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Little Boy, Fat Man & The Sundance Kid

OK – we have a problem. Sundance’s reveal, undoubtedly a NUKE of Eeyore proportions, is coming soon.

Many of us want to talk about “Sundance stuff”, which tends toward DOWNSIDE THINKING.




I will agree that SD does not do “mea culpa” well, or even “at all”!!! 

I believe SD’s point about Mueller team control is not going to convince those who don’t see “control from below” as control. SD’s mind lives inside DOJ structure, and not everybody can or even wants to follow him there, but in a DOJ-centric problem, I gladly adopt his framework of seeing things, because it works like crazy for me, too.

Sundance’s warm-up revelation about Tash Gauhar is solving all sorts of problems for me, and is also enough of a reveal of the SERIOUSNESS of the long-term problems at DOJ, that I am on board with SD’s reveal JUST ON THAT ALONE. His big reveal (not the Durham deputy – the OTHER reveal) HAS TO BE in the space I’m computing, and that space is dangerous as hell to America, and must be revealed before the election, whether Barr is going after it or not. I’m not fully sure what it is, but just the SET OF POSSIBLES is enough that any sunlight becomes good sunlight, Barr or no Barr. IMO.


I do see control from below as control. I would very much like to know more of your thoughts about your last paragraph. An article about that would be great (if I may be so bold!)!


Just saw this – let me get out of notification view and see what I said!

But now, take a look at these tweets, to see where SD is going…..

Sundance responds to a bunch of trolls and splodeyheads, but this one has some meat:

SD is also saying that he will reveal to selected journalists on FRIDAY, and will reveal to US on Saturday.

NOW – here is my problem.

Not everybody here wants to see Sundance stuff, which can be – WELL – for many people, especially Q people, demoralizing. I expect his reveal to be BEYOND controversial – I believe it will OFFEND and OUTRAGE, drawing mockery and derision, even if people claim it’s a nothingburger. It will stir the pot – as intended.

So I’m going to make three proposals about where I will discuss “Sundance stuff”.

  • keep it in the daily open – DEAL WITH IT – FIGHT OVER IT
  • separate posts, NOT in the daily open – KEEP IT AWAY
  • on The U Tree

I can live with any of these, but I currently believe “other posts here” is the best for all concerned. Let me know what you all think. It will happen before morning.


The LancetGateEffect

Repeating from last week, I continue to harp on the “LancetGate Effect”.

This is the article that brought it to my attention:


…..and here is the original article…..


Banning HCQ in Switzerland left a FOOTPRINT in the data. I would argue that there is half a footprint in FRANCE, too…..

This evidence is extremely convincing, and is blowing people away. I get more “old” likes and retweets on this one, than almost anything.

But here is the biggie:

There was a LancetGate Effect in The United States.

This graph is a real convincer.

I alerted administration HCQ advocate Peter Navarro to this (having no idea if he saw my tweet – only TWITTER and the DNC and the CCP know), because I think there is a “knowledge crisis” here. Waiting too long for published data (by the same publications which were victimized by LancetGate, no less!) showing we’re killing people by letting the media badmouth a “best current early treatment”, is a RISK to many – science, the people, AND this administration – maybe even to its enemies, who will ultimately pay for an increasingly costly crime.

We really should have seen this coming – that there would be KARMA and CONSEQUENCES for banning HCQ on less than pure motives.

However, once you start digging into the FDA drama, it gets complicated – particularly with saboteurs like Rick Bright entering the mix.

But let’s ask a question posed by Gail Combs – is this whole HCQ thing a TRAP?

You know – THAT is a damn good question.


Wolfie what is your take on this subject?

I really think we need to thoroughly explore this possible ‘TRAP’ (Damned if he does, damned if he doesn’t) so we understand it.

Gingersmom2009 earlier was saying that President Trump is ‘Weak’ because he did not use an E.O. to overrule the ANTI-HCQ SABOTEURS in the CDC, FDA….

… I and don’t want to be that floating turd — but someone was pretty strident here in a reply to me yesterday AM about the Stanton Act and how POTUS can’t go against Fauci/Birx or he’ll be removed from office. The EUA is exactly what needs to happen….

That was me.

DP, Ginger, and others.

Causualties in nursing homes was done PRECISELY to get the reaction you have. These people have spent over 100 years perfecting the methods of ‘herding you’ into the direction they want you to go

[start of a long comment]


I can understand why DP, Ginger, and others are furious and want POTUS to DO SOMETHING! I am livid too. I am so angry that if a Karen demonrat gets in my face about masks I would probably punch them…

HOWEVER, I can step back and I THINK I SEE A TRAP.

So what say you?

Is POTUS sidestepping a trap? Or is he ‘weak’ in not using an E.O. to address the HCQ issue?

THIS is a beautiful demonstration of how politics and science are interacting BADLY, and why we need to keep both politics and corporate money OUT of influencing science judgments.

We will deal with part of this below, in something I call “therapeutic agnosticism”.

For now, I think it’s very legitimate to ask about Trump’s relationship with both the health bureaucracy – much of which OPPOSES HIM and SUPPORTED HILLARY CLINTON – and with the corporate and NGO behemoths – much of that world controlled by Bill Gates – and most of which is also politically opposed to Trump.

I think that the other side will weaponize ANYTHING, and yes – I think they may well have been trying to trap Trump on HCQ.

In my opinion President Trump has done enough. He has been honest about his belief in HCQ, but he is letting the medical pros make decisions, and they will answer for any mistakes.

If FDA scientists don’t reverse course on HCQ due to the LancetGateEffect, and the evidence keeps rolling in, then I believe Azar and Hahn will have all they need to clean the place out very soon.

There are constructive paths forward – I’ve suggested one already, but there are others. Any EUA or other action which broad-brushes early use of more antivirals and explicitly includes HCQ is fairly absolving without spotlighting, and serves the interests of both “big pharma” and “people’s pharma”.

Note that remdesivir has been approved for more widespread use. If that use can be moved forward in time, such as allowing an early bolus injection “somewhat off label” or EUAed under doctor’s supervision, early in HCQ COVID treatment, and it gives improved results (I would almost bet on it), then patients, doctors, and researchers all benefit. Likewise, EIDD-2801 and RLF-100 need to be tried earlier, IMO.

Yes, to some extent this is expensive “boutique medicine”, adding big costs for small percentages of better outcomes, but honestly, THAT is exactly why people have private insurance and THEIR OWN preferred providers and drugs. Research is expensive, well-heeled customers who will spare no expense WANT that extra edge, so it’s a match made in capitalism.

If the MONEY can get these new fresh drugs WHEN THEY NEED THEM, and those who want cheap and reliable HCQ can get THAT when they need it, then hopefully we can all benefit – most of all insuring that patients are not dying of this minor but annoying flu which – I have to say on now-sketchy lungs – is not exactly as minor as the usual coughs and colds, even if it is, for most, more minor than regular flu.

So let’s talk about therapeutics in general, but FIRST just one of them.

Ivermectin & COVID-19

Thanks to bakocarl for turning me on to this article, which has proven very enlightening as I’ve dealt with the PROCESS of understanding it at a general level.


I had promised that I would do an explainer on this, and to some extent I already did, in comments, but I want to get some deeper thoughts out there. Also, this topic brings up the issue of “therapeutic agnosticism”. This is about not just STATING conflicts of interest in backing or not backing particular therapeutics, but DEALING with those conflicts – ADDRESSING THEM – very openly. Thus, I explain this idea more fully below.

This article has a freely downloadable PDF version HERE:

If you search through the whole article, you will NOT find zinc mentioned AT ALL, and any time zinc is not controlled, an HCQ or HCQ+AZT study is operating with a loose wheel, in my opinion.

This becomes even more important because of the way the CONTROL for the ivermecting (IVM) add-on was done.

The control study for IVM+HCQ+AZT was done by RETROSPECTIVE ANALYSIS of earlier hospital treatment using HCQ+AZT alone. The authors understand fully the limitations of doing this, and I agree with them fully – it is better to do a potentially flawed study here than none at all. There is a strong ETHICAL argument for comparing PAST BEST to NEW BEST – and one doesn’t have to invoke Melania to know it’s right – DOING BEST is BEING BEST!

Using dice to send some patients to WORSE TREATMENT is not a braggable thing. Better to take some lumps on uncertainty, IMO.

What are the risks of comparing two hospital studies NOT done at the same time – where one of them is designated a “control”?

“Control” assumes that you’ve changed exactly what you know you changed – it means that you have a reliable reference, preferably MINIMIZING differences that have to be explained away.

Yes, it’s the same hospital, the same doctors, the same staff, but we all know that treatment for COVID has changed MASSIVELY over time. Here are important changes:

  • less vents
  • more steroids
  • better diet including vitamins and minerals to resolve deficiencies
  • more oxygen earlier
  • better testing, all kinds

As you can see, there are reasons for outcomes to be better now, completely independent of the study object, ivermectin. NEVERTHELESS, the authors DO see better results – significantly better – if they give patients a big dose of IVM at the beginning of HCQ-AZT treatment. They do as much correcting for differences as they can, in comparing individual outcomes, and I believe they tried to do a good job.

Skipping past how I got there, my reading of this is that IVM is very likely acting a LOT like AZT (azithromycin, Z-pak, AZM, whatever). It is providing a SHOTGUN for unicellular and multicellular organisms, weighted toward PARASITES. It has a different SPECTRUM from AZT, and will complement it. This will affect both pre-existing and new infections.

It is EXTREMELY LIKELY that this should work, even if IVM has NO ANTIVIRAL ACTIVITY.

It’s beautiful science – and also explains why the “pro-crisis” camp would oppose use of ivermectin.

The argument isn’t whether ivermectin is an antiviral, or any worse or better than anything else. The argument is whether is can be used to save lives, and how well it does that, versus something else – including simply NOT USING IT.

If these results hold, or are even partially confirmed, then I think ivermectin needs an EUA along with HCQ and several other new antivirals, for doctors to begin solving things EARLY with antivirals and “therapeutic adjuvants”, when they work best, as I mentioned LAST WEEK.

Now, let’s talk about therapeutic agnosticism.

On Staying Therapeutically Agnostic

Now – we have seen incredible bias against hydroxychloroquine – nicely summarized HERE:

If you get into that article, you will see where “the powers that be” try to KNEECAP hydroxychloroquine into “hospital use only” – which absolutely does not make sense, until you realize that one of the more unique problems of the new and just recently approved antiviral drug remdesivir (which Fauci labeled the “new standard” despite unimpressive performance in late-stage COVID), is that the drug needs to not only be administered by IV, but it also has to be observed closely for nasty side effects, and thus being up until recently stuck in a late stage, hospital patient track, which is NOT a good place for antiviral success.

SO – rather than getting remdesivir into earlier settings, what did they do? What the CHICOMS routinely do – KNEECAP THE COMPETITION in some way that nobody sees.

Honestly, if you’ve been in science and been halfway observant, you’ve seen how the corrupt ChiComs operate – MAFIA techniques – frequently SABOTAGING the other guy, although perhaps not until AFTER stealing the technology – so they seem to be quite comfy with the general lack of morality of the growing “medical mafia” in the US.

A match made in HELL.

Anyway – here is the deal.

We do NOT want to be like them THE OTHER WAY.

  • don’t cheer the failure of ANY drug – figure it out and fix it
  • every drug is different – help them ALL find their perfect niche to help us
  • never ever conduct a sabotage study like LancetGate
  • don’t reject studies “going the other way” – UNDERSTAND AND EXPLAIN THEM
  • call out sabotage, bias and error, no matter who is committing it
  • if you know why “the other guy’s drug” is FAILING, you are morally obligated to help fix it
  • if you know why “the other guy’s drug” is WORKING, you are morally obligated to explain and even recommend it
  • pharmacology is not a zero sum game, even though patients are a zero sum market – every new drug adds to the arsenal of salvation

In short, I wish for people who are fighting the suppression of HCQ to not become deniers, defamers, and “opponents” of other drugs and vaccines, because doctors need those too, for patients who want or need those specific drugs or treatments.


Even if the other team doesn’t play that way.

By this attitude, we will DEMONSTRATE the superiority of our approach, which I sometimes call POPULAR MEDICINE.

Masks OFF

The fly in the ointment that mocks the smooth, lying MASK SOCIALISTS is SWEDEN.

To which I responded…..

This wonderful meme comes from Aubergine. I also used it HERE:

We need to start thinking about measuring things, because I am CERTAIN that masks are hurting us – nickeling and diming us to death.

I am having success understanding oxygen deprivation using my cheap oximeter, but I need perhaps a more expensive model to take finer cumulative readings and record them.

Gail Combs suggests that we can capture mask CO2 as well.

Let us think about this problem, because I am certain that CHINA is behind it.

I will add details later of why I believe normal mask wear leads to cognitive deficits for 30-60 minutes AFTER shopping with a mask.

Carry on, Digital Soldiers!


408 thoughts on “Dear KMAG: 20200814 Open Topic / Little Boy, Fat Man & The Sundance Kid / The LancetGateEffect / Ivermectin & COVID-19 / On Staying Therapeutically Agnostic / Masks OFF

      1. Hey, Wolfmoon! This may be “news we can use.”

        I remembered reading something about sleeping with your head under the covers being detrimental, so I went looking. Read this! Sounds equivalent to mask-wearing to me!

        “The study found that sleeping with the head partially or fully covered by bedding would result in a 92.8% chance of suffering from either an early stage, middle stage, or late stage of dementia, by the age of 70.

        The study also found that dementia appeared to occur at an earlier age, when head covering is practiced.

        The data suggested that as much as 23% of dementia or Alzheimer’s disease was solely due to head covering as opposed to other causes.

        The study considered that sleeping in a restricted air space would result in a depletion of oxygen over time accompanied by an increase in carbon dioxide through rebreathing, the repeated inhalation of exhaled air. This can result in episodes of hypoxia. Hypoxia has been considered responsible for an increase of A-beta proteins, the accumulation of which is considered as the significant marker of Alzheimer’s disease.

        The author of the study, Barry Stanley, had written a book, Rebreathing (publisher: Authorhouse), which explains how rebreathing may not only be the cause of SIDS, Sudden Infant Death Syndrome, but that it could also be the cause of many, if not most, learning disabilities. His current research is considering how rebreathing can impact on individuals older than one year of age.”

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        1. Beautiful! No more masks for me!

          I did an experiment today with my oximeter and a store mask. Absolutely conclusive. Masks are BAD and decrease cognitive to my complete satisfaction as a scientist. My “sensitive lungs” prove it.

          Liked by 1 person

    1. Thanks, Liz, for posting – did not get to it yesterday – hectic day – so appreciate the heads up…

      I love these scripture-based analyses he does – and I know you do, too!

      God Bless You Real Good for helping and keeping us focused!!!

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  1. This may be helpful. Interview of researcher explaining mechanisms of action. Quick sum up: IIvermectin blocks binding of RNA viruses to dimers that would otherwise escort virus into nucleus of the cell. Which means virus can’t infect new cells and continue expanding it’s replication base.

    Interview on YouTube channel: Brandon Wade

    Dr. Trevor Marshall discusses how Ivermectin works to stop COVID-19 and RNA viruses from duplication and making copies. And why it is a great treatment option for COVID-19 patients.

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    1. Oh, this is excellent! Fits right in with the topic today. So ivermectin has an atypical antiviral mechanism that complements OTHER antivirals. Perfectly explaining why it aids HCQ/AZT/Zinc, as it did in Iraq – it’s actually working BOTH as an antiviral AND as an antimicrobial adjuvant.

      Liked by 11 people

    2. Ivermectin: a systematic review from antiviral effects to COVID-19 complementary regimen
      Fatemeh Heidary & Reza Gharebaghi

      The Journal of Antibiotics volume 73, pages 593–602 (2020) 118k access
      Published: 12 June 2020


      Ivermectin proposes many potentials effects to treat a range of diseases, with its antimicrobial, antiviral, and anti-cancer properties as a wonder drug. It is highly effective against many microorganisms including some viruses. In this comprehensive systematic review, antiviral effects of ivermectin are summarized including in vitro and in vivo studies over the past 50 years.

      Several studies reported antiviral effects of ivermectin on RNA viruses such as Zika, dengue, yellow fever, West Nile, Hendra, Newcastle, Venezuelan equine encephalitis, chikungunya, Semliki Forest, Sindbis, Avian influenza A, Porcine Reproductive and Respiratory Syndrome, Human immunodeficiency virus type 1, and severe acute respiratory syndrome coronavirus 2.

      Furthermore, there are some studies showing antiviral effects of ivermectin against DNA viruses such as Equine herpes type 1, BK polyomavirus, pseudorabies, porcine circovirus 2, and bovine herpesvirus 1.

      Ivermectin plays a role in several biological mechanisms, therefore it could serve as a potential candidate in the treatment of a wide range of viruses including COVID-19 as well as other types of positive-sense single-stranded RNA viruses.

      In vivo studies of animal models revealed a broad range of antiviral effects of ivermectin, however, clinical trials are necessary to appraise the potential efficacy of ivermectin in clinical setting.

      Click to access s41429-020-0336-z.pdf

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    3. From my notes:

      Ivermectin is given to hundreds of millions of people annually to protect them from parasites. It is a WHO ‘essential medicine’, regarded as harmless. We use it for hair mites in schoolkids. Giving this drug to those at risk for influenza would seem to be an obvious step to me..

      — Prof Trevor Marshall (@trevmar) July 6, 2020

      Well, you had found the in-vitro study showing Ivermectin worked well in-vitro against the Influenza-A Virus (IAV) (Spanish Flu), and as you say, in a pandemic some risk can be taken. That is the point in my original tweet about the Swine Flue scare…

      — Prof Trevor Marshall (@trevmar) July 6, 2020

      Brandon, the mechanism by which Ivermectin is active against RNA viruses doesn’t change much with viral species. The blocking of the IMPα/β1 dimer to reduce NS5 nuclear import has a similar effect on all the influenzas. Some things just aren’t worth an in-vivo study to “prove”-

      — Prof Trevor Marshall (@trevmar) July 6, 2020

      Brandon, I spent 20 fruitless years trying to get the FDA interested in another ‘magic’ drug. The problem is that Ivermectin treats Influenza, threatening the need for flu shots. It attacks all the RNA viruses (Ebola, etc). FDA does not want ‘game-changers,’ just PhRMA money.

      — Prof Trevor Marshall (@trevmar) July 5, 2020

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          1. No problem & no criticism implied. If I were That motivated I’d look up his twitter feed to try to find it for myself 🙂 I love all the info that you share–you do Amazing Work!!!


              1. Oh that’s not necessary. But thanks for the thought…You already deal with So Much. I don’t have that many people that follow me so no matter what messages I send or magnify there are very few that see them…


        1. Heh – it was right there on his feed:

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    4. Prof Trevor Marshall @trevmar
      Second successful Ivermectin study in Bangladesh. Before criticizing the hype in the headline, we should note that the success rate was 100% That is what we need to banish COVID…

      Prof Trevor Marshall @trevmar
      Replying to @Hoytster and @AskBrandonWade
      Ivermectin is given to hundreds of millions of people annually to protect them from parasites. It is a WHO ‘essential medicine’, regarded as harmless. We use it for hair mites in schoolkids. Giving this drug to those at risk for influenza would seem to be an obvious step to me..

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    5. We have 3 inexpensive, readily available therapeutic interventions for C-19/Sars 2 Coronavirus that WORK!!

      1. HCQ
      2. Pulmicort – Budesonide steroid via nebulizer
      3. Ivermectin

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        Has been used in TX, VA NY and around the world with great success.

        A. Dr. Zelenko (NY) Regimen:
        Hydroxychloroquine 200mg 2xD for 5 days
        Azithromycin 500mg 1xD for 5 days
        Zinc sulfate 220mg 1xD
        B. Northwestern Hospital regimen:
        400 mg 2xD day 1
        200 mg 2xD x 4 days
        600 mg q 12 hr day 1
        200 mg q 8 hr x 4 days
        C. Dr. Roault (France) # 1 immunologist in the world – (Fauci is #38)
        Regimen – 600mg 1xD + Azithromycin
        D. EVMS Regimen
        Chief of Pulmonary and Critical Care Medicine
        Eastern Virginia Medical School, Norfolk, VA

        Symptomatic patients (at home):
        • Vitamin C 500 mg BID and Quercetin 250-500 mg BID
        • Zinc 75-100 mg/day
        • Melatonin 6-12 mg at night (the optimal dose is unknown)
        • Vitamin D3 2000-4000 u/day
        • Optional: ASA 81 -325 mg/day
        • Optional: Hydroxychloroquine 400mg BID day 1 followed by 200mg BID for 4 days
        • Optional: Ivermectin 150-200 ug/kg (single dose)
        • In symptomatic patients, monitoring with home pulse oximetry is recommended. Ambulatory
        desaturation < 94% should prompt hospital admission

        Click to access EVMS_Critical_Care_COVID-19_Protocol.pdf

        200 mg – 1x D for 1 week, then 200 mg 1 x week as long as the outbreak lasts.

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        There is also a nebulizer steroid treatment discovered by a Christian doctor in TX – BUDESONIDE – PULMICORT – STEROID ASTHMA MEDICATION – INHALED via NEBULIZER – that he says is the most efficient delivery + Clarithromycin antibiotic – to treat COVID patients –

        Bartlett is a Christian and got this idea after praying during a 48 hour shift when their hospital was swamped with very sick coronavirus patients. Taiwan, Japan, Singapore and Iceland have used inhaled steroids with the same great results.

        About this family of medicines –

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      3. 3. IVERMECTIN – Anti-parasitic (Interesting that Hydroxychloroquine is also an anti-parasitic drug.)

        The ScienceDirect journal, Antiviral Research, published an article by a group of Australian researchers from Monash University in Melbourne reporting that Ivermectin appears to be effective at inhibiting the coronavirus that causes COVID-19.

        The article states:

        • Ivermectin is an inhibitor of the COVID-19 causative virus (SARS-CoV-2) in vitro.
        • A single treatment able to effect ∼5000-fold reduction in virus at 48h in cell culture.
        • Ivermectin is FDA-approved for parasitic infections, and therefore has a potential for repurposing.
        • Ivermectin is widely available, due to its inclusion on the WHO model list of essential medicines.
        Second successful Ivermectin study in Bangladesh. Before criticizing the hype in the headline, we should note that the success rate was 100% That is what we need to banish COVID…

        4. OTHER IMMUNE SYSTEM SUPPLEMENTS recommended to help protect immune system.
        Vitamins C, D3, E

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  2. Frankly, after the Bureaucrat’s Coup, I’m in favor of giving the CDC to the UN, provided they move it off of US soil; and, further, making the sole mandate of the FDA into ensuring what’s on the label describes what’s inside. If your doctor wants to shoot you up with “stewed rabbit poop”, that’s between you and your doctor and the FDA should merely assure that the vial actually contains stewed rabbit poop, uncontaminated with squirrel droppings. The idea of a government agency playing gatekeeper to use or not use certain commercial products is antithetical to free peoples and free markets — I didn’t like it with light bulbs, I don’t like it with HCQ, and my mood is getting uglier by the day.

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  3. Wolf –
    1. I think SD on a separate thread would be best. A separate thread can hold that topic together in an easily accessible location and the SD discussion won’t keep poking holes in the daily open thread.
    2. Great HCQ update and summary. In case I buy a horse in the near future, I’ve got a hypo of apple flavor Ivermectin nearby if the horse needs to be quickly wormed.

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    1. And for those of us with concerns about mosquito carried viruses (West Nile, Zika, Equine Encephalitis, etc), taking a notch every 3-4 days (based on half-life in tissues) during the summer might be an easy decision considering that one hypo probably only costs $3-$6 from the feed store. 😉

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      1. I just realized – I am FOLLOWING this dude on Twitter, and Twitter HID all his science stuff from me.

        Oh, they are SO EVIL. BLOOD ON THEIR HANDS.

        Trevor has TONS of great data on ivermectin from all over the WORLD.

        Oh, Jack and his merry band of evil progs are MURDERERS.

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        1. Okay, I’m going pull back the veil a little on a cute tech trick… I have a burner twister account. I never log in or use it EXCEPT I use it with a SLACK account to follow a few people. Their tweets end up permanently documented into the subscribed slack conversation –even if they are deleted on the TW platform– which has turned out to be very useful a couple of times. It’s not clear to me if the typical games are avoided or my account is just so low profile that my feed isn’t monkeyed with, but it’s an interesting possibility.

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            1. Oh yeah.
              I know.

              Gov. employees have been warned FOR YEARS to treat slack as a non-secure platform more suitable for sharing recipes, than discussing proprietary business plans.

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        1. Back in the days when I did a lot of backpacking, if memory serves…we were advised to start taking B6 prior to our trip to get it into our system to ward off biting insects on the trail. It’s been long enough that I may have the vitamin wrong, but nevertheless the point is valid.
          I’ve always read when people say…”oh the bugs just love me”…it’s an indication you are deficient in specific vitamins. Could be folklore, but perhaps not.

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    2. A separate thread or place (U Tree) might be best so people could choose whether to go there or not. Maybe it depends on whether we want to devote that much obvious attention to the topic. I’m okay with whatever people want and Wolf decides.

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    3. Yes, hear ivermectin and all I can think of are those big plastic syringes as well. No matter what “flavor” it’s still nasty. 😂

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      1. I’ll take a pass on the drench style liquid used to bathe cows (external). Funny how it’s used for hair lice, demodex mites, even scabies, but I never heard of it before this year.

        Typical human treatment is pill form, as shown in that video above. For those that can’t get a doctor to Rx, they could think about stuffing the gel into a capsule if they are following the low dose plan.

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          1. It’s the number one money maker in vet drugs world wide. Really saved the cattle business from some nasty losses due to parasites. And yes, horses are saved from a lot of suffering because of it. 🙂

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        1. Chiefio has a thread on Ivermectin+Doxycycline and a few other treatments. The success rate when instituted early enough is 98%.

          From the lead:

          The video also mentions another antimalarial that is also looking like it works. Tefenoquine. More on that below, but first, Ivermectin.

          In use in Bangladesh, Ivermectin with Doxycyline given early has 98% success at curing Chinese Wuhan Covid-19 in over 400 patients in 4 to 14 days. Some with comorbidities did go to ICU and 2 died (even with remdesivir and serum treatments).

          They have started a double blind trial that ought to complete in about a month.

          India has approved Itolizumab & Tocilizumab for covid-19 use. Another case of an immune suppressing arthritis drug and an anti malarial. Looks like a pattern to me. But an Italian study found Tocilizumab didn’t benefit. Maybe more folks discovering that real morbidity is under 1% (so given early means your sample is biased to more low symptom folks) or maybe more poorly done trials to make Gilead happy, packed with folks about to die and dosed wrong? Who knows….

          And the vid:

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    4. Ha ha ha! I’m remembering that one of the heartworm medications often used for dogs uses Ivermectin. If the FDA continues it’s insanity, I guess we could all go stock up on heartworm medication.

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        1. I know some people that are experimenting with fenbendazole too. Not sure what form, but likely a vet version. I first heard about it from a nurse in January. Very interesting times we live in.

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      1. Certain dogs are missing an enzyme to deal with ivermectin properly — they tend to be collies. It can be fatal to them. Do your homework and check it twice.

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        1. Yes and humans with poor liver function won’t clear it out of the body as fast, so that’s something to be wise about. Then there is IRIS (as found in HIV treatment). If you have some parasite or infection that dies off in your body, it’s possible to have a lot of uncomfortable symptoms while the debris is being dealt with by your immune system. Skin stuff, irritability of nerves, even stuff in lungs. Research says most are through it in 5-10 days.

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  4. Concerning the Durham head fake, I think (ignorant speculation, here) that Durham won’t be a complete head fake in that he will be doing some honest investigating and probably indicting, but there very well may be some real heavy duty stuff going on outside of normal Durham channels.

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  5. A little clarification of my take on this. With the groundswell of positive info on HCQ becoming something that can no longer be swept under the rug. . I fear that the left/media will get the 4AM phone call to turn on a dime and blame Trump for not doing everything within his power to provide access to it. He touted it, he took it himself, and then he began walking on eggs around it. The heavy hitter docs and professors who are pro HCQ are now speculating about how many lives could have been saved. “He let more people die than Cuomo” is on the conveyor belt.

    For me, THAT is the trap. They will flip it around and use it against him.

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    1. The lying leftists will, of course, try to turn anything and everything around so that it has a chance of sticking to PTrump and a big HCQ turnaround and accusation could very well be on the horizon. Personally, I don’t think that particular piece of spaghetti will stick to the wall.

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    2. I think at a certain point in the near future that becomes true. It’s an interesting timing problem. The FDA has always prided itself on being conservative and slow. Hahn was brought in by Trump to speed things up, but he was always industry-focused, so he sees remdesivir and sped that up, but he’s not seeing HCQ and ivermectin. And ivermectin may end up being more important than HCQ, since it’s also a very safe drug, and very potent in stopping almost ALL viruses.

      That’s where we get into CURES that the vaccine world doesn’t like.

      I don’t know – it’s an interesting problem. I think that perhaps a lawsuit over HCQ deaths due to LancetGate may get enough attention to either make FDA act, or to give Trump cover to act. And right now, I think ivermectin needs to be moved forward just as much as HCQ.

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        1. Here you go! “Counter to Fauci and Birx” Excellent read. He’s a massive “JUST OPEN UP SCHOOLS” advocate! Doesn’t even want testing – just a waste! Oh, he’s ON IT!!!

          Who Is Dr. Scott Atlas? Trump’s New Covid Health Adviser Seen As Counter To Fauci And Birx

          August 12, 2020

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      1. Actually, the FDA used to be known for being quick and responsive. As with everything else in government, the worst thing you can do is look efficient, because Congress will start chipping away your funding to give to their pet causes, so they started falling behind in the late ’50s. By 1960, there were a number of drugs that were accepted throughout Europe that the FDA hadn’t gotten around to. One of them was thalidomide.

        Those of us of a certain age remember “thalidomide babies”, subject to various birth defects — including flipper-like limbs. This was never a major issue in the US because the FDA was so behind they’d never gotten around to approving the drug. Everyone who had been sitting around the FDA with their thumb up their behind got praise for having foresight — and the entire mission of the FDA changed to being Foot-Dragging A******s.

        Their purpose, now, is to slow and retard therapeutic drugs and spend billions on worthless approval regimes in order to support pharma monopolies.

        Which is why they should only certify that the contents of a package are what is on the label. All the rest of their BS can hit the can on the way out the door.

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        1. Yes. But the FDA is famous for shutting down labs because they found stuff they weren’t supposed to find. Easier than addressing the stuff they found.

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      2. Dr. Atlas being appointed to Corona Virus Taskforce right now is intriguing. The fact that he is a hands on physician with practical experience using treatments such as HCQ to treat patients is compelling enough but his willingness to take on the PC / CCP constituencies is well represented (so far) on “utube”…no sooner after seeing this live exchange between Dr. Atlas & this FOXbot the announcement was made the Dr. Atlas was being introduced at his press conference…heh.

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  6. Epic thread, boss!
    Great job…thank you!

    The problem that I have with Remdesivir…aside from the cost and the IV delivery…is that it is New.

    How many times have we seen New Drugs get pulled from the market later because of the bad side effects.
    It happens a lot.

    Whereas with HCQ…it’s been around for decades and has been effective, safe and well tolerated.
    And also it’s cheap!

    To your question about Where we should keep our discussions about Sd…
    A separate thread would probably be good…but I don’t think that would keep it out of the Daily Open Threads, though.
    But you’re right about it being demoralizing.
    This was supposed to be our refuge…our refuge from the faux refuge…so seeing comments extolling the virtues of the one-who-whacked-us, is a bit dispiriting.

    Thing is…banning any discussion of Sd would make us guilty of the same thing that Sd did to us.
    So viva le Free Speech!

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    1. Separate threads will likely work, and seem the most popular so far. And even if some mention gets into the daily, we can always say “take any fighting over this stuff to the topic theads”. 😀

      You’re right about remdesivir. The side effects could indeed get worse as we discover more of them.

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      1. I am not sure what POTUS could have done concerning HCQ for easy access?
        In the ideal world POTUS could have fought for us and added other qualified doctors to his team to counter Fauci and his merry men.
        We will never know why he did not and is it a failure? I am not sure and was it a calculation because of voting? I hope not and I hope he had no choice otherwise lots of people died in the killing field called government incompetence.
        I could call it at this time Fauci’s killing field.

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    2. I’ve never been excited enough about anti-viral treatments to bother seeking them out, even when there was that big Hep A contamination of frozen foods a couple of years ago.

      By the time you know you are sick, it’s almost too late and then you have to fight a doctor about what’s best to do. Seems like they aren’t effective enough to even know if they helped.

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          1. I just had a horrifying thought that I hope Team Trump sees.

            What if ivermectin already DID work?

            They would have KILLED IT with a LancetGate-type study.

            OMG. It’s not just once. It’s a general pattern.

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            1. This is why nobody is budging on the LancetGateEffect. It’s too big. They fall on one, they find more, they fall on more, they find them going back decades, maybe a century.

              A large number of the ones that can’t be duplicated are FRAUDULENT HIT JOBS designed to keep things “unresolved”.

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            2. Yes. In the video that researcher hints about ways that it’s done. He knows a lot more about it than he says there. I also noticed he avoided highlighting a few more vulnerable countries that the WHO could strong-arm into silence if they became too successful.

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          2. You see, ivermectin should have worked YEARS AGO. The same highly general mechanism and activity against ALL viruses now proven in the lab have been there all along. It’s not just a fluke that it was never found before. Somebody wanted it never found. So COUNTER-RESULTS were likely arranged, just like LancetGates.

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        1. Oh Wolf, I just remembered. Was reading on a patient site from someone that’s suffered from herpes blisters on his ears for almost his whole life. A small oral dose of Ivermectin quashed an emerging blister in less than a day.

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      1. Me too, CM.

        But, heheh…I just don’t think it would be possible to keep it out of the Daily Open threads.

        What are we going to do — turn into a bunch of Karens who point and say, “That’s not allowed here!”…?

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  7. Accounts are being deleted about every 48-72 hours, and its getting faster.

    SSG_PAIN⭐⭐⭐ (@SSG_PAIN) Tweeted:
    Good Evening @jack what you are allowing on your platform to take place is the equivalent of Election Meddling. I have authorized the @NSA @NSACyber to monitor every aspect of my account.

    Allowing your AI reporting system to run rampant over Patriotic Voices is in Collection.

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  8. We have a whole-house fan, and when the air is just as nice outside than in, we turn it on to freshen the air in our home. We call this “crossover” — because we recirculate the air, otherwise, and can use HVAC to heat or cool it.

    I just did our evening crossover. At 20 minutes to midnight. It was toasty, today!

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  9. Concerning the Stafford Act and Trump not falling into a trap. Trump has been wise to steer away from this. Yes, Fauci is the defacto last say because the Stafford Act puts the expert in charge and makes him practically infallible unless another expert can knock him out of the way. Azar and Francis Collins are his bosses and of those two Collins might have the expertise to over rule him, but because of specialty and the fact that Collins is an entrenched bureaucrat who likes to stay in the shadows I’m not sure you can trust him anyway, so I’d look for no help from that corner.

    Anyone who tries to fire Fauci would have to go up against the Civil Service Act with all it’s legal protections and I’m sure Fauci can drum up a few like minded experts to protect him so attempting to fire him is not the best avenue. I’ll stick with what I said before, you need to embarrass him out of the position and the fastest way to do that would be a Senate Hearing with other experts sitting beside him ready to give contrary information to his at which time the Senators could go to town on his sorry his butt.

    Any way for now Trump’s brought Dr Atlas in and his emphasis will be on what effect CV is having on the economy vs total eradication of CV which Fauci always seems to end up coming back to. The health effects on the economy is Atlas’s expertise both medically and economically. He’ll carry as much weight as Fauci and Fauci will have to treat him as a peer.because he is. Trump has been able to push Fauci around on this but he lacked the medical credentials that Atlas has. I’m not sure if having Azar in Tiawan while Atlas gets his feet on the ground to establish himself is part of the plan or not but Fauci won’t have Azar there to complain to while Atlas gets established.

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    1. Fauci has decades of documented work.
      Check this out.

      Post 10281806 on 8kun from

      In 2008, Fauxi said that the majority of 1918 pandemic deaths were from pneumonia, not the flu, imploying that without the pneumonia the majority of flu victims would have survived.

      Tuesday, August 19, 2008

      Bacterial Pneumonia Caused Most Deaths in 1918 Influenza Pandemic

      Implications for Future Pandemic Planning

      “The weight of evidence we examined from both historical and modern analyses of the 1918 influenza pandemic favors a scenario in which viral damage followed by bacterial pneumonia led to the vast majority of deaths,” says co-author NIAID Director Anthony S. Fauci, M.D. “In essence, the virus landed the first blow while bacteria delivered the knockout punch.”

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      1. Likes those, but DP pointed out he was already in front of the Senate. I thought it was the House, don’t know how I messed that up, but now thinks we’d have to find another venue as the Senate isn’t likely to have him back unless something blows up. Though bringing in our all stars seprate would be okay with out the side by side of Fauci sitting there.

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    2. I hate to rain on the parade a little, but when Fauci appeared before a Senate committee via remote, he was questioned by two MDs, and it went nowhere. Senators Cassidy and Rand Paul are qualified to question him, and it really didn’t seem to put a dent in his cape.

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      1. All of these hearings have been a joke since they started allowing ‘remote testimony’ because of the great ‘rona scare.

        If AG Barr can testify in person…then All the rest of them should too!

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      2. The Front Lines Doctors would carry more clout than Cassidy and Paul and yet they too don’t carry the same weight as Fauci. To work it would have to be someone like that Yale Dr Risch. that is an epidemiologist or some one with similar expertise and stature. as Facui’s. Dr Judy Mikovitts would of worked but she’s been tainted by scandal.

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    3. Excellent. That means all of this pins Fauci down in his foxhole, and the nuke overhead will be the LancetGateEffect. Neutron bomb – takes out the enemy – leaves the buildings. Lightly toasted with neutronium. 😉

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      1. And after I posted that comment, I looked at it and realized that it was similar to a standup comedian in a cheap Vegas lounge who needs to ask for a drum rim shot for a dead joke.

        Sorry to all who tried to understand the postings of a madman.


  10. I ran across what looked like a minor thread when looking at one of Q subject threads. Reading through the comments from both persons in the medical field and or people who are related or know friends in the medical field. There seems to be a rather large awakening happening and people sound very angry.

    leanne Jennar
    As a nurse I can say that in the last few days there is a mass awakening going on. with nurses; More and more are openly talking about this as a scam. It is happening, people are waking up, keep at it

    Read thread for more. Some are talking of out right scam and others with a wider outlook are talking about the gov/media aspect of the scam like us. Either way, they sound very upset, so reads this as encouraging.

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    1. People should be angry. Fraud about life and death on this sort of scale should lead to public executions — and not necessarily in “humane” ways. There’s a reason why a lot of people got hung or beheaded, while only a few were drawn and quartered….causing over 10,000 deaths because of Covid lies should probably qualify — and Fauci and Cuomo are “in the club” IMHO.

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  11. Where’s the other thread?

    My spidey sense is telling me SD may have won a round.

    Barr’s interview is normal for a scheduled interview. But last minute unplanned? TOMORROW THERE WILL BE A DEVELOPMENT, NOT A SIGNIFICANT ONE, IN DURHAM’S INVESTIGATION. To casually toss in this grenade in the middle?? 🧐🤔🤨
    I guess we’ll find out either by the announcement or on Saturday, the day he promised the public reveal. Funny if the ‘not significant’ info is his. 🙄😃

    See what y’all think…..

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    1. “My spidey sense is telling me SD may have won a round.”

      Meh…I dunno about that.
      AG Barr said months ago, that he expected Durham’s investigation to be wrapped up in August.

      I think that Barr used the “political correctness” thing as a reason to come on the show…and talk about the Mail-In Vote Fraud.

      Our VSG teed it up with his comments.
      Then Barr used that as a ‘reason’ to make an unannounced appearance on Hannity…to make people pay attention.

      And it worked — people paid attention to this.

      The Mail-In Vote thing is a HUGE THREAT to this election.
      It is a time bomb ticking away.

      It’s like the evil Dems are just daring our President and Barr to do something about it.

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  12. From yesterdays Open Thread:

    “.@ChanelRion is absolutely dominating the “dinosaur media” now. She is the future of journalism. Hope more journalists turn out like her. She is a “pioneer” during this time period.”

    (hat tip duchess01)

    In honor of Chanel Rion:


    Some of you may know Nancy Honeytree best from her music performances inside prisons associated with Chuck Colson and “Prison Fellowship” ministry.

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  13. Here is an abbreviated version of my latest post at Josiah’s Caring Bridge site. If you’d like more details please see the original post here: Oh, & the last couple paragraphs contain tangible prayer requests, as someone requested 😉

    Well last night was a bit of upheaval in working on Josiah’s meds–massive sigh.

    Earlier in the day Clarissa had tipped over a glass of water & some of it got into the pill chamber for Josiah’s morning meds…

    Later in the day I confirmed that the remainder of Josiah’s Ursodiol prescription was available to pick up. Clarissa…came back w/ 2 large bottles containing 266 large capsules (270-4 they’d given us yesterday) & a receipt where she’d had to pay $30 for these meds, uh oh…

    Well Josiah has Medicaid so we shouldn’t usually have out of pocket costs here as it usually picks up the co-pays &/or deductibles (or generates write-offs from participants?) after the main insurance, currently Blue Cross, is applied. So I called the pharmacy to get C’s money back, or at least start that process…

    Apparently Ursodiol is not a preferred medicine under Medicaid & it requires a “prior authorization” from the doctor for Medicaid to theoretically cover it…

    As I’ve said before I use the 4 daily chambered pill box we got from the Transplant department…

    He is still undergoing the step-down weaning process on the Prednisone & we are currently in the midst of the 40mg week. The pill box would thus have some 40mg days, a week of 30mg, & then some 20mg days. There are currently So Many pills in each chamber that I can no longer just eye ball them in the pill box to confirm, so I’ve been pouring a chamber into a small plastic cup, removing his “typical” meds then counting through all of the new stuff to make sure everything is correct. This was/is a pretty tedious process.

    Last night this refilling & double-checking was further complicated by running out of 4 different meds before completing the 15 days of refills. Of course that actually meant 4 different chambers where the shortages began. I ended up charting where the additional meds are needed, whenever we can get them in, but I’ll likely still end up having to check chamber by chamber even then. Last night this whole thing, including calling in refills, took almost 2 hours! By the time I was done I was really brain fried…

    So there is still a decent amount of upheaval to just get the meds situated…

    Tomorrow/today is to be the second lab run this week. We haven’t yet received the new “standing orders” for the lab work. So I’m sending Clarissa with the existing monthly orders & the discharge paperwork from the hospitalization showing weekly labs & my notes of communications with the nurse showing bi-weekly orders. There is also a number for the Liver Transplant Clinic if the lab has any questions or concerns. Last time there were no problems but we make no assumptions…

    Josiah was concerned about his ability to take the formerly dampened meds…

    I actually set up the 2 pill cups, & showed Clarissa since she’ll be handling it all in the morning after labs, in such a way that about half the meds he can take as usual as they have minimal distortion. The other half of the meds don’t look too bad, depending on which side of a pill you view, but because of some coating compromise, or adherence of powder from a minimally deteriorating pill to an intact larger pill, appear to be more problematic for Josiah. He has a history of a hyper-sensitive gag reflex so avoiding either a bad taste or textural experience should make it easier for him to take All those meds in the morning…

    It’s funny, but Clarissa & Josiah were already talking about tomorrow morning’s pill-taking strategies. It was pretty neat to hear how well she ministers to & encourages him. She is actually very good at helping to manage his particular challenges!!! It’s such a blessing to see her step into that assistant care-giver role especially since she is trained to act as Josiah’s “staff” & can be on the clock for some of these interactions.

    Speaking of blessings…last night Michael was at worship practice for his church–he’s playing on Sunday. There was a time, & this isn’t typical for practice, where they were asking about prayer needs amongst the musicians. Apparently a number of M’s worship bandmates are also Facebook friends with him & have been aware of Josiah’s liver situation to varying degrees. The worship leader ended up praying for Josiah as they were playing some of their worship music. This prayer started ranging widely into praying for our family & went on for nearly half an hour. Michael was mightily touched by this intensive Body Ministry, more extensive than he may have ever experienced before. After he came home he told J & I about this while playing the first worship song they’d been praying through in the background. Just Michael describing this outpouring of prayer brought Josiah to a place of weeping. He has such a precious, tender heart for the Lord!

    Well, hopefully I’ll have some good news to share later today after some of the above referenced interactions have taken place….

    As a reminder, Michael & I are supposed to have dinner with Rose’s parents tonight. We’d appreciate your prayers for these interactions for this is a very different situation in trying to prepare for a special needs wedding & marriage, as opposed to what leading into Nathaniel & Tara’s wedding & marriage was anticipated to be…

    Thanks so much for praying for Josiah, Rose, their upcoming presumed life together, the preparations & communications of two Very Unique families that are cross cultural & cross disabilities…very interesting times are still ahead. Thanks for praying especially for Josiah’s continued healing & recovery of his liver. Pray that the liver will stabilize, that his lab numbers will show improvement, that the doctors nurses pharmacists & family can have wisdom in how to best meet Josiah’s ongoing needs, pray for favor in the Medicaid situation, pray for the jaundice to clear, pray for Josiah’s strength & appetite to increase, pray for favor at work, pray that we might be able to get Josiah to church this Sunday to be ministered to by that prayerful worship team…

    Thanks so much for praying & for stopping by to share a part of this journey with us. God Bless!

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  14. Laura Ingraham’s show from Thursday night…with Raymond Arroyo subbing for her.

    In case you don’t know, Raymond is sort of her sidekick.
    I like him…he’s a straight shooter.

    He had some good guests — and even interrupted that D-weasel, Chris Hahn, in the middle of his lies.

    Laura and Raymond have been very vocal Advocates for HCQ…from the get-go.
    Raymond defends their advocacy, since Kamuhla mouthed off about it yesterday…and has a couple of doctors on, to discuss how HCQ is effective and safe.

    Good segment with Pastor Darrel Scott at the 35:25 mark.

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  15. Tucker’s show from last night.

    Good opening monologue…he talks about how people are fleeing the Dem-controlled cities in droves.

    He doesn’t say “Dem-controlled” but that’s who he’s talking about.

    Over a million have fled NYC in the last few months?
    Wow…I didn’t know it was that many, but I can believe it.

    Businesses are leaving too.

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    1. That’s where I’m at realsauce. I just want the truth.

      And ‘m not sure that Sd is really just Sd – hat tip to Wheatie for the small d 🙂 . I’ve long thought there was no way one person was able to compile and sort through all the information and produce posts of such “granular detail and deep weeds” every single day.

      Maybe Sd and his team are now part of the show.

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      1. “… no way one person was able to compile and sort through all the information”

        Oh, I think it’s possible, Holley.
        Especially when you’re getting some income for doing it.

        Money can be a big motivator.

        But I would imagine that once you ‘monetize’ your blog, it’s like having a tiger by the tail.
        You have to keep posting interesting stuff every day…to keep the eyeballs coming back.

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      2. esp possible when you are “mining” info from others (econo chick for one, posters at his site for other)

        and he has admins to assist

        every qanon I respect, plus those who never mention cue has debunked what he has to say in the last week…

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        1. The video might date back ten years ago…to the early days of him being a VP.

          No one was talking about his Dementia back then — so he probably wouldn’t have given that sign a second look.

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  16. Wolfie, I was struck by your meme regarding the kid and med school – not getting in because they had worn a mask as a child. It was something I had been discussing with my hubby regarding deoxygenation occurring with mask wearing.

    1) It really isn’t too much different than sleep apnea issues. Left untreated, sleep apnea – which deprives the brain of oxygen has shown serious long-term side effects – causes neurological damage. This includes the fact that dementia can be a result, but consider this nugget. It can accentuate neurological diseases – ie. Parkinson’s symptoms are exacerbated when people don’t use their CPAP. This has been proven. It can also be a cause of Parkinson’s appearing earlier rather than later…

    2) Children’s brains continue to develop – meaning rapid neurological cell growth – until age 25. Too many people have no idea about this – but it’s why the young are more susceptible to substance abuse when started at younger ages – more damage, higher toxicity, and addiction.

    Kids wearing masks is a terrible thing, IMO. Regarding adults? Look for increased neurological problems, and disease manifestation.

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  17. Correction, if you please. I never said I blame President Trump for the nursing home deaths. I don’t like that that is the population that is being sacrificed. I know who is behind it. The people like Zeke Emanuel who thinks humans shouldn’t live past 75. My parents will be 80 this year. Their parents were in their upper 80s when they went on to their rewards. Zeke and the other population control sorts can kiss my backside.

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        1. Oh, me 2, Wheatie! You beat me to a post – lol – we think alike – she sees us – you know she does – and * sighs * –

          You know she will ‘fix’ her dilemma – new laptop – and jokes on the way – she is tough – and will prevail –

          Angels watching over her – surrounding her with wisdom, comfort, and peace.

          Have a Blessed Day, Wheatie and Patty!!! Hugs!!!

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    I’ve always turned to music for solace. In these chaotic times I find myself doing that more and more often. Tonight as I was looking at videos, I came across this video of Satie’s piano music, edited with paintings by Edouard Leon Cortes, and showing street scenes of Paris at the time of Satie. I think they’re quite wonderful and fit perfectly with Satie’s piano melodies. Several of us have posted this particular video many times here on the Treehouse. No matter how often I watch and listen. the scenes and music never seem to grow old. And each time, if for only a few minutes, I can imagine being transported to another place in time. Great art always has that characteristic I think.

    This video was posted some 8 years ago now and has been viewed over 4 million times. As I looked through the posted comments I was surprised to find a comment from the author of the video. I thought you might like to see it so I’m including it here.

    From Logansasn:

    “Hello everyone, I just wanted to take a minute to say thank you for all your kind words and for your beautiful stories. I have loved each and every one of them. When I decided to create this project my one goal was to make something that people all over the world could enjoy, appreciate, relate to and to fall in love with. I never in my wildest dreams thought that it would affect so many people from so many different far away places. I’m happy that you all came to share this beautiful music and art with me and I wish you all the very best wherever it is that you live your lives. I am honored to know that this video helps many of you get through whatever you are going through the way that it helps me. Thank you all again….peace love and happiness to all of you. ”

    Erik Satie ~ Once Upon A Time In Paris

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      1. Yeah, that’s a pretty wild mix of stuff perfectly blended. Every 30 seconds I’m going – “WAIT – who IS THAT?” – reminding me of some new guitar godz / country / rock / bluegrass act.

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    American friends, now days with all the Corona and political stress I tend to post more happy music and videos. The following is a feel good clip with a few languages including English.
    The band name is Static. Enjoy

    סטטיק ובן אל תבורי עם עדן בן זקן וסטפן – יאסו | הכוכב הבא לאירוויזיון 2019

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  20. H/T NICCO

    Its an exciting time to be alive and also a very dangerous one.

    We need to lift up POTUS everyday.The battle for the soul of this nation is on in a way most of us have not seen before. Let God arise and His enemies be scattered.

    Father, we cover President Donald John Trump and his family, and all those honorable and righteous in this administration with the precious blood of Jesus Christ and surround them with the fire of your Holy Spirit.

    We decree and declare Zachariah 2;5 around President Donald John Trump and all with him that no plot or plan of the enemy will succee ,no hex, no curse, no voodoo, no power, no principality, and no demon in hell will be able to harm them.

    Father, we Your people, thank you for this in Jesus’ name, the name above all names, Amen.

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  21. H/T SEPP

    Today is August 1st on the traditional Calendar of the Orthodox Christian Church (August 14th civil). The Dormition Fast begins today and the first Small Paraklesis or Small Supplicatory Canon is prayed this evening.

    And there are several events and Saints commemorated today. Among them are the following:

    The Procession of the Precious Wood of the Life-giving Cross of the Lord (instituted in 1164)

    The Holy Seven Maccabees, their mother Solomonia, and their teacher Eleazar (166 B.C.)

    Saint Ethelwold, Bishop of Winchester (984)

    The Commemoration of the Baptism of Rus’ (in 988)

    Saint Nicholas, Equal-to-the-Apostles, enlightener of Japan (+1912)

    Eleazar, the teacher of the Seven Maccabees, an elder, a priest, was one of the Seventy translators of the Old Testament into Greek, according to Holy Tradition.

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  22. H/T DORA

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  23. These younglings think these are great ideas…when they think they are “Biden’s proposals”.
    But they are surprised to learn this is what Trump is actually doing.

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  24. I have to laugh because the “methodologies” are proprietary information, and NO ONE gives up how they fix things to get a predetermined outcome. Go Jared go. This was great.

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  25. The SUNDANCE + PRE-BARR thread is UP.

    The Revelations of Sundance of MAGA (With A Foreword by Attorney General William Barr)

    Get it all in here, fellow cultists! This thread is meant to contain most of the fighting over Sundance’s upcoming revelations about DOJ, and whatever AG. Bill Barr seems to be doing to preempt those revelations. We will spawn more threads as needed over the next few days. BUCKLE UP! W

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    1. VI(rus) G(ates) FARBEN!

      a.k.a. “THEY’RE BAAAAACK!”

      LancetGate has really lowered my estimation of these folks.

      And then I realized the extent of damage due to the ivermectin cover-up.

      What is happening there, is basically that – as opposed to going to other countries to get the drugs people need, they are going to veterinary medicine in countries that don’t have an FDA to limit access.

      Sick. Absolutely sick.

      And THEN I found the best “kinda pro-technology” description of mRNA vaccines on……

      wait for it……

      the banned…..



      It’s all very stupid and ugly. And (at)jackboot is part of it.

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  26. The BLM mob is now demanding that people give them their homes.

    Sounds like they hate Jeff Bezos and Amazon…and blame him for the “racist gentrification” of a previously ‘black neighborhood’.

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      1. Who the hey do they think they are to demand this, Wheatie? As Q often says – ‘These people are sick!’

        And – they think they are above God? The Giver of All Gifts?

        Whatever they have taken and/or destroyed will be returned by God ten-fold – I believe!!!

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  27. Wolf, thank you so much for this analysis – I read briefly through it – need to spend more time on it, later – BUT – you
    have done a stupendous job of bringing it all together for discernment.

    Shared your post with a friend who said – Ivermectin was used by some to treat Morgellons – Hmmm…were you aware of that? Will see if I can get more information from her…

    We all know why they work so hard to suppress cures – and yet – PT came out early with a cure – and was trounced mercilessly – he knows – and – he also knows what he can do – and what he cannot – the strategy and timing are God’s – I believe – not PT’s – and I believe all of this is God’s Plan – not man’s.

    The mind of a genius is not easy to understand – but, I know it was formed by The Creator – to be like no other.

    What astounds me is PT’s ability to communicate with those at all IQ levels – however – maybe, that is his GIFT!

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  28. The Library

    This is enormous: its peace between all of the Gulf states & israel, except Qatar & Iran who are allied. Major milestone towards peace in the middle east.


    Harold Wren

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    1. I posted the first of the Arab States to agree yesterday and was shocked when hours later there had been NO news on the slimeMedia… and even as one by one, other Arab States signed on, still … crickets from the so-called NEWS…

      Note how the news of the Abraham Accord completely knocked the DIMs pathetic choice for VP out of the twittersphere… ?

      I’m sure POTUS and friends didn’t count on that at all 😉


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      1. Ace gave it adequate coverage:


        The Morning Report – 8/14/20
        —J.J. Sefton

        …”In any case, the big story of the day is the historic peace deal between Israel and the United Arab Emirates, brokered by President Trump and team, including Jared Kushner. In so doing, the UAE becomes only the third Arab/Muslim country to recognize Israel and there is no question that given the current state of geopolitics, as well as the historic dynamic of same in the Middle East, this is a game-changer for a whole host of reasons.”

        much more at the link

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