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Logorrhea is a noun which means… an excessive use of words, often incoherent talkativeness or wordiness; morbid loquacity and rapidity of speech.

In psychology, logorrhea or logorrhoea (from Ancient Greek λόγος logos “word” and ῥέω rheo “to flow”) is a communication disorder that causes excessive wordiness and repetitiveness, which can cause incoherency.

Used in a sentence:

Jim Acosta suffers from the logorrhea that infects so much of the corrupt Enemedia.


624 thoughts on “Dear KMAG: 20200810 Open Topic

      1. Puts the Mayor under the gun (so to speak!)…does she continue to favor the BLM or get the real tax base angry. My guess,…she’s so infected with the anti-Trump Syndrome she’ll stick with BLM…(also gambling the Georgetown homeowners are far-left liberals, anyway).
        Wonder if Obama’s street will be targeted…but, he’s undoubtedly at one of his other $$$$ homes in the Vineyard.

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  1. So many New Products popping up as a result of the ChiCom Virus.

    This one is a ‘Disinfectant Bracelet’.
    It dispenses hand sanitizer gel directly on your hand from a soft plastic bracelet.

    More about it here:

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    1. Yessir, one can buy this dispenser on amazon for anywhere from about $2. up through about $35.
      And get this — BONUS points for COMMUNIST China — they’re made in CHICOM country!

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  2. The Dirty Truth (@RealDirty on Parler)

    And just like that 97,078 kids test positive for #CoronaVirus in the past two weeks. It’s kind of like the virus knows exactly what’s going on politically and has the ability to drive whatever narrative the left want.

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        1. Well, just go to ALBEMARLE COUNTY, Virginia, which has a NEW mask / social distancing ORDINANCE that can charge you with a CLASS ONE MISDEMEANOR for not “obeying your betters”.
          A Class One Misdemeanor is Virginia includes things like RECKLESS DRIVING, DUI, and ASSAULT AND BATTERY. The person if convicted gets a fine, jail time, or BOTH.
          It’s one step below a FELONY. (

          So now Albemarle County, Virginia, says that not wearing a mask in public and/or not obeying the social distancing and number of “allowed” people in businesses or gatherings IS THE SAME as DUI.
          This is insane.
          Albemarle County has been a DemCom fiefdom for around 10 years now.

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          1. The county must need all the tourist money. This county is where Jefferson’s Monticello is and the Shenandoa Parkway National Park.


          2. Yup. Another reason to not live in guvner blackface’s Commonwealth of Virginia. incredibly beautiful state, or, I commonwealth.

            Perhaps have a “peaceful protest” assuming the dictators running Albermarle are cheering for BLM and Antifa.


      1. In my opinion, we WANT children to catch these diseases and gain real, natural immunity.

        Once Immunity itself is controlled by the medical-industrial complex, and they make us afraid of natural immunity, we are basically those SAPS on “The Island”.

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        1. speaking with my hairdresser–she has 4 children in school. her youngest played T ball all summer–not one kid got sick. the entire family went to a big wedding (125 people) 3 weeks ago–no masks–no one got sick.
          she told me about the plan fro the school district. the kids will remain in the classroom–only the teachers will move from classroom to classroom. Less cleaning to be performed constantly. (they will still move thru the halls (masked in the hall only) to the gym, or chorus, or band.
          contrast that to my daughter’s school–she will have to clean every desk after every class because the teachers will remain in their rooms and the kids will changes rooms every class.

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          1. Schools should offer
            1. students outside in sunshine Vitamin D for about 30 mins or more
            2. while outside in fresh air, sing upbeat songs to de-sresss… like dueling song teams
            3. practice deep breathing of fresh air: the importance of oxygen for their body
            4. supply a Vitamin C snack of oranges, etc.

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  3. Jeff B., now with 50% more annoyingness
    Where is Chicago leadership right now? Why is Lori Lightfoot more concerned w/breaking up gay get-togethers on the lakefront than w/preventing our jewel of a downtown from being destroyed by opportunists who literally were celebrating a pretextual excuse to steal free stuff?

    Folks, people were arriving with multiple empty shopping bags and bringing *U-HAULS* to the Loop and the Gold Coast last night/this morning. It wasn’t ‘protest’, it was a coordinated raid using the guise of protest for outright thievery.


    Three more tweets in that short thread:

    Jeff B., now with 50% more annoyingness
    Replying to
    Read this, from the Chicago Tribune. Jesus f***ing wept.


    Again, people not familiar with the geography of the city don’t understand what’s happening right now: the entire central section of Chicago (The Loop, more or less) is currently shut down to traffic. They *raised the bridges*. It’s some serious ESCAPE FROM NEW YORK-level shit.

    Access from the south side should theoretically still be unimpeded (though I read they’ve shut down the highway exits), but from north or west? I dunno, better hope the CTA turns back on the trains.

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    1. They voted for lightfoot, they vote for corruption , DEEP CORRUPTION, for decades. I guess now that the “important ” retailers got hit maybe they’ll get lightfoot out. But I doubt anything will change. More blame of police and higher taxes and less services.
      If anything good does change, chicongo needs federal longstanding intervention. But then again look at fat man Pritzger, corrupt as well.

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  4. It looks like the media sorts don’t like being in the dark re war plans.

    Who Are They? Unmarked Security Forces in DC Spark Fear

    Mistaken for mercenaries, armed personnel from federal agencies refuse to identify themselves to street protestors and media.

    Katie Bo Williams
    JUNE 3, 2020

    The presence of unmarked federal law enforcement officers, dressed in paramilitary uniforms and wearing no identifying insignia, quickly spread among protesters marching through Washington, D.C.’s streets on Tuesday and Wednesday, causing concerned protesters and officials to ask: Who are they?

    In some locations, security personnel refused to identify themselves to journalists and protesters who asked which agency sent them, answering only that they worked for the federal government. In other places, they identified themselves as working for the Department of Justice. Some carried rifles, or were equipped with body armor, riot shields, and pepper spray canisters.

    Two such clad security members in Washington on Tuesday night identified themselves to Defense One as part of a specialized emergency response force run by the Bureau of Prisons — part of the Justice Department — to help maintain security at correctional facilities. They and others are part of what’s known as the bureau’s Special Operations Response Teams, or SORTs. NPR reported on Monday that Attorney General Bill Barr had ordered BOP to send its specialized riot response teams to assist with the local D.C. law enforcement with the civil unrest that has engulfed downtown Washington this week.

    On Wednesday, protesters, former national security officials, and legal analysts raised alarms about the refusal of these units to identify their specific agency, and the legal authority under which they are operating. Some critics compared the units to “little green men” — a reference to the unmarked Russian soldiers who appeared in Crimea, Ukraine, prior to its 2014 annexation by the Russian Federation and were compared to the classic plastic toy soldiers. A few of the personnel in Washington on Tuesday wore patches identifying them as BOP or SORTs, but many did not.

    “There is no generic DOJ police force, obviously. No badges, no identifying info, refusal to say who they represent — it’s like Russia’s little green men have taken over the nation’s capital,” tweeted Matt Miller, a former DOJ spokesman under President Barack Obama.

    Asked in a brief phone call why the units had been ordered not to identify themselves in more detail, DOJ spokesman Kerri Kupec said, “I don’t know anything about that.” In a separate conversation, another Justice Department official who spoke on the condition of anonymity dismissed the concerns as the purview of conspiracy theorists, expressing frustration that officials who were “clearly” part of the enforcement efforts would be mistaken for mercenaries. That official argued that the BOP officers were appropriately identifying themselves as being with DOJ, suggesting that no further detail was required.

    More at the link above.

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  5. The Library

    Bill Gates company cant even stop computer viruses infiltrating the software they write, but he’s an expert now on how to stop a virus in the world’s human population?


    The Dirty Truth (@RealDirty on Parler)

    Can anyone tell me what makes this nerd @BillGates qualified to speak about the #ChineseVirus? Main stream media and tech companies will let a computer programmer say whatever about a virus but block actual doctors working on the front line. 🤔🤔

    Harold Wren

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      1. Two very different things (even though we tag both with the word “virus”) but I would love to see him have to face the question of why Microshaft Windoze is such a security nightmare, in front of millions of people.

        It could have something to do with some of the design mandates he inflicted on it back in the 1990s even though his people urged him not to.

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        1. If he’s been raised up from the beginning to be DS, then MS was compromised to facilitate spying on businesses using it. Makes me shudder that his team software was given to the US Gov for “free” to use when employees are working from home.

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  6. The CTH thing is driving me nuts. Here’s why.

    This morning’s post, “Status Update: Meet At The Old Mill, We Ride at Midnight…” states the following:

    “If no progress is made by Friday 5pm CTH will first share the names of the primary Durham investigator to media previously briefed on the documents we assembled. From there, and within 24 hrs, we will make that name public and direct inquires can begin.”

    Number One, unless the primary investigator is Huma Abedin, or Brian Stelter, or my neighbor’s nine-year-old nephew, why the hell does it matter? “Direct inquiries” about what, exactly? Does SD think the investigator(s) having rabid press around their house is going to accomplish something?

    “A set of 30 briefs costs roughly $900 to produce; this material is heavy. Stunningly, and I laugh about this often, there’s only about 20 pages within the documents that are needed to tell the whole story. However, with today’s level of political skepticism the brief has to contain every page of every document lest anyone be accused of selective editing.”

    Number Two, if SD put the twenty pages in one document, and put the 900 in another .pdf online, and made a video explainer, why isn’t that a plan? ANYONE can get twenty pages printed for about $2 and direct people who accuse them of “selective editing” to the 900 pages online. And anyway, I will tell you, very few people are going to go read 900 pages. They either believe the twenty pages, or they don’t. And ANYONE can share a video explainer with others, in a group setting or privately, with a home computer. There is no need for personally scheduled group briefings. Except one I can think of, which I will leave unsaid.

    Number Three, if this information is as explosive as he says, wouldn’t Levin, or Laura Ingraham, or SOMEBODY be willing to put SD on to explain it to a wide audience? On TELEVISION? For millions of people to watch?

    I’m a simple girl, with a straightforward mind. Why is all this intrigue necessary, except as publicity for CTH? If this is REALLY about saving the Republic, just put it out there if you’re going to do it.

    I am getting the feeling that MAYBE this is another piece of theater to rev up excitement for Durham, who will
    “drop the bomb” just in the nick of time, saving the day. Is that it, Sundance is in on it with Durham? Who knows. But I can’t see any logic in what is currently being portrayed.

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    1. Thank you, Aubergine.

      AG Barr said a while back, that he thought Durham would be finished by some time in August.

      I’ve been wondering if Sd is generating this drama to try to get ahead of that parade.

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    2. he mentions that Spygate is very lucrative–many books being sold about this…
      and if he’s already briefed some “media” on this what makes him think one of them won’t leak it to someone who leaks it to someone who beats him to the punch? or worse, gets RID of that person?

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      1. IMO SD is COUNTING on it leaking, if any action is taken to try to shut it up. It’s like a forced Weiner laptop.

        SD drops a bombshell to a select group of people who WANT to know. It is pretty explosive, and borderline irresponsible if they leak, like all government-related disclosures are, in fact. Basic journalism. NOBODY wants to go first, yet they ALL want to be AMONG THE FIRST. Very smart move.

        All these people who he’s leaked it to are researching it, and have been for a week or two. The disclosure will have all kinds of detail beyond SD’s work when it breaks.

        Some of the people cannot be “gotten rid of”. They’re too high-profile. I figured out who two of them are, and they will break this BIG and SMART.

        Sundance is creating a tipping point of disclosure. He’s forcing the world to confront the grave possibility that we’re all being Huber-scammed again. He’s forcing DOJ to put up or shut up.

        I understand what he’s doing, and it’s not mere self-promotion, although he has to do a certain amount of self-promotey part to keep attention on himself at certain points.

        Socialists understand the “soft power of public expectation” and how that actually CHANGES THINGS inside institutions – even those supposed to be IMMUNE to such things. SD is using some of their stuff back at them to help rid DOJ of its contagion.

        I am 100% behind what Sundance is doing.

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        1. i was not worried that a journalist would be gotten rid of…I was more worried about this “unknown key player” being gotten rid of…Seth Rich style…if the wrong person gets win that attention will be drawn to him/her.
          I trust your judgement. I guess I am “bombshell” shell shocked.

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          1. Nobody in the public knew who Sal Cincinelli (FBI agent who worked on CF) was, and the Clintons got rid of him through his sister AND directly. CF got off the hook. Letting the public know who people are is meaningless, or even HELPFUL, by making take-outs harder.

            The commies have been following me since I was BORN, thanks to my parents. Nobody is anonymous in this game. Anonymity is FAKE – it’s part of FAKE NORMAL. All the bad guys are is MISSING DATA.

            WE are the ones kept in the dark. US. Time to turn that around.

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        2. I respect your opinion. I can’t get past one person — whose personality I have watched for years — deciding for ME and the rest of the country when it is time to act. I can count on one hand the people whom I would trust with such a decision, and he is definitely not one of them.

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          1. Sundance is doing it for himself, as we all do everything. He calculates that it’s for the greater good, but YMMV. You can choose to be with him or against him, and I will respect your choice either way.

            Remember – Barr can stop him at any time – if that is needed.

            We are being manipulated into a false view that SD holds all the cards. He does NOT. He is simply saying SHOW CARDS. It’s Barr’s game – he can dispute that with Sundance.


        3. But it would be SO much smarter, and decidedly more Christian – for someone who obviously takes both of those qualities very seriously – to knock down the ban wall and welcome the entire fold. Wouldn’t you say?

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          1. Now you’re not messing with SD – you’re messing with Menagerie! 😉

            I strongly suspect he may have been pushed by the mods into ousting us Qubies.

            But that theory is for another day. WHY he got rid of us is immaterial. If we were actually interfering with his site, in any REAL way, then I approve of the move. I think it was potentially a mistake, but who knows.

            Remember – Q said Q sites will be deplatformed. I expect it HERE between now and the election. Letting us back in, especially NOW, would be a mistake, IMO.

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            1. I was not banned because of Q. It happened before Q, and it was never made clear to me why, so I can only surmise. I saw polite, reasonable, factual posts of others get deleted.

              Just a few days ago, in the comments section of one of SD’s articles, he instructed Ad Rem on three different instances to ban those three different commenters. “No negativity in the foxhole.” I have always maintained it is the site owner’s prerogative to ban whom he/she pleases. I would not like having to deal with anti-Trump sentiment here all the time. But it’s not just Menagerie, and it’s the same pattern of “what SD says is gospel.”

              You mentioned narcissism in another post. There appears to be some of that, but when it gets in the way of judgment — which, IMO, it has, many times — I cry foul and my confidence in what he says and does is diminished.

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    3. I seriously wonder if SD actually got anywhere close to anything Durham was/is doing or if he just got ahold of court documents of some sort that aren’t under seal.

      Whatever he has, real or imagined, can’t be that explosive or important in the larger scheme of things. This administration plays way too close to the vest to let their trump cards (pardon the pun) go on easy tricks.

      I’m really skeptical here. SD, Kevin Shipp and a few others have been busy trying to shore up their brands of late. I really wonder if this is more of the same.

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          1. I agree its way overdue to move on. SD states on friday hecwill release info. Johnson just announced he wants records within 10 days. And that ive read things wont wrap up until the end of next month. Within a few weeks is always the shiny thing in front and then its pushed back. Justice isnt being served by the timeline. Its just time. Plus inside of 90 days to the election its down to the wire.

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      1. Remember what Q said – WE HAVE MORE THAN WE KNOW. Coupled with OPEN SOURCE.

        SD figured out something, something anybody could have figured out, but DIDN’T, and it’s big. Very likely what Sundance is spilling will SET the color of multiple people’s HATS.

        I really don’t think this is self-promotion as much as “we’re not letting them steal the election”. Of fear and anger is born resolve.

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    4. “If no progress is made by Friday 5pm CTH will first share the names of the primary Durham investigator to media previously briefed on the documents we assembled. From there, and within 24 hrs, we will make that name public and direct inquires can begin.”

      This is not driving me nuts; it’s making me furious. As a citizen of this country I am affected by all of this, and I am relying on those with expertise to do their investigations. I DO NOT WANT a private citizen giving ultimatums that “if there is no progress” he will do blah, blah, blah. How could he possibly know if there is “progress”? And what gives him the right to start revealing things that might harm investigations that have been ongoing for years?

      It all smacks of his riding in to save the day. He is making himself the hero of this piece. He’s the one who knows more than we do, to the point that he feels justified in chastising his readers because they don’t get his circuitous, purposely mysterious style of writing. He’s the one who is taking action because ‘we can’t wait any longer.” Who does he think he is?

      If Durham’s timing happens to coincide with SD’s threats, SD will take, or be given, credit for moving things along. It’s all set up to glorify him.

      The quoted paragraph above sounds like a threat and possibly obstruction of justice. I don’t know the legalities, if any, of it. But he’s got everyone talking about him.

      I didn’t ask for his “help,” and I don’t want it. I see no good coming of this (if it even happens at all).

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    5. Some Dude is soo much Drama!

      He’s analyzed documents and put together timelines and come up with a narrative of corruption. He’s threatening Durham and DOJ to go public this weekend if they don’t ______. What does he want/expect them to do? They won’t make announcements unless they’re ready to go.
      Barr has already stated that they have to have hard provable evidence to get indictments against individuals. Does SD have that or just his story with a lot of supposition?
      What media is going to support him? No MSM. Fox? Lou Dobbs, John Solomon, Bongino- he’s making money off Spygate, other digital sites? Epoch Times, WSJ is Fox affiliate?
      $900/copy…..Why didn’t he just create a separate website with all the details…quick docs, deep dives, video explainers…..Money would’ve been better invested hiring professional help to accomplish this.
      And again, why threaten DOJ??? Why will he expose Durham’s investigator? Is he using Peter Strzok? That will definitely incite the masses. He copies Kerri Kupec (DOJ press secretary) with every threat. 🥴😵 DRAMA😳

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      1. We’re learning how to be the news. It seems a bit juvenile, but we’re juvenile at this stage, to be quite frank.

        SD is doing what journalists used to to by back channels, but keeping it out in the open promotes honesty, and I like that.

        If DOJ wants to shut Sundance up, they can simply brief him and convince him to hold the story. If they can’t commit THAT MUCH, then I say let it burst, because DOJ does not actually CARE if it bursts – only the BAD ELEMENTS care – secretly – that it doesn’t burst.

        IMO *WE* are the ones making this bigger than it is.

        I totally get SD’s strategy here, and it’s AWESOME.

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        1. You are an analyst, Wolfe, and can see things beneath the surface many of us cannot…yet (you and others here are training us!)
          I see myself as more of a Miss Marple…an observer of humans and their nature that gives me clues about motivation and behavior.
          In this, I defer to you!🧐

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        1. He was dumping this stuff on PROS who work for places with printing shops / printing departments that do retail-quality publications. It had to look professional. He got good advice from somebody, IMO.

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    6. AHHH, you get the purpose and the premise Aubergine! This is a VERY dangerous game of “credibility chicken” Few have won this type of gamble, MANY have lost it. Anyone remember Jerome Corsi?

      All I can say is nearly TWO YEARS, NO leaks…ZERO. So we are supposed to believe a internet blogger got all 900 pages of one of THE most important legal cases of all time? No, not unless he was FED that info as DIS INFO.

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      1. Just reparations. Nothing to see here. You can’t instill a work ethic, or that feeling of accomplishment and satisfaction in a good day’s work – in a populace where it’s not modeled, within a family structure. These people are a permanent, ever-growing menace on our society. Kanye West won’t make a difference either.

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        1. I have to add . . . illegals are looking to game the system as well. But they don’t do this. They don’t burn down their neighborhood. These thugs are stupefyingly dumb, and merciless.

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          1. The illegals are hampered by deportation of not only themselves but their families, as well. Looting in their own countries wouldn’t be dealt with the same “generosity” By the police as it is here. Is any of that stolen merchandise ever taken away from them?

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    1. Nick Short@PoliticalShort
      Hundreds of people swept through the Magnificent Mile and other parts of downtown Chicago early Monday, smashing windows, looting stores, confronting police and at one point exchanging gunfire with officers, authorities said.

      Chicago police return fire as looters hit Mag Mile, smashing windows and clashing with officers
      Hundreds of people swept through the Magnificent Mile and other parts of downtown Chicago early Monday, smashing windows, looting stores and clashing with police for hours.

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          1. Absolutely. Does not fit current SHORT-TERM strategy, but does fit LONG-TERM strategy.

            Right now is probably not the time to fix a slowly accumulated error, but in the future, it might, and I think we need to start thinking about it now. Look at the riots, think how much trouble would be avoided, etc. Game it out – especially in a post-Democrat world.

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    2. Sarah Jindra@SarahJindra
      Mayor Lightfoot is scheduled to address the looting in a press conference at 8 a.m.

      Earlier this morning, Alderman Brian Hopkins told us:
      “The Mayor needs to address the city. Enough breaking up parties on the beach. That isn’t our problem right now”

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      1. The mayor is panicking atm bc now the money stores got destroyed. She loves to get really nasty but she’s the leader. She needs to resign. The money needs to oust her and the people need an actual non democrat leader.

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  7. Law & Crime@lawcrimenews
    GOP Senator Issues Subpoena to FBI Director, Demands All Documents Related to Russia Probe

    Chris 🇺🇸@Chris_1791
    Sen. Ron Johnson Subpoenas FBI Director Christopher Wray For All Crossfire Hurricane Documents via
    Sen. Ron Johnson Subpoenas FBI Director Christopher Wray For All Crossfire Hurricane Documents
    Sen. Ron Johnson, the chairman of the Senate Homeland Security Committee, subpoenaed FBI Director Christopher Wray for all Crossfire Hurricane records.

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    1. Note that this was filed BEFORE the #LancetGateEffect was independently discovered in France and the US.

      I think it would be very easy for some of the more publishy types in AAPS to “independently” duplicate those public “blog science” studies, extend the data to a couple of other countries, get a preprint pointed straight at NEJM and The Lancet, and do legal FILINGS of the papers. It might literally take days.

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      1. Worn by the KING of clowns Kapernick. I want just ONE honest MSM to ask this fool. WHY can’t you protest immediately BEFORE or immediately AFTER the @2 minute national anthem? You would get the SAME exposure. It is PRECISELY to piss us off and demean that flag, that MILLIONS fought, bled and DIED for to give this puke Kapernick a costume, a game to play, and a venue to spout.

        He should be on his knees all right, BEGGING those soldiers and their families for FORGIVENESS for his hypocrisy and STUPIDITY. It is a DAMN good thing that “men” like him were not in charge in WW2, or we would ALL be hailing Adolph the 3rd, and Kapernic would be on his way to a concentration camp or SHOT for his insolence. and WEAKNESS>

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        1. He should be on his knees all right, BEGGING those soldiers and their families for FORGIVENESS for his hypocrisy and STUPIDITY. It is a DAMN good thing that “men” like him were not in charge in WW2, or we would ALL be hailing Adolph the 3rd, and Kapernic would be on his way to a concentration camp or SHOT for his insolence. and WEAKNESS>

          More than likely at least some part of the US would have become part of the Japanese Empire–but your point stands.

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    1. It looks like this was expected.

      Lebanon’s government expected to step down Monday in wake of Beirut blast, sources say
      By Tamara Qiblawi, CNN 8 mins ago

      Lebanon’s government is expected to step down on Monday, two government sources told CNN, less than a week after a massive explosion in Beirut killed more than 160 people and sparked days of violent protests.

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    2. This is what USA should have looked like after they were fed that FALSE narrative about September 11, 2001

      Looks like Lebanese people are not believing the lies they are being fed.

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  8. The Library

    Law Officer

    BLM Protesters Shoot At Black Officer At Home
    For the last few weeks we have been reporting on the unbelievable case of Wauwatosa (WI) Officer Joseph Mensah.

    And what was at first an attack on Officer Mensah’s reputation has now become a physical attack and assault on him and his family.

    Harold Wren

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    1. Candace Owens@RealCandaceO
      Aug 5
      What do the Trans movement, Modern Feminism, and Black Lives Matter have in common?— They all seek destroy family by reducing the role of men in our society.
      Quote Tweet

      Sagnik Basu@_sagnikbasu

      · Aug 4
      “You think that the boys that I see on college campuses today could possibly end World War II? You think that they can lay over the beaches of Normandy? The kids that are crying because @benshapiro is coming to speak on campus?”
      Show this thread

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  9. I’ve been saying this for years. The Sunday morning talk shows take the place of Church, Holy Mass or other services.

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    1. Barr also said:

      Steve Guest@SteveGuest
      AG Barr: “The Left wants power because that is essentially their ‘State of Grace’ in their secular religion. They want to run people’s lives so they can design utopia for all of us and that’s what turns them on and it’s the lust for power and … [Trump’s victory] outrages them.”

      text followed by vid clip of AG Barr on Mark Levin show

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      1. It’s incredible that a high level member of the administration, the AG, is speaking so directly and openly about this.

        Can you even imagine how really bad things must be, what Barr must know, in order to cause someone as reserved as he is, to say these kinds of things?

        I mean, Barr is so reluctant to say anything that might be perceived other than as understatement, that if he saw the Gates of Hell itself, he would say something like “Well, I’ve seen gates before, and some gates are scarier than others, and this one was not un-scary.” 😂

        So imagine what he must know, to openly be talking about the Left and their ‘secular religion’, using words like ‘State of Grace’ and ‘utopia’ and ‘lust for power’ and plainly stating they want to ‘run peoples lives’…

        It must be WAY WORSE than we even know (so far)!

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    1. “The silent majority…”


      Time to rebrand as “The OUTRAGED majority…” for a few weeks.

      Then evolve to “The LIVID Majority…” for a couple weeks.

      Then, with a week or two to go before the election, “The TERMINATOR Majority” 😁

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  10. “they know my phone number…” giggle…how can you NOT love this man???

    So now Schumer and Pelosi want to meet to make a deal. Amazing how it all works, isn’t it. Where have they been for the last 4 weeks when they were “hardliners”, and only wanted BAILOUT MONEY for Democrat run states and cities that are failing badly? They know my phone number!

    — Donald J. Trump (@realDonaldTrump) August 10, 2020

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  11. Now why is this believable? There’s so many theories, this one really makes a lot of sense, though. Blow up the human and arms trafficking site when Lebanon wouldn’t cooperate. Ruthless.

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    1. “We told you Kolomoisky and his IMF and World Bank buddies were shaking down Lebanon with austerity measures. Kolomoisky blew up the port when the Cabinet and President didn’t cave.”


      Wait… what?!?

      The International Monetary Fund has militarized itself?

      Oh man are they in a lot of trouble 😂🤣😂🤣😂

      If the IMF committed an act of war, then the IMF is fair game for retaliation, and whatever level of militarization they have accomplished, it’s NOTHING compared to even the smallest nation-state.

      The military of WHOVILLE could take out the IMF!

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  12. Chinese woman enters Canada legally, then illegally crosses into US in Maine…and she’s got gold bars on her.
    AMITY, Maine – While conducting operations near Amity, U.S. Border Patrol Agents from the Houlton Border Patrol Station apprehended a 36-year-old Chinese national who was found to have illegally entered the United States from Canada.

    On Tuesday, August 4, agents from the Houlton Border Patrol Station encountered a female subject who admitted to being a Chinese national illegally present in the United States. Agents were able to verify the location where she illegally entered the United States by matching foot prints belonging to the suspect the scene. The individual was also in possession of nearly $10,000 U.S. Dollars (USD) and 14.25 ounces of gold bars valued at over $28,500 USD. The Chinese national was placed under arrest for illegal entry into the United States and transported to the Houlton Border Patrol Station for further processing.

    During processing it was found that the Chinese national had legally entered Canada as a student. She also admitted to knowingly entering the United States illegally at a place other than a designated port of entry with the purpose of visiting a friend in San Francisco, California. The Chinese national was subsequently expelled to Canada in accordance with title 42 U.S. Code 265.

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    1. Thanks!

      These people are idiots. If Barr needs to shut down a Sundance publication, it’s EASY. If it doesn’t happen, it’s because THEY DON’T CARE.

      Wake up, world idiots. We’re going BACK to old-school journalism where a lot of honest stuff is conducted with public knowledge. This is smart strategy. We have been GASLIT to default secrecy.

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        1. No. There’s two. Sundance and me. Are there more? I’ll bet so.

          Everybody except SD was absolutely wrong on “Trust Huber”. , who literally let the CF walk.

          Seriously, anybody who was on the “Trust Huber” train (including me) should take a back seat to Sundance. He was right. All the rest of us were wrong.

          They were absolutely wrong on “Trust Sessions” [to deliver anything while still in office in the A.G.] – which is entirely different from “Is Jeff Sessions an honorable and trustworthy person?”

          Sundance spotted the roadmap to Jeb, and outing it was a huge deal. Who else spotted it? Nobody.

          Sundance spotted the fact that Sessions was worthless, and that justice needed the Barr switch. He wan’t the only one – several top legal minds under Trump did, too. They won the argument to take down Mueller rather than submit, and they were RIGHT.

          What I find “Fascinating” (to use Spock’s term) is that people here cannot engage in logical thinking on Sundance. They’re too emotional.

          Logical thinking saved my mother, just as it has saved me. Oh, I trust people – to be weak, illogical, self-deceiving, and self-destroying in false hopes.

          Logical thinking simply does not care if Sundance is the number one narcissist on the planet. If he calls them right, he calls them right.

          Logical thinking doesn’t care if Sundance is going to write a book, make money, or any of that – because Peter Schweitzer outing all the Clinton crimes did exactly that – wrote a book, made money, and earned all sorts of fawning fanfare from the right AND from journalism in general. Should we not believe him because he does those things? No. No more than we should disbelieve Brian Cates, TickTock club, Wictor, or ME, for any personal reasons.

          Logical thinking. I see Sundance’s logic, and I get it. It’s SMART. He’s doing a STRONG Trumpian move, whether DOJ lets it happen or stops him.

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          1. Sundance is doing one of the greatest “put up or shut up” moves ever. He’s the MOUSE THAT ROARED. He’s flipping the whole poker game. He OWNS one of the greatest “wheat/chaff sorters” ever. Don’t be chaff, people. It’s time to make people show cards.

            This is the same confrontation as the Weiner laptop. Bury it, or expose it. People had a choice, and they chose wisely, even at great personal cost.

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          2. Well, along those lines…I’ve always said I DO NOT CARE if my doctor, dentist, etc. has terrible bedside manners, dresses weird, or plays nothing but religious music in his office (drives me crazy) and is always behind schedule. I am not looking for a new best friend. I judge on ability and delivery.
            So, although I find SD annoying on many fronts, he has an uncanny ability to dive deep, deep into the weeds and then explain it in a manner that has obviously help educate and motivate more people than we may ever know….certainly me.
            These are interesting times…for sure but, darn, Wolf, I wish you would be a little more forthcoming about YOUR conclusions! Don’t pull a SD on us now! 😉

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          3. It’s not clear to me, as it is to you, that SD was right, and no one else was, about all those things. I used to read the “roadmap” articles during the 2016 campaign, and many times I thought they were stating the obvious. At other times I thought he was making leaps on some things. Sometimes I was left scratching my head at people’s reactions to him. It’s been that way on many things for me, regarding him. I see emotion on the part of some who hang on his every word. He has been unapologetically wrong about a number of things. He blatantly stated that Dan Bongino said something in his viral speech a couple of years ago. I listened to the speech twice, and Bongino did not say what SD said he did. SD will twist things to fit his narrative. I’ve seen that happen too many times to blindly take him at his word. He is doing that now by saying that all the reveals from the past couple of years have come from the Mueller team.

            SD has had some good insights, but I have been puzzled from Day One of reading over there at people’s reactions. It’s as if they want a hero or a knight in shining armor who has all the answers and great insight, who can tell them how things are. Sometimes he can do that, and other times not.

            As for emotion, it’s easy to discount what people think by saying its source is emotion. We’re all on edge over the happenings since 2015. I am definitely emotional (angry as heck) when, after waiting this long, it looks as if someone is going to do something that I consider detrimental to ongoing investigations. It is unheard of for it to be “okay” for someone to reveal information about federal prosecutors. It’s unbelievable to me that people think that’s a good idea. I would be equally upset if Mark Levin or Dan Bongino or others unilaterally decided they knew what was best.

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            1. I will agree that SD does not do “mea culpa” well, or even “at all”!!! 😀

              I believe SD’s point about Mueller team control is not going to convince those who don’t see “control from below” as control. SD’s mind lives inside DOJ structure, and not everybody can or even wants to follow him there, but in a DOJ-centric problem, I gladly adopt his framework of seeing things, because it works like crazy for me, too.

              Sundance’s warm-up revelation about Tash Gauhar is solving all sorts of problems for me, and is also enough of a reveal of the SERIOUSNESS of the long-term problems at DOJ, that I am on board with SD’s reveal JUST ON THAT ALONE. His big reveal (not the Durham deputy – the OTHER reveal) HAS TO BE in the space I’m computing, and that space is dangerous as hell to America, and must be revealed before the election, whether Barr is going after it or not. I’m not fully sure what it is, but just the SET OF POSSIBLES is enough that any sunlight becomes good sunlight, Barr or no Barr. IMO.

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              1. I do see control from below as control. I would very much like to know more of your thoughts about your last paragraph. An article about that would be great (if I may be so bold!)!

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              2. TheseTruths,

                For an example of ‘Control from below’ think Dr. Nancy Messonnier, Director of the National Center for Immunization and Respiratory Diseases and the other Senior Executive Services Directors in the CDC. ALL leftovers from Obama and essentially unfireable.

                From Carlos
                “A Seattle infectious-disease expert named Dr. Helen Y. Chu tried to test people as soon as the first case was reported in her area, but the CDC prevented it.

                Dr. Chu finally went ahead and tested anyway.

                Washington state ordered her to stop. 
                Rigidity of thought, bureaucratic red tape, and the pigheadedness of government employees prevented Dr. Chu from getting out in front of the epidemic.

                U.S. Army Medical Research Institute of Infectious Diseases should be in the thick of things in the COVID-19 fightbut CDC shut them down on doing level 3 and 4 bio-research back in July 15, 2019.

                CDC Lab Contamination Delayed Release Of Coronavirus Tests
                Cross contamination of coronavirus test kits reportedly happened at the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) central laboratory in Atlanta after manufacturing practices were violated….
                The CDC facilities that assembled the kits violated sound manufacturing practices, resulting in contamination of one of the three test components used in the highly sensitive detection process

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              3. Here is the problem I have with all of this; it is going to be very hard even for Barr, the DOJ, Durham, and all those attorneys to convince a large (about half, I’d guess) portion of Americans that anything bad happened, that there was criminality AT ALL.

                They are the top of the legal food chain, and MANY people are not gonna buy into it until there are indictments and a televised trial they can watch like a soap opera everyday. Even then, lots of people will believe it is all partisan. Most people can’t accept that something with as much control as the government has over their lives might be truly corrupt. A little bad, sure, but most people don’t think it’s horrible. We do.

                We here, regardless of “emotion” are at least theoretically on the same SIDE as Sundance. And I can believe he figured out something really important. But for most people, he is a nobody. Sorry to call it that way, but just like here, his followers are devoted Conservatives. We are, as a whole, strongly partisan. Most Americans are not, even the ones who vote Republican every time. I can say “Sundance” to almost EVERY person I know, and they ask “who?”

                It’s asking a lot for people to believe some internet blogger they’ve never heard of about something this huge. They are gonna struggle swallowing it from Barr and Co. Do we really think they’ll accept Sundance as a light-bringer? If some big name reporter picks up the ball and runs with it, maybe.

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              4. This is like building a FIRE. Social media understands EXACTLY how to put out a fire. OUR fires. OUR sparks.

                Sundance has an excellent spark. Now he has TWO. He’s not going to blow his chance to nurture them – to make a difference while he can [appropriate Hamilton musical number here].

                I see what he’s doing, and I know how to make sure it works.

                Barr CAN and WILL stop it if it needs to be stopped. The other side let it get past the point of no return. THAT should concern people more, frankly, IMO.

                They don’t care. The other side doesn’t CARE. Whatever their next crisis is, it’s THAT BIG.

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              5. “His big reveal (not the Durham deputy – the OTHER reveal) HAS TO BE in the space I’m computing, and that space is dangerous as hell to America, and must be revealed before the election, whether Barr is going after it or not.”


                You mean Pence is a black-hat, right?

                It was Pence who recommended Coats, BIGLY.

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    1. From the comments:

      “Chicago sealed their fate last night, that was the last…

      Mayor Lightfoot Pleads With Walmart, Other Retailers To Not Abandon Chicago Jun04, 2020

      CHICAGO (WBBM NEWSRADIO) — Mayor Lightfoot said she’s hopeful major retailers will reopen the Chicago stores that were looted or otherwise damaged during protests surrounding George Floyd’s killing by police in Minnesota. But, she’s unsure of one of the biggest.

      Illinois trucking company won’t deliver to cities who defund police Aug 06, 2020

      SUMMIT, Ill. (WTVO) — An Illinois trucking company will no longer make shipments to cities that are calling to defund or disband police departments.

      Mike Kucharski, of Summit-based JKC Trucking, says the company is making the move in an effort to ensure the safety of his drivers.

      In a week this city will become ‘Persona Non-Grata’ by insurance actuaries and then its OVER. There will be nothing left but the hunger-games. Maybe a month before the police just try to save their own families, and have enforcement cordons around their precints while the rest burns. Anyone that can get themselves at least 50km buffer away from the coming demolition games is well advised to get out now.

      First looting reaches a unprofitable insurance position
      Insurance is dropped for Truck Carriers and Businesses
      No Insurance = No Bank Coverage.
      Trucks become unable and unwilling to deliver to the city.
      Groceries are unable to resupply themselves triggering more local unrest
      locals then loot the Grocery stores and start spreading to outlying grocery stores.
      The US military must come in with a shoot-to-kill order and martial law like it did under President Johnson in 1969.
      Complete collapse and insurrection and civil war will break out if the army cannot get a control on it.
      Chicago has clearly had thousands of shootings and done so under the tightest gun control, and their police have been completely unable to reduce this. Therefore only the army will turn it back now – that is what you can watch for next.

      WATCH CNN FOR THE COVERAGE! IF THIS GETS COVERED THEN LOOTING IS BEING PLANNED IN MANY CITIES BY COMMUNIST MARXISTS. All designed simply to throw enough dirt on Trump going into the election – in a last-ditch hissy-fit of lawlessness. If CNN starts covering this day and night and blaming Trump for it all then much more is definitely planned.

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      1. “The US military must come in with a shoot-to-kill order and martial law like it did under President Johnson in 1969.”


        Not unless the blue Governors BEG for it.

        And Trump is smart enough to have the blue Governors BEG for it on camera, on videotape, BEGGING to do WHATEVER is necessary, including martial law and shoot-to-kill.

        That way, when the media tries to pin ANY of it on Trump, he can play the videotapes and pin it RIGHT BACK on the blue governors.

        Either they beg for federal assistance and agree to beg for it on videotape, or they don’t get federal assistance.

        Simple as that.

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  13. Jack Posobiec Flag of United States@JackPosobiec

    Group behind ‘Occupy Wall Street’ planning 50-day ‘White House Siege’ through Election Day
    “It’s time again for dramatic, decisive action. Which is why, on September 17th, in the original and enduring spirit of Occupy, we and tens of thousands of our fellow citizens will stream into…

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    1. And behind the various “Occupy” movements is none other than Satan Soros.

      Time to take him and his spawn down for good. A little (permanent) vacation at Club Gitmo, or perhaps Vlad’s rock crushing and boulder-breaking spa would do them well…

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  14. Jack Posobiec Flag of United States@JackPosobiec
    The power of Christianity
    Quote Tweet

    Brendan Gutenschwager@BGOnTheScene

    · 13h
    Baptisms in the former Capitol Hill Autonomous Zone of Seattle tonight #Seattle #RiotsToRevival

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  15. I Have Not Yet Begun To Pounce – Brian Cates@drawandstrike

    I want to say this as clearly as I can: I completely disassociated myself from the Last Refuge 2 and CTH in the strongest terms, and if this is the latest CTH brainchild, trying to personally attack Durham’s team members, they are lunatics.
    12:24 PM · Aug 10, 2020

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    1. Honest question:

      How does publicly exposing the name of Durham’s #1 investigator “force action” on the part of Durham or Barr?? SD doesn’t say, and I can’t think of how this is supposed to work.



      2nd question:

      SD says,

      Oddly, I have yet to find a person who believes Durham’s investigative unit has this information; it’s always the last question I ask a group or individual. Investigators who have worked on these issues for years also give the same reply. Unfortunately, and despite direct contact, that lack of knowledge appears intentional.

      This seems believable to me. How about you?


      A: Whistleblowers in DC regularly get ruined, in spite of the Whistleblower Act. This, of course, is by design….in order to create precisely the situation SD describes above. “I’m just doing my job” is not only a shield for Nazi concentration camp guards, but also for good people to do nothing after repeatedly watching brave whistleblowers get ruined for daring to speak out. People have spouses and children to protect and provide for. Evil knows this, and counts on this.




      3rd question:

      Is Sidney Powell retweeting any of this as a sign of support??

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      1. “How does publicly exposing the name of Durham’s #1 investigator “force action” on the part of Durham or Barr??”

        Correct me if I’m mistaken, but I thought exposing the name was only the first step in a series of things to be done to force action. I thought the whole premise was that the DOJ is stalling and that things must be done to cause them to act.

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      2. I’m skeptical of SD having THE pivotal information. maybe he does, but I think another possibility is if Durham has that info he is holding it tightly to his vest. which would seem likely since there haven’t been any leaks from his investigation.
        but, unlike, democrats, my mind is open…

        I have not seem Sidney tweet any of this–and if she had, I think we’d have seen those tweets somewhere OT…

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        1. Sundance is playing a DANGEROUS game here, one with his credibility. Notice there have not been ANY substantial leaks from the Durham probe. NONE. None from Huber either or the Missouri Us Attorney. That is NOT coincidence. IMHO this is a “fishing” expedition” by SD to see if he can shake some info loose.

          He is even MORE vain than I thought, and believe me that takes a LOT of vanity. To “suddenly” try to “force” info from the lead attorney in THE biggest political espionage and corruption case in US history takes STONES. Or, it takes a LOT of stupid.

          I told Wolf a few weeks ago, that I thought that SD, like Drudge, was compromised and reconstituted as DIS info. This would not change my opinion one bit. Remember, NO LEAKS, it HAS to be that way, EVERYTHING must be air tight and all I’s dotted and T’s crossed when you are going after the kinds of people that Trump and Barr are. ONE slip up, in an election year, and it ALL blows up as “political” and the perps WALK.

          My advice for SD, tread LIGHTLY. Though he would never listen before, like his small group, or Susan Rice was not a CYA letter. LOL I wish him luck, I have a feeling a mea culpa will be coming.

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          1. I guess I’m a little fuzzy about the whole “forcing” someone to reveal names…and a deadline to reveal that name. I don’t see where SD would get that power to force anyone to reveal anything.
            but i am committed to an open mind and we’ll see approach. the deadline is Friday

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            1. NO ONE can force a US attorney to reveal anything short of Barr and or Trump. NO ONE. I am calling shenanigan’s. I think it is a RISKY publicity ploy. LOTS of click bait, lots of RISK, but ONLY to the CTH and Sundance, UNLOESS it will be used as fodder by the MSM to attack ALL of the Conservative blogosphere as “conspiracy nuts” which IS a possibility here.

              Look at how much credability Heraldo cost himself and ALL his kind with his Al Capone’s vault farce.

              THAT is the risk Sundance is playing, with LITTLE to gain, and one HELL of a lot to lose.

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              1. SD said he will be consulting with “smart people” whether to reveal. We don’t know if that happened and, if so, whether they gave the green light. It’s unimaginable to me.

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          2. “Notice there have not been ANY substantial leaks from the Durham probe. NONE. None from Huber either or the Missouri Us Attorney. That is NOT coincidence. ”


            Which could be simply because there’s nothing to leak, because they’re not actually doing anything.

            Just like Sessions wasn’t actually doing anything.

            Just like Horowitz never actually did anything.

            It’s not like there’s no possibility that Durham is a decoy and/or on a wild goose chase to keep everybody’s hopes up until after the election, when he announces “sorry, didn’t find anything, suckers!”

            That’s what our government DOES for a LIVING.

            A really GOOD living.

            We’re all hoping for knights in shining armor to arise from the ranks of the government, and we’re all hoping Durham is one of them.

            What if he’s not?

            What if NOBODY is?


    2. I love Brian, but he’s much better at rallying positivity on the upside than dealing with real downsides.

      Sundance, however, is KING of winning against the downsides. His “tipping point creation” here is wonderful, IMO.

      Barr can stop SD at any time. People need to GET A GRIP. If it doesn’t happen, it’s because public knowledge is not problematic to getting the job done.


      Hitch up all panties, people! 😉

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    1. As I expected. She is all about nadty bluster but wont do anything correct. If they dont get her out now, all these stores should leave and truckers need to stick by the non delivery statements.

      Cameron Gray (@Cameron_Gray) Tweeted:
      “We do not need federal resources in Chicago. Period. Full stop.”

      “We need commonsense gun control.” –
      @chicagosmayor @LoriLightfoot, a few moments ago #ChicagoRiots

      Alderman Hopkins (@AldermanHopkins) Tweeted:
      @HeatherCherone I was on Michigan Ave until 4am, my “facts” are the hundreds of criminal acts that I witnessed. What additional facts does @chicagosmayor have that would excuse the total failure of her plan to prevent another looting riot, like the May weekend? I would like to hear those facts.

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      1. Truckers WILL refuse to take loads. Also as was stated above. INSURANCE COMPANIES RULE!

        There are parts of cities where a truck does not dare to stop for a traffic light. Thieves will cut the lock, hop on board and toss the merchandise out to their buddies. They can completely unload a truck in a matter of blocks.

        (I notice those videos are now GONE.)

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  16. paulmuaddib611 Retweeted
    Aug 5
    Replying to

    India Holds Bill Gates Accountable For His Vaccine Crimes
    As Bill Gates faces a lawsuit for the illegal testing of tribal children in India, it appears that his crimes against humanity have finally caught up with

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    1. As someone from Md., Annapolis, not Baltimore, I can say this is a recurring issue every few years. Other instances have been much worse. The gas lines are old and in poor shape. Many times people try to turn on a fan to “air it out” and end up causing a massive explosion. I think this is just a coincidence.

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    1. It’s all a stall, orchestrated, they could stall and reassign and have ‘en banc’ meetings until the sun goes supernova.

      And that’s exactly what they’ll do, and what they are doing.


  17. ENoCH Retweeted
    The Associated Press@AP

    BREAKING: Police say more than 100 arrests were made in Chicago after a night of looting and unrest and 13 officers were injured.

    More than 100 arrests, 13 officers hurt amid Chicago looting
    CHICAGO (AP) — More than 100 people were arrested Monday following a night of looting and unrest that left 13 officers injured and caused damage in the city’s upscale Magnificent Mile shopping…

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  18. ENoCH Retweeted
    John Solomon@jsolomonReports
    Breaking: California’s public health director abruptly resigns amid questions about state’s virus testing data | Just The News

    California’s public health director abruptly resigns amid questions about state’s virus testing data
    Dr. Sonia Angell’s resignation comes as California contends with an enormous data glitch in its infectious disease recording system.

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  19. Btw……a(nother) word on SD….

    He seems to think Trump’s re-election hinges on Durham issuing indictments prior to November.

    I, however, agree with Wictor….this election is already over and Trump is assured of a 2nd term.


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    1. I think there will be some indictments prior to the election and much more after. Think Joe diGenova was mentioning this this morning on WMAL. Don’t think the podcast link is up yet though…

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    2. The election should be in the bag, based on all we see and know, that I don’t need to repeat here. I do not think Pres. Trump’s reelection hinges on indictments being issued before November. IMO, indictments and the actions of the DOJ are not paramount concerns for most people. Health, jobs, education, the economy, safety, etc. — are.

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    3. People are assuming the COVID scam was their last blast. HA! Expect WORSE and BIGGER.

      Sundance is a masterful downside thinker. He is protecting against what are, to most here, “unknown unknowns”.

      Let me put it this way. There is a big space between “Trump is re-elected” and “Democrats are not in control of the Executive Branch”.

      It is imperative to make sure the latter is achieved. People have to know who the SCUM really are.

      People are not thinking just how much furniture the Democrats are going to throw at the china cabinet between now and the election, or after it. These are people who still own a significant portion of DOJ and every other agency including all of the medical industrial government complex.

      If the Democrats start SHOOTING the china cabinet, or get the drunk Chinese gangster across the street to “accidentally” drive his rented semi full of ammonium nitrate into the china cabinet, it should not surprise.

      This won’t be anything close to a normal 4-year election, IMO.

      The Dems and China with “former Soviet” ASSISTANCE on two of them launched THREE COUPS ALREADY.

      Get a grip of the handrails, people. They’re not just going to allow an easy lap into the finish line. Every dirty trick in the book. And the “Occupy White House” stuff is SOROS making his final stand. Color Revolution. CIA assisted. IN WASHINGTON.

      Get ready.

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      1. Now the GOOD news, ALL their attempts HAVE and will continue to FAIL. All their schemes do is REVEAL themselves even more, to be disinfected by SUNLIGHT.

        Trump will win, win BIGGER than 2016, and they will NEVER see it coming. They will TRY to stop him, but they will FAIL, and fail MISERABLY. If a f’ ing pandemic cannot stop him, nothing will. I KNOW they will try, but we are now over the event horizon, EVERYTHING they try only exposes them, weakens them, and STRENGTHENS Trump AND his supporters, which are GROWING hourly.

        The MORE they attack the STRONGER he and WE get. The Trump paradox. IF they were smart, they WOULD throw in the towel, throw up a sacrificial lamb or two, and go BACK under the rock and wait out till someone weak or stupid follows Trump to attack, but they are too STUPID to do that.

        IMHO this will be the Dems, MSM, and Globalist waterloo. They will be at their WEAKEST in a century after 2020 and Trump’s coat tails. hopefully, we ALL learn from it to NEVER let them get close again.

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      2. “People are assuming the COVID scam was their last blast. HA! Expect WORSE and BIGGER.”


        I do!


        “If the Democrats start SHOOTING the china cabinet, or get the drunk Chinese gangster across the street to “accidentally” drive his rented semi full of ammonium nitrate into the china cabinet, it should not surprise.”


        And that’s exactly the kind of thing that would expose the traitors to the whole world, and justify Trump using the military to wipe them all out, so it’s exactly the kind of thing we need.

        And just hope for as few civilian and military casualties as possible.

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          1. “Everybody needs to be prepared to hunker down a bit. IMO. The exciting conclusion WILL be very exciting.”


            If you know you can’t WIN the election, then what’s the NEXT BEST thing?

            No election at all.

            Utter chaos, which the enemy loves.

            Some massive ‘FF’ a couple days before the election would be all the MSM and corrupt Congress people on both sides of the UniParty imaginary aisle need to ‘demand’ that the election be delayed until an investigation determines Trump, er, I mean, who was responsible.

            In the meantime, the MSM insinuates that Trump is responsible for the massive ‘FF’, we’re in a ‘Constitutional crisis’ because the election didn’t happen, and rescheduling will take months, which creates the exact same situation as before.

            If you know you can’t win the re-scheduled election, then what’s the NEXT BEST thing?

            Force another delay, with another massive ‘FF’.

            Doing this is tantamount to a ‘stay of execution’, and as long as they can keep forestalling the election, the clock never strikes midnight, and the Guillotine never drops.

            If Trump wins, it’s all over.

            So how do you stop Trump from winning, if you know your guy CAN’T win?

            You stop the election from happening at all, that’s how.

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      3. “Every dirty trick in the book. And the “Occupy White House” stuff is SOROS making his final stand.”


        It would sure be interesting to know why Soros isn’t already dead or at GITMO.

        He’s not a foreign leader, he has no military, whatever armed security he has could be easily overcome by any actual nation-state’s military.

        Soros obviously has power and control (blackmail and bribery) over many governments, but he doesn’t control Trump, and he doesn’t control the United States military (or Delta Force, or Green Berets, or Navy SEALS, or Airborne Rangers, etc.).

        If Trump wanted Soros, Soros would either be dead or on a flight to GITMO with a black bag over his head.

        The only reason he isn’t, is because for reasons unknown, Trump hasn’t wanted to.


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    4. I hope that SD has the information and wisdom to correctly assess and use whatever he has acquired for the benefit of the country and the re-election of the President.

      My confidence in SD has been shaken since he forbade discussion of Q and banned so many, including PHC on his deathbed when he was trying to reach out to dear friends online to let them know of his situation and how to reach him.

      Intellect is sometimes not enough. Godly wisdom, fueled by righteous compassion must guide it.

      I pray God will forgive me and let me know if I am wrong, but although I recognize that SD has the ability to sift through countless pages of information and obtain gold from them, I cannot seem to get past the heart issues that allow me to feel connected qnd at peace with wll of his decisions.. I am no always sure that I trust him to do the right thing with his knowledge.

      I welcome your insights and that of others here and hope that we can somehow all still manage to come together to support our President and that SD will continue to stay in the fight WITH us.

      Liked by 12 people

    5. I don’t think enough people know or care about Durham on the fruited plain for it to make a difference in the election other than in the minds of those who follow it. Most people are more worried about school reopening, and whether or not they have a job to go to than indictments on crimes they know nothing about since it is not reported in the MSM.

      As for the election being over, so long as it can be secured the right combination of states, yes. The Democrats have cooked their own geese.

      Liked by 10 people

      1. DH and I talk about this…within our own families…spanning 4 generations in various areas of the country, and definitely both sides of the political divide….of about 20+ people there may be one that could even tell you who Durham is, his role or even care about it.

        Liked by 5 people

    6. Agree with the latter, the former not so much. IMHO Durham WILL indict before the election, but the election its self does NOT hinge solely on that. It hinges ON the economy. A BIGGER reveal would be to expose the Covid FRAUD. THAT would be a game changer. IMHO the BIG indictments come AFTER Trump is re elected. THEN it CAN’T be “political”

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  20. Cari Kelemen Retweeted

    Donald J. Trump@realDonaldTrump
    We have narrowed the Presidential Nomination Acceptance Speech, to be delivered on the final night of the Convention (Thursday), to two locations – The Great Battlefield of Gettysburg, Pennsylvania, and the White House, Washington, D.C. We will announce the decision soon!

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  21. Lin Wood@LLinWood
    Our Constitution must be protected. Our children must be protected. These are most important functions of our government. We have heard too many excuses. Put @jack & executives at @Twitter in prison.

    A video of man raping a toddler is not protected free speech. It is pure evil.
    Quote Tweet

    Chris WalkFlag of United States@CWALK19721

    · 4h
    Replying to @LLinWood @MDRipon70165642 and 3 others

    It is illegal under federal law (18 U.S.C. §2252) to produce, distribute, receive or possess any child pornography.

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  22. Mad Liberals Retweeted
    𝐖𝐚𝐭𝐜𝐡𝐌𝐀𝐆𝐀 Top with upwards arrow above (Parler: WatchMaga)@WatchMaga
    Watch the TOP 10 MEMES: America is One

    The Left tries to divide us but America remains united in bonds of faith, trust, and community. America’s people remain free and unafraid. This November, we will speak with one voice and reelect Donald Trump.

    TOP 10 MEMES America is One
    Despite the desperate efforts of the Left to divide us, America remains united as one. United in bonds of faith, trust, and community. Despite the efforts of…

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  23. definitely no longer on my places to see list…And why hasn’t The Spitter been locked up? gotta wear a mask for everyone else’s safety but he can spit at people? YUCK!
    Since city and state civil servants months ago unveiled Project Roomkey, to spend millions to house homeless in private hotels, San Franciscans have been horrified by a series of revelations in recent weeks, first reported on Press California.

    First, a jail bus was spotted dropping off guests at the Mark Hopkins, presumably inmates released early due to Covid. Second, city workers such as museum staff, rather than being furloughed, were drafted to serve as gophers to deliver marijuana and alcohol to homeless guests, paid with government funds.

    “The incentives are perverse. Free room and board encourages people to stay and move here even though they will never be able to afford living in such a city,” said one Twitter observer.

    As for the latest development at the Hopkins, city lovers theorized on Twitter about the cause: A meth lab? Bodily fluids? Used drugs? Ghostbusters?

    Regardless of the materials, “It’s going to be a hell of a bill,” Sandberg said.

    Such scandals have been the new normal on Nob Hill, home of several of the city’s most prestigious hotels, the elite the Pacific Union Club and luxury apartments with a veritable who’s who of old San Francisco.

    “The Spitter,” for example, lives up to his name on a regular basis, aiming mouth drivel at innocent passersby and the police without restraint or repercussion.

    And last week, a naked man was seen bathing in the nearby Huntington Park fountain. “I will not be missing that on my morning walk,” one Nob Hillian said.

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  24. Guys, this is IMPORTANT. I just had a reply to Gail in the news thread. I t brought to mind my training and some REAL world experiences.

    First some background that most already know, but some new may not.

    In my previous job, I worked for a MAJOR research facility, one that has multiple BSL 3 labs, clean rooms, research buildings, and MAJOR NIH, FDA, and govt funding. I am exceptionally qualified to comment on what I am bout to say.

    First lets just say as I have posted before, filtration and exposure is my specialty.

    Now to the point. We ALL missed it, me included. I always knew and have posted that masks are USELESS against a microscopic virus, like passing a mosquito through a chain-link fence. REAL virus filtration requires BETTER than HEPPA filtrations (99..97% of particulates). ALL the virus research labs use SCBA (Self Contained Breathing Apparatuses. Think the space suit that you see on movies like Out break and Virus. That is the ONLY way to stop a virus from getting into your system, and even THAT is not fool proof and requires sterilization

    That being said, I always thought, as others here have said, that the masks were both an inconvenience AND a psychological attack, bad guys wear masks, and masks promote the unknown and FEAR.

    But I was WRONG. It is even MORE insidious than that. It is SICK. and it WOULD require a medical knowledge to come up with this. It EXPLAINS the Fauci INSISTANCE on masks NOW, when at FIRST he was against them.

    Now, this is going to sound crazy, BUT, after ALL we have learned on Covid and the Cabal, is it REALLY?

    Masks are being MANDATED, even OUTDOORS, even ALONE. The stated reason is NOT to protect you (oh boy is THAT right) but to protect OTHERS.


    Look up hypercapnia

    hypercapnia is essentially CO2 (Carbon DIOXIDE) poisoning, it over whelms the O2 (Oxygen)in your blood, and replaces it. It is akin to its more commonly know CO (carbon Monoxide) poisoning that we ALL know about.

    Mild symptoms of hypercapnia include:
    flushed skin.
    drowsiness or inability to focus.
    mild headaches.
    feeling disoriented or dizzy.
    feeling short of breath.
    being abnormally tired or exhausted.

    Severe symptoms includes buildup of carbon dioxide can also damage the tissues and organs and further impair oxygenation of blood and, as a result, slow oxygen delivery to the tissues. Acute respiratory failure happens quickly and without much warning. IE DEATH.

    In my former industry, and in large newer venues and retrofitted older ones, there are CO2 monitors in the air streams monitoring the levels of CO2, just like they monitor CO. Alarms can and DO go off, requiring EVACUATION. Fresh air is the FIRST thing recommended, and building HVACS are equipped to “dump” in large amounts of fresh air and evacuate the “stale” air. so many complete “air changes” per hr or a cubic foot of air (think a box of air 1 foot tall, 1 foot deep, and 1 foot wide) each building “envelope” is required, depending upon usage,, equipment, and capacity to do so many complete air changes per hour.

    Now, this hypercapnia was COMMONLY mistaken for mold poisoning and “sick” building syndrome. It ACTUALLY was LACK of O2 due to HIGH levels of CO2.

    Now, knowing ALL that. What do you THINK a mask does, especially with EXCESS usage, hot or stressful situations which require MORE and RAPID breathing? (think ANY strenuous activity, like WORKING, EXERCISING, or even WALKING)

    The mask INHIBITS the free flow of OXYGEN, it restricts it. But WORSE, it ALSO inhibits and restricts the EXHALATION of CO2. That means we get LESS Oxygen IN to our lungs and MORE CO2 OUT of our lungs, and even recycled INTO our lungs. That can and I am sure DOES lead to Hypercapnia. INTENTIONALLY.

    What? Intentionally? YES!. Look at the symptoms of MILD to severe hypercapnia

    lushed skin.
    drowsiness or inability to focus.
    mild headaches.
    feeling disoriented or dizzy.
    feeling short of breath.
    being abnormally tired or exhausted.

    Sound FAMILIAR? It SHOULD. What are the symptoms of Coviud 19?

    body aches
    shortness of breath

    HMMM, sounds OFTLY like mild hypercapnia doesn’t it?

    Because it is MEANT to make people THINK they have Covid 19. Even the FLUSHED skin could be a symptom of a FEVER couldn’t it. Now WHY would they WANT people to THINK they had Covid, when in reality they had something else?

    Because, THEN they go and get a Covid test. I submit that MOST if not ALL of the Covid testing is a FRAUD, giving a FAR greater % of positive tests than are ACTUALLY occurring, i8 bet something close to or OVER 50%.

    Look at Mike Dewine of Ohio. He tested with a NEW covid test, and it gave a FALSE positive, then in FOUR subsequent tests, the more intrusive and longer to get back ones, he tested NEGATIVE. That is NOT an anomaly OR an accident, it is a coordinated PLAN. As I submit above are the masks.

    Masks used to REALLY make you sick, to the point you THINK you have Covid. See, Hypocapnia, just like CO poisoning is CUMULATIVE. That means once it reaches a certain level in the blood, you are in SERIOUS trouble, and not even fresh air will help, it requires PURE O2.

    Now the even MORE insidious part, once you go home for the 2 week quarantine, without your mask poisoning you, you FEEL BETTER, because you breathe NORMALLY.

    Think Ol Prex is full of it? Ever hear of a SCUBA rebreather? What do you THINK it is for?

    A rebreather is a breathing apparatus that absorbs the carbon dioxide of a user’s exhaled breath to permit the rebreathing (recycling) of the substantially unused oxygen content, and unused inert content when present, of each breath. Oxygen is added to replenish the amount metabolized by the user.

    See, divers KNOW what happens if you rebreathe CO2, and have known for OVER 100 years, yet here we are wearing masks, and poisoning ourselves.

    Hypercapnia is BAD stuff, here is more on it

    Hypercapnia changes the pH balance of your blood, making it too acidic. This can happen slowly or suddenly. If it happens slowly, your body may be able to keep up by making your kidneys work harder. Your kidneys release and reabsorb bicarbonate, a form of carbon dioxide, which helps keep your body’s pH level balanced

    In addition, the body uses other specific mechanisms to compensate for the excess carbon dioxide. Breathing rate and breathing volume increase, the blood pressure increases, the heart rate increases, and kidney bicarbonate production ( in order to buffer the effects of blood acidosis), occur.

    Gee, seems like Hypercapnia causes high blood pressure and heart strress too doesn’t it, and the MORE you work your lungs, the MORE you produce CO2 and NEED O2, which you are NOT getting in adequate levels.

    SEE the insidiousness of it, it could and probably HAS killed people, LOTS of people, and then their deaths from CO2 poisoning is blamed on, you guessed it, CoIn addition, the body uses other specific mechanisms to compensate for the excess carbon dioxide. Breathing rate and breathing volume increase, the blood pressure increases, the heart rate increases, and kidney bicarbonate production ( in order to buffer the effects of blood acidosis), 19.

    IMHO THIS is how we ALL should righteously and in unison ATTACK the mask narrative. Once people SEE that the masks they are being asked to use CONSTANTLY to “protect themselves” may ACTUALLY be KILLING them, SLOWLY. INSIDIOUS.

    I have recent REAL world experience. I recently went to a theme park, we were required to wear masks everywhere (except the water parks go figure) I noticed that for the first time EVER I was feeling the effects of motion sickness, something I NEVER had before. My family members ALL experienced the same thing.

    I decided to remove the mask immediately AFTER the last “Karen” in the ride cue, and do you KNOW what happened? I never again had a headache or motion sickness, no matter how much I rode, or what. A REAL WORLD experiment that PROVES my mask theory. Fresh air was the cure, the CAUSE was rebreathed CO2 and increased breathing due to the “thrill” rides.

    This TOLD me that the masks were MORE than psychological, they were physiological. Angry yet? I AM.

    This is ALL a plan to MAKE people sick, to mimic Covid, and to increase BOTH case numbers AND even deaths.

    Do your own research, see If I am wrong, I’m not folks, this is TOO coordinated. Time to ATTACK vigorously and get some REAL research done on the effects of masks.

    Liked by 5 people

    1. Air changes/hour=(CFM x 60)/Ft3…lol. I’m an air balance guy. I do fume hoods and stuff. The highest BSL I work in is an ABSL2. I don’t do certifying though…dirty work. You are very correct though about the CO2 poisoning and the need for fresh air.

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      1. WE had LOTS of you guys around for fume hoods, lab exhausts and etc. We had to have our hoods and their filters “gassed” to sterilize them. Dangerous messy work. Necessary though. The balance guys had FITS with our two clean rooms. LOL. One room positive, the other negative, ALL BIOMAXX and above filtered

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          1. Wieking in surgical units you can tell me, are they still pumping extra O2 for the surgical staff into the suites? Between that and the extra chill temps people using the nursesxand dictors wear masks all day excuse doesnt cut it, for how they want us to use them.
            My childs school said if they are doing any exercise indoors they must wear masks. So glad I told them we arent coming back this year.

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            1. The procedure rooms I work in are not for people, they are animal labs. Not the same. We do more air exchanges though to keep the air fresh. Ifg you have low air changes, it’s kind of like “sick building syndrome”. People nod off at the desk, etc…

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    2. “IMHO THIS is how we ALL should righteously and in unison ATTACK the mask narrative. Once people SEE that the masks they are being asked to use CONSTANTLY to “protect themselves” may ACTUALLY be KILLING them, SLOWLY. INSIDIOUS.”

      I’ve tried and gotten massive pushback.

      The people who are all in on the narrative will have no questioning of it, just like 9-11, and a few other truths that refuse to penetrate. There’s an emotional block of some sort, plus a worship like attention to “experts” and their “evolving” opinions. One of my SJW friends…it’s going to take one of her kids getting sick from the mask wearing to penetrate the “truth” she knows about masks.

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      1. Sometimes you cannot tell people, you must SHOW them. Your friend will be one of the FIRST bitching and crying when she finds out she was LIED to by here “trusted heroes” Fauci and the MSM.

        Ron White “you can’t fix STUPID” All we can do is try and tell them the truth, and HOPE they wake up BEFORE a tragedy happens.

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        1. Rex, you will be happy to know at the last party (mostly black in Durham) A passerby was walking on the street. I stopped him and told him he should not wear the mask unless he was near people it was bad for him. I told him that the heat and sunlight kills the virus and that is why we get flu in the winter and not the summer. He said thanks and ripped off his mask. (None of the people at the parties wore masks Saturday.)

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        2. I have a real medical question.

          First of all, I think you’re right. There’s a doc on Twitter who diagnosed a patient with low pH urine due to excretion of CO2 from mask wearing – she was very proud of solving the medical mystery. Hypercapnia for sure. Also, lefty trolls have fought off the hypercapnia using many techniques and very strong efforts, so I think you’re right there, too.

          NOW – here is the deal. Oximeters are not very good for proving the hypoxic BRAIN effects for several reasons, including cumulative, lagging, difference, etc. (being very short here – you understand). BUT what we need to do is ANY method for proving mask hypercapnia that WE can do.

          Are there blood, pulse, urine, or other tests for CO2 levels that we could use?

          Liked by 3 people

              1. Saw a video where Del BigTree was using a CO2 meter to illustrate the CO2 levels at the bottom of various masks his son was wearing for demonstration purposes.

                Liked by 1 person

          1. There ARE small finger O2 meters readily available and cheap, I think there are ALSO ph urine kits for kidney patients readily available, perhaps even a new diabetic blood meter, also readily available would tell you ph in the blood, maybe even O2, as well as glucose, IF we could find a correlation between O2 levels and glucose in the blood we are golden!

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    3. Can you imagine being in school all day wearing a mask??? Can you imagine what this is doing to our young children and their stilling forming bodies?

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