8.8.20 News Roundup! Jobs, Jobs, Jobs, Larry Kudlow’s Interview, My Prediction Was Off But I Am Not Conceding (Look At the Revision To the June ADP Report), Nancy Is Drinking Her Miseries Away, No Deal, Please Take PDJT’s EO To Court, Crying Chuck Raises the White Flag, PDJT’s EPIC Press Conference, Peaceful Protest, The Moronic PM of Canada Won A Stupid Prize, Rasmussen Poll On Guns Gave Me Goosebumps, John Solomon’s Interview, Charlie Hurt’s Interview, More Winning At the Southern Border and In the Courts (Protecting the November 3rd Election), Gail Combs’ Incredible Post…..

The Bureau of Labor Statistics yesterday released the July Jobs Report. Once again the experts were proven wrong. Our country added nearly 1.8 million jobs in July, with strong recovery in: Leisure and Hospitality (+592k), Retail Trade (+258k) and professional and business services (+170k).  [Full Report Here]

We are also seeing steady gains continue in manufacturing, construction and transportation as more businesses begin to re-open.

Yesterday Larry Kudlow joined Fox Business to discuss the report.

I had predicted 3 million+ jobs and an unemployment rate of 9.5%. I will not concede to being wrong because I have a suspicious feeling that BLS held the number back knowing that the Democrats are negotiating with the President on the 4th stimulus package and didn’t want our President to have a bigger talking point.

I didn’t share this with you on Thursday. Look at the damn revision that was made to the ADP Report for the month of June. How the hell do you miss it by 2 million jobs!


From the article linked above:

July ADP Jobs Report: +167K vs. +1.88M consensus, +4.3M prior (revised from 2.4M).

On the surface, it looks like a pretty lame number for July, but the June print was revised higher by 1.9M jobs. The government’s July job report is due on Friday morning, and estimates there call for a 1.5M gain.

Here is another perfect example of when you play stupid games, you win stupid prizes. 

Nancy Pelosi thought she had our President over a barrel with the 4th stimulus bill. He would give away the store in desperation. She is drinking herself into oblivion after listening to our President’s press conference.

I can’t wait for her to take our President to court for writing an Executive Order that would help every single American.

His Executive Order helps the employer and employee by eliminating the payroll tax. Those that are unemployed will be able to get more than what a state allots (he isn’t going to give them $600 a week). He is going to defer student loan payments as well as protect Americans from being evicted.

From the article linked above:

Capitol Hill negotiations between the White House and congressional Democrats on another coronavirus stimulus package collapsed Friday, which is expected to result in President Trump signing executive orders on home evictions and student loan debt.

“Unfortunately we did not make any progress today,” said Treasury Secretary Steven Mnuchin, a key negotiator who also said the president is now likely to issue the executive orders.

White House Chief of Staff Mark Meadows said: “This is not a perfect answer. We’ll be the first ones to say that, but it is all that we can do, and all the president can do within the confines of his executive power.”

[…] Mnuchin also said that renewal of a $600 per-week pandemic jobless boost and huge demands by Democrats for aid to state and local governments are the key areas where they are stuck.

[…] Pelosi declared the talks all but dead until Meadows and Mnuchin give ground.

“I’ve told them ‘come back when you are ready to give us a higher number,’” she said.

The irony for Crazy Nancy is that they WON’T be coming back!

Crying Chuck knows that they lost badly. He knows that their scheme with the MORONIC Democrat and RINO Governors of keeping their states closed to hurt the economy and our President’s chances of being re-elected are now an EPIC failure.

States better open everything up in order to be able to offset the massive budget holes that they will face over the next two years.

What an absolutely epic press conference our President held yesterday in Bedminster, New Jersey.

The response to the final MORONIC reporter’s question will live in infamy!

[Video and Transcript Below]

Here are some shorter are some shorter video clips:

A member of the press pool complained that the room is not following NJ rules on social distancing. Our President reminded the MORON that political activity is excluded and this is a form of “peaceful protest”.

The MORONIC PM from Canada was showing the “resistance” that he is a member of their club when he didn’t show up at the White House for the USMCA signing ceremony a few weeks ago.

He just learned a valuable lesson in life. When you play stupid games, you win stupid prizes.

Enjoy your prize Justin!

From the article linked above:

President Donald Trump on Thursday said his administration had reimposed some tariffs on Canadian aluminum, after reports last week said such a move could be coming.

You can find full details of the 232 aluminum tariffs against Canada in the link below:


I absolutely LOVED this poll that Rasmussen conducted yesterday. It gave me goosebumps!

From the article linked above:

Support for more gun control is down from last year’s all-time high, and one-in-four voters with guns in their household have added one in the past six months.

Once again I don’t need to see any poll about November 3rd. THIS tells you everything!

There are millions of Americans that bought a gun for the first time during the past 6 months because of the:

  • Radical Democrat Party
  • Leftists anarchists (BLM & Antifa)
  • Democrat Governors and Mayors that allowed their states and cities to be overrun by the anarchists
  • Governors letting prisoners out of jail for the Coronavirus
  • The Left’s push to Defund the Police movement
  • They are seeing more and more evidence that the Democrats craziness are injuring and killing innocent Americans

From the article linked above:

A Virginia rape suspect, who was released from jail because of concerns regarding the new coronavirus, went on to kill the woman who had accused him, according to police.

John Solomon is someone that the White Hats trust in the media and share information with him. Whenever he talks, I listen.

Charlie Hurt is absolutely right! Democrats are going to pay dearly for their craziness on November 3rd.

More good news from our southern border.

From the article linked above:

Federal agents on the U.S.-Mexico border discovered what they described as the “most sophisticated tunnel in U.S. history” dug deep below the dunes near Yuma, Arizona, and into Mexico.

“This appears to be the most sophisticated tunnel in U.S. history, and certainly the most sophisticated I’ve seen in my career,” said Carl Landrum, the top Border Patrol agent in the southwestern Arizona region.

Two more wins in the courts that will protect our election on November 3rd. One in North Carolina and another in Tennessee.

Here is Gail’s incredible post from yesterday’s news roundup:

Dr Epstein was correct in 2016 but I do not think he is correct now. WHY? Because President Trump and his team was ready for them.

#1. President Trump NEVER quit having rallies. He has been ‘campaigning’ for re-election since Jan 2017. His base is SOLID so campaigning would be nice but not necessary.

Scott Presler is a really big ‘weapon’
August 2019 Conservative Activist, 200 Volunteers Clean 29 Tons of Trash From Baltimore Streets, 50 tons from LA, 6 tons of trash in Chicago… Oregon and elsewhere.

OH MY you just HAVE to read this Fake News article on Scott and the comments. “Please stop, you will kill them [the fake news] if you put too much logic and reason into one sentence.” 🤣 Another commenter compares the paper to a left wing BabylonBee.


#2. President Trump has Kept his Promises. When CONgress blocked him he worked hard for a work around. For example OH!Bummercare.
…a. Got rid of the $2,000 penalty on poor/middle class people who could not afford insurance and were not covered by their companies. Many of these people are young.
…b. Making Doctors and hospitals TELL YOU up front what the cost is so you can shop around.
…c. Now he is lowering drug costs.

Or the Border Wall
…a. Used Dept. of Defense funds.

#3. QAnon and 4Chan, 8Chan , 8Kun
President Trump has engaged people, especially the young, in a ‘scavenger hunt’ on very serious topics. This is INCREDIBLY POWERFUL you learn much better by DOING and by TEACHING OTHERS. (It also makes you a part of something and gives you a sense of self worth that is REAL.) The attacks on QAnon have only made people more stubborn and more curious. Also when you have an army of a million or more digital soldiers you can not kill them all. Think kicking a hornets nest…

#4. The Economy. Felice keeps us up to date.
I know I am seeing help wanted signs all over the place. Point blank the left LOST THE UNION MEMBERS BECAUSE TRUMP DELIVERED! Do you think the truckers and union workers in services & the trades are HAPPY about the roaming DNC MOBS burning down and destroying their places of work while their mayors and governors sit with their heads in a dark nasty place?

#5, The Hydroxychloroquine ‘debate’ is a LOSING subject for the left.
The info on Zinc and green tea or Quercetin as Zinc ionophores is getting out. I talk to people and now they are telling ME about it. When it comes to health people are eager to protect themselves.
When a mask Nazi starts screaming say you have Asthma (or …) and you can’t wear a mask so you are taking Vit C D3, E and selenium, zinc eating kelp and drinking green tea to protect you and others (The left LOVES kelp – iodine source & Green Tea – source of EGCG.) Say you have read the scientific papers and that is what they say will help protect you. Works every time I have used it. I turn the screaming into poor bay, that is so awful and do you really think it helps?

#6. The biggest? PEOPLE HATE BULLIES and Trump and the Anons/Autists are SHOWING the world Fake News and Big Tech are BULLIES.


As Carlos/Thomas keeps saying the Left is imploding. They do something like the Mueller investigation and Trump just takes it and makes it a WEAPON against them.

Mueller investigation ===> SPYGATE & Durham

Impeachment ===> Ukraine/USAid investigation here and in the Ukraine (Why do you think Joe Biteme has ‘dementia’ — Chemically induced maybe? Scripted maybe?)

China CCP Virus ===> Move US critical industry BACK to the USA (Unions applaud)

ANTIFA/BLM ===> LET THEM DESTROY and place the blame SQUARELY on the Democrats.

65 thoughts on “8.8.20 News Roundup! Jobs, Jobs, Jobs, Larry Kudlow’s Interview, My Prediction Was Off But I Am Not Conceding (Look At the Revision To the June ADP Report), Nancy Is Drinking Her Miseries Away, No Deal, Please Take PDJT’s EO To Court, Crying Chuck Raises the White Flag, PDJT’s EPIC Press Conference, Peaceful Protest, The Moronic PM of Canada Won A Stupid Prize, Rasmussen Poll On Guns Gave Me Goosebumps, John Solomon’s Interview, Charlie Hurt’s Interview, More Winning At the Southern Border and In the Courts (Protecting the November 3rd Election), Gail Combs’ Incredible Post…..

    1. YES, some how I missed Gail’s stellar post from yesterday. Great to read it today.

      Somehow when President Trump replied about the masks, political event, peaceful protest… How in the world did President Trump keep a straight face. Obviously President trump knew the presstitutes would ask about the masks, social distancing.

      Betting when President trump was out of that press room, he busted into the biggest grin 🙂 Such an epic troll. Presstitutes never knew what hit them until President Trump had left the podium.

      Flep, As always, a great new round up. Incredible broad based information, facts, insights…stuff we need. Thank you!!!

      Liked by 17 people

      1. You are absolutely right! He knew they would bring it up. Probably one of the reasons he invited the members to attend. Killed their BS narrative about peaceful protesters. How could they dare question it. I also believe he was waiting for that question to leave the press conference. He would have stayed up there until they asked.

        Liked by 15 people

        1. Felice,
          Thanks for featuring my comment.

          Carlos has a great rant about defeatism and negativity… AND HE IS RIGHT!
          I have been optimistic since President Trump got elected. I am not about to let the defeatist DELIBERATELY mind-f…k me now/

          ….I just wrote a thread about the Democrats being in a self-engineered failure cascade, AND I GOT COMPLAINTS.

          “The problem is that the failure impacts us all.”


          You’re saying you want the Democrats to NOT fail.
          Nattering nabobs of negativism.


          Gutless worms who will always find something to bitch about.

          Do you know how much physical harm you do to your body by being purely negative?

          The hormones ruin your heart and your brain.
          You end up with “anhedonia,” the inability to get pleasure from ANYTHING.

          I don’t want to hear from defeatists.

          All you’re doing is trying to shorten everybody’s lives.

          I’m going to be optimistic no matter what, because THERE’S NOTHING WRONG WITH IT.
          Nobody knows how anything works.

          Nobody knows how OTHER PEOPLE work.

          “If people are too optimistic, they’ll get complacent and not bother to vote.”

          Optimism is what brings people out to vote.

          Pessimism and negativity breed passivity.

          “Why should I bother? He’s going to lose anyway.”

          Defeatists are talking about THEMSELVES….

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  1. As of 3PM MDT: Gold 2035.80, silver 28.42, platinum 970.00, palladium 2,201.00

    Keep in mind that even though gold officially dropped $28.40 Friday (coincidentally, it dropped almost as much as an ounce of silver costs), it’s still at price levels unheard of before this week.

    Liked by 13 people

    1. Thanks for continuing to share that info with us Steve. What I find different this time around is that gold can continue its incredible climb while the DJIA continues to go up. Prior to the pandemic, if someone told me gold went up, I didn’t need to check the DJIA because it would have gone down. The opposite was also true.

      Liked by 13 people

      1. However, one indication of inflation about to take off is if both gold and stocks go up together. That indicates that the dollar is worth less in both realms–i.e., inflation.

        However, the current situation is so cockeyed that who knows what’s going on. I do know at some point we’re going to have to get a handle on spending…but right now other fires are burning.

        Liked by 9 people

  2. I forgot to add the Stock Market Report to the roundup. Two out of the three indices went up yesterday.

    The Nasdaq Composite was the only one that fell. Thankfully it stayed above 11K.

    Nasdaq Composite – closed at 11,010 / record high 11,107 on August 6th (currently 97 points off the record high)

    DJIA – closed at 27,433 / record high 29,551 on February 12th (currently 2,118 points off the record high)

    S&P 500 – closed at 3,351 / record high 3,386 on February 19th (currently 35 points off the record high)

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  3. The Bedminster Press Conference was a work of art.

    I’m thinking that K-Mac and VSGPOTUSDJT should give a joint press conference where the Presstitutes get to choose who to ask their question to — and our guys would take turns at the podium based on the choice. “Would you rather be hit in the face with a baseball bat or a sledgehammer? OK — sledgehammer, please respond….”

    The entertainment value could be enormous.

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    1. I still remember Trump’s first press conference after the inauguration. The jurinalists were complaining about Spicer, but Trump went through them like a buzz saw.

      Someone suggested that Spicer should start his next press beating by asking “Did you miss me?”

      Liked by 9 people

  4. These were the guys who were doing the “peaceful protest” at the Bedminster presser.
    I’m thinking this is who was booing at the press.

    And the enemedia nozzles were all pissy because they weren’t wearing masks or social distancing.

    Liked by 12 people

    1. The Trump campaign must make series of “debate” ads (1 minute) for policy topics such as immigration, energy, economy & so on for low information voters before early voting starts in each state Imagine:

      Biden standing at a podium (from video footage) & Trump standing at a podium. A moderator voice asks the question about the policy topic such as energy. Biden answers the question using his own recorded words and match his speaking to the podium image by CGI. The the President responds. Then Biden rebuts with “ Come on! Man!” However, do not make Biden appear undignified or senile.

      Do these short ads for all topics that would covered in the debates.

      Low information voters will think that the debates have occurred and get informed. Lots of voters don’t watch the debates because they’re not political junkies and think debates are boring. Also many voters have short attention spans, the premise behind Quibi.

      Does Trump run ads on BET television?

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  5. President Trump has a couple of events tonight – a roundtable and a panel discussion at private residences in NY. If the weather is nice today, maybe he can inspect the grass and the condition of his Bedminster golf course.
    Maybe a couple of friends or members of Congress can assist in the inspection.

    170×170 – B&W – https://photos.gograph.com/thumbs/CSP/CSP275/president-seal-vector-stock_k18736581.jpg


    4:35PM – President Trump departs Bedminster, NJ, en route to Southampton, NY

    5:35PM – Arrives at Southampton Landing Zone

    5:55PM – Arrives at a private residence

    6:30PM – President Trump participates in a roundtable with supporters

    7:35PM- Departs Southampton, NY, en route to Water Mill, NY

    8:30PM – President Trump participates in a panel discussion with supporters

    9:35PM – Departs Water Mill, NY, en route to Southampton, NY

    10:05PM- Departs Southampton, NY, en route to Bedminster, NJ

    11:05PM – President Trump arrives at Bedminster Landing Zone

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  6. thanks for the roundup…and providing Gail’s comment as well…I missed it yesterday as well.
    Schumer says they’re going to sue POTUS if he tries an EO extending benefits, eliminating the payroll tax till year end. I know it’s incredibly bad optics for the dems…but is it winnable?? I mean it would be bad optics all the way around if the suit prevails…but constitutionally, how does it sit??

    Liked by 5 people

    1. They already LOST via two recent Supreme Court cases.

      Restructuring the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau:

      KEY: “….the Constitution vested all executive power in the president to make government efficient and responsible. According to the majority opinion, the president needed to control government action to make sure that the state would be well run and responsive to the people’s will….”

      Washington Compost:
      July 14, 2020 at 6:00 a.m. EDT

      In the last two weeks of its term, the Supreme Court reshaped the balance of power between the president and Congress…. a less-heralded opinion enhanced the president’s already great power, taking another step toward enshrining a simplistic vision of American democracy with the president at its center. At the root of this decision was bad history. [snicker, but ONLY with a Trump President – GC]

      The case, Seila Law LLC v. Consumer Financial Protection Bureau, focused on the organization of Congress’s newest independent agency, which dates to the Great Recession. Ever since its creation, the CFPB has been under attack by the industries it regulates. In Seila Law, these opponents claimed that the bureau’s structure was unconstitutional. Specifically they objected that the president could only fire the CFPB’s director — who is appointed by the president and confirmed by the Senate — for good cause.

      The court, by a 5-to-4 margin, agreed, holding that the Constitution vested all executive power in the president to make government efficient and responsible. According to the majority opinion, the president needed to control government action to make sure that the state would be well run and responsive to the people’s will. This, Chief Justice John G. Roberts Jr. asserted, was the Founders’ vision, since “the Framers made the President the most democratic and politically accountable official in Government.”….


      SECOND Supreme Court Case.
      Obama’s DACA Memorandum

      KEY: “In short, the DACA Memorandum does not announce a passive non-enforcement policy; it created a program for conferring affirmative immigration relief,” Roberts wrote.

      So just substitute AMERICAN CITIZENS getting relief INSTEAD OF ILLEGALS and think of what President Trump can do with that comparison!

      ….The Trump administration had argued that the decision to eliminate DACA does not fall under the purview of the APA because DACA itself was merely a decision not to enforce existing law against a certain group of people. The Supreme Court disagreed, noting that “DACA is not simply a non-enforcement policy” because it is an actual program where people apply to receive a benefit.

      “In short, the DACA Memorandum does not announce a passive non-enforcement policy; it created a program for conferring affirmative immigration relief,” Roberts wrote. “The creation of that program—and its rescission—is an ‘action [that] provides a focus for judicial review.'”

      The court also disagreed with the administration’s position that the Immigration and Naturalization Act prohibits the decision to rescind DACA from being reviewed by the courts….

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  7. AAAaaHa! I was just talking about this to Hubby yesterday. President Trump KNOWS his audience and tailors his speach & remarks to them.

    [Utube of Trump saying he was disappearing]
    Trump is an absolutely brilliant actor.

    In a very narrow sense:

    He uses his speech patterns to confuse his enemies, to warn his enemies, and to deceive his enemies.

    You’ve heard that Trump “meanders” when he speaks.

    I’ve never seen somebody more in control of what he says.

    I have a vague memory of SOMEONE–a clown, or a movie physical comedian, or a stage performer–staggering all over the place, tripping, losing his balance.
    He was actually performing a juggling feat of astonishing skill.

    It was similar to THIS, but much more frenetic.

    And Ed Sullivan cut out the best part:

    There is a lot more. Well worth the read.

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  8. The numbers tell the COVID story:

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  9. Gov Northam, like the other Blue State governors have been letting criminals out. The judge let the guy out in this case but it could have been fought by appealing to higher judges. AG Herring is a nasty bit of work so he wouldn’t have done anything to stop this guy’s release.

    @Lady_PenquinThis is on @GovernorVA, Ralph Northam. The guy who supports infanticide isn’t bothered by the release of criminals. He has allowed this to happen in our state.

    State of Arizona gave Scott Presler a flag which had been flown over the State Capitol.

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  10. HERE IS THE LINK to the program Case for HCQ by Doctors 4 America and War Room Pandemic:

    These are doctors from top medical schools – one with PhD in public health.

    Liked by 2 people

        1. One thing at a time, Georgia!!! Poor guy looks exhausted in this News Conference – wondering where Melania and Barron are – and if they are under protection – sad he has to go to NJ to work for the American people because the Dims could care less!

          Liked by 2 people

      1. President Trump abruptly closed the Q&A when one of the news harpies wouldn’t stop talking and kept on arguing after her question when he had called on someone else!!!

        Liked by 1 person


    Remarks by President Trump in Press Briefing | Bedminster, NJ
    Issued on: August 8, 2020:

    Trump National Golf Club
    Bedminster, New Jersey

    August 7, 2020
    7:34 P.M. EDT


    THE PRESIDENT: Well, thank you very much. And it’s a great honor to have everybody here. And I know the press was not quite expecting this, so I appreciate your being able to attend. We have a terrific number of things, and some very positive things to tell you tonight.

    I want to begin by giving an update on the economy. Economic health is vital to public health. That’s why our strategy to kill the China virus has focused on protecting those at greatest risk while allowing younger and healthy Americans to safely return to work and safely return to school. Very important.

    [Excerpt] Read more at the link above…

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  12. SpaceX and ULA win billions in Pentagon rocket contracts, beating out Blue Origin, Northrop Grumman

    Michael Sheetz



    The U.S. Air Force on Friday awarded rocket builders United Launch Alliance and Elon Musk’s SpaceX contracts worth billions to launch national security missions.

    ULA, which won 60% of the launches, and SpaceX, which won the remaining 40%, beat out Northrop Grumman and Jeff Bezos’ Blue Origin.

    The military has said it expects to spend about $1 billion per year on launches.


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