8.4.20 News Roundup! The Economic Train Is Picking Up Serious Speed, They Are Mortified That Positive Test Results Are Going Down, PDJT Met With Tech Workers and Signed An Executive Order Putting Americans First, PDJT’s Press Conference, PDJT Hasn’t Forgotten Rural Americans, Microsoft Has Until September 15th To Buy TicTok Before It Is Banned, 51% Approval Rating, Enthusiasm Is Through the Roof For PDJT and Not For SleepyCreepy Joe, July’s FBI Background Checks Data Is In, Thank You Democrats, MSM, Never Trumpers etc. For Your Monster, The Devil Isn’t Stopping His Collection, Great Ad…..

The Economic Train is beyond resilient! Our President prior to COVID-19 built an economy that was on fire. The problem for the Democrats, MSM, Leftists, Never Trumpers etc. is that not only has it recovered in certain sectors, it is stronger than pre-covid in housing and now in manufacturing!
From the article linked above: The Institute for Supply Management (ISM) Manufacturing Index (PMI) came in stronger than expected at 54.2% in July, up from 52.6% in June. This reading indicates an overall expansion in the economy for the third straight month after one month of contraction due to disruptive efforts to mitigate the spread of coronavirus (COVID-19). Forecasts for the PMI ranged from a low of 49.0 to a high of 57.0, and the consensus forecast was 53.5. […] Demand is growing as is evident by the strong gain in the New Orders Index at 61.5%. That represents an increase of 5.1 from the June reading of 56.4%. New orders are being supported by the New Export Orders Index re-entering expansion.

The ISM Manufacturing Index (PMI) has now exceeded pre-pandemic levels. It hasn’t been as high since April 2019. The rate of increase for the PMI is a level not seen since August 1980.

The Nasdaq Composite set an all time record at the close yesterday!
  • Nasdaq Composite – closed at 10,902 (ALL TIME HIGH ON AUGUST 3rd)
Lets take a look at how far the other 2 indexes are from their record high.
  • DJIA – closed at 26,664 / record high 29,551 on February 12th (currently 2,887 off the record high)
  • S&P 500 – closed at 3,294 / record high 3,386 on February 19th (currently 92 off the record high)
They are also mortified that those testing positive for the Coronavirus is starting to come down in Arizona, Florida and Texas as well as elsewhere in our country.
From the article linked above:

The United States reported nearly 49,000 new coronavirus cases on Sunday, marking the lowest single-day number of infections in four weeks, after seeing record levels in July.

Echoing other sources, data maintained by the COVID Tracking Project revealed that the U.S. recorded 48,694 new cases this Sunday, the smallest number since about 28 days ago on July 6, when the country reported 41,600 infections. […] On Friday, Redfield told lawmakers the United States must open schools with in-person learning this fall for public health reasons, noting that failing to do so would be detrimental for the development and health of students K through 12 and possibly even deadly.
Yesterday our President met with U.S. tech workers and signed an Executive Order on hiring Americans. [Video and Transcript Below]
https://publicpool.kinja.com/subject-remarks-by-president-trump-in-a-meeting-with-u-1844598317 Here are some shorter video clips:
You can find the Executive Order in the tweet below:
The RINOS, CoC, Big Tech, Democrats etc. are furious with our President because he once again shows Americans that he will always put America First.
From the article linked above: President Trump on Monday signed an executive order banning federal agencies — with particular attention on the technology sector — from firing U.S. citizens or green card holders only to replace them with foreigners. The order, which the White House is calling the Executive Order on Hiring American, challenges federal contractors’ use of H-1B visas to bring in temporary foreign labor for high-skilled jobs rather than relying on American workers “This Executive Order follows his Buy American, Hire American Executive Order from April 2017 and takes further action to prevent Americans from being displaced by foreign workers,” the White House said in a statement released Monday. “Under President Trump’s leadership, the firing of hardworking Americans in the pursuit of cheap foreign labor will not be tolerated.” Yesterday our President held a press conference with the assembled White House press corp. [Video and Transcript Below]
https://publicpool.kinja.com/subject-remarks-by-president-trump-in-press-briefing-1844599437 Here are some shorter video clips:
Our President shows once again that rural America will never be forgotten by him or his administration with the signing of the Executive Order below: https://publicpool.kinja.com/subject-executive-order-on-improving-rural-health-and-1844597874
Microsoft or anyone else has until September 15th to purchase TikTok or else it will be banned in our country by our President.
Our President reached 51% approval rating according to the Rasmussen Poll yesterday! Enthusiasm is everything when it comes to voting for vote.
From the article linked above: Just out is the daily Rasmussen Reports presidential approval rating for Trump at 51%. Notably, said Rasmussen, at this stage of his presidency, former President Barack Obama had a 44% approval rating.
Screen Shot 2020-08-03 at 12.10.11 PM.png
Add to that new polling from Economist/YouGov that shows the president’s supporters far more enthusiastic about him, and voting for him, than those of Biden’s. The FBI gun background checks data is in for the month of July. 79% increases compared to July 2019. Third highest total ever. Only June and March of this year beat it. There is no polling data that will tell the story about November 3rd than this data does.
From the article linked above: For the third month this year, the FBI reported record-shattering gun sales background checks, the latest indication that the 2020 election, concerns about the coronavirus crisis, and race protests are pushing gun purchases to a historic high. On the heels of the 3,931,607 background checks in June, the most ever in the 14-year history of the National Instant Criminal Background Check System, the FBI on Monday said that July checks totaled 3,639,224, the third-highest monthly total ever. March saw the second-highest ever at 3,740,688. Overall, the FBI has conducted 22,819,271 background checks this year, nearly 44% over last year, when checks through July totaled 15,890,359.
NICS Firearm Background Checks
FBI/National Instant Criminal Background Check System
Month over month, July’s numbers represent a 79% increase over July 2019. This made my day because I predicted July would set a new record!
The Democrats, MSM and their monster are going to destroy all their hopes and dreams. Americans don’t want anything to do with their craziness. That is why the FBI gun background checks are through the roof. Thank you Democrat leaders for keeping your priorities were they DON’T belong!
From the article linked above: Portland recorded 15 murders in July — the most homicides in one month in more than three decades, according to a new report. The spate in killings comes as the city winds down from more than two months of nightly protests, which often turned violent as protesters clashed with police. So far this year, the West Coast city has seen 24 murders — the most recent on Tuesday night, when a 34-year-old woman was fatally stabbed after attending a vigil for another homicide victim, the Oregonian reported. Homicides, assaults, burglaries and vandalism are all up this year, though total person-to-person and property crimes are down from previous years, the outlet said. There were 63 shootings in July compared to 28 during the same month last year, police said. I laughed my ass off reading this article. They unleashed this monster and now think they can talk it away. Sorry Democrats, MSM, Leftists, Never Trumpers etc. that you made a deal with the Devil and he is now collecting on it!
From the article linked above: […] But Portland has now faced weeks of extreme difficulties and drew intense national attention after federal officers were deployed here.

As police officers, our duty is to uphold the rights of anyone to assemble peacefully and engage in free speech. But over the months of protests, a concerning dynamic developed. People protested peacefully, while others engaged in dangerous activities that could have resulted in injury and even death.

[…] As a Black man and a public servant, I have a unique perspective. I agree with a local pastor, E.D. Mondainé, who stated these “spectacles” are drowning out the voices that need to be heard to make positive change. This violence is doing nothing to further the Black Lives Matter movement. He didn’t say it but I will, it is absolutely helping to reelect PDJT! Another great ad released by our President’s reelection campaign:

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    1. Thank you, Fle.

      That chart is a good indicator on Firearm Sales…but as the fine print says, it is not a total of the ‘Number of Firearms Sold’.

      Once a background check is done & approved, a person could buy several firearms.
      Heheh. 😁

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  1. More proof that the Wall is working! Another great example of when you play stupid games, you win stupid prizes.

    From the article linked above:

    A 33-year-old Mexican man died in American custody on Saturday about a week after falling from the US-Mexico border wall, authorities said.

    The man was found injured in an open field near Yuma, Arizona by agents from the US Customs and Border Protection on July 26, the agency said. He told agents he had plunged from the wall.

    Love this picture Larry shared:

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  2. I want to apologize to the great GA/FL for forgetting to include her weekly Wall updates to the news roundup.

    Here it is:



    That is 9 miles this week – in spite of having to rebuild where Hurricane Hannah blew down a large section of newly placed steel before the concrete was fully set!

    That’s 738 total miles of wall completed or under planning/contract/construction!!!

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    1. You are keeping me BUSY…

      So much reshareable content

      Set LIFELOG, Parler, and Gab on FIRE tonight

      Not counting twatter RT’s

      Going to be a LOT of haters in my feed tomorrow! #DigitalSoldiers

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    2. FLEP!!! – ABSOLUTELY no need to apologize – or to include the wall updates in your posts and to give me credit – you should give credit to the Army Corps of Engineers and the builder/contractors and to our Great Builder President!!!

      Sometimes I forget to look for the USBP Chief Rodney Scott’s updates because he posts them mid to late morning.

      Anyway – Please give credit to the President and his hard-working teams of builders!

      That would make me so happy!

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    1. This is awesome! Thanks for sharing. It is probably the reason the finalized deal we will have with India hasn’t been officially announced. They need the deals that are being made to be finalized in India. The country of India gave PDJT and his Killers a chance to prove themselves. Now both countries will reap the benefits at the expense of the Chinese. I encourage everyone to read the article. We are talking about so much more than Apple’s 6 lines.

      I will give you a taste:

      A total of 22 firms have applied to the scheme, which the Indian government expects will generate smartphone production worth US$154 billion and create 300,000 direct jobs over five years.

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    1. The OAN presenter kept saying Biden or “he” about the VP pick reasons. That Biden is waiting or thinks or whatever. It’s not Biden but whoever is handling him because if Biden has dementia of some type, he can’t reason or analyze anything. But I suppose the OAN presenter has to stick to this fiction for legal reasons and at this point no medical proof made public about Biden’s cognitive condition.

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  3. In other *ahem* deeply *cough* weird news…..

    Epstein had scientific brainstorming sessions on his pedo island, and had his personal submarine retrofitted so that he could take Stephen Hawking on a tour in his wheelchair — because Hawking had never been underwater before….


    The blonde with him was not his wife, Elaine Mason, who he divorced in 2006. It may have been his daughter, Lucy Hawking, who was born in 1969 and does have that sort of blonde hair — she is frequently photographed with him and not credited.

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  4. Fleporeblog is the Real News! Roundup for a HOT August 4th, 2020

    8.4.20 NEWS ROUNDUP!
    > MSM
    > GREAT AD…..

    You are the News Now!

    +LIFELOG x3
    +twatter RT https://twitter.com/Baba9773/status/1290501303001440257

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  5. May they all find a new line of work in another country far, far away…


    2019 list of socialists and communists in Congress

    I’ve been asked to compile a list of socialists and communists in Congress. A friend of mine was challenged to name “even two socialists in Congress.” Altogether, if you add in Islamist connections I think about 100 members of the House of Representatives would struggle to pass a low-level background security check… but guess what? There are no security checks in Congress.

    Here’s my list of 50 of the most obvious socialists in the House, with links to my website Keywiki for the backup evidence. Apologies to the many I’ve omitted. [NOTE the number of members from the state of California ~ Ed.]

    Raul Grijalva (D-AZ) Has worked closely with the Communist Party USA since at least 1993. A self-described “Alinskyite.” Traveled to Cuba in 2015.

    Ami Bera (D-CA) Has used Communist Party USA campaign volunteers in 2010, 2014 and 2016. Also close to Democratic Socialists of America.

    Nancy Pelosi (D-CA) Very close to several key Communist Party USA allies in San Francisco in the 1970s and ’80s. Also some involvement with Democratic Socialists of America.

    Barbara Lee (D-CA) Lee has been close to the Communist Party USA for decades. In the 1990s she was a leading member of the Communist Party spin-off Committees of Correspondence. Has been to Cuba more than 20 times.

    Judy Chu (D-CA) Was heavily involved with the now-defunct pro-Beijing Communist Workers Party in the 1970s and ’80s. Still works closely with former members today. China’s best friend in the US Congress.

    Raul Ruiz (D-CA) Worked closely with Workers World Party members in Massachusetts in the late 1990s.

    Karen Bass (D-CA) Was actively involved with the Marxist-Leninist group Line of March in the 1980s. Still works closely with former members. Mentored by a leading Communist Party USA member. Also close to Democratic Socialists of America and some Freedom Road Socialist Organization members. Has been to Cuba at least 4 times.

    Maxine Waters (D-CA) Long history with the Communist Party USA. Also ties to some Communist Workers Party and Workers World Party fronts. Has employed staff members from Democratic Socialists of America and League of Revolutionary Struggle.

    Joe Courtney (D-CT) Has worked closely with several Communist Party USA leaders.

    Rosa DeLauro (D-CT) Has worked extremely closely with the Communist Party USA for many years. Traveled to Cuba in 2014.

    Kathy Castor (D-FL) Has worked closely with Cuba and pro-Castro organizations to open US trade with the communist island.

    John Lewis (D-GA) Worked closely with the Communist Party USA and Socialist Party USA in the 1960s. In recent years has worked with Democratic Socialists of America members.

    Tulsi Gabbard (D-HI) Has worked with Democratic Socialists of America members through her political career. Ties to some Filipino-American “former communists.” Worked with Communist Party USA affiliated former Congressman Dennis Kucinich to defend Soviet-Russian puppet Syrian leader Bashar-al-Assad.

    Bobby Rush (D-IL) Former leader of the Maoist-leaning Black Panther Party. Has worked closely with Communist Party USA and Democratic Socialists of America. Has traveled to Cuba twice.

    Jan Schakowsky (D-IL) Was a member of Democratic Socialists of America in the 1980s and has continued to work closely with the organization. Has also worked closely with some Communist Party USA members.

    Dave Loebsack (D-IA) has worked closely with Socialist Party USA and

    Democratic Socialists of America members for many years.

    John Yarmuth (D-KY) has worked with Committees of Correspondence for Democracy and Socialism members. Traveled to Cuba in 2011.

    Jim McGovern (D-MA) has supported Latin American socialist and revolutionary groups for 20 years. Has traveled to Cuba at least three times.

    Betty McCollum (D-MN) Close ties to communist Laos. Has worked with Democratic Socialists of America members. Traveled to Cuba in 2014.

    Bennie Thompson (D-MS) Was close to the Communist Party USA for many years. Also supported one Communist Workers Party organization. Traveled to Cuba in 2000 and worked with Fidel Castro to train leftist American medical students in Cuba.

    Grace Meng (D-NY) Very close to the pro-Beijing Asian Americans for Equality. Was also active in a radical Korean-American organization.

    Yvette Clarke (D-NY) Addressed a Workers World Party rally in 2005. A close ally of a prominent Democratic Socialists of America member. Traveled to Cuba in 2007.

    Jerry Nadler (D-NY) Was a member of the Democratic Socialist Organizing Committee in the 1970s and was involved with Democratic Socialists of America in the ’80s and ’90s.


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    1. Good find. The ties of BLM/Antifa with these communists members of Congress need to be openly exposed nationwide. Patriots need to know and work against each and every one of them.

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  6. I’m going to be sick.

    Post 10172402 https://wearethene.ws/notable/127211
    The Fed Has Secreted Away the Transactions of Three of Its Emergency Lending Programs

    Federal Reserve Chairman Jerome Powell and Randal Quarles, the Vice Chairman for Supervision at the Fed, have stated in testimony before Congress that they would be providing transaction level details of their Section 13(3) Emergency Lending Facilities on a regular, ongoing basis. But the three oldest of those facilities, the Primary Dealer Credit Facility (PDCF), the Commercial Paper Funding Facility (CPFF), and the Money Market Mutual Fund Liquidity Facility (MMLF), which were all created more than four months ago in mid-March, have yet to release any transaction level details to the public. The Fed is required to provide reports every 30 days on its emergency lending facilities. Those reports are located at this Fed website. If you scroll down, you will find that transaction level reports have been provided for four of the Fed’s emergency lending programs. But the three programs listed above, which are the oldest of the programs, have no transaction level details. Without the transaction level details, the public has no idea which Wall Street banks or trading firms are borrowing from the Fed. Without this transaction level detail, the public has no way of discerning if one or more particular banks are facing a liquidity squeeze, as happened in September 2008.

    We know from the Fed’s weekly release of the line items on its balance sheet that as of April 8, just a few weeks after these three programs started, the Primary Dealer Credit Facility had ballooned to Fed loans of $33 billion while the Money Market Mutual Fund Liquidity Facility had soared to $53 billion in loans. The Commercial Paper Funding Facility (CPFF) grew far more slowly but has made some wild moves that should be raising concerns in Congress, since this is the same kind of market stress that occurred during the last financial crisis. According to the Fed’s balance sheet, as of May 20, the CPFF stood at $4.3 billion, but one week later, on May 27, it had almost tripled to $12.8 billion, strongly suggesting that a large financial institution could not roll over its commercial paper, had nowhere else to turn, and had to come to the Fed as lender of last resort.

    The Primary Dealer Credit Facility (PDCF) is the most notorious of these Fed programs, having secretly funneled $8.95 trillion cumulatively in below-market rate loans to Wall Street’s mega banks and their global bank derivative counterparties during the financial crisis of 2007 to 2010, according to a government audit. The Fed battled in court for years to keep the details of the PDCF and its sibling Wall Street bailout programs behind a dark curtain. Thanks to an amendment attached to the Dodd-Frank financial reform legislation of 2010 by Senator Bernie Sanders, the Government Accountability Office (GAO) was instructed to conduct an audit of the PDCF and the rest of the alphabet soup of programs created by the Fed. When the audit was released in July 2011, Sanders said this:

    “As a result of this audit, we now know that the Federal Reserve provided more than $16 trillion in total financial assistance to some of the largest financial institutions and corporations in the United States and throughout the world…No agency of the United States government should be allowed to bailout a foreign bank or corporation without the direct approval of Congress and the president.” But the GAO audit did not include all of the Fed’s emergency programs. When the Levy Economics Institute did its own tally, using the Fed’s own transaction data, the total assistance came to $29 trillion. We learned from the GAO audit that the Primary Dealer Credit Facility was the largest Wall Street bailout program during the financial crisis. It issued 1,376 loans that cumulatively totaled $8.95 trillion. Then, as now, the Fed attempted to sell the program as helping American workers and businesses. It did no such thing. It went to bail out the bad bets made by the trading and derivative desks at the mega Wall Street banks-of the $8.95 trillion in loans issued by the PDCF, $5.7 trillion, or 64 percent, went to Citigroup, Morgan Stanley and Merrill Lynch according to the GAO audit.


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    1. Don’t know when, but the handwriting is on the wall for the Fed. Dead man walking. Hello, gold, silver, and possibly other commodities in the market basket. Goodbye, WS created bubbles. You will then have to Smith Barney your moneymaking – you EARN it.

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  7. Gov. pulls power out of the hands of county health officials.
    Would love to see more of this.

    Post 10171811 https://wearethene.ws/notable/127180
    Maryland Gov. Hogan overrules county mandate for private schools to go virtual

    Any future closure would focus on an individual facility deemed unsafe

    Maryland Gov. Larry Hogan on Monday revoked the authority of county officials to mandate schools close amid a clash with local health officials.

    Local health officials in Maryland’s Montgomery County last week made the decision to keep private and parochial schools closed through October for in-person learning, arguing that having students in the classroom would present a danger to pupils and teachers as the state grapples with COVID-19.

    But Hogan amended an emergency executive order, which he issued April 5, that allowed local health departments to have the authority to close any individual facility deemed to be unsafe. He called the Montgomery County mandate “overly broad.”

    Whoops! We couldn’t access this Tweet.

    “The recovery plan for Maryland public schools stresses local flexibility within the parameters set by state officials,” Hogan said in a statement. “Over the last several weeks, school boards and superintendents made their own decisions about how and when to reopen public schools, after consultation with state and local health officials.”

    Hogan added that “private and parochial schools deserve the same opportunity and flexibility to make reopening decisions based on public health guidelines.”

    “The blanket closure mandate imposed by Montgomery County was overly broad and inconsistent with the powers intended to be delegated to the county health officer,” Hogan said, adding that the state’s recovery “continues to be based on flexible, community-based approach that follows science, not politics.”

    “As long as schools develop safe and detailed plans that follow CDC and state guidelines, they should be empowered to do what’s best for their community,” he said, thanking parents, students and school administrators “who have spoken out in recent days about this important issue.”


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  8. As Wolf has been saying lately.

    Communist Party leader Bob Avakian has announced his support for former Vice President Joe Biden

    Post 10171705 https://wearethene.ws/notable/127185

    Communist Party leader Bob Avakian has announced his support for former Vice President Joe Biden in the upcoming presidential election.

    Avakian, the founder and leader of the Revolutionary Communist Party USA, told his followers in a statement on Saturday that they should vote for Joe Biden in the 2020 presidential election.

    “At this critical hour, every appropriate means of non-violent action must be utilized to remove this regime from power,” said Avakian in his statement. “And if, in spite of mass protest demanding the removal of the Trump/Pence regime, this regime remains in power when it is time for voting, then — using all appropriate means to work for the removal of this regime must include voting against Trump.”

    Avakian went on to clarify that he does not want his followers to vote for a third party candidate, and that their vote must be for Biden.

    “To be clear, this means not a ‘protest vote’ for some candidate who has no chance of winning, but actually voting for the Democratic Party candidate, Biden, in order to effectively vote against Trump,” wrote the communist leader.

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  9. Felice I’m trying to reshare a lot of content where I can.

    On LIFELOG it is structured with a lot of “Groups” for common interests, so while I do cross post where I can, some groups are too narrow of interest.

    One group that is very good is a Christian worldview alumni group I’m in with a large number of very active participants with a strong philosophical bent.

    I can’t go posting a lot of political content there, but if I do get something that is a good fit there, it almost always hits a home run: Lots of viz, many likes, an usually a lot of very high quality comments and interactions.

    For example, I’ve posted several high quality articles on the Uyghurs on the daily thread and in that forum. Earlier there was a very hot thread on HCQ that I was very engaged in to help calm the waters while also challenging with some outside the box thinking… It took a lot of work b/c you know tempers are hot on HCQ+CV now, but I think it was worth it.

    Please keep that in mind – I know that’s not really your focus but if there is something that suits their mission of culture change, an article I share is seen and influences a LOT of people who are themselves influencers, ministry leaders, company Presidents and CEOs, University presidents and faculty.

    Not all of them are strong Trump supporters, so anything I can throw out that challenges them intellectually and gives them cognitive dissonance is good 😉

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    1. …. welllllllll …. sigh … 😞😖🤚 … that is .. REALLY … sh*tty … 😑👎🏻 …

      Ignorant, depraved minions on their journey to eternity in Hell … incredibly disgusting and tragic the depths humans cast themselves into …

      … I’ll stop 🛑 there … 😐 …

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    2. THE AMERICAN PSYCHOLOGICAL AND PSYCHIATRIC ASSOCIATIONS had to change the criteria in the DSM diagnostic manual – because TOO MANY CALIFORNIANS were being diagnosed CERTIFIABLY INSANE according to the original book.

      It’s just plain old sin-sickness as the Bible warns us.

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    1. Revoke the citizenship of these traitors, prosecute them for TREASON, and D E P O R T them (after chipping the miserable seditious turds 💩) .. to … ummm anyone here know of a suitable place for these evil creeps .. other that Detroit? …

      .. oh oh 😮🤚 … and a collar with a explosive 🧨 device that is triggered if the go outside a designated area … the movie Wedlock/aka Deadlock …

      I’m going to my “time-out” chair 🪑 and work on “be nice” stuff .. 🤤🤚

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            1. … 😮🤚❤️ … aww shucks .. thank you … ☺️ … you’re most kind Steve .. I picture myself as more of a senior chihuahua, pudgy, gray hair and semi-moody/lippy … 😃👍 …

              … and walks funny .. 😛 ..

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  10. awesome economic roundup!! thanks!!
    I really appreciate the America First hiring process in government–but you gotta wonder why no other President mandated it…smh.
    as for the telehealth concept? that’s great…but I wasn’t able to do that. I tried (my pcp is hours from here). you needed a smart phone (mine’s a dumb one i guess) or an ipad…a laptop will not do. oh well.

    I really am glad POTUS is helping other countries stick it to China and bond with us…play stupid games, win stupid prizes

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    1. Gee, Pat, I recently did a telehealth appointment by phone! Granted, it was with a doctor that I’ve been going to for a number of years and she had my recent lab results in front of her, but I would say that if it was a matter of a diagnostic situation, you should probably need an in-person visit, anyway.
      I understand the purpose is for physically isolated people or those unable to make a trip, but I cannot imagine people living a great distance never go into town for supplies at some point. You certainly couldn’t take care of dental needs or eye exams via long distance, for example. So, you set it up with your doctor or the PA in a mutually acceptable way for just routine medical matters….something I can’t imagine any medical practice not agreeing to do with you.

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      1. this was just a routine check up and they were willing to do a video appt but my phone and or laptop wasn’t suitable for what they were using I guess.
        this wasn’t a medical emergency or anything diagnostic–just a really long trip at an inconvenient time.
        I have a hard time with doctors and it took me a long time to find this one that i really trust. so I would rather travel a long way than give him up.

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        1. My question is what could they accomplish via a video (as we know, often poor quality and distorted) over a simple telephone call? often it’s simply to renew existing prescriptions.
          Did you inquire about simply doing it by phone? Or, if they are willing to work with you to cut down the number of visits? (BTW, the get paid for a full office visit anyway).
          I hear you about finding the right doctor…but it works both ways, believe me….doctors really, really like finding the right patients, too (unless they are under sedation on the operating table and then they don’t care so much 🤣).

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          1. it was about renewing a script and this doctor is much tighter with the prescription pad than his predecessor…which I like and respect.
            by phone wasn’t an option since i have classic metabolic problems–all under good control with diet, exercise and limited meds.
            when i get to see him I will discuss whether or not there are any alternatives…

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            1. How about VSEE for telemedicine (which is part of why it was created)? It’s HIPAA-compliant, uses bandwidth efficiently yet has high-quality video and audio, and according to Wacky, has the following features:

              VSee sends and receives high quality video over consumer-grade networks using software. VSee uses a managed peer-to-peer architecture similar to Skype. However, a server is used for address lookup and for administrative purposes. Data being sent and received among clients does not pass through the server. This data is encrypted using FIPS 140-2. VSee also uses a proprietary network-sensing algorithm that adapts to network conditions, allowing it to deliver video over very low-bandwidths and with minimal impact to a network. VSee supports the following features:

              group video chat up to 15–20 people
              screen-sharing with annotation
              file sharing
              group and private chat (during video chat)[16]
              stand-alone instant messaging
              auxiliary camera support
              remote camera control

              [ Btw, it works on laptops and desktops – I’ve used it, and you can also “record” sessions ]

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              1. nothing like that was offered or available. the appt setter asked if i had an smart phone–told her no, flip phone. asked if I had an ipad. said no…so she said sorry can’t do it.


    2. Does the Executive Order include government contractors? No H1B workers on awarded Fed contracts. Lots of money at NASA for the Mars mission. Do they have to hire Americans first and really have to have strong justification for H1Bs? I haven’t heard this, must Fed bureaucracy.

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      1. here’s what the article said on BigLeague Politics:
        At the meeting with US Tech Workers, President Trump also signed an executive order punishing greedy outsourcing practices on the part of companies that receive taxpayer dollars through federal contracts. The new executive order entails oversight over federal contractors by the Department of Labor, which will audit companies for illegal H-1B replacement of American workers.

        The TVA caved to the federal pressure immediately, making an announcement that the company would be reversing its recent firing of 200 American workers in favor of H1B replacements shortly after the President addressed the issue.

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    3. Having worked with thousands of isolated rural area patients, most on Medicare, I don’t see how telehealth would work with this population group. Most don’t have internet (or not available or affordable) and most likely not be able to afford it or the electronics needed. Plus most have problems seeing the smaller images on the smartphone or tablet or if cognitive impaired, just going through the steps. It’s not that easy to do with encryptions needed to protect patient information. Note the hassle to secure access “My Personal Patient” info from Electronic Health Record programs.

      Traditionally telehealth approved by Medicare has been for psych/mental health. Seeing the patient on the screen and their responses tells the provider quickly by their affect & speech if the 1) they are taking their meds or 2) the meds are effective.

      Without blood pressure measurement and actual physical exam (listening to lungs for pneumonia signs) or looking at throat/ears/nasal passages for respiratory illness or is it allergies, how can a provider diagnose or treat? Also, what if part of diagnosing is imaging or labs? Then the patient needs to go into town anyway. Note during weather emergencies, it would be appropriate to use telehealth for acute situations, that might not be so acute but provide treatment options and to reassure the anxious patient. Also, during these type of emergencies, how would one get the prescribed treatment meds?

      Telehealth is okay for patients that have mobility problems to go to the providers clinic, even if they live in town, for physical reasons, such as advance Parkinson’s or other mobility impairment diseases.

      It’s good that the restrictions have been reduced so a provider can determine if the patient is a good candidate for telehealth and not be dictated to by Medicare and insurance companies. Soon the payments will be reduced as soon as the AMA develops the correct CPT billings codes (the AMA owns these billing codes). Providers have jumped on the band wagon but will most likely severely decrease their telehealth patient list after their malpractice insurance issue guidelines or the lawyers file suit.

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      1. I forgot to add– Some hospital systems that provide PCP offices, have sent nurses for the visit who then does the exam and can contact the provider by phone or video so the provider can make an informed diagnosis and treatment. Also the nurse can quickly determine if this requires EMS services/transport and not just a doctor’s visit. One would be surprised how many people can’t make self assessment of the seriousness of their symptoms or are to afraid to acknowledge that they have a serious acute symptoms and downplay them, such as having a heart attack or kidney failure (one can be in kidney failure and still produce urine).

        Some EMS services are doing this when arriving on scene or during transport. I think this would be better than just straight telehealth without hands on exam.

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  11. “Something tells me the left will be out protesting soon to spread the virus.”

    An unofficial job title (they are being financially aided) might be something like, ” Black Death Ambassador”.

    The black garb the Left often wears would make the title fitting.

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    1. Since it appears that masks are here until the next millenium, I have been wanting to buy one of these medieval Black Plague masks. It would really scare the Karens! What would businesses that are mandated to have their customers wear masks think?

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  12. Abigail Marone@abigailmarone
    MSNBC producer resigns from network with scathing letter: They block ‘diversity of thought’ and ‘amplify fringe voices’

    MSNBC producer resigns from network with scathing letter: They block ‘diversity of thought’ and…
    A former MSNBC producer wrote a scathing open letter explaining why she recently left the cable news network.

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    1. Good for her.

      In June, one of the UK Parliament’s select committees — those with a few MPs or Lords who investigate specialist subjects, if you will (national security, mobile networks, social care, media, etc.) — interviewed four journalists (three current, one former) about the plurality of expression in MSM.

      The one about journalism featured the House of Lords as questioners to the editors of the New Statesman and The Spectator as well as a long-established newsreader from ITV News and a former BBC Newsnight editor. It was an excellent interview of all four.

      It was interesting to note that the left-leaning media (the BBC, New Statesman mag/website) said they relied on university graduates for new hires.

      Meanwhile, the commercial network ITV (home of ITN news broadcasts) and The Spectator (one of Britain’s oldest weekly magazines [19th c.]) said that they relied on unorthodox methods today. (The US edition of the magazine is a sister publication.)

      This included a) a plurality of opinions among their staff (ITV) to ensure impartial news also b) no acceptance of any resumes for new hires, assigning any job applicants names of British cities for interviews and writing assessments (The Spectator) because they want to ensure initial anonymity for ‘equality of outcome’.

      The Spectator does not deal with applicants’ names or background in the first instance. The result is that they have a bucketful of talent. Some are newly budded writers looking for second careers. Others left school with no qualifications but know what they are talking about and can write competently.

      A number of The Spectator’s interns and writers have been hired by other British publications — and many others by American ones as well (e.g. two write for National Review).

      From this, we can deduce that the centrist media (ITV and The Spectator) view applicants impartially. By contrast, the BBC and the New Statesman look at where people have come from: connections, universities, etc.

      Both ITV and The Spectator said that university degrees are unnecessary for journalism, which is, according to the British, ‘a trade’. The BBC and the New Statesman say otherwise.

      I realise this digresses from your original point, but, if we want plurality, centrist outlets are the way to go.

      When I watch British election results, ITV is my choice for all-night viewing. They are the most balanced.

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  13. Praying Medic
    O’Rielly was appointed to the FCC commission by Obama.

    He’s up for re-nomination but spoke out against Trump’s plan to remove section 230 protection from social media companies.

    POTUS just revoked his re-nomination.
    Trump withdraws nomination of Republican FCC commissioner to serve new term
    The White House said on Monday it was withdrawing the nomination of Federal Communications Commission member Mike O’Rielly to serve another term, a surprising development that came after his nomina…

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  14. Here’s your daily “Mind Control” article, this one about children going back to school:
    8 hours ago
    “How to keep kids healthy at school. according to a doctor”

    Purport: This is an interview with DR. BRIDGET BOYD, a professor at Loyola University Medical Center.
    ** Dr. Boyd says that if families have special-needs or chronically-ill children, they should evaluate if these children should stay at home and take virtual school.
    ** Get children to wear a mask AT HOME to “practice safe mask wearing” at school.
    ** Teach children to wear masks at school at all times especially when speaking.
    ** Sneezing / coughing at school? Dr. Boyd: “…leave the face mask on and sneeze and cough into it.” Then replace the soiled mask with one of the EXTRA masks that every child should bring with them to school.
    ** Make sure all children over age 2 get the FLU SHOT.
    ** Back at home from the school day: Wash hands, take a bath / shower if possible, then change clothes and shoes.
    ** Dr. Boyd: “The most important thing a parent can do is to try to be responsible themselves by WEARING MASKS IN PUBLIC.” (all emphases mine)

    So it appears that schoolchildren are being prepared to follow the adults to be unquestioning, docile sheeple,

    Liked by 6 people

    1. 1) Maybe some people made bombs and blew themselves up in the process?
      2) Maybe Israel blew up a stash of ammunition ?
      3) Maybe the US Intel and CIA blew us a stash of ammunition?
      All is possible?

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  15. Trump’s EO on tech replacement with H-1Bs is absolutely YUGE. Thanks for that news, Flep. It’s huge, and is a giant NUKE on treasonous social media, and CRICKETS loud and clear. Argue about Section 230 all you want, THIS ties the hands of social media to use know-nothing foreign slave labor to BAD-CODE woke management’s unethical proggie BS.

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  16. I just got through looking at the global COVID cases on Worldometers. I call bullshit! Lots of shenanigans going on!

    No way that the United States is fairing so poorly with the rest of the world considering the technology, money, and medical expertise. Either we are over-reporting or other countries are under-reporting or a combination of them both.

    I have done some traveling in recent months in Germany—from Hanau, Offenbach, Frankfurt, Seligenstadt, Leer, North See and Munich. I also used lots of public transportation and visited large and small restaurants, got my haircut WITHOUT a mask and walked by 1000s of people enjoying themselves outside in close quarters WITHOUT masks—and ZERO social distancing. Most polizei do not even bother.

    You have to still wear masks on the train and in the grocery store…but half the people have their noses sticking out and some of the workers have had enough and pulled theirs off completely. Although you are supposed to wear masks while waiting for the train—less than half do.

    Do not let them tell you that Germany or Europe is doing anything special—there are so many inconsistencies and holes in the ‘system’ that if anything the spread is being prolonged and stretched out.

    Looks evermore like Sweden had it right (if you can believe the reported deaths—I trust their numbers more than China’s—even ours). They did not even get a 2nd wave which was their goal. They did not shut down and did not destroy their economy. They may have had more deaths at the beginning—but better off in the long run by having fewer deaths overall by COVID and related factors like suicide.

    Stretching this ‘pandemic’ as far as they can in the hopes of defeating one man and the people who put him in power.


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  17. Trump should’ve done it right after he took office. Oh well, better late than never. I hope he has a LOT more surprises like this for us in the next 60 days.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Agree, but he had to wade the swamp first before clearing it …

      There were discussions on here and OT about him having to take whomever the Establishment Republicans said he should, the subtext being that they would not support his own nominees in many cases.

      Hence the hopeless choices.

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  18. Thick plumes of smoke rise from downtown Beirut after massive explosion
    Posted on August 4, 2020 | Leave a comment

    Who just happened to be to have their cellphone trained in that direction on Obama’s birthday, and 75th anniversary of Hiroshima, and 216th day of the year, 6X6X6=216. Somewhere I thought I heard it was a tactical nuke? Play the video and watch closely.




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