7.29.20 News Roundup! Jim Jordan’s Opening Statement, AG Barr Drops A MOAB While Being Questioned By Jim Jordan, Kerri Kupec’s Interview, PDJT’s Press Briefing, Another Step Has Been Taken To Bring Our Supply Chain Home, Peter Navarro’s Interview, DACA Took A Big Hit, Doctors Continue To Speak Out About Hydroxychloroquine, Dr. Simone Gold’s Interview, Dr. Zelenko Update, Richard Baris’ Latest Podcast…..

Representative Jim Jordan was fantastic yesterday.

During his opening statement he outlined the real motive for Democrats to go on the attack against U.S. Attorney General Bill Barr.

As Jordan notes the political left is desperate. The biggest scandal in American political history is staring them in the face and the Democrats, MSM, Leftists, Never Trumpers etc. have no ability to stop it except to attempt to attack the person who holds the key to their destruction.

During a questioning session by Representative Jim Jordan, AG Bill Barr outlines a secondary, parallel, investigation ongoing by U.S. Attorney John Bash [@01:40 of video]. In his response AG Barr notes the breakout investigation assigned to Bash to review the unlawful unmasking of Donald Trump campaign officials.

What was absolutely delicious was the fact that AG Barr explains the unmasking investigation is not limited to the post election period, transition and incoming administration. The investigation extends further back in the government surveillance of Trump associates in the 2015/2016 campaign.

It is now known that U.S. Attorney John Durham has talked to the Greatest White Hat Of Them All, former NSA Director Admiral Mike Rogers.

This is worth the two minutes to watch:

DOJ Spokesperson Kerri Kupec appeared for a brief interview with Sean Hannity to recap AG Barr’s appearance in front of the House Judiciary Committee. The final minute of her appearance is really important to listen to. Justice will be served!

Yesterday our President held a press briefing with the assembled press pool.

[Video and Transcript Below]


Here are some shorter video clips:

China is continuing to be slammed over its head with the Atomic Sledgehammer being used by our President and his Killers. Today they felt it with the announcement made by our President.

Yesterday White House Trade and Manufacturing Advisor Peter Navarro (AKA The Assassin) discussed an initiative to launch a new program spearheading new critical supply chains. The goal is to return manufacturing of pharmaceuticals, medicines and equipment back to America.

The White House provided the following outline:

SUPPORTING AMERICAN SUPPLY CHAINS: The Trump Administration is signing a Letter of Interest in support of a deal that will help ensure essential medicines are produced in America.

* The Trump Administration is signing a Letter of Interest supporting a deal to transform Kodak into a pharmaceutical company that can help produce essential medicines in the United States.
* When the deal is final, the CEO of the U.S. International Development Finance Corporation (DFC) will use his delegated Defense Production Act (DPA) loan authority to provide a $765 million loan to launch Kodak Pharmaceuticals, which will create at least 360 jobs.

* With this loan, the company can build the capacity to produce essential medicines that have lapsed into chronic national shortage.
+ Once fully operational, Kodak will have the capacity to produce 25% of the generic active pharmaceutical ingredients necessary for all non-biologic and non-antibacterial pharmaceuticals used in the United States.
* Kodak will work with the Administration and drug product manufacturers to identify the products that are most needed to meet national security requirements.

INVESTING IN CRITICAL INDUSTRY: President Trump has taken bold action to ensure that Americans are no longer reliant on foreign countries for critical, generic medications.

* President Trump is working to ensure that America produces the critical goods necessary to combat COVID-19 here at home.
* Thanks to President Trump’s actions, the CEO of the DFC—formerly the Overseas Private Investment Corporation—is now using DPA loan authority delegated by the President to invest in America in addition to its work overseas.
* DFC is working with the private sector to address critical issues facing our Nation, particularly the issue of how we can bring pharmaceutical manufacturing back to the United States.
+ Only a small proportion of generic active pharmaceutical ingredients are actually manufactured in the United States, and the majority come from India and China.
* American reliance on foreign countries for critical, generic drugs is not sustainable and leaves the American people incredibly vulnerable.
* President Trump’s actions reflect his commitment to ending America’s dangerous reliance on foreign countries for vital drugs.

LEVERAGING THE PRIVATE SECTOR: President Trump has leveraged the power of the private sector to fight COVID-19 and provide Americans with the resources they need.

* President Trump has effectively leveraged the DPA to mobilize the private sector and secure massive amounts of personal protective equipment and ventilators.
* The Administration has taken 33 DPA actions totaling almost $3.2 billion to provide critical support for essential medical resources and our defense industrial base.
* The President has used the DPA to contract with companies like General Electric, Honeywell, Puritan, and 3M to ramp up production of ventilators, swabs, and masks.
* The Trump Administration has partnered with the private sector to speed vaccine and therapeutic research, while preparing for the mass production of a safe, effective vaccine.

From the article linked above:

Eastman Kodak Co. has won a $765 million government loan under the Defense Production Act, the first of its kind. The purpose: to help expedite domestic production of drugs that can treat a variety of medical conditions and loosen the U.S. reliance on foreign sources.

The onetime leader in photography sales is gearing up to produce ingredients for a number of generic drugs, including the antimalarial drug hydroxychloroquine that President Trump has touted in the treatment of coronavirus. Meanwhile, the U.S. is aiming to shift…

They taught that Justice Roberts saved them with his ruling. Their dreams are about to be shattered.

From the article linked above:

The Trump administration is reviving its efforts to end, or at least significantly scale back, a program that shields young undocumented immigrants from deportation after losing the first round in the Supreme Court.

On Tuesday, a senior administration official said the government will not be accepting new applications while it conducts a review of the Obama-era Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals program. The move is expected to spur a new round of legal challenges, with California Attorney General Xavier Becerra releasing a statement saying he will be ready.

[…] Immigrants who have already had deportation protection and a work permit through DACA will be allowed to renew their status, but only for a year, a senior administration official said. Previously renewals lasted two years.

[…] A senior administration official told reporters on a phone call Tuesday that the White House would be conducting a review of DACA but didn’t say how long it would last. In the meantime, it will be renewing applications from previous DACA recipients, but not new ones.

I was so happy to see this tweet:

Excellent interview that is well worth the watch:

Great news! Dr. Zelenko has been released from the hospital.

Here is Richard Baris’ latest podcast:

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    7.29.20 NEWS ROUNDUP!

    You are the News Now!

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  2. The Judicial Armada continues to grow and there is nothing that the Democrats, MSM, Leftists, Never Trumpers etc. can do to stop it!

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    1. Such great news! Steady flow of confirmed Federal Judges. 🙂

      Continued exposure that HCQ works as a preventive. HCQ+Zpak+Zinc as a treatment.
      – Interesting we at the QTree have known this since late Feb or early Mar.

      It really IS a matter of getting the government out of the way, so doctors can prescribe these meds without interference.
      – I believe we’ll see an Executive Order getting the Feds, governors and various medical regulators out of the way. Part of our eight weeks President Trump has talked about a few times.

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      1. It’s illegal for lay people to practice medicine – governors practicing medicine SHOULD have been illegal.

        Eventually, the story will be exposed. I hope POTUS has the communications between all those who participated in making COVID worse than it really is.

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  3. Great news! Dr. Zelenko has been released from the hospital.

    Thank G-d. Going home today

    — Dr. Zev Zelenko (@zev_dr) July 28, 2020

    Thank G-d, indeed!!!

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  4. I hope this means that Kodak is going to start manufacturing millions of doses of HCQ!

    Next step…make it Over The Counter!

    Thanks for rounding up all the good stuff for us, Fle!
    I really appreciate all the work you do!

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    1. Kodak has a long history of precision chemistry. If you got “the shot of a lifetime” on Ektachrome film, and the chemistry was bad, their brand would have taken a massive hit…..but their quality delivered, and delivered, and delivered. It was always a premium product and pure, pure, pure…..

      If Kodak said X was such-and-such chemical, back in the day, I would trust it with my life. Today, after everything got downgraded and shipped overseas….I’m not so sure. The labs are capable of it, but the people and the corporate culture were ravaged and need to be rebuilt.

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      1. As a businessman, I would think that our VSG President knows this too.

        Looks to me like…rather than give this big project to one of the Big Pharma companies…he is choosing to resurrect an older company, and build up a new brand of pharmaceuticals.

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        1. Big Pharma is no longer in the business of manufacturing drugs. They are in the business of arranging profitable monopolies with Congress. Drugs are merely an afterthought. Effective drugs a distraction. Safe drugs an irritation.

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            1. In fact, let me put it out there that I may be quoted as “cthulhu” for anything I write here — or “Kthulhut”, “John Q. Public”, “Smoking Rope”, “Cranston Snord” or any other identity I may have assumed along the way — so long as the entire quote is in proper context. Since my comment was a standalone “credo”, no real context is necessary beyond an IMHO. Proper citation would be “cthulhu opines…..” rather than “cthulhu attests…..”

              And if, by unheralded coincidence, I ever again utter anything that you consider memorable…..this would be valid for that statement also.

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        2. Hopefully to help rebuild Rochester NY too. So much has left that city it’s terrible. Kodak, Xerox, Rochester products,(Delfi) and all the smaller business that were all tied to the big corporations. Be interesting to see how much King Andy will take credit for and how much PDJT let’s him.

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    2. Every single one of the WHO “essential medicines” should be OTC [ https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/WHO_Model_List_of_Essential_Medicines ].

      Hundreds of millions of doses of these things are handed out off the backs of a pickup trucks in regions where the great majority of the population is illiterate, because they are reasonably effective, safe, unlikely to be abused, and difficult to screw-up. And, yet, here — in the most medically advanced nation in the world — you can’t get them without a fawning obeisance to some schmuck with an MD. It is an obscene travesty.

      And, yes — maybe there should be some discussion of safer/more effective alternatives and cautions. That’d be a good thing for an insert…..preferably one that isn’t microscopic.

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      1. As actress, no nonsense Kristi Ally twitted, we are given powerful drugs that have a long list of dangerous side affects every day and yet there’s this huge resistance to a Decades-old, non-threatening one that is successfully used throughout the world. (She writes it in a much more colorful manner…😂)

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        1. HCQ was OTC in France right up until about the 3rd week of January this year. And surprisingly all their HCQ supplies were shipped to ANOTHER COUNTRY about the same time. Crazy huh?

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  5. ” * The Trump Administration is signing a Letter of Interest supporting a deal to transform Kodak into a pharmaceutical company that can help produce essential medicines in the United States.”

    It warms my heart to hear of this. Doing what is right, just and fair.

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  6. “Kodak is proud to be a part in strengthening America’s self-sufficiency in producing the key pharmaceuticals we need to keep our citizens safe. More to come at the signing ceremony. ”


    If a camera company can simply retool and become a major pharmaceutical company, I guess the important question to ask is…

    Why can’t I?


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      1. “How many chemists do you have on your payroll now? 🙂”



        We don’t need no stinking chemists!



        It’s nothing Walter White and Jessie Pinkman couldn’t whip up in a pinch. 😁

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  7. “The Trump administration is reviving its efforts to end, or at least significantly scale back, a program that shields young undocumented immigrants from deportation after losing the first round in the Supreme Court.”


    Seems like it would be a better idea to end, or at least significantly diminish, the corrupt judge at the head of the (not)Supreme Court.

    Roberts is clearly corrupt, hilariously so. It’s not even a secret to casual observers at this point.

    The corrupt FIB has an obligation to investigate government corruption, and the corrupt DoJ has an obligation to prosecute government corruption.

    I would.

    I would announce that not only is there a criminal investigation into the corrupt head of the (not)Supreme Court, but that every line of every ruling he has participated in is under review for criminal misconduct.

    Let corrupt judge Roberts live with that hanging over his head, and looking over his shoulder at every new case before the (not)Supreme Court.

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  8. Tropical Cyclone 9 …formerly Inv 92 L…

    NOAA latest…

    Intensity Guide (fluid)…

    hard to say where this will go….GFS has it tracking north early on, toward Bahamas.

    CMC has it tracking more west, up into east/central Florida.

    EURO has it way west and more south, scraping west coast of Florida…or heading into GoM and Louisiana.

    depends on if/when it makes a turn north after the Islands…or… if/when it moves over mountain terrains in Hispaniola and Cuba.

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  9. TC 9 has been consistently tracking more south-westerly every day….

    a shift west from yesterday….

    or…could be this…earlier curve north, more east (GFS)…

    (being in SWFL, naturally, I prefer that last one, the GFS scenario.)

    but then…there’s also this rather odd-looking range of possibilities…

    (that’s if it keeps tracking further south…..)

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            1. the worst place to be is on the eastern side of these things….particularly the northeast quadrant of the spin…if this shoots up the west coast of Florida and into Panhandle…and developes into a Cat 1…or Cat 2…the whole Gulf coast will be at risk…

              also of significance will be the size of it…miles across + wind.

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      1. I like to imagine that the good guys have some really great tech for steering storms, but held off from using it up until now in order to now reveal their hand before the 100-days-to-election showdown we are going through now.


  10. wonderful roundup, thank you Fle!!
    I would not have had the patience Barr displayed yesterday. An administration official takes the time out of his busy schedule to come to a hearing YOU requested, ostensibly to ANSWER your questions and concerns and you don’t allow him to speak. what utter nonsense! and what a waste of taxpayer monies–the democrats I mean–they do NOTHING!

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        1. Speaking about the Dims. I didn’t watch all of it, but in the news roundup saw that nitwit from Georgia towards the end..what an obnoxious woman she is.

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  11. Milwaukee Police Chief, Alfonso Morales…

    …was told he’d be fired by the Milwaukee Fire and Police Commission if he doesn’t follow orders…a recent “order” handed down by the Commission banning the Police use of tear gas and pepper spray at the upcoming peaceful Democratic National Convention , Aug 17-20…

    (wait…I thought they moved it to Biden’s basement…) (?)

    Chief Morales says he was told he’d be fired if he doesn’t comply..

    soo… over 100 police agencies have pulled-out of that event …over a thousand police were expected to provide security at the Convention but now many are pulling out …should the event turn “non-peaceful”, they are basically sitting ducks, hands tied behind their backs.

    article link, here…


    July 28, 2020

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    1. Milwaukee or Wisconsin has more than 100 police agencies? City police, county sheriffs, state police, what else? From Wiki, 495 municipalities & 72 counties. Why would sheriffs and municipal police outside of Milwaukee counties and adjacent municipalities be involved?

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    2. Well I guess that leaves the police with nothing in their arsenals but tanks and shooting protestors. Such a shame. But it saves the taxpayers money housing the criminals!

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  12. Ha Ha Ha.

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          1. heck no…and it won’t be “obvious” either…no horns, fangs or tail, drooling or foaming at the mouth…

            it will be able to deceive everyone who does not have the SPIRIT of Discernment <3.

            and, imo, it's already somewhere on the planet….

            lurking and waiting for its time.

            keep looking UP.
            these are The Days.

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  13. President Trump is heading west – to TEXAS today!


    9:00AM THE PRESIDENT departs the White House en route to Joint Base Andrews – South Lawn
    9:20AM – Departs Washington, D.C., en route to Midland, TX

    11:30AM – Arrives at Midland International Air and Space Port – Midland, TX
    11:40AM THE PRESIDENT departs Midland, TX, en route to Odessa, TX
    12:00PM THE PRESIDENT arrives at Odessa Marriott Hotel and Conference Center
    Odessa, TX
    12:35PM – THE PRESIDENT participates in a roundtable with supporters
    1:05PM THE PRESIDENT delivers remarks at a fundraising committee reception
    2:10PM – Departs Odessa, TX, en route to Midland, TX
    2:50PM – Tours Double Eagle Energy Oil Rig
    3:20PM – THE PRESIDENT delivers remarks on restoring energy dominance in the Permian Basin and signs Presidential Permits – Midland, TX
    4:05PM – Departs Double Eagle Energy Oil Rig en route to Midland International Air and Space Port
    4:40PM – Departs Midland, TX, en route to Washington, D.C.

    8:45PM – Arrives at Joint Base Andrews
    9:05PM – Arrives at the White House – South Lawn

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    1. President Trump has already been on the twitter warpath this morning.
      Look for some heavy duty ordinance aimed at the social media giants censoring conservatives.
      And at the lawlessness and chaos across the nation in Democrat hell-holes.

      Follower numbers for his @realDonaldTrump WMD twitter account this morning:
      84,317,831 – 9:15 am
      84,316,830 – 8:50 am – 7/29/20

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  14. SO many great hits on today’s roundup!
    My two favorites:
    The Dan Scavino video that intersperses AG BARR playing his bagpipes with his testimony at Nadler’s farce.
    The real chance that Hydroxychloroquine will be made OTC to help fight the CCP Virus.

    I would add DR. FAUCI to the list of LIARS about how effective Hydroxychloroquine is. He KNOWS damnwell that it’s a great choice for the CCP Virus.
    But he’s too embedded in the AMA-medical Mandarin hierarchy to admit anything else.
    Maybe He’s also embedded in the $$$$$ matters mixed up in the Big Pharma CCP Virus vaccine push.

    In my opinion, having watched some AG Barr’s testimony, I’d say that he played the DemComs on the committee LIKE A SET OF BAGPIPES.

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    1. OTC HCQ is a big deal. I would welcome it, despite the fact that *RIGHT NOW*, for COVID-19 I think it is best taken under a doctor’s prescription and supervision.

      So WHY do I want it OTC?

      So that supply lines are SOLID and we have enough to treat the whole nation overnight.

      Why do we need that much HCQ?

      COVID-20 and COVID-21.



      If CCP-DNC releases a NEW coronavirus, we need a general cure to disarm it IMMEDIATELY, without tanking the economy, and HCQ is beyond likely – meaning almost certain – to fulfill that mission.

      America needs a PRE-CURE for coronaviruses. HCQ is that drug.


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      1. Here! Here! Let’s get out in front of the hell bound debacle and clear the deck so we can live w/o the evil mess … DANG already …

        … and special large capacity space shuttles to jettison the evil antifa/blm (white people, really 😑) into space … it’ll be a new kind of popping good display … (I know, I’m icky)

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        1. I follow a gal on Twitter named Kira – a bit of an acolyte of Kurt Schlichter – who styles herself as a follower of Augusto Pinochet (Chilean general who kicked out the commies), and constantly makes reference to the Argentine generals who dropped sedated communists into the Atlantic from helicopters. Sadly, the Argentines helped create the commie pope with that level of excess. “Be nice to commies as you denounce them” pays huge dividends, although I do get the urgency of the Chilean mess, where the generals were beating a deadline for THEIR removal.

          Communism is a nasty business.

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          1. Whoa … that’s a messy bunch of splats … however efficient … 😮👍😖👍 … I kinda like the space explosion 💥 … just a bit though .. heh heh … I like quick drying cement too … 🤫 …🇺🇸❤️🇺🇸‼️ .. 😉❤️

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            1. Well, unless you fix things so they reenter shortly after the pop-pop-pop you’d just make the space debris problem worse.

              So let’s use a suborbital trajectory. Nose cone with X number of commies in it, it opens up, they expire within minutes, and re-enter and burn up.

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  15. Just watching Fox, I SEE the NEW narrative, and you will love this. The AP is “reporting” that Russia (IE the boogey man…babayaga) is spreading Covid 19 DIS info on US sites. LMAO you CANNOT make up their absolute FIXATION on Russia. What does Vlad HAVE on the Cabal that they are SO SCARE#D OF HIM about? Uranium One? MORE?

    Anyway, back to the point, the NEW narrative, and WATCH for it, is that Hydroxychloroquine, and all the reporting that revealed the FAKE Covid deaths and Covid cases, is…wait for it…RUSSIAN disinfo to interfere in the 2020 election FOR Trump.

    WANT TO BET? I thought not. WATCH. Russia is tha debil…and momma says STAY AWAY Bobby Bouche.

    They have NOTHING folks. This tells me one, that Covid IS dying as a narrative, two, the reveals were absolutely correct, and three that Hydroxychloroquine is ABSOLUTELY a therapeutic, if not THE cure.

    You HAVE to ask yourselves, WHY would Russia CARE to distribute info that VALIDATES Trump, amking him look BETTER and might HELP him end the farce and get reelected? Oh, right, Trump is putins puppet.

    LMAO. For someone who is supposedly someone’s puppet, Trump sure has given Vlad a big ol rectal reeming both militarily, AND financially. It would seem to me that Vlad would WANT the REAL puppet, Biden in to flim flam some more, and NOT the guy who was CONSTANTLY kicking his ASS.

    ALL the shit hitting the wall folks, Biden FORCED to come out of the basement, and look old, feeble, weak, and confused, along with all the ramping up vitriol means ONE thing. Biden is NOT winning, he is getting his ASS kicked, and they KNOW it. Covid is failing, and Trump will NOT let them burn the Us down. they are getting DESPERATE folks, They OBVIOUSLY have had their domestic FF machine disabled of destroyed.

    I worry that they will TRY to start a shooting war, but they KNOW Trump will not bite. I think they are “empty” and trying to fire empty casings again. It is BAD for them, their internals MUST be a disaster, and their VP pic MUST not test well. Shit is gonna get DEEP folks.

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    1. A century after the October Putsch in November 1917 (October? November? Long story, but look up “Julian Calendar” if truly curious), and thirty years after the collapse of the Soviet Union, the left is finally, finally willing to consider Russia the enemy.

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    1. This will leave MERKEL more at the mercy of her UNRELIABLE “allies” in the EU and the other UNRELIABLE “allies” in NATO.
      Imagine her having to call on, say, ERDOGAN for help? Ha!
      This also will leave MERKEL, and Germany, open to hostile moves by PUTIN. Some of these moves will be overt — most of them will be covert / diplomatic. Some will be assigned to Putin’s underlings (ambassadors, etc.).
      Never forget that one of Vladimir Putin’s greatest goals is to RE-ESTABLISH the pre-1917 Russian Empire with himself in control. This empire stretched all the way to the borders of GERMANY. It may well be posited that Putin has his sights on putting Germany into this re-established “empire”.

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    1. Soviets want us to have contempt for our leaders.
      Makes their work easier.

      So they give us fake, contemptible people in leadership positions
      to TRAIN us to hate and reject good authority as well as bad.

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    1. And Twitter facilitates Antifa and pedophile rings.

      Look at Antifa plans for South Carolina!!!

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      1. …. sniper rifles … special forces … just take shoulder, hips, knees …

        … it’s the Transylvanian Saxon blood 🩸 talking … 🤭🤫 …

        That would slow down those miserable evil lawless bastard minions from hell. It may cause a school teacher shortage though .. 🤨

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  16. The censorship and removal of Hydroxychloroquine (and those promoting it) over the intertube yesterday must’ve hit a record worldwide. We all already know the big tech culprits but let me now add NextDoor to that list. I attempted multiple times to post a reply yesterday afternoon with quite a few legitimate links of studies and videos regarding HCQ but got a big red message that my post contained errors. My workaround was to send it by private message to the originator. This morning I searched for his post and found a message that it (and all comments) had been removed.

    There wouldn’t be this level of coordinated censorship if they weren’t in a complete panic about people knowing and using HCQ. They’ve coordinated the message that the use of HCQ is dangerous misinformation. The fear porn and continued lock down is their last weapon to defeat POTUS. Right on cue our local Florida paper screamed headlines of death and infection and yesterday the city council just passed a mandatory mask ordinance. Please President Trump stop the madness!!!!

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  17. Excellent as always Flep! What have I been telling you all, to the point of it being nauseating, This ALL goes back to Obama, ands he WAS spying on Trump WAY before July of 2016. THINK DOSSIER. The REASON that both Jordan’s question, and ESPECIALLY Barr’s answer was SO big. One it CONFIRMS that there WAS spying BEFORE Crossfire began, which I ALREADY knew, and two, that the spying goes to at LEAST 2015. APRIL 2015 if I am right, and THAT is when the dossier was FORMED, NOT April 2016, but 2015!.

    It PROVES my point that spying on Trump, and OTHERS, goes back that far. Now, we just have to PROVE that it ALL came from the dossier, and that the dossier was created in THAT period. Should be easy, as the unmasking records of Power and Rice will TELL THE TALE.

    I KNEW, but kept silent when they focused on Flynn unmasking from late 2016, that this was but the TIP, and it was a VERY short period, less than 60 days. If they were doing it THEN, they had to have done it BEFORE then as well. Remember, Durham is a CRIMINAL probe, not an investigatory probe, it means they ALREADY have the EVIDENCE, now it is just PROVING a crime and connecting ALL the dots.

    ALL those dots lead to the dossier, and they ALL happened in 2015, the REST was about finding ANY evidence that could PROVE the dossier, and they could NOT find any, because Nellie Ohr, the TRUE author, was so “smart” she forgot to cross reference drivers license and social security #’s on the Michael Cohen that went to Prague, it was the WRONG one. They have been SCREWWED ever since, trying to have just ONE connection to Trump and Russia.

    Remember, WHO has been “prosecuted” Flynn, by using Kislyak a Russian Ambassador as a SET UP with Strzok, McCabe, Yates, and Comey. They NEEDED high level backchannel negotiations with team Trump and Russia, so they took an innocuous meeting, and made it LOOK nefarious, and then AMBUSHED Flynn with it.

    Cohen was prosecuted by Mueller after raiding his home and offices. WHAT were they looking for? A RUSSIAN connection to VERUIFY the dossier FALSE allegations that Cohen was the BAG man for Trump and Russia, it is WHY he was charged with TAX EVASION, they wanted the MONEY trail. They found NO trail, so they SQUEEZED Cohen to get him to “flip” on Trump, but there3 was NOTHING.

    Then look at Manafort. He was set up with the black ledger in Ukraine by Yovanovich, Chalupa, Kerry, and Nuland. They again charged him with TAX evasion, they NEEDED a money trail to Russia. They even tried to have Strzok and BRUCE Ohr get Oleg Deripaska to lie on Manafort a former rival, because Deripaska was a Russian Aluminum “Oligarch” He REFUSED. Now tell me, what do Ukraine, Chalupa, Nuland, Yovanovich and Kerry have in common? One they ALL work or were connected to the STATE dept. Two, they ALL had access to the dossier through Jonathan Winer, who MET with Steele ABOUT the dossier.

    Then we have George Papadopoulos, he was set up by Brennan using Stephen Halper a UK SPY, and Joseph Mifsud, an ITALIAN spy. They planted the advance access to WikiLeaks into Papadopoulos, and then harvested that info a month later when Alexander Downer, an AUSTRALIAN spy and former diplomat, but connected to BOTH MI6 and Five Eyes, was there and could “innocently” and “patriotically” report what he “heard” The problems arose when they HID the exculpatory evidence in which Papadopoulos exonerated himself AND Trump. There were ALSO no Russians present, it was JUST used to PAINT the WikiLeaks as ” a Russian puppet, and DIS info”

    Then we have the attempted setup and indictment of Don Jr. He was set up on June 9th 2016, in Trump Tower, using Natalia Veselnitskaya, who met BEFORE and AFTER the meeting with her “handler” Glen Simpson. She was NOT even supposed to be IN this country, she was BARRED by NY US Attorney Preet Bahara for her suspicious ties to the Russian Govt, but SOMEONE either Lynch at DOJ or Kerry at State gave her a special Visa that OVERRODE Bahara. They NEEDED still that Trump connection TO Russia, and it was set up that Natalia Veselnitskaya had derogatory info on Hillary Clinton, ostensibly, the WIKILEAKS again. They got NOTHING as Don Jr realized the scam when she changed the conversation to the Magnitsky act.

    ALL these setups were PRIOR to July 31 2016 , the supposed beginning of Crossfire Hurricane. They had NOTHING before that to “lead them in that direction, SAVE the Dossier. They even tried server pings from Trump Tower to Alfa Bank, trying to construct a info trail. This was done by ID CIS Jean Camp, again it was found to be a FRAUD.

    The WikiLeaks were DESTROYING the Dems, so they painted THEM with Trump as a connection, After Trump had mentioned them at the SAME time he made a JOKE at a july 27th press conference “I hope Russia if you are listening, that you can find the 33000 deleted Hillary Clinton emails from her private server” THAT kicked off Crossfire FOUR days LATER.

    See the Cabal had a MAJOR problem, they were OBVIOUSLY spying on, and setting up Trump and his team BEFORE July 31 gave them permission to actually DO IT. They NEEDED a Russian connection to “back justify” that spying, enter Carter Page.

    Carter Page was a CIA asset, whos specialty was to infiltrate, spy on, and pass damaging info to the FBI and CIA. He had done so in 2014 on Igor Sechin, a Russian Oligarch. But he did it FOR us and would up getting Sechin and his crew locked up. He had a legit FISA on him in 2014 FOR that operation, they USED that FISA, had it RENEWED and set him on to Trump. He was hired as his cover, an energy analyst , but he NEVER met Trump, never even TALKED to him. BUT, Page had a REAL tie to a Russian, so they simply prostituted his work FOR us and AGAQINST Sechin, and labeled Page as an “agent of a foreign power” a fancy way of calling him a TRAITOR.

    NOW with Page, the Cabal HAD their Russian contact, and they COULD expand the FISA on Page (the RENEWALS) and use it to ALL things Trump, think 6 degrees of separation. ANYONE Page had met or talked to could be surveilled, as could anyone THOSE people talked to, a web, that had to eventually reach Trump.

    ALL of this occurred BEFORE Flynn, BEFORE the Mueller SC. WHAT did they HAVE then? ONLY the dossier. ALL the rest has been to verify it, prop it up, LEGITIMIZE it and the ORIGINAL spying and unmasking that occurred sometime in EARLY 20156 to create IT.

    People FORGET that thanks to Schiff messing up the timeline to counter the Nunez memo, and trying to DEFLECT the start time from Page in OCTOBER 2016, to Papadopoulos in APRIL 2016. They even tried to set up Papadopoulos a SEWCOND time on his honeymoon in Greece with Charles Tawill, another Brennan spy. They were STILL trying in 2017 to get a money trail, as they TRIED to plant 10K in CASH on Pap when he returned to the US, HE was to take the place of Cohen as the “bag man” But, Papa was TOO smart and left the money in Greece with his wife and attorney. The STUPID FBI arrested him ANYWAY, and Mueller trumped up a charge of “lying to the FBI” to try and squeeze Papadopoulos, it did NOT work, and PAPA only spent a week in jail.

    Schiff himself in a PANIC because Nunez REVEALED that ALL of this, Carter Page included, was based ON THE DOSSIER screwed the TIMELINE by blaming it on Papadopoulos in APRIL 2016, BEFORE Crossfire. WHY would he DO THAT if it were REALLY not ALL about hiding that dossier, and it’s REAL author and REAL commissioner. What is ALL they had in EARLY 2016. that’s right ONLY the dossier.

    Think, WHAT was Mueller’s roadmap? Was it Page? NO! Was it Papadopoulos? NO! was it Manafort? NO, Was it Flynn? NO!, Was it even Roger Stone? NO! “?It was COHEN, and HE was in the dossier. Incorrectly, but IN.

    What ELSE have they coveted since then? Trumps taxes. WHY? Because they want to verify the dossier allegation that Trump was beholden to Russia through Deusche Bank or Alfa bank because he failed to build Trump Tower Moscow, and it put him in financial debt to the Russians. ALL in the Dossier, and ONLY the Dossier.

    What was Shampeachment about? Trump “obstructing justice” and preventing Mueller from discovering the “collusion with Russia” No crimes, only PROPAGANDA from…the Dossier.

    Now, WHO ordered the dossier, Barack Hussein Obama, that’s who, and he PAID 972000 to Fusion GPS and their employee Nellie Ohr in EARLY 2016. He then SOLD the dossier, and the entire intelligence apparatus of the US PLUS foreign intel through Five Eyes, to the highest bidder, Hillary Clinton, for a reported $12,000,000. Now WHY would Hillary pay 12 MILLION dollars for an UNVERIFIED piece of CRAP, one she felt the need to HIDE and launder the payment through the DNC and Perkins Couie. WHY? Because that Dossier was SUPPOSED to be THE key to the Presidency, it came with UNLIMIOTED access to the NSA database, UNLIMITED unmasking by senior WH officials like Power and Rice, UNLIMITED access to Five Eyes intel and SPIES courtesy John Brennan, AND UNLIMITED “help” through the State Dept, FBI, CIA, DOJ, and the other “US intel agencies”.

    Hillary then USED her contacts in the MSM that she had established in an April 2015 dinner at John Podesta’s house, and contacts like Sydney Blumenthal to HELP give the crap credibility as “second sources”

    See, this was abso fn lutely NOT a “small group” as SOME have tried to peddle.

    We have Flynn under the thumb of DOJ Sally rates AND FBI Andrew McCabe and Peter Strzok.
    Sessions under the thumb of DOJ AND Congress. (Al Franken)
    Papadopoulos under John Brennan’s CIA and Five Eyes spies Stephen Halper and Joseph Mifsud.
    Page Under Comey and Brennan as a FORMER informant.
    Manafort under State with Yovanovich, Nuland, Chalupa, and Kerry.
    Don Jr under Congress Schiff, Glenn Simpson, and either State Kerry or DOJ Lynch letting Veselnitskaya in.
    Cohen under Mueller AND the dossier.
    Roger Stone under Mueller
    Trump under attack from them ALL CIA, FBI, DOJ, WH, MSM,

    We are looking at WELL over 65 people, with new leads each day now. Just like the new dead end, er smoke screen Danchenkyo. Ask yourself THIS. Would ALL these people, foreign agencies, foreign spies, foreign GOVERNMENTS go after Donald Trump at the mere behest of Hillary Clinton, a simple former Sec of State, and 20 odd years ago First Lady? NO, too much RISK. Espionage against not only a US citizen, but the Republican nominee, and later President would be treason or sedition in the US and an ACT OF WAR overseas,

    Now, would all these same people, agencies, and governments do it for a SITTING President? Why yes, YES they would. WHO else had that kind of “stroke’? NO ONE!

    In the END they ALL had only ONE boss, Barack Hussein Obama. ALL the theatrics, plots, plagues, riots, propaganda, obfuscation, lies, legal pratfalls, Impeachments, Special Counsels, and MSM hyperventilating has been to HIDE and PROTECT HIS involvement. NO ONE ELSE, not even Biden.

    ALL of the Cabal above all COMPLICIT in a coup, subversion, ESPIONAGE, and TREASON. ALL at the request of Obama.

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    1. Integrate your timeline with this one, and it makes sense. April means they had at least 2 months of serious operations to set up Dylann Roof’s hit on Clementa Pinckney (Bernie holdout) THE DAY AFTER TRUMP ANNOUNCED.

      FR = Fund-Raiser

      06/16/15 – Donald Trump announces candidacy
      06/17/15 – Hillary Clinton shows up in Charleston, South Carolina, for speech & FR
      06/17/15 – Dylann Roof assassinates Bernie-hinting holdout in Charleston that same night
      06/18/15 – Hillary Clinton link’s Trump’s “rhetoric” to Dylann Roof in NPR interview
      06/18/15 – Hillary talks about Charleston in Las Vegas at “previously scheduled event”
      06/19/15 – Clinton’s NPR remarks on Trump carried widely across Fake News
      06/19/15 – Donald Trump responds to Hillary’s attacks as “pathetic”
      06/20/15 – Clinton gives anti-gun/racism speech to US Conf of Mayors in SF, +FR
      06/21/15 – Hillary gives interview in New Hampshire
      06/22/15 – Hillary attends private FR in Indianapolis and Minneapolis
      06/23/15 – Hillary attends private FRs in St Louis/Chicago, makes “all lives matter” flub
      06/24/15 – Hillary attends private FR in NYC featuring Lady Gaga, Tony Bennett
      06/25/15 – New poll shows Bernie in dead heat with Clinton in New Hampshire
      06/26/15 – Hillary attends funeral for Clementa Pinckney with Obamas, +FR, speeches


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      1. Yep, ALL tied in Wolf, EVERYTHING in the last 5 years. ALL FF events, hell all “events and disasters” entirely. It was VERY instructive to follow the FF, and then WATCH the comments AFTER. Too convenient. Then go BACK and watch the PRE FF comments, setting the table so to speak. It all ties nicely into one big bow!

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  18. hope y’all don’t mind more….latest updates…TC 9…

    article with comprehensive discussion….

    Budding Tropical Storm Isaias Could Eye Florida



    it’s been tracking consistently westward…Florida’s in the cross-hairs…but…maybe not ?

    it could still veer east and up into Carolinas…or along west Gulf coast of Florida…

    high wind gusts and RAIN w/ this…..

    stay tuned.

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    1. hate it when that happens…images posted as leetle eensy squares..

      oh well…if you go to the article, you will see them there.

      good graphics.


          1. This is attempted murder by the Governor of Ohio on all the people of Ohio, the same as it is for the governor of any state who bans HCQ.

            HCQ is the ONE thing that everyone knows will save your life.

            Without access to HCQ, everyone who was confident that CHINA ASSHOE VIRUS was not a threat, now has their family’s lives threatened by this monster in human skin.

            If he does this thing, it would be better for him to get run over by a train, with little pieces of him left on eery railroad tie for a hundred miles.

            His family can hide in their basement during the funeral, as this wicked, vicious, hateful old man has caused to happen to so many others who have lost family members during this political and medical fraud — the largest and most deadly fraud in human history.

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  19. I no longer believe ANY state or agency Chinese Communist Coronavirus death or case numbers !!!

    This is – and always has been – POLITICAL – NOT CLINICAL!!!


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