8.13.20 News Roundup! Another Day Of Winning, PDJT and VP Pence Participate In A Discussion About Getting Children Back In School, PDJT’s Press Conference, Richard Baris’ and Robert Barnes’ Podcast, GA/FL’s Wall Update, Reinforcing the Wall, PDJT Will Be Interviewed By Maria Bartiromo In the Morning, Tucker Carlson Discusses Kamala Harris, Hydroxychloroquine Absolutely Works On High Risk Patients…..

As I said yesterday, Wall Street decided to vomit at the fact that SleepyCreepy Joe picked Kamala Harris as his VP choice. This cemented for them that they will be stuck with our President for the next four years. As much as they tried their hardest to say that Wall Street loved the pick on Wednesday, that was nothing but gaslighting.

The Stock Market had no choice but to respond to the economic indicators that show the Economic Train is taking off once again.

All three indices finished in the green. Two out of the three indices are closing in on their all time record.

Lets take a look at how far each of the 3 indices are from their record high.

  • Nasdaq Composite – closed at 11,012 / record high 11,101 on August 6th (currently 89 points off the record high)
  • DJIA – closed at 27,976 / record high 29,551 on February 12th (currently 1,575 points off the record high)
  • S&P 500 – closed at 3,380 / record high 3,386 on February 19th (currently 8 points off the record high)

Yesterday our President, VP and other members of his administration participated in a discussion about Kids First: Getting America’s Children Safely Back To School.

[Video and Transcript Below]


Here are some shorter video clips:

Yesterday our President held a press conference with the assembled White House press corp.

[Video Below]

Here are some shorter video clips:

Yesterday I listened to the entire podcast with Richard Baris and Robert Barnes.

They where absolutely fantastic! I could not put the podcast down and was actually disappointed when it ended after 3 hours and 6 minutes.

The first hour was all about Kamala Harris and why she was an absolutely terrible pick for SleepyCreepy Joe. Hours two and three touched on the polling that is taking place and the reason why it is so off and wrong.

Robert believes that you can add 6 points to PDJT whenever Wisconsin is polled. He believes the President is up in Wisconsin by 2 to 3 points.

He has Iowa and Ohio between 6 to 8+ points for PDJT. He believes Pennsylvania is +1 for PDJT while Richard believes it is between 1 and 2 for PDJT based on some polling he did two weeks ago in the state.

Robert has Biden at this point winning Michigan. Robert also believes that the President would be wasting his time in Nevada and New Mexico because Biden will win both.

Richard and Robert have PDJT easily winning Maine-2. Robert puts New Hampshire at 50-50 for PDJT. 

The both see the President winning Florida by a larger margin than in 2016. They also said that SleepyCreepy Joe is wasting resources going after North Carolina, Georgia and Texas where he will lose.

Neither spoke about Arizona which I take to be a good sign for the President. They also didn’t reference Minnesota which I wouldn’t read to much into in terms of whether our President will win the state.

I can’t wait to donate to the GoFundMe that is being setup to poll the 6 Rust Belt states starting in early September (PA, OH, MI, WI and MN). Their endeavor will allow us to have HONEST polling where we can trust the results no matter what they might read. 

I encourage everyone to listen to the podcast. You won’t be disappointed.


Another 10 MILES this week!

Millions of dollars worth of drugs intercepted! CBP trained drug detector K9 officers are worth more than their weight in gold!

Speaking of the Wall, there has been some added measures taken to assure people can’t get over it and don’t injure or kill themselves trying 😉.

From the article linked above:

Ciudad Juárez, Chihuahua.- In an unprecedented event in the Chihuahua border area, workers in the service of the US government work to place barbed wire on the so-called ‘Trump Wall’, this a few meters from the border crossing located between Ciudad Juárez and El Paso.

At the moment it is unknown how long this measure will extend. Unofficial reports indicate that the extreme measure may be due to the fact that several groups of migrants have placed improvised stairs in the place to cross to the United States,…

Our President will be joining Maria Bartiromo for an interview in the morning.

Tucker Carlson goes off on Kamala:

More evidence that Hydroxycloroquine works!

From the article linked above:

As of Wednesday, some 165,000 people in the United States have died from COVID-19. I have made the case in the American Journal of Epidemiology and in Newsweek that people who have a medical need to be treated can be treated early and successfully with hydroxychloroquine, zinc, and antibiotics such as azithromycin or doxycycline. I have also argued that these drugs are safe and have made that case privately to the Food and Drug Administration.

The pushback has been furious. Dr. Anthony Fauci has implied that I am incompetent, notwithstanding my hundreds of highly regarded, methodologically relevant publications in peer-reviewed scientific literature. A group of my Yale colleagues has publicly intimated that I am a zealot who is perpetrating a dangerous hoax and conspiracy theory. I have been attacked in news articles by journalists who, ignorant of the full picture, have spun hit pieces from cherry-picked sources.

[…] What do you need to know to evaluate these smears against hydroxychloroquine? The first thing to understand is that COVID-19 has two main stages. At the first stage, it is a flu-like illness. That illness will not kill you. If you are a high-risk patient and begin treatment immediately, you will almost certainly be done with it in a few days. When not treated, high-risk patients may progress. The virus then causes severe pneumonia and attacks many organs, including the heart. In this second stage, hydroxychloroquine is not effective.

So, if you are told that hydroxychloroquine doesn’t work, ask this question: In which patients? Does it not work in those who have just started to have symptoms, or those sick enough to require hospitalization?

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  1. “Robert has Biden at this point winning Michigan.”



    People know what Trump has done for Michigan, and for America.

    What has Biden ever done for Michigan?

    What has Biden ever done for America?

    Besides hurt them, I mean?

    Have a significant number of Michiganders been struck in the head with a blunt object recently?

    Is Pedo Joe’s dementia contagious?

    Why would the people of Michigan choose a guy who hides out in his basement, won’t (can’t) debate, has no plan for anything, never accomplished anything in 40+ years of government, and is on videotape in front of an audience extorting the Ukrainian government in order to cover up his own financial crimes?

    And Kamalala, the political prostitute from California, who isn’t African-American and whose family has a history that includes slavery, and who extended prisoner sentences so the State could benefit from their free labor (i.e., direct involvement with slavery)?

    Is this what the majority of Michiganders stand for and believe in?

    Demented criminals and slavers?


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    1. Don’t forget that Michigan has also been subject to the depredations of Gretchen von Hitler. There might be more than a few regretful citizens who “voted for the Democrat” and got her.

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    2. I have no problem with Richard Baris, though I do believe he got kind of down during COVID – though in Florida, lots of angst over the shutdown and angst was coming through. He has been very conservative in his predictions in his polling.

      I’m cautionary about Robert Barnes. He is a lawyer by trade, but has been commenting on elections. He did bet on POTUS in 2016 – and won big. Still, that doesn’t make him an expert pollster. I haven’t been agreeing w/ his take on several things…

      That said, it bothers me that these numbers could be so “close” – even our sides’ polling. How can this be – You’ve got swing BLUE states in shutdown and domestic terrorism riots, and they’re going to vote for a guy with Alzheimer’s?

      I believe even Richard’s polling is going to miss POTUS voters – first time voters, crossovers, and still many of us who will not answer the phone. In fact, none of those calls come through for me because we have “No more Robo calls.”

      In 2016, Diamond and Silk were the only Blacks for Trump I remember seeing come through my twitter feed – I had near 5,000 followers – Jack has removed some – and I follow almost 4,000 – so catch quite a few of the conservatives. Today, there are hundreds of Blacks for Trump voters in my feed – individuals and groups.

      DJT has only gained voters since 2016 – so how can these poll numbers be that close???

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      1. by way of info Lady,

        Robert Barnes the attorney did NOT bet on Donald Trump or anyone else in 2016…

        That was ANOTHER Robert Barnes who placed the bet, and RB the atty thought it humorous… 😉

        As for the poll… I don’t believe ANY of them, just my gut… and common sense. Maybe in 20 years polling might be reliable… but ATM, it’s extremely faulty.

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        1. The only people who are getting honest and accurate polling are the trump campaign door knocker. That are knocking on a million doors a week and talking to people. The trump campaign has a huge enthusiastic ground game. Feel up/heels up have nothing

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      2. The polls are WORTHLESS!

        #1. They only poll voters. Therefore they do not catch the first time voters.

        #2. ‘Shy Voters’ I think it was 62% of Americans are afraid to reveal their political leaning >> TRUMP voters.

        #3. Most people use their landlines for computer internet and cells for talking. We certainly do.

        #4. After you get 4 car insurance and 5 credit card and 2 medicare sales calls a day you do not bother to answer.

        #5. CROOKED. They forgot to hang up (2016) and I heard the person who polled me asking a supervisor what to do with ANOTHER Trump voter. The supervisor said to toss out the result, they ALREADY HAD ENOUGH TRUMP VOTERS….

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        1. Yes. About the “Shy Voters” – while I’ve seen lots of comments regarding political signs – especially Trump signs – in my area there are no signs. 12 years ago we put up a McCain/Palin, and that was risky… Obama brought an previously never experienced hostility to public participation in politics – and my area hasn’t recovered. We keep our mouths shut, and just go vote. BTW, while DJT lost Virginia, he narrowly won my area. But no, we’re publicizing how we vote. Not anymore.

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          1. Lady – I feel the same way about signage, unfortunately. Four years ago, I proudly placed my Trump sign in my front yard. Today, if I did the same thing, I risk vandalism, destruction of property and who knows what else. I have a huge fence that is begging for a Trump 2020 flag, but as a single person living alone, the riskiest behavior I indulge in is driving around town with my Trump 2020 sticker on my truck and wearing the occasional USA/45 baseball hat. I am actually surprised my truck hasn’t been keyed or had the tires flattened, and I live in one of the most conservative places in the whole U.S.A.!!!! The monster vote is out there, but it isn’t being broadcast.

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            1. Right. In 2016, we did have a Trump sign, up for short time only, and taken down immediately after the election. In 2018, we put one up for our GOP rep, who then lost to a Soros funded Lefty – who told our area she wouldn’t vote for Pelosi for Speaker, but of course, did.

              Not putting up anything now – have a renter neighbor, solid middle-class, and he walked around with a Black Lives Matter t-shirt. His teenage son too. They’re black, good job w/ the government, but obviously believing in the Dem Plantation.

              No one in our neighborhood has put up any signs, and there’s hardly any that I’ve noticed – this is an area of over 400,000 people, but there’s a radical contingent spread through out that puts people at risk.

              With kids not in school, they have more time on their hands to hang out and cause trouble… These “protesters” have plenty of recruits.

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    3. No one wants to go out and say that Trump will win in a landslide, they still are too scared. I will SAY IT. Trump will win BOTH Michigan, Wisconsin, and LIKELY Minnesota too. I also do NOT think it is too early to give up on Nevada, New Mexico, or even gasp, CALIFORNIA. People underestimate the FRAUD in voting that occurs there, and JUST how FED up with all the lockdowns, riots, and Dem BS people ARE.

      There will be MILLIONS of people across the US that have not voted for DECADES, or never at all that WILL vote for Trump. The REASON the “pundits” do not want to forecast a landslide, is that they STILL don’t want to admit that the polling is THAT rigged. Wait till they SEE it for themselves, oh, and Trump will have YUGE coattails in the House AND Senate too. WATCH!

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      1. Think polling, think Cabal.
        …he supported Trump in 2016 but gee, numbers not looking good in MI 2020…
        Why does this construct remind me of Rush “seminar callers?”
        The strategies for demoralizing Trump voters are limited only by the imagination or lack

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          1. I have been telling people that I believe it will be a Brexit type of reaction…LANDSLIDE. I do not believe ANY of the polls…not even from those we consider our allies.

            I do not even believe that Hillary won the popular vote with legal votes. The 2018 midterms with all of those close races magically going to the Dems. BS!!!

            I think that there has to be a large team of some very serious Constitution loving Patriots behind the scenes saying enough is enough. GAME OVER…THEY LOSE!

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            1. Amen!. Spot on, i always say that Trump LET them cheat and steal the House to see JUST how they would do it. He KNOWS now, and he damn sure is STOPPING it, as we see with the dem ploy attempt on mail in, They are trying to for a DIFFERENT method of ballot harvesting then they “got away with in” 2018. Applying the Cali method to the ENTIRE country. Why would Trump push back SO hard on that? Because he KNOWS their plan AND their methods, hence the STOPPING of those methods, ruining their plan.

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    4. It is truly beyond belief, that any thinking American would vote for Joe n Hoe.

      There will be the ignorant ones that vote for Hoe, with the same superficial stoopidity that got hussein elected. Vote for the black guy to show they were not racist. Or it was simply cool.

      Anyone that has issue with President Trump simply ignores the massive WINS President Trump has delivered to Americans at all levels.

      TDS IS dangerous to America.

      All of that aside, President Trump will be reelected. We’ll win.

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      1. Do not forget that ANY DemCom governor who is continuing to lock down their state / keep the schools closed / keep businesses shuttered — and fighting EVERYTHING that POTUS is doing to rectify the situation — is working WITH THE DNC to create so much FEAR, ECONOMIC HARDSHIP, and PERSONAL TURMOIL, that the DemCom permanent message of “Vote Democrat, we’ll take care of you” does the trick.
        Perhaps add Rino DEWINE of Ohio to this.
        Add Dr. FAUCI to this.

        The Democrat Party will now do ANYTHING necessary to force American citizens back onto the DEMOCRAT PLANTATION. Period.

        So why doesn’t the RNC have the guts to send out an ad that TELLS THE TRUTH? —
        Joe Biden is showing signs of early dementia; and
        KAMALA HARRIS will imitate her family’s footsteps and create a GOVERNMENT PLANTATION, with WE, THE PEOPLE as the slaves?

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        1. Spot on.

          Suggest we take the “perhaps” out of the FauXi line. Me thinks, FauXi IS 100% lying control freak bought and paid for by Big Pharma.

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          1. Don’t forget FauXi’s ties to Gates, Rockefellers, ChiComs, etc., or his love letters to Rodham’s campaign.

            He signed some of the checks that enabled your tax dollars to fund the research that led to this frankenvirus being constructed in a Chinese lab.

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        2. “So why doesn’t the RNC have the guts to send out an ad that TELLS THE TRUTH? —“
          Maybe just enough of them share the same paymasters…creating a designed inertia.

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    5. Have a significant number of Michiganders been struck in the head with a blunt object recently?
      Unfortunately after 8 years of Obama and a spineless GOP the USA has been invaded by fake ass refugees who were brought here to vote blue, nothing more, there is no way for these FAUX refugees to contribute to America they just dont have what it takes.
      MLAR Scott…

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    6. Scott – I agree. Not to mention that Michiganders are fresh off the edicts of their commie governor Witless. Do we seriously think we believe they want more of what she has offered to them the last six months? If so, then they deserve the hell they will put themselves in.

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  2. Supreme Court Rules 7-2 On 2020 Vote – They Just Reversed 9th Circuit, Refused To Relax Ballot Rules
    By Daniel Ottomire | August 12, 2020


    The Supreme Court voted 7-2 to overrule a 9th Circuit decision.
    The decision denied a group from collecting signatures online for a redrawing measure.
    The group claimed the pandemic prevented them from collecting signatures in person.

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  3. “Unofficial reports indicate that the extreme measure may be due to the fact that several groups of migrants have placed improvised stairs in the place to cross to the United States,…”


    I wonder if they know how ridiculously effeminate they sound, claiming that barbed wire is ‘extreme’.

    It’s barbed wire.


    If that’s ‘extreme’ for these delicate petunias, I wonder what they’d call it if I set up trucks with flamethrowers to go wherever the ‘improvised stairs’ are located and shoot flames through the fence, turning the ‘improvised stairs’ into cinders?

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    1. If it’s raising your blood pressure, just say “effective” whenever you read “extreme”. That’s what they’re actually saying, but they’re trying to make it sound abnormal and offensive.

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      1. “If it’s raising your blood pressure, just say “effective” whenever you read “extreme”. That’s what they’re actually saying, but they’re trying to make it sound abnormal and offensive.”


        Yep, it’s just so dishonest and fake, that it has the opposite effect. It doesn’t make barbed wire sound abnormal or offensive, it makes me want to put barbed wire on giant circular saw blades at the end of a fork lift, push them through the openings in the fence, and make hamburger out of the coyotes.

        THAT might be worthy, maybe a little, of the word extreme.

        But putting static barbed wire on top of a fence is about as extreme as a ‘Walk / Don’t Walk’ sign.

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        1. Such a thing would only be an extreme measure if the forklift crosses the plane of the international border.

          I believe in most places the wall is set back slightly from the actual border (if nothing else that’s necessary to build and maintain the barrier), so this idea of yours can be implemented without being “extreme.”

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    2. Scott – did you see the flame thrower scene in “Once Upon a Time in Hollywood?” Brutal, but very satisfying. I could go for it with some of these idiot antifa criminals….

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        1. It was – and I am not normally a fan of Tarantino, but this was a particularly satisfying film and Pitt and DiCaprio were really on their game with the acting…

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  4. Dr. Harvey Risch from the Washington Examiner article linked above:
    “I reiterate: If doctors, including any of my Yale colleagues, tell you that scientific data show that hydroxychloroquine does not work in outpatients, they are revealing that they can’t tell the difference between low-risk patients who are not generally treated and high-risk patients who need to be treated as quickly as possible. Doctors who do not understand this difference should not be treating COVID-19 patients.”

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    1. Dr. Risch continues:
      “What about medication safety? On July 1, the FDA posted a “black-letter warning” cautioning against using hydroxychloroquine “outside of the hospital setting,” meaning in outpatients. But on its website just below this warning, the FDA stated that the warning was based on data from hospitalized patients. To generalize and compare severely ill patients with COVID-induced pneumonia and possibly heart problems to outpatients is entirely improper.

      In fact, the FDA has no information about adverse events in early outpatient use of hydroxychloroquine. The only available systematic information about adverse events among outpatients is discussed in my article in the American Journal of Epidemiology, where I show that hydroxychloroquine has been extremely safe in more than a million users.

      It is a serious and unconscionable mistake that the FDA has used inpatient data to block emergency use petitions for outpatient use. Further, already back in March, the FDA approved the emergency use of hydroxychloroquine for hospitalized patients, for whom it is demonstrably less effective than for outpatients. If hydroxychloroquine satisfied the FDA criteria for emergency inpatient use in March, it should more than satisfy those criteria now for outpatient use, where the evidence is much stronger.

      I can only speculate about the cause of the FDA’s recalcitrance. Hydroxychloroquine is an inexpensive, generic medication. Unlike certain profit-generating, patented medications, which have been promiscuously touted on the slimmest of evidence, hydroxychloroquine has no natural financial constituency. No one will get rich from it.

      Further, it seems quite possible that the FDA, a third of whose funding comes from drug companies, is under intense pressure from those companies to be extremely conservative in its handling of hydroxychloroquine. If hydroxychloroquine is used widely and comes to be recognized as highly effective, the markets for expensive and patented COVID-19 medications, including intravenous drugs that can only be used in the hospital, will shrink substantially.”

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      1. The fact that the FDA – a government agency – gets 1/3 of its funding from drug companies is wrong and dangerous to the public – because it means private interests/profits may influence FDA decisions on approvals of drugs.

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    2. FAUCI derided Dr. Hirsch for his position on HCQ!!! – which calls into question FAUCI’S MOTIVES.

      BE AWARE – ROAULT, DIDIER, MD – who uses HCQ in treating covid19 – is #1 in Communicable Diseases world wide – http://expertscape.com/ex/infectious+disease and Tony Fauci is #38.

      Fauci is a motor mouth, camera hog, publicity hound, public relations and media, kiss up to donors guy more than anything else!

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        1. Fauci is a FONT of dis information, and a flip flopper as well. I would ask him THIS. ” Dr Fauci, since you have been WRONG on nearly every single thing on Covid, and given that you have TRIED for OVER 40 years, without ANY success to cure AIDS, despite BILLIONS spent on research and a vaccine, WHY should we trust that you are the end all be all on this or ANY disease?”

          Further, Dr Fauci, in your 40 plus year career at the CDC, have you been able to cure ANY disease? Have you developed ANY curative or preventative vaccine for ANY disease? The answer is NO, they cannot cure the flu, they cannot cure the common cold, they did NOT cure AIDS, SARS, MERS, Haunta, Zika, Rhyno virus, or ANY other disease. They REALLY cannot even SLOW down the flu, look at the yearly numbers of DEATHS, before this year (wink), they have increased “exponentially” .

          WHY should we take the word of an ABJECT FAILURE on ANYTHING, in ANY other private sector job, Fauci’s records of FAILURE and futility would have lead to DISMISSAL.

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              1. Prog call or mail those questions to Rand Paul. He just might ask FauXi those questions.

                (President Trump can have BOTH on a presser) And that is just before FauXi is lead out in handcuffs for helping the Chinese DEVELOP and release a bioweapon on the USA!

                Well I can dream can’t I? 🤣

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              1. Sounds suspiciously like Micro$haft’s (and BillyGhoulGates’) “Operating System As A Service” and “Office As A Service” Grifting techniques.

                BG has been trying to do that for years; as well as tying a particular instance of OS (or other) software to a particular piece of hardware: blow up your motherboard, you’re looking at $100.00 or so for a new windows licence, even though the rest of the PC is the same. Keep the OS perpetually “sick”, and push constant updates to it to “clean it up”, although in point of fact, it becomes even sicker… Nothing like the latest version of Windoze 1 0 bricking your computer…. 😡 😡 😡 😡 😡

                And this is implemented using GUIDs – GLOBALLY UNIQUE IDENTIFIERS.

                Hmmm. Sort of sounds like what he wants to do with the vaccines he’s pushing…

                He should be stuck for all eternity in a room full of 029 keypunches which can only manage 79 (or 69) columns, and he needs all 80 to get his program working…..

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          1. Agreed.
            Remember that Dr. Fauci said recently that he believed a CCP Virus vaccine that has a 50% efficacy rate would be fine FOR WIDESPREAD USE.

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            1. Is that CCP vaccine REALLY OUR vaccine, funded and manufactured by Gates and Fauci? I bet so. If it only WORKS 50% of the time or less, WHAT is the point? I would simply take my chances. Hydroxy, administered correctly PROVENLY works 79% of the time, is SAFE, and even people WITHOUT insurance can afford $20.

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              1. Heck Prog, you do not NEED Hydroxy!

                Take zinc as food (beef) or tabs or chewies. I have 50 mg zinc gluconate and 11 gr zinc Citrate chewies. (The 40 mg tab caused ‘zinc poisoning’ in hubby.)

                Then add selenium and vitamins C D3, E and the rest plus berries or Quercetin or green tea or epigallocatechin gallate (EGCG) as alternate zinc ionophores.

                At that point all you need is a antibiotic if you develop bacterial pneumonia…. From the darn mask you are forced to wear.

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    3. Sigh, WHY can’t these doctors JUST say if it was good enough and NOT dangerous enough to give our armed forces since 1945, then it is good enough and SAFE enough to give OTHER people.

      Another thing, it is NOT Hydroxy that is repeatedly shown to cause cardiac arrhythmia, it is AZITHROMYCIN. NO ONE even mentions the bait and switch they did. NO ONE ever bitches about Azithromycin, it has been WIDELY prescribed for DECADES, yet NO ONE except the RIGH RISK heart patients EVER gets an EKG.

      I want SOMEONE to ask this, IF hydroxy is SO dangerous, WHY have we administered it as a prophylaxes for malaria to US troops, and the citizens of third world countries like Africa for EIGHTY some odd years? Were we trying to KILL those people? NO.

      One more way to DEFEAT the lefts narrative on HCQ. WHICH is worse and which is MORE treatable. heart arrhythmia or Covid 19. I thought Covid was a DEATH sentence, heart arrhythmia most certainly is NOT. See how that would work? The LESSER of “two evils” Make them STICK to their narrative that Covid is a KILLER, or have to abandon it OR permit HCQ.

      THAT is how you do it, why no one has is BEYOND me.

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    President Trump has no public events scheduled.

    1:00PM – Press Secretary Kayleigh McEnany will hold a briefing

    Note – President Trump has no public events scheduled, but it is likely that he will have a briefing around 5 or 6 pm, as he seems to be committed to doing a daily coronavirus briefing – plus the briefings take the place of rallies and are a means of direct communication with the US public, since the media is so dishonest.

    For updates check here:

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  6. I’m going with PDT taking at least 45 states. I trust no outside source or polls, only PDT’s people and the fact that the RNC has been canvassing states for months while the DNC let Creepy Joe sit in his basement and did nothing.

    “It’s the economy, stupid.” The only thing Carville got right. Add in some likely DOJ actions on criminals between now and the election.

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  7. Indo-Pacific News

    #China’s days as world’s factory are over, iPhone maker #Foxcom says

    Foxcom is gradually adding more capacity outside of China

    “No matter if it’s #India, Southeast #Asia or the Americas, there will be a manufacturing ecosystem in each”

    Text of three more tweets in this thread:

    A key supplier to Apple and a dozen other tech giants plans to split its supply chain between the Chinese market and the US, declaring that China’s time as factory to the world is finished because of the trade war.

    Hon Hai Precision Industry Chairman Young Liu said it’s gradually adding more capacity outside of China, the main base of production for iPhones to Dell desktops and Nintendo Switches.

    The proportion outside the country is now at 30%, up from 25% last June.

    That ratio will rise as the company — known also as Foxconn — moves more manufacturing to Southeast Asia and other regions to avoid escalating tariffs on Chinese-made goods headed to US markets, Liu told reporters after his company reported financial results.

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  8. This is Pompeo’s job to fix. So why has he allowed this to happen??????

    The state department is allowing Fortune 500 companies to freely import H-1B visa workers for jobs needed by American voters, despite President Donald Trump’s June 22 Executive Order barring nearly all visa workers.

    “They have totally eviscerated the requirements” of Trump’s E.O., said John Miano, a lawyer with the Immigration Reform Law Institute. “There is no doubt about it — whoever created this is thumbing their noses at President Trump,” he said, adding, “you can bet that the guys who did this are voting for [Joe] Biden.”

    This is an insult to the President of the United States, it is an insult to working men and women of the United States,” said Kevin Lynn, the founder of U.S. Tech Workers.

    There are less than 90 days to go in the election. How can he persuade Americans he’s keeping any of this 2016 promises if he allows the State Department to nullify and gut the E.O. he signed to protect Americans from [outsourcing by Fortune 500 companies]? More than that — I think it is beginning to make Trump look stupid in front of the voters. He needs to call in Pompeo and talk to him about his job prospects because [Secretary of State Mike] Pompeo does not seem to give a hoot about Americans’ job prospects.

    The exemptions are “expansive,” admitted Greg Siskind, a lawyer who is working to widen the pipelines of foreign doctors into U.S. hospital chains. “They are backing off … that could be good news for thousands of you guys,” he told his clients.


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    1. Jared Kushner is very impressive and articulate in announcing the peace deal between Israel and the UAE. Ambassador O’Brien was also very impressive. It was a great press briefing!

      Kayleigh McEnany was her usual excellent razor sharp self answering questions after the peace deal announcement.

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  9. LIVE | The White House – 08/13/2020
    Upcoming Events

    4:15 PM EDT
    Vice President Pence Participates in a Support Law Enforcement Townhall
    Vice President Pence Participates in Heritage Action’s ‘Fight for America’: Support Law Enforcement Town Hall
    Urbandale, IA

    5:30 PM EDT
    President Trump Holds a News Conference
    The White House


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  10. Oh Flep you hit another Grand Slam with this Amazing News Roundup…
    I wish I could share this on FB but unfortunately I am in FB jail again for 7 days because I said black😎😎😎
    I wont be silenced, that ain’t habbenin my friend so I just shared this News Roundup with everyone on my messenger list 🤣🤣🤣 #FUKZUK

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      1. A friend posted about a BLM organizer and she said give up your homes or we will come take them and I casually said come git it black POS.
        I have bots on my acct 24/7, I used to block em but when it was up to over 100 a day I gave up, now I just keep the acct to troll Zuckerberg

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  11. WHERE IN H3LL does Joe Biden think HE can pontificate that WE, THE PEOPLE have a “responsibility” to wear a MASK every SINGLE time when out in public?
    THIS is the first intimation of how Biden / Harris would RULE the United States.
    For Harris — and somebody must get this message to her — it’s her first step in creating a GOVERNMENT NATIONWIDE PLANTATION in the United States, amplifying the footsteps of her slave-owner IRISH ANCESTOR in Jamaica.

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  12. FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE | Thursday, August 13, 2020

    Justice Department Finds Yale Illegally Discriminates Against Asians and Whites in Undergraduate Admissions in Violation of Federal Civil-Rights Laws


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        1. When you start poking around at Supreme Court decisions, especially after that ‘progressive’ S.O.B. FDR threatened to pack the court to protect his ‘New Deal’ and federalgov’t over reach, the decisions have been ‘Progressive’ and NOT Constitutional in many many cases.

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  13. FLEP – YOU will love this THREAD!

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