Dear KMAG: 20200717 Open Topic / Medical Socialism Means Censorship / Euthanasia to Eugenics to Eugenocide / The Logical Triviality of X Matters / Happy Birthday, Gil’s Kiddo!

This QTH of JULY FRIDAY open thread is OPENVERY OPEN – a place for everybody to post whatever they feel they would like to tell the White Hats, and the rest of the MAGA / KAG! / KMAG world (KMAG being a bit of both MAGA and KAG!).

Note which video from last week is NOW GONE.

If you recall, this was Dr. Kelly Victory’s video about COVID-19. More on the story below.

You can say what you want, comment on what other people said, and so on.

Free Speech is practiced here. ENJOY IT. Use it or lose it.

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Our movement

Is about replacing

A failed


Political establishment

With a new government controlled

By you, the American People.

Candidate Donald J. Trump

Also remember Wheatie’s Rules:

  1. No food fights.
  2. No running with scissors.
  3. If you bring snacks, bring enough for everyone.

YouTube will protect you from coronavirus misinformation, as determined by WHO [CHINA].

Medical Socialism Means Censorship

Medical socialism MUST censor what it does not want you to hear.

Remember Dr. Kelly Victory’s YouTube video from just last Friday? Here it is now:

And here it is, re-posted by somebody, and removed AGAIN:

Well, somebody named “Sam Q Public” did the public service of re-posting it ONE MOAR TIME, and here it is (for now):

Susan Wocommie, familial Menshevik, is relentless, but WE ARE MOAR RELENTLESS.

And if you want to find Dr. Kelly on YouTube, well, here she is.

That one is from HER ACCOUNT, which you are free to FOLLOW.


Euthanasia to Eugenics to Eugenocide

Where does Stalinist medical socialism lead? Where does it WANT to go?

It is my contention that medical socialism leads to CONTROL OF HUMANITY at a biological level. It will control who lives and who dies, and who (that lives) gets which organs of who (that dies).

Now, I’m not the biggest watcher of eugenics around, but certain things TRIGGER me into action, and Melinda Gates going “blacks first” on coronavirus vaccines was one of those things. To me, it was a SLIP – a careless “tell” that gave up the game.

Bill is much slicker. He is NEVER not in 100% cover-up mode. Melinda – well, shes’s simply not as good of a LIAR. So – as you can tell – I do NOT trust her motivation here.

So let’s talk about “emergency” coronavirus vaccines, but not too loudly, lest people in the media engage in their role of suppressing some thoughts, instilling others, and basically controlling what we think.

I was BORN just a FEW YEARS – a child’s lifetime – a few gray hairs – after somebody tried to *LITERALLY* wipe Jews off the face of the Earth. AND MORE. Black people were way up there on Hitler’s list. Trust me – if Hitler would have won, sterilization vaccines – NOW WORKING – is how he would have gotten rid of Africans, and made Africa a “white utopia”.

Do you believe me? That Hitler would have used modern science for genocide? Of course he would have.

And it’s not a one-time deal. GENOCIDE dressed up as EUGENICS dressed up as PUBLIC HEALTH is bound to happen again. It’s TOO EASY. People are TOO TRUSTING.

My mother, who SAW IT, told me all about it. And my father filled in the technical details.

Hitler’s eugenics movement had ONE GROUP of higher priority for “improving humanity” than Jews and communists, and almost NOBODY stood up for them – the disabled, the retarded, the infirm, and the bedridden. Yeah, I said “RETARD” – so you would REMEMBER. They change the LANGUAGE so you will FORGET HISTORY.

The “medical socialism” of Nazi Germany – their “death panels” – encountered little opposition to the elimination of those deemed “medically unfit”, so that is where it started.

Hitler and his bunch of psychopathic “national” socialists WARMED UP German society to genocide with the easy pickin’s.

That’s not much different from nursing homes, is it? First they keep you out – THEN they kill them.

MANY people get this – the anti-abortion people – the anti-euthanasia people – and many black people who are labeled “conspiracy theorists” – even the execrable Farrakhan. Not enough Jews get this nowadays, but they used to. When ELIMINATION OF JEWS was a recent historical FACT, Jews actually believed that re-creating the conditions needed to pull it off again might be a bad thing.

I am going to be very blunt, because I understand the science, but most people do not.

I am less disturbed by Iranian nukes, which CANNOT KILL ALL JEWS, than I am by American socialists, and beyond them the global socialists, who seem absolutely determined to GIVE the power to accomplish genocide “medically” to the STATE.


99% of the POWER of genocide is SECRECY – just like it was in Hitler’s Germany.

I repeat, for the benefit of EVERYBODY on our side.

99% of the POWER of genocide is SECRECY.

Well, what SECRET do we have HERE?

Is ANY GROUP understanding the danger here? A lot of blacks do. Thank GOD for that. Even the HORRIBLE FARRAKHAN has his saving grace, of realizing that “eugenocide” of blacks is something a LOT of people would NOT risk their LIVES to fight.

I’ll just say it right here. If you’re not watching out for the genocide of OTHERS, you’re not going to be there for genocide against YOU.

The Nazis used a SLICK combination of two things:

(1) OPENLY making the public moderately comfortable with genocide, by selling EUGENOCIDE – the allegedly morally, ethically, and socially acceptable elimination of some group – such as those who exist only by the charity of others, and who are often in some discomfort or pain, and who have a “low quality of life” by the standards of others.

(2) SECRETLY enacting REAL genocide, using bureaucracy as both a COVER and an enabler.

Once every individual is “speech-separated” from every other individual in a socialist society, people are AFRAID TO DISCUSS delicate topics, like “what is Hitler really doing with the Jews?

Under those circumstances, everybody is IN FEAR OF THE STATE. People do NOT talk about what might get THEMSELVES – as an individual – in trouble.


We cannot allow this SILENCING to happen in America. If we do, then GENOCIDE – starting off with EUGENOCIDE – is not far behind.

Eugenocide will not look like this:

Nor will it look like this (from Cloud Atlas):

It will look like this:

Now this picture is actually very innocent. There is a FAKE NEWS item that says this is Obama, Fauci, and Melinda Gates in the Wuhan lab.


It is at NIH, during the Ebola crisis. AND there are very similar pictures of TRUMP and Fauci at NIH, during the COVID-19 epidemic.

Both are innocent. AND THAT IS MY POINT.

What follows MAY be innocent, too. But nevertheless, based on exactly how Hitler DECEIVED Jews with a “nice story” about where they were ALL going, EUGENOCIDE will look more like this:

I ain’t sayin’ Melinda Gates wants to kill Blacks and Injuns. But I’m saying – very clearly – that when somebody DOES try to kill Blacks and Injuns, it’s gonna look JUST LIKE THAT – if not even more charitable. It will be NICE, and it will be RACIALLY, RELIGIOUSLY, or otherwise SELECTIVE based on a potentially EUGENIC division.

I’ll explain how it would be done in another post. When you realize how easy it is – RIGHT NOW – to carry out secret genocide, and LOOK like you’re doing the opposite – it will scare the #### out of you.

Are y’all starting to see why ORIGINAL AMERICAN RACE-FREE is the BRAND YOU CAN TRUST?


Next item.

The Logical Triviality of X Matters

The evil genius of “Black Lives Matter” is that it is three things at once.

  • Trivially True
  • Incomplete
  • Almost Meaningless

Saying “Black Lives Matter” is like saying all of the following.

  • White Lives Matter
  • Pencils Matter
  • Slaves Matter
  • Heroes Matter
  • Villains Matter
  • Ted Bundy Matters
  • American Flag Matters
  • Trump Matters
  • Pedophiles Matter
  • Books Matter
  • Matter Matters
  • Mass Matters
  • Something Matters
  • Nothing Matters
  • Things Matter
  • X =

The temptation is to make it MORE MEANINGFUL – by saying something like – I don’t know – maybe “All Lives Matter”. That is a TRICK – to bait you into the appearance of negating or disagreeing with a trivially true statement – one which moreover has an IMPLIED GOOD MESSAGE FOR BLACK PEOPLE.

Democrats are saying “X equals”. If you say in response that X equals ANYTHING, or add some condition, build some theorem, or draw some corollary, you have fallen for the trick.

Let’s be honest. Throw away all your preconceptions about the phrase BLM, and who is behind it.

Do black lives matter? Just answer THAT question, with no BUH BUH BUH about what comes next.

Of course they matter. Here is the logic:

IF {All Lives Matter}
AND {Black Lives Is A Subset Of All Lives}
THEN {Black Lives Matter} = TRUE

Ignore the organization. Ignore the Marxists. Ignore the riots. Ignore the violence.

The statement {Black Lives Matter} is TRIVIALLY TRUE.

The phrase “black lives matter” is actually not very comforting, but people presume that it is. Note that people who think black lives are worth only 3/5 of a white life, can AGREE with the statement “black lives matter”. People who think black lives are worth nothing more than the cost of a CREMATORY RIDE can agree with the statement. People who think black lives are a NEGATIVE, and need to be eliminated with sterility vaccine components snuck into specific lots of a coronavirus vaccine, can agree with that statement.

Yup. Here is a NAZI agreeing with “Black Lives Matter”:

“Black lives matter. We had better do something about them before they overpopulate.”

The incomplete statement “black lives matter” is actually very insidious. Sometimes I think the biggest racists in America – perhaps some secret Nazi grandchildren left over from WWII and Operation Paperclip, came up with this gimmick.

Here is what Wolf Moon says – a much more meaningful statement.

“Black lives matter as much as white lives. Will you agree, Democrats?”

This puts the Democrats back on the spot. “All Lives Matter” does not. If the Democrats try to say that black lives matter in any way not equal to white lives – either MORE or LESS – they are TOAST. But they don’t. They RACE-BAIT unassailably with the safely meaningless phrase “black lives matter”.

Democrats are doing what they have done since slavery – teaching SOME blacks, by horrible example and evil psychology born of the master-slave relationship, how to be tricky and deceitful like them.

Democrats are teaching blacks to play a MIND GAME that turns them against Trump voters, who will predictably try to “de-race-ify” “Black Lives Matter” into “All Lives Matter” – a noble gesture which plays the weakest card in the white hand, and psychologically tells black people on behalf of Democrats “these guys are not really your friends – WE ARE – because we say ‘black lives matter’ without questioning it.

A nasty trick.

SO – don’t be afraid to admit the Truth.

Black lives matter.

Or – if you really want to get their goat – black lives matter as much as white lives.

You don’t disagree with that, Democrats – do you?


Yeah. Watch the commies stutter, stumble, trip and fall.


Happy Birthday, Gil’s Kiddo!

Today is Gil’s Kiddo’s B-Day. AND I QUOTE….


Hi everyone here! I an going to ask for a very nice favor from everyone. Kiddo’ 7th birthday is Friday, on Q day. 7/17 how nice is that? Summer birthdays are hard with friends scattered on vacation(I know bc my birthday was today/yesterday) but this year he has had no friends to do anything with.

Would you all individually take a moment and post a message, poem, worldly 7 year old appropriate joke or gif, or good advice for his future?

This is only if Wolf or mods are ok with it.

I will print out what I can and save everything else. He knows about the site so getting told Happy Birthday by other people will make him extremely happy.

Thanks in advance.
Have a great Thursday!

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OK – I’ll say it – in the BIGGEST LETTERS HERE.


OK – That’s it. LET ‘ER RIP!!!



747 thoughts on “Dear KMAG: 20200717 Open Topic / Medical Socialism Means Censorship / Euthanasia to Eugenics to Eugenocide / The Logical Triviality of X Matters / Happy Birthday, Gil’s Kiddo!

    1. These articles are hilarious to read.

      “I was just out for a casual stroll at 2 AM and just happened to be wearing all black”, said protestor Dipchit.

      These articles may as well be entitled, “Read This Because We Think You Are Stupid”

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        1. My pleasure.

          I love RR because his #1 musical influence, in terms of style, is the inimitable Stevie Ray Vaughn.

          In truth, RR’s recordings are pretty good, but it is his live performances that one must see to fully appreciate the man and his energy.

          Robert Rudolph and the Family Band is an truly an experience.

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          1. Totally agree FG@C catching a live performance in some small venue or club is the best! Lots of talent out there that’s never seen, did the concerts when younger with all the big act’s, but now I really like to find the good ones doing the clubs. Even run into well known artists too by themselves once in awhile.

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            1. I have had the privilege of meeting and speaking with several world-renowned musical greats as well as many lesser known talents and one of my favorite questions is asking where they like performing the most.

              Interestingly, the ones with the MOST talent are not always the one’s with the most fame. Regardless, the one’s with the purest musical talent always prefer a smaller venue. $$ is not their guiding light.

              Speaking for myself, I have never enjoyed a concert in a huge arena as much as I have seeing the same performer in a small venue like Antone’s in Austin. You have probably noted that many of the newest venues are built specifically for audiences of just a few thousand. For example, the relatively new Austin City Limits venue at the Moody Theater here in Austin, an amazing venue with not a single bad seat in the entire place, only seats 2800. Also, in the past it was much easier to have a chance to meet a favorite artist outside such a venue after the show waiting by the tour bus, although that has changed a LOT as the insane and unstable in society at large have rapidly grown in numbers in the past decade or two.

              The 90’s was, IMHO, the last great decade where well-known musicians were fairly easy to meet this way. Although I did run into Willie Nelson in a gate area a few years ago at IAH after a deadhead back into base. He was traveling alone and was waiting on a connecting flight, so I invited him to the pilot’s lounge to wait away from the gawkers. He graciously accepted, but it turned out I really did him no favor, as everyone in the crew room swarmed him! A case of the road to hell being paved with the best of intentions. Looking back, I suspect HE knew that would happen, but he went along because he had never been in a pilot’s lounge and wanted to see one. As the french say, c’est la vie!

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  1. 4581
    Jul 17, 2020 3:59:00 PM EDT
    Q !!Hs1Jq13jV6 ID: 7d9a05 No. 9989650
    3m ago
    8kun qresearch


    Jul 17, 2020 4:01:10 PM EDT
    Q !!Hs1Jq13jV6 ID: 7d9a05 No. 9989670
    1m ago
    8kun qresearch

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  2. DICKtator Wolf yanks funding from rebellious county defying his renewed lockdown orders–but the “increasing” cases are in Philadelphia where DICKtator allowed rioting to occur…but the entire state must suffer.
    Wolf has warned of increased viral spread and said the new restrictions are needed to help keep Pennsylvania’s numbers manageable, especially with schools planning to reopen for the fall. Disease modeling from PolicyLab at Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia shows infections rising sharply in Philadelphia and the suburbs in coming weeks.

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  3. 4583
    Jul 17, 2020 4:08:04 PM EDT
    Q !!Hs1Jq13jV6 ID: 7d9a05 No. 9989783

    What would be the primary purpose of inflating C19 numbers?
    Who benefits the most?
    Pro-America v Anti-America.
    All assets deployed.
    Election not virus.
    2m ago
    8kun qresearch

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  4. 4584
    Jul 17, 2020 4:16:18 PM EDT
    Q !!Hs1Jq13jV6 ID: 978edb No. 9989882

    CDC C19 data [actually] lower than reported?
    Why did select [D] govs [4] mandate nursing home C19 positive insert?
    Election not virus.
    Win by any means necessary.
    1m ago
    8kun qresearch

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    1. ThreadReader link:

      Texas Data Contextualization – Via Andrew Bostom MD:

      Real data (again) comparing seasonal flu deaths in Texas in 2017-2018, & 2018-2019, to C19 deaths in 2020 (data from Texas Dept of Health):

      2019 flu data

      2018 flu data

      2020 C19 data as of 7/14/20

      CDC created the category in the Table which combines flu/pneumonia death b/c of their belief flu leading to subsequent bacterial “superinfections” & deaths, may be “under-counted”, true flu deaths. Those data are worth pondering b/c of the great latitude given to “C19 deaths”

      Sourced to Texas Health Dept website Tables

      +twatter RT
      +twatter reply

      ! Great Job and TY!

      Set the DATA free – Truth will Defend itself!

      CDC C19 data [actually] lower than reported?
      Why did select [D] govs [4] mandate nursing home C19 positive insert?
      Election not virus.
      Win by any means necessary.

      Congrats & TY
      the Data Honey Badger!!!

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  5. 4585
    Jul 17, 2020 4:20:53 PM EDT
    Q !!Hs1Jq13jV6 ID: 978edb No. 9989971

    How do you provide cover for invalid ‘positive’ test results?
    Think pawpaw.
    1m ago
    8kun qresearch

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      1. Growth Habit: The pawpaw is a deciduous, often narrowly conical tree growing from about 12 feet to around 20 feet. Pawpaw trees are prone to producing root suckers a few feet from the trunk. When these are permitted to grow, the single-clone pawpaw patch comes into being. The prevailing experiences of many individuals is that the pawpaw is a slow grower, particularly when it is young. However, under optimal greenhouse conditions, including photo-period extension light of approximately 16 hours, top growth of up to 5 feet can be attained in three months.

        [“providing cover for invalid positive results” – root suckers]

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      2. This refers to the PawPaw “fruit” submitted by the A-Fricken president that returned the “Positive” result. Along with Positive results from various other things (Not people).

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    1. Pawpaws … is Q Southern!?

      I would think that they are using number sets multiple times. Think how the private labs report positives, hospitals report positives and the then the state reports positives – are all different or some the same positive case? Also, most all positive cases are tested multiple times – each one a positive test but not a new case.

      Or does this mean that many agencies & people seem seperate but are really one pawpaw patch, all connected underground?

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      1. Pawpaw is referring to a fruit in Africa where the President of the country had a COVID test swabbed into the fruit and it came back as a positive COVID. Evidently he was suspicious or had gotten a heads up the tests were rigged from the beginning.

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      2. No! This refers to the PawPaw “fruit” submitted by the A-Fricken president that returned the “Positive” result. Along with Positive results from various other things (Not people).

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    1. It looks to me that racism goes one way? Is ok to call white people animals but what would happen if white people say such thing? Racism has to stop.
      I every one would unite.

      “Respect diversity honor unity:
      are all
      in the
      of Love

      Lumen Christy Holy Wisdom by NanC. Merrill “

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      1. I think this is orchestrated every four (4) years to keep us angry and divided – but – you know what – I do not think it is working as well this year as it has in the past – I have a very strong sense – people are wise to this game – and are refusing to buy it.

        PT is the least racist President ever – he leads from a unified front – always cognizant of the groups that will benefit from the initiatives and policies he proposes – we are – after all – Americans – if you are not proud to be an American – then – it is time for you to leave!!!

        If you are unhappy here – then, we suggest you go elsewhere – you do not like the police – go somewhere the police do not exist – if you do not like our laws here – go lawless elsewhere – that is what most people do when they are unhappy with the government where they live – they do not riot, destroy businesses, and murder people because they are unhappy – they simply leave.

        I think it is time for the disruptors – be they governors, mayors, and/or rioters – to be jailed for crimes against humanity.

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        1. And an almost immediate push back…something missing in previous years with former Presidents that somehow thought not responding to lies, attacks and threats was the “gentlemanly” thing to do. Trump has taught many to be warriors….or at least street fighters.

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          1. Non-violent Warriors – the Silent Majority will not be silent on Election Day!!!

            And – they will not stand for any disruption of their celebration – so don’t even think about it – marauders and thugs!!!

            We are taking our country back – and YOU are not in Our Club!!!

            Lefty Loony Liberals Line Up on the Right Side of History – lest you find yourselves in less than appropriate accommodations.

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    1. Surprised he didn’t conclude with the Georgia Guide Stones.
      Never went back to properly cover fossil fuel industry that if they were just left alone, rather than creating the hysterics of muscling in these alternative sources causes then maybe in the ensuing peace he could promote his message. He’s definitely a Malthusian and gave no room to counter arguments to such beliefs. But he certainly did nail the fact that big energy is behind the green movement and those at the top of the food chain are the ones that benefit the most. The place not looked at was the nano tech revolution. Scary place without parity. Must have parity which means openness and citizen dialogue or else it’s tyranny and there in is the cliff.

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    1. As I (and others) said when this news broke, why haven’t all 33 labs been shut down by the State health department and the most massive state and FBI investigation ever launched, prior to arresting the owners and managers of all 33 labs?

      Coordinated = Conspiracy

      Involving massive fraud.

      Regarding a supposed ‘pandemic’, during a declared national emergency.

      Treason is only the tip of the iceberg.

      Where is the FIB?!?

      Where is the DoJ?!?!

      Where are LOCAL police?!?!?

      Is ANYONE in charge?

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      1. I discovered back in March that the bureaucrat in charge of my state’s government laboratories is a Chinese national who received his education from a Chinese military university.

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        1. Just unreal… you couldn’t even make that up for a ‘B’ movie script, it would be rejected by everyone involved as too over-the-top ridiculous — even for a ‘B’ movie!!! 😂😂😂

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    2. Now that’s going to be most interesting, indeed, when the person that gave the order, coordinated the lab actions is exposed. And, I have no doubt whatsoever, if not known now it will be.

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    1. OMG – reading the comments – this is not their first fight of the day – they got into a fight then the flight was delayed.

      They should be grounded on the no fly list for life – or until they are sent to anger/behavior management classes and are certified to possess civilized self-control and manners.

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        1. Philadelphia, I believe.

          Doesn’t matter where, really. The FBI will figure it out.

          Personally, I’m not as concerned with the individuals involved with the fight as I am with the airport workers doing nothing to stop it or call for security. every employee working inside an airport is, by law, expected to act as part of the airport security force. “See something, say something” is very important and anyone working in an airport has special training on security guidelines and expectations.

          These airport workers failed at the moment of testing and need to be removed for the public’s safety. This brawl could have spiraled out of control or worse, provided cover for a terrorist. You can’t look at it as just a altercation. you have to look at it as what it could have turned into.

          In aviation, we are always looking at the worst case scenarios.

          This is why these airport workers must be made an example of and terminated from their employment. If they see something…and DON’T say anything…it can easily cost lives.

          Saying nothing cannot be tolerated.

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          1. Not to mention, the security people have an obligation to stop an attack on somebody… or stop pretending like they are ‘security’.

            Those people weren’t any kind of ‘security’ to anybody.

            They were just ‘watchers’.

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      1. Soft they are people at their worse. This is what happens when parents never put restrictions to their behavior. They still behave like 4 year olds instead as young adults. Bad behavior has been rewarded.
        Parenting is a lost art. and its easier to give in at tantrums hand out consequences. I wonder how their kids turn out?

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        1. These are probably the daughters of the women we saw in the street fight last week – where the wigs and weaves were left all over the street afterward.

          Wives and girlfriends of the Bloods and Crips.

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        2. Never mind no restrictions . . . this is the behavior that’s been modeled for them their entire lives. It’s literally universal.

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          1. Not all young people behave like that. I have 4 grandchildren from 20 to 16 and they would not behave like that. They are self controlled and have respect for themselves and therefore for others.

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            1. I understand. I was specifically referring to the abhorrent hot messes in the video, and remarking that the behavior is learned. I taught for 25 years in a district with this exact demographic.

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    2. Hard to believe that she got up and walked away from that.
      Why are there so many young people at the airport during Covid 19 shutdown? Where are they going and where did they come from?
      And look at how they dress in public! Houseshoes? What is wrong with these people!?!

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        1. I remember when we dressed up in suits, dresses to fly – or to go downtown shopping. Ladies in our small town wore hose, dresses and hats downtown and to church.

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  6. 4587
    Jul 17, 2020 5:47:13 PM EDT
    Q !!Hs1Jq13jV6 ID: f4dc5f No. 9991332

    C19 narrative kill date: Election Day +1
    Prepare for zero-day [massive cyber-power] attacks [attempts] on 11.4.
    2m ago
    8kun qresearch

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  7. Wolf, et al,

    I’m about halfway through this video and so far it is a MUST WATCH on vaccines in relation to the topic laid out in the body of the daily thread today, and what to keep an eye out for when any untried, C19 is forced on the public. James Corbitt lays it out: there’s two SCOTUS cases that will be used as the groundwork to compel compulsory vaccines in this nation despite the 14th amendment. Unfortunately, the justice involved in both majority opinions is Oliver Wendell Holmes. His reputation in my eyes is significantly diminished with this report.

    I’ll keep watching, but seriously, this is one heck of a history and sociological lesson in interference in the integrity of the human person.

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    1. Derschowitz is illogical and propagandizing.

      – Not everyone who is unvaccinated will get or carry the disease.
      – There has never been a vaccine for coronavirus.
      – Flu vaccines are only 40% or less successful in any given year.
      – Some flu vaccines have increased susceptibility to coronavirus.
      – Heck – they have been trying to come up with an AIDS vaccine for 40 years without success due to behaviors of carriers and the mutations of the viruses.
      – During flu and virus outbreaks – sick people should stay home and vulnerable people should avoid crowds and isolate as much as possible.
      – The C19 – or SARS-2 is no more deadly than the flu….it’s just been extremely dishonestly hyped.

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    2. “and what to keep an eye out for when any untried, C19 is forced on the public.”


      It won’t be forced on me.

      And if everyone adopts that perspective, if everyone makes that decision now when their heads are clear, you won’t have to think about it or decide what to do if/when the lawless ‘order’ comes.

      They could force one person.

      They can’t force 325 million, or even a tiny fraction thereof.

      It doesn’t matter even a tiny bit what the corrupt supreme dufuses say.

      Let corrupt Roberts and Sodamotor try to enforce their lawless BS.

      Come to my home and try to force me.

      Go ahead.

      They’re out of their minds if they think they can force anybody to inject untried, unsafe, politically motivated poison into anyone’s body.

      They can *&^% off so hard they wind up in another dimension.

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    1. Pgroup – when posting these, 1. take out everything between the ? and jpg 2. put a dot in between so it’s .jpg 3. Take out everything after .jpg

      An image has to end in .jpg or .png or .jpeg

      Here ya go:

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  9. Donald J. Trump’s Tweets
    Donald J. Trump
    I am the ultimate member of The Book of the Month Club. First I have lowlife dummy John Bolton, a war mongering fool, violating the law (he released massive amounts of Classified Information) and an NDA in order to build badly needed credibility and make a few dollars, which

    ….will all end up going to the government anyway. Next up is Mary Trump, a seldom seen niece who knows little about me, says untruthful things about my wonderful parents (who couldn’t stand her!) and me, and violated her NDA. She also broke the Law by givng out my…

    ….Tax Returns. She’s a mess! Many books have been written about me, some good, some bad. Both happily and sadly, there will be more to come!

    Liked by 15 people

  10. Was in a store and people were talking about how the dems were trying to turn us into China.

    “This isn’t my Dad’s dem party. They’ve been hijacked by insane people. There’s no coming back from that.’


    Also the masks were everywhere but on the face LOL

    Liked by 14 people

    1. Question for the board:

      Do you think Democrats who are planning on voting for Trump are telling pollsters that, or…

      … is the greatest percentage of this group joining the Silent Majority?

      My bet is the latter, and moreover…

      …that there are massive numbers of leftists who are “speaking the company line” outwardly among social circles but inwardly are very much opposed to what their party has become.

      They just aren’t saying so, for all the obvious reasons.

      Liked by 11 people

      1. I think it wouldn’t matter if every single person polled said they were voting for Trump, the fake polling companies would still say Biden was leading.

        And even if the polling companies didn’t say it, the corrupt fake news would report it that way anyway.

        They are liars who are paid to lie by other liars, and there is literally nothing they won’t lie about.

        Liked by 5 people

      2. In impromptu polls or interviews, D-Rats that say they’ll vote Trump, will do so. Many that are never asked, will vote Trump.

        Have NOT heard anyone supporting the Sleepy Joe. Think I saw one Biden bumper sticker. May have been during a rare foray in CA. Or I read someone else’s comment that they saw a Sleepy sticker.

        Positive comments on my Trump hat markedly increasing. Trump stickers and flags more common.

        To a person, everyone I have spoken to here in NV, granted a bubble of sorts, support trump. Can’t believe Sleepy Joe will be D-Rat nominee.

        More locally, folks are royally pissed off at our socialist guvner Sisolak. Again, my buble doesn’t include the only three counties Sisolak won – Clark, Washoe and Carson. Sisolak handily lost the other fourteen counties.

        The only way the D-rats win 3 November is cheat. Mass mail voting, vote harvesting, dead folks vote,…

        Liked by 3 people

  11. Rooster
    JUST IN: House Judiciary Chairman Rep. Jerrold Nadler has just announced that the committee will mark up two bills next week intended to rein in President Trump’s pardon powers

    Is he changing the Constitution.??

    Liked by 13 people

    1. Never get a Senate committee hearing.

      As meaningful as Paul Ryan getting the House to pass bills to cancel Obamacare. Worthless PR event.

      Liked by 3 people

    1. Sundance has done several brilliant analysis detailing why media like the New York Times cannot possibly retract their stories at this point. They are fully invested and have no means for going back, now.

      Liked by 4 people

  12. Normally I wouldn’t post anything from the Communist’s News Network, but this is too good…

    White House portraits of Bill Clinton and George W. Bush moved from prominent space to rarely used room

    WASHINGTON (CNN) – The official portraits of former Presidents Bill Clinton and George W. Bush were removed from the Grand Foyer of the White House within the last week, aides told CNN, and replaced by those of two Republican presidents who served more than a century ago.

    White House tradition calls for portraits of the most recent American presidents to be given the most prominent placement, in the entrance of the executive mansion, visible to guests during official events.

    But in the days (following Mexican President Onbrador’s visit), the Clinton and Bush portraits were moved into the Old Family Dining Room, a small, rarely used room that is not seen by most visitors. Now, they hang in a space used mainly for storing unused tablecloths and furniture.


    Liked by 9 people

    1. “White House portraits of Bill Clinton and George W. Bush moved from prominent space to rarely used room”


      If they have a stand-up men’s urinal anywhere in the WH, both portraits would make an excellent liner.

      Liked by 3 people

    2. “White House portraits of Bill Clinton and George W. Bush moved from prominent space to rarely used room”


      They would both make excellent dart boards.

      Or flamethrower practice targets.

      Liked by 2 people

  13. Donald J. Trump
    Corrupt Joe Biden wants to defund our police. He may use different words, but when you look at his pact with Crazy Bernie, and other things, that’s what he wants to do. It would destroy America!

    Liked by 7 people

  14. ANND add THIS to the GROWING list of evidence of the Covid spike FRAUD.

    Yes we suspected it, yes it was rumored, NOW we have proof.

    Then there is the “money shot” from Nicole Saphire “Health officials from numerous states have mistakenly included positive results from antibody tests when reporting new COVID-19 cases to the CDC, grossly inflating new cases. The scientific equivalent to “double dipping.”

    There were also numerous reports, from GA, TX, FL, LA, TN, of people getting in line, and leaving due to the wait time, WITHOUT even being tested, and then later getting a POSITIVE test result.

    Then there is the SEVEN WEEK lag time by the CDC in REPORTING tests.

    Do you guys SEE what that means? The CORRUPT CDEC, used and SAVED pumped up and duplicate results, and THEN posted the results in BULK, like they JUST happened ALL AT ONCE.

    Now think for a second. nearly 2 MONTHS (at least) of saved up and duplicate tests, smattered with false positives from people who did NOT even TAKE a test, mix in the serological results, so NOT report ANY negative test results, count the SAME people who took MULTIPLE tests, for their work, not as ONE test, and ONE individual, but as MULTIPLE tests and MULTIPLE individuals. Then as a “cherry” on top, include people who were around a “probable” positive covid case, but had ZERO symptoms, and ZERO tests, as ALL positive through “contact tracing”.

    The ANATOMY of a coordinated, orchestrated, and fraudulent CONSPIRACY to fool the American public, fomented by the MSM and Dem pundits and Cabal “health experts”. ALL to enable an EXCUSE for dem Govs, and yes even some Reps (out of FEAR) to stifle the again BOOMING economy. All to try and destroy, or retard the economy enough so that Trump would lose in Nov. Then you have basement Biden and the various dem Cabal, seeding the public with dis info, blaming TRUMP and Rep Govs for being “reckless” and opening too soon.

    ALL a big F*CKING LIE.

    Repeat after me, there is NO Covid 19 resurgence, it is yet a second MSM,., Cabal, and dem creation of HYPE. Using BOGUS statistics. Stats that will “mordaciously” be “revised” DOWN. should Biden win Nov 3rd. IF Biden were to win Nov 3rd, the Covid “Pandemic” will be OVER, finished, and NEVER AGAIN MENTIO)NED by Dec 1. Just in time for Biden to take the “credit”

    It is a good scheme IF you can pull it off. One problem, they are NOT pulling it off, they are DAILY getting CAUGHT. So much so, that the Trump admin set NEW rules on reporting, BYPASSING entirely the “Centers for Disease Control” The ONLY thing the CDC controlled was the LIE! But, NO longer.

    I will bet my gopher suit that there is an EXTENSIVE audit of the numbers going on AS WE SPEAK, and that within days, maybe a few weeks, but DEFINATELY before Aug 1, the REAL numbers will be put out, and the ENTIRE sordid scheme will be EXPOSED.

    NO one will EVER trust the CDC, Fauci, Birx, the NIH, WHO, or NIAD EVER again. That is EXTREMELY dangerous, what IF we get a REAL and NOT manufactured disease. That is the absolute DANGER in all this crying of “wolf” by the Cabal. If and when a REAL wolf shows up, we will NEVER believe them again, and THAT will cost perhaps REAL millions to die.

    For THAT reason alone, let alone all the DAMAGE cost to peoples lives, livelihoods, businesses, and all the needless DEATHS this time, ALL the people in “charge” of this scheme, first need to be outed, then FIRED, and then arrested and PROSECUTED for conspiracy to defraud the public, public ENDANGERMENT, and crimes against humanity. NO ONE in this gets a pass, not even the random data entry people, as they KNOW what has and IS going on, they not only had the ABILITY to blow the whistle on this FRAUD, but they have the RESPONSABILITY. Playing “dumb” and using the old “following orders” will NOT cut it this time. Even the “little people need to PAY, with their jobs, at least, and possibly their freedom.

    There is REAL true HARM going on to Americans by this FRAUD. People are losing their jobs, their homes, their savings, their retirements, and sometimes their LIVES. People are AFRAID to go out, which includes people too afraid to go to the doctor who have LIFE THREATENING issues that NEED attention that they CANNOT get because of a LIE.

    Then there is the ticking time bomb of mental illness, and the MAJOR retardation of the education system in elementary school- high school. That will be a “gift” that keeps on “giving” for YEARS after this FRUAD is over. REAL, lasting, and TANGIBLE harm. ALL by subversive, corrupt individuals that would rather see the country DIE than have Trump re elected, DESPITE all the GOOD that has and WILL come of it for MILLIONS, some that have never had it so good.

    Do you STILL think they will get away with ALL they have done? NO, they CAN’T or not only the US is finished, the WORLD is. Once the US is destroyed, how long do you think it will take the Globalist elders, people bent on world domination, and the enslavement of the common man to a financial “master”, to take it ALL over, and institute THIER sick agendas? I submit it would only take months and ALL western civilization would be wiped out.

    This is NOT a game folks, it is VERY real. I simply ask this, we KNOW that Trump is fighting them ALL, and has been for four years. What are WE prepared to do to HELP him help US? You had better NOT set this one out because you don’t like Trump’s methods, Tweets, or “tone”. You had better NOT protest vote or not show up, because NEXT time you may not get the CHANCE to express your vote.

    Look at it like this, if they are willing and ABLE, as they have proven over and over the last four years, to lie, cheat, steal, propagandize, destroy, burn, MUDER< and even unleash a plague upon the WORLD to try and stop ONE man, what will they do to US if that man is NO LONGER there to protect us as their target.

    VOTE. Make your family VOTE, make your friends VOTE, convince strangers to VOTE. Vote like your LIFE depends on it, because this time it DOES. The lying ravenous wolves are at the gates, better be prepared to FIGHT them.

    Liked by 15 people

    1. “I will bet my gopher suit that there is an EXTENSIVE audit of the numbers going on AS WE SPEAK, and that within days, maybe a few weeks, but DEFINATELY before Aug 1, the REAL numbers will be put out, and the ENTIRE sordid scheme will be EXPOSED.”

      I certainly hope so! I’m encouraged that Pres. Trump is bypassing the CDC now. He must have people auditing the numbers. We need the truth, and we need it now. They are destroying the country.

      Liked by 5 people

      1. BINGO! Akum’s Razor. the simplest answer is the correct one. Trump took over the data recording from the CDC to STOP and EXPOSE the FRAUD.

        Aubergine’s Razor. Never assume incomitance on an action where malice or guile can be substituted,

        P Rex’s axiom. Anytime the left have to change a narrative more than once, the original and all subsequent narratives are FALSE>

        Liked by 1 person

  15. Lisa Mei Crowley 🇺🇲 Retweeted
    Brad Parscale@parscale
    The media is a criminal network that has very few honest people. They have zero intention to tell the truth. I have seen so many live in fear of a negative story.

    I am happy I get to continue to fight with @realDonaldTrump against America’s biggest enemy, the media!

    Liked by 14 people

    1. Read it again… got the part about “criminal network”??????????????????

      YET, some are EXPECTING different results when the slime media engages, writes.

      I’ve heard that’s the definition of ‘insanity’ or …


      Liked by 10 people

    1. Thank you kindly. I did Aesop in February. I have a Children’s encyclopedia from 1923 that has a ton of Aesop and other old stories. Need to do some Greek and Roman mythology. He likes mysteries. I read 3 Nancy Drew and a mouse detective series too.

      Liked by 6 people

  16. New Q dops, and his last was a DOOZYY>

    Q !!Hs1Jq13jV6 ID: f4dc5f No.9991332 📁
    Jul 17 2020 16:47:13 (EST) NEW📁
    C19 narrative kill date: Election Day +1
    Prepare for zero-day [massive cyber-power] attacks [attempts] on 11.4.

    Do you KNOW what this means, and I am NOT talking about the Covid fraud, it is the LAST line that got my attention.

    I see the game, Q is giving us, AGAIN both a heads up, and a WARNING. The Cabal, is aiming to have MASSIVE power/and or/ internet disruptions, hell, maybe even riots or “other” incidents of attack ON election day and the day after. This tells me two things, and I am here to let you see, what I see.

    One, Biden is, despite ALL the gaslighting, and ALL the fake (+ 10 or more Dem) polls, getting his clock CLEANED, and it is NOT even close.

    Two, the attempts or “attacks” will be meant to not PREVENT the results from happening, but to cast DOUBT (again) ON the results.

    I can see it now, “yeah Trump ONLY won 325 electoral votes because X suppressed the Dem turnout.”

    ” We do not KNOW for sure thanks to X that Trump actually DID win, we will NEVER know, Trump is illegitimate.(again) resist resist, resist! ”

    Q is WARNING us of what is coming. One to be vigilant OF a possible “attack” and two of the coming NARRATIVE. WATCH!

    Liked by 16 people

    1. Haaaaa. 😆🤣 That’s hilarious!

      And BRILLIANT!

      I’ll bet it gets deleted, though…those actors will be directed to denounce it, then the twitter overlords will delete it.

      Liked by 4 people

  17. Did we cover this? Happened a couple days ago. Haven’t seen an update to this either yet. Happens as DeBlasio has cops watching the Black Lives Matter mural in front of Trump tower, which by the way GWP has another story showing it get defaced 🙂

    Anyway. Not good here.

    WANTED for ASSAULT: Have you seen Carlos Gonzalez? On 7/14/20 at approx 7:11 PM, in front of 3343 Sedgwick Ave in the Bronx, he placed the female victim who was pushing a baby carriage in a choke hold, dragged her to the ground, allowing the baby carriage to forcefully knocked over, then stabbed the victim multiple times on the open street in broad daylight.

    Hasn’t seen an update to this story yet.

    Liked by 4 people

  18. Dawson has ANOTHER fab THREAD … no Reader as yet… remember to remove *


    Liked by 7 people

    1. Zoe, text of tweet above:

      ComEd, largest utility in Illinois pleads guilty to bribing Public Official A from 2011-2019 in exchange for official acts of the Illinois legislature to help the company.
      First glance says PO A is Illinois Speaker of the House Michael Madigan!
      Quote Tweet

      U.S. Attorney’s Office (NDIL)@NDILnews

      · 11h
      Commonwealth Edison Agrees to Pay $200 Million to Resolve Federal Criminal Investigation Into Bribery Scheme @FBIChicago @IRS_CI

      Liked by 4 people

      1. So ComEd pleads guilty to bribery, and the guilty plea is accepted… but the person whom they bribed — who happens to be the Illinois Speaker of the House — hasn’t even been arrested?

        As far as I can tell, in at least 49 states, the crime of ‘bribery’ requires TWO participants in order for a crime to be committed, which might otherwise be known as the ‘bribee’ and the ‘briber’.

        Only in Illinois is bribery a ONE-PERSON crime… 😂😂😂

        Liked by 7 people

      1. He speculates about drones in the Twitter replies:

        “No, if it isn’t a bird, it’s watching out for Trump.

        An autonomous nanodrone that instantly takes care of business if necessary.” /COsweda/status/1284211970132983808

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  19. Washington Examiner:

    Los Angeles County, the nation’s second-largest school district, announced this week that students will not be returning for in-person classes this fall and must instead continue to participate in the failed distance-learning experiment it initiated after the onset of COVID-19.

    This decision was made not by the parents or the schools but by the teachers union, which has opposed all attempts to reopen the county’s schools.

    Liked by 8 people

    1. Please gobthe the bolg! POS kept his county open all this time and his kids school.

      Gavin Newsom Bombshell – On the Eve of Shutting California Schools Down For Rest of 2020, The Exclusive School His Kids Attend Stays Open!

       2020 Elections, Gavin Newsom Add comments



      Gavin Newsom is expected to announce tomorrow morning 7-17-2020 that he is shutting California Schools Down for the rest of the year. Why? Orange County is styaing open for School and LA County is not.

      Newsom already made several draconian moves to cover for his protege Eric Garcetti whose management of LA has been atrocious (over half the new COVID cases are from LA). Now, Newsom is being forced to double-down to cover for Los Angeles County.

      Country Day is the $25,000 a year private School Gavin Newsom’s kids attend:

      Isn’t that special – so Gavin’s Winery staying open while most others closed was no accident.

      From an anonymous School Board member in Orange County – bottom line Gavin Newsom’s thugs in state government have threatened the funding of SoCal School Districts to compel them to shut down. This is in line with the 1-800-RATT-OUT-YOUR-NEIGHBOR hotlines he has set up. Communist police state tactics.

      Liked by 8 people

        1. Ive said its bad, but its really bad. Not like other states. We have 40 million people. They are evil. He doesnt do anything except a press conference with new dictats around noon, same with garcetti. CA state legislature keeps closing after a couple days open.
          They dare not seed covid like illness into kids to kill them but the schools thing is permanent damage or varied degrees, emotionally and psychologically.

          Liked by 4 people

        1. He needs to.
          Damaging children is a RED LINE. Action must be taken, words are not ok.
          The whole civil war battle is not to be win at the expense of kids.
          Covid story will need to end sooner.

          Liked by 5 people

          1. “But whoso shall offend one of these little ones which believe in me, it were better for him that a millstone were hanged about his neck, and that he were drowned in the depth of the sea.” ~ Matthew 18:6 KJV

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  20. Congresscritter Lewis has bit the dust. No tears from me for the old racist.

    Obviously Ruthie had access to better treatments for pancreatic cancer than Lewis did.

    Liked by 5 people

    1. Do you mean John Lewis? I’m seeing headlines that it’s not true. With the awful state of the media, it’s hard to know what to believe.

      Liked by 3 people

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