Dear KAG: 20200714 Not So Silent Culture War Open Thread

Cover image: Alfred Edward Mathews, 1868, American. “Exit of the Yellowstone from the Mountains,” Lithograph, from pencil sketches of Montana.

If you missed it, this is a MUST WATCH from Jesse Watters. The opening monologue is one of the best sets of questions on this mess asked so far.

Why is this happening? Rep. Matt Gaetz had something to say about that.

The American people are beginning to punch back. Not only are statues representing our past, as uncomfortable as it might be, being defended by the people, but backing the blue is getting traction.

A little mood music:

And a reminder to take the pledge:

“I do solemnly swear (or affirm) that I will support and defend the Constitution of the United States against all enemies, foreign and domestic; that I will bear true faith and allegiance to the same; that I take this obligation freely, without any mental reservation or purpose of evasion; and that I will well and faithfully discharge the duties of the office on which I am about to enter: So help me God.”

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  1. No food fights.
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  3. If you bring snacks, bring enough for everyone.


IS 7:1-9

In the days of Ahaz, king of Judah, son of Jotham, son of Uzziah,
Rezin, king of Aram,
and Pekah, king of Israel, son of Remaliah,
went up to attack Jerusalem,
but they were not able to conquer it.
When word came to the house of David that Aram
was encamped in Ephraim,
the heart of the king and the heart of the people trembled,
as the trees of the forest tremble in the wind.

Then the LORD said to Isaiah: Go out to meet Ahaz,
you and your son Shear-jashub,
at the end of the conduit of the upper pool,
on the highway of the fuller’s field, and say to him:
Take care you remain tranquil and do not fear;
let not your courage fail
before these two stumps of smoldering brands
the blazing anger of Rezin and the Arameans,
and of the son Remaliah,
because of the mischief that
Aram, Ephraim and the son of Remaliah,
plots against you, saying,
“Let us go up and tear Judah asunder, make it our own by force,
and appoint the son of Tabeel king there.”

Thus says the LORD:
This shall not stand, it shall not be!
Damascus is the capital of Aram,
and Rezin is the head of Damascus;
Samaria is the capital of Ephraim,
and Remaliah’s son the head of Samaria.

But within sixty years and five,
Ephraim shall be crushed, no longer a nation.
Unless your faith is firm
you shall not be firm!

As always, prayers for the fight against that which seeks to enslave us are welcome. Via con Dios.

580 thoughts on “Dear KAG: 20200714 Not So Silent Culture War Open Thread

  1. Time’s End

    The days once slowly made their way
    As though their time would ever stay
    But now the years move swiftly by
    Scarce time to pause and wonder why

    The spring and summer, not held fast
    Forgotten mostly, now long past
    The long fall, too, once here but gone
    The harvest gathered – time moved on

    The sun, nigh set, with golden glow
    Well marks the path now lined with snow
    As fallen leaves ne’er seen again
    Speak to a time that once had been

    Snow drifting down from high above
    Delivering God’s peace and love
    Covering all with blankets of white
    Covering all without spot or blight

    The fading sky comes blue and clear
    As God’s Great Day draws ever near
    The Last Trump sounds its final chord
    Then changed we rise to meet our Lord

    Now time itself is at its end
    Eternity is ours to spend
    In joy and peace and, yes, much more
    With Christ and God forever more

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  2. “The American people are beginning to punch back. Not only are statues representing our past, as uncomfortable as it might be, being defended by the people, but backing the blue is getting traction.”


    I’m not sure when this happened, this whole ‘uncomfortable’ thing, with regard to historical reality.

    It definitely didn’t exist in my parents’ time, not about our country or any other. It didn’t exist when I was a kid either. We learned all about Nazis for example, but there was nothing uncomfortable or comfortable about it, it was history.

    Fascinating, tragic, almost unbelievable in some regards, but it was history. Teachers taught about it, and we learned it.

    Some with American history.

    There were no ‘feelings’ involved, no ’emotion’, no ‘comfortable’ or ‘uncomfortable’.

    WTH happened to our country?

    Where does all this manufactured ‘guilt and grievance’ industry come from?

    I’m not uncomfortable about any of it.

    You know why?

    Because I didn’t DO any of it.

    If I did, I would probably be uncomfortable about it, but I didn’t, so I’m not.

    And I’m not ever gonna be.

    I will never, EVER feel ‘guilty’ or ‘uncomfortable about things I didn’t do — because that would be insane.

    I’m not sure what part of that the cultural Marxists don’t understand, but if they want to fight about it, that’s good, because I REALLY want to fight about it.

    Like you wouldn’t believe! 👍 😁

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    1. That wasn’t directed toward you DP, I was just using your words to address the issue.

      Take a look at the headlines for any day of the week, there are multiple tragedies, multiple murders, multiple accidents, terrible things happen.

      We all might feel saddened, or angry, or exasperated… but does anybody feel GUILTY — ever — for things they had nothing to do with?

      I don’t think it’s even possible…

      So it’s beyond bizarre when the fascist Left attempts to make us feel ‘guilty’ about things we had nothing to do with.

      It can’t possibly work, because there’s no ‘connection’ between the historical events of the past and the people living today.

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      1. Scott, unfortunately it is working with the weak minded fools that are being processed out of the propaganda machines called “institutions of higher learning.” These simpletons have no sense of who they are or what they stand for, so they meekly assume the position that the latest bully requires because they are, in all reality, cowards. I agree with your post, however, in that I feel no guilt about any of this baloney because I didn’t do any of it. I know who I am and what I have done and no one gets to tell me otherwise….

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        1. Where does all this manufactured ‘guilt and grievance’ industry come from?

          Why the institutions of higher learning, of course.

          Spend time in the rare archives of one of these institutions, and you’ll understand why. The research that’s persued in the name of progress is never questioned if it’s well funded.

          Gain of function research, mice that are 4% human?

          They scream climate change, while their own research laboratories, and the technology that they create, lead in the output of greenhouse gas.
          You’ll also find institutional racism, sexism, and class-ism; very few women and minorities in actual positions of power, imo.
          It’s all projection.
          A top down restructuring of our universities is long over due, imo.

          It’s obvious that something’s wrong, when the CFO of an ivy can stand before a room of 40 members of the organization and explain that it’s okay for the trainers to use university resources to build a training facility addition to their personal property, to provide a facility for the organizational development training contract for the entire administrative staff; not to mention the pool house addition for a training facilitator’s home.
          Tavistock, anyone?

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          1. “You’ll also find institutional racism, sexism, and class-ism; very few women and minorities in actual positions of power, imo.”


            This is a critical point.

            Why WOULD there be many women or minorities in actual positions of power?

            I’m completely serious.

            I was raised to respect women, and I have to start with somebody, so ladies go first.

            In the history of mankind, women, generally speaking, are not leaders.

            For one thing, it’s not natural, and nature is a very powerful force.

            It’s not natural for men to follow female leaders, so whenever it happens, it is a distortion or a perversion of the natural order. Every time they show (for example) little tiny frail Mayor Lightfoot of Chicago — who would be blown over by a gust of wind — backed by big strong men in blue, the image is ridiculous. It’s ludicrous, and no amount of gaslighting or indoctrination can ever change it. You can’t have a Chihuahua lead a pack of Pit Bulls. It’s not reality, because in reality, that would never EVER happen.


            Same with any profession where physical size and strength is a necessity. If a woman is the leader of that ‘pack’, it didn’t happen because she was physically dominant, and it didn’t happen because she was psychologically dominant, which are basically the only two ways that someone becomes a leader ‘naturally’. It only happened because because somebody decided it should happen, and when they realized it never would happen in nature — when they realized their fantasy wasn’t going to come true on its own — they decided to make it happen against nature. They social-engineered it.

            It’s a fantasy. Mayor Lightfoot is a fantasy, a walking, talking anomaly. So is Governor Whitmer, for that matter, and for the same reasons. This one isn’t about race, it’s about sex (contrary to popular culture, the sexes are indeed different, having different strengths and weaknesses). And the only way these fantasies can occur in a real world is if enough people mentally assent to the fantasy.

            And that’s exactly how you end up with bubble-people applauding the new outfit of a naked emperor who wears no clothes.

            The cognitive dissonance, the gaslighting, the UNREALITY is off the charts. Children see it clearly, that’s why it was children who pointed out that the emperor was naked, instead of the (corrupted) adults, who were indoctrinated to believe the lie — any lie, so long as it was ‘approved’ by their ‘peers’.

            I don’t believe the lie, and I never have, and I’m not going to start now.

            Why should women lead men?

            If there is an argument for it, what is that argument?

            Is a submissive male the kind of man women want to be around? Or do women expect men to be dominant, masculine take-charge types everywhere except special artificial niches and carve-outs like boardrooms and executive offices? Maybe women (and effeminate Leftists of all their many sexes…) don’t know this about men, but men can’t turn that stuff on or off like a light switch.

            So if women want to rule the world (which apparently many do), the only way that’s going to happen is if women (and Leftist girly men) turn men into submissive soy boys. And congratulations, they’re doing a bang-up job 👍

            So again, why should women lead? Why should men, or society generally, be forced to accept an artificial construct?

            And what happens if you can only do it in your own backyard, but you can’t make it happen in China or Russia or any of our other adversaries and enemies — the same Marxists, coincidentally (I’m sure…), who have orchestrated all this cultural insanity in our backyard?

            If I was Putin or Xi, I would be very interested in my No. 1 nation-state competitor being run by women — as many as possible — and turning all their men into submissive soy boys. Thousands of generations of conquerors must be kicking themselves for not thinking of this tactic, destroying their adversaries from the inside out via cultural subversion.

            Where has it ever happened in nature or history, before a majority of the 60s generation decided to create the world in their own (Marxist teachers’ and professors’) image? If anyone can come up with an example or two, you will prove my point, that it is the rare exception to the rule.

            And even people who believe in evolution know change can’t possibly happen in 50 or even 100 years.

            There were practically no women leaders 50 years ago.

            So how could there be so many today, without MASSIVE social engineering, picking winners and losers based on sex?

            There couldn’t be.


            Now let’s talk about race, one of my other favorite subjects.

            And why not talk about blacks first, since they seem to insist on getting all the attention most of the time. No group has elevated being the ‘squeaky wheel’ to a high art better than the black race-hustlers.

            Blacks are about 13% of the population.

            So in a natural world — absent any kind of racism or protected-class affirmative-action social-engineering contrivances — why would there ever be more than 13% of the board members of any corporation who are black?

            Why would more than 13% of the doctors be black?

            Why would more than 13% of the CEOs be black?

            They wouldn’t be, of course.


            Now Hispanics.

            Americans who identify as Hispanic are apparently about 14.5% of the population.

            So in a natural, normal world, where political outcomes decided by social-engineering do not pick winners and losers, why would there ever be more than 14.5% of the board members of any corporation, or university faculty, or other positions of power and leadership, who are Hispanic?

            They wouldn’t, of course. Not in any real world that wasn’t grotesquely distorted by cultural Marxists.


            So back to the original question: “You’ll also find institutional racism, sexism, and class-ism; very few women and minorities in actual positions of power, imo.”

            I won’t disagree at all about ‘class-ism’ (or cronyism), which is probably the biggest actual problem.

            But are the others ‘problems’ really problems at all?

            Is it ‘institutional racism’ that minorities are not OVER-represented as a percentage of their population numbers?

            If we insist (for example) that every profession should be at least 50% black (or 40%, or even 20%), aren’t we going to need a CRAPLOAD more black people in order to make that happen, no matter how desperately the fantasy is desired?

            There’s just not enough black people to go around, for every business to have 50% black employees and leaders. Or even 20%.


            Back to women.

            And I don’t know if people realize this or not — though I think a lot of women do eventually, just too late in life to do anything about it — but it’s not possible to be in two places at one time, doing two full-time jobs. There just aren’t enough hours in a day to be a full-time professional and be a full-time Mother, at least not in the way any Mother would like to be.

            Many women struggle admirably to do both, but conflicts between the two roles are built-in, and only one of them is giving you a paycheck, so when you have to choose — and you always have to choose — which gets priority, and which doesn’t?

            The cultural Marxists know all of this very well. After all, aren’t they the ones who planted all these seeds in women’s heads about being men and taking over all the male roles in society?


            Did nobody think this through?

            I realize that men hardly merit an afterthought in this brave new world, but still, just as a matter of curiosity if nothing else, what were the men supposed to do?

            No longer be men?

            Were they supposed to become women?

            Grow a womb?

            All of it is an impossible situation that cannot exist in reality, it can only exist in a fantasy world, and that fantasy world can only exist so long as enough people pretend to believe in it.

            But reality doesn’t cease to exist, and the reality is that even if the Marxists distort and manipulate society to turn all the women into men, no matter what they do, the men cannot be turned into women, none of them, not a single one — because no matter how successful the brainwashing and soy diet might be, MEN CAN’T GROW A WOMB to REPRODUCE.

            And if a society doesn’t reproduce — it dies.

            That’s reality.

            Somebody thought this out really well.

            And a whole lot of other people, didn’t.

            Guess who’s winning…

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            1. A couple of historical female leadership examples: Deborah the Judge in the Bible; Joan of Arc; Cleopatra; Nefertiti (I think she was the female pharaoh)…You are probably right that it is rare in history for a reason.

              I think that naturally Most women used to desire marriage & family & would often sublimate their personal ambitions to raise their kids. I know that I set aside various dreams when I became pregnant. Both my husband & I thought it was important for the mom to raise the kids, at least when they were young. The thing is, though, once they get to school age there are still so many aspects to meeting kids’ needs that make trying to get back into a full time career would be quite challenging. PT work during school hours is possible but then what happens on Summer Break?

              My homeschooling sister-in-law did the balancing act extremely well. She was so organized that she could get schooling done from 9am-noon M-F & that left plenty of hours for other activities. She ran a very successful cleaning business for several years to augment the family income while my brother was working on his master’s degree, but once he was back to full-time bread winner status she dropped her business even though many customers wanted her to continue.

              With pandemic insanity in Michigan she managed to establish an online educational position (she’d been working with the online school for years as a homeschooler & taught a number of homeschool co-op classes) that was pretty lucrative. She also picked up some medical coding work through a friend. She is quite the dynamo!

              Me, I’m still mostly “just” a stay-home mom who never homeschooled but got Very Beat Up in the process of advocating for my special needs son…Maybe I’ll get back out into the workforce again a bit after things settle down but that remains to be seen. Even though my special son is much more independent now he still needs a decent amount of support & the bulk of that falls to me…

              As far as more recent women in leadership goes some pretty competent ones who might not have gotten to their positions through social engineering could be: Golda Meir, Margaret Thatcher, Sarah Palin, & Kristie Noem. Gretchen Whitmer (whose tyranny I’m forced to endure in Michigan) & many in parallel state offices are ideologues who surely never contemplated nor intended Any Loyalty to the Constitution whatever oaths they may have taken. They exhibit no shame for the march of tyranny they perpetuate here in Michigan & in other places across the land. However their disqualifications for higher office have nothing to do with sex organs & everything to do with ideology…like w/ Newsom & Cuomo etc…

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              1. “A couple of historical female leadership examples: Deborah the Judge in the Bible; Joan of Arc; Cleopatra; Nefertiti (I think she was the female pharaoh)…You are probably right that it is rare in history for a reason.”


                The first two that occurred to me were Joan of Arc and the Queen of Sheba. I don’t know enough about either one to understand how each came to power, but I expect that the Queen of Sheba inherited power as part of a royal bloodline.

                She certainly didn’t battle her way into leadership.


                “I think that naturally Most women used to desire marriage & family & would often sublimate their personal ambitions to raise their kids.”


                And no doubt many men sublimate their dreams and personal ambitions in order to put food on the table for their families. At least that’s how it used to be, for thousands and thousands of years, until the 60s generation fixed everything up. Nobody was getting a free ride in this world, at least not until the last 40 years or so with the Nanny State.

                But everybody can’t lead.

                Whether it’s two (or more) guys who are friends, or two (or more) women who are friends, or a man and a woman, or a husband and wife, somebody leads. Two (or more) people can’t lead.

                People can pretend otherwise if they want, but I can’t. It’s all this fantasy and pretending that has caused all the insanity we’re dealing with, and it takes enough energy to fight the insanity as it is — so the last thing I want to do is contribute to it, by joining in.

                For anyone who wants to go to the Bible, it’s a very simple thing.

                God created Man, and called him Adam.

                God decided it was not good for the Man that He created to be alone.

                God created a help-meet for the Man, and she was called Woman, because she was taken out of Man (Genesis 2:23).

                “And Adam called his wife’s name Eve; because she was the mother of all living.” (Genesis 3:20)

                And the Serpent did not deceive the Man, but the Woman. (1 Timothy 2:14)

                The Man chose to partake of the forbidden fruit after his wife did, and we can only speculate about why. I suspect that Adam understood that she would be cut off, and he loved her, so whatever was going to happen to her, he would go with her and whatever the punishment would be, it would happen to them both.

                And in the New Testament:

                “Wives, submit yourselves unto your own husbands, as unto the Lord. [23] For the husband is the head of the wife, even as Christ is the head of the church: and he is the saviour of the body. [24] Therefore as the church is subject unto Christ, so let the wives be to their own husbands in every thing. [25] Husbands, love your wives, even as Christ also loved the church, and gave himself for it;” (Ephesians 5:22-25, KJV)


                But lots of people don’t care what God thinks about it, or what God says about anything else, which leaves:

                A) the natural order (i.e., God’s way, without formally recognizing it as God’s way)


                B) contrivances of men, social-engineering against the natural order

                And for those keeping score at home, we’re SOLIDLY in the ‘B’ category in the Year of Our Lord 2020.


                “The thing is, though, once they get to school age there are still so many aspects to meeting kids’ needs that make trying to get back into a full time career would be quite challenging.”


                At this point in time, it hard not to argue that turning one’s children over to the corrupt State for 8+ hours of God-hating, America-hating indoctrination every day is criminal child abuse.


                “My homeschooling sister-in-law did the balancing act extremely well.”


                There are always exceptions. But for every one like your sister-in-law, how many tens of thousands cannot do what she did?

                Any viable ‘system’ has to work for the vast majority, or it is not a viable ‘system’.


                “Me, I’m still mostly “just” a stay-home mom who never homeschooled but got Very Beat Up in the process of advocating for my special needs son…Maybe I’ll get back out into the workforce again a bit after things settle down but that remains to be seen.”


                Managing a home (i.e., stay at home Mom) is a full time job, and a difficult one, and any woman who does it well should be very proud, and any man should be grateful to her (and for her).

                There was a time in this country, for a very long time, when a man could earn enough to take care of his family so his wife would not have to work outside the home.

                That model was very purposely disrupted, in the effort to disintegrate the family unit, and as Q has mentioned several times, to make it easier to deceive the public:

                How does the average person, who is under constant financial stress (by design), find time to research and discern fact v fiction?” [that original post, on 11/21/19, has been re-posted 4 more times so far]

                Do they count on the fact that w/ work, family, stresses of life, etc. that the typical person does not have enough time in the day to research topics for themselves and therefore would believe narratives projected in the echo chamber w/o the need to provide facts or substance other than opinion?

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              2. I guess by that perspective I’ve been a truth-seeker & truth-teller for my whole family for some years now 🙂 It’s still important to be able to speak to the issues of the day with a biblical perspective & also to relate to one’s kids of a later generation…My version of “homemaking” & my mom’s were very different but we both can “boast” that All of our respective kids heartily follow the Lord, so I guess we each did something right!!!

                God’s ways are Always higher than our ways & His thoughts higher than our thoughts–thankfully! That’s why scripture remains relevant, it’s the owners manual for life as recorded by our creator. We’ll never improve on His designs & purposes so we each need to find ways to surrender our wills to His! Blessings

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              3. And thank you very much for your thoughtful reply Valerie, I appreciate it.

                I didn’t expect anyone would reply, because we have all been indoctrinated to avoid ever talking about subjects like these.

                Which is exactly how things go on for so long and get so insane, because TPTB convince us never to talk about them!

                What a scam they’ve run on us…

                I regularly hear or see the admonition “never talk about politics or religion”, so that pretty much leaves the weather, and the weather gets boring pretty fast… 😂

                After weather and a few other general subjects are exhausted (family, job, sports), if you’re not going to talk about politics or religion (i.e., the things which have a huge impact on all of our lives, one way or another), all that’s left is mindless superficial chit-chat.

                And I can only stand about 30 seconds of mindless chit-chat — and only then if I’m blindsided and don’t see it coming, otherwise I find a way to avoid it altogether 😂😂😂

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              4. “And I can only stand about 30 seconds of mindless chit-chat — and only then if I’m blindsided and don’t see it coming, otherwise I find a way to avoid it altogether”

                That’s me! If I ever find myself in some type of a party situation I’m inevitably in some corner having cornered some poor soul & expounding rather intensely on ‘real’ things. Some can’t wait to get away but occasionally there’s someone who’s not afraid to enter the fray & truly enjoys the iron sharpens iron aspect of human interactions…

                It’s a reason that I rarely socialize with many females, who’ve been programmed, practically from birth, to fixate on externals & superficiality…I love digging into the meat of things & debating Truth but that’s not a sport many modern people prefer to play…

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              5. “That’s me! If I ever find myself in some type of a party situation I’m inevitably in some corner having cornered some poor soul & expounding rather intensely on ‘real’ things.”

                “I love digging into the meat of things & debating Truth but that’s not a sport many modern people prefer to play…”


                Valerie, I love that about you!

                There are many people here at WQTH like that, a much higher percentage than I seem to find in most ‘in person’ situations, which is one of the things I love about so many of the people here 👍 🙂

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          2. How many white people are in positions of power in India?

            Or just about anywhere in Africa?

            How many blacks OR whites are in positions of power in China?

            Or Mexico?

            It’s a silly game, until someone begins to take it seriously.

            Then it becomes a dangerous game.

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      2. You have a very strong sense of identity and of who you are.

        Many people do not.

        Large swaths of the population have a very weak sense of personal identity.

        Their identity and worth is determined largely by their friends and relationships

        Their values are determine by the music they listen to, the TV and movies they watch, and the news they consume.

        There are many people who simply have no grounding in themselves to what is true. No worldview of consequence.

        Their ideas and philosophy are total mush.

        When people tell them they are at fault, they believe it, and they feel guilt.

        It’s what they’ve been programmed to do.

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    2. I can’t say when the guilt started, but I know that Obama went on an apology tour (maybe several), condemning this country’s history and actions. He didn’t start it, but he greatly intensified it, and that was the goal.

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      1. that apology tour pissed me off!
        so we have some warts—we also saved the world how many times?
        we are a smart, friendly for the most part, innovative people who can be loyal friends or fierce enemies. are we perfect? hell no! but we’re someone you want in your corner.

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      2. hussein too commonly said shit like, ” we are not like that”, “that is not the way we are”, “the is not us”…

        Each and every time, I wondered, who the hell is hussein referring to? hussein was essentially chastising Americans for doing NOTHING WRONG.

        hussein was IMO, trying to shame Americans to feel differently than what our values indicated we di feel, should feel…

        The YSM promoted hussein then and now. Weak minded huseein worshippers further adopted hussein mindset…America is bad. Such BS.

        Have never been so disconnected from a president as I was and continue to be disconnected with hussein, hussein goon administation, hussein followers and hussein YSM. S P I T !

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    3. … B I N G O … ‼️‼️‼️‼️ …

      “I’m not uncomfortable about any of it.

      You know why?

      Because I didn’t DO any of it.” …

      Well said Scott … kudos’s you hit the nail on the head. It’s a dadgummed “sucker-punch” that’s all it is. I grew up in Detroit .. mixed schools, lower middle class/blue collar, we didn’t have or tolerate this bs … it’s all lawless punks using a narrative to commit heinous crimes‼️ 🤨 ..

      … squash the hateful vermin … they’re “pissants” ..

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  3. The culture war that started in the late 30s or early 40s:

    I’ve had this on my iPad bookmarks for a very long time. I had done much study on Kinsey mainly via Dr. Judith Reisman, psych classes and reading, for decades. I didn’t even realize until today that I had bookmarked this video. The documentary is quite thorough.

    (There is a short period in the documentary that repeats itself, unless I inadvertently backtracked.)

    Subject matter is appalling, however it really shows the acceptance by some to practice child molestation and child sacrifice, and from the time this video was made until now, it is also probable that some segments of people have openly progressed to, not just molestation and sacrifice, but also child cannibalism and demonic abuse in our country, although that is not new to society.

    It is a long documentary, 2 but it should open many eyes if people take the time to view. It is long, and unfortunately the last few minutes won’t play for me. Please watch and share before it disappears because of the political climate. Just when you think you’ve learned the crux of the video, it goes into more and more info surrounding the subject matter.

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      1. You are right. I was referring to the sexual inculcation in the country as accelerated via Kinsey’s phony, biased “studies.”


        1. Well, there is that. But there was a push in the Victorian era to change fashion and chuck the unhealthy stuff, make the clothing cooler, etc. It may have contributed to the sex issue, but I think that was more of a propaganda push from the people who developed the methods. Something I read in Bernays’s books talked about birth control, specifically, and his books were copyrighted 1928 and 1929.

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          1. I’m sure it goes back further. Birth control and abortion was even an issue in the witch trials of midwives. The video is more than historical perspective on child sexual abuse.


  4. Dave Sterrett presents an introduction to the concepts and problems with Critical Race Theory.

    +LIFELOG x2
    +twatter RT

    Great short video by
    on the Problems with Critical Race Theory

    If you are looking to understand this ideology at a basic level, and the fundamental problems with it, this is a great starting point!


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  5. So, in regards to Americans fighting back, I have had my own little neighborhood war going on over the last few days. After the shooting and protests in downtown Provo two weeks ago, graffiti has started to show up on a large round-about structure near my home. Finally, after suffering in silence and making my ulcer worse and waking up Sunday morning to even more profane chalk drawings, etc., I marched out to the road with my bucket of water and my push broom and proceeded to scrub away as much of the offensive stuff as I could. Suddenly, a car pulled up next to me. A new friend was made – he said, “I am so sick of this crap. I am going home to get my power washer and I will be right back.” I said, “God Bless you and that will be great!” Between the two of us, we got most of it cleaned off before noon that day. Lot of cars whizzing by and not one of them harassed us. I called our local police dispatch today and reported it as vandalism of public property. The police officer in charge called me back immediately, told me they were on it and would be watching closely for any further occurrences. My point is, we can all fight back, no matter how small a gesture it may seem we MUST start somewhere or the real fascists will take over. My ulcer has calmed down as well, thank you very much….

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    1. OW21, thanks for this. Me and grandpa are getting active in our tiny town…we have one stoplight too. Irregularities going on in our town with the utilities. Ugh. The town officials have been running things for decades and don’t feel obliged to tell the citizens anything about anything.

      Have already caught one of them lying through his teeth at a public meeting.

      But that’s what we get for not paying attention all these years.

      Our civic duty got buried under work and family…

      Multiply this on a national scale and we’ve got the current situation.

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      1. grandma…your simple comment, “”Our civic duty got buried under work and family.”, is the best synopsis of what we are reaping in today’s times and actions that I have read for a while; so simple, so true.

        While “we” have been enjoying what our unique and blessed Country has to offer, the marxists have been on an infiltration and destroying Mission for many decades.
        I DO believe we are culpable, but it’s indeed regrettable when just being a good citizen, and tending to our business, is shown to be a liability.

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        1. I know. But I am determined to fight them to the death. I can’t sit back and watch this great country fall. All those in my family who came before, and my beloved grandchildren need me to fight like hell.

          It occurred to me that all of us who have been open in our defense of our nation will have our heads on the chopping block anyway. They will come after us at their leisure.


          1. grandma, yes, I believe you may be right.
            Just last week, as I was reading through a section of Old Testament prophesy, I was reminded that The Remnant ALSO got hauled off to exile, right along with the idolaters and reprobates.
            There are no guarantees.

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      2. You, go Grandma! You will get a lot of personal satisfaction out of being more involved, believe me! By the way, how are you feeling about Gov. Abbott these days?

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    1. There are competing points on this. One Twitter account yesterday that with the kids not in school, they can’t be used for false flags. Hadn’t thought of that, but it is a consideration.

      Defund ’em anyway. Well, the administrative offices. More funding for the arts would be nice.

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          1. I’m sure…when this was made public, everyone was shocked…and no one, and I do mean no one, thought the salaries were justified. we truly are a small area–there’s one stoplight in town and you can travel 20 miles in either direction before hitting another.

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        1. Not your fault… when I click play in the WQTH blog page Viewboob says “unavailable.” When I copied the URL into Brave browser then it played fine. Really a great interview. Sean talked right over Roger’s disclosure that Sean exhorted Roger to turn to Jesus which was an interesting choice by Sean. Roger is not ashamed to admit he humbled himself before God.

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    1. I have thought all along that the pedo stuff would knock the Demoncrats back on their heels…and red pill a lot of clueless people.

      Once people see what the elitists pedos have been doing…they will be more likely to believe the other crimes that they’ve done.
      And also those who have been *covering* for them.

      Instead of “Oh I don’t believe that.”

      It would be…”Yeah, I can believe that. The guy’s a pedophile!”

      So the Wayfair thing hitting right after Ghiz was arrested…
      I’m hoping that this is leading up to even more coming out into the light.

      And PizzaGate was never debunked.

      The Enemedia just gaslighted the public by declaring that it had been “debunked”.
      But it never was!

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  6. Which came first — Yellowstone Park or Statehood?


    Yellowstone National Park!

    The Park was established in 1872…but Wyoming didn’t become a state until 1890, when it became our 44th state.

    The Park also predates Montana, which borders on Yellowstone.
    Montana became a state in 1889 when it became our 41st state.

    Idaho borders Yellowstone on the west, and became our 43rd state when it became a state in 1890.

    Vintage Documentary on Yellowstone:

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  7. Not that I expect anyone to actually care…..but I figure it might amuse….

    I had noted yesterday about the cramped space behind the dryer where I was working. The reason it is so cramped is because the dryer’s space in the mudroom is only about eight inches from a step down for the door to outside. I could move the dryer forward about 20 inches by balancing it on the edge of this well.That meant that I was working in a space about 28″ wide (eight inches where the duct normally goes, eight more inches of floor, and about a foot over the edge of the step).

    Got things appropriately vacuumed/blown out, and was reassembling the dryer, when I got to putting in the two bottom screws of the internal duct, which are about one inch into the frame of the dryer and two inches up from the floor. And my inherited nut driver was particularly long.

    So I flopped down on my tuchis and started playing Twister to see if I could get the screw, the nutdriver, the dryer, and everything to cooperate….and, between my hip and pressure on the nutdriver, the dryer fell into the hole. Immediately after hitting the bottom of the hole, it then toppled forward into the wall.

    I immediately checked to see if I had waked the Fiancee (at the far end of the house), then went back to survey the situation. I almost wish I’d done this [in a more controlled fashion] in the first place, as now there is plenty of room to work and everything is nicely accessible on top. As a bonus, I’m going to be able to mop the entire floor under the dryer and a good portion of floor under the washer.

    I consider it extremely unlikely that there is any damage to the floor, and there may not even be any damage to the wall. The dryer is an ’80s Kenmore, built like it was for a laundromat — you could probably mount it to the front of a bulldozer and shove it through the entire house (and some cars) without damaging it.

    Liked by 11 people

      1. I found the pen yesterday. And discovered that the duct-cleaning service I’d had done about five years ago was worthless because it only did the duct between the dryer and the wall…..which is only a little longer than the duct inside the dryer (and is much easier to get to).

        Except for the contortionism, this is really a straightforward project. If I had this thing sitting on a two-foot platform in the middle of an empty shop, it’d be child’s play. But I was trying to do it while wedged behind the unit, which was dangling on the edge of a step, while under a shelf.

        I’d actually considered taking a spare piece of plywood and stacking stuff in the well to support it as additional floor. That would have been safer and easier, knowing what I know now. Unfortunately, how I went into this was thinking it had been competently serviced a few years back and I should focus on merely retrieving the pen.

        There have been other sagas that have been omitted along the way — like finding my air compressor crammed in the middle of my garage, under four other boxes of crud, digging it out and finding that it didn’t have the hose or the valve packaged in the box. Then finding the hose and spending 15 minutes excavating it and discovering I still didn’t have the valve. All told, it took me an hour of prep before I was able to start blowing out otherwise inaccessible crud that I could see.

        Or labelling everything when I put it back together. The lint duct is held in by four 5/16″ hex-head sheet-metal screws from the back and two phillips screws from the top. The screw holes are now marked like *5/16″ 3/4* with Sharpie. I do this to back panels, inside panels, and power supplies all the time (if you’re marking on something black, they make a silver Sharpie). It’s hard-won knowledge that I had to figure out from nothing — if I have to do it again in five years, I’ll appreciate any hints. (BTW, most US appliances pre-China are held together by 1/4″ hex-head metal screws. Post-China, there’s a bunch of metric, a bunch of SAE, and a bunch of wonky stuff that appears to be based on the length of an Emperor’s manhood circa 922 AD.)

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        1. Well I’m glad you’ve got that ordeal behind you.

          You probably have the cleanest dryer in town right now!
          Except for the new ones in warehouses, that is.

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          1. This is an offshoot about “in the warehouses”..we’ve apparently got major shortages of appliances. They’re not in the warehouses.
            I may have related my fridge and stove saga here but recap is..I ordered them from BestBuy in Dec. at first they said delivery in Jan..then it changed to Feb. I got mad, canceled and ordered through Costco because they the next week.. Didn’t happen. Finally in March they arrived.

            Now my brother & SIL..different part of country. Their fridge completely went out. Went to several places and in 2 weeks. 2 weeks came and went. The 1st excuse was they couldn’t get delivery drivers…after demands of what’s going on they finally admitted that it might be available in Sept. “Might be”

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            1. Wow, that’s not good.

              I haven’t heard of this going on here.
              You’re in CA, right?
              Have you checked in other cities…or in states nearby?

              Maybe you could go pick them up, instead of having to wait?


              1. My ordeal was in Cal…Bro is in South Carolina so it’s not regional. My theory is that production is down..due to CV or maybe can’t get parts made in China ? Something is going on…the guy at BB (the other day in SC) told him that the delays are killing them.

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              2. Sorry you’re having to wait so long, Molly.

                Yeah, it sounds like something is going on.
                Plant closures due to the CV? Yep, could be.

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              3. Wheatie, it took us weeks to get a simple little printer. We literally had to check almost daily at the Walmart. Finally asked a guy what was going on and he said they just weren’t coming. Had been on order for weeks but no deliveries.

                Also, the shelves are emptying out again.

                I think we are seeing the supply chain break down…

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              4. My fridge died two weeks ago… was a nightmare trying to find a black fridge that fit my measurement requirements….Home Depot had zero fridges on their showroom floors and appliance dealers who usually carry large inventories were down to one or two fridges on their showroom floors and a lot of dealers were telling me that they didn’t know when they’d get in another shipment.

                I finally found one at a dealership located four hours from where I live that actually had one fridge on their floor that would work for me…so yeah, there is definitely an issue with appliance shortages….:0)

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              5. Friend of mine was at Lowe’s yesterday to purchase a small replacement countertop.
                Staff told friend how fortunate she was…last one in stock..v low inventories…AND any further shipments from China (friends counter came, iirc, Viet Nam) CANCELLED.
                Staff was upset bc of course this wreaks havoc with Customer Service, and when questioned, Staff said, It was a Government Edict.
                So, things be filtering down…China can pound sand.

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            2. I suspect this will be very common and a “way of life” for us. I’m seriously wondering if I will get my GE Advantium repaired in a couple of days if a part needs to be ordered.
              Several weeks ago, I went to our high-end kitchen store in town to buy a couple of very good saute pans to replace the “top of the line” pans I bought previously from a big chain store that warped so badly within 2 years only about half the surface directly touched the stove.
              I took home the small pan I wanted but had to order the larger size…”should be here quickly.” That was at least 8+ weeks ago.
              We’ve gotten “spoiled” in many aspects of our lives we’ve taken for granted all our lives.
              BTW, our City Council did pass a mask mandate last night…not even a close vote, even though those in attendance against outnumbered those supporting it. Sigh….

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      2. There are times and places where “classic American construction” is too valuable to let go. I intend to use our washer and dryer for the rest of my life, even if I have to construct replacement parts from bricks of metal with a mill and lathe, or replace mechanical timers with computerized relays.

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      3. One other little trivia bit. I don’t have a cite, but I remember well that there were a bunch of top-load washers and Consumer Reports was rating them very highly — with the venerable Kenmore design well rated……then the EPA went through a bunch of decrees and three years later the only units available for sale were on the bottom end of the ratings available three years prior.

        Limitations on water usage are particularly idiotic in Eastern states along rivers. But to mandate water use as if the entire country were Phoenix, Las Vegas, or LA is asinine. It even jumped the shark in San Francisco — when they mandated low-flow toilets connected to their 1850’s plumbing systems, they ended up with blockages that could only be managed by periodically dumping millions of gallons of bleach into pipes feeding into San Francisco Bay. That’s healthier, more sustainable, and more eco-friendly?

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        1. I hope we see some US manufacturing of heavy-duty top-loading washing machines in the near future.

          Bring back our heavy-duty top-loaders!

          Manufacturers may be worried that if they tool up and start producing this type of washer…now, during the Trump years…that some future Dems may outlaw them, forcing the manufacturers to take a heavy loss.

          But if HusseinO can issue a 30 yr Waiver to the bird-murdering wind generators, for killing our eagles…then maybe Pres Trump can issue a Waiver to washer manufacturers, to protect them from future Demoncrat nonsense.

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        2. Or just contemplate the Federal ban on light bulbs…..good idea or not (and I’m seeing some neat things with LEDs), who the h*** thought that congress should be able to do that? Mind you, the history of regulation and light bulbs is pretty freaky — did you know that there was an international agreement to ensure they burned out regularly?

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          1. For those of us with Irlen Syndrome, a visual perception disorder where we get headaches, and misjudge space under fluorescent lighting, more or less banning the incandescent bulb was devastating. Reading comprehension is an issue as is page blur. And I get migraines with LED lights, it effects me so.

            When the phase out was announced, I admit I hoarded light bulbs and still have some from that time, but others didn’t and have had to get work light bulbs from places like Home Depot just to be comfortable.

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            1. We have LOTS of the old-style bulbs stored away. Remember, there were off the wall “disposal” regulations with the new bulbs, not to mention the huge price difference.
              I may have posted before about a single female friend making the decision to sell her home and buy into a life-care facility. It was super deluxe and provided a wide array of activities and services in addition to the comfort of the health care. She did extensive research on the financial stability, the extent of health care, etc. and personally visited 9 places in about 4 states before selecting this one.
              After extensive remodeling to her unit, she moved in…for less than a week. The Led lighting throughout all the common areas was intolerable for her and the result is that she had to leave.
              Who would have thought something so minor could become so major.

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    1. “you could probably mount it to the front of a bulldozer and shove it through the entire house (and some cars) without damaging it.”

      Sounds like a good (& pointless) Red Green project!



    Post 9955568 (from 8koon)

    FORCED Face Masks In Public? It Helps To Have A Sense Of Humor…

    Note: Socialists Have NO Sense Of Humor…

    But WE do – so let’s poke them…

    Opinion by “Deplorable” Consumer Advocate Tim Bolen

    Here in California the local liberal news channels are teaching the vaccine-damaged-gender-challeged Millennials “the art of shaming” over face mask wearing. You can see an example almost everywhere you look. They have moved their ANTIFA thuglets off of the streets and into the local Trader Joes, CostCo, WinCo, Vons, Albertsons, you-name-it. Who is their target? YOU are…

    At first it seems annoying, but, with a little preparation you can completely, and humorously, ruin their day and you don’t have to punch anyone in the mouth…

    Or drive over them with your vehicle…

    Here is their trick…

    Keep in mind (insert laughter here) that ALL liberals are FULL of self-righteousness. THEY are always right – YOU are always wrong. We usually just verbally pat them on the head, and pour another cup of coffee, while they continue to seethe. But, in this case they have seriously stepped over the line into interfering with our shopping experience, and they need to be dealt with.

    So, let’s do that…

    Now, (laugh out loud once more) their trick is to accost someone NOT wearing a face mask in a store, screaming as loud as possible, so as to get surrounding people’s attention (the shaming part), lecturing in an equally loud voice about Covid-19, blah-blah, blah… While, of course, filming YOU, hoping to create justified outrage, so they can have you arrested, featured on the local liberal TV channel, or, at the very least, they will put the event on their local ANTIFA FaceBook page – ALL with YOU as the “bad guy.”

    There is a FUN countermove from the world of “Street Theater.”

    You just have to stay calm, let the audience close in for a little more entertainment, smile, and say “THANK YOU, I was distracted by the News Report that said that PRESIDENT Trump is going to win the 2020 election in a landslide…”

    Then reach into your pocket and get out ONE of your three or four masks.

    Now here is the hard part. Which mask should you choose for this occasion? After all – they ARE filming this for the evening news right?

    Should you use the one we featured in the photo at the top? The black one that says: “This mask is as useless as our governor?” This action could “trigger them” you know. Their eyes could drop completely out of focus. Step back – for they could faint and fall right on the floor. Do not try to catch them, because you would have to touch them, and as we all know HYGIENE is an issue with these people.

    Or perhaps the red one that says “Make America Great Again…” You have to be VERY, VERY careful with this one. Why? THIS ONE could send your confronters into a shrieking “I need a SAFE SPACE right now” mode. They could even begin to swallow their tongue, falling on the floor in asphyxiation. Note: DO NOT attempt resuscitation. Remember, these people are liberals and you have no idea where their mouths have been in the last months, or worse, during the last half hour. Leave this to health professionals. Just walk away.

    Or perhaps if you, like me, sometimes have a REALLY EVIL sense of humor, you might want to go for the “Trump 2020 – Make Liberals Cry Again…” mask.

    With this, however, you could get immediate heart seizure from your assailant. This would be the moment when all of their best laid plans came to nothing, and, in fact, backfired. It would be the VERY moment when realization came that it was THEY who were set up – and their own camera, and those of their friends broadcasting directly to their ANTIFA FaceBook page were all “ON.”

    Liked by 12 people

    1. One thing to remember is that private enterprise can legally require people to *do* all sorts of crazy things to enter their store — wear plaid, facemasks, mismatched socks, or say “walla, walla, walla” while patting themselves on the head. If you do not meet their requirements and enter their store, you are performing criminal trespass.

      They cannot require people to *be* a bunch of things to enter their store. You do not have to be straight, gay, Muslim, black, red, female, or have been born south of the Equator within the last 50 years. If they try to claim you are trespassing for a reason like this, they can be sued.

      You are always free to walk away from their store, shaking your head sadly, and muttering “I’ll say “Ni!”, but I won’t say “Walla, walla, walla”…..

      Also note that many stores (more here in California than in civilized places) are regulated by state and local governments. If they fail to Karen you about a mask, they may fail a health inspection. If they fail to chant allegiance to the County Health Commissioner, they might face a wage-and-hour audit. If they fail to post signs, they could fail a fire-safety occupancy permit. If an individual owner takes the authorities to court for not being realistic, he could lose his professional certification or even his drivers’ license (even while thousands of licenses are being given to illegal aliens).

      We are getting detestable garbage from Governor Random Nuisance and his band of Happy Hoodlums* and feel like ignoring this and subsequent decrees — but businesses are getting a full-court press from the bureaucratic state — and they’ve already been shoved to the edge of catastrophe. Have pity on these businesses and be gentle.


      Liked by 11 people

      1. It’s the same way in NY Cthulhu so many regulations on business to keep them in line with Dictator oh I mean governor Cuomo. Do as we say or we will shut you down. Saw this all the time while working, worked at the #1 food retailer. We constantly had the monthly/ yearly state inspection and we always meet the standards. Go into the competition and you knew they never did just from what you saw. The one with most to lose got the most intense inspection or should I say harassment from the state. Good ol Andy and his merry inspection teams keeping everyone in line. I am sure it’s worse now ya know because this virus is a health issue and all ………..

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      2. Thus far socialist have Nevada mask decree has a caveat for those with “medical” conditions. They “should” wear the ultra safe, face shield.

        – This fool has a “medical” condition. Don’t have to say what the medical condition is. Face shield is “should” NOT shall or will.

        IF a store demands masks, no exceptions on their own policy. OK. I won’t shop there.

        Do hope folks wear their mask incorrectly. Mouth covered only, on their chin, around their neck. Or simply take it off after getting past the door checker.

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  9. Tucker had a good show Monday night.

    Opening segment…he flays AOC and the ‘abolish the police’ crowd.
    He has Mark McClosky of St. Louis on, to talk about how he is being persecuted for defending himself.

    Former MO governor Eric Greitens joins him as well.

    Planned Parenthood — Give back the money!

    America Faces an Education Crisis if schools don’t reopen in the Fall.

    Then at the 24:50 mark, Tucker starts a segment about the Attacks on Christianity across the country.

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      1. I dunno.
        Tucker has been a trouper and hasn’t taken any time off in a long time…while others have taken off for weeks at a time.

        So maybe it’s a for-real vacation?

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          1. Well, I hope he comes back next Monday, like he said.

            Tucker is their best show, ratings wise.
            Fox would be shooting themselves in the foot if they let him go.

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      2. going to install a pod person in his place…then Tucker will contract covid while on vacation…and have to stay out longer…then his family will contract it–stay out longer…are we at the election yet???

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      3. He made a point of slipping in that the “trout fishing” is a planned trip. Something odd though – when he said he’ll be back Monday, he added “if not before”.

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  10. Posting from

    ★ ★ ★ Ongoing Meme Op ★ ★ ★


    5 Democrat governors knowingly increased COVID death count by sending COVID-positive to nursing homes, against CDC/Federal guidelines

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    3. Gretchen Whitmer MI

    4. Phil Murphy NJ

    5. Tom Wolf PA

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    · Gutfeld on Gov. Cuomo and the nursing home scandal

    · Cuomo’s recent statements on nursing homes stun ‘The Five’

    · Cuomo facing scrutiny over nursing home policies during pandemic

    · Martha shreds Cuomo’s ‘negligence’, lack of accountability


    · Reporter Roundup: LA Nursing Homes Become the new COVID-19 Hotspots

    · Thousands sick with COVID-19 in California nursing homes

    · Some nursing homes are seeking immunity from pandemic lawsuits

    · Critics Say Newsom Needs To Do More To Protect Senior Care Facility Residents


    · Michigan Gov. Whitmer defends placing COVID-19 patients in nursing homes with healthy residents

    · Congressman sues Michigan Gov. Gretchen Whitmer over handling of coronavirus (COVID-19) crisis

    · Michigan lawmakers pass resolutions against Gov. Whitmer’s nursing home policy


    · New Jersey to Investigate COVID-19 Deaths at Nursing Homes | NBC New York

    · NJ Health Commissioner addresses 17 bodies found in Andover nursing home hit by coronavirus

    · Long-term care facilities account for more than half of NJ’s COVID-19 death toll

    · Former NJ Nursing Home Employees Reveal Dire Conditions Even Before COVID-19 | NBC New York


    · Pennsylvania State Legislature Votes To Revoke Emergency Shutdown Order, Gov. Tom Wolf Says

    · Gov. Tom Wolf orders all non-life-sustaining businesses closed in Pennsylvania

    · Pennsylvania Under Fire For Nursing Home COVID-19 Cases, State To Roll Out More Data

    · Pennsylvania Attorney General Opens Criminal Investigation Into Nursing Homes


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  11. If you haven’t read it yet this medium article is worth your time 😉

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    1. Very, very proud of my state and its GOP leadership. Most are true conservatives whose deeds match their public postures. Conservatives totally control the state legislature and governor role and win elections by large margins. Still have slaves on the plantations in Memphis and Nashville who have not yet figured out that the chains of the leftists will not bring them happiness and peace. We pray they do at some point.

      No income tax state with a growing, strong manufacturing base along with a great quality of life. Anybody who wants to MAGA is invited.

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      1. You are So Blessed. In Michigan the House & Senate is in the control of R’s but Gretchen Whitmer, the dictator in the Gov’s residence, is acting like a tyrant & so far legislative moves to thwart her unconstitutional overreach have been largely unsuccessful. There is a Recall Petition for Whitmer that’s about to go live though! God help us & save us from “ourselves”….


    1. more on that topic by the same tweeter…not currently hidden…

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  12. Young woman killed for saying “All Lives Matter”.

    I think that this 👆…is related to this:👇

    The idiot young zombies have been getting programmed to brutalize & attack anyone who says, “All Lives Matter”.

    These younglings act like this is a game to them…just another role-playing game.
    This is a LARP to them.

    LARP = Live Action Role Playing.

    But now, this has taken an evil, sinister direction…

    These idiot zombie LARPers are being programmed to the dirty work that their communist organizers want done.
    This is terrorism, textbook terrorism.

    This is just like the jihadis who say “Death to the non-believers!”

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  13. Such a good boy.

    Dog is beside the bed where his human has fallen asleep with an iPhone in his/her hand.
    The dog carefully takes the phone and places it on the bed near the human…then he carefully grasps the covers in his mouth and pulls them up over the sleeping human.

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    1. Then they’re attempting to go toe-to-toe with GOD.

      Then the DEMONicRATS WILL be utterly vanquished.

      They are the most Godless, Satanic, do-nothing, ne’er-do-well bunch of misanthropic losers that has ever been assembled this side of Hell…..

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  14. I love her!

    She sounds like a New Yorker…and she uses some *very spicy language*.
    But she does it well!

    **Language Warning**


    This is from last week, where she shares her thoughts about the St. Louis couple who defended themselves.
    **Extra Spicy Language**

    H/T to Citizen Free Press.

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      1. Yep, but that will happen in the rebuilt temple (for which preparations have been going on for about five years now)…

        The Moslems are like a bad infestation of pests, that takes on average 600 years to clear out. Time to clear them out for good…

        And the trouble with Airheadman is, someone takes him out, he’ll be replaced by someone even crazier… just like the Bible says about Ismael, who will be like a donkey, causing trouble everywhere…

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  15. I’m wondering if this guy was MK’d…

    An Alaska Airline flight had to make an emergency landing in Seattle, when a passenger became aggressive and started yelling:

    “I will…kill everybody! I will kill everybody…unless they accept that Jesus was a black man!”

    H/T CFP.

    Liked by 6 people

    1. Sounds almost like a ff kind of incident, maybe they were going for a twofer, get people to hate “these violent Christians” and to plant the idea in peoples’ heads that Jesus was black.

      Jesus was a JEW. Not Black. Nor yellow, green, fuschia, blue, or any other color.

      What the DEMONicRATS are doing there is trying to bend the Bible, GOD’S Word, to their Satanic purposes. They will fail, and their miscreant efforts will return on them 100- and 1000-fold; they sowed the wind, they’ll reap the whirlwind…

      Liked by 1 person

      1. He was NOT white. Closest match today would be a pure Persian. Or a “Palestinian”.

        Definitely not Arab or African.


    1. Here’s that full image, since the bottom of it was cut off:

      It’s outrageous that we don’t have easy and open access to HCQ!

      HCQ should be over the counter.

      Liked by 12 people

      1. 100% agree. Please start a petition at the WH site. We can all get the word out and notify the friendly media.

        2/3 of the trifecta for curing the COVID would then be OTC without a prescription when you add in the zinc sulfate. So as a prophylactic you’ve got it covered. If you catch it or something similar – personally I have been taking z-pacs for many years for sinus infections. Call or email your doc if they have a health portal and give them symptoms. They will call it into the pharmacy if they trust you and have your file/history to keep you from contaminating the office. If they will not, just schedule an appointment. Done – you then get well. I’m having my doc note my request for method of treatment in my file and have emailed it to the health portal so that they and I have a record of it.

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        1. I had a severe sinus infection over a month ago. The PA refused to give me a zpack. He said it was against practice to give it bc it was incorrect for the bacteria. I had previously had a zpac when the infection travelled into my gi too. So, I had to take antibiotics for 10 days longer instead of 3.

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        2. I do not understand why Trump doesn’t simply gather together a conference of regular front line docs, university docs who have conducted studies or who have stats, etc. — and put the information out there publicly. Overload the airwaves with rock solid, unbiased expertise and experience that cannot be questioned. Like a daily, week-long, televised thing – in place of the news conference no one watches. We’re at the point where he’ll NEVER be able to grab the reins again on this.


  16. Liked by 7 people

      1. Hmmm. The power of “W”…

        W is the trading symbol for WayFair…

        Inquiring minds want to know….
        Having a little bit of NY Pizza, Mario-nette?????
        Or did you go for Chicken Delight and dogs???


  17. my children are liberals. that being said, our visits have become almost absurd. my son and I are passionate people–and we have clashed in our opinions ever since he graduated college (yeah I NOTICED it.)
    this visit started out amicably–always does–but then he tried to judge the extent of “my racism”. sigh…

    I’ve learned a lot about him since college–he fabricates statistics at will to sound knowledgeable–he uses all the appropriate buzz words–and he tries the whole “…so we can agree that…” bullshit on me all the time. I am older and wiser and adeptly sidestep the traps he tries to lay.

    but arguing with him this time was laughable—he was “fact checking” and providing “information” on his phone while we were arguing. picture it: I make a point, instead of arguing back with facts, he needs to first “fact check with snopes” (!#$%^&*^%$#@@!) and then search google to find “facts” to refute it.

    now his fiancee agreed with me on ALL lives matter and so she was using HER phone to find “facts” to dispute him with. and both of them and hubby were drinking while this was happening…so I’m cracking up watching it and listening to them…

    wonder what other families do for entertainment?

    Liked by 14 people

    1. Sorry your son is like that, Pat.
      Hugs. {{{{Pat}}}}

      We’re grateful that our kids each dropped out of college, thought it was useless…then they got jobs, got married and started having kids.
      Which made conservatives out of them real quick.

      I hope your son snaps out of it soon!

      Liked by 8 people

      1. thanks! he’s a BIG proponent of 2A, so there’s that…and he’s funny and creative…he just needs to outgrow his college indoctrination. he used to be able to baffle me with bullshit–but you guys taught me what to look for and how to diffuse it. I can see it on his face when i do it too…lol…
        we do our arguing at the table–when we move to other places, it’s over–no hard feelings…he passionate like me in what he believes in…gotta at least respect that.

        Liked by 6 people

        1. He is easily manipulated intellectually by the passion. Someone in college switched it on and did that. Im so probing I’d analyze the heck out of his need for approval back then. His fiancee may be more helpful.

          Liked by 3 people

    2. What slow guy here really can’t grasp is, WHY, All Lives Matters, is offensive to anyone.

      OR, Blue Lives Matter, Brown Lives Matter…

      None of those thoughts infer anyone is secondary, inferior or inconsequential.

      Liked by 2 people

      1. I talked to him about David Dorn–the retired black police captain that was shot and killed trying to help defend his friend’s store from looters. i cried relating the tale–he look so puzzled. I said i have a problem with the ORGANIZATION that BLM is–ALL lives matter to me…I related other stories–young black children being murdered daily–ALL those lives mattered–the abortions of black babies–those lives mattered, but his wall went up. somewhere along the way he developed white guilt and I can’t reach him thru that yet…but i haven’t stopped trying.

        Liked by 2 people

        1. k…he was executed this morning and confirmed dead a little after 8:00am…but this is the troubling part…the families of the victims were worried about being exposed to covid because they are POTENTIAL witnesses to the death–then don’t go! it doesn’t say the families of the accused-who might wanna say goodbye–this is the families of the victims? stay home if you’re worried!

          Friday, an Indiana federal judge blocked Lee’s execution, citing the threat posed by the resurgent coronavirus. U.S. District Judge Jane Magnus-Stinson acted on a legal challenge brought by family members of the victims who asserted that the pandemic posed an unreasonable health risk to them as prospective witnesses.

          This story will be updated.

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  18. seeing some headlines that Soros is directing millions (in this one story $220 million) towards achieving racial equality–why doesn’t he just put all the cash into black communities? that might actually do some good. instead he will use it to buy white lawyers to protect and white liberals to create and spread chaos. see it’s not about achieving anything…it’s all about destruction…of the US.

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  19. not sure what to make of this article. on the one hand it says that people infected with covid are seeing their antibodies DISAPPEAR within a few months and so people can be reinfected numerous times till the disease finally kills you. the 2 studies they site come out of China (really???) and Spain.
    Now here’s the flip side–if all that’s true, then a vaccine will NOT prevent you from getting infected so why are they bothering?


    1. And his car insurance will not pay for any repairs. Any damage by riots to your property via home or car is your responsibility, unless you have a huge insurance policy.


  20. Article:

    No, the Parties Didn’t ‘Switch’

    ……………From the article:

    It’s time to debunk a popular myth about the Republican and Democrat Parties.

    Is there any basis to the oft-repeated claim that the Republican Party essentially switched with the Democrats from the Old South? A brief look at the historical facts will show that this is an unsupported leftist theory. Racist Democrats who were in power as the Dixiecrat Party, founded in the 1940s, did not become today’s Republicans.

    The split in the Democrat Party in 1948 was between supporters of President Harry S. Truman’s military integration and those who rejected minorities in America’s Armed Forces. The Dixiecrat Party resulted, largely comprised of Southern Democrats devoted to racial segregation and supporting Jim Crow laws to deny American blacks voting, educational, and accommodation rights. The Dixiecrat Party ran on the Democrat Platform with the added plank of legalizing racial segregation.

    Contrast this divide with the 1948 Republican National Committee Platform, which stated, “Constant and effective insistence on the personal dignity of the individual, and his right to complete justice without regard to race, creed or color, is a fundamental American principle. We aim always to unite and to strengthen; never to weaken or divide. In such a brotherhood will we Americans get results. Thus, we will overcome all obstacles.”

    In this document, member beliefs are clearly defined: “Lynching or any other form of mob violence anywhere is a disgrace to any civilized state, and we favor the prompt enactment of legislation to end this infamy. One of the basic principles of this Republic is the equality of all individuals in their right to life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness. This principle is enunciated in the Declaration of Independence and embodied in the Constitution of the United States; it was vindicated on the field of battle and became the cornerstone of this Republic. This right of equal opportunity to work and to advance in life should never be limited in any individual because of race, religion, color, or country of origin. We favor the enactment and just enforcement of such Federal legislation as may be necessary to maintain this right at all times in every part of this Republic.”

    ………………..End quote, much more at link.

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    Emmylou Harris and her original Hot Band w/ Rodney Crowell and Albert Lee. If you like to watch really good guitar playing, Albert shows us some killer licks in his extended solo about half way into Emmylou’s song.

    Emmylou Harris, Luxury liner forty tons of steel

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  22. H/T DORA

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  23. [snort]

    Alright, did anybody have ‘bubonic plague squirrels’ on their fearporn bingo card?
    Quote Tweet

    ABC News
    · 2h
    Public health officials have announced that a squirrel in Colorado has tested positive for the bubonic plague.
    9:02 AM · Jul 14, 2020·Twitter Web App
    Retweets and comments

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    1. wheatie, growing up where I did, we did not have fireflies. Each Summer we would travel to Illinois to vist Mother’s family.
      I have a Down’s Syndrome Cousin, and she used to lead is on an evening group capture of fires flies in Mason jars.
      After ab 20 minutes, we would gather and release them en masse, much to the delight of all involved.
      Good times!
      Thanks for the reminder.

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