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ObamaGate News

Let’s start here. A tough one to swallow.



READ (NEW): Attkisson v. Rosenstein for government computer intrusions


The following is an excerpt from the brief being filed today in Maryland state court in Attkisson v. Rosenstein and others for the government computer intrusions.

Plaintiff Sharyl Attkisson, an award-winning journalist—along with her husband and child—have tried for years to pursue their significant and credible claims of illegal government surveillance, but the U.S. Government has stonewalled them at every turn. Yet, despite the Government’s repeated efforts to obfuscate and delay, the Attkissons detailed in their Complaint:

  • Expert forensic computer analysis of the Attkissons’ computers, revealing that an unauthorized entity or entities gained remote access to the Attkissons’ computers for a prolonged period, and that one of the pathways by which the intrusions occurred were IP addresses controlled by the U.S. Government. 
  • Confirmation, via testimony, that the U.S. Government controlled the IP addresses identified in the Attkissions’ computers. 
  • The degree to which senior figures in the Department of Justice were concerned about, and took steps to block, Sharyl Attkisson’s reporting, as well as her use of confidential governmental sources;
  • Many documented instances of abnormal, otherwise unexplained behavior of the Attkissons’ computer systems and devices.

But then it gets interesting…..

Plaintiffs’ investigator has interviewed Ryan White, a Government whistleblower (and named Defendant). During this interview, White made the following significant assertions:

  • White worked with defendants Sean Bridges (who was then a Secret Service agent) and the FBI’s Shawn Henry in Baltimore and reported directly to defendant Rod Rosenstein. 
  • White and Agent Bridges were ordered to conduct various clandestine operations involving hacking computer systems, servers, emails, and phones. 
  • White and Agent Bridges were directly involved in the illegal surveillance of the Attkissons’ computers and the exfiltration of data. 
  • The rogue order to target the Attkissons came directly from Agent Henry and Rosenstein. 
  • Later, Agent Bridges and another federal agent were convicted of corrupt acts for their involvement in the Government’s notorious Silk Road Task Force, also based in Baltimore, in which corruption by federal agents was uncovered, resulting in the convictions of Bridges and another federal agent. 


As far as I can tell, the surveillance of journalists at that point (2009-2012) was coming from Obama and ERIC HOLDER. So if Rosey was working Holder’s game under Obama, this fits in perfectly with everything I know about DOJ intentions and actions during the first 2 years of the Trump White House, when Rosey and Holder’s lieutenant Tashina Gauhar were running the show.

Rosey sure looks like a black hat to me. But I’m listening. If Rosey was an informant, then WHO was he informing under Obama and Mueller, as Mueller was clearly allowing spying on Attkisson, and planting of incriminating documents on her laptop?

But let’s move on, since Rosey’s guilt or innocence may be reflected in any upcoming indictments…..

Sally Yates, covered HERE:

LIVE THREAD: Sally Q. Yates Gets Grilled

……was a big deal. It seemed like she almost got away clean. BUT WAIT – THERE’S MOAR….. courtesy of Sundance…..

Richard Grenell Discusses Yates Testimony: “She got away with questioning yesterday”…

Trump’s tweet on the getaway is wonderful. Sundance clearly SAVED it, lest it disappear. Or DID IT ALREADY? I cannot find it.

ANYWHO – indictments are very likely coming SOON.

“Be prepared.”

HCQ News

Let’s start here:

This is the “Henry Ford study”. It basically shows HCQ cutting the death rate in half.

But those numbers get BIGGER.

Scientifically, this is exactly where I was when Didier Raoult (or Raoult Didier – whatever his name is) published his first “pay dirt” data with demonstrable dose-related antiviral activity in ALL test subjects. His numbers can be off by a factor of 50%, and it’s still huge and can’t be explained away as anything but SOME kind of real effect.

Numbers like these are either massive fraud or pay dirt. And they could be real nuggets. With a solid, known antiviral explanation, it’s almost certainly REAL.

Now – let’s take a look at a country a bit off the commonly argued map. You don’t hear a lot about COVID-19 in Turkey. Here’s why.

I had to comment and retweet!

The situation isn’t done in Turkey – they are teetering very close to lockdowns. Turkey is trying the same thing as Trump – avoiding lockdowns. A lot of information on how hard that has been, in this article.


Scott Adams found Turkey’s claimed near-100% effectiveness of contact tracing a bit unbelievable, and I have to agree – it’s not easy to either prove or disprove such a claim, but in a country like Turkey, it should be nearly impossible to contact everybody catching the disease.

NEVERTHELESS, those people who DO get caught by contact tracing ARE very likely to live, if they are getting HCQ as early as possible. See how that works? The more the tracers catch, the more contacts they find, the more contacted contacts are WAITING FOR SYMPTOMS with their HCQ in hand, and the more likely the HCQ is going to work. Clearly, [HCQ + contact tracing] makes sense. BUT here is the deal. People have to TRUST the government behind it.

Not exactly easy in New York.

Moving on, HERE is the biggie. I call it the “LancetGate Effect”.


…..and here is the original article…..


Banning HCQ in Switzerland left a FOOTPRINT in the data. I would argue that there is half a footprint in FRANCE, too…..

This evidence is extremely convincing, and is blowing people away.

This data EVEN got the attention of microbiologist Steven Hatfill, who wrote a GREAT piece defending HCQ.

An Effective COVID Treatment the Media Continues to Besmirch


Yes, that would be THE Steven Hatfill, falsely accused by Mueller in the 2001 anthrax attacks.


Peter Navarro – THE KILLER – tweeted the article.

And then I introduced HIM to something even more shocking.

There was a LancetGate Effect in The United States.

Now – I’m not going to show you this – you have to dig to find – but in the wake of my comments, Daughn came in for an assist, and we were then both engaged by HCQ opponents. One kept emphasizing that FDA head Hahn, who was in charge when the EUA was rescinded, is a Trump appointee – like this was going to bother me somehow.


I thought this was clearly an attempt to generate “Alinsky fears” – specifically POLITICS BEFORE SCIENCE, because it might hurt Trump or Hahn, as a way of shutting me up.


Hahn, as I tried to explain, has his own mind. I LIKE THAT. It’s like the way things used to be. I believe that Trump hired him because Hahn is a strong believer in FAST TRACKING new drugs, like Trump is. A believer in TRUMP TIME. Hahn’s opinion on HCQ, wrong as it turns out to be, is secondary. This is WAR, people make mistakes, people die. Generals and Colonels live with this horrible responsibility, and WE SOLDIERS SUPPORT THEM.

BUCK UP, WORLD. We do our best, we trust in God, but we do NOT lie and cover up when we understand error. People have been all over the place on HCQ, but when the chips come in STRONGLY that it works, and even more so that banning it is a PROVABLE mistake, we have to consider CHANGING COURSE.

One way to do that would be to listen to Dr. Zelenko and have a NEW EUA (Emergency Use Authorization) for HCQ – this time without Rick Bright’s toxic “hospitals only” poison pill attached.

YES! We can RECOVER from the LancetGate blunder by doing what Zelenko suggests.


HCQ Insights

One way to make Zelenko’s new EUA actually happen would be to INCLUDE NEW DRUGS – albeit handled DIFFERENTLY from HCQ, as part of the EUA.

I call this the “EUA EUA“.

“Early Use of Antivirals Emergency Use Authorization”

The way this would work is to grant flexibility to doctors WORKING WITH pharmaceutical companies and state governments to try new antivirals early in the disease process upon confirmed diagnosis. HCQ is well-tested, and as the “standard of this EUA”, it becomes the GOLD STANDARD of safety and efficacy for other newer drugs to beat, using whatever delivery tricks and codrugs make these other drugs work best. Those drugs need every advantage we can find for them, just like South Korea (zinc), Didier Rauout (azithromycin), and Zelenko (zinc + azithromycin, very early) found for HCQ.

One of my rationales here is that we can reduce or even remove toxicity from the equation by low-dosing a lot of these drugs, since EARLY use can mean less drug needed for the more toxic ones. In some ways, what I am doing here is learning from sabotage studies of HCQ, which used massive and toxic doses LATE. We are doing the opposite – trying to “help” alternatives to HCQ by giving THEM access to patients at the same time when HCQ works best. Some – maybe even most patients may still opt for HCQ, but others may welcome new drugs like EIDD-2801 and RLF-100, the latter of which may prove to be effective not just late, but early as well.

The point is, get EVERYBODY early, so we remove the incentive to let patients deteriorate, which is now “imposed” on drugs which need desperate patients for “right to try”. The EUA, in essence, would EXPAND right to try to early or even asymptomatic patients – not just patients at death’s door.

The EUA EUA *removes* any incentive to delay treatment, or to bash HCQ, but at the same time, it doesn’t blockade new drugs from access to patients at the time when THEY might be very effective, too, which our current system, weirdly, does.


NOW – about HCQ alleged toxicity. Here is an AR-15 of logic to take down trolls.

It’s important to address the cardiac toxicity issue head on, because that “problem” is really a deflection by people who “pretend not to know” how minor the problem really is, ESPECIALLY compared to LIVES SAVED.

This is JUST AS TRUE as it was with MALARIA.


Now – here is one reason I think that NON-VACCINATION AND TREATMENT is an important option.

One of the primary reasons to use HCQ instead of a vaccine, is the likelihood that coronavirus vaccines will cause immune overreaction TO infection by the disease, instead of actual protection FROM infection.

This is a nice article which introduces you to Dr. Peter Hotez, vaccine maker, vaccine advocate, but also vaccine truth-teller on immune enhancement. Hotez is somebody very difficult for the MSM to downplay and crush. At least, SO FAR.

Scientists were close to a coronavirus vaccine years ago. Then the money dried up.

“We just could not generate much interest,” a researcher said of the difficulty in getting funding to test the vaccine in humans.

March 5, 2020, 4:30 AM EST / Updated March 8, 2020, 4:23 PM EDT

By Mike Hixenbaugh


There will be more talk about immune enhancement later. Be prepared. It’s a very “sciencey” argument AGAINST mandatory vaccination. It is a much more EFFECTIVE argument than “I don’t trust Bill Gates” – even though the latter is a HUGE motivator for most people.

And now THIS.

Time To Go To WAR Over Hydroxychloroquine

What are we up against?

Something that runs us over if we DON’T put it down.

Let’s look more closely.

We are not “starting a war”. We’re FIGHTING BACK.

Masks are a huge battle from the socialists who want ANY kind of permanent change, even really stupid ones.

Fighting back will be on all fronts. Some of it will be masks themselves, but others will be technical – TESTING and HCQ are going to be big.

Do not be afraid to put DATA like this in people’s faces.

Do not be afraid to ADMIT TRUTHS, because you can TRUST that more truth will come to your rescue.

We are going to WIN, and we are going to win BIGLY.

Take THAT to the Bank, Nancy Pelosi.


619 thoughts on “Dear KMAG: 20200807 Open Topic / ObamaGate News / HCQ News / HCQ Insights / Time To Go To WAR Over Hydroxychloroquine

      1. I was thinking about one of my favorite sayings. I’ve used it for many years.

        “May you live in interesting times.” — Chinese proverb.

        It dawns on me that the saying (which is reputed to be a curse) says nothing about where the interesting times are to come from.

        So why couldn’t it be that the Chinese Commies decided to provide us with ‘interesting times’ using COVID-19? It would have the collateral benefit of ‘proving’ Chinese proverb wisdom from ancient times.

        Sure feels like a tight fit to me.

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      2. And as our President said tonight, before this virus, China was down billions (he said how many but I forget, I’m getting old…) and the US was at the height of exciting revival in so many ways (I’m paraphrasing). So, yes, interesting and YES, I have no doubt Chy-nah did this to the world, to the US, purposely.

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    1. About time.

      I was involved in internal audit for two public companies. Most people do not grasp the scale of what a company does to provide ALL required information to maintain their listings — and to ensure its accuracy. Allowing Chinese companies to trade on American exchanges with scribbles on a napkin was stupid from the get-go.

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    2. Slow guy figures, IF, New York Stock Exchange or Nasdaq had any integrity, they’d delist Non-Compliant Chinese Companies for violating U.S. stock exchange rules.

      Quite Telling, New York Stock Exchange and Nasdaq, WALL STREET, like Chinee money more than transparency.

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  1. Tencent in Talks to Create $10 Billion Streaming Giant

    The Chinese social media titan — which owns a 37% stake in Huya and 38% of DouYu — has been discussing such a merger with the duo over the past few months

    A deal would create an online giant with more than 300 million users and a combined market value of $10 billion, cementing Tencent’s lead in Chinese games and social media.

    Faced with rising competition for advertisers from ByteDance Ltd. and its rapidly growing stable of apps, the WeChat operator would then run a highly profitable service akin to Inc.’s Twitch.

    Huya and DouYu would keep their respective platforms and branding while working more closely with Tencent’s own esports site eGame, said the people.
    The warm-up for Global Streaming Dominance … 😉

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  2. Trump Moves to Ban TikTok, WeChat in U.S., Pressuring China

    President Donald Trump signed a pair of executive orders prohibiting U.S. residents from doing any business with TikTok, WeChat or the apps’ Chinese owners beginning 45 days from now, citing the national security risk of leaving Americans’ personal data exposed.

    … Not just Residents – ALL USA Entities!

    The move coincides with Trump’s push for the sale of TikTok, the popular video app owned by ByteDance Ltd., to an American company, and it comes a day after Secretary of State Michael Pompeo urged U.S. businesses to remove the two Chinese apps and other untrusted services from their stores. It threatens penalties on any U.S. resident or company that engages in ANY transactions with TikTok, WeChat or their OWNERS after the orders take effect.

    … Ownership, Stocks, Deals, Transactions – VERBOTEN!

    … Strokes of the PEN and BINGO – ChYna Global Dominance TERMINATED. 😱🤯

    √ ZTE Telecom TITAN … Bribery ROAST.
    √ Huawei Telecom TITAN … 5G TOAST.
    √ ByteDance Media TITAN … TikTok App GHOST.
    √ TenCent Media TITAN … WeChat App DONE.

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          1. CCP thought it could get away with the COVID scam and walk like nothing happened. Nope. They are cut off. I don’t think there’s coming back for the CCP. China, maybe, but not the CCP.

            IMO the CCP’s secret teams were using a variety of agents for biological operations – including SARS, which I now think was an op getting away. I believe they’ve been using biological agents for ops for a long time.

            They did the same thing here, but on a bigger scale. They pretended they were “covering up” an accidental release from Wuhan lab, knowing that the eye in the sky would spot the lab shutdown.

            They want us to think “stupid incompetent cheaply built Chinese lab accidental release”.

            Nope. No longer falling for their crap. The CCP did this on purpose and were ready with plenty of vaccine candidates.

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              1. Unlikely to be cornered, IMO – there are simply too many entrants, and not everybody will want the China vax, but China is playing more of a psychological game here, and THAT is the market they definitely want to corner – the mental market – the “mindshare” – and they seek to corner it with “impressions of superiority”.

                China wants to PLANT THAT FLAG FIRST.

                Here’s why they simply can’t corner the ACTUAL market.

                These are just the ones in clinical trials – right now. Way too many options, way too many long-game players. No way to corner the market, unless there is only ONE way past certain problems posed by the China Virus. THEN, the last one standing matters.

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              2. Interesting…by the way, I heard several times on the radio today, like during Rush’s show, AM 760, WJR, out of Detroit, that there is a vaccine trial seeking volunteers in Michigan. They are looking for 30,000 people who are not immunocompromized & they’ll be paid $1000 each if they complete all visits.

                That’s one cool grand I will never seek to get!!!

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              3. Yup!!! You barely survived your first encounter w/ CV so why in the world would you put yourself at risk for that “enhanced” immune response to make the next CV contact so much worse!

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              4. The question of how immunity to this sucker actually works is still largely unanswered. Until those answers are more fully known, I’ll stick with what level of immunity I’ve got now, which seems to work.

                I strongly suspect I’ve “gotten it” again and it just went away like most viruses do now.

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              1. These people are all criminals – they will betray each other, cut and run, sell each other out, deceive each other, etc. That goes ALL ways. Absolutely all ways. Davos will lie to China just as surely as China will lie to Davos, and both of them to us.

                The plan – like 9/11 – depends on the SHEEP not getting WISE. China was really shooting for Bat Soup. At the very least, they counted on Bat Lab Accident to hold. But now that it looks like Bat Lab CCP Release, there WILL be recriminations all the way around.

                “You said it had to work!”

                Yeah, right! 😀 POPCORN!!!

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            1. Imagine the massive scale-up in CAPABILITIES & CAPACITIES that POTUS has triggered for faster & comprehensive response to any future bio attack.

              PREDICTION: POTUS will launch 2nd-Term initiatives … beyond his announced intent to “End AIDS” … to
              • CURE CANCER
              • PREVENT HEART DISEASE and
              • REVERSE ALZHEIMER’s.

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    1. This happened yesterday.

      Senate unanimously passes bill banning TikTok from government devices
      Multiple agencies and military branches had already banned the popular app

      The Senate unanimously passed a bill Thursday that would ban the Chinese social media giant TikTok from all government devices, sending it to the president’s desk.

      “In light of all we know, it is unthinkable to me that we should continue to permit federal employees, those workers entrusted with sensitive government data, to access this app on their work phones and computers,” Senator Josh Hawley, R-Mo., who introduced the bill, said in a statement. “I’m encouraged by the bipartisan support we have seen in this body to hold the Chinese Communist Party accountable and that includes, by the way, holding accountable those corporations who would just do China’s bidding. And, if I have anything to say about it, we won’t be stopping here.”

      Multiple branches of the military, as well as the TSA, State Department, and Department of Homeland Security have already banned TikTok from devices.

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          1. This is a ride? A roller coaster? Who is insane enough to ride it? I got vertigo just watching.

            Some people are plain crazy.


  3. E.O. on Ensuring Essential Medicines, Medical Countermeasures & Critical Inputs Are Made-in-USA

    This is MOMENTOUS.

    Entire Supply Chains will be Re-Established ENTIRELY within the USA,
    • from R&D to Finished Production
    • under the National Defense Act PRESIDENTIAL POWERS
    • to REDIRECT and EXPAND Manufacturers’ Plants and Organizations
    • to fulfill the E.O. at TRUMP-TIME SPEED.

    Taking Make-in-USA to World-Leading levels of Productivity & Cost-Competitiveness:

    “Advanced Manufacturing” means any new medical product manufacturing technology that can improve drug quality, address shortages of medicines, and speed time to market, including continuous manufacturing and 3D printing.
    Bonus: POTUS is imposing 10% Tariffs on Imports of Canadian Aluminum.
    Message-to-World: If he’s doing that to our cheating “partner” in his signature USMCA Trade Deal, guess what he’s got in store for Non-Deal Countries … including NATO.

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  4. E.O. on Adjusting Imports of Aluminum Into the USA

    [On May 29, 2019, POTUS exempted Canada from the new 10 percent ad valorem tariff on Aluminum Exports to the USA after we] “agreed on a range of measures with Canada that were expected to allow imports of aluminum from Canada to remain stable at historical levels without meaningful increases, thus permitting the domestic capacity utilization to remain reasonably commensurate with the target level recommended in the Secretary’s report. These included measures to monitor for and AVOID IMPORT SURGES.”

    “The [Commerce] Secretary has now advised me that imports of non-alloyed unwrought aluminum from Canada,
    • which accounted for 59 percent of total aluminum imports from Canada during June 2019 through May 2020,
    • increased substantially in the twelve months following my decision to exclude, on a long-term basis, Canada from the tariff proclaimed in Proclamation 9704.
    • Imports of non-alloyed unwrought aluminum from Canada during June 2019 through May 2020 increased 87 percent compared to the prior twelve-month period and
    • exceeded the volume of any full calendar year in the previous decade.”

    “Canada is the largest source of United States imports of non-alloyed unwrought aluminum, accounting for
    • nearly two-thirds of total imports of these articles from all countries in 2019
    • and approximately 75 percent of total imports in the first five months of 2020.”

    “Thus, I have determined that it is necessary and appropriate to re-impose the 10 percent ad valorem tariff proclaimed in Proclamation 9704, as amended, on imports of NON-ALLOYED unwrought aluminum articles from Canada.”
    BANG! … Watch next for Tariffs on Canadian ALLOYED Aluminum!
    ChYna, you’re NEXT for BREACHING the ChYna Trade Deal!
    … and EXPORTING your ChiComVirus!

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  5. Evidence Mounts That Mail-In Voting Will Bring Only Fraud And Chaos

    • 25% of Brooklyn Mail-In Ballots Disqualified
    • Over 223K Las Vegas Mail-In Ballots Bounced as ‘Undeliverable’ in Primary

    🤔 Guess who runs the 2020 Election if POTUS invokes the Insurrection Act or Martial Law during the Deep-State Trials to Drain the Swamp.

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      1. Watch carefully
        “I have a lot of enemies out there.
        This may be the last time you see me for a while.

        A lot of very, very rich enemies.
        But they are not happy with what I’m doing.

        But I figure we have one chance to do it.
        And no other President is gonna do what I do.”
        anonymous patriot 🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸 (@anonpatriotq) Tweeted:
        Here you go.

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              1. Wow…

                «You are watching a movie»

                now where was it, that I saw that sentence?

                Bring on the popcorn!


      2. Very intriguing, indeed…and why he suggested the WH. As his venue for accepting the Nomination.
        It does bother me a POTUS feels necessary to Hide out for safety.

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      3. In all the remarks/comments POTUS has ever made – he has never been anything but upbeat and optimistic. Even I had a, “Whoa” moment on this. Listened several times and discussed it with hubby.

        POTUS’ seriousness, and his word choice is significant – big things are about to happen.

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  6. So if we don’t see DJT for awhile, does that mean no TrumpTweets? Will it be so long that we will suffer withdrawal symptoms? Will we at least get Q drops to hold us over?


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      1. I get the idea when the REAL excrement hits the fan, VSGPDJT will be on AFI with full CAP protection including a beefed up fighter escort and missile defense. FG&C would know better than me about the range with full tanks on a 747, but those planes can be kept in the air for quite a number of hours. And, who knows, they might have in flight refueling capacity on it.

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        1. The presidential jets (there’s two) have airborne refueling capability. They also have their own onboard defenses, including chaff dispensers (to confuse missiles). They also have radar jamming equipment.


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  7. Epic thread post, Wolfie!

    Speaking of those NWO globalist ghouls…have you seen this video?

    At Davos, they came right out and said that this Virus is the “Great Reset” for the world!

    Liked by 11 people

    1. Thanks!

      Yeah, listening to Birx there, I just had this very weird thought.

      The globo-leftist contagion was unable to “make Trump unreasonable”, so what they are doing is making “normal” so CRAZY that REAL NORMAL looks unreasonable.

      Bottom line, we have to make GETTING RID OF MASKS – sooner rather than later – a core part of reasonable thought. The very idea of keeping idiotic masks forever has to be dealt a death-blow.

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      1. Yes!

        Remember…forcing prisoners to wear masks and forcing them to keep a distance away from each other…resulted in them being more compliant.

        That’s what [They] want — a compliant population.

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          1. “Compliance was IS slipping!

            people around here are darn sick and tired of the masks and I am seeing less and less people wearing them.


      2. This is so true, there is so much crazy stuff out there that normal now looks out of place. The black boxes you posted “Welcome to the new world order” listed the qualities of the new world order….Its amazing how the virus and protests move things in that direction so quickly and with giant steps! Kinda gobsmacking!!!

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  8. This tweet is still there, Boss.

    Although…it’s dated Aug 5, 2020, instead of the 6th.


    Donald J. Trump
    Aug 5
    Sally Yates is either lying or grossly incompetent. It is not possible she could have known so little about Dirty Cop James Comey (and others) from her high position in the Department of “Justice”. The political Crime of the Century, and she had no idea what they were doing?

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    1. Hmm…that date difference could be a time zone thing…since it was posted at 11:06 pm.
      That might be showing that because I am on CST instead of EST.

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      1. So not to be too nit-picky here, but either my computer date is wrong (it says 8/7) or you meant 8/6 & 8/7 above. It might be me because I just checked a post I did at Caring Bridge, before midnight, & it showed 8/5 as the date rather than 8/6…hmmm…

        Now being out of work for so long is catching up with me, sometimes those days blend together (& occasionally that comes across like one interminable scream!)… 😉

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        1. Third possibility (because I knew the wording was confusing, but left it as an experiment) is that I was referring to something in Wheatie’s post above.

          Here is what I said:

          “It’s just after midnight Eastern time, so it’s 8/5 for you, but 8/6 for me!”

          Yes – standing alone, the statement is completely understandable, and looks perfectly wrong. However, “it’s” is actually referring to the timestamp of the Trump tweet under discussion.

          Lack of clarity on my part. Seeing how much I can get away with. B/c lazy & other. 😀 😉

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    2. I found it too. There is also this site that reproduces all of Pres. Trump’s tweets and those of others like cabinet members, and it has audio readings of them. They are grouped by date, not by person, so you have to search through to find those of each person.

      I’m putting an asterisk (splat) in the URL just in case it was going to print all the tweets on a page!

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  9. Hey Wolfie, this is a great post. I love how you pulled so many threads together!!!

    Did you Mean to not have a twitter or other share buttons for this post? It’s always easier to share with just those buttons to click…

    On another note, this tweet looks to be important info. Blessings

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        1. It may be a paid plugin. “We ain’t got none o’ dem here’bouts.” 😉

          However, it may be an available widget. Not all widgets are safe – I had to get rid of one that was a security risk.

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      1. There usually are those share buttons on most Q-Tree posts. I think if you go into the post edit screen (at least the old style editor–I have yet to get up to speed on the new style) in the right margin there are several questions about the post, including sharablility that you can toggle on or off–I think…

        If WP is messing with this post to keep it more “hidden” surely that’s purely coincidental that in this post you’ve shared so much HCQ factual info & that needs to be suppressed by those duplicitous powers that be… 😉

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          1. Thanks…Awesome! I have yet to tackle that learning curve on the block editor…

            I really thought I’d be all gung ho to get those large CV posts updated after we got back from Up North, but it hasn’t happened yet. I’ve been distracted by taxes, vacations, Josiah’s health, & fatigue. Oh & just having “fun” playing digital warrior…

            Liked by 3 people

          1. Ok, thanks. You did an amazing post! So glad Daughn collaborated with you. Q-tree has better scientists and medical knowledge folks than many of the credentialed characters.

            Had my hair done yesterday, and my hairdresser is a Democrat, but we don’t talk politics. He’s a good person – he asked me again about the Virus – I keep giving him infor and data. Turns out – and here’s how evil our MSM is – he’s never heard of HCQ!

            He gave me his email to send him some info. 🙂

            Liked by 7 people

  10. I ended up watching this interview with Taj Jackson. He’s the nephew of Michael Jackson.

    What was very connecting to everything Q talks about with Hollywood is that he talks about how Michael Jackson was outside of Hollywood and that Hollywood hated him which kind of shocked me. But he said that ‘they’ could not control him.

    He talks about how the MSM had an agenda against Michael Jackson. How the feds kept looking yet never found anything.
    He brings up harvey weinstein and how Oprah is a back stabbing &D*&#(*$. How Michael Jackson made Oprah a big star.
    I’m starting to wonder with everything we know about Hollywood that’s slowly coming out I’m starting to wonder if this was a hit job on Michael Jackson.

    Liked by 6 people

    1. I’m coming to the conclusion there have been many “hit jobs” in the a Hollywood vipers’ pit…and that appears to be exactly what it is. All the little placed “hints” in the publications and lack of jobs, blackballing, etc. Quality acting as a craft seems very far down on the list of success these days…if it, indeed, ever was. Apparently selling your body wasn’t all that was expected…they wanted your soul, as well.
      I don’t follow the industry much, and today seldom recognize or have any interest in the current crop…but I’m thinking Mel Gibbons off the top of my head as one “they” went after.
      Surprised about Michael Jackson’s story above…seems he should have had a lot of protection from family.
      In the end I do not think Oprah will come out of this sordid mess with her reputation in tact. Can’t say I will be sorry.

      Liked by 8 people

      1. There were some pretty interesting things on Twitter fairly recently about Kanye West & Kim Kardashian. People were discussing KW like he was losing his mind, something about almost having killed his child, via abortion. Then there was something about the Hollywood Satanists having marked their oldest child, North, for death, like a sacrifice they were required to make to ensure their future success or something…

        Supposedly KW refused to let North be killed by the Satanists so now people were trying to destroy his reputation. There was speculation that KK was like KW’s handler & trying to control him…I really have no idea about any of it & don’t follow these celebs…

        It did seem that this perspective on the “story” was somewhat reflective of some of the darkness associated with “PedoWood” etc. There were a number of tweeters who claimed that KW was being under spiritual attack & were seeking prayers for him…

        On the Michael Jackson front, I was always disgusted with him seeming to get away with having molested numerous children…it’s sad that the fact that those kids were allowed to live & their families to cash in on the presumed abuse is actually now practically heroic compared to some of the stuff rumored to be coming out of Hollywood, between sexual abuse, human trafficking, cannibalism, Satanism, & pleasure hunts of humans…it practically makes MJ seem saintly…

        By the way, my statements above are my own way of making sense of some pretty bizarre things I’ve read in the last few weeks & months. I’m not endorsing those perspectives nor do I have any direct knowledge of any of it, so it would be hearsay at best…

        Liked by 3 people

        1. I don’t know much about this either, but I know in many cases Michael Jackson’s accusers had to be lying…claiming things happened in buildings that didn’t exist at the time, etc.

          It’s possible (but by no means certain) that in his case simple eccentric behavior is having stuff read into it. (And this coming from someone who can’t stand his music.)

          Liked by 1 person

          1. Yes “Don’t know” is pretty applicable to all sorts of things. You should hear some of my conversations w/ my husband about things I’ve read in the Q-niverse…I’ve seen & heard Lots but Know actually very little! & the older I get the less I know of things that I actually do/did Know!


      2. The one who actually exposed a lot of it, and had to leave the country because of it, is Randy Quaid. He claimed that there are a handful of powerful people in Hollywood who seek to make money off the bad behavior of stars, and they take unethical steps to make that happen. I don’t remember if it was him, or an anonymous bodyguard video I saw years ago who claimed that various stars are targeted via the catering services. (Casts are REQUIRED to eat catered food and not bring their own, I understand.) There’s some substance that is put in the food that stays in the brain for 3-5 years and the effect essentially mimics bi-polar disorder.

        IF, and that’s a big IF, this is the case, it would explain Mel Gibson, and Brittany Spears, and any number of others who seemed to go off the deep end and did things completely out of character for a few years before they faded into the background. And, yes, Mel Gibson was one suspected of having been on the receiving end of this.

        Liked by 1 person

  11. Ron

    Good news. Tencent owns Reddit (and a ton of other things) and have allegedly been running massive anti-American propaganda efforts while under disguise as American corporations.

    Rod Breslau

    BREAKING: Trump has signed executive order that prohibits transactions with TikTok and WeChat parent companies Bytedance and Tencent (!!), effective in 45 days

    Liked by 8 people

      1. Yup.
        And Tencent is into all kinds of things…games, movies, etc.

        Tencent has been pumping money into Hollywood.
        Which is why we don’t see any of those ‘human-rights-conscious’ people in the entertainment business criticizing the ChiComs.

        I know that movie ‘They Live’ is supposed to be fiction…
        But I can’t help but wonder if that kind of programming can be built into films and video games, for real.

        Liked by 6 people

              1. Yikes! I hope only off Twitter, and not also the face of the Earth.

                Plus, who knows what might have happened to the man in Hong Kong who delivered such sage advice to our President.


  12. There is a genetic genealogist I follow that has an interesting post…it addresses foreign ownership of a huge amount of DNA, presumably mostly from Americans…there are alarming implications given CV insanity, etc.

    Here’s how her piece starts, with links, in order, at the end…

    Today, Bloomberg announced that Blackstone Group has acquired a majority ownership stake in for 4.7 billion dollars. Yes, billion, with a b. You can read the article, here. Blackstone, out of New York, will own 75% of Ancestry and GIC Pte, formerly known as Government of Singapore Investment Corporation will own 25%.

    Ancestry sold in 2012 for 1.6 billion to Permira. In 2016 the company was valued at 2.6 billion when it was acquired by Silver Lake and GIC. Their value now has significantly grown, which is interesting since the 18 million DNA kits have already been sold and that market is slowing. That means that the revenue generators are subscriptions and their health research partnerships which provides Ancestry a second opportunity to obtain revenue from DNA kits.

    According to Bloomberg:

    Blackstone, the world’s largest alternative asset manager with $564 billion in assets, is also focused on growing its life sciences group. It has spent more than $1 billion this year investing in drugs that target high cholesterol, kidney disease in children and devices for diabetes patients.

    Blackstone made a press release in July about their Life Sciences Fund.

    Blackstone also acquired 21Vianet, a Chinese internet data center/service in June, 2020.

    more from her piece…

    Given Blackstone’s focus on Life Sciences, I suspect they will be leveraging Ancestry’s DNA testers who have opted in to medical research, with requests to “share” that information becoming more visible. You don’t have to have taken their Health test to opt in for DNA research.

    Ancestry first announced their health initiative in 2015.

    I’ve recently noticed an increased focus on health testing, both in terms of testing by encouraging DNA upgrades to health which is a direct revenue generator, and also in terms of “softball” questions designed to encourage opt-in participation to research, whether or not you’ve taken the actual health test itself.

    a little more from her piece & the links within that writing…

    Therefore, when we see things like “Share more about yourself,” we may be more tempted than other segments of the population. This reminds me of social media questions that get passed around from time to time, which are far riskier than they seem and you should never answer publicly BTW.

    If you click on the little “i” for information, you’ll see that this information will be aggregated and you are requested to opt in for research which is called the Human Diversity Project which you can read more about, here.

    New DNA kit purchasers are given the opportunity to opt-in when registering their kit and periodically, later.

    I suppose this might have too many links in it so fall into the bin for a bit…sorry…

    Liked by 6 people

    1. This is a good dig, Valerie.

      I thought it has been creepy the way there has been this ‘push’ to get us have a DNA test.
      And this offers some reasons why.

      The commercials for these companies that are selling the DNA testing, try to make it seem like you’re just not one of the ‘cool people’ if you don’t get your DNA tested.
      It’s a clever con.
      They charge $100 to $200 for the testing…and then sell the results…to be used for who-knows-what.

      It should be the other way around.
      People should be getting paid to surrender their DNA!
      And then get full disclosure of what it will be used for.

      Liked by 5 people

    2. I’m seeing weight loss being used as a selling tool to get people to give up their DNA. It’s pretty obvious they want the genetic map.

      What I find encouraging is that only 18 million kits have been sold and the market is slowing. That means that out of 335 million or so just in this country, they don’t have critical mass, and aren’t even close to having it before selection decisions can be made.

      But still, the plan is obvious for those who choose to see.

      Liked by 2 people

      1. I think I’ve seen “promoted” tweets referring to the weight loss DNA stuff–A Lot. Also ones iirc that are claiming to use DNA? to determine your personal wine preferences. Hmmm


  13. Hey Wolfie, I think one of my comments is “in the bin” w/ too many links…Do you want to fetch it–no cur slur intended ;( –or should I revise using * to obscure links? Sorry for the hassle… 😦

    Liked by 4 people

    1. Anything over 9 links will get sent to the Spam bin, Valerie.

      Just remember…”Nine is fine”.
      Any more than that and it’s into the bin.

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  14. Tucker’s show from Thursday night.

    Good opening monologue.

    At the 21:00 mark, he talks about the attacks on Christianity and has Eric Metaxas on to talk about the leftist rioters burning Bibles.

    He goes on from there to talk about Why the NY AG is trying to destroy the NRA…and why she is doing it ‘right now’.

    In case the above video gets deleted, here is the official Fox video of just his opening monologue…which won’t get deleted because it’s from Fox:

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  15. Is there Any limit to the draconian depredations displayed???

    Liked by 4 people

  16. Priceless, precious POTUS!

    & twit world “hides” the video behind the sensitive content warning below…sad…

    Liked by 4 people

    1. Amen & Amen!

      Liked by 6 people

  17. Weren’t there just a bunch of EO’s authorizing pipeline & border activity…All the ones I saw had companies formed in/under Delaware. Is that somehow connected? It’s hard to keep up here…

    Liked by 3 people

    1. Corporations are paper beasts — it is not unusual for all of a corporation’s founders to live in a state, and the corporation to have its principal offices in a state…..and, yet, be incorporated in Delaware. That’s because its incorporation rules are friendlier to businesses than most.

      For instance, HP, Alphabet (parent company of Google), Facebook, and Twitter are all incorporated in Delaware.

      You can look this stuff up at — they’re public companies, so these are public records at the SEC.

      Liked by 7 people

    1. You better believe it!
      Curfews and papers to be shown proving you have the right to travel. (Gestapo?)
      Everyone still asleep and just letting this happen with no resistance.
      Small businesses around Oz are closing forever but the large supermarkets, Hardware, Booze are doing great! I’m in a tourism area…dead.
      So sad.
      I’m still a conspiracy nut to my friends and family.
      Personally doing well as prepared for all of this. 😁
      Still trying to red pill anyone I come into contact with…trying with HCQ…hard yakka!

      Liked by 7 people

  18. The TRUMP PAGE Flag of United States

    Friday, August 7, 2020

    THE PRESIDENT has no public appearances on his schedule.

    Liked by 7 people

      1. I saw in his earlier Schedule, that it had him going to his Bedminster, NJ, property on Thursday evening.

        But in light of that statement he made about not being seen for awhile…that may have changed.

        Liked by 6 people

  19. Dinesh D’Souza

    I’m highly amused to see supposedly sophisticated media types snickering at @realdonaldtrump for saying “Thighland.” These faux-sophisticates don’t realize Trump’s way of saying it is right. “Tai-land” is the crude lingo of people who have never been to “Thighland”

    Liked by 8 people

    1. According to my quickie research, it’s not a “th” sound as in “thigh” either. It’s an aspirated T, a T followed by an audible H sound. (I went to the Wikipedia page for Thailand, scrolled down a bit to the paragraph titled “Etymology”, there are embedded clips of Thais pronouncing “Thai” as well as IPA transcriptions. The superscripted h represents an aspiration of the prior consonant.)

      In many places in Asia. there’s a meaningful difference between a plain T (or K or P) and one that is aspirated. We English speakers consistently aspirate these letters in some places but not others (e.g., “spot”, no aspiration on the p, and “pot”, aspirated p–if you hear no difference, put your hand in front of your mouth when you pronounce the words and you’ll likely feel a puff of air with “pot”, but not with “spot”). It’s an insignificant difference to us, but to people in Asia, it’s usually significant enough that the P in those two words is thought of as two distinct sounds, as different to them as p and b are to us. (And in Korea, at least, they don’t consider the difference between p and b to be significant!)

      If you’ve ever seen Asian restaurants with something like “Pho” in the name and wondered why they didn’t just spell it “Fo” it’s because that’s an aspirated P they’re transcribing; you don’t pronounce the Ph like an f, you pronounce it like an aspirated P.

      Liked by 2 people

      1. Graphic says “up to 4 doses” so there are variations. I’m hearing stories of effects against lingering stealth viruses when taken in very low amounts every other week.

        Liked by 4 people

  20. Something else that we should remember about Biden:


    🔥Betrayal: SEAL Team 6 May 3 2011, at a national event in DC, VP Biden did the unthinkable – He publicly revealed the identity of the special-ops unit responsible for bin Laden’s killing, just to show that he “was in the know”.
    They DIED.
    Biden is UNFIT.

    Liked by 10 people

    1. Oh my goodness! How did you catch that, and Ohio the 17th state.

      I get going to Ohio, but 17 boxes – if that’s not a message, I don’t know what is.

      I believe some of the stuff that’s going to be revealed will be not only charges of Treason, but perhaps homicides as well. Maybe they have communications regarding Obama/Biden outing Seal Team 6 – or potentially talking about assassinations…

      Liked by 8 people

      1. As far as Seal Team 6 goes, from your blessed keyboard fingers to God’s Divine Ear.

        The idea that they have died in vain (so far) just makes me sick.

        Liked by 2 people

  21. Ronny Jackson
    When @realDonaldTrump scored 100% on the cognitive test I gave him, the liberal media tried to destroy my career because they said the test I gave him was “too easy.” Well where’s the liberal media now for Biden? Why won’t he take a cognitive test?

    Liked by 11 people

    1. He did give Trump the wrong test.

      He was supposed to give a test of the ability and willingness to commit doublethink in the service of a statist agenda. Trump would indeed have failed that one.

      Liked by 4 people

              1. Glad it caught your eye – was wondering what flower that was – some type of lily – I thought – dunno – maybe, someone here knows.

                God Bless You Today and Always – Hugs!!!

                Liked by 1 person

              2. Tanks, Patty! Feeling the warmth!

                This has been the ‘week that was’ – emotional rollercoaster – 2 pet deaths in one day! Exhausted – I am! Need some comic relief, Patty – can you help?

                Liked by 1 person

              3. Oh, they were happy – and for that I thank God – both had a problem with food – worried about having food – were stifled as babies – so understood – but, did not want them to be ‘blubber babies’ – too fat to walk – so had to control their urges.

                God gave us these little critters to keep us company – and give us unconditional love – what some people do to them is criminal.

                I am glad He chose me to care for them – even though they were a handful at times – it was something I did gladly – but, yes – it hurts – I will miss them both.

                Liked by 3 people

  22. Liked by 5 people

      1. I remember thinking (in high school, when I was required to read Brave New World) that it was less likely to come true than 1984. I could see a communistic dictatorship more than a corporate one.

        Looks like they’re trying to push us into a combo of the two, people lulled/pushed into socialism by big corps controlling all communication and entertainment.

        Liked by 2 people

        1. Something like that, yes.

          Funny, now that I think about it, one of the most popular romance authors out there has one title (not sure when it came out) that had a lot of Brave New World elements to it, including growing babies in a tube. I liked her stories set in Regency England better.

          Liked by 2 people

  23. H/T MARGOT

    Journey at its finest. There must have been close to 100,000 people there, all having fun. No Anti-fa mobs, just people enjoying the band. This is exactly what “they” don’t want us to have. Check out the joy and celebration between the band and the audience. Randy Jackson pre-American Idol, in his best 1980s duds, slappin’ that bass. And Steve Perry, wow!

    #Journey #GirlCantHelpIt #Vevo
    Journey – Girl Can’t Help It (Official Video)

    Liked by 2 people

  24. H/T JLWARY

    A double whammy that one might consider supporting (if you aren’t already):

    Dallas Jenkins and his series about Jesus entitled The Chosen.

    And Daniel from DLM Christian Lifestyle on YouTube.

    They collaborated for this video:

    Dallas Jenkins (creator of “THE CHOSEN”) – THIS IS MY STORY…

    Sundance, it isn’t your job to “feed the 5000,” but to present your “loaves and fish” to Him: He will take it from there… I hear he does impossible math. God bless you, God bless us all.

    Liked by 2 people

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