LIVE THREAD: Sally Q. Yates Gets Grilled

By request, here’s the live thread for Sally Yates’s turn on the hot seat in front of the Senate Judiciary Committee. This is just a quick and dirty. Will be back later.

This is the only live link I can find at the moment. Please, add more in the comments as they surface.

154 thoughts on “LIVE THREAD: Sally Q. Yates Gets Grilled

  1. The Library


    Flynn Interview Documents

    Michael Flynn interview documents

    Harold Wren

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  2. Drive-by poster here…. not reading Yates’ lies, just posting facts!

    Donald J. Trump@realDonaldTrump
    BIG NEWS! The Political Crime of the Century is unfolding. ObamaBiden illegally spied on the Trump Campaign, both before and after the election. Treason!
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    Jonathan Turley
    · 3h
    Sally Yates just testified that she would not have signed off on the surveillance of Carter Page if she knew what she knows now. That follows Rod Rosenstein saying the same thing.
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    1. New York Times… The SAME paper that SUPPORTED STALIN and DENIED the HOLODOMOR!

      Ninety years later and they are STILL covering for the murderous commies.

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  3. Things are getting good. The Republicans are making sure Yates gets Comey’s cufflinks and nice leather shoes fully under that bus.

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  5. Sally Q Yates wrote a 56 page brief to try to keep the Inspector General from seeing what the National Security Division of the DOJ/FBI was doing!!!


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    1. It was not TRY, They DID deny the IG from seeing what the National Security Division of the DOJ/FBI was doing under Obama.

      SD covered that early on.

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  6. Via Ace of Spades August 05, 2020

    Sally Yates: Jim Comey Went “Rogue” In Setting Up the Pretext Interview With Michael Flynn and I Was Very Angry About That

    Investigative reporter and Russia Hoax expert Lee Smith notes that this is the third time that Obama’s partisan staffers have shifted all blame for Russiagate to Comey:


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    1. Lee Smith@LeeSmithDC
      They all “went rogue” — that’s what the unmasking list shows: it wasn’t just the FBI. Obama promoted a culture of espionage, targeting domestic opponents. They were all spies.
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      Chaos Actual@actual_chaos

      · 2h
      Replying to @actual_chaos and @LeeSmithDC
      Until Comey does produce such evidence or testimony, we’ll have to take Yates word for it that he went rogue.

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              1. Riding the same wave. I don’t know if I can find it…but when FBI Anon first appeared on the scene, they explained a scenario that pretty much fits what you are saying…and seems to be making some more sense as time passes.

                Way back then, many of us thought that Comey knew he was going to be thrown under the bus. That theory is gaining credibility.

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              2. FBI anon said Comey wanted Hillary’s blood. The word was he couldn’t stand her.

                He’s playing a part, yes. In the last couple weeks I’ve come to the conclusion that he and a number of other role players who take it on the chin in public by design are amazingly strong people mentally. They’re also VERY smart. Just like what the Communists looked for in men to infiltrate the Church. Our side took a page out of their book, I’m thinking.

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              3. But was Comey playing a role in the era when the 1st evidence of him being a Marxist dates from? Iirc, that was when he was in college.

                Or did he become a Marxist as a youthful error, only to then (like free market economist Dr. Thomas Sowell) see the light, and sincerely reject Marxism?

                If he is still a Marxist today, I don’t see him as a White Hat, or as any kind of a willing participant in the Plan. Though, of course, he may, in that case, be fulfilling the terms of some type of plea agreement, or other arrangement with the White Hats.


          1. (From “Paint Your Wagon”):

            I talk to the trees
            But they don’t listen to me
            I talk to the stars
            But they never hear me

            The breeze hasn’t time
            To stop and hear what I say
            I talk to them all in vain

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  7. What a fun time we live in… how blessed are we to actually see the dark come to light? There’s a lot of spiritual attack for sure and that’s why I’m so thankful for all of you because we can live in a different world then the wicked… we don’t have to go thru all this shit with them… we can remain confident, secure and joyful… letting their boomerangs go right back to them knocking them on their ass!

    I love how it says in Psalms to be here (present) the King is wild for you since He is your Lord, adore Him. This is how I’ve been living and boy does it make people ask me what drugs I’m on!😂❤️

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  8. 2 year delta. Sally Yates set to testify today. #ObamaGate booms inbound? Popcorn

    FISA 3x Renewals – 20 Pages to be Unredacted by POTUS
    5 Aug 2018 – 2:00:15 AM
    There is a reason why we needed to go mainstream prior to the EVIDENCE being dropped.
    You have more than you know.

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  9. Joseph J Flynn
    Sally Yates
    lied multiple times under oath today and she knows it … protecting #SleepyJoeBiden and #Obama … all Democratic talking points there was no chance in hell the Russians could have black mailed
    and everyone knows it

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