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              3. “and ONE mistake kills it ALL. ”


                Except one mistake does NOT kill it all.

                This isn’t a TV show, or a board game.

                If Hitler survived to stand trial, and the evidence of every kind — personal eye witness testimony, documents, film, recordings, etc. — was overwhelming, and then just before the case went to the jury, a lawyer ran into the court and said STOP!!!

                I just found a code or statute that says “LOOPHOLE – If someone is arrested on a Thursday, but prosecution begins on a Monday, then if the jury begins deliberations on a Wednesday, the defendant must go free!!!”

                It’s so stupid I can’t even express it properly.

                I don’t care if mistakes are made, so long as they are honest mistakes (i.e., not manufacturing evidence).

                Make all the mistakes you want.

                Because Hitler ain’t going free — no way, no how.

                Not ever.


          2. We’re only looking at a second Trump term because Sundance meddled on Sessions, IMO.

            You sure have an overinflated opinion of Sundance’s power outside of this tiny corner of the internet and even tinier bit of the population.

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            1. I have reasons. At least, *I* think they’re reasons. Let me explain without divulging the details. What I want to explain is that this is the result of logic – not emotion.

              I believe that certain obscure people close to Trump told the truth about what they and Trump knew, in regard to certain things. Some of those things – utterly unbelieved by almost all of the people here – but which work well in a certain logical investigative framework I use – were later validated in multiple ways. I now believe that all the things these people said were true. In that world, Sundance’s turn against Sessions becomes very important, whether it was a cause, an effect, or a little of both. I don’t have to know much about Sundance to know that removing Sessions was a key part of “the plan” that Trump *ACTUALLY* operates by – NOT the plan that Q talks about – which depends on what Q says, which may be disinformation.

              Maybe others will find the same evidence I found, but I keep those cards close because (1) in a world of reactive disinformation, having a solid true source which has escaped degradation and discreditation is priceless, and (2) If I state things openly, people won’t try to understand – they’ll simply try to disprove, due to what I call “rejection bias”. No point in giving up a beautiful tell to those whose first instinct is to reject everything they don’t currently believe. And like I said, nobody here believes the things that these people said, which were validated in the context of the very useful framework.

              I will also admit that knowing these things is a bit of an abusable power, but by openly admitting it here – that I’m calling things because of a lucky find, and not some great ability (other than the wise choice of the great framework) – I can disarm the dark side of the item just a bit.

              TL;DR – I think I have reasons, but they’re probably just crap to everybody here, so I’ll just let people think I’m wrong, but I DID state the truth for the record, and the future will reveal the meaning. 😉

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              1. That’s one way of putting it, but I dislike the very term confirmation bias because it chooses to denigrate confirmation and enshrine rejection and falsification as the “basis of science”, which IMO is not only wrong, but has been inflicted upon mankind consciously and intentionally to keep us down. A state of mutual continuous rejection makes science far more controllable.

                It’s a subtle point, but it makes a huge difference.

                Keep the rats in their corners, and they’ll never get out.

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              2. Very well. Preconceived ideas about people’s motives and behavior can influence one’s reaction to what they do and say, resulting in incorrect conclusions. And that works both ways.

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              3. I see what you are saying, and I understand the NEED for dis info, or at LEAST not fully correct info, BUT, by going about the childish tantrums, and the “bride” monologue, SD undermined ANY true credibility he HAD with his original premise.

                I AGRERE that Session had to GO, and that there HAD to be a way to get to that end, not because Sessions was Cabal, but because Session had been rendered LESS than useless. There is ALSO the distinct possibility that Session had a ROLE, and his role was only PARTIALLY completed because of the recusal, and when the REST of his role, the part Sessions could NOT complete, a concocted way of removing him, and GET to Barr, a man outside that COULD without the tar of “politics” complete.

                That being the END of the never ending Mueller witch hunt. Whittaker was brought in to do JUST that by neutering Rosenstein, a job accomplished by a LEAK, from info gathered from McCabe. Rosenstein was then “flipped” to go along or ELSE. It was BRILLIANT to make Rosenstein not only SIGN OFF on the end of Mueller, but to STAND shoulder to shoulder ON TV to do it.

                Now, the LEAK of McCabe went to many people, Herrige being one. Was SD read in, if only partially? POSSIBLE, though not probable, NOT enough exposure to conservatives, R’s, D,s I’s, Q people, and normies. Herrige WAS.

                Trump USES his pieces (think chess) to further the END goal. Once that piece is used, it is replaced, or “sacrificed” to further the END.

                Q has been a valuable piece, in that it circumvented the MSM, and ALLOWED for the SLOW dissemination of REAL info, mixed with DIS info, but it GOT people (like you and me) LOOKING, and we POSTED to others what we FOUND, and let THEM decide or contribute or ridicule..

                SD ONLY ridiculed, and only presented HIS side of the story, and for me that is a PROBLEM. Even IF I am wrong, I still OPENLY discuss it, I CAN and HAVE been convinced. SD NEVER was or apparently IS that flexible. There was ONE WAY, HIS way. I find that counter productive.

                There ARE ways to MAKE a point and or REDIRECT to the truth without actually SAYING it. SELF discovery is ENLIGHTENING and EMPOWERING. Which I think is the PURPOSE of Q, to give just enough TRUE info as a TEASE to not only keep people coming BACK for more, but to get them LOOKING on their OWN for the info.

                I REMEMBER vividly the day my eyes were opened on this, I became voracious, I had to FIND the truth, at least as BEST I could, and I think I did. When I did I SHARED IT. THAT was the purpose, to get people to look discover, learn for themselves, and PASS it on. JMHO.

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        2. The saving grace for me, is we’ll know what happened 2016 and 2017 before the election. Assuming that includes indictments and arrests.

          Don’t put much stock in SD grand standing. Smacks of a kid threatening to have a tantrum, schedules his tantrum and it unfolds. Unless SD has a smoking gun that can’t be refuted, just a blow hard.

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          1. Actually reminds me of the famous bragging by Biden of his threat to withhold $$$ from Ukraine…”and, by god, the son of bitch was fired.”

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        3. For years Sundance (like Rush Limbaugh) has guided millions of people through the rough waters. Love or hate him he is one of us with a big audience. An audience that can make a difference should we choose to accept our duty to protect America.
          Support our own, Sundance may piss you off but he has never disappointed the goal.
          And… I would have never found Wolfmoon, a blessing in of itself.
          Feeling pissy, call your congressman, send an email to a liberal commie, storm the beach!

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        1. Most everyone, if not everyone is hopeful. I don’t regret being hopeful. The alternative is unacceptable.

          Best news of ALL, WE ARE ON THE TRUMP TRAIN!!!

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        2. Barr has already NUMEROUS times revealed himself to be MAGA, ending Mueller ALONE was enough for me. I cannot forget that it was BARR that REVEALED the very existence of Durham, and the SHOCK that hit the dems in that hearing WHEN he did.

          Then there was the ALL OUT attack on Barr by the Dems in the House just two weeks ago, you think that was ALL theatre? NO, the dems are legitimately SCARED of both Barr and Durham, WHY do you think that is? If he and Durham were doing NOTHING, the Cabal would NOT waste time ATTACKING them, they would be praised or IGNORED, just like Wray.

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          1. The advantage of me having a 6 hour time difference to the east coast USA…I don’t have to write all the stuff you just wrote.🤣🤣🤣

            Honestly, it is not that I WANT to believe what you are seeing…I actually see what you are seeing. Come on man 😋 pun intended…the Dems are so afraid of Barr, and by extension Durham, they did not even let Barr be heard during a friggin’ hearing! On top of that, there was the revelation of yet another investigation lead by Bash.

            President Trump just publicly called Obama and Biden out for committing treason. Not in a tweet this time…but on a world wide broadcast.

            It simply does not make sense to build this all up…just to let us all down…unless THAT was exactly the plan. A nefarious attempt to disappoint and suppress the Trump vote. But that would make Barr a black hat. I just do not buy that scenario.

            That said, Team DC are indeed World Champion can kickers. We are less than 3 months from the election. On the other hand, I have always heard that you do not open fire until you can see the whites of the enemies eyes. Going back to the Art of the Deal and up through the campaign…Trump has always stressed the importance of TIMING!

            On a side note, it did kind of nerve me that President Trump would cave to the postal funding allowing mail-in ballots. Perhaps a bluff…knowing the Dems do not want a deal in any case.

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            1. First on your last sentence, that is EXACTLY what he did, called their BLUFF, he pushe ALL in, now they have to call or FOLD, they WILL fold.

              On the rest, TY, I try to explain what I see so EVERYONE can see it the way I did. Sometimes I do it right, sometimes I don’t. This is one of those times I think I have it RIGHT.

              As for Barr, he has had EVERY opportunity to stick his knife in ala ET Tu Brute, but EACH time he has protected Trump. If he had allowed Mueller to continue, as he COULD have, Trump most likely would have been GONE by now. Yet Barr ALWAYS went MAGA and sided with Trump.

              What would have changed now? NOTHING, except we are inching closer to JUSTICE, and the PTB are throwing everything against the wall now, in desperation.

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        3. Don’t apologize for that, GA/FL. Too many Debbie Downers walk among us…so very easy to slide from reality to hand-ringing, expecting the worse.

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    1. I don’t think Sundance hates us. I think he simply doesn’t respect the idea of trusting some mystery plan that guides Trump through, and [his view] we’re supposed to just sit back and drink pina coladas.

      Now that’s not FAIR to Q, or to us, but I think SD has good reason not to get bogged down in Q theology. The Q psyop is meant for people like us – ARMCHAIR FANS who need a pied piper to (1) stay out of the nasty clutches of the Dems online, (2) distraction from or blinders to the media propaganda, (3) lessons in digital warriorhood, (4) pacification, (5) unification, and (6) training for Great Awakening stuff.

      Sundance doesn’t want that stuff on his blog. Fair enough. We have it here! 😀

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      1. I think he resented Q from the start…and still does.

        Sd prided himself on being an ‘oracle’ and when Q came along, he felt threatened that Q would replace him.
        Why else would he ban all talk of Q?
        And ban anyone who was interested in Q.

        Sd claims to value research.
        Yet he bans all talk of a good source of research?

        His assertion that “Q is dangerous” is laughable…in light of what he is doing right now.

        How is anything that Sd is doing right now going to Help Us Win the Elections?

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        1. “Sd prided himself on being an ‘oracle’ and when Q came along, he felt threatened that Q would replace him.”—BINGO!!!

          And so did Alex Jones! That is why he an Corsi attempted to hijack Q with their own version…Zack! That attempt was easily crushed.

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          1. Oh, Q *did* replace him. But only for what Q does. SD’s research was still rolling right along. But yes – it changed the tone of the site – even when we could not talk about it.

            I didn’t see Corsi as doing much more than trying to get downstream from Q and interpret it for others as a combination of (1) “Here’s my interpretation” (sharing or influence, take your pick), (2) spin injection and/or control (less innocent influence – not unexpected from original swift boat author), and (3) a payday (varying between time spent and grifting).

            At least the first shows up in every Q watering hole. Moolah shows up in way too many places, but some of them (like Praying Medic) are still fairly innocent.

            Corsi and Jones injected way too much of their own stuff into Q, and THAT was problematic, IMO.

            I will certainly agree that SD found Q annoying, but I kinda get that. Q admits to disinformation, which basically means that Q can’t be a reliable source for the FBI. You can’t use Q as a “source” if you’re a journalist. Q is more like a tipster who often has the goods, but nothing stands up in court, because Q admits to deceiving some people by what he says and when he says it. That’s fine, but it just makes Q less than pristine for Sundance’s purpose.

            SD has both emotional reasons to be annoyed at Q, and legitimate, logical reasons to not want to inject Q into ANYTHING that he does.

            Q isn’t research – it’s TIPS to help us research – MAYBE – and “gibs” from [your interpretation here], which are incredibly helpful as orienting tidbits. But it’s still a tipster, and tipsters have agenda.


      2. Well, that description of what Q is about comes across as patronizing, IMO. “Just give the more woke masses something to chew on and keep them occupied.”

        The concepts of armchair fans and digital warriorhood are opposites, to me. Digital warriorhood is very effective. We are the news now. It’s what Thomas Paine did with Common Sense. I’m not placing anyone on his level; it’s the concept of the pen being mightier than the sword.

        I do not consider myself, or any of us and the anons, to be people who need to be pacified or who need a pied piper. Encouragement is nice, but I think we are a little more mature than that.

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        1. Well, that description of what Q is about comes across as patronizing, IMO. “Just give the more woke masses something to chew on and keep them occupied.”

          Please. I said that? Really?

          I said what I said. I didn’t say THAT.

          I am starting to think that you are not seeing all the Q folks that I do. The “masses” are a very diverse bunch. This place is NOT representative. VERY far from it. This place is tea time in the middle of a penny arcade.

          Most people here need no pacification, but just dealing with the EDGE of the “actionable violence in speech” problem (as the admin here) keeps me well aware of how many people DO need it. And to get the kind of “usable information peacefulness” stats that our side now has working for us on a national scale – a political weapon of immense magnitude – I almost have to credit Q as being a big part of it, even though it’s hard as hell to prove.

          Q as a psy-op (IMO) handles a wide variety of people. And yes – at one end, it’s “paternalistic”, and if I speak of that, yes, you can call it patronizing if you want, but it is what it is. Q is handling people all the way from journalistic types at one end – self-controlled “digital warriors” and researching anons who can smell good vs. bad pizza – to (at the other end) easily misled people with ZERO critical thinking, putty in the hands of Brock trolls and leftist disinformation artists. And those are, of course, the people that the MSM uses to try to broad-brush the Q movement as crazy and “violent”.

          THOSE are the people who need a pacifying pied piper. That may not be you, or most of the people here, although ANYBODY who runs a site knows that sites are all basically pied piper-ish in one way or another. But it’s a lot of the people out there, IMO, who NEEDED a pied piper. When I was doing Podesta research – oh, wow – there were loose mental children everywhere getting talked into white vans of the craziest pizzagate disinformation. The discred was flowing like a dam break.

          Q simply ended a lot of that. It was VERY smart.

          Many people are looking for stuff to believe without deeply questioning, and they “latch onto” the shiniest object.

          Q is shiny. That’s part of the strategy. Deny that, and you deny one of the smartest aspects of the Q thing.

          The chrome may not be for YOU, but the chrome is there.

          People don’t LIKE IT when you tell them they’re being operated on psychologically, but TOUGH COOKIES – Q does that, and it’s SMART – it’s very MAGA – and it’s good.

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          1. Thanks for clarifying that. To clarify my remarks, I didn’t say you said something; I said it “comes across” in a certain way to me, leaving room for you to expound, which you did.


      3. But, see, that makes SD CLOSED minded, the EXACT thing he portrays himself NOT to be to his followers. To TOTALLY discount Q, and those who both study and follow him, is NOT getting bogged down, it is either censorship, OR down right dis info. To not even discuss the subject, and BAN those that DO, and tie it INTO the info that SD posts, as a freaking proof, always irritated me.

        we and Q were not REFUTING what SD said, we were VALIDATING some of it, and providing CONTEXT, he SHUNNED that.

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        1. The odd thing is that early on up until early-mid 2017…SD was much more open to ‘conspiracy theory’ and thinking outside the box. SOMETHING CHANGED! That is why many started calling him SD2.0.

          SD started getting into twitter fueds and simply did not seem to be himself. Many of us saw it.

          Honestly, I do not trust ANYBODY online. All I know is that I am voting for the man that at times seems to be taking on the Machine all by himself. The least I can do is vote for him…and I would do much more if I had the opportunity.

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          1. Until we know what changed, I don’t think we should blame SD as having done anything wrong.

            Someone may have forced his hand.

            I also replied directly to Prognosticasaurus’ post to which you replied.

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            1. Absolutely, I have several theories that go in many different directions. But that’s just it…I don’t have enough information yet to form a conclusion.

              Admittedly, I have allowed my emotions and ego override my logic and committed my share of SD bashing.

              But I always find myself falling back to my original theory which falls in line with the military operation scenario. Very serious and VERY PATRIOTIC people that understand EXACTLY who the enemy is.

              Deception is necessary! <<<OF COURSE IT IS!

              In a nutshell…I try very hard not to put my mind in a lockbox.

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          2. SD may have been trying to protect his credibility to help Trump. Those were rough days.

            Credibility is just a huge problem in a world where people use discreditation as a fast way to hide facts they want hidden. The “virtue signal to recognized sanity” when people seed anything outside the Overton window as “insane” is a HUGE driver of individuals.

            I totally get those who opt to maintain credibility so their main message gets out. I just choose not to be one of them.

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        2. “But, see, that makes SD CLOSED minded,”


          He was, and if he still rejects Cue, then he still is, because he cannot defeat the basic argument:

          Cue could only have ever been one of three things:

          1) friendly but independent psy-op
          2) enemy psy-op
          3) a Trump administration psy-op

          Friendly but independent can’t work for lots of reasons, but an obvious reason is that it would be a wild-card, and no administration can have an independent group representing itself as part of the administration.

          Nobody can allow someone else to represent themselves as *you*, and that goes infinitely more for the leader of the country, especially if/when millions of people directly associate *you* with cue. What if tens of millions of people have believed that Cue is part of the Trump administration, and then Cue starts saying things that directly harm the administration (e.g., racist things)?

          The reasons why you can’t allow a ‘friendly but independent’ psy-op or misrepresentation as being part of your administration is a thousand times less desirable with an ‘enemy psy-op’. The administration would have to be insane to allow Cue to continue if they knew it was an enemy psy-op, because sooner or later, an enemy psy-op is obviously going to stick the knife in and twist it.


          The Trump administration could shut down Cue in 10 seconds, via the NSA or military intelligence. But even supposing the NSA or military intelligence was powerless, DJT himself could shut down Cue simply by tweeting to his 65 million plus followers ‘Cue is fake! Fake News! Don’t believe it!’, and Cue is toast.

          It would be ridiculously easy, he could do it in 5 seconds, and Cue’s credibility would be destroyed. That has never happened.

          So if it can’t be a friendly but independent psy-op / organization, and it can’t be an enemy psy-op / organization, then what possibility of the original 3 does that leave?

          SD could never answer that question, he could never even address it, he could only run from it, or ban the individual who kept presenting it.

          And that’s not very OPEN minded 😂

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            1. “What if SD is supposed to deny Q?”


              Sure, it’s possible, if he’s now part of the administration or acting on behalf of it, which would be pretty extraordinary.

              The problem we always come back to is that even if he’s supposed to deny Q, how does he do it without cause, and still maintain his credibility?

              We can’t “prove” Q beyond any doubt — although I think we could ‘prove’ Q beyond a ‘reasonable’ doubt to any jury at this point.

              By the same token, from the beginning, no one could ever ‘disprove’ Q… and it would be even harder now than it was at the beginning.

              The fact that Q cannot be disproved means it is not possible to deny Q based on logic or reason.

              So if SD was supposed to deny Q, he could not (and still can’t) deny Q based on logic or reason, so then for what reason or cause does SD ‘deny’ Q?

              He has no answer, because ‘logic and reason’ are not available to him, and any other answer destroys his own credibility.

              So running away was all he could do.

              Denial because… denial.

              And ‘denial’ for no better reason than ‘denial’ does not a strong intellectual position make.

              If SD is supposed to deny Q, then whoever instructed him to do so doesn’t care how it makes SD look.

              But SD cares.

              It was not possible to continue, day in and day out, denouncing and denying Q, without any credible reason to do so, and maintain his own credibility.

              If the only option available was ‘denial’, then effectively he needed a ‘cover-up’, he needed to silence people who pointed out the obvious truth, he needed to stop the questioners who presented questions he could never answer.

              That was us.

              So we had to go. 😲😁

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            2. But, Wolf, did you notice that after he banned us all, most of the comments were shallow sycophantic drivel?

              I mean, seriously, some days it’s nauseating. I respect the hell out of all the commenters here, even the ones I don’t agree with, because their arguments are SMART, even when they turn out to be wrong. And our fearless leader isn’t getting a tongue bath day after day (not that you don’t deserve one, if that’s your thing 🙂 ). But we FIGURE STUFF OUT here, we don’t just get it handed down from on high, and bow down before the light-bringer. That is how I am viewing this entire thread, actually; as us “crowd-sourcing” about SD and figuring out what it all means.

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              1. SD really made a mistake kicking us out, unless it had some kind of purpose, which it might have.

                Remember – these DOJ people were investigating me back then, in an abusive way. At the time, I felt like it had to be Rosenstein allowing the abuse, and the only people who seemed nasty enough (remember the drawn-gun raids on multiple people, and going after Trump’s attorney) was the Mueller bunch. So if they were hitting Sundance with GARBAGE (pure speculation), then it’s very likely that he got served with documents that he traced back to the Mueller SC. So in some ways, I’ve taken my own case as validation of his belief that the Mueller group was running DOJ.

                I don’t know – we’ll see. I’m happily awaiting whatever comes out of this!

                Now – all that aside – yeah, I think we have a better thing here. It may just be a lifeboat, and not a yacht, but the company is excellent – and the supplies are adequate! 😀

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            3. Absolutely, I have several theories that go in many different directions. But that’s just it…I don’t have enough information yet to form a conclusion.

              Admittedly, I have allowed my emotions and ego override my logic and committed my share of SD bashing.

              But I always find myself falling back to my original theory which falls in line with the military operation scenario. Very serious and VERY PATRIOTIC people that understand EXACTLY who the enemy is.

              Deception is necessary! <<<OF COURSE IT IS!

              In a nutshell…I try very hard not to put my mind in a lockbox.

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          1. Absolutely AGREE. I used that VERY argument on him, and he BANNED me.

            The true fact, IMHO, is that Q was viewed by SD as COMPETITION for “followers”

            That NEVER made sense IF SD;s true motives for his blog was truth and MAGA. IF, however, it was just about $$$ and CAPITALIZING on the Q movement, Trump , and the Cabal, it DID.

            I think SD got too big, and TOO full of himself, it required him to be “boxed” into HIS and ONLY his opinion, dissent was NOT tolerated. Now IMHO, he jumped the shark, and it MAY be the end of him as a conservative “force” in the blogosphere.

            He GAMBLED, and he LOST, the longer he STALLS, and comes up with fresh excuses to cover, the WORSE it will be. Truth is his ONLY chance at salvation. .

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        3. I take seriously Wolf Moon’s theory that SD has been forced by a National Security Letter, or other coercion by Deep State resistance activists, to keep Q off his board.

          Until we can rule that out, then, imo, we should walk lightly on the subject of blaming SD personally for the bans on Q and on those who discuss Q.

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          1. I disagree, he COULD then have simply used a 3 strikes and you are out approach, but he did NOT, it was poof you are gone, censorship at its finest. A convenient way to ELIMINATE free thought, and “competing” ideals, I rule that out IMMEDIATELY, because Q could have been ELIMINATED in about 3 seconds IF Trump wanted it so, and it would be EVERYWHERE. Plus Trump could have simply DISCREDITED Q long ago with ONE one sentence tweet, yet he DID NOT.

            No, there was NO letter, no DS threat, it was ALL SD. The DS threatens and deplatforms people EVERY day on twitter, it could have and WOULD have SD as well as GP and others IF it could they and WE are under constant surveillance and THREATS, the best defense is TRUTH and exposure, NOT censorship.

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    2. He asked, so I tried to hit some of the high notes………

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      1. Crap, I missed one. This should be 2nd tweet.

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          1. Thanks, I tried to convey some intelligent open minded ideas like ‘take the good, reject the bad, think for yourself, investigate everything’ while reminding WE ARE ALL ON THE SAME DAMN TEAM!!
            It’s sad that there is a CANCEL CULTURE on our own side. Whatever happened to ‘I’m MAGA but I find Q out there so I’ll leave it to you, but we should still support one another on shared beliefs’? Now it’s ‘you’re Q?, you’re an idiot conspiracy theorist, I can’t be associated w/that #$&%, you’re bannished..’

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            1. I do not care if SD believes in Q what I care is that he will fight for POTUS and vote for him. He has a fallowing that hopefully vote for POTUS that is all I care about.
              So he banned me that did not affect my happiness in contrary I found this place 🙂
              I am grateful to have been banned.

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      2. Nice series of tweets! You said, “Q tells us not to give up, have faith, hope, fight for truth, encourages with scripture…”
        I noticed SD was also doing this, quoting Scripture and rallyiing the troops. It seemed very Q-esque.

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  2. Well, alrighty then. Over here it is. Let’s all try to be cooperative, level-headed, and sensible. Remember we love each other and we are ALL ultimately on the same side.

    My take:

    IF today and tomorrow, the “not earth-shattering” development is the name of some investigator we are unaware of, Sundance forced Barr’s hand, for real.

    If the development is something else, Sundance likely had nothing to do with it, and whatever he is revealing has no negative impact (at least as far as Barr is concerned) in the scheme of things.

    That’s my take.

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    1. Remember that Sundance had a face card BEFORE he picked up the investigator card. I strongly suspect that the investigator card is the icing, and the other card is the cake that Barr has to get out in front of. They may be RELATED, but I think SD had something that would have goaded Barr BEFORE somebody dropped the name of the investigator into SD’s lap.

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      1. Yes, I remember. Which is why I have been puzzled as to why it is the “name” SD has been promising to release. I can’t figure out a scenario in which the name of the investigator points to the “face card” as you call it, unless the investigator is serious swamp, which would mean the whole thing has been a farce, and that would completely demoralize the troops. Which would be catastrophic in my opinion.

        I guess we will see if/how it points back to the other thing if/when we find out the name of the investigator.

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        1. Or, its a barium meal trap, and SD was bait. TOO much has been done and said by Barr, and others I trust like Degenova and Trump himself, for me to think, whelp this was all a lie. I find the TIMING curious, as it IM<MEDIATELY follows the revelation that Durham has indeed asked to interview Brennan, who leads DIRECTLY to Obama.

          And DIRECTRLY after we hear the 60 days before an election meme. Cabal SILENCE on this matter is ALSO a tell, for EVERY other reveal, they were cocky and braggadocios. This time they are silent and DEMURE.

          Something IS up, though I still have my considerable doubts that SD had ANYTHING to do with "forcing the issue"

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          1. “And DIRECTRLY after we hear the 60 days before an election meme.”


            That whole ’60 days’ is so Marquess of Queensberry it makes me want to vomit.

            Does anybody think the Cabal would observe that rule?

            Of course not, it’s just another double-standard that only applies to us.

            If it’s not a LAW then it’s a ‘courtesy’ or a ‘tradition’.

            WHO observes ‘courtesy’ or ‘tradition’ in a WAR with the OUTCOME at stake?

            Nobody, unless they’re TRYING to lose on purpose.

            To the extent that the perception that ’60 days’ matters, if it gives someone the impetus to ACT before the ’60 days’, great.

            Personally, I would release a new indictment EVERY SINGLE DAY between now and election day, each day a bigger fish.

            Talk about demoralizing the enemy and destroying their ability to control the narrative 😂🤣😂

            After a week or two even the MSM would catch on to what was happening, and it would turn into a prediction game, i.e., “What Top Player is Being Indicted and Arrested Tomorrow?”

            And every single day, the noose gets tighter around Hussein, Clinton and Biden.

            The enemy wouldn’t even be able to breathe after 3 weeks, much less after 10 weeks of non-stop daily destruction of their heroes and leaders. 👍

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            1. Gee, Scott, how do you know, that THAT is NOT exactly the plan, total offensse, and keep the Cabal on CONSTANT defense, unable to mount ANY defense, because EACH day the bigger fish is snared,.

              As for the 60 day meme, they sure as HELL did not respect that on Trump now DID they, and OH, EVERY October surprise is an affront to that meme. I agree it is simply an EXCUSE to hammer Reps. Fortunately, Trump is DIFFERENT,

              He does not PLAY the game by THEIR rules, he flips the game board OVER., and then hits them over the head with it.

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              1. “Gee, Scott, how do you know, that THAT is NOT exactly the plan, total offensse,”


                I hope it is the plan!

                But we’re already 78 days or so from the election, and there are a lot more than 78 bad guys to arrest, so it would be a shame to wait another 18 days to get started.

                It should be like a 78 day VICTORY celebration, with each day getting BETTER and BETTER as the enemy gets SMALLER and SMALLER with each revelation and arrest, culminating in a 50 state plus all the territories LANDSLIDE that wipes out the Left at the federal, state and local level.

                So I’m just saying, it’s not too soon to start.

                Let the Great 2020 Election Victory Games begin!!! 😁👍

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        1. I believe it’s related to anywhere from one to all of the following:

          – Mueller team secretly ran things
          -Tashina Gauhar (Holderite) key figure
          -Rosenstein black hat, enabled SC plot
          -SSCI and congress-critters in plot vs. Trump
          -DOJ ran as black hat until Barr sworn in
          -DOJ in RICO-level conspiracy with Congress
          -DOJ still filled with black hats
          -plan to “one-term” Trump still active

          There may be others, but I believe he has a smoking gun on something that then leads to and explains all of these.

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          1. Well, the Joker is also a face card.

            Or it could end up being the Jack of Squat.

            Watching the Hannity interview of William Pelham Barr and also the Levin interview, it is obvious this is an extremely brilliant man – on the genius level of both Trump and Pompeo in their realms of expertise.

            They are major league elite….and capable of complex strategy that most cannot begin to imagine.

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              1. I think that’s a viable option, could have been using SD to get the investigation details into the public realm. Public knowledge for the people that want it and a trap set for the peeps to step into with selected controlled opposition.
                Who the hell knows anymore, we’re watching a movie right?

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              2. ALSO a theory I entertained back OT. That SD was recognized for his expertise and asked to play a role. Seems it could have been right around the time that Hannity and others had a private dinner with President Trump. That would explain the ‘sudden change’ we perceived from SD.

                It would also explain why SD wanted to keep his site separate from Q…different roles to play. BIGGER TENT.

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            1. And then add the Wolverines…..they are mind blowing brilliant, IMO. They seemingly love to discover ways to overcome the many obstacles, domestic and foreign, put up to thwart POTUS’ agenda.
              That’s why I’m concerned but not in a state of panic about the mail-in voter issue. I strongly feel there is a strategy in place.

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          2. IF, it were any of those things of that importance, there would be NO reason to Negotiate with Barr, as he too is obviously compromised, and there would be ZERO gain.

            The ONLY gain would be to RELEASE it, and EXPOSE Barr and the plot to MAJOR sunlight, NOT try to “negotiate” with him to do a different tact.

            See, your reasoning puts the obvious PROBLEM with SD and his cards. His ONLY play would be to RELEASE to have ANY true influence for MAGA. The rest would ONLY be fluff, bluster, and self promotion, which in the end would NOT reveal the true graft, NOT expose a compromised Barr, and NOT stop the ongoing obfuscation and coup.

            MAkes ZERO sense.

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        1. He’s giving it to the media first for a Friday afternoon/evening drop, and it will hit the Sunday talk shows. Media will generate a firestorm of pro and con, Friday night and Saturday morning, going back to him, after the Friday drop, then HE answers on Saturday with full reveal, which he is promising us.

          It’s a good plan.

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        2. I pose an alternate theory, Barr had ALWAYS planned this announcement, and SD simply found out about it, and utilized it. IF SD has a whole card, he should PLAY it, or shut up.

          People are simply giving SD WAY too much “power” in this, like HE can manipulate, motivate, or FORCE the sitting AG, who has a RECORD of being MAGA, by ending Mueller, and PROMISING justice.

          Sorry NOT buying it, Barr were he swamp, could ahve BURRIED Trump MULTIPLE times, especially with Mueller, it would hjave ended in Trumps acquittal, and removal. He chose to go MAGA. Then he could have had Durham, and Durham, ALONE investigate to infinity. He did NOT have to permit Durham to go CRIMINAL, and have ALL that power, which we are all but sure (Degenova) that he HAS used, in both convening a grand jury and subpoena power.

          It smack’s off TOO elaborate a charade, and MUCH too risky given the current already revealed info by Grinnell and Radcliffe.

          Sessions was removed, Barr could be TOO, and a REAL AG appointed under the appointments clause for 200 days, MORE than enough time to CONVICT them ALL.

          This ENTIRE thing ASSUMES Trump is both STUPID, fooled TWICE by his AG choices, AND too weak to ACT. NEITHER is true.

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    2. “IF today and tomorrow, the “not earth-shattering” development is the name of some investigator we are unaware of, Sundance forced Barr’s hand, for real.”

      Well that’s the thing, Aubergine…
      At this point, whatever happens, Sd can claim that it was ‘because of him’.

      How do we know that Barr didn’t have other reasons for going on Hannity last night?

      Barr talked more about the Mail-In Vote fraud than anything else.
      And it is indeed, a huge threat to the election.
      Even moreso since the Postal Workers Union has endorsed Biden!

      So how is all this drama from Sd going to help us Win the Elections?
      Because this is the number one most-important-thing now.

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      1. I get you, Wheatie.

        I think similarly. I don’t agree with what SD is up to, really. But I am partially withholding judgement until I see what it is he has.

        If it’s really a big “nothing” from SD, then it confirms what I thought about him and his ego. If it’s “something,” then I am going to assume like Wolf that Barr didn’t care if it came out.

        You are correct, SD will take the credit for whatever Barr says, whether it is because of him or not. I just don’t think that is a very big deal, I guess. I just checked; SD has 172,000 followers on Twitter. Brian Cates has 272,000. I don’t know how many people read SD’s blog. But I know that SD is really not as influential as he wishes he was, simply based on the Twitter number.

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        1. “…SD has 172,000 followers on Twitter. Brian Cates has 272,000. I don’t know how many people read SD’s blog. But I know that SD is really not as influential as he wishes he was…”

          Unless @JackBoot, the Black Hats, and the financial interests they all work for are more afraid of Sundance than they are of Brian Cates, and therefore the Boot keeps stamping on SD’s number.

          So Twit numbers can’t be relied on as an absolute data reference, imo. Too subject to manipulation for disinformation at the hands of fascists

          Or, to make the point imitating the type of language Q likes to use:

          How many Twitter followers does POTUS have?

          How many Twitter followers does POTUS really have?

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          1. I see things as independent of SD’s influence or lack thereof. He’s a journalist with a story that can and will get picked up. His influence is unimportant. The story will likely be picked up by people WITH influence.

            If the story has legs, that’s all that matters in terms of whether it’s an annoyance, threat, or problem.

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              1. Having watched C-level types ignore CHINA DOWNSIDE while worrying about bloggers and critics online, shows the enormous influence that small but visible people can have – but also the big unspoken things like “soft power” that nobody sees and everybody SHOULD HAVE FEARED.


            1. I agree normies don’t know who he is. But his readers are widely distributed, and include influencers.

              If he publishes a big reveal, that the DS has successfully kept back from us until now, it will soon be known by many people, and in due course by all.

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            2. Sundance is not all that numerically influential, but he “influences influencers”. People who “get” him can have their worldviews altered, and then cascade it into influence elsewhere.

              Sundance specializes in finding and promulgating “inciteful evidence” – spelled as intended. He finds things that shake people’s views and send them out, Paul Revere-style.

              One reason I respect Sundance as an influencer is that I try to guestimate his impact using, ironically, Q-like methods. Go back in time and remove SD, and a lot of stuff looks very different.

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      2. AH BINGO, someone ELSE gets it. SD cannot lose now, whatever Barr says, if it is good OR bad, SD can claim “victory”, and NEVER be forced to “reveal” what he supposedly HAS, as he is in “constant” negotiation, or “gagged” see how that works.

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    3. IF today and tomorrow, the “not earth-shattering” development is the name of some investigator we are unaware of…
      I can’t imagine an investigator’s name being what Barr will reveal. The idea was that SD would reveal the name if there was not “progress” in Durham (which he claims doesn’t exist). So it was a kind of blackmail: Show us something, or I will doxx a prosecutor’s name.

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      1. EXACTLY, and do you KNOW that that is EXTORTION, and that is a CRIME, to a SITTING AG. PLEASE.

        IF SD has something, put it OUT there, no “threat” or “negotiation” will matter. The TRUTH matters. It does NOT need negotiation or defending, it is like a Lion, simply release it, and it defends ITSSELF.

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        1. You cannot tell the difference between the situation where SD has something, and the situation where SD has nothing but is bluffing.

          Which in this context tells me it’s much more likely he’s bluffing.

          Excuse me, bullshitting.

          And I hate people who make their living pretending to know shit they don’t know.

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          1. If the guy did all the travel he said he did recently to DC, have the meetings etc, then that is some very expensive bullshitting. Dude said he was breaking news Saturday. Not sure what all the posts here today are about when all we have to do is wait until tomorrow. Either has something or doesn’t.

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  3. Well….re: SD’s demand/ultimatum/blackmail attempt….

    Most of us will recall that whenever various entities from Tom Fitton/Judicial Watch to members of Congress have demanded information about ongoing investigations, it didn’t go all that well.

    Not wishing him ill – but he’s displaying a whole lot of chutzpah and vainglory.

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    1. Like this?

      Don’t know if I’m believing any of the following…..

      He responded to the DOX tweet by asking,

      Guess who called today?? then posted

      There was also a tweet that I can’t find where he mentioned ‘me and Powell…’,
      couple that with Lee Zeldin, tells you who he’s contacted.

      So here’s his ‘TRUSTY PLAN’….LOL

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        1. The only one that seems plausible is high six figures to go away. He didn’t say who offered it or when, though, and whether or not it was a government entity.

          I’m just going to sit back and watch this. No sense in getting emotionally involved if it doesn’t involve getting to Heaven.

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              1. One could NOT plan a worse self destruction of one’s credibility. IF he has little to NOTHING, he loses BIGLY. Doubling or tripling down only makes it WORSE, as does talk of a BRIBE. COME ON. This is CABAL level tactics, NOT MAGA in ANY way.

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              1. I’ve I only read this here. I haven’t been OT yet this week, or seen his feed on Twit. That said:

                “He’s accusing the ADMINISTRATION of trying to bribe him.”

                Not necessarily, Aubergine.

                Dr. FauXi is in the Administration. Was he fully embracing MAGA the times when he told us wearing masks didn’t matter? Or the times when he told us it did?

                Dr. Hahn is in the Administration. What about when he quashed the Emergency Use Authorization for hydroxychloroquine?

                Rosenstein was in the Administration. Was it MAGA to appoint a special counsel to investigate the president? Or to sign the FISA warrant renewal application to continue the 2-hop spying on Carter Page?

                There are far too bad actors in the federal government, including bad staff and bad advisors of good actors, for the actions of some bureaucrat to reflect on the president.

                And Sundance didn’t even say the offer came from someone in government. What if it was from a private company, a university, a think tank, or a charitable foundation? We know these people control and love to use so many of all of these institutions to manipulate so many in so many ways.

                Think of Tom Clancy, Andrew Breitbart, John Perry Barlow, Antonin Scalia, so many of the NYPD officers who saw Weiner’s laptop, the young healthy guy in NYC who founded the mobile app development company purchased by Google. Jeffrey Epstein. All now conveniently dead,

                There are a lot of people with skin in the game who might not want Sundance to come out with stuff, not just Black Hats in the DoJ.

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              2. I hear you, and have stated I didn’t consider the perspective that it was the OTHER side. Too caught up in the SD v. Barr idea. BUT, I still don’t trust Sundance’s motivations. That’s not surprising, I don’t trust most people when it comes to making money, and what they will do to do that. And I never forget that Sundance is monetized. So I judge him the same way I just all press, with a side-eye towards the bottom line. If what he is doing is legit, great, I love it, but I’m withholding judgement on that.

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            1. Wolf, cmon, there is NO need, they could LITERALLY, make SD, his platform, and his Twitter go BYE BYE if they wanted to, LEGALLY, and QUICKLY. WHY would they try to BUY silence, and if they DID, and it THAT big, just RELEASE the damn info. Time for SD to PUT up, or SHUT up.

              IF he puts up, it better be DAMN impactful, and NOT found wanting. I suspect a “sudden” development, and a STALL soon.

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              1. LOL.

                Nobody opens up some drawer of cash and whispers “Here, if you keep mum, it’s yours.”

                Nobody kicks SD off Twitter and WordPress and expects the story to do anything but grow.

                DC traffics in COMPROMISE and ACCEPTANCE OF TERMS.

                A job offer, a stipend, a book deal. “Money for your story – THIS MUCH [only] up front.”

                An “internship in a corner office – downtown DC”. A “fellow”.

                “Why yes – we can use a guy like you. We have an opening for a research fellowship right now.”

                It’s all BS – and it’s all CONTROL.

                Notice that when people come at you with this crap, you KNOW what they’re really up to, if you’re sharp, but you can never accuse them of it. ALL SO INNOCENT. How do you explain it?

                Exactly the way SD did, if you’re sharp. VAGUELY. You don’t burn that sketchy bridge by outing what you can’t prove.

                If you’re a CHUMP, you come back and brag about the chump offers you turned down.

                I’m thinking somebody tried to do “capture and kill” on his story. Smart cabal move would be to control the story – enough dirt to monetize, but weaken the impact and spare who needs sparing. Delay until October, lying about the benefits of doing so. Send in the editors to “help” Sundance rewrite things.

                Very similar to the way they tried to chump Flynn.

                Look at Comey. THAT was very pro – getting him into a book deal. Locks him into a cabal story. But it also made him a prime chump to get thrown under the bus.

                BUT no, let’s think of the most ridiculous version of a dumb-ass bribe and negate THAT. 🙄

                “C’MON!” 😉

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              2. I knew you saw it. I just hope OTHERS did. As for the bus, there will be MANY Cabal with tire marks soon on the way up the chain to Obama.

                I have had offers like that, quid pro quo, and I have turned them down, sometimes to my own disadvantage. What are your principles worth? How about integrity?

                I like to say I don’t DANCE. I have stood more than once on principle, I was however raised by an honorable WW 2 vet that did the SAME his entire life. He learned to make do with less, so have I.

                I have my principles and my honor intact. But everyone needs to make their own choices in life, life is hard, some look for an easy out, especially after adversity. I guess we need to walk a mile in others moccasins first.

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          1. Come ON (eye roll) REALLY. So someone, he JUST tried to EXTORT, offered him MONEY to go away, high six figures. COME ON PEOPLE. This is the DOJ, you know those guys with BADGES, GUNS, and the power to make people LEGALLY go bye bye, forever. PLEASE.

            Wolf ALM<OST had me convince that SD had something, NOW, I KNOW it is SHIT. Plus his JUVENILLE reply to the DOJ spokeswoman Kerri Kupec.

            Then to top it off he gets DOXXED, and DOUBLES down, insinuating someone powerful called him and offered him money. The ONLY person who would "call" would be the FBI, and THEY would have a WARRANT.

            SOMEONE is out over his SKIS.

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            1. If they offered money to SD then it would have been a trap for SD if he accepted it.
              He is now in the black book and he needs to be careful because we know what they can do.
              SD could not be that dumb could he?
              Remember when we thought it was not SD any longer? Who took over and who is writing this stuff? I feel jerked around.
              I am not investing in SD or whoever it is crap until reality hits what and when ever.

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              1. Sometimes good people can break under stress. A lot is in stake in Nov. and it is clear he put all on line. We do not know other things that are going on in a persons life? I hope he has a good loving support group?

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              2. Agreed, credibility chicken his DANGEROUS, and he gambled a LOT on it. NEEDLESSLY too. ALL he had to do was say he had info that SOMETHING BIG was breaking, today, and he would have been the GOLDEN child., instead he went all NCIS and tried to play up a “negotiation and a freaking BRIBE in a PERSONAL call from someone BIG. CMON. man.

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        2. None of this has any bearing on what is actually going on, but his snarky replies are “too middle school,” too. Yes, he’s getting hammered, but, IMO, 1) he invites that, and 2) he would have much more credibility if he answered people in a more professional manner, appearing serious rather than in gotcha, nanny-nanny-booboo mode. 😂

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          1. He should be out of sight, not playing king of the hill. It’s a lot of pent up emotion, I guess. But not a good look in this situation.

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              1. Zelenko can dish out the snark when he wants to.


              2. So true. Zelenko is too serious, dedicated and idealistic/altruistic to tease or boast!!! With Dr. Zelenko – it’s not about ‘ego’ or profit or attention in any way shape or form.


            1. EXACTLY. It is ALMOST like he is drunk tweeting. IF a man like Assange, Fitton, or any journalist like Bongino, Hannity, Herrige could NOT get this info, with the HISTORY of ZERO leaks, how did a blogger? One who has NOW gotten himself doxxed.

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          2. BINGO, his “snarkiness” makes him sound CAUGHT in a web of lies. A SIMPLE watch and SEE, would have been sufficient. I think we are witnessing the END of SD, perhaps that is what he wanted, perhaps it has gotten too much for him to “produce” Makes ZERO sense to react this way, it cannot just be click bait.

            Sounds like the DOJ or SOMEONE, is calling his ALL IN, and he has ten high.

            FALSE bravado, and snarkiness is a COVERE for FEAR.

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          3. “Yes, he’s getting hammered, but, IMO, 1) he invites that,”


            Then he’s almost certainly doing that for a reason


            “and 2) he would have much more credibility if he answered people in a more professional manner, appearing serious rather than in gotcha, nanny-nanny-booboo mode.”


            Would he?

            Does the enemy grant us ‘credibility’ if we act professional?

            If we would just follow the Marquess of Queensberry rule book more closely… I mean REALLY follow it this time, and be more polite, will the enemy finally see things our way and repent and give up and admit that they were always wrong, all along?

            What does a ‘professional manner’ have to do with… anything?

            Does the enemy care, at all, one way or the other?

            If you’re getting mugged, and somebody is stomping on your face, are they going to stop because you asked them politely and with the utmost professionalism?

            I just don’t understand.

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          1. EXACTLY, but this COULD cause him REAL harm, LEGAL harm. A “threat” real or IMPLIED to a siting Federal employee, let alone the SITTING AG, has CONSEQUENCES. Look for a legal defense go fund me in his future. Plus, he drew UNDUE attention to himself and got himself DOXXED. We KNOW what the left does to doxxed conservatives.

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            1. I haven’t seen an official threat that could cause him legal harm…yet. ShipWreckedCrew (former DOJ prosecutor) dismissed this too, as all US Attorney names are public, they have public offices and operate in the open.
              But he does not seem to care anymore. Chaos Actual doxxed him in a tweet, but SD retweeted the dox on his own timeline.
              Definitely a political Soap Opera. DRAMA!!

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      1. “Mark Bradman (Sundance) thinking that threatening to release the name of an investigator on Durham’s investigation is going to make Durham go faster is just about the dumbest thing I’ve heard in awhile.”


        When did SD ever say his reason for releasing the name of an investigator would make Durham go faster?

        And why would the name of an investigator make any difference, at all, to anyone, no matter who it is?

        Unless the investigator’s name is ‘no one’?

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      2. “High Six figures. Near seven.

        Didn’t work.”


        If that’s true, then nobody cares what SD is about to do 😂🤣😂

        There are at least 11 million people, in the U.S. alone, who could offer him more than that!

        High six figures… Ty Webb has more than that in uncashed checks laying around his house. 😂

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    2. I am surprised with SD announcing his intent that he is still on Twitter and WP? People have been taken off for less. Just wondering. Are we being played we find out but questioning is a good thing.
      Often people feel insulted when questioning motives but for now he has not given much that we did not learn here or other places .
      I wish no harm to SD to his Twitter or his site.
      I feel I am in a slow rolling endless movie where things are drawn out for effect and dispense not for information. Normally when the movie comes almost to the end we have an inkling who the villain is. There are many names floating around who are betraying us and POTUS and the rule of law but we know that. DC has been taken over by greed of power and money.

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      1. Is this REALLY SD, or is he, like Drudge, been COMPROMISED? I feel for him, really, I think his bravado may cost him DEARLY. It is a FINE line between “hero” and “goat” . SD is teetering on that line. I said credibility chicken is DANGEOUS. SD is example A. Others like Corsi before him found out the HARD way.

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    3. “Well….re: SD’s demand/ultimatum/blackmail attempt….

      Most of us will recall that whenever various entities from Tom Fitton/Judicial Watch to members of Congress have demanded information about ongoing investigations, it didn’t go all that well.”


      This is the key distinction, the lynch pin to the whole entire problem of corrupted government which will not hold itself accountable.

      It’s the word ‘demand’.

      It is right for a Master to ‘demand’ of his servant, and in a Republic, WE the People are the ‘master’, and the government is the ‘servant’.

      The ‘servant’ has gone rogue, taken the whole nation hostage, and committed crimes so numerous and heinous that death is the only possible punishment.

      When Fitton or members of Congress made ‘demands’, what was the ‘or else’?

      If there is no ‘or else’, then they weren’t ‘demanding’, they were making a ‘plea’ or ‘begging’, they allowed themselves to be the ‘servant’ and the government to be the ‘Master’.

      SD isn’t begging or making a plea, he making an actual ‘demand’ and backing it up with force, i.e., direct consequences if the ‘demand’ is not met.

      And based on that alone, I think it’s beautiful to behold.

      A rightful and lawful ‘Master’, an American, holding his government to account.

      Which puts the government in an impossible situation.

      If the government are black hats, they will reveal themselves (for the millionth time) by forcefully stopping SD, by whatever means necessary, like a midnight walk with Vince Foster in Fort Marcy Park.

      But if the government are presenting as white hats, then they must recognize SD’s cause is righteous and his superior position as a private American is righteous, and they can’t just disappear him down a mine shaft or blow up his car or crash his plane, because ‘white hats’ don’t do that.

      So either the government complies with SD’s ‘demand’, or they allow him to go forward with his plans.

      Either way, something happens.

      Action with consequences.

      Which is exactly what has been needed, and missing, from the get-go.

      Remember, we don’t need to do ANY of this, all the investigation and pretense and ‘awakening’. Trump had every right to use the military to round them up and have them shot in GITMO after a military tribunal.

      And he still can, and he still will if that becomes necessary.

      If what we’re going through now was actually necessary, then no coup in the history of the world would have ever failed, every single one would be successful.

      When a coup attempt is underway, you can’t sacrifice the country (i.e., give up, quit or lose for any reason) because of ‘rules’ or ‘technicalities’.

      It is the enemy who chose War.

      We either win and live, or lose and die.

      That’s the choice, there is no ‘Door Number 3’ or mythical ‘middle ground’

      So it’s not about laws or statutes or codes or perceptions or appearances of impropriety, etc.

      All of that is vanity at best.

      Win or die.

      And it’s not about the President or his personal convictions, not even a little.

      It’s about US, and his duty and obligation to US.

      If he loses, 325+ million people lose… along with the rest of the planet.

      Is there any conceivable scenario where anybody with a functioning brain allows that to happen over a ‘technicality’?

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  4. To me, worse than “Spying” was the compilation of lies targeting political foes with prosecution (and removal from office), requiring endless amounts of money spent on legal fees resulting in the total destruction of lives and livelihoods simply to benefit the acquisition and amassing of power on the left.

    This is a horrifying abuse of power.

    The pee pee papers, the manufactured “lies” of General Flynn, the jailing of Manafort, and the prosecution of Roger Stone all come to mind,

    The cooperation of MSM means that many, many Americans will never see or understand the truth.
    Public prosecutions of those who have done this with visible serving of indictments would help,

    The left’s introduction of General Flynn includes the word “felon”. Perhaps we should always refer to leftist leaders with truly descriptive adjectives in their titles.

    Every leftist leader I can think of has stolen money from the people for years and is generally a tool for whichever foreign countries can pay them the most, often in the form or fees for speeches ir contributions to “foundations”.

    Yesterday, DP posted something about Seth Rich emails being released by Wikileaks. I have heard and read nothing a out this elsewhere. If I have not been able to find out about this, I am pretty sure that my leftist friends have not either.

    Our ability to engage the public and get the truth out is truly limited, so in a way I understand all of the hype from SD and some of the frustration. However, the greatest and most exciting and engaging effort on behalf of digging for the truth has come from Q.

    Q has been all but endorsed by the President and his son(s) as well as General Flynn. It has galvanized many people to uncover and publish the truth who never before have been politically active.

    Targeting this movement and the people involved helps fracture the President’s base.

    There should be room for respectful disagreement that falls well short of censoring and denigrating those who visit the site.

    For this reason I question the judgement of SD.

    I hope he has great information and can help the President. I will take the good along with the rest of the package, recognizing that no one is perfect….just as I take the good from Q and do not accept it all as Gospel.
    A grain of salt seems wise in most cases.

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    1. “There should be room for respectful disagreement that falls well short of censoring and denigrating those who visit the site.”

      Short, sweet and spot on. If you’re sure of what you’re putting forth . . you don’t have to cut people off at the knees.

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  5. Cross posting from today’s open thread as it is relevant to this discussion. Sort of. I think. Well, IMO, anyway.

    The Bias News

    BREAKING: Former FBI lawyer Kevin Clinesmith to plead guilty in Durham investigation to falsifying an email from the CIA that investigators relied on to seek renewed court permission in 2017 for a secret wiretap on Carter Page.

    11:44 AM · Aug 14, 2020

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    1. And another. This is not insignificant.

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      1. He didn’t say it was going to be a blockbuster. Quite the opposite. But, it’s not insignificant. It’s a card that’s been pulled out of the house of cards. The first domino to fall. One of the supporting Jenga blocks.

        They’re going to dribble out the pleadings and indictments building up to the big guys, IMO.

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              1. Thank you DP.

                Have always liked watching dominoes fall. Have never seen D-Rat and deep state dominoes fall. Hope they make screeching crying little red headed girl noises…in a very public spectacle.

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              2. If 11.3 stands for KC, and Q says 11.3 verifies as the first marker, then we have just passed the first marker with the guilty plea of Kevin Clinesmith, and hopefully there will be more to come. Maybe military tribunals since Q talks about the military.

                🖍 I lost my red crayon. May I borrow yours? (In other words, I don’t any more than you do!)

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            1. That just gave me full body goose bumps. 11.3 is NOT November 3….it is KC!

              Since 2016 I say to myself that the military cannot allow the destruction of the Constitution….yet I always find ways to doubt The Plan.

              Something BIG IS HAPPENING! First time today a reporter asks POTUS directly about Q and he completely ignores the Q reference while praising a politician who follows Q.

              Q even has said that we will have to force the question.

              Also remember, deception is necessary. Military 101—Art of War. What if Sessions was playing a role? What if SD is playing a role? What if an entire cast of Patriots are playing roles?

              Effective deception not only fools the enemy…necessarily it also fools We the People.

              Hell, these Marxist commies have been playing roles at multiple levels for DECADES brainwashing the people. What if we have infiltrated and one-upped them???

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        Chaos Actual

        And he’s a cooperating witness.
        Quote Tweet

        · 27m
        Replying to @sethjlevy

        And Clinesmith is considered minor

        thats good news

        The Reckoning Collision symbol Retweeted
        Chaos Actual

        It should be also noted that Clinesmith wasn’t just anybody, he was the top lawyer in the FBI office of General Counsel, right under Jim Baker, who now works for Twitter. Probably won’t be one of the “trending” topics on twitter for long. What does he know about Baker?

        12:02 PM · Aug 14, 2020·

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      3. “underwhelming.”
        I tried to warn people. We are at the point where almost nothing will seem significant enough. Even an indictment of Comey or Brennan would be a precursor to trials, and who knows what would happen in those. We will never have full satisfaction, and I am prepared for that.

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      4. The underwhelming reveal ((and plead) ‘only’ pulls another thread from the FISA application and approval.
        I see this as a right in the middle attack by Mr. Durham. So many avenues: up the chain, down the chain, parallel. He plead…….tell us what you know Mr. Clinesmith.
        Moar please.

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        1. One way or another, there’s going to be hearts breaking. Either the man crushes are going to turn sour, or the skeptics are going to have to eat crow.

          Either one is not going to be pretty. But, we’re all adults, right?

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      1. IMO, the press he’s going to, at best is the digital conservative crowd, and won’t get much National attention. Lou is in his corner. It may trend in the Conservative group, but depending on damage level, he could see the entire MSM calling him a hack and conspiracy theorist and trying to Alex Jones him, thus the heartbreak. That would suck, I don’t think he deserve that. It’s also scary, the machine that will destroy any Patriot trying to make a difference.

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    1. His plan was to reveal the name of an attorney to the media on Friday and to the public on Saturday if there was no sign of progress by Durham (whose investigation, inexplicably, doesn’t exist) by Friday.

      Since there is a guilty plea in Durham’s case (Clinesmith), and that progress in the Durham case was revealed today, yet SD is continuing with his planned reveal, then it follows that SD does not consider the Clinesmith plea to be progress for Durham.

      IMO, SD is not making any sense. He says there is no Durham case, while saying he must see progress by Durham, and then when progress is revealed, SD continues with his plans anyway. So Barr is not dancing to SD’s tune.

      The only way I could reconcile this is if there were some major info about the entire Durham case that SD was expecting (almost extorting) Barr to reveal today.

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        1. I haven’t read everything, but I just saw a demand for signs of “progress,” which wasn’t defined. I never saw a demand to report everything, but I could have missed it.

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  6. Not on topic — but just saw that POTUS’ younger brother Robert was admitted to the hospital in NY. “very ill” being used, no details.

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  7. HehHeh, Fi’s been calling him out….In prior tweets, She thinks he’s just another blogger making money off Twitter(WP too), especially since he has so many Admins…Hey, that’s what they’re designed for.

    Fiona’s predictions….There is actual proveable EVIDENCE. She says there’s too many loopholes in the law for the crew to slip through. Depressing, I know. Unless they can generate ‘Conspiracy Charges’ like Nunes has recommended, we may be in for more cold anger. Adjust expectations accordingly.

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    1. People you are missing the SIGNIFICANCE of Clineschmidt. He is not just the FIRST. He is the FIRST in a LONG line that PROVES the Russia hoax was JUST that. It was Clineschmidt that corrected the letter allowing the FISA on Page. IF but ONE thing in the Russia hoax is PROVEN illegal, or FALSE, the whole house collapses.

      Clineschmidt was one of the LEAD DOJ lawyers doing FISAS in the entire Russia hoax, IF he “cooperates” now once indicted, he ROLLS on a BIGGER fish and SO ON.

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      1. If as simple as that, perhaps an explanation would be forthcoming for why no indictments resulted from Muelleur report, Senate Judicary Committee, House Committee, Nadler/Schiff charade and the numerous other testimonies, under oath, that proved lies and corruption at the same time. That is for things like Burisma, Benghazi, uranium one and a long list of others. Without consequences, all these people have been emboldened and it has become much worse. Not finished yet. POTUS needs support from those who do more than talk.

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  8. This quote from my favorite Scottish poet, Robert Burns, seemed appropriate to me right now:

    “The best laid schemes o’ mice an’ men / Gang aft a-gley.”

    I hope we are still on course come Monday…

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  9. Well, on the other hand, this may explain in part about the almost-total “radio silence” from HRC, the partial silence from Obama, and that “we support” letter from the VALJAR group regarding Biden “choosing” Kamala Harris as his VP pick.
    This group SURELY knows what is going on.
    Assuming that IF the man OT releases truly “hot” info. (so one may also assume he’s OK with becoming a ClintonMachine target) —
    HRC / Obama / ValJar are most likely getting any amounts of files destroyed; distraction / “look, squirrel!” tactics set up; and arranging for any number of Arkancides (including Clinesmith’s).

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      1. First, one “removes” the obstacles in the way, then, one presents oneself as the “rescuer / savior” of the resulting situation.

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    1. My prayers are with SD for protection. I pray that he is well protected.
      Light has to overcome evil if we are to survive as a free nation.

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    1. I don’t know. I thought prosecutors appointed “helper” attorneys all the time. For example, we now know John Bash was appointed to work on the Flynn case.

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      1. I thought we knew that Durham has appointed a helper or was it Barr who did?
        Was that not news a of weeks ago?
        I hope he has more news something more substantial?
        The stress after 4 years of 24/7 running the forum might just have been to much unless there are more than 1 SD?

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      2. Lets hope this does not backfire on the conservative image if this fails whatever it is. Seems to me SD cannot turn back. Was he set up?
        I guess I have to wait with everyone else.

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        1. Not really, IMO. Barr offered up bigger than hinted. DOJ clearly did not tell SD they had a cooperating witness admitting guilt when they asked for a week. Now that Barr ponied up real money, SD is entitled to place a bet, IMO.

          FLEXIBILITY (but not softness) – a Trumpian virtue.

          This is NOT what SD expected, IMO.

          Barr is now scaring the fish. He used SD every bit that SD used him. SD said “wanna play chicken?”, Barr used it to make a move to contain it.

          Two crafty plays that got something neither expected to get, IMO.

          Note also that Barr said this is MINOR. Small development. That has to scare the coupsters.

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          1. Bottom line, Barr “handled” Sundance. I’m impressed with Barr for doing it, and I’m impressed with Sundance for backing down as a token returned for the offering. SD would rather people thought he was a coward, a hypocrite, a liar, a grifter, a drama boy, or all of the above, than NOT take Barr’s offer fulfilled.


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            1. Hhummm. Observations are above my pay grade. However, I have heard so many times to get the popcorn ready because this is it ….. the hammer is falling and then … nothing major happens. In the meanwhile, the cabal causes tragedies, each worse than the one before. I also heard Wm. Barr say that if they had proof they would charge offenders. I don’t know where to start with that yarn. Or why hasn’t he forced an end to the Gen Flynn debauchel?

              Even those who are supposedly the good guys have to step up and do their jobs. POTUS can not do it all himself and the buearocrats have to get off their butts if they hope to make it to Nov. election.

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              1. Can keeps getting kicked, Lucy keeps pulling back the football, soy-boys keep moving the soccer goal-posts until they’re off the friggin’ field and in the parking lot. I HEAR YOU!!!

                The Flynn stuff is outrageous, frankly.


    1. Oh, no…that’s not suspicious at all, stringing along the faithful.

      Honestly, this sounds like a guy who won’t leave his wife for the girlfriend he has stashed. I actually knew a woman who was strung along like this. Actually, two now that I think about it.

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      1. He won’t be able to get away with it for long. People are really, really done with this kind of behavior.

        I mean, he basically said his info would come out Saturday no matter what. Did he give it to the journalists? What’s to stop them from reporting on it.

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          1. Sundance will have enough for me, but not for most here. He alleges that he can document whatever leads to all the bits and pieces dropped recently – to me that’s big, and IMO 100% chance of coming through – EVEN if it’s just some “documented nothingburger”.

            Many here will call it a nothingburger, because it just proves something everybody speculated for or against, although interestingly he thinks Barr didn’t know some piece of it (his first “card”). I’m sure Barr does now.

            Stated differently, I can guarantee Sundance’s reveal will not come through for over half the people here. It will come through for over half the people at CTH. The general Twitter public? Not sure.

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            1. W – respectfully – ask yourself this question: why are we all here?

              You know the answer.

              I’m very concerned about the real reason this is happening.

              #WWG1WGA (something SD has turned his back on) … just sayin’ … 😉

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          2. It NEVER did, SD went ALL IN with a jack high, and he either will get burned and busted (most likely) or live (barely) to bluff another day (NOT likely). UNLESS he delivers a home run, he and his credibility are SHOT. And in so doing, he DAMAGES and tarnishes US ALL to the MSM. A BAD look.

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            1. Cmon Aubergine, there WERE no journalists, there was NO reveal, and NOTHING held back. I predicted a stall, and GOT IT. People WANT to believe SD has the goods, I maintain IF he did, why play GAMES with it and US, have we NOT had enough of that shit the last four years. IF I had it, I would release it and let the chips fall, UNLESS I had a DAMN good reason not to, and it would take a personal request and a reason WHY. I GUARANTEE that neither of those would (or DID ) come.

              ALL that bluster, to the DOJ press spokesman, ALL the hype of negotiations, dead lines, drop dead dates, “bribes” phone calls, and promises of a reveal no matter WHAT. Then poof, a stall. Akom’s razor, there NEVER was any “secret info” never was going to be a “big reveal” ALL bluster and fluff.

              But wait, MORE proof. How can a man who SD labeled a FEINT get an indictment (and yes there WAS, or there would be NO “confession” OR guilty plea. I thought Durham was doing NOTHING but carrying a lunchbox. Sure was QUICK to go from nothing to SOMETHING. I guess TODAY they rushed to get this out here to placate an internet blogger and keep Durham’s REAL purpose STILL a secret (eye roll)

              HOW can a man go from never doing anything, to getting an indictment AND a confession, not only THAT, but a guilty plea coming WITH cooperation I am sure against BIGGER fish. Someone just got “doxxed” alight, SD by BARR>

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              1. I am waiting quietly in my corner, hoping I will see something that makes up my mind. I see your points, absolutely. I also see Wolfmoon’s points. You both make sense with your arguments. I have not see the DEFINITIVE move that will convince me what is really going on. So I am still straddling the fence.

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              2. I understand, I just have to express that my BS meter pegged to FULL bovine excrement when SD insinuated a BRIBE.

                I think it is SAD. I HOPE he and Barr have something, though I doubt SD does.

                I jujst do NOT understand the hype and DRAMA, if you HAD it, simply RELEASE it, Let the chips fall, THEN you FORCE action or a REaction to your move. Bluffing, which is what I think he did, and puffing it up with hyperbole, makes you look STUPID.

                What pisses me off is that SD’s prominence make ALL of us look like KOOKS, when he pulls a STUNT like this, playing right into the cabal and MSM narratives of us as “conspiracy nuts”

                I did my research, worked HARD, and wrote a book, at my OWN expense. Yes, I used conjecture, and supposition, but it was INFORMED supposition, and I gave EVIDENCE for my conclusions. PLAYING like I think SD did, now absent ANY sort of proof, diminishes that, it allows us ALL to be labeled as BS. It OFFENDS me.

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          1. My understanding is he did not give it to the journos at 5pm. He’s supposedly doing what DOJ had asked of him and wait til Tuesday. That would mean no pulling of trigger to journos today.
            The other rumor on the street is that Durham is interviewing Brennan next week. I was wondering if they were going to do it Monday, and that’s why they asked SD to wait until Tuesday. Does he have info on Brennan that they don’t want revealed before the interview cuz they don’t want to tip him off?

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        1. AH, some common sense Texas logic.. Yeah I guess ALL those journalists he “liked” now are hung to dry, NO repercussions from that, unless there NEVER WAS any release at ALL and it ALL was SMOKE. To quote a Texas phrase, ALL hat and NO cattle.

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      2. a PERFECT analogy. ALL that BLUSTER today, and then all sizzle and NO steak. That is the BIG tell of it was ALL BS. I stand by my original theory, SD found out a reveal date, and PLAYED into it to make HIMSELF seem big. Then when Barr DID do something, SD clamed up. Does that mean he was placated? NO, IMHO, it means SD shit himself, and got over his skis, and then Barr DID deliver something, and NOW SD can “play” it as I am satisfied, for now, but I’ll BE ?BACK IF…

        C’mon, this is too predictable, in fact I DID predict a stall, SD did not disappoint me. It tells ME he had SHIT but a date and a hint, and he is NOW able so save SOME sort of face, when in reality he shit the bed, and got BAILED out.

        Now, some sheep will follow his every word, a PERFECT set up. I could do the same. NEWSFLASH, I GUARANTEE the sun will rise in the East SOMEWHERE by 6 AM tomorrow. See how EASY that is.

        I am AMAZED that some fell for it.

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  10. So was Kevin Clinesmith’s goal to be another Andrew Weissman ? Small fish in a big pond trying to impress the upper echelon….. Look see I’ll do the little things for you. Just another useful tool for the DS machine.

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  11. As Wolf hinted at in an earlier post…and a theory I had played with for well over a year…even commented on it OT…

    Many of us were calling him SD 2.0. Maybe…just maybe…as Wolf has also hinted at. SD is playing a role for the White Hats. Go back to the early days…even President Trump and others were retweeting SD work. It was indeed cutting edge insight that I could not find anywhere else.

    If Team Trump and people like Lou Dobbs recognized SD…you better bet that so did the Black Hats.

    Many of us were calling for a Pulitzer for SD!

    If we choose to believe in The Plan…then it is very likely that resources were recruited in order to carry out The Plan. I do not pretend to know…I just have several theories…my favorite includes The Plan.

    If SD was asked on board…it was perhaps because his early work attracted too much attention and SD was bringing too much to light…TOO EARLY. They were like we need this guy on the team before he exposes The Plan to the wrong people before it is time to do so.

    SD playing a role would explain a lot of this unusual behavior.

    Just another one of my theories.

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          1. Remember when even SD was a believer?

            Dammit if someone doesn’t get a Pulitzer…they should get an Oscar. Something is going on…and it is driving me wacky trying to figure it out. Too many odd things happening!

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    1. That was the one week Barr asked for.

      This was brilliant chess, IMO. Nice moves by both sides.

      SD comes in to take a piece, then thinks he gets lucky and takes another – check.

      Barr moves king, SD’s queen now pinned by a protected rook. Queen can go forward into a massive piece exchange by taking the rook, or back out – SD wisely chooses to back out, leaving Barr’s rook to now set up the game Barr wants to control.

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        1. Sundance has been copying DOJ spox Kerri Kupec (@KerriKupecDOJ) on many of his tweets regarding the possible release, the timing, and their alleged ask for a week.

          The conversation is either real, or Sundance is a total nutbag making it all up and DOJ is just letting it happen or playing along.

          Here is her photo:

          I think it’s real, and it’s SD’s “first time in the big time”. It’s like Ellen coming out gay, and she could not shut up. “OMG, is this really happening? I’m in the spotlight!”

          It makes sense that Sundance would be dealing with somebody from her office, maybe not even her. NOT Barr, no way. But Barr made the decision, that is for sure.

          Barr is world class – he deals with this kind of stuff without breaking a sweat. Grandmaster getting a call from a local champ is what we’re looking at.

          Journalists run into this all the time. Typically they “ask for comment” and are then asked not to publish or to delay publication – or they get no comment, a comment, or just “go ahead”.

          This is not discovering life on Mars. It’s just Sundance’s first baby steps becoming a real national level journalist, because we REALLY are the news now.

          Kinda cringe, but kinda cool, too, because I think Sundance got proof of something big.

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            1. Nope. No comms – although I did make a couple of jokes on his Twitter timeline. No response.

              I have only ONCE been in direct communication – when he simply asked me by Twitter DM to not allow copying of his articles to here.

              In this case, I’ve been following his tweets on Twitter and his blog posts.

              I have no questions beyond what he says publicly. It all makes sense to me.

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          1. Agree Wolf SD officially gets recognised in an unofficial way. We have to remember were the only ones doing the research and holding these corrupt people accountable, the MSM isn’t doing it. We’re the news now!!

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  12. Thank goodness I made it through to “Holding his Fire”. Geeeezzzzzzzzz…
    Suggest using this anger towards one of our own on a Congressman or Senator! They are the ones who control your life under the guise of “we’re here to help” and tax the hell out of your hard earned money, kiss the baby and lie to your face – daily.
    Thanks Wolfmoon – Going to take a breather and check back when Flep posts. I’m full of negativity and I need a shower.

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  13. Remember when President Trump used to retweet SD’s work?

    Remember when Lou Dobbs at the very top of his show told people to visit The Conservative Treehouse?

    Remember when many of us would call for SD receiving the Pulitzer?

    Remember when President Trump had dinner with Hannity and others?

    Remember when Q would tell us that deception is necessary?

    Remember when Q would tell us to enjoy the show?

    We are watching the Greatest Show on Earth! That show aka The Plan requires the recruitment of many actors to play ALL TYPES of roles—including playing an antagonist<<<a theory I had about SD going back some time aka SD2.0!!!

    If this is anywhere near being reality…BRILLIANT! SD gets into a 'spat' with AG Barr. Barr is 'forced' to move. SD moves into the spotlight bringing thousands of new readers to CTH. WHAT IF?

    Far fetched? Too much credit to SD?

    Come on! We are all here because we all used to be OVER THERE! WHY were we over there? Because we were discovering things that we could find nowhere else at the time!!! It was all about CROWD SOURCING with an excellent host who was gifted at connecting the dots in a way that everyone could understand! A PERFECT CANDIDATE for a role in The Plan.

    There were even articles about how crowd sourcing was being used by law enforcement.

    I have had my negative feelings about SD…but there was a time when I spent hours out of each day there. What happened…like a switch???

    This scenario would explain so much!

    —or maybe I just need some sleep. Good night everybody!

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  14. To me, a guilty plea implies some fair amount of work leading up to it. However, if the disclosure of this was a response fo Sundance I am pretty happy about it and would not say it is nothing.

    It at least draws attention to an aspect of the hoax that many people—especially on the left—have yet to acknowledge.

    The email was altered in such a way as to not only validate the Fisa warrants, but the entire Russia hoax operation which was created to FRAME a President for crimes which would not only justify his removal but a possible prosecution for Treason.

    In fact, it resulted in an impeachment, a three year multimillion dollar “special prosecutor” organization targeting the President, incoming loyal members of his administration, his family members, and his most trusted allies.

    This unholy enterprise was the result of the combined effort of Obama, Clinton, and bought out cronies in the Democrat party and the GOPE along, with their appointees and tools in our intelligence and LE agencies. It also justified the “Shadow Government” that followed along after the President trying to undo all of his efforts and assuring foreign governments that he would be removed.

    Think of it. Our government was planting evidence that could lead to the death and destruction of their political opponents and their families. If this is not exposed and the perpetrators not dealt with to the fullest extent of the law, no one in our country will ever be safe.

    Our government would by run only by privileged elite who could charge their opponents with any kind of a crime and remove them. Only those “lessors” with either the connections or the money to buy influence would be allowed any kind of justice.

    A nightmare beyond our wildest dreams is at stake, and the sad thing is that there are some on the left who would be equally horrified at the implications of all of this……if they only knew it had happened.

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  15. Say what you will, SD has been signaling for weeks that he was going to take action by the middle of August if the DOJ had not.

    Specifically, he was going to reveal the closely guarded name of John Durham‘s #1 investigator, and today Friday, August 14 was the day that that name would be revealed to folks in the media and tomorrow to the rest of us…

    …UNLESS the DOJ (read: AG Barr) took direct action re: The Big Ugly.

    Guess what?

    Barr did not want call SD’s bluff, and today it was announced that former FBI lawyer Kevin Clinesmith would be pleading guilty under terms of a plea bargain he made with the DOJ.

    And if all that ain’t interdasting enough, SD revealed he had been approached by the DOJ/Barr asking him to hold off revealing the name of said investigator until Tuesday next week. What did SD do? Simple.

    He said, “you are asking me to hold off in good faith. OK. Show me some good faith in return for my consideration.”

    And we got Clinesmith. So now the marker is reset for Tuesday, where once again if the DOJ does not take action then SD will.

    Did you noticed that, even before the Clinesmith announcement this afternoon, DC was in a panic today??

    In trading news, Popcorn futures closed the week limit up. 😎

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    1. Do you have any proof that SD has communicated with the DOJ – and/or – do you believe that SD was offered very high 6 figures by the powers that be to go away/shut up/stop pushing as he claims?

      Do you?

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    2. Let me rephrase that – Do you have any proof that SD has communicated directly with the DOJ or with AG Barr and is responsible for the Clinesmith plea news getting out?

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      1. As a matter of fact, I do. You asked for “any proof”. There is a boatload of very strong circumstantial evidence that SD did/does. So much, in fact, that folks are openly speculating if/how SD might be in cahoots with Q and/or POTUS (upthread).

        Meanwhile, you have NO proof…of any kind…that he didn’t. Nothing. NADA. Zero. So….

        Thanks for playing and have a nice night. 😁

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        1. So just to clarify, you believe that Sundance was offered a BRIBE by the administration to shut up and go away? And, if so, that is ok with you?

          Because I have to say, I was willing to believe Sundance was actually in contact with the DOJ, and actually might have something until that bit of theater. That, I do not believe.

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              1. For the record, I suspect Sundance was offered a job with somebody like MSM, DOJ, NGO, “institute”, etc. Very legit, but strings are always attached, and he would have been shut up. FOX would be high on my list of suspects. Could have even been Tucker Carlson’s people – which is a big org using a LOT of researchers – and that kind of sly STFU is straight out of Paul Ryan’s world.

                Offering a JOB is the absolute best STFU bribe, or way to ensnare somebody in strings. Totally legal.

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        2. All I have is experience interacting and reading SD and company over the years. It’s not proof and I’ve never claimed to have proof. I have doubts based on experience, reason and analysis.

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          1. True GA/FL. And besides, despite you being challenged to do so, it’s almost impossible to prove a negative . . . a “prove that you didn’t do that” situation.

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    1. Miss Lindsey is a liar.

      But we all know that.

      The date in question was the FBI briefing to the SSCI on Feb. 14, 2018. The two FBI personnel giving the brief were Andrew McCabe and Scott Schools. Preistap was not there


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        1. Whatever.

          I know who briefed the SSCI that day, and it wasn’t Bill Preistap. Besides, this is all pre-designed outrage theatre.

          The whole point is to let the SSCI off the hook (“we were lied to!! harumph!”) rather than exposing it’s complicity in the coup efforts against PDJT.

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          1. Priestap briefed SSCI along with Jeanette Manfra of DHS on “Muh Russia”. I’m wondering if Lindy is trying to save McCabe, or generate confusion. Priestap was out of the loop on much of this, I thought.

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          2. Is there any reason why both of them couldn’t have lied? I mean, these guys aren’t choir boys even though the choir is generally not all that reverent in my 40+ years experience in being in them.

            I’m just wondering how much truth there is in any of it other than Clinesmith altering documents.

            Sorry, been in the entertainment and publicity machine too long to believe the surface.

            And please don’t forget for The Plan to work, infiltration had to have happened at various levels of the DS apparatus, not just Antifa, which Q reported in Oct/Nov 2017 in one of the first 30 posts or so. Drop 28 to be specific.

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          1. Graham did nothing we didn’t already know about…

            …and he is attempting to protect the SSCI itself.

            “We was lied to by the FIB!!”

            Let’s hear Graham bring up the name James Wolfe.

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      1. Love ya FGAC, but Stop drinking the Kool-Aide!!!

        1. Some Dude’s post says Scott and Andy ‘will be’ at SSCI on 2/14/18 – No confirmation that they actually were
        2. Subject matter presented by McCabe was about Russia…NOT FISA
        *NOTE* What document is this even from? He doesn’t source, but it appears to be info on RUSSIA that they gathered from the various players……..NOT FISA
        3. Wray has a document that says Priestap went to SSCI on 2/15/18 – the following day – and briefed SSCI on FISA


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            1. EXCEPT – there is a real possibility that Priestap was SET UP – particularly as McCabe’s underling.

              Part of that set-up would be that McCabe and everybody else fed bad crap to Priestap, who was kind of out of the loop, HE prepares everything – documents and briefings – using bad info. He comes in for the FISA briefing, SET UP – McCabe did the public briefing without the criminal activity.

              Lindy is now dramatizing on the phony set-up, which will soon REVERSE if that scenario is correct.

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