President Trump’s Press Conference At 7:00 PM

Tonight at 7:00pm our President is scheduled to deliver a rare press conference from Bedminister, New Jersey.  Unknown topics.

White House LivestreamFox News LivestreamNBC Livestream Link

Our President also tweeted the following in reference to the press conference:

29 thoughts on “President Trump’s Press Conference At 7:00 PM

  1. First the Economic Report – things are going great!

    Jobs up – unemployment down!

    President will act to relieve workers – if Pelosi and the Dems do not do the right thing! .

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  2. The press asked why everyone in the audience wasn’t wearing a mask – and social distancing and the President said – this is political activity and a peaceful protest – protesting the fake news media.

    It was great – and he left the podium to cheers….after that jab at the press!!!!

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  3. I was just watching it and there was applause. What did I miss? I don’t remember ever hearing the press applaud President Trump before.

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  4. Thank you Flep for this threat and to all who contributed. POTUS was all business tonight and he looked good.
    I wonder if he has something else planned tonight?

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  5. We watched…as always you cannot help be impressed with the depth of his knowledge and confidence. Tonight we especially loved how he knew exactly what was in the reporter’s story and how he left out Iran in his question to POTUS. HeH heh
    The snarky reporter at the end that got roundly booed was priceless!!
    Score one for POTUS tonight….now I hope he enjoys a nice steak dinner with 2 scopes of ice cream!

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    1. Dems aren’t coming to the table – all they want in mail in voting – not going to happen. POTUS is going to write EOs to get this done. Said the lawyers would work on the language this week.

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  6. Gonna say it, and most folks hear wont like it, but unfortunately PDJTs performance and the optics on this just weren’t good. He looked tired, he his adlibs off the written speech, seemed a little rambling to me. I really think his message needs honed and sharpened and laser focused to contrast sleepy Joes early onset dementia and general extreme Marxist message

    ..And although it makes us feel good to see the crowd there providing support, I don’t think the clapping, cheering and booing helps turn the average non committed voter to our side….just sayin what I’m thinkin IMHO.

    Hopefully he gets some much needed rest over the next few days….

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    1. Thanks for being honest. I see what you’re talking about, but I interpreted it as Trump working hard and showing it, and I think it will get the right normies positively, even at the risk of losing some of the same people who need “perfect Trump” to not vote Biden. I think those people are lost anyway between now and the election. More crises are incoming. Would not put an actual nuke past these evil toads. That’s ME being honest.

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