7.25 & 7.26.20 News Roundup! PDJT Presents Jim Ryun With the Presidential Medal of Freedom, Remarks By PDJT On the Signing of Executive Orders On Lowering Drug Prices, Kayleigh McEnany’s Press Briefing, PDJT’s Interview With Dave Portnoy, Joe Rogan Is Leaving California, TDS and Greed Have and Will Continue To Kill Americans, No One Trying To Get Into Our Country Is Allowed To Stay, Their Monster Will Be Their Downfall, Videos Tweeted By PDJT, Picking Up the Trash Continues, The Economic Train Continues To Overcome All Obstacles, Another Couple of Jon McNaughton Masterpieces…..

On Friday our President presented Jim Ryun with the Presidential Medal of Freedom at the White House.

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Here are some shorter video clips:

On Friday our President delivered remarks and signed four Executive Orders on lowering drug prices.

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Here are some shorter video clips:

From the article linked above:

President Donald Trump signed four executive orders on Friday aimed at lowering the cost of prescription drugs, the first of which, he says, will lead to the cost of insulin dropping to “just pennies a day.”

[…] He said Americans pay on average “three times more for medicine than Canadians.

“Many people go to Canada, I see it all the time. They go to Canada to buy drugs and then they come back. Prescription drugs because they save so much money, the trip is well worth it. The Obama-Biden administration pledged to end this unfairness, allow drug importation, but they never got it done. They weren’t able to get it done. They didn’t get a lot of things done, but under my administration, we are standing up to the lobbyists and special interests and fighting back against a rigged system, rigged system,” Trump said.

On Friday White House Press Secretary Kayleigh McEnany held a press briefing.

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Here are some shorter video clips:

This was an absolutely fantastic interview with our President and Dave Portnoy “AKA Barstool Sports”.

Dave Portnoy was very respectful of our President and found a way to ask substantive questions without any fraudulent premises or sneering tones.

The last few minutes with Dave’s dad on the phone are a gem and illustrate the President’s ease and genuine warm nature around anyone and everyone who isn’t trying to attack him.

Another perfect example of when you play stupid games, you win stupid prizes. California is all in on shutting down every aspect of life due to the Coronavirus.

What Joe Rogan doesn’t state but was absolutely part of his decision is the fact that California has one of the highest state taxes. Joe Rogan just signed a $100 million dollar deal with Spotify for his podcast.

He decided to move to a tax free state that allows you to enjoy your money and your freedoms. Texas will be happy to have him.

From the article linked above:

Joe Rogan, host of one of the most popular podcasts on the planet, said that he decided to move from Los Angeles, California, to Texas because he wanted “a little bit more freedom.”

[…] “I’m outta here,” said Rogan when De Sana asked him about moving. “I’m gonna go to Texas.”

“I just want to go somewhere in the center of the country, somewhere it’s easier to travel to both places, and somewhere where you have a little bit more freedom,” he explained.

“Also I think that um, where we live right here in Los Angeles is overcrowded. And I think, most of the time that’s not a problem. But I think it’s exposing the fact that it’s a real issue, when you look at the number of people that uh, are catching COVID because of this overpopulation issue,” Rogan continued.

Thousands of Americans have died and will continue to die because of TDS and financial greed.

From the article linked above:

As professor of epidemiology at Yale School of Public Health, I have authored over 300 peer-reviewed publications and currently hold senior positions on the editorial boards of several leading journals. I am usually accustomed to advocating for positions within the mainstream of medicine, so have been flummoxed to find that, in the midst of a crisis, I am fighting for a treatment that the data fully support but which, for reasons having nothing to do with a correct understanding of the science, has been pushed to the sidelines. As a result, tens of thousands of patients with COVID-19 are dying unnecessarily. Fortunately, the situation can be reversed easily and quickly.

I am referring, of course, to the medication hydroxychloroquine. When this inexpensive oral medication is given very early in the course of illness, before the virus has had time to multiply beyond control, it has shown to be highly effective, especially when given in combination with the antibiotics azithromycin or doxycycline and the nutritional supplement zinc.

[…] In the future, I believe this misbegotten episode regarding hydroxychloroquine will be studied by sociologists of medicine as a classic example of how extra-scientific factors overrode clear-cut medical evidence. But for now, reality demands a clear, scientific eye on the evidence and where it points. For the sake of high-risk patients, for the sake of our parents and grandparents, for the sake of the unemployed, for our economy and for our polity, especially those disproportionally affected, we must start treating immediately.

Look who is COVID free:

I LOVE the fact that anyone trying to get into our country are immediately getting sent back home.

From the article linked above:

More than 88,000 immigrants trying to enter the U.S. illegally have been turned back since a Centers for Disease Control (CDC) emergency health order in response to the coronavirus crisis that allows for illegal immigrants and asylum seekers to be quickly removed from the U.S.

According to DHS data obtained by Fox News, border officials have prevented more than 88,100 individuals attempting to enter the U.S. illegally as of mid-June, and have been quickly turning them back normally within just a few hours, often without them even entering the country.

The administration announced in March that the CDC had directed DHS to “suspend the introduction of all individuals without proper documentation” into the U.S. from both the northern and southern borders in response to the spread of the deadly virus.

Under those authorities, known as “Title 42,” Border Patrol estimates that the average time from encountering a migrant in the field to expelling them from the country is just two hours, compared with the days or weeks it could normally take to process, detain and remove an illegal immigrant. Those authorities have been credited with keeping detention centers, which a year ago were packed amid an ongoing border crisis, relatively empty.

The monster they unleashed is going to destroy the Democrats, MSM, Leftists, Never Trumpers etc. They can’t control it. All they can do is hope and pray to Lucifer that it doesn’t destroy them on Election Day. Problem for them is that is exactly what is going to happen!

From the article linked above:

Many people in the United States who have been passively watching violent protests in cities and relentless attacks on the country and its founders are showing signs of pushing back.

[…] Sen. Mike Braun, an Indiana Republican, sees the same thing happening, and he thinks it highlights the difference between President Trump’s law and order stand and Democrat Joe Biden’s encouragement of protests.

[…] “Americans should be concerned about the relentless attempts to divide our country. There will always be people who wish our country ill, but the vast majority of Americans don’t buy what they’re selling,” James told us.

“As an optimist, I think the extremists have actually provided us an opportunity. They have shown us what their ultimate version of America would look like, and it’s downright frightening. Americans of all stripes should reject their agendas and instead unite around the principles that made this country exceptional: freedom, opportunity, prosperity, and a strong civil society. Now is a time we need to be building a generation of solutionists who believe in the good of America and seize this moment to lead, encouraging people to step up and advance ideas that will make life better for all Americans. Division does not have to be our destiny,” she added.

Jesse Waters’ and Judge Jeanine are absolutely right!

Americans are also seeing that the garbage is continuing to be picked up at the federal level.

From the article linked above:

The U.S. Justice Department on Friday said it has arrested 18 people and charged them for alleged crimes committed during recent anti-racism protests in Portland.

[…] Billy Williams, the Portland United States Attorney, said that five people were charged for allegedly committing crimes including assaulting a federal officer, trespassing and creating a disturbance during protests on the night of July 20-21.

Prosecutors said that seven people have been charged in connection with criminal conduct during a July 21-22 night protest. Another six were charged for their alleged actions in protests during the night of July 22-23.

We have one monster trying to outdo the other monster on the West Coast.

I LOVE it! LA anarchists want in on the action.

More evidence that the Economic Train isn’t going to allow the Democrats, MSM, Leftists, Never Trumpers, Coronavirus etc. stop her from getting our President re-elected.

Americans aren’t making this type of investment if they didn’t think their financial future is secure. PDJT built a great economy prior to COVID. These Americans are expecting it to come back.

From the article linked above:

The U.S. Census Bureau and the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD) jointly reported the new residential sales statistics for May 2020. New home sales soared 13.8% (±17.8%) to a seasonally adjusted annual rate of 776,000 in June, easily beating the consensus forecast.

Forecasts ranged from a low of 645,000 to a high of 720,000. The consensus forecast was 700,000.

Another two incredible paintings by Jon McNaughton:

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    7.25 & 7.26.20 NEWS ROUNDUP!

    You are the News Now!

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    +twatter RT https://twitter.com/Baba9773/status/1287238473045495809

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    1. This is why the Antifa mobs have been wearing masks…wearing masks long before this current plannedemic mask mania.

      It’s because they don’t want to reveal Who they are!

      Here’s that full image, since it was cut off in the tweet:

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      1. what a delightful bunch of wholesome, happy, well-adjusted and lovely, inspiring people !

        and…yes…I can see why they would want to wear masks.

        always send your best !

        communists rock !

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        1. People rarely smile and look presentable for mug shots.

          That being said, I can’t imagine about half of the females ever looking above average. (I won’t attempt to judge the males.)

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    2. Lower left looks to be working on a Salafist beard…

      Hope the lot of them get fired from their jobs, and spend 10 years in the pen.

      ENOUGH ALREADY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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      1. And I do not think they should be arrested and jailed locally where Soros-financed people are there to bail them out. Put them in transportation and immediately processed in another, undisclosed location and let them sweat it out. Let them stew in their own misery and contemplate what the consequences of their actions will be for the rest of their lives and wonder if it was worth it.

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        1. On Dr Rich Swier’s blog
          September 16, 2018 Martial Law and Military Tribunals Trump Takes on the Deep State by John Michael Chambers

          It is a compilation with links.

          Congress DECLARED AS WAR ON TERROR. This included ‘Homegrown’ terrorists.

          ANTIFA can be tried in a military tribunal or in a federal court. Indefinite detention is legal under the Patriot Act.

          President Donald Trump tweeted at the end of may that the U.S. government would be “designating ANTIFA as a Terrorist Organization.” We already know it is an international organization AND President Trump makes these announcements when they are a done deal or about to be done ASAP.

          Politico: Trump says he’s naming antifa a ‘Terrorist Organization.’ Can he do that?

          There were just two problems with that. First, he doesn’t appear to have the legal authority to do so. And second, it’s not clear that the loosely defined group of radical activists is an organization at all….

          Under current law, the State Department can designate foreign organizations as terrorist groups. But the U.S. has no domestic terrorism statute…

          We already know ANTIFA IS ORGANIZED

          “…My Brother Brian Cates @drawandstrike has pointed out they are TRAINED to work in Teams to isolate, blind & savage people. Now they’re toting Rifles….” — @CatesDuane

          I am not sure if it was Brian, his brother or Carlos Osweda who described the ANTIFA set-up. The have a 1st Lt. in charge of a team. Bicycle runners, electronic communication & hand signals used by the ‘major’ to coordinate teams. They use several well thought out methods such as using an umbrella to hide what the person doing the set-up is doing. They have ‘Cannon Fodder’ who open up to let a trained attacker through to damage people/ places and then to swarm him to hide who he is.


          We KNOW there is foreign influence:

          Jennifer Zeng 曾錚
          Rioters outside #WhiteHouse. Man says in Mandarin Chinese, “Go, go, hurry up, leave quickly!”

          @SecPompeo investigate, you need to investigate what kind of a role #CCP is playing in this when #US and world want to hold CCP responsible for #CCPVirus #pandemic.

          We also know that ANTIFA started in Europe AND have ALSO been actively rioting in other countries.

          On top of that the riots have been going on for 55 days WITH FREE FOOD AND DRINK… That takes MONEY.

          So there goes point two.

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          1. Sabotage the food or drink. A dose of botulism would slow them down and it isn’t as if they aren’t already shitting in the streets


        2. Why not send/sneak them into … COMMUNIST CHY-NAH … so they can experience real communism … you know, be “authentic” … here they’re just miserable godless wannabe’s … so they are obviously being underserved in the USA … am I right or am I right ❓❓🤨🤚‼️😜👍

          You really can’t be what you don’t know … BWAHAHAHAHAHAH … 😈👍

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          1. That would never work on them, because they believe all those dictatorial asshoe states are doing communism wrong, but they themselves will be able to do it right. They can’t see that some of the very things they want to do are repressive by their nature.

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            1. Giggle/snort 💦 … 🤫 … that’s the beauty of it … 😬👍 … fer shure the “original” authentic Chinese Communism will rot their socks off … bwahahahahahah bwahahahahahah …. they don’t got a clue .. 😂🤚 …. the miserable panty-waists would go into a atomic meltdown hissy fit under old school traditional communism rule, it’d be a real beauy to behold .. ahhhh I can see it now …. now The Who loves the smell of napalm in the morning … ? .. ha ha ..

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              1. I still remember arguing with socialists/communists, who would maintain that either the Scandinavian countries did it right, or Yugoslavia did, and I ought not to look at the Warsaw Pact and/or China to see what they were advocating.

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              2. Kind of like the three stooges .. “ Look at the grouse” before they run away. They’re opinions/indoctrination is without merit 😑. Mean, mean pantywaist beings. 😡

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    3. evidence that their refusal to go back to school has less to do with the dangers of being around an unsafe environment and more to do with their being paid to work 2 jobs…one where they DON’T have to show up and one where they can cause destruction.

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    4. This is incredibly upsetting…look at them! Mostly white, in their 30’s, some women (!) …. I would love to hear their reasons for wanting to destroy America and still be in the education field.
      It’s just incomprehensible to me…and this is when I feel old.

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      1. marginalized and unfit sociopath misfits.

        morally, spiritually bankrupt.

        angry and spiteful.

        unloved and unloving.

        the communist party is the only solidarity they can find.

        misery loves company .

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      2. Indoctrination, infiltration … enemies of the USA, traitors, seditious .. sh*theads … 😃👍‼️

        Deport them to CHY-NAH 🇨🇳 … and watch the pampered entitled white folk … adjust … 🤣🤚‼️

        … bwahahahahahah bwahahahahahah … 😂🤨‼️

        …. ain’t nothing like the real thing .. baby … bwahahahahahah

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      3. Teagan those teachers are the spoiled brats who were over indulged and never were exposed to the idea of gratefulness.
        I am wondering how many are children of illegals or immigrants?
        We had such fast and great amount of influx the last 50 years of illegals and humanitarian legals into the country.
        Many had no chance of assimilating into our coulter. Maybe they brought their cultural norm with them.
        When I came many German immigrants were married to military husbands and had love for country.

        Many years ago in St Louise did came across a Palestinian who spoke very ill of this country while studying to become a citizen. His wife an engineer worked in the defense industry. I was so irate that I wanted to call the FBI but my husband saved me from myself . I
        sensed a danger from that person towards this country 🙂
        I see immigrants legal or not as ungrateful if they do not celebrate our cultural values. Ungratefulness is a spiritual abomination .

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        1. I “inherited” a Secretary when I accepted a job…an arrogant woman from Europe that never had a good thing to say about America, while enjoying all the benefits of living here. But, everyone was afraid of her…and my first “task” in my new position was to fire her! LOL

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    5. This is why Americas schools are closed, they need all hands on deck and these teachers, professors, school administrators are the most aggressive ones their students just follow their lead…
      George Soros, obama and clinton own this shit….
      Time to start shooting these sumbitches or atleast water board em to get answers on video as to who pays them, organizes them and houses them….
      President Trump better do something real soon or were gonna have to shed some American blood to take our country back and I am all for the last option…

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    1. We went to the Guana National Reserve near Ponte Vedra. We left at 4:15 AM. The bait shop lied about when they were opened. We didn’t get to the lake until 6:15 AM. Chinese guy shows me a cooler full of reds, black drums, flounders and some spotted trout. He got there exactly when the park opens at 4:00 AM. He used live bait. The bait shop didn’t have live bait. I had to buy frozen shrimp. We fished right by the dam. Fish were jumping around. At 7:00 AM everyone there left. I caught a 15 inch spotted trout at 8:00 AM. We caught a bunch of small spotted fish and crookers. We threw them back. We left at 10:45 AM with the one fish.

      We learned a big lesson. Buy the live bait the night before and be there at 4:00 AM when it opens. That is when they also open the dam.

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      1. It may have been disappointing on the hassle factor, but a 15″ trout can put some healthy protein in the family.

        The biggest question from us, here, of course is — did you have as good a time as we think you deserve? [Mind you, we think you deserve a lot!]

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      2. I had another water dream tonight. I was wading upstream with a friend in a small creek where the fish were trying to hide in the grass on the bank as we approached them. One of them that i spotted was a fat brook trout about 18-20 inches in length. I grabbed it after pulling away the grass.

        I held it up to look at its bright colors, but it turned into a lake trout (duller colors) before my eyes. Very strange. Lake trout are not to be found in a small creek. They are a fish that normally stay in lakes.

        A brook trout:

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      3. Buy a bait net and you will never have to buy bait again. A small 6ft round cast net is perfect for a beginner. I wish I could come back to Florida and take you fishin with me Flep I could rock your world…
        Super flukes in watermellon color are excellent if you want to use artificial as well as a bleeding shad/ chrome rattle trap….
        North, South, East, West Florida there is not a place I haven’t fished lol.
        Your News Roundups are the best Flep…

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      1. Yes…I was wondering if that was Ulysses S. Grant or Robert E. Lee…

        But I think you’re right, that’s Robert E. Lee.
        Which may get some people hating on Jon McNaughton for that.

        Hope not…but there are a lot of ignorant people these days.

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        1. It’s a DIRECT HIT at the historically ignorant, as well as the statue-toppling young fools. Robert E. Lee was ADMIRED by the Union. A man of HONOR. Yes, a foreign concept to communists, but a needed lesson.

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            1. As would Lincoln, had he not got shot.

              I visited Gettysburg a few years back, paid for a guide, and they are generally professional historians. I heard the story of the big reunion a few decades later, where vets from one side would push the wheelchairs of vets from the other (instead of using language like “Johnny Reb” or “Damnyankee”); that can be considered the time when the reconciliation was solid.

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        1. I’m sure you are correct …i was thinking more of current use, not post-Presidential “official” one.
          Wonder what kind of foliage DJT will select? 😝

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  2. Flep – you need to check out this lady – a massive debunker of COVID lies!!!

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    1. I was discussing this with our “family retainer” today. When you’ve used the same handyman for 25+ years, that’s sort of how it goes.

      Anyway, we were working out our mask protocols du jour, and he was talking about working last Sunday on a mountain clearing brush, where everything was infested with bees. He was stung several times.

      He has had a couple of close relations die recently, and their deaths were attributed to COVID-19. I noted that a Florida death by motorcycle accident was also attributed to COVID-19. I also noted that everything we get on television is lies and s**t, so it’s difficult to tell exactly what is going on.

      I also told him how angry I was that Cuomo was a mass-murderer, guilty of 20,000 extra deaths from shoving diseased individuals into old folks’ homes.

      Roberto isn’t going to start saying that I’m an idiot and an a**hole, because he knows which side of his bread is buttered. But he also know I keep coming up with stuff for him to build that is not totally stupid. When I do a “position piece”, I suspect it gets pondered.

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    2. Yes, identical problem here, it showed in how our local newspaper was reporting the deaths. Today’s paper had this headline:

      “Va beach, Chesapeake, Portsmouth set single-day high for COVID-19 deaths”

      But when you read the very first paragraph the Virginia Dept of Health is quoted as saying:

      “The rapid increase in cases in Virginia Beach led to a delay in the data being entered into the state case reporting system. The number is increased due to data entry, not a one day spike.”

      So the reporting is deliberately distorted because most people read headlines only. Health Department doesn’t do much to correct this nonsense either.

      I sent an email to the guy who wrote the article pointing out the newspaper’s deliberate and misleading headlines and reporting. I also pointed out how the word “cases” isn’t the whole story. They’re not reporting to the public the “positives” vs real cases – symptoms – mile or otherwise, or hospitalizations. Buried in the article is the fact that “20%” of our available ventilators are in use. So, it’s clear we have a low number of people on ventilators, but note that there isn’t any information telling us the number/percentage of those ventilators in use are by COVID patients.

      The distortions and outright false reporting is criminal. The management of this virus is criminal.

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        1. I just saw a distorted tweet by the NYT – doing the same garbage. Pointing out some huge number of “cases” – but it’s a lie. These are simply positive tests – most are positive tests, no symptoms. Hubby’s work folks have had several people who got tested due to “exposure” from various folks who also had positive, , some have had positive results – no illness.

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  3. “Just as meaningful”…?? canned crowds ???

    FOX Sports and…. VIRTUAL FANS ??

    cardboard cut-outs ?? digital fans ?? WTF ?? is this the Twilight Zone ??


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    1. Yep…creepy.

      Actually, it’s worse than creepy — it’s surreal!

      They’re even going to play ‘canned cheering’ and ‘crowd noise’.

      Fox Sports twisted off and bought the rights to broadcast a lot of games.
      So they are desperate to get people to watch.

      The only ones I have any sympathy for, are the players who are Not Kneeling.
      And the ones who are Not putting political slogans on their uniforms.
      Those guys are getting a raw deal.

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    2. Fill the stadiums with Nintendo Mi’s …

      Actually, probably more fun just to play the Nintendo Wii Baseball, Bowling, etc. At least it would be an honest game, with opponents you can create and define, and no kneeling expected or required 😀

      Time to rebuild MLB, the NFL, the NBA, NASCAR, and all the other soy-toy snowflake wussy dorknot leagues.

      Bring back the AFL (Pride and Poise, A Committment to Excellence, hey Steve 🙂 ), the ABA, and create their equivalents in other sports…

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    3. They started doing these “cut out fans” in Japan a few months ago..and somehow that’s what you might expect in Japan. But, it’s rather silly here!! Can you say Grade School?

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  4. Tropics…next thing to watch… Inv 92 L

    NOAA’s giving this a 90% chance of development within next 5 days as it heads west at 15 mph….expected to develop into a TD early next week…

    hoping the thing will make a sharp bend away from Florida/mainland….but could also be a threat to Atlantic coast areas…

    latest GFS track…

    Intensity Guide (fluid)..

    yep…tension’s gonna mount with this thing…next letter = I…sounds like eye .


    no wanty, no likey.

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              1. Comments on the YouTube, in particular the various permutations (Yoda-ish, etc.) on “Take The Cannoli” are hilarious…

                [Can’t get that tune out of my head now….] [at least it’s not “Kung Fu Fighting” or “That’s The Way I Like It”…]….

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    1. wow wow WOW

      excellent !

      nobody could say it better….really tellin it like it is…Bravo ! Bravo !

      the Left are such pathetic chumps and disgusting whining losers….I can not believe they are getting with all this crap.


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    1. Just goes to show that AntiFa, the DEMONicRATS, BLM, and the other “movements” are from Satan, straight from the pit of HELL…

      Screwtape must be proud. I’m sure he is proud of Merde-Kuh and her minions… she’s even funding them…
      (behind the scenes; Die Linke and the SPD are more open about it)…

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    2. When I see these ungrateful spiritual void little (…) I question if there even is covid virus? How come it does not shake them out of their boots because I see many who are older among them. These people are the spreaders so we are unable to open the country. They are committing violence against humanity.
      Where are our health experts Fauci and scarf lady our whole health team? Why are they not out there and are silent? Where are our representatives to speak out ?

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    3. BIG sad face. So hard for the families. I so hope these people dying alone aren’t aware that they’re alone. Of course, if they know Christ our Saviour, they are not alone. But…..

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      1. Here’s hoping and praying that, like the thief on the cross next to Jesus, that GOD gives them a chance to reflect, repent, and accept Salvation…

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  5. Dear Carl ~ My mother’s church is still closed and her minister (female Episcopal that’s all I will say….) is taking a break from ummmm taking a break. No zooms, videos, emails. Nothing. So I sent her your post and she responded….

    “This is perfect for our present times. I had been thinking ‘Oh no, another day of confinement’ Now I will change the 2nd syllable and will be content.” Thank you for the inspiration 🙂

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  6. glad you had a good time fishing…even if you didn’t catch a lot…
    I am so impressed that our POTUS does not lose focus…riots, cheating, spying, trying to destroy our sovereign country…all the dems are doing leading up to the election and still he is laser focused on what’s best for the American people. still doing the job–still trying to make life better for all of us–even the malcontents.

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  7. That’s a threat. 👇

    I can’t believe that ‘The Atlantic’ came right out and made a threat like that!


    The Atlantic

    If Trump wins a second term—especially if his victory relies on a rural surge to overcome opposition across the big metros—the chaos in Portland might look like the preliminary skirmish for an even more incendiary collision to come, @RonBrownstein writes.

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    1. The Algerian Strategy.

      We will make life chaotic and miserable if you do not allow us to become your slave masters.

      I am not too worried. If Tomas Wictor, Rex, Brian & Brant Cates are correct President Trump’s team is busy IDing the leaders and tracing the funding.

      Wipe out the leadership and $$$ and it all goes away.

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    1. They NEED a Kent State aka Martyrs and POTUS and the Patriots are not willing to give them any.

      (One of Q’s jobs was to keep the patriots from walking into that trap.)

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  8. This twitter is a beaut:
    *Indefinite detention

    Simone Del Rosario ( correspondent at Q13 News. Seattle)
    This nurse in scrubs gets blasted by spray while trying to grab someone away from police. Her “day job” is RN at Seattle Cancer Care Alliance. She told me helping people is her calling and that’s why she’s here. And yes, her skin burns all over.

    She did succeed in ‘Freeing’ the guy being arrested.

    The comments are interesting in their COMPLETE IGNORING of FACTS and TRUTH. (I wonder how many of the commenters are PAID?)

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      1. You’d think with the education she has there might be a crumb of COMMON SENSE buried deep in her soul .. 😖🤚‼️ … however, unfortunately the evil INDOCTRINATION she allowed into her mind and soul renders her (currently) totally useless, her skill-set is compromised by her indoctrination …. it’s a bloody ignorant life rolling out for her and her COMRADES … 😑🤚‼️

        … sigh .. 😣 …

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          1. I have a bit of follow up (laws broken) on Felice’s thread.

            That nurse, that was so nicely DOXED by the idiot reporter could be facing up to 3 years in FEDERAL Prison esp since she was wearing goggles showing INTENT.

            She No innocent ‘HERO’

            They are probably hoping her ‘Heroism’ will save her but I really doubt it. At this point she will be ‘WATCHED’ and intel gathered.

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            1. Good … a traitor by any other name is still a butthead traitor … get them out of the ..
              USA 🇺🇸 … ASAP ..

              Load them up in jumbo transports .. and air drop them into chynah .. their hero’s country .. spit 💦💦🤬🤚‼️

              … parachute’s “optional” 😶🤚❤️🇺🇸‼️

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  9. OH, and just in case you are wondering about the ‘Cannon Fodder’ the ‘professionals use’ to act as cover or to recover from attempted arrest….

    Think the young kids they are enlisting

    18 U.S. Code § 521.Criminal street gangs

    (a)Definitions.—“conviction” includes a finding, under State or Federal law, that a person has committed an act of juvenile delinquency involving a violent or controlled substances felony.

    “criminal street gang” means an ongoing group, club, organization, or association of 5 or more persons—
    (A)that has as 1 of its primary purposes the commission of 1 or more of the criminal offenses described in subsection (c);

    (B)the members of which engage, or have engaged within the past 5 years, in a continuing series of offenses described in subsection (c); and

    (C)the activities of which affect interstate or foreign commerce….

    The sentence of a person convicted of an offense described in subsection (c) shall be increased by up to 10 years if the offense is committed under the circumstances described in subsection (d).

    (c)Offenses.—The offenses described in this section are—

    (2)a Federal felony crime of violence that has as an element the use or attempted use of physical force against the person of another….

    (4)a conspiracy to commit an offense described in paragraph (1), (2), or (3).

    (d)Circumstances.—The circumstances described in this section are that the offense described in subsection (c) was committed by a person who—

    (1)participates in a criminal street gang with knowledge that its members engage in or have engaged in a continuing series of offenses described in subsection (c);

    (2)intends to promote or further the felonious activities of the criminal street gang or maintain or increase his or her position in the gang; and
    (3)has been convicted within the past 5 years for—
    (A)an offense described in subsection (c)….

    (ii)that is a felony crime of violence that has as an element the use or attempted use of physical force against the person of another;

    (C)any Federal or State felony offense that by its nature involves a substantial risk that physical force against the person of another may be used in the course of committing the offense; or

    (D)a conspiracy to commit an offense described in subparagraph (A), (B), or (C)….

    There are a lot more ‘gang’ related laws:

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    Per 1140WRVA and

    So, last night in RICHMOND, Virginia, HUNDREDS of “protesters” converged on the downtown area before 11PM, concentrating on the VCU / Medical College of Virginia main campus, VCU Hospital, and Richmond Police Department central buildings.
    The rioters proceeded to set fires, smash windows of campus buildings, and other incidents of mayhem.
    The “protest march” was declared to be an Unlawful Assembly at 11PM. A few minutes later, since the “protesters” weren’t leaving, the Richmond PD and Virginia State Troopers moved in, let loose tear gas, and dispersed the rioters. Several arrests were made.
    According to 1140WRVA news reports, MOST of the thugs were WHITE and “well-organized.”
    The PAID thugs were using the SAME TYPE OF LASERS and FIRECRACKERS that are being used in Portland and Seattle.

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    1. Sometimes I think that Satan Soros should be heated up by lasers until he glows… make him into a crispy critter…

      Because that’s what he’ll be eventually. Unless he learns, and turns…

      [Old science fair experiment: apply high voltage (and amperage) to a hot dog, or a pickle, until it glows and goes up in flames…..]…

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  11. This 9.5 minute video – COVID 911 INSURGENCY by Joe M – laying out the whole leftist 2020 strategy from the impeachment hoax to Covid-19 – is making its way across the USA – even reached the folks at the retirement center deep in rural FL where my family lives!!!

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  12. WELL, looky here:
    700WLW, 7PM Eastern news report:

    DR. DEBORAH BIRKS (yes, “Scarf Lady”) was in Kentucky this weekend, to talk with Gov. “I Want to Have a Cabinet Job in a Biden White House) ANDY BESHEAR about the “huge surge” of CCP Virus cases in the state.

    DR. BIRKS made a statement that I heard on this news report about how the WHITE HOUSE is now recommending that “certain states” having a large increase of positive cases GO BACK TO REDUCING the amount of people “allowed” at a gathering, as per several months ago; requiring masks to be worn IN ALL PUBLIC PLACES; keeping the 6-ft social distance in place; and “other actions”.
    Beshear is expected to announce in a day or so, the “new” restrictions that he’ll impose on the people of Kentucky.

    SO, it appears that Dr. Birks has taken the place of the sidelined DR. FAUCI as the “CCP VIRUS ORACLE” at the White House?

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    1. I don’t know about the people shift, but this is consistent with the big plan for reopening America…you move on to the next phase only after you’ve been in the prior phase for two weeks and had cases decline during those two weeks. If they climb steadily, you go back to the previous phase.


  13. Looks like the protestors keep shooting each other, The Black Militia, CHOP and can’t wonder what might be next…

    Car Drives Through Mob of Protesters on Colorado Highway, Protester Shoots Fellow Protesters While Trying to Shoot Driver (VIDEO) https://www.thegatewaypundit.com/2020/07/car-drives-mob-protesters-colorado-highway-protester-shoots-fellow-protesters-trying-shoot-driver/?utm_source=Twitter&utm_medium=PostTopSharingButtons&utm_campaign=websitesharingbuttons via @gatewaypundit


  14. Mike Ditka — ‘If you can’t respect our National Anthem, then get the hell out of the country’…

    Posted by Kane on July 26, 2020 6:11 pm


    “If you can’t respect our national anthem, get the hell out of the country,” he said. “That’s the way I feel. Of course, I’m old fashioned, so I’m only going to say what I feel.”

    “You don’t protest against the flag, and you don’t protest against this country who’s given you the opportunities to make a living playing a sport that you never thought would happen. So I don’t want to hear all the crap.”

    Ditka recently became the owner and chairman of the X League, a woman’s tackle football league. Per Cam Ellis of NBC Sports, he said: “Now from an ownership and executive perspective, I want to provide women a high-profile platform to compete against the greatest female athletes in the world while creating a destination league for millions of girls to aspire to play in.”


  15. 1,014,808 views|Jul 25, 2020,06:18am EDT

    Will Garmin Pay $10 Million Ransom To End Two-Day Outage?

    Barry Collins Contributor


    Garmin is reportedly being asked to pay a $10 million ransom to free its systems from a cyberattack that has taken down many of its services for two days.

    The navigation company was hit by a ransomware attack on Thursday, leaving customers unable to log fitness sessions in Garmin apps and pilots unable to download flight plans for aircraft navigation systems, among other problems. The company’s communication systems have also been taken offline, leaving it unable to respond to disgruntled customers.

    Garmin employees have told BleepingComputer that the company was struck down by the WastedLocker ransomware. Screenshots sent to BleepingComputer show long lists of the company’s files encrypted by the malware, with a ransom note attached to each file.

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