Dear KMAG: 20200810 Open Topic

This Stormwatch Monday Open Thread is VERY OPEN – a place for everybody to post whatever they feel they would like to tell the White Hats, and the rest of the MAGA/KMAG/KAG world (with KMAG being a bit of both).

Yes, it’s Monday…again.


But it’s okay! We’ll get through it.

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        3. If you bring snacks, bring enough for everyone.


For your listening enjoyment, I offer this composition from AShamaluevMusic, titled ‘Epic Inspiration’:


Wheatie’s Word of the Day:


Logorrhea is a noun which means… an excessive use of words, often incoherent talkativeness or wordiness; morbid loquacity and rapidity of speech.

In psychology, logorrhea or logorrhoea (from Ancient Greek λόγος logos “word” and ῥέω rheo “to flow”) is a communication disorder that causes excessive wordiness and repetitiveness, which can cause incoherency.

Used in a sentence:

Jim Acosta suffers from the logorrhea that infects so much of the corrupt Enemedia.


624 thoughts on “Dear KMAG: 20200810 Open Topic

  1. My White Lab Coat

    My white lab coat will deceive the nation,
    All for a big cash advance.
    My white lab coat and no explanations,
    Don’t listen to Raoult in France.

    Though I knew it long ago,
    HCQ will stop this show.
    But my rigged trials will hold your minds;
    The other tests, they’ll be maligned.

    My white lab coat with the Gates Foundation –
    Zelenko won’t stand a chance.
    My white lab coat and Pharma’s donations,
    We’ve got the world in a trance.

    Wear a mask where e’er you go,
    It’s all the new status quo.
    And our vaccine can’t be declined;
    We’ll have our way with all mankind.

    My white lab coat is your adoration;
    The world is now my expanse.
    My white lab coat is your salvation;
    You fell for my song and dance.

    Trump just told me where to go,
    But the Stafford Act, I know,
    Will put him in a great big bind.
    Yes, I’m the One, the Mastermind!

    My white lab coat and the Lib’s ovations –
    Well, I’m set up now for good!

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  2. This, if true, is an incredibly encouraging sign!

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    1. Over 18 million views already. I just shared with some family members and friends that get all of their news from TV. Hopefully it’ll wake some of them from their FakeNews stupor.

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  3. WOW, even the computer AIs understand how dehumanizing the masks are!

    The cabal are masters at human psychology and understand this well. This is why they are hellbent on forcing everyone into a mask. You may consciously recognize it as a mask, but the unconscious interprets things differently. The unconscious probably interprets images of masked people as something similar to these AIs–distorted, inhuman faces, gagged faces, swapped genders. This is why I absolutely refuse to wear a “traditional” mask and stick to using a scarf. I strongly recommend others do the same if possible. Avoid their psychological warfare as much as possible.


    Google’s AI thinks women wearing masks have mouths covered with duct tape

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  4. In searching for any News about what is going on in China with the Three Gorges Dam…I ran across this video:

    A Chinee billionaire thinks that the “Dam collapse is eminent.”

    Yeah okay…there are quite a few who are saying that; it still remains a big question mark, though.

    One interesting tidbit I picked up on, is that the Dam ‘was not designed for flood control’…instead, it was created to generate electricity.

    I’m still gobsmacked that they built the Dam…in sections…rather than one continuous construction!

    They were in such a big hurry to get it built, that they had separate teams, building separate sections.
    Then they connected the sections.
    I am not an engineer…but it remains to be seen if this was the best way to do it.

    What hit me in the above video, is the part about the “Bitcoin miners”.

    Bitcoin miners“…?

    I didn’t know what that is, so I did a little searching.

    Apparently ‘Bitcoin miners’ are not actually miners who mine for some sort of bitcoin ore.
    It seems like they are people who sit on a computer and ‘mine’ the internet for new Bitcoin buyers…?

    I ran across this video about it:

    Most of this 👆 made my eyes glaze over.
    It’s hard for me to visualize the ‘blockchain’.

    But what’s interesting is that there is such a Huge Number of Bitcoin Miners in China!
    That first video said:
    “Last year, Coinshares reported the concentration in China was around 64%.”

    Is this Bitcoin business just a big Ponzi Scheme?
    I can’t help but wonder.

    It’s not real money, is it?

    Anyway…because those Bitcoin miners in China need a constant source of electricity, there are thousands of them who have located themselves downstream from the 3 Gorges Dam.

    And if the Dam goes…they will be wiped out.

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    1. The short, inaccurate, but it’ll get you to understanding what it does approximation — is that blockchain takes a previous link and adds new data, then creates an encrypted guarantee that a new link is valid. Tomorrow’s blockchain will take your link, add new data, and append an encrypted guarantee that its new link is valid.

      Note that (a) nothing guarantees that the data is valid — only that it is properly linked; (b) if the encryption method is blown, the whole thing goes up in flames; and (c) this scheme gradually accumulates a whole lot of irrelevant data to prove that what you did 10 minutes ago is in the system.

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    2. My previous pseudoexplainer leads inevitably to the question of “what is bitcoin?” Bitcoin is a “currency” that is tracked on a blockchain. To get a bitcoin, you have to devote a lot of computer CPU time on a seemingly arbitrary task that will end up with a number that allows you to enter the blockchain. This is known as “BitCoin mining”.

      I have long suspected that the NSA was very involved in this process, and that each BitCoin actually represents the key to an old adversary’s cipher. When the bitcoin is logged onto the blockchain, NSA computers decrypt everything in their vaults encrypted by that method.

      OTOH, you can buy things and sell things with BitCoin, redeem for dollars and purchase for dollars.

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    3. I strongly suspect that Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies were part of the big cabal plan to destroy the American dollar and eventually usher in their cashless system. Remember when Facebook was going to launch their own currency with a bunch of other big corporations on board? It even had the three lines symbol.

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      1. Thank you, Sadie.
        I found myself having the same suspicion when reading about Bitcoin.

        It would be another way to Control Us.

        And…what would happen if there were a Massive Power Outage?
        The ‘cashless system’ depends on Electricity!

        It could happen as a result of a natural event…such as a big CME from the Sun.

        Or it could happen from a planned, man-made event.

        If you wanted to throw a large area of the planet into chaos…just force them into a ‘cashless system’ and then destroy their electrical grid.

        The elites would be insulated from it.
        Then they could take over afterward.

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        1. The push to “green energy” which can not even begin to provide enough power for current consumption. Talk to Germans about this or Australians.

          Has any seen the Amazon ads to go full green by 2040?


  5. Twit world is hard core censoring/deleting/suppressing this tweet image (I don’t know what it is), but I wondered if re-tweeting it w/ comment would reveal it. Hope it’s not offensive…defending to the death & all 🙂

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        1. Yep.
          And Halper…I wonder where he is now.

          It’s interesting that Schrage was Chief of Staff for Senator Scott Brown.

          Scott Brown is now our Ambassador to New Zealand.
          And as we’ve been seeing…NZ is where a lot of elitists are running to.

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          1. NZ is in CCP proggie hell!

            But they’ve managed to BEAT HERD IMMUNITY by 100%, by ELIMINATING China Virus on their islands, so if there is a way to kill off people with corona vaccines, that’s where they could totally depopulate the islands!

            More seriously (because nobody is THAT obvious), what NZ has done is made themselves guinea pigs for a “100% non-natural immunity” strategy, if they go with vaccines. They basically MUST vaccinate, or simply keep all infected people off the islands forever.

            They have almost nobody with natural immunity to COVID-19, and it will stay that way.

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            1. True, they only have 22 CV deaths and are being heavily marketed for the vaccine. it will be interesting to see which type vaccine they opt in for.

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      1. From the thread reader:

        …”He not only invited and introduced Page to Halper, he also introduced him to what he called the “Cambridge Four” of “Washed up Spies”. Stefan Halper, Steele, Richard Dearlove, & Christopher Andrew.”

        “Washed up Spies” my foot… RICHARD DEARLOVE is high up in the Cabal………………..

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      Talk about exposing someone.

      Yeah, this guy is as dirty as an unwashed street gutter and Maria B. got taken in. The fact that he impugns Devin Nunes…who was talking about him a year ago…is proof he is a douche bag.

      He is 100% trying to deflect attention and part of an increasingly obvious effort to blame everything on the FBI. DOJ, CIA, State Dept. et al. are all positioning to say “We didn’t know. Don’t blame us. It was the FBI.”

      Interesting that Comey hasn’t tweeted since July 24. That’s a lot of silence for him.

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        1. With daughter dearest working at the SDNY and close to the Epstein case this could create open up a new fissure if Comey isn’t accepting of his new role.

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      1. Possibly, but I don’t think so. Given his history as presented on the thread of Roscoe’s, he’s probably more along the lines of the canary in the coal mine to set the narrative before the fallout from various investigations. They’ll try to claim that all of the investigations are political in nature despite criminal activity uncovered.

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  6. As part of a continuing series on “Preparing For the Unexpected”, I got myself a Flo-Bee haircut rig some years back. I tried it out a couple of times, but — while acceptable to me, the Fiancee liked Supercuts better on me — which generally doesn’t break the bank.

    As with everything else in this house, if it is not being used at this exact second it can be rudely shoved aside and buried in unrelated crud. I’ve been looking to “put the band back together” with it for a couple of weeks — interrupted by emergency refrigerator repair — and finally found my last piece this afternoon. And about half an hour ago I reassembled it and sheared-off the hair overgrowth since my county locked-down barbers.

    I’ll see if it looks ok tomorrow after I shampoo it, but for now it’s lighter, it’s cooler, and I feel quicker. Considering that these idiots are looking to lock down until November 4th, it makes me feel like Joe Preparation-Man to have the option available.

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      1. The fact is, the old rules for the FCC are just wildly obsolete. This was obvious when broadcast TV was forced to give up spectrum in favor of new technologies, and their politically-driven BS waffling over the process has made things significantly worse.

        US over-the-air bandwidth is a public good and subject to regulation. It should be leased at market rates to those who would use it, with proceeds to the US Treasury, for reasonable periods. Unlike the days of AM and FM, this should probably be not more than 10 years. If you deploy something in your bandwidth that interferes with other bandwidth, you can either lease that bandwidth yourself and ignore it, contact the lessee of that bandwidth and negotiate a mutual arrangement, or expect the FCC to shut you down after a complaint from that lessee.

        A couple of simple glosses would seem to make sense from a public benefit standpoint — the first would be the “continuity benefit” — if you leased 88.46MHz to 88.54MHz for 1/1/19-12/31/29 for $100M, and someone else bid $100M for the decade after, it would suit the public if you could renew at $80M to keep things as they were — but if the other guy bids $200M, you should be SOL.

        The next gloss would be for liquidation-type bankruptcies. If a company was building WiFi cards to use a particular bandwidth and is going into liquidation, there is a good chance that all previous cards will cease to receive support and no further cards will be made….which leaves the prospect of someone “poaching” that bandwidth for nefarious purposes. Auctioning a new 10-year lease on that bandwidth would reset a stable window of supported devices and bandwidth going forward.

        Long-term assets (e.g. GPS, NASA) that are inconvenient to change could be granted longer, or even permanent (e.g. interferes with pacemakers) leases.

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  7. Occam’s razor by Carlos… 😉

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    1. Good. Let me dump some logorrhea here. 😉

      IMO that’s very close to mathematically correct Occam’s, but not quite. The same independence from simplicity applied to the totality of a solution needs to apply to the totality of inputs as well. The quality of the assumptions is far more important than the number, since not all assumptions are as dangerous as others. Quality is affected by the topology of those assumptions over many problems. Thus, a Trump Total Hunch which fits everything he knows will lead to better Occam-based choices than most modern American academic “proofs” using “facts” which are supported by consensus, authority and even longevity.

      And that doesn’t even get into the limited knowledge problem, since Thomas and I cannot agree on what are FACTS and what are assumptions, about many topics over which either of us has personal knowledge the other one does not.

      Nevertheless, very glad to see that Thomas is blowing down the walls of anti-complexity which keep the sheep penned up on Cabal Farms.

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      1. I wondered if Occam would lead to a Wolf sighting! Love your take, even if it’s above my paygrade…well since I’ve not had a paycheck in a number of years technically Everything is above my “pay” grade 😉

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        1. I’ve always had strong opinions about anything even remotely scientific which is politically abused by the left. Dem trolls used Occam’s razor as a tool of argument for a long time, until people got wise to the fact that “agreed facts” are not in fact facts. 😀 OR used to be a mainstay of their arsenal when they attacked Breitbart commenters, back in the day.

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    1. I know that this image is enhanced and symbolic, but there are quite a number of plants that produce new growth on sunlit branches and allow shaded branchings to die-off. In nature, over years, they produce globes of verdant growth with multiple dead sticks inside and dead leaves and debris in the dry branches and on the ground.

      It can lead to annoying landscape effects, but it the nature of the plant.

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      1. Did you watch the short video in the tweet…the guy “shows” that the side of the tree next to the 5G emitter is dead…not proof, but worth looking into further…& yes I agree that the cycles of plant life are quite varied & often complex…

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  8. We visited the birth cousins years ago to show our kids my husband’s home state & where we honeymooned in Estes Park, gateway to Rocky Mountain National Park…

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  9. Looks like important stuff here…wow…I haven’t read all of this so just sharing FYI…

    above link goes to this:

    Here are the clickable topics, fyi…

    SUMMER 2001 – Volume 1, Issue 3
    from TrueDemocracy Website

    Table of Contents


    1. The Executive Branch
    Council on Foreign Relations
    Trilateral Commission
    The Bilderberg Group
    National Security Council
    Joint Chiefs of Staff
    National Program Office
    Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA)

    2. Intelligence Branch
    National Security Agency (NSA)
    National Reconnaissance Office (NRO)
    National Reconnaissance Organization
    Central Intelligence Agency (CIA)
    Federal Bureau of Investigation, Counter Intelligence Division (FBI)
    Department of Energy Intelligence
    NSA’s Central Security Service and CIA’s Special Security Office
    U.S. Army Intelligence and Security Command (INSCOM)
    U.S. Navy Office of Naval Intelligence (ONI)
    U.S. Air Force Office of Special Investigations (AFOSI)
    Defense Intelligence Agency (DIA)
    NASA Intelligence
    Air Force Special Security Service
    Defense Industry Security Command (DISCO)
    Defense Investigative Service
    Naval Investigative Service (NIS)
    Air Force Electronic Security Command
    Drug Enforcement Agency (DEA)
    Federal Police Agency Intelligence
    Defense Electronic Security Command
    Project Deep Water
    Project Paperclip

    3. War Department
    CIA’s Directorate for Science and Technology
    Strategic Defense Initiative Office (SDIO)
    Ballistic Missile Defense Org. (BMDO)
    Department of Energy (DOE)
    Lawrence Livermore National Laboratories
    Sandia National Laboratories-West (SNL-W)
    Idaho National Engineering Laboratories (INEL)
    Sandia National Laboratories (SNL)
    Phillips Air Force Laboratory
    Tonapah Test Range
    Haystack (Buttes) USAF Laboratory, Edwards AFB, California
    Los Alamos National Laboratories
    Area 51/Groom Lake (USAF/DOE/CIA) Base & S-4 (Papoose Lake Base)

    U.S. Special Forces Command
    Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency (DARPA)
    The Jason Group
    Aquarius Group
    Defense Science Board
    Defense Nuclear Agency
    U.S. Space Command

    North American Aerospace Defense Command (NORAD)
    Air Force Office of Space Systems
    National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA)
    NASA’s Ames Research Center
    Project Cold Empire
    Project Snowbird
    Project Aquarius
    Project MILSTAR
    Project Tacit Rainbow
    Project Timberwind
    Project Code EVA
    Project Cobra Mist
    Project Cold Witness

    4. Weapons Industry
    Stanford Research Institute, Inc.
    RAND Corporation
    Edgerton, Germhausen & Greer Corporation
    Wackenhut Corporation
    Bechtel Corporation
    United Nuclear Corporation
    Walsh Construction Company
    Aerojet (Genstar Corporation)
    Reynolds Electronics Engineering
    Lear Aircraft Company
    Northrop Corporation
    Hughes Aircraft
    Lockheed-Maritn Corporation
    McDonnell-Douglas Corporation
    BDM Corporation
    General Electric Corporation
    PSI-TECH Corporation
    Science Applications International Corporation (SAIC)

    5. Financial Department
    Federal Reserve System
    CIA self-financing
    Department of Justice self-financing
    Special Forces self-financing

    Regular Features

    Myth Breakers

    Did You Know?
    Part 1- AIFLD in Central America: Agents as Organizers
    Part 2- Children, Labor, Fraud, Elite Groups
    Part 3- Israeli Draft Resister, World Economic Forum members

    America’s Concerns
    Part 1- Public School Education
    Part 2- Stem Cell Research
    Part 3- Government Surveillance
    Part 4- Who Are the Real Criminals?

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    1. Here’s another link to perhaps similar info…

      above leads to this link:

      Here’s the contents there:

      The Invisible Government

      by David Wise and Thomas B. Ross

      from AmericanBuddha Website

      Table of Contents

      The Invisible Government

      48 Hours



      The Case of The Birmingham Widows

      A History

      Burma – The Innocent Ambassador

      Indonesia – “Soldiers of Fortune”

      Laos – The Pacifist Warriors

      Vietnam – The Secret War

      Guatemala – CIA’s Banana Revolt

      The Kennedy Shake-up

      The Secret Elite

      The National Security Agency

      The Defense Intelligence Agency

      CIA – “It’s Well Hidden”

      CIA – The Inner Workings

      The Search for Control

      Purity in The Peace Corps

      A Gray Operation

      Missile Crisis

      Electronic Spies

      Black Radio

      CIA’s Guano Paradise

      The 1960 Campaign – And Now

      A Conclusion


      Return to Temas / Sociopolitica

      Return to Temas / Libros-Tratados

      Return to The Secret Shadow Government

      Return to CIA – The Central Intelligence Agency

      Return to The NSA – The Super Secret National Security Agency

      Found the above at this tweet:

      Just sharing all of this stuff FYI for there’s no way I could review all that material, nor do I have the background to “know” what’s legit….

      Here’s the source site for the above info & this cursorily looks rather suspect…hmmm…
      I think they are using the name “Trungpa” for Trump but not sure…

      Caution w/all this stuff

      Here’s the source link for the info in the comment this comment is in reply to:

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  10. Hey guys, I copied the bulk of the conversation following one of my Josiah Prayer Request comments over to the main medical blog I keep on him at Caring Bridge. Well my parents stopped by CB & read this tiny Q-Tree conversation…they said something like it seemed like we were a club of Brains!

    I did get invited Once back in high school to a Brain Party…& the only thing I recall is that none of my actual friends were there & the hostess was obsessed with The Beatles.

    😉 ❤ 🙂 please enjoy my "expanded" keyboard emojis…& I thought the < 3 version of a "heart" (hope it shows that way) was more along the lines of a well endowed lady in an oversize dunce cap…no offence intended DP…

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  11. Here’s some interesting Clintonian connections…

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    1. Not sure we want to end this crap pretty quick.

      I think the violent BLM/ANITFA crap is effectively red-pilling more Americans than anything we could do. Moreover, I WANT the Antifa/BLM street leaders out in the open where they can be filmed, ID’d, and subsequently locked away or being the feral animals they are.

      Everyone knows these people don’t give 2 schiffs about black lives, that they are all leftists, and this is 100% politically driven, election-related, coordinated and controlled leftist drivel.

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      1. Saw a post on 4chan recently claiming that the Trump Administration is letting the Leftists have their tantrum now so that they come down on them hard after the President secures a second term. It at least sounds plausible….

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        1. And by “letting them have their tantrum,” I mean they’re quietly gathering evidence and rooting out the foreign cash funding them. Forgot that part.

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      2. ” I WANT the Antifa/BLM street leaders out in the open where they can be filmed, ID’d, and subsequently locked away or being the feral animals they are.”

        The one fly in the ointment there is that the terrorists do all their dirty work under cover of darkness. The one video of an asset extraction was in a well lit area, but it was still in the middle of the night. I wouldn’t mind seeing them perp walked, though.

        My question is who is posting bail for the cretins. THOSE are the people I really want exposed – the financiers.

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        1. I am sure they are tracing ALL of it.

          Domestic terrorism: Violent, criminal acts committed by individuals and/or groups to further ideological goals stemming from domestic influences, such as those of a political, religious, social, racial, or environmental nature.



          18 U.S. Code CHAPTER 113B—TERRORISM

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  13. Regarding 5G and the health risks it could pose…

    Birds might literally be our ‘canaries in a coal mine’.

    From Sydney:

    “Is 5G Safe? | Sydney’s Smart Cell Lamp Posts – Radiation EXPOSED”

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    1. …. look 👀 at the miserable LITTLE turd 💩 faowchee’s face … it is soooooooo smackable … toss him to the citizens, let them deliver justice …

      … 😑😖😐😑😖😑😐😖🤚‼️ …

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  14. AG Barr was on Mark Levin’s show last night.

    It is good.

    Barr says that the media is giving a False Narrative about the violent Antifa/BLM riots and demonstrations.

    If this video 👆 gets deleted…you can see clips and read a good article about it at Right Scoop:
    The Right Scoop doesn’t use GoogTube clips in that 👆 article.

    H/T The Liberty Daily.

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    1. Ok that’s not how it works. You do it like this 👇


      Remedy for the eye bleach warning above warning…












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      1. So you must be heterosexual male or identify as lesbian female 😉

        For some reason that reminds me of the time my husband, then boyfriend, first came home with me to meet the family. We were en-route to/from? my parents’ Detroit church & had stopped to get gas. Michael decided to pump the gas & my mom went in to pay. She came out disgusted by a men’s mag she saw inside called “Jiggling Jugs!” We still crack up on that one…

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    2. What is wrong with me?! I instantly thought it looked better on bill … since when do I like men in dresses!?! I don’t – she is just that clunky in that dress. pathetic

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  15. File this under…Dems Are Guano Loco.


    Metro Nashville Council Member Wants People Not Wearing a Mask to Be Charged with Murder or Attempted Murder


    Democrat 👆.
    …………..From the article:

    Metro Nashville At-Large Council Member Sharon Hurt said Wednesday during a virtual meeting of the Joint Public Safety and Health Committee that there should be stronger legislation for those not wearing masks and suggested they be charged with murder or attempted murder.

    Hurt said that she works for an organization that, “If they pass the virus, then they are tried for murder or attempted murder.”

    Hurt thinks the same standard should apply to the general public.

    […] Hurt’s suggestion comes as the Nashville-Davidson County COVID-19 dashboard indicates a recent decline in new daily cases of COVID-19 and a fatality rate of 0.9 percent.

    ……………..More at the link.

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    1. What about Governors and Nursing Homes and unnecessary deaths?

      Just like the Marxists – making up imaginary infractions – wonder if she is getting ‘Trounced on Twitter’

      This is carrying the ‘Karen KGB’ too far!!!

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    1. THAT’S the way to go!!!!

      Let the EXPERTS DUKE IT OUT!

      Much better and more convincing for the general public.

      Interesting that Dr. Glidden in this Dr Janda video mentions looking at the deaths @ CDC listed for Corona Crud/Flu/Pneumonia and the numbers are at a normal level for Flu/Pneumonia at this point.


      Note the spike is from FEBRUARY (week 10) until MAY (week 20) the smaller spike is probably from people coming in from Mexico.

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  17. There were organized riots and looting in Chicago last night.

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    When I was just starting out, I had a late nite radio show. It was a tiny little station (which is why they hired me . . .) with only a few listeners. Playing anything by Sinatra never failed to get phone requests for more. No big surprise about that . . .

    Frank Sinatra – Misty

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