7.27.20 News Roundup! Enthusiasm Will Decide the November 3rd Election, Coronavirus Is Going To Destroy the Democrats On November 3rd, I Choose Movie #3, A Black Trump Supporter Was Killed In Milwaukee, Austin Police Release Driver Who Killed A Protestor While Defending Himself, Inside The Numbers Podcast…..

All the BS polls they are pushing is being done for one reason. They are hoping to suppress our President’s turnout on November 3rd. They know that our President’s base can’t wait to vote for him. They saw evidence of it throughout the state primaries. Before and after Coronavirus. State after state we saw new records for the number of votes for an incumbent.

They also know that there is no enthusiasm for SleepyCreepy Joe. The fact that they have him hidden in his basement won’t allow for any type of campaigning. They won’t do many tv appearances because of the fact that his mind is slipping away.

From the article linked above:

“We really think that Biden’s enthusiasm gap could be a vulnerability,” said PACRONYM founder and CEO Tara McGowan.

Beginning in August, the group and its sister nonprofit will begin pumping millions of dollars into online ads targeting a group of roughly 1.7 million “low-information” left-leaning voters — largely women of color under 35 — spread across Michigan, Pennsylvania, Wisconsin, North Carolina, Arizona and Georgia who don’t know much about Biden and probably wouldn’t turn out to vote without a push. The strategy represents a significant shift away from a broader group of “persuadable” voters in swing states who have been the overwhelming focus of more traditional political groups.

From the article linked above:

National polls on the 2020 presidential race are meant to “suppress the enthusiasm” of President Trump’s voters, Tim Murtaugh, director of communications for the Trump reelection campaign, said Saturday in an interview a hundred days from Election Day.

“They are trying to create a narrative, and these polls are designed — this is why they are released and published — they’re designed to create headlines, and they are actively trying to suppress the enthusiasm of President Trump’s voters,” Murtaugh told Sirius XM’s Breitbart News Saturday with host Breitbart News Political Editor Matthew Boyle.

“It’s evident that these polls are only designed to do that one thing that they’re aiming for,” he said.

[…] Rather, Murtaugh said that President Trump’s primary votes this election cycle have “blasted” all previous primary votes for an incumbent seeking reelection.

“Doubled and tripled the votes that Barack Obama got, forget about the votes that George W. Bush got in his reelection. President Trump destroyed Barack Obama’s number,” he said.

He also said the national polls, as bad as they are, cannot conceal an enthusiasm gap between Trump and Biden.

“In these polls routinely, President Trump has an enthusiasm advantage of somewhere around 40 points. 40 points, 40 percent more people say that they’re voting for Trump because of Trump, versus voting for Biden because of Biden. That’s an enormous indicator, and there’s just no excitement on that side. No one thinks that Joe Biden is a good candidate,” he said.

Here is another fantastic example of when you play stupid games, you win stupid prizes.

The Democrats, MSM, Leftists, Never Trumpers etc. have and will continue to push COVID-19. They are going to look back and realize they actually destroyed themselves on November 3rd when the college vote evaporates since most colleges and universities will be doing virtual learning.

From the article linked above:

While the China virus is raising havoc (thanks in large part to dim-witted governors and mayors with American businesses), it is producing one almost entirely unanticipated side effect that neither political party has apparently grasped.

Come November, due to the absence of students in massive numbers across the country, it is entirely possible that the 18-24-year-old vote will come up short between 1 and 1.5 million Democratic voters.

No political analyst that I am aware of, let alone the major campaigns, seem even remotely aware that the Democrat Titanic is going to hit a massive iceberg called the China Virus. And ironically enough, it is not because of the actual threat to the health of the students, but because of the crazed, hysterical responses of the governors, mostly in blue states. Nevertheless, even the states that are announcing reopening of major universities are about to learn that social distancing, reduced in-person classes, and an emphasis on remote learning—all combined with tuition’s and fees that have not dropped in the slightest—are a recipe for a lot fewer bodies on campus.

[…] So, what are the political implications of this?  In a word, staggering.

In 2018, students turned out at a slightly higher rate than they had in 2016 when 40% turned out for the general election. The 18-24-year-old group turned out stronger in 2016 than in 2014 when only 19% showed up. The highest turnout increases in the 2016 election were in Pennsylvania, Massachusetts, and New York. (It should be just a tad terrifying to Democrats that Donald Trump won Pennsylvania despite a higher student turnout!)

I absolutely agree with Larry that movie #3 tells the REAL story about the November 3rd Election.

From the article linked above:

This film is based only on numbers, not “polls” or “feelings.” In this movie, Republicans have out-registered Democrats in Florida since 2016, so much so that a one-time Democrat edge in the Sunshine State of one million is now barely 200,000. The reddest of counties, like Polk, have seen huge surges, but even Gadsden, which is 56% black, has seen a higher percentage of people registering as Republicans than Democrats.

In North Carolina—another state Joe Biden would have to carry merely to win (let alone have a blowout)—since 2016 the GOP has added and/or the Democrats have lost a net of over 200,000 to their rolls. Trump won in 2016 by 170,000 votes. Now that stands to be much higher.

Ohio has a unique system that is often confusing by placing those who did not vote in the last election as “U’s” or “undecideds.” They are not “independents,” but either “lazy Democrats” or “lazy Republicans.” However, an analysis forwarded to me by a friend managed to allocate all Ohio “U’s” by their last 20 years of voting or by the voter registration of the owner of the home in which they reside. When all these “undecideds” are flushed out, Republicans have a 200,000 registration edge. Trump won Ohio by almost nine points in 2016: nothing has changed, or, if it has, it has only changed for the better toward Trump.

These kinds of numbers, examined in every state (Iowa Republicans regained the registration edge there this month), are cold and daunting for the Democrats.

I am embarrassed that I didn’t share this earlier. May God always bless Bernell Tremmell for the rest of eternity.

From the article linked above:

A Black Trump supporter who was well known for standing on street corners with “Vote Trump” signs and others with Bible verses was killed on Thursday.

Friends identified the victim as 60-year-old Bernell Tremmell.  He was killed in a daylight shooting near Bremen Street and Wright Street.

A memorial is growing for the man who friends say was kind, loving and not afraid to speak his mind.

“The guy was just full of love,” Dick Nelson said.

July gun sales are going to be through the roof!

From the article linked above:

Police have released the driver who allegedly killed an armed protester Saturday night in downtown Austin, while they investigate what led to the fatal shooting.

[…] Manley said at a news conference Sunday that the driver reported Foster pointed his weapon at them before the shooting. KVUE-TV reported that police have said Foster did not discharge his weapon, but the chief did say someone else in the crowd did return fire as the car left the scene.

The driver and the other person who shot were released from policy custody after they gave their accounts of what happened. Both of them had a license to carry a handgun, Manley said.

I am going to start sharing Richard Baris’ weekday podcast, Inside The Numbers, on the news roundup. Richard is one of the best in the business of polling. You will get tremendous insight from him.

There is a state he references that no one is talking about at the moment. A pollster that Richard references has our President up 3 points in that state.

You can skip ahead to @48:50:

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  1. Next to Richard Grennell, my next favorite person is this Dr. There’s a clip of her at the press conference in front of SCOTUS today. Very dynamic. Just the voice we needed.

    She calls out the entire Congress, Fauci, CNN, et al – “PROVE” they’re not taking HCQ. I’ve suspected they had to be since they’re so lax and cavalier in their mask wearing. Urine test will prove. Finally, we’re hearing from other vocal doctors. Don Jr. caught her video, and James Woods. That should help.

    Damm I love this Doctor! Make them all take a piss test I bet you find more than Hydroxy! #Hydroxychloroquineworks


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