8.9.20 News Roundup! I Am Begging Crazy Nancy and Crying Chuck To Take PDJT To Court For Signing the Four Executive Orders, PDJT Set the PERFECT Trap That They Jumped Feet First Into, PDJT’s Press Conference, How Cutting the Payroll Tax Helps Employees, Employers and the Unemployed, Kanye West Has Their Heads Exploding On Why He Is Getting On Ballots, Governor Kristi Noem Is Raising Her Exposure To Another Level, PDJT and His Killers Are Destroying China On A Day In and Day Out Basis, Trump Boat Parades Happening All Over the Country (Video Thread)…..

The greatest gift in the world that the Democrats can do for us is to find the most liberal judge out there and sue to stop the four Executive Orders that our President signed yesterday.

You want to talk about political suicide, that is exactly what would happen. A vast majority of Americans are excited about what our President did. They are now expecting to reap the benefits of his Executive Orders. I BEG Democrats to stop it immediately!

Please Crazy Nancy and Crying Chuck!

The article below does the best job to describe exactly what suspending the payroll tax will do for Americans.

From the article linked above:

While Democrats, the media, and even some Republicans have expressed their disapproval towards a potential suspension of the payroll tax, this move will do more to revitalize the American economy than any trillion-dollar stimulus package. A payroll tax suspension would greatly benefit our country’s frontline workers, resulting in an immediate raise for millions of American employees.

Opponents insist that this measure would do nothing for the unemployed, but this could not be further from the truth. President Trump’s executive order would put cash back in the hands of businesses that would otherwise be confiscated by the federal government, thereby enabling companies to hire additional workers.

[…] President Trump’s decisive action will result in robust economic growth, and a pay boost to those who need it most in this critical period.

I LOVE that our President took the time to outline exactly what the Democrats were trying to pass in the stimulus bill. Nothing to do with the pandemic and everything to do with helping bailout poorly run Democrat states and push their BS election fraud.

Yesterday our President held a press conference while also signing four Executive Orders.

[Video and Transcript Below]


Here are some shorter video clips:

You can find the four Executive Orders in the links below:

1) The first executive order signed is a payroll tax holiday for Americans making less than $100,000 [Details Here] President Trump stated: “If I’m victorious, November 3rd, I plan to forgive these taxes and make permanent cuts to the payroll tax and to make them more permanent.”

2) The second executive order is directed to “the Department of Housing and Urban Development, HHS and CDC, to make sure renters and homeowners can stay in their homes.“ [Details Here]

3) “The third executive action I’m taking today will also provide additional support for Americans who are unemployed, due to the China virus. Under the CARES act I proudly signed I expanded unemployment benefits into law.” Benefits will be $400/week. [Details Here]

4) The fourth executive order is a “directive providing relief to student loan borrowers.” The policy will be extended through the end of the year. [Details Here]

The action taken by our President today highlights a simple reality between him and his predecessor. BHO signed an EO to help illegal aliens. Our President signed an EO to help as many Americans as possible.

Today was the perfect day to remind voters what SleepyCreepy Joe wants to do to our taxes.

The Democrats, MSM, Leftists, Never Trumpers etc. are screaming that our President has cancelled SS and Medicare. He actually wanted them to do just that. He is going to remind Americans that BHO did the same thing in 2011. People have collected their SS and have had Medicaid since then.

Plus those that collect SS will receive their checks on September, October and November 1st.

From the article linked above:

[…] First, some background about the tax, and the tax cut, that Obama is referring to. The payroll tax refers to federal taxes taken directly from the paychecks of employed Americans. It is primarily used to fund Social Security and Medicare.

The policy Obama signed into law temporarily reduced the portion of the payroll tax that funds Social Security by 2 percentage points. It is in force for the duration of 2011.

I LOVE the fact that Kanye West has admitted what his intentions are. This will drive the Democrats, MSM, Leftists, Never Trumpers etc. even more crazy. He submitted the paperwork to be on the Wisconsin, Colorado ballots on November 3rd.

For those black voters that are disgusted with SleepyCreepy Joe continuing to throw them under the bus and the Democrat Party doing nothing to better their lives, they can vote for Kanye if they aren’t quite comfortable to vote for our President.

This can only help and won’t hurt at all!

I also think this would allow our President to debate Kanye if SleepyCreepy Joe decides he isn’t going to show up. The ratings would be through the roof and will allow our President to speak to the electorate. It also gives Kanye exposure knowing our President won’t be going after him if he is serious about running in 2024.

From the article linked above:

Amid various reports that Republican and Trump-affiliated political operatives are trying to get Kanye West onto various state ballots for November’s presidential election, the billionaire rap superstar indicated, in an interview by text today, that he was in fact running to siphon votes from the presumptive Democratic nominee, Joe Biden.

Asked about that directly, West said that rather than running for president, he was “walking,” quickly adding that he was “walking . . . to win.”

When it was pointed out that he actually can’t win in 2020—that he won’t be on enough ballots to yield 270 electoral votes, and that a write-in campaign isn’t feasible—and thus was serving as a spoiler, West replied: “I’m not going to argue with you. Jesus is King.”

[…] Texts from West to me earlier this summer repeatedly ended with the sign-off “Trump 2020,” and a fist raised high.

[…] However, he was reticent to criticize Trump besides that. “Trump is the closest president we’ve had in years to allowing God to still be part of the conversation,” he said.

And West was eager to criticize Biden, and expressed comfort with the idea of doing damage to the former vice president’s White House chances. “I’m not denying it; I just told you.”

Crazy Nancy and Shitty will begin hearings immediately to impeach our President again for colluding with Kanye and messing with their plantation hold on the black vote.

This young woman and man get it!

Love these tweets from Governor Noem! She absolutely gets it. She understands that she is building a rapport with our President’s base. Governor DeSantis is my top choice but Governor Noem is a close second. She very well could be our first woman president and as soon as 2024.

I would LOVE to see Antifa show up in South Dakota right now!

I absolutely enjoyed reading this article yesterday! China is being destroyed every single day by our President and his Killers.

From the article linked above:

The Trump administration is willing to pay for U.S. companies to uproot their supply chains and bring them home from China, according to the president’s top economic adviser.

[…] “We welcome any Americans companies in Hong Kong or China mainland, we will do what we can for full expensing and pay the cost of moving if they return their supply chains and their production to the United States,” chief White House economic adviser Larry Kudlow told FOX Business’ Stuart Varney on Tuesday.

[…] “I think taking over Hong Kong’s national security parameters and judgments was a mistake,” Kudlow said. “They’re supposed to have one country and two systems, and now we’re seeing an attempt, I think, to have one country and only one system.”

Checkout the videos of the different Trump boat parades that took place across our country:

104 thoughts on “8.9.20 News Roundup! I Am Begging Crazy Nancy and Crying Chuck To Take PDJT To Court For Signing the Four Executive Orders, PDJT Set the PERFECT Trap That They Jumped Feet First Into, PDJT’s Press Conference, How Cutting the Payroll Tax Helps Employees, Employers and the Unemployed, Kanye West Has Their Heads Exploding On Why He Is Getting On Ballots, Governor Kristi Noem Is Raising Her Exposure To Another Level, PDJT and His Killers Are Destroying China On A Day In and Day Out Basis, Trump Boat Parades Happening All Over the Country (Video Thread)…..

            1. how cool is that?
              when you used to take our bike on “tours” NE, Great Lakes, Smokies, etc…the greatest thing was the fellow travelers you meet…everybody we met was nice–buy-you-a-beer kinda folks.

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      1. Oh yeah, … that’s fer shure don’t ‘cha know … 😎🤚‼️ … miserable indoctrinated, over educated/sarc dumb as a box of rocks candy *ass sissies with a really cruel mean streak .. shit hell on them .. 🤨

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  1. I hope our VSG President has his own cheering section in the back of all future press conferences!

    I mean…why not?
    The leftist press curs are a cheering section for the Left, who voice their sentiments in the way they structure their ‘questions’.

    So why can’t the President have an equal number of Patriots present, to represent their sentiments!

    And I loved how our VSG walked out when that press wench wouldn’t shut up.
    Hah. 😄👍

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  2. “I would LOVE to see Antifa show up in South Dakota right now!”

    Yes, please.
    The entertainment value would be through the roof!

    Thank you for these Great News Roundups, Fle!
    I really appreciate all the work you do, rounding up all the good stuff for us!

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  3. President Trump has two items on his public/press schedule today – and – will return to the White House this evening.


    8:00AM – THE PRESIDENT participates in a video teleconference: International Conference to Support Beirut and the Lebanese People
    4:15PM – President Trump departs Bedminster, NJ, en route to Long Branch, NJ
    5:00PM – Arrives at Private Residence
    5:30PM – President Trump participates in a roundtable with supporters
    6:00PM – Delivers remarks at a fundraising committee reception
    7:05PM – Departs Private Residence en route to Elberon Park Landing Zone
    7:45PM – President Trump arrives at Morristown Municipal Airport
    7:55PM – President Trump departs Morristown, NJ, en route to Washington, D.C.
    8:45PM- Arrives at Joint Base Andrews
    9:05PM – President Trump arrives at the White House – South Lawn

    We join millions of Americans to pray for our President and his family’s safety, wisdom, peace of mind and joy in their hearts in the midst of the trials and opposition! May the LORD’s mighty warring angels and His ministering angels surround them and comfort them.

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  4. thanks for the roundup!!! thanks for taking the time to tell us the truth!!

    South Dakota is the envy of us in PA…and probably nationwide. imagine a reasoned response–careful but not draconian. and it worked. I think she could be 2024’s VP (if not President) and then President herself.

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  5. Andy Ngo continues to report on the domestic terrorist siege on Portland.

    These little Muntantifa weasels are going to turn Portland into a shithole.

    I would imagine that insurance rates will go up…and property values will go down.
    Who would want to move there?

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    1. Though her name is Mahoney, she doesn’t look in the least Irish… wonder if she’s a ChiCom plant, a red-diaper plant, or at the very least, under their control (ACLU and other connections would imply that). (I was thinking “a potted plant”…).

      An excerpt from her bio (https://kmahoneylaw.com/about ) :

      I am an attorney in Portland, Oregon who is passionate about social justice issues. I have always advocated for the underdog, because I know that the law is not always fair or equal. Prior to becoming a lawyer, I worked on the front lines for causes I am passionate about, including animal welfare, free speech, justice for domestic abuse survivors, and consumer rights. I chose to become a lawyer because I believe that everyone deserves a voice in the legal system.

      I take a hands-on approach and live my principles through volunteer work. I believe in empowering my community: I walk my talk. I am a legal observer with the ACLU of Oregon. I am also a Guardian Angel and work in teams to patrol Portland. I am also the Co-Chair for Portland United Against Hate. I am a proud member and supporter of the LGBTQ+ community. I am extremely knowledgeable about organization and technology, with experience as a project manager. A lifelong animal lover, I handle the Twitter presence for the New York City Shiba Inu Rescue, where I’ve been a volunteer since 2007.

      I earned my degree at the University of Oregon School of Law. I also hold a Master’s degree in Criminal Justice and a B.A. in English Literature with a minor in Women’s Studies. I was raised in Brooklyn and made Portland home in 2009. My focus is helping those who need to make big changes and move forward. When I am not working, I enjoy riding my motorcycle, exploring Portland’s food scene, back country camping, and spoiling my two cats.
      [end excerpt]

      From the East Left Coast to the West Left Coast. Some things never change. All of those SJW snowflakes descending on Kalifornistan, Ore-GONE, and Washed-up-inton…

      “The law is not always fair or equal” ??? What a maroon. Then again, the left always feels that law should be “active” and “changeable” to meet their whims, much like situational ethics. People like her and the ACLU (and SPLC) and the DEMONicRATS are a pox on society, FAR more dangerous than “Corona” or any ginned-up Chinese virus.

      Still wonder about who and what are influencing her…

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    2. … zips inside the wire … tell the residents to evacuate, drop everything you’ve got .. burn the miserable suckers out … 🤫 … 🤬🤜‼️ … bill BLM and all the other scum sucking money 💰 streams …

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    3. 2 Timothy 3

      3 But mark this: There will be terrible times in the last days. 2 People will be lovers of themselves, lovers of money, boastful, proud, abusive, disobedient to their parents, ungrateful, unholy, 3 without love, unforgiving, slanderous, without self-control, brutal, not lovers of the good, 4 treacherous, rash, conceited, lovers of pleasure rather than lovers of God— 5 having a form of godliness but denying its power. Have nothing to do with such people.

      6 They are the kind who worm their way into homes and gain control over gullible women, who are loaded down with sins and are swayed by all kinds of evil desires, 7 always learning but never able to come to a knowledge of the truth. 8 Just as Jannes and Jambres opposed Moses, so also these teachers oppose the truth. They are men of depraved minds, who, as far as the faith is concerned, are rejected. 9 But they will not get very far because, as in the case of those men, their folly will be clear to everyone.

      … ✝️ … ❤️ …

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    1. In sarcastic-sympathy with the poor pitiful pork-less Democrats….cue tiny violin….I’m going to have a Personal Pork Festival™!!!

      Today, I’ll roast a bunch of beautiful boneless country pork ribs with fresh rosemary and bake a couple of sweet taters and serve with orange, apple, cinnamon raisin sauce, green beans amandine and cherry tomatoes.

      Leftovers will be heated with BBQ sauce and made into sandwiches, with broccoli cabbage slaw and roast potato wedges.

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      1. Somehow I saw your last sentence as

        Left lovers will be heated with BBQ sauce and made into sandwiches, with broccoli cabbage slaw and roast potato wedges.


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        1. I rarely cook with recipes. Here’s what I’m going to do – squeeze a mandarin orange (all I have on hand, no beautiful navel orange, no store-bought orange juice on hand) grate a little rind, add some orange marmalade, raisins, chop an apple, add cinnamon, optional allspice or cloves. Heat in pan or on low in microwave in a loosely covered pyrex dish. I have those 1.5 (approx) cup glass pyrex dishes that I use a lot.

          Spoon over your baked potato instead of butter. (Confession: I rarely have butter in the house because I love it plain and could eat a whole stick of unsalted butter a pat at a time)

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      2. OMG 🤯🤯🤯🤯🤯🤯
        Pork country style ribs smothered in sauerkraut with half a cup of brown sugar on top and covered in a roasting pan for 6 hours and were talkin, that is as long as we add in a skillet of fried taters and cast iron skillet cornbread with Mayple syrup drizzled over it before it goes in the oven…
        Dammit I bit the inside of my cheek droolin…
        MLAR GA/FL

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  6. ” The first executive order signed is a payroll tax holiday for Americans making less than $100,000 [Details Here] President Trump stated: “If I’m victorious, November 3rd, I plan to forgive these taxes and make permanent cuts to the payroll tax and to make them more permanent.”

    Most people are not very good at math and have very little idea just how much they pay in federal tax. They may ‘know’ intellectually but they do not KNOW emotionally.

    This Tax holiday is going to give them a MAJOR LESSON!

    If I understand this correctly, you are looking at between $500 and $9,200 for a 1/2 year.

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      1. I was wondering about that. I would still love to see people get AT LEAST one pay check WITH THEIR ENTIRE EARNINGS…. No state, local or federal tax.

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        1. Having had a very small business, and infrequently hiring one part time person, all those taxes do add up. For just ourselves, we had to pay the SS and medicare, but for employees, we also had to cough up for unemployment, state and fed, as well as the state insurance taxes. And those state taxes can be a rats nest to maneuver through.

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  7. Just a reminder – these are not just words – we know by now that our President really means every word!

    “I can keep moving, stay the course, because I can sense the Power of the Almighty, the presence of the prayers and the support of the people like a powerful wind propelling me forward . . . ”- President Donald J Trump

    “I will be your champion!
    I will be your voice!
    I will fight for you!
    I will win for you!
    I will not let you down!
    I will never lie to you!
    I will be the best jobs President that God ever made!”
    I will take ALL the slings and arrows for you, and I will do it WILLINGLY”

    “Together, we will make America wealthy again,
    We will make America strong again
    We will make America proud again
    We will make America safe again
    And we will make America great again,
    Greater than ever before!”
    Ladies and Gentlemen – THE BEST IS YET TO COME!!!”

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  8. Have you seen this?

    Drone view of the Wall…from sea to sea.

    This footage was shot in March 2020 — so there are more miles completed since then.

    [Posted this in the Open Thread, but reposting it here, too, so Fle can see it.]

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  9. This one is good too.

    It gives a drones eye view of the Construction.
    This shows the staging areas, the roads they have to travel…the equipment & materials, that go into the Construction process…all along the Wall.

    [Reposting this as well.]

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    1. I do not agree. I think the pendulum will swing back towards conservatism when the ‘Trojan Horse(s)’ is destroyed.

      Socialism/Communism is an ARTIFICIAL construct that only flourishes BECAUSE it is well funded by the very wealthy. Withdraw the $$$ and it falls on it’s face.

      I know I am not expressing the idea well, but think of the poison injected into the USA by the media & big tech & education.

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      1. I hear you, Gail – and I agree wholeheartedly – cut the money – and the movement dies – we just might need an EO to destroy the donations to this hateful ideology – enemy combatants have no right to destroy our cities period and definitely, get paid to do it.

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      2. IMAGINE what would happen if the entire Charitable Foundation concept was eliminated.
        No more shifting money from one charity to another.

        IMAGINE what would happen if income tax was eliminated.
        No more crazy art donations for write-offs, no more privacy invading details given to reduce tax bill.


  10. AMERICA-FIRST Trump-Kanye Debate Moderators
    √ Attkinsson, Sharyl – Media Integrity & Accountability
    √ Bongino, Dan – Law & Order, Social Media
    √ Dobbs, Lou – Finance & Economy
    √ Fitton, Tom – Government Integrity & Accountability
    √ Graham, Franklin – Faith, Family & Freedom
    √ Owens, Candace – Reunifying America
    √ Palin, Sarah – Governance & Vision for America
    √ Portnoy, Dave – Investing, Sports & Entertainment
    √ Rowe, Mike – Jobs & Education
    √ O’Keefe, James – Big-Tech & Institutional Integrity
    √ Solomon, John – Coup & Consequences
    √ Spalding, General – ChYna & Defense
    √ Sundance – International Trade

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