Dear KAG: 20200811 Open Thread

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When a pandemic interferes with getting the marching band together, you improvise.

And a reminder to take the pledge:

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And now for the nitty gritty of the Q Tree 5 minute, stand up, Tuesday morning meeting version of the Daily Thread.


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Fellow tree dweller Wheatie gave us some good reminders on the basics of civility in political discourse:

  1. No food fights.
  2. No running with scissors.
  3. If you bring snacks, bring enough for everyone.


Part of this passage was used for Mass this past Friday. From the Gospel According to Saint Matthew, Chapter 16: 21-28.

From that time Jesus began to shew to his disciples, that he must go to Jerusalem, and suffer many things from the ancients and scribes and chief priests, and be put to death, and the third day rise again. [22] And Peter taking him, began to rebuke him, saying: Lord, be it far from thee, this shall not be unto thee. [23] Who turning, said to Peter: Go behind me, Satan, thou art a scandal unto me: because thou savourest not the things that are of God, but the things that are of men. [24] Then Jesus said to his disciples: If any man will come after me, let him deny himself, and take up his cross, and follow me. [25] For he that will save his life, shall lose it: and he that shall lose his life for my sake, shall find it.

[26] For what doth it profit a man, if he gain the whole world, and suffer the loss of his own soul? Or what exchange shall a man give for his soul? [27] For the Son of man shall come in the glory of his Father with his angels: and then will he render to every man according to his works. [28] Amen I say to you, there are some of them that stand here, that shall not taste death, till they see the Son of man coming in his kingdom.

As always, prayers for the fight against that which seeks to enslave us are welcome. Via con Dios.

623 thoughts on “Dear KAG: 20200811 Open Thread

  1. The “rioting jury pool” needs to educate us that something is WRONG with LE withholding ALL FACTS from the public.

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    1. It basically means the media gets to shape the jury pool, to the point where to find an untainted juror you have to find people with barely enough brains to fog a mirror.

      Unfortunately, there’s probably Supreme Court precedent going back decades on this.

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        1. FIRST you need to HAVE JURIES!!!!

          “The primary function of the independent juror, is not as many think, to dispense punishment to fellow citizens accused of breaking various laws, but rather to protect fellow citizens from tyrannical abuses of power by the government!” — Merry Colin

          “Anyone accused of a crime in this country is entitled to a jury trial.”

          The Constitution may say so but, in fact, this is simply not the case — and becoming less so as politicians fiddle with legal definitions and sentencing standards in order specifically to reduce the number of persons entitled to a trial….

          ….As Thomas Jefferson put it to Tom Paine in a 1789 letter, “I consider trial by jury as the only anchor ever yet imagined by man, by which a government can be held to the principles of its constitution.” ….

          Thomas Jefferson also wrote in letters:

          “You seem . . . to consider the judges as the ultimate arbiters of all constitutional questions; a very dangerous doctrine indeed, and one which would place us under the despotism of an oligarchy. Our judges are as honest as other men, and not more so . . . and their power [is] the more dangerous, as they are in office for life and not responsible, as the other functionaries are, to the elective control. The Constitution has erected no such single tribunal, knowing that to whatever hands confided, with corruptions of time and party, its members would become despots.” (Letter to William Jarvis, Sept. 28, 1820)

          “The judiciary of the United States is the subtle corps of sappers and miners constantly working under ground to undermine the foundations of our confederated fabric. They are construing our constitution from a co-ordination of a general and special government to a general and supreme one alone. This will lay all things at their feet, and they are too well versed in English law to forget the maxim, ‘boni judicis est ampliare jurisdictionem’ [good judges have ample jurisdiction]. . . . A judiciary independent of a king or executive alone, is a good thing; but independence of the will of the nation is a solecism, at least in a republican government.” (Letter to Thomas Ritchie, Dec. 25, 1820)

          Maybe this is the REAL REASON Thomas Jefferson is attacked and being tossed on the dung heap by the left.

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          1. This is absolutely awesome!!! Thank you so much for sharing this!!!

            On a completely separate note, Angelle Staria/at the Gates of War wanted me to let you know how much he appreciates your prayers & the words of encouragement that I copied to him the other day…God Bless!


        2. AND then there is CASE LAW.

          If a Liberal Judge or Judge and jury go outside the actual laws to find a person guilty then it becomes enshrined in CASE LAW and that Judge or Judge and jury have enacted NEW LAWS without going through the normal process. (Think Lawfare)

          In the 1870s, Dean Christopher Columbus Langdell transformed American legal education by introducing what has become the standard first-year curriculum for American law schools – including classes in contracts, property, torts, criminal law, and civil procedure.
          •Langdell also developed the case method of teaching law, which became the dominant pedagogical model at U.S. law schools. His notion that law could be studied as a “science” gave university legal education a reason for being that was distinct from vocational preparation. Critics at first defended the old lecture method because it was faster and cheaper and made fewer demands on faculty and students. But advocates said the case method had a sounder theoretical basis in scientific research and the inductive method.

          Our current ‘system’ is a bastardization of our CONSTITUTIONAL system! The Constitution, itself, is written in Common law. (That is a quote from Antonin Scalia.) Our Ruling Oligarchs have systematically sidelined common law and replaced it with ‘Equity law,’ the corrupt legal and judicial system that we have today.

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        3. More stolen from Black Beauty :
          April 25, 2018 at 12:56 am

          …a U Penn website where you can download the article as a pdf:

          Title of the article:
          HOW EQUITY CONQUERED COMMON LAW — Federal Rules of Civil Procedure in Historical Perspective

          This is definitely a turgid law journal article and it requires a lot of concentration for us laymen. I had to read it several times to make full sense of it. HOWEVER: You can easily see, even while skimming the article, how the Progressives used the very same arguments to attack the common law that they use, now, to attack the Constitution: “The common law is antiquated and it’s no longer relevant to our society.” ” The common law is too complex. It needs to be streamlined.” I marvel that they have gotten away with destroying institution after institution using the same hackneyed lies! Lastly, the footnotes in this article are a treasure trove of truths that basically catch the evil doers of each era red-handed, destroying the key features of our system. Among those, the common law is the most valuable, and its main institution, the common law grand jury was the most valuable tool to help keep the republic, as Franklin exhorted us to do.

          The common law grand jury gave the jurors absolute hegemony over the judge and the prosecutor. No request that they made–not for evidence or further investigation, or to examine evidence personally, or to hear witnesses questioned again–could be refused. The decision of the common law grand jury was final.
          Partly because I read this article, I came to the conclusion that the Founders intended for the common law grand jury to be the tool that made the People the fourth branch of government. They gave the people omnipotence, via the common law grand jury, so that they could nip corruption in the bud, as it first began to form, in local arenas. This is the key to the keeping of our republic. As we Drain the Swamp, we need to keep in mind that we must also restore the apparatus by which we can prevent the corruption spreading, again. I hope you guys give sufficient credence to what I am saying, here. I see this whole concept as being of central importance….

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    2. What I’d like to see happen is: get rid of voir dire (beyond ensuring the juror doesn’t know the defendant, victim, either counsel, any other juror, or any of the witnesses) as it’s just an avenue for jury stacking.

      If you MUST keep voir dire, reform it so it focuses not on finding someone who knows nothing at all about the case, but rather someone who is capable of putting aside what he thinks he knows when faced with contradictory evidence in court.

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        1. Grand jury?

          I’d love to see some sort of mechanism where the accused gets to present exculpatory information right there, to avoid prosecutors who are prosecuting as a means of political grandstanding or intimidation.

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        1. For those not familiar, any party (including the judges) may enter the courtarena with bias — but not prejudgment. Jorj X. McKie, a legum during the Dosadi case, demonstrated that one of the judges on the panel had prejudged the case…..and speared him before the ruling was issued.

          One feature of the courtarena is that none of the participants is guaranteed to survive the experience — litigants, counsel, judges, officers of the court, or spectators are required to properly play their respective roles and can find themselves abruptly and unexpectedly under question.

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    3. The entire concept of a jury pool is that like-minded, common-sense individuals could evaluate what is known and come to a fair disposition. Instead, we have all these rules of evidence to see which attorney can best bamboozle the jury through strategic selection of withheld information.

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    4. Yhe Oligarcy running this country worked long and har to get RID OF JURY TRIALS

      Note on Jury trials in the USA.
      The 6th and 11th Amendment of the U.S. Constitution and Article 3 Section 2 give US citizens the right to a trial. However as Joan Biskupic stated

      “Anyone accused of a crime in this country is entitled to a jury trial.”

      The Constitution may say so but, in fact, this is simply not the case — and becoming less so as politicians fiddle with legal definitions and sentencing standards in order specifically to reduce the number of persons entitled to a trial….


      Here is how the politicians have gotten around the US Constitution to make sure citizens are denied their right to a trial:

      The Seventh Amendment, passed by the First Congress without debate, cured the omission by declaring that the right to a jury trial shall be preserved in common-law cases… The Supreme Court has, however, arrived at a more limited interpretation. It applies the amendment’s guarantee to the kinds of cases that “existed under the English common law when the amendment was adopted,” …

      The right to trial by jury is not constitutionally guaranteed in certain classes of civil cases that are concededly “suits at common law,” particularly when “public” or governmental rights are at issue and if one cannot find eighteenth-century precedent for jury participation in those cases. Atlas Roofing Co. v. Occupational Safety & Health Review Commission (1977). Thus, Congress can lodge personal and property claims against the United States in non-Article III courts with no jury component. In addition, where practice as it existed in 1791 “provides no clear answer,” the rule is that “[o]nly those incidents which are regarded as fundamental, as inherent in and of the essence of the system of trial by jury, are placed beyond the reach of the legislature.” Markman v. Westview Instruments (1996). In those situations, too, the Seventh Amendment does not restrain congressional choice.

      In contrast to the near-universal support for the civil jury trial in the eighteenth and early nineteenth centuries, modern jurists consider civil jury trial neither “implicit in the concept of ordered liberty,” Palko v. State of Connecticut (1937), nor “fundamental to the American scheme of justice,” Duncan v. Louisiana (1968).!/amendments/7/essays/159/right-to-jury-in-civil-cases

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    5. Last comment on the DESTRUCTION of our Constitution and system of law.

      Dr. Harrison Schmitt (former US Senator (NM), astronaut, geologist, #12 man on the Moon) put it very bluntly

      It is now obvious that Congress got America into a real pickle when it agreed in 1933, as part of Roosevelt’s New Deal, to delegate law-making power to agencies under the control of the President. This unconstitutional and increasingly threatening situation became entrenched with the passage of the 1946 Administrative Procedures Act. APA set up the formal mechanisms for creating regulatory law outside any direct action by Congress.

      That is why I put FDR ahead of the rest as the most EVIL President.

      The transfer of power from the people and states to the federal government includes the granting of legislative power to the executive branch. This includes not only bureaucrats like the EPA and FDA making ‘Regulations’ with the same clout as a Congressional law but Executive Orders. (The Supreme Court ruled this was OK if there was a Federal Register where citizens could comment on the regulations. Ever seen anything about that RIGHT in any high school class??? Also did the over 5000 HELL NO’s! and very few YES! comments on the Federal Register stop the bureaucrats from giving us Animal ID anyway???

      Now bureaucratic departments have a ‘within house Judicial Tribunal’ that replaces the trial by jury, as well as complex ‘regulations’ no one can understand. Any question as to WHY farmers and businesses get fined millions of dollars that go DIRECTLY to THAT DEPARTMENT? In this way the Supreme Court intentionally trashed the Constitution and Amendment VII.

      “In Suits at common law, where the value in controversy shall exceed twenty dollars, the right of trial by jury shall be preserved….” ~ Amendment VII

      Pretty darn clear isn’t it? But As I showed in a different comment the Supreme Court didn’t think so.

      Right to Jury in Civil Cases

      Toward the end of the Constitutional Convention, Hugh Williamson of North Carolina noted that “no provision was yet made for juries in civil cases and suggested the necessity of it.”

      There has recently been some attempt to put lipstick on the regulation pig:

      Cornell has the actual law

      There is also the cost of regulations:

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    1. I love these Memes you are doing, Carl!
      You’re doing such a great job!

      And…”Varlet” is a brilliant choice for the perfidious Fauci.

      Varlet — a minion; a mean, evil or unscrupulous person.

      So, “Vaccine Varlet” is a perfect title for Fauci!

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    2. I’ve got $100 says PDJT knew what Fauxi and the dems would do…..and that America would HATE it.

      Hint: We do.

      I’ve got another $100 says PDJT knew he was going to get a guy like Atlas to expose him and his charade.

      Fauxi is going to be ruined over the next few months.

      He won’t be able to get job as a janitor by the time this is all over.

      Change my mind.

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    1. How do you know the films aren’t coming from Q’s people, pre-positioned to capture the images?

      One thing you can absolutely count on…

      Operations like the Beirut explosion were years in preparation.

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      1. AND think of the earthquakes.

        North Carolina having several in one day??

        SPARTA NC: “The Unspoiled Province
        Sparta, North Carolina is a step back in time – friendly people, relaxing atmosphere, and beautiful countryside. Located in the northwest mountains of North Carolina, Sparta is a close drive from the cities, but is “miles away” from anywhere. Sparta and Alleghany County offer many opportunities to experience the small town feel with local stores and eateries, as well as outdoor adventures along the Blue Ridge Parkway and the New River….”

        HMMMmmmm Sounds like a really good place for a ‘Pedo Retreat’ in a nice tourist town. (There are 122 Registered Sex Offenders in Alleghany County, North Carolina.)

        3 earthquakes in the past 24 hours

        17 earthquakes in the past 7 days

        24 earthquakes in the past 30 days

        Sparta, North Carolina, United States
        about 3 hours ago 2.2 magnitude, 2 km depth

        about 16 hours ago 1.9 magnitude, 2 km depth

        a day ago 2.2 magnitude, 0 km depth

        a day ago 2.2 magnitude, 0 km depth

        a day ago 2.0 magnitude, 5 km depth

        2 days ago 1.7 magnitude, 6 km depth

        2 days ago 1.8 magnitude, 5 km depth

        2 days ago 5.1 magnitude, 3 km depth

        2 days ago 2.2 magnitude, 6 km depth

        2 days ago 2.0 magnitude, 6 km depth

        2 days ago 2.6 magnitude, 4 km depth

        2 days ago 2.3 magnitude, 13 km depth

        3 days ago 1.8 magnitude, 1 km depth
        3 days ago 1.8 magnitude, 5 km depth

        3 days ago 2.3 magnitude, 2 km depth

        3 days ago 2.1 magnitude, 9 km depth

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      2. Operations like the Beirut explosion were years in preparation.

        ^^^ At the risk of being overly cold, the Beirut operation, IMO, is a thing of beauty. The planning, the intelligence that had to be gathered. Creating and executing a plan without bad guys getting wind of it.

        ONLY EVIL people store ordnance in cities. Ordnance that would have been used for evil.
        – Only needed to light the fuze, so to speak. The dumbasses staged the “main charge” destroying their ordnance, underground tunnels, bunkers, storage…

        Iran, Hezbolah and other evil doers lose influence.

        Change coming to Lebanon.

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    1. Makes sense, doesn’t it?

      People are stuck in isolation and on’t want to turn on the TV. Most have a belief in God but not necessarily an active relationship with the Lord.

      What most can see is that the falling away from God….as seen in allowing the left to control important aspects of life like Hollywood and news….has been incredibly harmful to all of us, both as Aricn in general and individuals in particular.

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  2. Seattle City Council voted to cut funds to their Police Department on Monday…

    And their Police Chief, Carmen Best, resigned as a result.


    …………From the article:

    SEATTLE — Police Chief Carmen Best announced her stunning retirement Monday evening from the department in the wake of Seattle City Council voting Monday to defund her department by 14 percent.

    Best said her retirement from the Seattle Police Department will be effective Sept. 2 in an email to staffers in the department.

    The police chief’s retirement follows the City Council proposing deep cuts to her pay and the compensation for 12 members of her command staff.

    Best, the first Black woman to lead the Seattle Police Department, was appointed the city’s police chief in July 2018. She spent 28 years with the Seattle Police Department.

    ………………….End quote, more at the article.

    Well I hope Seattle likes having empty shelves!

    Because truckers have been saying that they won’t drive their trucks into cities that are defunding their police departments.

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      1. Business owners were already packing up and leaving Seattle.

        There will probably be more now, as a result of this defunding of the police.

        This is about one minority-owned business that is leaving…a tea shop:

        Seattle’s leftist leaders apparently don’t understand where their tax revenue comes from.
        This will have a ripple effect.
        As the businesses leave…it kills jobs…so the population at large is negatively affected.

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        1. “Seattle’s leftist leaders apparently don’t understand where their tax revenue comes from. This will have a ripple effect. As the businesses leave…it kills jobs…so the population at large is negatively affected.”


          Or they understand perfectly well, and they have been given orders to destroy the city.

          The common inclination is to give obvious bad actors the benefit of the doubt, that they’re just stupid, and have stupidly stumbled straight upward into positions of stupid high power, and stupidly high wealth.

          Has anyone here ever tried that approach… successfully? 😂🤣😂

          It is dangerous to attribute to stupidity that which could be the result of malice or guile.” – Aubergine’s Razor

          I propose a corollary:

          Everything the Left does is attributable to malice and guile, even if it is stupid.

          Which is exactly why Wile E. Coyote is their mascot 😂

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        2. they are making ready for a (1) a bailout from the government–Pelosi promises one when she becomes President; and (2) a Chinese revitalization area. they will snap up the cheap real estate, then plant their own CCP immigrants in these places and begin their formal takeover of the west.

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          1. WHEN President Trump begins his second term, he will LET THEM and THEN CONFISCATE THE LAND!

            He KNOWS this was the release of a bio-weapon and he is VERY ANGRY!

            Remember Revenge is a dish best served cold and I am sure President Trump and the Q-Team not only have the EVIDENCE they have the plans for retribution.

            Ben Carson was going to resign and then decided to stay. I think he is looking forward to rebuilding the inner cities.

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      2. “May the residents of Seattle BEG for federal troops!”


        They can beg all they want.

        If I was Trump, I wouldn’t send in troops until the blue GOVERNORS begged me to, on VIDEOTAPE, so that when panti-fa and bowel-movement provoke a massacre and the MSM blames Trump, Trump can play the videotapes of every single Governor who received military assistance BEGGING for it.

        And put the stink right back where it belongs, on the blue skunk-monkeys.

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          1. “Where do you get these ideas, Scott! Do you stay up all night creating scenarios?”



            If I told you the secret, you probably wouldn’t believe me 😂

            When I look at an article or idea, etc., in addition to the normal reading comprehension and red-flag filters I pass it through, if it involves an action of some kind, then I see the logical consequences of that action at least 4 or 5 steps deep, like dominoes falling.

            Or like playing Chess. If you move there, what sequence of moves by your opponent is that likely to cause?

            In other words, if ‘A’ happens (or is proposed), in my mind I see ‘B’, ‘C’ and ‘D’ (sometimes more) which are likely to happen as a result, almost instantly.

            If any of those results are unwanted (e.g., Trump wouldn’t want to be tarred by the MSM for panti-fa baiting federal troops into shooting), what would interrupt or stop a particular ‘domino’ from falling, before it gets to THAT domino?

            What could you do to interrupt the sequence?

            Making the blue governors beg on videotape for federal troops, and then holding that evidence for just such an eventuality, is just one of what could be several potential answers to the question “How do I stop at least ONE of those dominoes from falling?”

            Simple as that 😁

            If they won’t do it, then they don’t get the federal troops.

            If they do it, then Trump has a perfect defense (and a weapon, actually), on videotape. 👍

            The answers are always simple.

            It is usually the lack of political will that is the problem.

            And the lack of political will is because of political corruption.

            Fortunately, DJT is not corrupt.

            Which is the cause of this whole convulsive, heaving, exorcism-like storm 😁

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            1. Oh, Scott – you are so precious – I enjoy the way you think – even if it seems ‘out there’ at times – about what I worry is my understanding – what you have presented above is totally logical and methodical thought – and that is what makes you such a treasure!!!

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              1. “Oh, Scott – you are so precious – ”


                Like a Rain Man? 😂 🤣 😂

                You are always sweet to me, and I appreciate that very much 🙂

                “I enjoy the way you think – even if it seems ‘out there’ at times – about what I worry is my understanding”


                It could be that I’m just crazy 😁

                But if I was crazy, then it probably wouldn’t occur to me that I might be crazy, so there’s that… 😉


                ” – what you have presented above is totally logical and methodical thought – and that is what makes you such a treasure!!!”


                The natural tendency (I think… I’m pretty sure… maybe not… okay, let me rephrase that… my natural tendency, lol!) is to assume that everybody thinks the same way I do. Not because it’s true, but because, as a practical matter, it’s hard to operate from any other premise.

                But that doesn’t change the reality that everyone has their own methods, routines and thought processes, and no two are really alike, which is probably the source of about 99% of all the confusion in the world… because it appears that, in actuality, nobody thinks in the same way, about hardly anything.

                What a mess!

                It’s a wonder that human beings can communicate at all 😂

                (Although it’s certainly possible that most people do think more or less similarly, and I don’t, I’m just the oddball, because I was dropped on my head repeatedly as a baby or something, in which case the world might not really be a confusing mess at all — but it would explain my own frequent confusion about this world, and why so many things are the way they are 😂)

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              2. I doubt very much your ‘unique ability’ was caused by a ‘drop on the head’ as a baby – because your brain would be ‘scrambled eggs’ and not at all ‘logical’ – imho

                No – not everyone thinks the same or through the same process – some are more logical than others – and some – well – as hard as they try – they cannot seem to make sense at all.

                I have a hard time following the thought processes of some people – it could be my fault – and not theirs – or it could be – we are from different backgrounds – more likely than not – but, my brother was my mentor – and he is the most brilliant person in the whole wide world – imho – he taught me how to think logically – so when someone speaks logically – I can understand them – then, there are the ‘goofy’ types who are highly entertaining – but, have nothing of importance to say (you are not in that category, Scott) – however, your are entertaining in your own unique way – LOL

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              3. “but, my brother was my mentor – and he is the most brilliant person in the whole wide world – imho”


                Your brother is very fortunate to have a sister who thinks so highly of him 👍 🙂


                ” – he taught me how to think logically – ”


                Sir Arthur Conan Doyle taught me, and it was when I was still pretty young (4th grade, I think), so my mind was still a sponge soaking up information easily.

                I probably learned some things from the author of the Hardy Boys mysteries too, but I remember very clearly being in awe of the Sherlock Holmes stories, the many short stories and the four novels, and how they unfolded, and how Holmes was always explaining to Watson what he was thinking, and why, and how he figured things out.

                So I tried to learn to think the same way, to copy it.

                And also Mr. Spock. It was around the same time that I was watching the reruns of Star Trek, and Spock was always overtly employing logic to solve problems 😁

                MANY years later, I also liked the TV show “House, M.D.”. I really liked Dr. Cameron, and then ’13’ (another female character), but it was Dr. House — and the way he solved puzzles — that made the show entertaining (for me). And apparently Hugh Laurie (Dr. House) likes Sherlock Holmes too. It was certainly not a coincidence that Dr. House’s apartment on the TV show was unit “221 B”.

                That was Sherlock Holmes’ address (221 B Baker Street, London) in the original stories, which of course no one would have any reason to know, unless they were familiar with Sherlock Holmes 😁

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              4. ” – however, your are entertaining in your own unique way – LOL ”


                I have always loved to make people laugh, since the first time I realized I could do it 😁

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        1. I would rather wait until all the governors, mayors, city councils, etc resign, just like in Lebanon. With the power vacuum, send in the troops and set up governments that serve all the people of the state. Most of these states are red except for the blue population centers.

          I have a friend that tells me, “We don’t live in Portland, we live in Oregon!”

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          1. “I would rather wait until all the governors, mayors, city councils, etc resign, just like in Lebanon.”


            I suspect that what happened in Lebanon was part of a very carefully planned military operation.

            Hopefully something similar is happening here, but it’s hard to imagine a scenario where the devils in our government(s) simply give up and resign.

            And, I really don’t want to be deprived of seeing them forcefully arrested.

            I’m hoping nearly all of them resist, and I want it captured on hi-definition video, because between all the arrests, the expositions, the trials and the executions, it’s going to make for a MAGNIFICENT blu-ray set when it’s all finished.

            Maybe even in 4K.

            Resignations won’t be nearly as entertaining as watching them kicking and screaming and swearing and spitting and hissing as they’re dragged out of their homes or government offices 😂🤣😂👍

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      1. Yes, Best does deserve better.

        Also, thankful Best will never be Sheriff in my podunk county. Unimpressive, Best is.


    1. “The police chief’s retirement follows the City Council proposing deep cuts to her pay and the compensation for 12 members of her command staff.”


      So it wasn’t over principle or out of concern for the People, she quit over a personal pay cut 😂🤣😂

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    1. disclaimer I did not read that story yet…I read 1. Flep’s news and then 2. this thread and then 3. anything else. But I don’t get what the mystery is…CALL someone who was, oh I don’t know, AT THE BRIEFING, and ASK…what’s to “figure out”???????????????????

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  3. Regarding the News coming out about China’s Three Gorges Dam…

    Looks like Twatter is cracking down on the accounts that have been reporting on it.

    A few days ago…the ChiComs declared it “illegal” to report on the Dam, and have been arresting citizens for posting any first-hand observations.

    So now…Jackboot and his thugs are censoring accounts that have been posting about it.

    So of course, this just makes people even more curious about what is going on.
    The Streisand Effect.

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      1. “That thing is gonna BLOW!! CCP IS EVIL ASSHOE!!!”

        This one says that parts of the Dam are “buckling”:

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        1. Remember their BUILDINGS are falling apart. WOULD YOU TRUST THEIR CEMENT???

          China’s Ghost Cities collapsing

          Structural Faults”: China’s Three Gorges Dam Could Be Nearing collapse | Three Gorges Dam update
          7,744 views•Jul 31, 2020

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    1. “A few days ago…the ChiComs declared it “illegal” to report on the Dam, and have been arresting citizens for posting any first-hand observations.”


      Then let this be notice that I’m reporting on the Chinese Communist Party Catastrophe Dam right now.

      I wanted to get in on that action before the dam blows. 😂🤣😂

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  4. “If no progress is made by Friday 5pm, CTH will first share the names of the primary Durham investigator to media previously briefed on the documents we assembled. From there, and within 24 hrs, we will make that name public and direct inquires can begin.”


    This is awesome.

    It could even be a bluff or a head-fake, but I hope it’s not!

    As Wolf said, if it would actually be harmful to the admin, they can contact SD and talk him out of it… maybe… better be one persuasive talk… 😂

    And if they’re caught unawares by SD, when he’s broadcasting his intentions all over the Interwebs, then they’re not credible and not really doing anything anyway.

    They can’t be super cops and be monumentally incompetent at the same time.


    “Barring some unforeseen shift in approach; and based on recent Senate responses to Sally Yates during testimony; there’s going to be no help in the delivery of sunlight from anyone on the Senate Judiciary Committee.”


    We always knew there would be no help from any of them.

    Zero surprise, zero disappointment.


    “Additionally, media voices paid by Wall Street corporations will offer little sunlight assistance.”


    Neil Cavuto wears Underoos.

    Red ones, with little ‘CCP’ logos all over them 😂🤣😂


    “On one hand, I still hold hope that Durham/Barr will deliver…. on the other hand, well, the pressure to preserve the institutions might be too much. However, at a certain point; well beyond all the oft-repeated comments about “sensitivity” and “delicate balances”; the brutal truth has to come out – or be forced out.”



    Let it be so. 👍👍

    Liked by 8 people

      1. Last night, Lou Dobbs mentioned Sundance at the CT and suggested to his audience that they check out his site’s analysis. Someone else said Dobbs mentioned SD twice. Perhaps Dobbs was among the briefed individuals. I remember Dobbs crediting Sundance in the past. 🙂

        Liked by 8 people

  5. Indo-Pacific News

    #Huawei says it’s running out of chips for its smartphones because of #US sanctions

    The company also says it soon won’t be able to make its own Kirin chipsets

    Huawei became an agent of the #CCP regime & now is paying the price…..

    Text of four more tweets in that short thread:

    According to Richard Yu, CEO of Huawei’s consumer business unit, as of next month the Chinese phone manufacturer will no longer be able to make its own Kirin chipsets due to the ongoing economic pressure from the US.

    “Unfortunately, in the second round of U.S. sanctions, our chip producers only accepted orders until May 15. Production will close on Sept. 15,” Yu said at a conference August 7th. “This year may be the last generation of Huawei Kirin high-end chips.”

    The US has accused Huawei of building backdoors into network infrastructure, ostensibly to aid Chinese government spying efforts. Huawei has denied the Trump administration’s accusations of spying.

    But the Trump administration placed Huawei and 114 of its affiliates on its Entity List in May 2019, which meant US firms were unable to sell technology to the company without explicit US government approval.

    Liked by 11 people

          1. “Bet Strzok isn’t a fan of it either….Strzok? Who was he again?…Oh right he was her lover… ”


            Peter Strzok… Trump could brand him “Mr. Lovey-Dovey”, from Star Trek, season 1, episode 8 (best clip I could find), if I remember from decades ago, later in the show a whole room full of children later taunt Kirk, chanting in unison, “Mr. Lovey-Dovey… Mr. Lovey-Dovey… Mr. Lovey-Dovey!”


            Tens of millions of people would recognize it immediately, and even those who don’t recognize the reference would laugh 😁

            Liked by 8 people

        1. The opportunities are endless.

          Imagine if he was running down the list of usual suspects, and he gets to them, and says “…and Peter and Lisa, sitting in a tree, k-i-s-s-i-n-g…”

          The whole room would erupt in laughter 😂🤣😂

          Liked by 8 people

    1. It was really great watching him turning around and then again and again!

      I wonder what he was really thinking. And I wish he and the rest WOULD TURN OFF THE CLICKING! (they can you know)

      Liked by 3 people

    1. Absolutely perfect!

      And because it’s true… I have another ‘prop’ to use on the next Mask-Nazi.

      Got my mask right here, Karen!

      How ya likes me now?!? 😂🤣😂

      Out of my way, foul spirit… I have things to do!

      Zip-a-Dee-Doo-Dah, Zip-a-Dee Ay 😁

      Liked by 9 people

    1. A lot of younglings are ‘discovering’ the classic rock n roll songs, Coothie.
      Also the music of the 80’s.

      It’ even become a sort of competition, to find old songs that their friends haven’t heard yet.
      Which is pretty cool, IMHO.
      I’ve noticed that they refer to some of the songs as…”storytelling” songs.

      Which is a distinction that I hadn’t really pondered before.
      But yeah…there are a lot of rock n roll songs that ‘tell a story’.
      The majority of them did, actually.

      Compared to Rap, Hip Hop, and the simpering soy sounds of Emo…
      I can see how the younglings would be enjoying the old songs.

      Liked by 10 people

      1. And who could forget timeless classics like “There’s a Tear In My Beer”, “Time Wounds All Heels”, and “Ahab The Ay-Rab”… 🙂

        Liked by 6 people

          1. Rings on her fingers, bells on her toes, and a bone through her nose… then “There she was friends, lying there in all her radiant beauty. Eating on a raisin, grape, apricot, pomegranate, bowl of chitterlings, two bananas, three Hershey bars, sipping on a “R C” Co-Cola listening to her transistor, watching the Grand Ole Opry on the tube reading the Mad magazine while she sung, “Does your chewing gum lose it’s flavor?””

            Checks all of the multkulti boxes right there… Gal must’ve weighed as much as his Camel Clyde…
            Ray Stevens was an equal opportunity parodist….

            Liked by 6 people

      2. Everything 80s was trendy last year. And its into the 90s stuff now with friends being heavily promoted. How did they start watching the Golden Girls? Funny as it was, there are way more 80s shows worth a rewatch.

        Liked by 3 people

  6. Indo-Pacific News
    After Boycott #China call, #Chinese exports to #India crash 24.7% in 2020; trade drops by 18.6%Thumbs up

    Indian exports to China have also gone up 6.7% since January this year to $11.09 billion.

    Way to go India, keep going👍

    Liked by 10 people

    1. As Slow Joe would say, “This is a big f’ing deal.”

      Can anybody name any other President or presidential candidate who would pull this trick (other than Goldwater)?

      Liked by 1 person

      1. The Department of the Interior, has Bureau of Indian Affairs, United States Fish and Wildlife Service, Bureau of Indian Education (??), Bureau of Land Management (already relocated), Bureau of Ocean Energy Management, Bureau of Reclamation, Bureau of Safety and Environmental Enforcement, the National Parks Service, Office of Surface Mining and Reclamation and Enforcement, U.S. Geological Survey. This is just one Department with all these Bureaus.

        I also nominate the Department of Homeland Security which contains the Customs & Border Patrol, Cybersecurity and Infrastructure Security Agency, Federal Emergency Management Agency, Federal Law Enforcement Training Center, U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement, U.S. Secret Service, Transportation Security Administration, U.S. Coast Guard, U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services. All should be moved to Mexican Border States and out of Washington D.C.

        Any other nominations?


        Liked by 3 people

    1. Charles V Payne
      Right now I’m a hard pass (there are a lot in reputable pipelines I will wait for). But are you willing to take the Russian Covid-19 vaccine?


      I think Charles Payne may be referring to this:

      Indo-Pacific News


      Vladimir Putin says #Russia has registered the world’s first Covid-19 vaccine, and discloses that one of his own daughters has already received it

      #Russia beat the #Chinese hackers……..

      No chance for Xi to portrait #China as the corona savior of the world……


      Me: Um, yeah…I think I’ll pass.

      Liked by 8 people

      1. interesting tho, hope they don’t try to use “America first” to manipulate us into taking Gates’ vaccine tho…would I take Russia’s? No China’s? No good, good, how about AMERICA’S? you know, our President always says America first! (they could try that bs…it wouldn’t work for me, but it might with others.)

        Liked by 5 people

        1. I will stick with nutrients. No flu vaccines and NO FLU for FORTY YEARS! 😁

          Remember for thirty+ of those years I was handling a different set of kids at birthday parties and other events every weekend.

          Liked by 5 people

    2. From the Ghost City video comments

      1 month ago
      If The Three Gorges Dam is of the same quality, God Help Us


      Douglas Brannon
      1 month ago
      It is they used bad cement. It had 81 cracks in it when the reservoir was first filled . Now it is literally warped in several places.

      Liked by 5 people

  7. A couple days ago (I think), the following sermon video was posted. I’ve now enjoyed about 1/2 of it and this is vintage, early-days-in-America level preaching.

    When America’s pulpits were afire with both Holy Scripture and courageous commentary on public life our nation was all the better for it. This is what we need. Calling it like it is. Fr. Altman would fit right in here at the Q Tree.

    Liked by 10 people

    1. It was LBJ who DELIBERATELY KILLED US churches as a vital part of the US political scene to make way for the Communist take over of our schools and universities.

      501(c)3 Hush Money


      Most churches in America have organized as “501c3 tax-exempt religious organizations.” This is a fairly recent trend that has only been going on for about fifty years. Churches were only added to section 501c3 of the tax code in 1954. We can thank Sen. Lyndon B. Johnson for that. Johnson was no ally of the church. As part of his political agenda, Johnson had it in mind to silence the church and eliminate the significant influence the church had always had on shaping “public policy.”….

      Liked by 4 people

  8. someone OT suggested an interesting way to foil the protesters…a cell phone jammer…since the rioters use their phones to communicate a lot and film stuff…
    I have a dumb phone…a stray cloud will jam my reception. will jammers work? just curious…

    Liked by 8 people

    1. There are devices (“Stingray”) that “pretend” to be a cell phone tower, and do a “man-in-the-middle” operation such that all calls to and from are routed through it, and both ends of the calls have no idea that there is a reroute going on. One could probably capture “interesting” conversations/data streams on the fly, again, undetected…

      Lots of opportunites for, erm, adventure. May well already have equipment like this in use, even if only in standby mode…

      Liked by 11 people

        1. They are pretty small… and those are the ones that we know about 😎

          Jamming everything would be a crime (not that there aren’t people who would do that). Still, would be kind of fun to watch people tippy-typing away, frustrated that nothing’s happening (heyyyy, happens on O2 over here all the time 🙂 )…..

          Liked by 5 people

          1. can you imagine the mayhem? they stop throwing their concrete bombs because no one can film them looking all butch…LOL (and there’s the guys…lol)
            but isn’t that what they tried to do? somehow they scan the radios of the police so they can interfere with their communications? turn around is fair play

            Liked by 3 people

              1. Morning, Pat! Hope all is calm and peaceful where you are – got coffee and sweets? Enough for everyone?

                God Bless Your Day, too! Roses are my favorite flower, Patty – Hugs!!!

                Liked by 1 person

  9. sickening! someone stealing and butchering horses in Texas…
    At least five horses have been killed around Pearland, Texas since late May — but it’s the way they’re being killed and what’s being done to their carcasses that’s particularly disturbing to locals.

    Pearland police made their first discovery June 10. Responding to an animal cruelty call along the 14000 block of Kirby Drive, they found a horse, dead and butchered.

    Police told the property owner, Jason Bockel, that they had never seen anything like it, FOX 26 Houston reported.

    “They were just speechless,” he said.

    His son Tyler was the first to see the dead horse. He went out that morning to feed the horses, Goldie and Sugar, and found them tied to a tree. The killer — or killers — picked Goldie and spared Sugar.

    Liked by 4 people

  10. wow…didn’t know the “black eye” thing was a phenomenon of adrenochrome usage…and China’s Alibaba site sells “children’s adrenochrome..

    Note that the reporter ties in adrenochrome with the curious phenomenon of the black eye sported by so many celebrities and political figures — that a side-effect of ingesting adrenochrome are blue spots around one’s eye(s).


    Alibaba is a very successful Chinese company specializing in e-commerce, retail, internet and technology. Among its many services, Alibaba provides consumer-to-consumer (C2C), business-to-consumer (B2C), and business-to-business (B2B) sales services via web portals.

    Here’s what is odd about Alibaba:

    If you go to Alibaba’s website ( and type “children adrenochrome” in its search bar, you’ll actually get pages and pages of results.

    Make of this what you will!

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  11. Laura Ingraham did her show last night from Minneapolis.

    Two clips from her show:

    First clip is her opening monologue, where she blasts the Dems for trying to blame the riots on Pres Trump.
    Then she blasts the D-rat Mayors for enabling this violence and letting the destruction happen.

    Second clip…Laura shows the aftermath in Minneapolis and talks to some of the business owners whose lives have been destroyed.


    Liked by 6 people

  12. H/T DORA

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  13. since we had that scare yesterday with POTUS at the briefing, and dems are anarchists, and China is an assho*e…thought we could use a nice image to settle ourselves…oh who am I kidding, he’s just dreamy…so one more time…

    but, i will offer this to the guys…equal opportunity after all…

    Liked by 5 people

    1. saw some interesting opinions on this.
      one is the appeals court MADE Sullivan a party to the case when they gave him the same 20 minute argument time…
      this might be the easiest route for Sullivan at this point. he needed a way out of the mess he created…if they remove him, he saves face–without admitting he screwed up.

      Liked by 5 people

          1. Wish we could watch. One Liberal Witch actually screamed at her, I DONT WANT TO HEAR THAT, when Sydney started to answer. Wish I was there, I woulda slapped the snot outta her!!😡
            Another lady, maybe named Ethel?, made a rhetorical statement, at which she and Sydney both agreed and laughed. You can tell what side she’s on.
            Now they’re grilling the Solicitor General.

            Liked by 4 people

  14. August 11, 2020
    The Morning Report – 8/11/20
    —J.J. Sefton


    “Good morning, kids. Tuesday and what can only be described as a terrorist campaign is being ramped up as both the lockdowns imposed by Democrat mayors and governors on the pretext of a ginned-up health crisis and the initial wave of rioting and urban insurrection have not only not dinged the intended target, President Trump, at all, they have boosted his popularity as we head into the home stretch towards November 3rd. At the very least, they have exposed the true nature of the Democrats to the American people and to put it mildly they do not like what they see.

    First of all, late yesterday afternoon, shots were fired within close proximity to the White House.

    …”The suspect approached the officer and told the officer he had a weapon. The suspect then turned around, ran aggressively towards the officer, and in a drawing motion, withdrew an object from his clothing. He then crouched into a shooter’s stance as if about to fire a weapon. The Secret Service officer discharged his weapon striking the individual in the torso.”


    Liked by 5 people

    1. I’m trying to picture this but can’t. he approaches the officer and says he has a gun. so far so good. I imagine a face to face exchange. then what happens? because the account says
      “The suspect then turned around, ran aggressively towards the officer, and in a drawing motion, ”

      so the guy is facing the Secret Service guy, then turns AWAY from him? walks away from him? because he then TURNED AROUND, RAN AGGRESSIVELY TOWARDS the officer…”

      Liked by 7 people

      1. It’s evolving, but…a ways from the WH, near the Old Executive Building, 51yr old suspect approaches officer, tells him he has a gun, turns and runs away, stops, crouches, pulls something from waist, SS fires into suspects torso, SS gives medical aid, both suspect and a SS go to hospital for treatment. Sounds like a suicide by COP, or a test? of boundaries? of SS response?….Why did SS need medical attention??? Don’t know if it matters, suspect was black or very dark skinned other nationality. Strange Indeed.🤔

        Liked by 4 people

      2. Some missing dots to connect there, right? Also, can’t remember who, Harold Wren at The Library?, responds to the info on SS Agent being transported to hospital also (a different one from shooter) suggests that ‘they’ are trying to tell us that Agent was shot, but not coming out and saying so. Was it like a Western movie where two shoot at same time? Agent waited until suspect drew his weapon out? Is that some kind of new protocal that puts SS Agents at risk? Lots to chew on here, right?

        Liked by 2 people

  15. riddles?

    There’s a one-story house where everything is yellow. The walls are yellow. The doors are yellow. Even all the furniture is yellow. The house has yellow beds and yellow couches. What color are the stairs?

    What’s really easy to get into, and hard to get out of?

    What word contains 26 letters, but only has three syllables?

    What can you hear, but not see or touch, even though you control it?

    What can you break, even if you never pick it up or touch it?

    I have to be opened, but I don’t have a lid or a key to get in. What am I?

    What kind of band never plays music?

    Liked by 5 people

    1. Single level houses don’t have stairs.



      Your voice.

      Your word.

      An egg (used in “The Hobbit” in poem form)

      There are many. A wedding band comes to mind, but there are several groups as well — a band of brigands, a band of spirits, a band of monkeys…..


  16. John Cardillo@johncardillo

    This is why @NYGovCuomo doesn’t want an independent investigation.

    The nursing home death numbers are far higher than reported. They rushed bodies to hospitals at the moment of death to cover for him.

    He should be indicted for manslaughter.

    New York’s true nursing home death toll cloaked in secrecy

    NEW YORK (AP) — Riverdale Nursing Home in the Bronx appears, on paper, to have escaped the worst of the coronavirus pandemic, with an official state count of just four deaths in its 146-bed…

    Jazz Shaw@JazzShaw
    How many nursing home deaths did NY have? We have no idea

    Liked by 9 people

    1. All you have to do is check residences and origin prior to arrival at hospital. Connect the dots is easy here. Cuomo, the hospital admins, his office staff that assisted, and all the medical “professionals ” who killed people with their flavor of “patient care and advocacy” should be included in the military tribunals and givennthe same level of care they provided.

      Liked by 7 people

  17. Ahem, TOLD ya. Obama was spying on Trump and others in EARLY 2015, the article at least proof positive gets it into Dec 2015, WAY before July 31 2016 when Crossfire began. Crossfire was an ATTEMPT, using the ONLY thing they had, the dossier, to justify the EARLY spying BEFORE it was legal.

    I told you all way before now that this ALL started in EARLY 2015, and it was ALL based on the dossier written by Nellie Ohr, and she used the NSA database searches as her cue.

    In the article they admit to hiring Halper in September 2015, and Ohr supposedly ion Nov 2015. I maintain it was even EARLIER than this that this was PLANNED. It took TIME to get people in place. I told you the TIMELINE because of Schiff using Papadopoulos in APRIL of 2016 was THE smoking gun. ALL they had at that time, and even in March of 2016 when the Black Ledger from Ukraine was used to set up Manafort was the DOSSIER.

    Look here from this year

    and here:

    The end is coming, too much is now being revealed, there WILL be more!

    Liked by 9 people

    1. Not to deny any recognition due to you, but CTH also went into painful mind-clouding detail about the entire FISA fake warrants’ purpose was to legitimize what was already happening.

      At which point I adopted the position that we MUST keep the entire FISC scheme so that they are FORCED to keep a record albeit secret. Otherwise we have no method of oversight since these vermin have already shown that laws don’t matter; they’ll do what they want.

      Liked by 6 people

        1. That’s exactly what I said – the FISA crap affidavits were a common practice BEFORE the Famous Four that are the current topic of discussion on many blogs. [see Collyer order, 99 pages]

          I maintain that without a ‘secret court’ we would never have heard about falsified affidavits. Indeed, maybe never have heard about any of this horseshit, let alone any investigation tracks, including MuleDeer.

          Liked by 5 people

        2. That’s what Some Dude said too. I suspect they were mining the NSA database for years, even before Obummer. Bush years were for intel. O years were intel, money making opportunities, and squashing political opposition. They got caught this time because Trump’s Michael Cohen did not go to Prague. Glenn’s crew and Ol’ Nellie really blew up their secret Op. And yes, FISA had to be got – 3 desperate attempts made – in order to cover for the prior criminal exploitation.

          Liked by 5 people

          1. Some of us were saying…waaay back…that HusseinO probably started spying on DJT back during his first term.

            I mean, BHO had to be like a kid in a candy store…how could he resist?
            All that power.
            The only thing he knows to do with power is abuse it.

            Liked by 4 people

          2. WAY more than THREE. Flynn, Papadopolous, Cohen. and Page ALL had FISA’s on them, obtained retroactively, they have managed to HIDE that fact to most for now by saying THREE renewals, they IMPLY that it was on PAGe, but what if it wer on OTHERS as well. Remember, they TRIED and FAILED to get a FISA approved on Trump, I bet they TRIED on Jr too. They HAD to have at LEAST one renewal on Papadopolous, because they set him up a year AFTER the infamous April 2016 Mifsud/Halper meeting. Remember the Charles Tawill 10 k setup? Everyone glosses over that, but PApa was OBVIOUSLY surveilled THERE TOO. We KNOW he HAD to have a FISA on him, he was TAPED, we have SEEN THE TRANSCRIPTS, though redacted, This was BEFORE July 31 2016 and Crossfire BEGAN. WHO and WHAT was USED to spy on an American citizen in LONDON, using HALPER a KNOWN paid CIA asset. The Cabal have ALWAYS had a timeline problem. It SHOWED their desperation to justify thee ORIGINAL spying in the dossier and to HIDE it.

            Liked by 2 people

  18. Liked by 11 people

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