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ObamaGate News

Let’s start here. A tough one to swallow.



READ (NEW): Attkisson v. Rosenstein for government computer intrusions


The following is an excerpt from the brief being filed today in Maryland state court in Attkisson v. Rosenstein and others for the government computer intrusions.

Plaintiff Sharyl Attkisson, an award-winning journalist—along with her husband and child—have tried for years to pursue their significant and credible claims of illegal government surveillance, but the U.S. Government has stonewalled them at every turn. Yet, despite the Government’s repeated efforts to obfuscate and delay, the Attkissons detailed in their Complaint:

  • Expert forensic computer analysis of the Attkissons’ computers, revealing that an unauthorized entity or entities gained remote access to the Attkissons’ computers for a prolonged period, and that one of the pathways by which the intrusions occurred were IP addresses controlled by the U.S. Government. 
  • Confirmation, via testimony, that the U.S. Government controlled the IP addresses identified in the Attkissions’ computers. 
  • The degree to which senior figures in the Department of Justice were concerned about, and took steps to block, Sharyl Attkisson’s reporting, as well as her use of confidential governmental sources;
  • Many documented instances of abnormal, otherwise unexplained behavior of the Attkissons’ computer systems and devices.

But then it gets interesting…..

Plaintiffs’ investigator has interviewed Ryan White, a Government whistleblower (and named Defendant). During this interview, White made the following significant assertions:

  • White worked with defendants Sean Bridges (who was then a Secret Service agent) and the FBI’s Shawn Henry in Baltimore and reported directly to defendant Rod Rosenstein. 
  • White and Agent Bridges were ordered to conduct various clandestine operations involving hacking computer systems, servers, emails, and phones. 
  • White and Agent Bridges were directly involved in the illegal surveillance of the Attkissons’ computers and the exfiltration of data. 
  • The rogue order to target the Attkissons came directly from Agent Henry and Rosenstein. 
  • Later, Agent Bridges and another federal agent were convicted of corrupt acts for their involvement in the Government’s notorious Silk Road Task Force, also based in Baltimore, in which corruption by federal agents was uncovered, resulting in the convictions of Bridges and another federal agent. 


As far as I can tell, the surveillance of journalists at that point (2009-2012) was coming from Obama and ERIC HOLDER. So if Rosey was working Holder’s game under Obama, this fits in perfectly with everything I know about DOJ intentions and actions during the first 2 years of the Trump White House, when Rosey and Holder’s lieutenant Tashina Gauhar were running the show.

Rosey sure looks like a black hat to me. But I’m listening. If Rosey was an informant, then WHO was he informing under Obama and Mueller, as Mueller was clearly allowing spying on Attkisson, and planting of incriminating documents on her laptop?

But let’s move on, since Rosey’s guilt or innocence may be reflected in any upcoming indictments…..

Sally Yates, covered HERE:

LIVE THREAD: Sally Q. Yates Gets Grilled

……was a big deal. It seemed like she almost got away clean. BUT WAIT – THERE’S MOAR….. courtesy of Sundance…..

Richard Grenell Discusses Yates Testimony: “She got away with questioning yesterday”…

Trump’s tweet on the getaway is wonderful. Sundance clearly SAVED it, lest it disappear. Or DID IT ALREADY? I cannot find it.

ANYWHO – indictments are very likely coming SOON.

“Be prepared.”

HCQ News

Let’s start here:

This is the “Henry Ford study”. It basically shows HCQ cutting the death rate in half.

But those numbers get BIGGER.

Scientifically, this is exactly where I was when Didier Raoult (or Raoult Didier – whatever his name is) published his first “pay dirt” data with demonstrable dose-related antiviral activity in ALL test subjects. His numbers can be off by a factor of 50%, and it’s still huge and can’t be explained away as anything but SOME kind of real effect.

Numbers like these are either massive fraud or pay dirt. And they could be real nuggets. With a solid, known antiviral explanation, it’s almost certainly REAL.

Now – let’s take a look at a country a bit off the commonly argued map. You don’t hear a lot about COVID-19 in Turkey. Here’s why.

I had to comment and retweet!

The situation isn’t done in Turkey – they are teetering very close to lockdowns. Turkey is trying the same thing as Trump – avoiding lockdowns. A lot of information on how hard that has been, in this article.


Scott Adams found Turkey’s claimed near-100% effectiveness of contact tracing a bit unbelievable, and I have to agree – it’s not easy to either prove or disprove such a claim, but in a country like Turkey, it should be nearly impossible to contact everybody catching the disease.

NEVERTHELESS, those people who DO get caught by contact tracing ARE very likely to live, if they are getting HCQ as early as possible. See how that works? The more the tracers catch, the more contacts they find, the more contacted contacts are WAITING FOR SYMPTOMS with their HCQ in hand, and the more likely the HCQ is going to work. Clearly, [HCQ + contact tracing] makes sense. BUT here is the deal. People have to TRUST the government behind it.

Not exactly easy in New York.

Moving on, HERE is the biggie. I call it the “LancetGate Effect”.


…..and here is the original article…..


Banning HCQ in Switzerland left a FOOTPRINT in the data. I would argue that there is half a footprint in FRANCE, too…..

This evidence is extremely convincing, and is blowing people away.

This data EVEN got the attention of microbiologist Steven Hatfill, who wrote a GREAT piece defending HCQ.

An Effective COVID Treatment the Media Continues to Besmirch


Yes, that would be THE Steven Hatfill, falsely accused by Mueller in the 2001 anthrax attacks.


Peter Navarro – THE KILLER – tweeted the article.

And then I introduced HIM to something even more shocking.

There was a LancetGate Effect in The United States.

Now – I’m not going to show you this – you have to dig to find – but in the wake of my comments, Daughn came in for an assist, and we were then both engaged by HCQ opponents. One kept emphasizing that FDA head Hahn, who was in charge when the EUA was rescinded, is a Trump appointee – like this was going to bother me somehow.


I thought this was clearly an attempt to generate “Alinsky fears” – specifically POLITICS BEFORE SCIENCE, because it might hurt Trump or Hahn, as a way of shutting me up.


Hahn, as I tried to explain, has his own mind. I LIKE THAT. It’s like the way things used to be. I believe that Trump hired him because Hahn is a strong believer in FAST TRACKING new drugs, like Trump is. A believer in TRUMP TIME. Hahn’s opinion on HCQ, wrong as it turns out to be, is secondary. This is WAR, people make mistakes, people die. Generals and Colonels live with this horrible responsibility, and WE SOLDIERS SUPPORT THEM.

BUCK UP, WORLD. We do our best, we trust in God, but we do NOT lie and cover up when we understand error. People have been all over the place on HCQ, but when the chips come in STRONGLY that it works, and even more so that banning it is a PROVABLE mistake, we have to consider CHANGING COURSE.

One way to do that would be to listen to Dr. Zelenko and have a NEW EUA (Emergency Use Authorization) for HCQ – this time without Rick Bright’s toxic “hospitals only” poison pill attached.

YES! We can RECOVER from the LancetGate blunder by doing what Zelenko suggests.


HCQ Insights

One way to make Zelenko’s new EUA actually happen would be to INCLUDE NEW DRUGS – albeit handled DIFFERENTLY from HCQ, as part of the EUA.

I call this the “EUA EUA“.

“Early Use of Antivirals Emergency Use Authorization”

The way this would work is to grant flexibility to doctors WORKING WITH pharmaceutical companies and state governments to try new antivirals early in the disease process upon confirmed diagnosis. HCQ is well-tested, and as the “standard of this EUA”, it becomes the GOLD STANDARD of safety and efficacy for other newer drugs to beat, using whatever delivery tricks and codrugs make these other drugs work best. Those drugs need every advantage we can find for them, just like South Korea (zinc), Didier Rauout (azithromycin), and Zelenko (zinc + azithromycin, very early) found for HCQ.

One of my rationales here is that we can reduce or even remove toxicity from the equation by low-dosing a lot of these drugs, since EARLY use can mean less drug needed for the more toxic ones. In some ways, what I am doing here is learning from sabotage studies of HCQ, which used massive and toxic doses LATE. We are doing the opposite – trying to “help” alternatives to HCQ by giving THEM access to patients at the same time when HCQ works best. Some – maybe even most patients may still opt for HCQ, but others may welcome new drugs like EIDD-2801 and RLF-100, the latter of which may prove to be effective not just late, but early as well.

The point is, get EVERYBODY early, so we remove the incentive to let patients deteriorate, which is now “imposed” on drugs which need desperate patients for “right to try”. The EUA, in essence, would EXPAND right to try to early or even asymptomatic patients – not just patients at death’s door.

The EUA EUA *removes* any incentive to delay treatment, or to bash HCQ, but at the same time, it doesn’t blockade new drugs from access to patients at the time when THEY might be very effective, too, which our current system, weirdly, does.


NOW – about HCQ alleged toxicity. Here is an AR-15 of logic to take down trolls.

It’s important to address the cardiac toxicity issue head on, because that “problem” is really a deflection by people who “pretend not to know” how minor the problem really is, ESPECIALLY compared to LIVES SAVED.

This is JUST AS TRUE as it was with MALARIA.


Now – here is one reason I think that NON-VACCINATION AND TREATMENT is an important option.

One of the primary reasons to use HCQ instead of a vaccine, is the likelihood that coronavirus vaccines will cause immune overreaction TO infection by the disease, instead of actual protection FROM infection.

This is a nice article which introduces you to Dr. Peter Hotez, vaccine maker, vaccine advocate, but also vaccine truth-teller on immune enhancement. Hotez is somebody very difficult for the MSM to downplay and crush. At least, SO FAR.

Scientists were close to a coronavirus vaccine years ago. Then the money dried up.

“We just could not generate much interest,” a researcher said of the difficulty in getting funding to test the vaccine in humans.

March 5, 2020, 4:30 AM EST / Updated March 8, 2020, 4:23 PM EDT

By Mike Hixenbaugh


There will be more talk about immune enhancement later. Be prepared. It’s a very “sciencey” argument AGAINST mandatory vaccination. It is a much more EFFECTIVE argument than “I don’t trust Bill Gates” – even though the latter is a HUGE motivator for most people.

And now THIS.

Time To Go To WAR Over Hydroxychloroquine

What are we up against?

Something that runs us over if we DON’T put it down.

Let’s look more closely.

We are not “starting a war”. We’re FIGHTING BACK.

Masks are a huge battle from the socialists who want ANY kind of permanent change, even really stupid ones.

Fighting back will be on all fronts. Some of it will be masks themselves, but others will be technical – TESTING and HCQ are going to be big.

Do not be afraid to put DATA like this in people’s faces.

Do not be afraid to ADMIT TRUTHS, because you can TRUST that more truth will come to your rescue.

We are going to WIN, and we are going to win BIGLY.

Take THAT to the Bank, Nancy Pelosi.


619 thoughts on “Dear KMAG: 20200807 Open Topic / ObamaGate News / HCQ News / HCQ Insights / Time To Go To WAR Over Hydroxychloroquine

  1. More stuff that could just be a coincidence. (Incidentally, it is a BEAUTIFUL day here in STL, and the air is still. Haven’t heard any gun shots.) It was announced that Operation Legend is in STL at this time.

    Dementiacrats Need To Be Canceled – Stu Cvrk
    Thread – Something Brewing in Nevada This Weekend?

    1. A good pal in Nevada sent the below to me very early this morning. He’s retired special forces and not someone prone to B.S., as he’s been in harm’s way many times before on our collective behalf.
    3:39 PM · Aug 7, 2020

    2. Gunfire today in St. Louis as the nfac (won’t give it the respect of capitalizing the acronym) squared off against several patriot militias. Only a few folks shot or otherwise hurt.

    2A. [Cvrk note: NFAC stands for “Not F**king Around Coalition”; read more about it here]:
    The Birth of the NFAC; America’s Black Militia
    Black grassroots movements have led the charge throughout the history of Black Americans fighting for equality in America. From the 1954 Civil Rights movement to the Black Power movement of the ’60s,…

    3. But now (hold my beer) the Antipha and BLM are moving from the west coast to the Douglas County Sheriff’s Dept front office in Gardnerville, NV (just below the state capital in Carson City) to protest the (rather) rural policing model.

    4. So – the Nevada Civil Militia is standing up, signing in official members and planning to “counter protest”. But this counter will look more like the protest in Virginia earlier this year when thousands of armed protesters showed up.

    5. Met several of the NV Militia folks in town today – they be armed up with battle rifles and serious big bore long guns. Lots with world class AR’s too. And these boys CAN shoot, are riddled with vets and long-range hunters and looking for provocation.

    6. Add to that, the Sheriff is not about to lay in the street to be walked over, nor is he planning to kneel for anti-American mobs. And what the socialists do not get is that the Sheriff can deputize the entire militia if he needs or wants to.

    7. Them city boys don’t “get” the independence or authority of a county sheriff. Perhaps school is about to begin classes.

    8. Had to go to town today and when returning saw more black folk streaming toward the Carson/Reno/Gardnerville area than is ever normal.

    9. The convoys included equipment trucks (ton box body types) and motor-homes (mobile command and support?) as well as vans and car convoys AND numerous (seemingly) abandoned vehicles along the road – ….

    9A. … to include more motor-homes (pre-deployed weapons caches?).

    10. My brother is driving up tomorrow; we’ll go down, cameras in hand and ordnance just out of sight. Folks from the NV Militia are supposed to call me in the morning.

    11. It seems today that the socialists are upping their activity and violence level – we’ll see Saturday here in NV if this leads to active socialist reduction actions.

    12. Many people have been predicting that BLM and their militant arm nfac are going to “up the ante” from violent street protests to basically armed insurrection actions. We will have to watch and see what if anything happens. ///The end.

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    1. they really have no idea what normal gun lovers are like. here in rural PA, I am doing crafts at my dining room table listening to gun shots–one of the neighbors around here got another a new weapon and needs to check the sights…and that happens here A LOT.
      target shooting is common here and it’s been tramping up big time.

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      1. Yup,
        I do not think more than a day or two goes by without hearing gunfire in my area. It is fishing season so it is a bit quieter than normal right now.

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      2. Couple links with additional information on the protest.



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    2. All those nice motorhomes and other equipment, just ripe for the plucking by Federal LEOs and other agencies, for domestic terrorism (by a subunit of an international terrorist group, that is to say, AntiFA). Ten years’ minimum sentences, coupled with seizure of assets, as well as the “hardware” and vehicles they brought up.

      B arbarians
      L iars
      M alcontents

      will likely find it a little too hot in Nevada for their liking… Soros will have a bill or two on his hands…

      [Nice insurrection ya go goin’ there… be a shame if someone rolled it up and shredded it…..]…

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    3. Remember the Commies NEED AND WANT MARTYRS!

      They are probably going to push until they get them. It could easily be the ‘Ukrainian Strategy’ False Flag too. That is what I worry about most.

      Here are two articles. (I think I saw something about Vinneman or Strzok having been the one who hired the snipers)
      Same Ukraine Snipers Shot Cops and Protesters, EU Call Suggests

      Both Sides?
      Additionally, shooting both sides is a tip off that it may be a false flag.

      Specifically, when authoritarian regimes want to break up protests, they might shoot protesters.

      Likewise, when violent protesters shoot government employees, they might be trying to overthrow the government.

      But when secretive snipers kill both protesters and the police, it is an indication of a “false flag” attacks meant to sow chaos, anger, disgust and a lack of legitimacy.

      This has happened many times over the years. For example:

      Unknown snipers reportedly killed both Venezuelan government and opposition protesters in the attempted 2002 coup
      Unknown snipers fired during Thailand’s 2010 protests, killing both police and protesters
      And see this and this
      Snipers Fired At BOTH Police and Protesters In Ukraine
      This happened during the Maidan protests which resulted in the overthrow of the Ukrainian government, as well.
      BBC recently interviewed the head of the opposition’s security forces at the time, who confirms that snipers were killing both protesters and police:

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      1. IMO looking for martyrs in Gardenville, NV is not the same as getting them in front of a Federal Bldg. Of course the media will try to put some spin on it, but to go that far out of the way for a fight is going to be a very hard sell to the American public. Plus with no Fed involvement Antifa and BLM are essentially declaring war on rural America.
        Wondering what the exact provocation is?

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        1. The DNC Brownshirts have been trying for WEEKS to get a Kent State. The Feds are not willing to play the game so now they are hoping to ‘take the fight to the suburbs’

          This is not the first try. So far the Suburbanites and rural folk have driven the DNC Brownshirts off.

          BUT Now the game has gotten SERIOUS.

          Just a few days ago, the OPTIMA RAIDS happened in Cleveland & Miami. Optima Holdings linked to Privat Group and Privat Group was handed 1.8 BILLION in US Aid which then disappeared…. WITH THE BLESSINGS OF BIDEN and Amb Yavanovitch. She and her Staff protected the theft by getting Ukraine to not investigate.

          Privat Group invested their stolen Billions of USAid in Real Estate in Cleveland & Miami which is BEING SIEZED via asset forfeiture.

          At this point the DNC’s FAKE NEWS DESPERATELY NEEDS A FALSE FLAG (Blood and Death in the streets) to hide what is happening with the Biden/Obama part of the Ukraine theft of billions from the tax payers as well as the Durham indictments coming up right after that.

          Don’t worry, if I can see this you can bet POTUS and his team can too.

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          1. Only story I could find.

            pllus this


            Also noted something about KKK showing up to previous protests back in June in the area but 2A locals were not falling for it. New they were fake.
            “Jun 09, 2020 · But when a group of men arrived at a BLM protest in KKK garb, no one fell for the obvious bait. At a Black Lives Matter rally held in the rural Nevada town of Fallon, some 70 people gathered in support at Millennium Park. Nearby, roughly 20 people gathered for a separate protest in support of the Second Amendment.”

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    4. Two days ago, Socialist guvner Sisloak declared a state of emergency over systemic racism. Or some other recently made up BS concept. It all goes hand in hand with BLM, riots, Covid be very, very skeered.
      No idea the capabilities nfac thugs. They talk tough. And are armed. Have no problem with anyone owning guns, including nfac It’s a Right. It’s a matter of following the law.

      Douglas County Sheriff, very no nonsense, law and order, Pro 2A… IIRC, Douglas County the third, of fourteen counties in NV to declare themselves a 2A sanctuary. The kind of Sheriff one would want.
      – FWIW. Three counties NOT declaring 2A sanctuary Clark (Vegas/Henderson), Washoe (Reno/Sparks) and Carson – all very liberal. SPIT.

      Gardnerville is a nice little town. Chalk full of Patriots. The entire area, including Eastern Sierras part of CA, Patriots. Patriots out this way very, very well armed. In addition to lots of skilled hunters, folks get lots of target practice – close up and distance.

      Douglas County adjacent to Lyon County, where I am. Garnerville, 25 miles as the crow flies.

      Everyday Americans, IMO, are flat fucking pissed about BLM, Antifa, riots, terrorism…largely going unchecked.
      – nfac starts breaking the law, and me thinks they are going to get slammed by the Sheriff – arrested. ZERO catch and release.
      – Hope this part doesn’t come to fruition. nfac takes a starts a fight with local Patriots, they are going to get their asses whipped. It’ll get plenty bloody on all sides.

      Hoping it all ends without bloodshed. nfac showing up is NOT a positive. It is absolutely time for law and order.

      No taking a knee out this way.

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  2. Not sure if anyone has already posted, but worth reading Brian’s thread. He addresses POTUS’ remarks yesterday, and those “laundry machines.” 🙂

    He discusses the 3-4 biggies that are likely to drop. Brings up POTUS’ asset forfeiture EO from 12/2017. Looks like we’re going to be able to get back some of that laundered Ukraine money – they were buying U.S. real estate!

    Thread Reader:

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    1. POTUS going to Bedminster might be a red herring. If POTUS life is in danger would he not send the airplane to NJ and he himself fly undisclosed place the is safe ?

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      1. I believe he is there, giving a press conference right now. I don’t watch them, just wait for the comments. He seems to have made another unusual remark. ” Something along the lines of “Hopefully I’ll be here to get the job done” – the tweeter didn’t think he was referencing the election.


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  3. Useful info. I love this lady doctor.

    “People ask me all the time how they can get our treatment and prevention protocol. We have networked with doctors in all states accepted, that are not afraid to see patients. Keep you are your family safe. Need to see one of our doctors nation wide visit

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    1. Now there is the exact info people need. Of course I’m saying this before I click and see if there’s one single courageous soul in NJ. 🙄

      Liked by 6 people

        1. Thanks for confirming. Bookmarked. Forgot to bookmark it a few days ago when it was posted.

          Hope I don’t need it. Planning to pursue HCQ as a preventive – have on hand. feel fine. No symptoms. but if things change, want the HCQ at the ready.

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          1. That’s what we’re thinking as well. I’m currently taking the weekly dose/preventive, with quercetin/zinc on the other days — but since Zelenko’s recommending quercetin as an alternative I might get the refill and just keep it just in case. Hubby as well. Very reasonable for appt, $59 when I did it in April.

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      1. I thnk they’ve got it backwards, as there are a number of studies out there that show HCQ attacking cancer cells, with COVID not being part of the equation (I think Gail posted some on either the news roundup, or upthread here).

        Or, are they looking at something like bacteriophage activity???

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        1. I actually put this up earlier in the day. What this gentleman is saying is that the study that “proves” HCQ doesn’t work, was based its effect on a line of cancer cells that it killed. He is an oncologist, and recognized the cell line after searching for the data set in the study, finding it not in the body of the study, but in teeny tiny print in an appendix. So, essentially, HCQ kills cancer cells.

          Not the results the study claimed, but this oncologist has a new avenue for treatment of cancer.

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          1. That’s not quite what the twitter headline said either…it made it sound like if you have cancer and covid, taking HCQ will cause covid to take out your cancer and leave the rest of you alone. Hence my odd questions when you posted this on the previous page. (Gail straightened me out.)

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    1. As Jordan Sather likes to point out.
      The answers are near at hand.

      “In vitro studies have shown that CloSYS, an over the counter mouthwash containing ClO2, was effective on inactivating SARS-CoV”

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    1. That neighborhood at about 2:00–looks third world and look at the fence/wall!

      I’m not even a dog person but this was cool in a sort of tearjerky way.

      And, I know dogs who are like that after being outside for an hour.

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    1. This was VERY interesting.

      He highlighted Trump running for safety–to save the lives of the people who were threatening him.

      He knows they want martyrs. It would have looked bad if the nut in the ultralight had been shot–and turned out to be harmless. And dead Americans on the White House grounds? Same.

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      1. I am sorry but I respectfully disagree. *We* were not “herded” anywhere. Yes, the media and the Dems lead and attempted to herd us but those that chose to follow are responsible for following.

        We all saw the terrible video … and Way Too Many did not question it but instead all agreed that it was horrible and that there are indeed some bad policemen.

        I remember posting that I was shocked that SD was going along with the GOP talking points that the video was awful and should never have happened that way. This group, of all groups, should have given the police the benefit of the doubt and dug deep, like the old days, into facts. This group used to be able to track down a public school were some girl got beat up in a matter of hours/few days. This ability was not used for the MN police. I learned from you all!

        Why was I shocked by conservatives all repeating that he was “killed”? Because the man died in police custody but not due to police action.

        -The police were holding him still while they waited for the medical help that they themselves had called for him.

        -He could Literally breath the entire time.

        -Neck and choke holds were standard operating procedure for MN police department at that time. Also SOP to hold down a suspect who fought arrest and was suspected of drug delerium.

        -Within days we had the autopsy showing the tremendous street drugs in his system, his very advanced heart disease and the fact that he was Covid 19 positive, had been for weeks and knew it + knew that there was no evidence of strangulation, suffocation or damage to the spin or neck from excessive pressure. The autopsy also showed all that was done to save him as soon as they left the area where a hostile crowd had gathered.

        Just like the virus, the Floyd event was real and yet used to create a leftist fake news narrative and the left did not allow this crisis to go to waste.

        Too many on the right were so appalled by watching a man die that few stood firm for the thin blue line unless/until evidence was actually revealed against the officers. The knee on the neck seemed horrifying unless we gave them the benefit of the doubt and thought logically v. emotionally. It was standard opeating procedure, he had already fought them, he was high as a kite and violent, he could breath the entire time and even move his head around a bit.

        I don’t like the choke or knee holds and am glad President Trump lead the way on that reform.

        I am grateful that I do not have to witness people dying tragically on the street 100% due to their own bad choices. I am thankful there are policemen willing to do that job so I am protected from such realities in my daily life.

        It was tragic but it was the path Floyd chose. Many say he didn’t “deserve” to die that way. The word “deserve” is a narrative driven word choice implying someone decided for him to die that day in that way. Nope. He chose to do drugs, chose to be out in public while Covid 19 positive, chose poorly all his life leading to very bad health, he chose to fight the police … and what was he doing behind the wheel of a car with that much drugs in his system?! Horrifying! A dangerous man to his neighborhood!

        The evidence has been out almost since the beginning and has continued to add up.. We saw a video clip of Floyd fighting, we had the autopsy, we then had more and more evidence as more film was released, his records came to light showing patterns of behavior, the body cam transcripts were released, etc.

        I have been posting on social media about this to the point I asked my husband shoud I? what if this goes viral as the “racist” woman “attacking” Saint Floyd? what about your job and our security of income, I asked my husband. He said do it. Cont. to counter the fake news with facts backed up by links and let sunlight in. So I did. Might not have changed minds to the people to whom I was replying but maybe planted some seeds, gave some insight to other readers. IDK …

        But the truth has been there if we could get passed witnessing a man in distress die on video

        the good? Reform of knee and choke holds

        Investitgation? Good – if excessive force was actually used or if SOP was not followed then justice needs to be served. But the majority of the narrative has already proven incorrect. + race has not been found to be a factor at all. And the claim that police “kill” POC at a higher rate is False.

        Every time I have seen that Floyd was “killed” or was “murdered” I have spoken up to say
        a) that is not what the evidence says
        b) until the trial and investigations are over we do not know that as all we know for a fact is he died in police custody … innocent until proven guilty. Dying in police custody does not equat to being “killed” much less “murdered”

        And yet how many homes, businesses, factories, neighborhoods, jobs and people have been destroyed, vandalized, looted, injured and murdered because of this narrative being let stand? Why did it take conservatives so long to begin to give the police the benefit of the doubt?

        Liked by 3 people

        1. I have posted the following here, I am sure. This is what I suspected had happened, pretty early on:

          I didn’t draw any conclusions about Floyd’s death, because I didn’t have all the evidence. And friends of mine didn’t just fall for the media narrative either. We all knew there was something wrong with the narrative.

          The bodycam video was what I was asking for on Twitter and here, right after it happened. And especially after Ellison WITHHELD some of it. That’s when I knew FOR SURE it was the key. And it was. Excited delirium explains the WHOLE episode, and will be the defense position for the cops, count on it, because extreme restraint is the way to SAVE THE PERSON’S LIFE.

          Liked by 3 people

        2. Maga, I agree and I applaud you for this. I think one reason so many jumped on the band-wagon was fear of being labelled racist. Regarding choke holds, I am not against them when it is self-defense or lives are in danger. There was a home invasion in my area, and the victim did this to a boy who endangered his life, and he was exonerated, not charged.

          Liked by 2 people

      2. I never thought the knee on the SIDE of the neck of a big bar bouncer like that was inappropriate. I just thought it was a good method if applied correctly.

        Once the blood tests came back with all the drugs — Methamphetamine and a possible lethal amount of Fentanyl, it was pretty darn obvious it was another Trayvon Martin/Micheal Brown political football.

        Methamphetamine is a stimulant and can cause agitation, physical alertness, decreased appetite, low inhibitions, mental confusion and hyperactivity to hallucinations. It can also cause heart attacks. (He had a bad heart.)

        /blockquote>… The difference between a therapeutic dose and a deadly dose of fentanyl is very small.

        ….Fentanyl depresses the respiratory centers and the cough reflex

        ….Fentanyl analogs produced in illicit laboratories may be hundreds of times more potent than street heroin and tend to produce significantly more respiratory depression, making them even more dangerous to users than heroin.

        Liked by 5 people

        1. George Floyd had a ton of stuff in him, and he was well “on his way out” before he even encountered the police (or even entered the store):

          Not just 4x the amount of Fentanlyl needed to kill him, he had half a drugstore more of dangerous/illegal drugs in him…

          From :

          [Begin excerpt]

          The medical examiner, who was the only person to have conducted an autopsy, indicates Floyd was not asphyxiated. Here are the key findings in his report.

          He had
          1. Arteriosclerotic heart disease, multifocal, severe
          2. Cardiomegaly (540 g) with mild biventricular dilatation
          3. Clinical history of hypertension

          There were
          “No injuries of anterior muscles of neck or laryngeal structures” and “No facial, oral, mucosal, or conjunctival petechiae” (These are tiny red marks that are important signs of asphyxia caused by airway obstruction. If there had been any, it might indicate death by strangulation, hanging or smothering. )
          He also tested positive for COVID-19.

          Even more striking are the autopsy toxicology findings. In his system they found:

          1.Fentanyl 11 ng/mL.
          2.Norfentanyl 5.6 ng/mL
          3.4-ANPP 0.65 ng/mL
          4. Methamphetamine 19 ng/mL
          5. 11-Hydroxy Delta-9 THC 1.2 ng/ml
          6. Cotinine positive
          7. Caffeine positive

          In sum, he was high on drugs at the time of his death. The fentanyl itself was four times the level known to cause fatalities, reports Paul Sperry, and on top of that he had speed and marijuana in his system. The arresting officer said he was foaming at the mouth and a close look at the video indicates this was so.

          Interestingly, none of the charges against any of the officers claim Floyd’s death was intentionally inflicted.
          Given the huge drug load in Floyd’s system, we might also look at what is called “excited delirium” about which Officer Chauvin expressed concern when he restrained Floyd.
          [End excerpt]

          Lots more at the AmericanThinker link; excellent article and well worth reading (H/T Another Ian at Chiefio’s for finding it (via WUWT)…

          Liked by 4 people

        2. I think it will be a medical football fumble and a DOGPILE – huge fight in court – but the officers will largely get off. Have we seen ALL the body cam video? The video OF Chauvin by the other officers – all of it – is going to be very important.

          It was clearly medical, but Chauvin is not out of the woods completely on negligence. Follow along.

          My problem is that I think Floyd’s serious coronary problems were happening right then and there, and somebody called out very excitedly that they recognized he was having a HEART ATTACK.

          Makes me wonder if the medical examiner got to see the footage.

          Floyd was listed as having died of coronary stuff, I believe – right? It might be arguable that clamping his carotid was an OK move to get him calm, but once he PASSED OUT, which we see on camera, a guy who’s going into cardiac arrest should arguably be getting action on LIFE SUPPORT, not MORE neck compression. It may prove to be an understandable and forgivable mistake after 10 minutes of wrestling this guy, both standing up and on the ground, but it MAY still be deemed a mistake.

          NOW – the good news is that “I can’t breathe” was almost certainly due to the MEDICAL, not the restraint. He’s obviously breathing, but saying “I can’t breathe” for medical reasons. Even without the COVID, a heart attack explains the “I can’t breathe” stuff PERFECTLY. That is also WHY Keith Ellison withheld the information – not just hiding the heart attack, but hiding the earlier “I can’t breathe” statements. This also gives up how the commies have been going after cops on it. “I can’t breathe” is a general way to attack cops for cardiacs during arrests. Pretty sneaky media deception, and why the commies pushed “I can’t breathe”. Throw in probable COVID hypoxia in Floyd’s case, and it all makes medical sense.

          Side note – policing needs a defined procedure to deal with “I can’t breathe”. Just sayin’.

          This is going to get the cops off totally as far as intent to harm the guy UP TO THAT POINT, while he’s still conscious and fighting and talking, provided they don’t have a dumb-as-a-box-of-rocks jury.

          The PROBLEM is continuing to clamp the guy after he goes unconscious. THAT is not how to save a heart attack victim. Almost 3 minutes of clamp after pass-out.

          Now it’s somewhat understandable that Chauvin is scared to let off on Floyd, lest he wake up, and they have to go through it all again, but still, I want EVERY ONE of my fellow oldies here, to imagine having yourself a heart attack, and the EMT who arrives decides to treat your highly survivable coronary with a CAROTID BLOCK until you pass out and then wait a few minutes to load you into the van, almost a HEARSE now, and then presumably try to revive you, which they ironically won’t do right now because of COVID. 😮

          That’s not gonna look good in court. Chauvin will get negligence, IMO, for continuing to clamp after Floyd was knocked out. They MAYBE could have saved him right then, but they didn’t – I don’t think they can say as much about not saving him, but they can definitely go on about continuing to clamp him.

          The jury will decide who to blame, but no charge above negligence can stick, IMO. I don’t think they can get manslaughter, for “overly long restraining” of a drugged delirious prisoner who needed that exact restraint, until he didn’t.

          Chauvin should have listened to the rookie cops, and they would all be 100% in the clear. If Chauvin had gotten up and tried to treat Floyd, no accusation or misinterpretation would be possible.

          Again, ELLISON hid the evidence. Bad stuff must come his way, IMO.

          MSM – silent – pretending it didn’t happen.

          PS – watch the third video here – it looks much less damaging now, and you can even see Floyd almost but not quite squirming off all of Chauvin’s weight.

          Liked by 1 person

      1. #3. Libertarian Scott Shackford watched the same video and came to the opposite conclusion:

        …The officers’ encounter with Floyd is precisely why police reformers talk about the importance of de-escalation training….

        First the guy is a Libertarian. They often take ‘No Violence’ to an extreme. (It drives me nutz.)

        Second de-escalation training is going to diddly for a guy high on a variety of drugs and possibly hallucinating and irrational.

        Last restraint for a Fentanyl overdose was very appropriate. I can’t find the article but keeping the person quiet is a must do in the case of Fentanyl overdose. You do not want the metabolism jacked up.

        The average fentanyl death dose is 9.96 ng/mL. (People who died from fentanyl overdose had readings from 0.75 ng/mL to an astounding 113 ng/mL) Floyd’s toxicology report, his blood contained 11.0 ng/mL Fentanyl, plus 5.6 ng/mL norfentanyl, 19 ng/mL of methamphetamine, and three other drugs.

        Norfentanyl is the chemical found after fentanyl is metabolized. So that puts him at roughly 16-17 ng/mL Enough to kill him and certainly enough to restrict his breathing.

        “Blood levels of 200 to 600 ng/mL have been reported in methamphetamine abusers who exhibited violent and irrational behavior,” the report says.”

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  7. Chuck Grassley: “Now is not time to show unity w ourCanadian friends by putting tariffs on aluminum @realDonaldTrump #CommonSense Use of national defense tariffs is ridiculous Beer cans are not defense weapons

    — ChuckGrassley (@ChuckGrassley) August 7, 2020”


    Chuck, whose side are you on?

    I already know the answer, and it’s a real shame.

    Princess Trudeau is taking advantage of America, and you’re on his side. You’re perfectly happy to continue the sabotage of the American People, to make the American People pay for the ‘favors’ you do for foreign nations.

    If want to help foreign nations so much, go ahead and make a personal donation to Canada from the Grassley bank account.

    Who’s stopping you?

    Go ahead, Chuck.

    Put your OWN money where your mouth is, and leave the American People out of it.

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  8. Donald J. Trump
    Big wins in Tennessee and Kansas! Congratulations to
    . They love our Country and they love their Great States. Strong on Crime, Military, our Vets and the Second Amendment. They have my Complete and Total Endorsement!

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  9. Nenny (@bennyjohnson) Tweeted:
    The Trump campaign sent a letter to the Debate Commission to ensure that Joe Biden would appear Live on Stage to Debate.

    Check the address he used for Joe Biden

    @RudyGiuliani is a MASTER TROLL

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  10. I posted some things about Harvard’s Kennedy Center recently.

    It’s where Larry Summers had his office.
    It’s home to the Bar are Institute for International Development scandal.
    Fiona Hill was AD of it’s Belfer Center at the time of the scandal.
    Epstein ran donations thru the Kennedy school in the form of rent payments for lab space leased in a Kennedy School owned building.

    Also at the Belfer Center at the same time as Fiona:

    Remember her?

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  11. This is something that Flep highlighted in his daily news thread that I think we need to pay attention to. Remember Daughn’s article on how Chinese companies listed on our stock markets use smoke and mirrors for accounting? I think a lot of public pension funds are going to be in deep doo-doo.

    Liked by 9 people

    1. The entire Chinee smoke and mirrors accounting, highlighted by Daughn’s great article, and occasionally in general news SHOULD have been a bright red warning flare to Americans and idiot investors to NOT invest in Chinee anything.

      Any idiots with money in chinee land simply deserves to lose their money. It’s true, can’t fix stoopid!

      Liked by 7 people

      1. Just as long as WE the American Tax payer DO NOT GET STUCK bailing out the Commie Union Pension Plans for teachers and other Democrat state employees.

        Liked by 8 people

    2. Thanks to some whistleblowers and others who had been exposing the ChiCom’s cheating…there had been a growing cry in recent years, to delist the Chinee companies who were faking their books.

      There were rumors a year ago, that the Trump administration was going to start delisting the worst Chinee cheaters.

      But because we were in the middle of Trade Talks with China…Peter Navarro went out and declared those rumors “fake news”.

      The timing wasn’t right yet.

      US investors, people’s 401K’s, would’ve been hurt by it.
      They have been given time to decouple their ties and shift their investments…hopefully many of them have.

      Something has changed now, though.
      Our VSG is bringing the hammer down.

      Is it because of the ChiComVirus?
      Could be.
      That’s bad enough, right?

      But I can’t help but wonder if China has been caught at something even worse.

      Liked by 5 people

      1. I know of several POSSIBLE things that are worse – both through my own observation AND from things other people told me. If any one of them is true, just the knowledge going public might not allow for normal relations. This is one of the reasons I was thinking FBIanon was legit. The line about too much knowledge too fast forcing governments into conflicts struck me as VERY true.

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  12. Major Patriot
    Trump just told a Karen press reporter who was whining his Press Conference attendees weren’t wearing masks that it’s a PEACEFUL PROTEST.

    They boo’d the reporter and cheered Trump!

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    1. Pleasant shocker. Had no idea an audience was even there until the last question. They were so quiet the whole time, no camera ever panned to them and then stupid reporter became Karen. Didn’t end well for him at all. Excellent!

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  13. One more comment on Floyd about the cops using a knee restraint.

    I have used the knee restraint on a horse, a crazy pony, and sheep and goats. It works wonders when you are dealing with an animal that is much stronger and bigger than you are. If you hold down the head, THEY CAN NOT GET UP and it usually calms them right down.

    I very much hate to see this useful tool removed from the Police Tool Box.


    If you read this paper you can see the goal is to remove ALL forms of ‘restraint’ possibly even handcuffing.
    “… In 1998, the JCAHO Sentinel Event Alert reviewed 20 restraint-related deaths (10). It found that 40% of deaths were caused by asphyxiation, while strangulation, cardiac arrest, or fire caused the remainder. Cardiac arrest resulting in death has many causes. ….”

    I do not see the number of deaths being worth chasing. (Pareto analysis and all that.)
    “….Drug overdose deaths rose from 38,329 in 2010 to 70,237 in 2017; followed by a significant decrease in 2018 to 67,367 deaths….”

    20 deaths vs 70,237 deaths? No contest!

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  14. In the category of latest, unconfirmed rumor….
    Read elsewhere that a Susan Rice is in the process of unloading her Netflix stock so therefore she must be the Biden VP selection.
    Take it for what it’s worth…

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      1. Wonder if she’s really prepared for everything to be dug up will not be pretty even though the media will do everything in its power to protect and lie for her. Why do you think so many are being banned from social media? To silence any “history.”
        As far as I know, she has never run for office…all her prestigious positions have been political appointees…she may be in for a rude awakening…well, of course unless they plan for no campaigning and no debates so she actually won’t be out on the trail at all.
        Will it work? Maybe

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    1. This made sense a very, very long time ago.
      Public school system has always been a small corner of socialism.
      Homeowners forced to pay for it even if not using or quality is bad.

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      1. Nowadays, with schools shuttered & kids “learning” at home on computers it sounds like taxpayers across the nation are due a Massive Tax Rebate. But when does one Ever get what they pay for out of government?

        In no-salary POTUS Trump we are All Benefiting (& I mean America & even the world) from that which money can’t buy! These are exciting, amazing, & even perplexing times!!!

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    1. First my employer issued a public statement that any passenger who refused to wear a mask would be blacklisted from the airline.

      This week came an internal video that all employees had to watch and then electronically acknowledge:

      1. Having watched the “you are required to wear a mask at all times, esp. in view of the public” video


      2. Acknowledge that you agreed with the company policy, would comply, and understood you would lose your job if found in violation of the policy.

      This isn’t about safety. It’s about conformity and creating the impression that the left has far more public support than is the case.

      And they are threatening job loss if you dare cross them. Moreover, they mean it too.

      We went from an employee’s market with a pilot shortage to an employer’s market with no shortage of pilots on the street looking for a job virtually overnight.

      Now, no one dares cross the airline mask Karen’s in the current job environment, which was all part of the plan (of course).

      Liked by 7 people

      1. Are they requiring you to wear a mask while you pilot an airplane??? That’s just crazy and asking for some terrible accident to happen when someone passes out from wearing a mask.

        Liked by 5 people

        1. No.

          Behind the closed and locked cockpit door we can take the masks off, but only if pilots agree to do so. This is the only exception to the rule.

          Liked by 4 people

            1. FGandC, so shocked there are no other exemptions from this mask rule. Guess I won’t be flying any time soon if ever. Glad you can agree to remove in cockpit as I agree with Linda.

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  15. Just now getting caught up.

    Wolf…your Open was spectacular!

    Damn I miss Daughn.

    Wishing everyone a great weekend.

    PS –

    Of course it wasn’t a peaceful “transition” of power in ‘17….the outgoing fanatics did everything they could to undermine PDJT.

    Recall, they rode into DC in Jan. ‘09 with control of the WH, the House, and a super-majority in the Senate. Then the voters began correcting our grave error.

    In ‘10 the leftist freaks lost the House. In ‘12 they were wiped out on the down ballot at the state and local levels. In ‘14 the lost the Senate. And in ‘16 not only did they lose the WH, it was an incredibly EMBARRASSING and HUMILIATING loss.

    These people are extremist fanatics…this are the kind of people who are running the DNC today. Their hate, envy, animosity, and spite are completely unmasked in this photo of Obama WH staffers watching PDJT arrive at the WH after his inauguration….and their media allies are EXACTLY no different from them.

    These are the faces of America’s #1 enemies….the traitors within. And they deserve exactly and precisely what they would dole out to anyone who opposed them if they had unlimited power.

    Liked by 5 people

    1. With this latest ruling, I fear things look bad for Gen. Flynn as this is the same court which will now hear his case en banc….

      House Democrats Can Sue Trump Over Pentagon Funds for Border Wall, Court Rules

      In the newest salvo in a legal battle over the border wall, the DC Circuit Court of Appeals ruled on Friday that congressional lawmakers can proceed with a lawsuit that would seek to assert Congress’s authority to appropriate funds.

      The court ruled 7-2 against the administration in this separate legal action, even though the SCOTUS had allowed the funds to be allocated in July 2019, granting an emergency request filed by the Trump administration.

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  16. Ummmm yeah no thanks. Got this email

    Click to access 250.pdf

    The Centers for Disease Control and
    Prevention recommends your 11- or
    12-year-old child get the following.**

    HPV — Helps protect against human
    papillomavirus (HPV) related diseases
    in women and men —————–I thought this was pulled?

    Flu — This annual shot helps protect
    against the flu each year

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  17. Black Lives Matter organizer set for Congress

    Congressional candidate Cori Bush is poised to become the first Black Lives Matter activist elected to Congress, giving the racial justice movement a voice in federal politics.
    How she envisions her future role

    From Yahoo.

    No thanks!

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    Memorandum on the Extension of the Use of the National Guard to Respond to COVID-19 and to Facilitate Economic Recovery (Arizona)



    Memorandum on the Extension of the Use of the National Guard to Respond to COVID-19 and to Facilitate Economic Recovery (California)



    Memorandum on the Extension of the Use of the National Guard to Respond to COVID-19 and to Facilitate Economic Recovery (Connecticut)


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