8.2.20 News Roundup! Good Job Grandma, Runner Up, Trash Is Continuing To Be Picked Up, Thank You Seattle Democrat Leaders, MSM Aren’t Going To Be Able To Protect Bill Clinton, Germans Have Had Enough Of the Coronavirus, Charlie Kirk Interviews Dr. Simone Gold and Her Colleagues, PDJT Calls Out Dr. Fauci, The Data Says Clearly That Children Need To Go Back To School, Governor Kristi Noem Continues To Show Real Leadership, PDJT Is Right, Fighting Tyranny, Lucifer Won’t Get the Last Laugh, CNN Scared Their Zombies, $3 Trillion Dollar Tax Hike Under SleepyCreepy Joe, REAL Data, Awesome Car…..

This may be the best example yet that when you play stupid games, you win stupid prizes.

From the article linked above:

Shortly after midnight on Tuesday morning, videos captured the moment a makeshift bomb was thrown at the Portland federal courthouse during another night of violent protest. A Trump-loving, 69-year-old woman soon stepped forward to out the suspect publicly — as her own grandson.

Karla Fox says she recognized the alleged bomber as her daughter’s son, 18-year-old Gabriel “Rico” Agard-Berryhill.

In the hours after the IED attack, social-media users analyzed videos showing a slim male, wearing a distinctive olive vest with the word “ICONS” printed on it, throwing something over the fence at the Mark O. Hatfield Courthouse. Seconds later, a large explosion erupts, covering the front door in flames. The man picks up something off the ground and sprints off-camera. Police said the concussion could be “heard and felt more than a block away.”

Fox instantly identified her grandson because she gave him the vest.

“I bought the vest for him after he found one online after getting hit with rubber bullets the night before at the protest,” Fox told The Post. (She even left a positive review on clothing site Hibbett: “I got this for my grandson who’s a protester downtown, he uses it every night and says it does the job.”) She posted a photo of him posing in the $26 non-bulletproof apparel.

This was a close runner up:

Speaking of trash, it is continuing to be picked up!

God bless the Democrats that control the City of Seattle, Washington. This is a gift for our President and our country. Democrats own this! There is no way around it.

From the article linked above:

This week, the Seatlle City Council proposed a motion to replace its police department with a “civilian led department of community safety & violence prevention.”

According to the Post Millennial, the proposal states that the council plans to “remove certain functions from the Seattle Police Department to and provide funding for a community-led process to inform the structure and function of a new department of community safety & violence prevention; requesting modifications to policing practices…”

The city council wants to replace the police department with “culturally-relevant expertise rooted in community connections, “housing, food security, and other basic needs,” and “trauma-informed, gender-affirming, anti-racist praxis.”

The MSM is doing everything in their power to protect Bill Clinton. The problem for them is that there are so many venues to get the real story. Plus it is just a matter of time before Ghislaine Maxwell shares what she has on the POS. Especially if it saves her sorry ass from spending the rest of her miserable life behind bars.

Germans have had enough with the Coronavirus and the government’s latest Coronavirus measures.

From the article linked above:

Thousands marched in Berlin on Saturday to protest against measures imposed in Germany to stem the coronavirus pandemic, saying they violated people’s rights and freedoms.

The gathering, estimated by police at 17,000, included libertarians, constitutional loyalists and anti-vaccination activists. There was also a small far-right presence with some marchers carrying Germany’s black, white and red imperial flag.

Protesters danced and sang ‘We are free people!’ to the tune of rock band Queen’s ‘We Will Rock You’. Others marched with placards saying ‘We are making a noise because you are stealing our freedom!’ and ‘Do think! Don’t wear a mask!’.

“Our demand is to return to democracy,” said one protester who declined to give his name. “The mask that enslaves us must go.”

So happy that Charlie Kirk interviewed Dr. Simone Gold and her colleagues that are continuing to get the truth out to Americans.

Here is the thread that Richard Grenell is referencing:

So happy that our President called the POS out for spewing his BS!

Speaking of Europe, you can read more in the thread our President references:

The Democrats, MSM, Leftists, Never Trumpers etc. are going to pay for what they are doing with the education of children. A vast majority of Americans with school aged children want them in school full time for the start of the school year. The data is completely on their side.

The problem is that the MORONS referenced above care only for their beloved teachers that are mostly all loyal Democrats and in many instances anarchists.

Once again Governor Kristi Noem is showing what leadership means:

Our President is absolutely right!

Good for this man for not backing down and taking back what belongs to him.

From the article linked above:

The owners of embattled Atilis Gym in Bellmawr, New Jersey, were arrested on Monday for reopening their gym in defiance of Democratic Gov. Phil Murphy’s lockdown order. The arrests came after a judge ruled New Jersey could forcibly shut down the gym.

However, Murphy couldn’t keep the gym owners down for long.

On Saturday, just days after being released from jail, owners Ian Smith and Frank Trumbetti kicked down government-installed barriers to reopen the gym.

Lucifer was overjoyed seeing this happen in Portland. Problem for him is that God and us will have the last laugh on November 3rd!

It had to absolutely KILL CNN to show this to their zombies:

Our President is once again on the right side of an issue with voters!

From the article linked above:

[…] We’ll try to fill that knowledge gap in the coming weeks, and a good place to start is his proposal for tax increases of more than $3 trillion over a decade. Let’s examine the unfine print:

  • Individual incomes: Raise the top marginal rate to 39.6%, from 37%. Repeal the $10,000 cap on the deduction for state-and-local taxes, giving a bigger break to places like San Francisco and New York. But limit the tax benefit of itemized deductions to 28% of face value, hitting higher earners.
  • Payrolls: Apply a 12.4% Social Security tax, split between workers and their employers, to all income over $400,000, with no cap. The current payroll tax comes off after $137,700 of income, but under Mr. Biden’s plan the levy would be limitless. No more polite fiction of Social Security as an “earned” benefit.
  • Economists say the payroll tax falls mainly on workers, even though half is purportedly “paid” by employers. All together, including Mr. Biden’s 39.6% rate on income, the federal government’s top marginal tax on labor would be higher than 50%. Factor in state income taxes—California’s 13.3% top rate or New Jersey’s 10.75%—and the marginal rate would hit the 60s.
  • Capital gains: For those earning more than $1 million, tax capital gains and dividends as regular income, at the new top rate of 39.6%. That’s almost double the current top rate of 23.8%, including the ObamaCare surtax. Capital gains haven’t been taxed as heavily as Mr. Biden proposes since the bad old 1970s.

This is REAL data not some BS MSM poll:

Note: New voters should have read 35,900 instead of 64,400 (below)

That is the coolest car I have seen in a long time!

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    1. One of the big mistakes (and ignorance on the part of Dems) is their lack of understanding about Latino voters. While they might need government assistance… their cultural values are more in line with the family, faith, and loyalty values of Conservatives – America.

      Agree, of course, about not letting illegals vote, but we do have a sizable legal Latino population in this country – and culturally they’re more in line with the GOP.

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  2. I didn’t realize that the grandmother turned in the guy on purpose. Other stories made it look like a random review that she gave and made it sound as if she supported him.

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  3. Can you imagine what Homeowners Insurance and Business Insurance is going to skyrocket to in Seattle after they get rid of the police? And how housing prices are going to drop? These people are stupid.

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    1. You mean OUR Homeowners Insurance and Business Insurance. Insurance companies LOVE to spread the misery.

      After 9/11 we could not even get insurance for our business here in NC. We finally found a ‘wild and wacky’ insurance company in FL at 3 times the previous price.

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        1. The rest of our insurance is Farm Bureau. However they CANCELED and would not cover our business after 9/11.

          At this point we are very happy with the agency we have. They are small, very responsive, KNOW our business and saved us from insurance fraud last fall. The owner has even answered some weird questions, like: Is the friendly fox who sits on the porch and follows me around dangerous? He said no. They are curious and it is not out of the ordinary for them to approach non threatening humans.

          As I said weird and wacky… AND knowledgeable. He raised black fox and plays polo…

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    2. I thought I read that it will not only effect the police dept–didn’t someone say the fire department won’t go to some places unless there’s a police presence there? so if you lose the fire departments too? forget insurance all together.

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      1. Same way in a lot of places here in Europe. In Sweden, they send in police before other emergency responders (ambulance, fire, etc.), and here in formerly-beautiful-Downtown-Deutschland, we’re doing it too.

        Always at least two vehicles responding on a call. Gets expensive, and a waste of resources; but when the Moslem clans are acting out their tribals wars in the streets of Berlin, Hamburg, and most large cities up in northern Germany, 250-500 Jihadis can appear out of nowhere, in minutes. Even a simple traffic stop can be fatal for a police officer otherwise…

        Cultural enrichment my hiney…

        Btw., that mall going from the Brandenburger Tor in Berlin where the demo was yesterday was filled up with folks celebrating the World Cup win in 2014 for Germany, something like 1.5 Million people can fit there. 17K is off by at least a factor of 10; many outlets (non-German) were reporting even more. It seems that Frau Merde-Kuh doesn’t want the proletariat (and the rest of the world) to know her grip on Germany is failing, and her “envy of Göbbels” propaganda machine can’t hide everything… Organizers were quoting between 1M and 1.3M – the boulevard was stuffed full of people, of all sorts, and no violence… sounds to me like they were united in their cause to end the Covid madness fomented by the COVIDIOTS in gubmint…

        We’ve had similar anti-MCM [Mind Control Mask] demos here in South Germany, but not (yet) on that scale. Close, though…

        And from one of the few Independent News outlets here (though they appeared to get the numbers wrong too, unless one reads the whole sub-caption):

        Bert_Hausdörfer sagt:
        2. August 2020 um 11:29 Uhr
        [ Cuppa: originally in German]
        So it began also in 1989 with the Monday demonstrations in Leipzig and the cry “We are the People”.

        Keep it up!

        The ruling elite in Berlin should be shaking in their shoes before the people, above all Frau Merkel and her entourage, for whom the “German People” no longer exist, only the “longtime residents”…

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          1. Wow, thanks Flep! You are the real news!

            The cool thing is that with all those people, it was a peaceful “demo”, baby strollers and all…

            The “Mind Control Masks” are getting cheaper and cheaper and cheaper, so I think the demand is going wayyyy down. It’s been relatively hot this week (80-90F) so people want to get out and go swimming; masks are no help there, especially in the heat.

            (Now watch: it’ll probably snow next week 🙂 )…

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    3. Can’t imagine the business, home owner and auto insurance folks in Seattle will be paying.

      More so, I can’t imagine STAYING in Seattle under these circumstances. NONE. It IS time to move.

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      1. It’s SO obvious and quite pathetic. After all, the woman is 86 or so and could just slide into obscurity and enjoy their ill-gotten wealth Instead of making a fool of herself. That declaration made quite clear she is completely controlled by the Chinese.
        Wonder how close Liza from Alaska is to that point.

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        1. Drive-By-Chi-Spy-Di-Fi has been giving it all to the Chinese since her early days in SF, along with her hustband, Richard Blum, who never met a questionable source of funds he’d refuse…

          Someone did a deep dive here on her history, seems there’s Russky and ChiCom connections going wayyyy back…

          All of those Chinese immigrants who came over for the transcontinental railroad, and perhaps the Gold Rush, never truly integrated into the USA; they remained clustered in their own communities and culture; just ripe for the picking when the ChiComs came to power.

          Long ago, in the late 50s/early 60s, we’d go to Chinatown in SF, and see how it changed between day and night. We’d go into the little shops, hear strange sounds in the back (accompanied by even stranger smells), and, if we got too curious, were “encouraged” to turn our curiosity elsewhere, say, the racks full of cheap Chinese crap from “Hong Kong”… Too young to realize how close we were to the gambling and opium dens that were also part of that community…

          Chinese political power has been part and parcel of SF politics for at least 100 years. The Irish, Italians, Russians, Scots, and English have all but disappeared, and the Japanese have been held down too (cf the hassles with Japantown back in the day)… And the proximity of the left coast with the east coast of Red China, etc. doesn’t help; neither does/did the dismantling of almost every military installation in CA and probably the west: The Presidio, Fort Cronkhite, Treasure Island, and a host of others. I don’t think this neutering of the military on the left coast was to save money, nor an accident. I think it was to aid the ChiComs, and weaken us…

          Now the Presidio (thanks to Gorbachey, ironically) is a New Age paradise; oddly fitting for the land of Esalen, Aptos, Asilomar, crystals, and all the other Demonic Detritus the Satanic left has foisted upon CA and the west coast in their bid to take over the hearts, minds, and souls of Americans,,,

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          1. Read that Feinstein’s mother was born in China…the father was doing some sort of business in one of the northern areas, if I recall correctly.
            As in many other countries, in China it’s always been about survival of the fittest but unlike some of the other nations no matter how poor and desperate they help each other, nurture their babies at their own peril… however any essence of humanity has been totally erased in the Chinese. IMO

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    1. I think Biden is a charlatan and pretender. Look how far it got him pretending being braindead ? Would not surprise me if in an instant he has all his marbles back. Yes I think even with his marbles in tact Obama will be the shadow President. God help us if it comes to pass.
      Pray for POTUS and help lead the good fight for our children grandchildren future and future for America.
      Yes our country will change no matter what but everything changes today is today not yesterday and tomorrow is.

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      1. Agree, Sing – have always believed it was an ‘act’ – to shelter him from prosecution – after all – there is an ongoing investigation – surely, they have uncovered much by now – in addition to Giuliani’s investigation – did not even consider Zero might still keep his role as ‘shadow president’ – Oh, Lord – Please, No!!!

        It is all about the children, Sing – those in bondage and those of the future who have been blatantly indoctrinated against America – I pray every day God will step in and put a stop to this evil!!!

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  4. ““I bought the vest for him after he found one online after getting hit with rubber bullets the night before at the protest,” Fox told The Post.”


    When I was a kid, Grandma didn’t buy us protective clothing so we could go rioting.

    And our OWN parents would rat us out in two seconds if we had done anything wrong, and make us go apologize or do whatever was necessary to make it ‘right’.

    These kids need a serious ‘intervention’, or their lives are going to be wrecked.

    Not to mention all the innocent people they’ll harm while wrecking their own lives.

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        1. AFTER a visit to the ‘Wood Shed’ I would be GROUNDED for the rest of my life!

          Heck I didn’t use a swear word until I was in my late thirties!

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    1. I would not have done anything illegal out of respect for my grandmothers and self respect. I was like a normal teenager but my respect and inner voice from right and wrong kept me in line. Kids can get into lots of trouble if they do not have that.

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  5. “Joe Biden has proposed tax increases of more than $3 trillion over a decade.”


    With any luck, Pedo Joe won’t make it to the end of the year, much less a decade.

    Put a coin in his mouth and dump him in Charon’s boat with RBG.

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      1. “RBG only has some 60 odd days left. D-Rat October surprises….”


        She has probably already been gone for a lot more than 60 days already.

        Just waiting for the right time to announce the death, followed by the traditional nationwide ‘Weekend at Bernies’ routine all the best democrats get, making a stop at all of Hussein’s 57 states, to distract the public.

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        1. I’m surprised they haven’t thought of the idea of getting a ‘Tour Bus’, so they can really take their ‘Grievance ‘n Grift’ routine on the road.

          There wouldn’t even need to be a body in the casket. Everything else they do is a lie, why shouldn’t that be a lie too?

          And it still cracks me up that Odumbo thinks there are 57 states. This from guy who claims he went to college.

          In America.

          His teachers must be really proud… 😂🤣😂

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        2. The over growing of that stint was very NO GOOD….

          Patients with pancreatic cancer are often diagnosed after progression to a locally advanced or metastatic stage. Medical students are taught to recognize the classic “painless jaundice” from malignant obstruction of the distal common bile duct in the setting of this dreaded disease, which continues to have dismal survival rates of only 5% (1). Endoscopic placement of a biliary stent is a standard palliative measure for patients with metastatic disease, to relieve jaundice and associated pruritus during the last months of life. Self-expanding metal stents (SEMS) have been found to be more cost-effective than plastic stents for patients whose life expectancy exceeds 6 months….

          Endoscopic stenting is the most common palliative treatment for biliary obstruction in people with unresectable pancreatic cancer. For decades, fixed-diameter plastic stents have been successfully used to relieve jaundice and improve overall quality of life in these patients.

          But plastic stents occlude after about three months because their size — the diameter of the working channel of the endoscope — encourages bacterial biofilm growth and biliary sludge accumulation. Various modifications to address these problems, including large bore stents, have not been shown to increase patency, and plastic stent use in patients with longer life expectancies is likely to result in recurrent jaundice and increased interventions and hospital stays.

          Self-expandable metal stents (SEMSs), which have post-expansion diameters ranging from 6 to 10 millimeters — three times that of plastic stents — were developed to overcome these limitations. Larger diameters increase patency duration to six months or more and reduce biofilm formation. But SEMSs have their own drawbacks. Todd H. Baron Sr., M.D., of Mayo Clinic in Minnesota, explains, “In the early days, we used bare metal stents, which integrate into the wall of the bile duct and are impossible to remove if they become blocked.”

          The solution was to cover the devices — first partially, leaving only the ends uncovered — and then fully, with silicone or PTFE. This prevents tissue embedding and stent-induced hyperplasia and prolongs patency by stopping tumor ingrowth. Limitations of covered SEMSs include cost, migration — occurring in about 10 percent of cases — and an increased risk of cholecystitis, which can occur when the stent prevents the gallbladder from draining….

          Dr. Baron says, adding, “The bottom line is that from a safety and cost perspective, it’s better to use plastic stents in people with poor functional status and a predicted survival of less than three months and metal stents in patients who have a better prognosis or are undergoing preoperative therapy.”…


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  6. “WATCH: Voters who switched from Obama to Trump in 2016 explain why they’re not buying Biden in 2020.

    “He just never has his own ideas”

    “Biden has been in there forever—you know, ~50 years in politics … and he’s never done anything”


    Not to mention the OTHER small problem, you know, ‘Dementia Joe’ 👍 🙄

    How does obvious and undeniable DEMENTIA not register as a legitimate concern with these people?

    WAY above and beyond ‘not having his own ideas’ or being in politics for 50 years?

    He can’t even speak a coherent thought… you gotta be kidding me… 😂🤣😂

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    1. Druggy eyes may suggest a motivation for participation in the riots / “demonstrations.”
      Guaranteed there are plenty of recreational drugs amongst all the participants. Imagine how much energy might be generated by some “liberally” applied coke or meth…

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  7. Q-Treepers should know that Larry Schweikart, Professor, historian – follows voting patterns, registrations. He does not go with polls. Larry is always cautious, but he’s agreeing. 🙂

    Looking at trends. He commented to our Flep’s observations.

    PA adds another 13,000 Rs over Ds.

    Trend virtually everywhere is away from Ds.

    I don’t think they YET have grasped what is happening to them nationally.https://twitter.com/LarrySchweikart/status/1289756958140973057

    This is why I think NM is in play. This means Rs have chopped 12,000 off the D lead of 100,000—still a big lead, but consistently Rs have been growing. That suggests to me that the “Is” are also right leaning.

    Rs have a slight 100 registration net edge, meaning they still have 140,000 net advantage which is why you FIRST solidify the R base in AZ.

    Moreover, these indies are voters who previously would have been Ds, but (I think) are growing to hate the Ds.

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      1. LP,
        “I don’t think they YET have grasped what is happening to them nationally”
        OH, They know.
        They pretend not to know, (mamet) .. but they know.
        The pendulum has reversed course.
        Nothing can stop what is coming.

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        1. A decade or so ago, I would have easily agreed. Since Obama, and the total takeover by the Commies (Chinese) of the Left, it’s a little more challenging. The mail in voter thing is our biggest threat – but I have to believe POTUS has a plan for that. Maybe an EO – and they can go to the courts, but I’m ready to tell the SC to take a hike. Judiciary loses their power when they participate in the downfall of America.

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    1. It is just PITIFUL to hear the newscasters try to pronounce Isaias.

      They go Ees-ah-ees.

      It’s just Isaiah with an S and is the Biblical name of the Prophet Isaiah and pronounced: Eye-zay-us.

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  8. BREAKING: Nevada Democrats Pass Divisive Mail-In Voting Law 97 Days Out from Election — ALLOWS ILLEGAL BALLOT HARVESTING!

    Radical Democrat Governor Sisolak and Nevada Democrats called a special session this weekend with no public present and inside of 24 hours they rammed through mail-in voting and ballot harvesting.

    Democrats did this during the special leglislative session.
    The Democrats are going to cheat at all costs to keep the state from going to Donald Trump!


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    1. Absolutely, D-Rats will try to steal the election.

      IF I understand reality, Gateway Pundit did, what Gateway Pundit does…skew the story from bottom line truth.

      – Yep, asshoe guv Sisolak may as well be a socialist – hates Americans.

      – NV Assembly did pass mail in voting and vote harvesting.

      – NV Senate D-Rats are one vote shy of having whatever them asshoes dictate.

      Challenge here is keeping EVERY Republican from being bribed into supporting D-Rats stealing the NV vote.

      Yea, sadly a tall challenge with so many wussy Rs…easily bribed or coerced. Not much different than national level.
      A few weeks ago, Dumrats almost rammed through a 40% tax increase on mines in NV.
      – Hmmmm, mines in NV ALL rural. Rural business. Rural employment….
      – Increased tax revenue to pay for schools that are probably 95% in Clark County (Vegas / Henderson), reno and Carson City.
      – Purely a NIMBY tax – rural representation dwarfed by NV big city representation.
      ^^^ D-rats are such thoroughbred asshoes.

      40% tax increase on NV mines failed by one vote. No republican joined their crusade.
      – NOTEWORTHY. At a couple junctures, two Rs signaled they’d support the Dumrats. Enough backlash and daylight shown on those two corrupt Rs.

      Asshoe Sisolak and D-rats ended that Special Session without solving the tax revenue shortfalls. Spineless f@cks they all are.

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  9. thanks Flep for the great roundup!
    I’m not sure what Granny thought her grandson was doing at the riots…just holding a sign peacefully and what? got rubber bullets shot at him by mistake?

    I saw a yahoo headline that POTUS is stopping tv ads because he is “slumping” in the polls…DREAM ON SUCKERS!!!!! your emperor Biteme has no clothes and it’s not a pretty sight!!!!

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    1. Grams was probably a flower child in the 60s…and has fond memories of the type of protests she attended.

      What the Mutantifa rage-bots are doing is a whole different ballgame!

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      1. The thing is, just like Satan Soros, BillyGhoul Gates is just the public face of something higher (lower) and even more evil.

        It’s those upper levels that have to be found, rooted-out, and eliminated.

        Imprison and punish the messengers (Satan Soros, Gates, et. al.) but eliminate THEIR masters.

        I keep thinking of Ronald Bernard, the Dutch Financier, and his explanation of the dark world of high finance, and the “highest” levels thereof. If they do child sacrifices at meetings, what else do (or can) they do????? It’s no wonder the DEMONicRATS are as evil as they are….

        Article about Ronald Bernard: http://investmentwatchblog.com/dutch-banker-ronald-bernard-blows-the-whistle-on-worlds-satanic-elite

        An excerpt therefrom (some might recognize the source):

        by Dr. Eowyn
        The Alternative Media have long asserted that an international cabal of satanists controls our world.
        Now, a credible whistleblower has come forth, testifying to the cabal’s existence.
        He is a former elite Dutch banker named Ronald Bernard.

        Below is an interview of Bernard in Dutch, with English subtitles, followed by a transcript.

        In the interview, Bernard said that he came from a family with an abusive father. In order to survive the abuse, he’d learned to suppress his conscience. He became an entrepreneur, and became interested in the financial world. A contact in that world offered to mentor him, but instructed him that the necessary condition to achieve success in the financial world is that Bernard must put his conscience into the “freezer” — otherwise called a Faustian bargain.

        Bernard became a financial success as a facilitator in tax avoidance and currency exchange/money laundering for big players, including banks, governments, multinationals, secret services, and terrorist groups. Through his work, he came to see the connecting dots about which only the top 1% of the pyramid of global elite are privy. That top elite of 8,000 to 8,500 worship Lucifer as their god, regard people as sheep to be used, and manipulate the media so as to conceal how the world really operates.
        Bernard became part of that exclusive top 1% and was invited to the elite’s satanic church of “Eyes Wide Shut” Black Mass, naked women and drugs.

        YouTube video (Dutch, but EXCELLENT English subtitles) explaining the whole system, very informative, and cause for MUCH CONCERN: *https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nEpcY5JU120

        And a short excerpt where he describes the type of meetings the über über über evil ones have:
        (skip to 21:31 if it doesn’t do it correctly): *https://youtu.be/nEpcY5JU120?t=1289

        (as usual, delete the splats 🙂 )…

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    1. Very good.

      Greg says: I had an Epiphany a couple days ago Cancel Culture is the first successful workaround for the first Amendment. The freedom of speech does not protect me from my career being ruined or my livelihood being destroyed or me getting so depressed I commit suicide.

      Cancel Culture is the first successful workaround. It can suppress your speech under the threat, the specter of your destruction. We DO NOT HAVE Freedom of speech any more.

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    2020 – AstraZeneca to be exempt from coronavirus vaccine liability claims in most countries – https://www.reuters.com/article/us-astrazeneca-results-vaccine-liability-idUSKCN24V2EN

    2017 – Why vaccine manufacturers are exempt from liability – http://sonorannews.com/2017/07/03/vaccine-manufacturers-exempt-liability/

    2011 – https://www.npr.org/sections/health-shots/2011/02/22/133964322/supreme-court-upholds-liability-shield-for-vaccine-makers

    1986 – Ronald Reagan signed act exempting vaccine manufacturers from liability – https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/National_Childhood_Vaccine_Injury_Act
    Link – 42 U.S. Code § 300aa–22.Standards of responsibility – https://www.law.cornell.edu/uscode/text/42/300aa-22

    States With Religious and Philosophical Exemptions From School Immunization Requirements – 6/26/2020 – https://www.ncsl.org/research/health/school-immunization-exemption-state-laws.aspx

    Vaccines may be mandatory for military, health workers and nursing home residents.

    Hospitals and doctors may also slip Flu Vaccines into their in-patient treatments without asking permission.

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  11. RE: THE ELECTION – it looks like the Democrat leftists with the aid or at the behest of foreign interests, are trying to create a more chaotic election than 2004 with the hanging, dimpled, etc. chads.

    The President CAN AND MUST postpone the election until all the states have implemented honest legitimate election process/procedures and those procedures have been approved by the Department of Justice or an Emergency Election Standards Committee that he appoints!!!

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  12. What’s going on in TEXAS is quite ** suspicious ** on several fronts.
    First, there’s the apparent HUGE increase of CCP Virus cases since June. While a certain percentage of these can be attributed to more testing, there’s ALSO a large increase of deaths.
    Second, the age range of new infections (and some of the deaths) is dropping.
    Third, Gov. ABBOTT is being blamed for the increases of infections and deaths due to his “opening the state too soon mentality”.
    Fourth, freedom-loving citizens of Texas who defy the mask-wearing and social distancing orders are ALSO being blamed for the increases.
    Fifth, DemCom elected officials are making it clear that POTUS and the White House CCP Virus Response Team are THE ROOT CAUSE of the increases: from Mayor STEVE ADLER of Austin, (DemCom): “The messaging coming out of Washington would suggest that this is not serious, that the virus is not infectious, that it’s going to go away, that masking is not important or effective…That’s harmful and will lead to people dying that don’t need to be dying.” (www.businessinsider.com/how-texas-coronavirus-outbreak-got-out-of-control-2020-7)
    Sixth, I have yet to find any reference to the possibility that ILLEGAL ALIENS in Texas (many of whom would have already been in the state PRIOR to the Border Patrol crackdown on illegal entry to the U.S.) are mixed in among the increase of infections / deaths.
    Seventh, it would appear that TEXAS, now in play as a SWING STATE in November, is a prime target for the DNC / Soros-Clinton Axis / DeepState / Globalists, to become BLUE in the upcoming election.

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    1. I’ll offer this for point 6 and toss in some links at the bottom. Frankly I don’t think the Administration is not going to point out what’s been happening because many conservatives might object to what in my belief was a simple and proper gesture to help a neighbor and important trade partner by taking some pressure off of Mexico. Regardless, Conditions did not get better and we’ve since tightened things up. Anyway read below for what you might be missing. Meanwhile shares your concerns.

      Mexico Surge II (my last posting of this was about 10 days ago.)

      It’s been posted about several times since the very start of the month.

      Pull up your world o meters site, scroll down to mexico. At mexico open mexico’s data or use this link.

      You can see that Mexico started it’s first CV surge in mid may. It spiked to the numbers we still see now on 27-29 June just as we were getting first reports of hospitalizations numbers going up in Texas and California just a little before that. Mexico’s outbreak is rather large and residual numbers are coming into the US with the same effect that the New York area effected the rest of the country.

      We have Ex pats and duel citizens in Mexico that have US pass ports and are allowed to travel here for treatment. Guess what. They are and have been since at least 27 June. We also have Migrant workers who are allowed to travel across the border. Guess what, they are coming too. Also based on someone’s reporting here, I guess you can add US travelers to the list.

      Concerning the Mexican migrant workers. One could assume they caught it here and brought it to Mexico. Now they are returning back here for treatment. Seems fair to me. I think it’s fair to the president as well. Their first time flare up is rather big, but with all the President’s been dealing with, I’m willing to bet he sees this as a minor problem and helping to take some pressure off Mexico to help them deal with this is likely intended to be a courtesy.

      Your also going to have to add in other South American countries into this mix when it comes to people with pass ports and money. They have also likely flown in for treatment. Most people coming in for treatment are usually in and out quickly, however your going to have some with cormorbidities that need to stay longer, thus filling up bed space and in some cases die while in treatment.

      Of those that die here, we get the stories of morgue space running out. Why would morgue space run out? Most likely these are people who came from south of the border and their families can not come and take them away for burial Other than that there is no reason for morgues to be filling up as their are no restrictions on sending bodies to funeral homes.

      Also of note are the run up in Covid is happening in Southern States and particularly along the border. Reason of course is the proximity to the border as well as the relative safety of Southern States as an option for treatment when compared to Northern States.

      Now why don’t we hear this in the news? Answer is it’s in the news but its not front and center for the left or the right. All stories are the type you have to stumble upon or search for. Meanwhile the left is not going to say we are helping Mexico by letting these people be treated here when the better story for them is that Trump is loosing control of the battle with CV. Meanwhile the right is not going to make much of this because many will demand the border to be shut. I think the President’s view is we can handle this, which we can. Just lets not make an issue out of it. This might also explain Gov. Abbott’s strange behavior.

      Meanwhile exact data on all this is hard to come by. Sanctuary states, counties, cities and towns as well as hospitals are not likely to keep statistics on people from out of the country and if they have them they are not going to release them to the Feds. Thus all reporting on this has been anecdotal but is easily found by dong a search for US Mexico border COVID 19.

      Now with all that you add in protests and other odds and ends to our new spike numbers and that’s whats happening and why IMHO.





      BREAKING NEWS – Covid in Riverside County

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      1. Looks like the last link did not work. Tries again. This is the one someone posted here that had me looking for more info. Rather dramatic vid when it came out mid June and I think it reached us at the end of that month. Also just relooked Mexico numbers. Although the numbers are down for the weekend count they seem to still be climbing overall. I believe the hope was the Mexican surge would recede quickly but that does not seem to be happening. Regardless conditions at the border have tightened. No news on the effect of the Hurricane pertaining to CV. Also of note is Mexico does not allow HCQ. India is a comparable country and they do allow HCQ and are doing very well in comparison to Mexico.

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    1. Organizers and non-German sources are reporting more than a MILLION.

      The same boulevard was full of celebrating fans back in 2014, when Germany won the World Cup. The crowd then was estimated at 1.5 Million over the same space.

      Merde-Kuh and her minions don’t want any resistance, or to look bad.

      Looks like they’ve lost this round, and probably a lot more. Too bad they’re causing so much trouble for the AfD (our MGGA folks). Seems the DEMONicRATS are not the only ones with fake polls, fake pols, fake news, and fake “science”… sigh….

      P.S. More and more people are either going maskless, or pulling the mask down (or up) to facilitate breathing normally… People are REALLY sick and tired of this cr@p…

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  13. Preserve History Before There’s Nothing Left…..GB

    can’t auction off a Winslow Homer painting…??

    wake up, America.

    they are destroying our history, our heritage…and our culture .

    and that is prelude to destroying our American sovereignty .

    and that is prelude to The End.

    dust & rubble.

    no pulse.

    a corpse.

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