7.14.20 News Roundup! Kayleigh McEnany’s Press Briefing, PDJT and VP Pence Host A Roundtable Discussion Defending Law Enforcement, Mayor de Blasio Couldn’t Care Less About What Is Happening To NYC As Long As His Mural Is Not Vandalized, Larry Kudlow’s Interview, They Need To Kill the Economy, Governor Of California Shuts Down Indoor Activities, Facts Not Fear, PDJT Congratulates President Duda, Fake News Get Embarrassed Again, PDJT Is All In For Tommy Tuberville, Wall Update…..

White House Press Secretary Kayleigh McEnany held a press briefing yesterday.

[Video and Transcript Below]


Here are some shorter video clips:

To support police, yesterday our President and Vice-President held a roundtable discussion with people positively impacted by law enforcement.

[Video and Transcript Below]


Here are some shorter video clips:

The POS Mayor of NYC made sure his street graffiti was repaired so that he can be proud of himself while a 1 year old is shot to death in his city.

From the article linked above:

Gunfire erupted Monday night in the same borough where a 1-year-old was shot and killed not even 24 hours before.

Police surround a white car with a smashed bumper Monday night outside a motel on Conduit Boulevard in Canarsie, Brooklyn. Investigators believe its passengers abandoned it at around 6:30 p.m. after using it to pull off drive-by shootings of five people on three different blocks, CBS2’s Ali Bauman reported.

[…] All the victims are expected to survive, police said.

The 1-year-old, Davell Gardner Jr., died after being shot in the stomach while sitting in his stroller during a barbecue near a playground in Bedford-Stuyvesant on Sunday night.

No arrests have been made in either case.

National Economic Council Director Larry Kudlow joined Stuart Varney yesterday to discuss a ‘potential’ phase-4 stimulus package targeted to offset very specific sectors at risk from continued COVID-19 closures.

Additionally, Kudlow notes there could be financial incentives, offsets to expenses, to help schools re-open this fall in the event COVID mitigation creates higher costs. Lastly, Kudlow again notes that China is in a precarious position from the outlook of the White House.

The economy has been coming back much faster than the Democrats, MSM, Leftists, Never Trumpers etc. expected. I anticipate a Jobs Report for July that will bring back 5 million+ jobs an the unemployment rate in the single digits (9.5%).

The reason I am so optimistic is the fact that at the end of this month, the $600 a week unemployment check from the federal government ceases to exist. There is absolutely no talk of any type of extension and rightfully so. Those Americans will run back to their jobs knowing that the money train will be put in mothballs.

The economy is the number 1 issue for Americans when it is time to vote. Even during the peek of the Coronavirus, our President was polling 8%+ better than SleepyCreepy Joe. Those percentages will continue to increase as Americans return back to work.

That is why the POS Governor of California is closing down his state again.

From the article linked above:

Newsom ordered houses of worship, gyms and barbershops to close across dozens of counties that collectively contain the vast majority of California’s population and most of its urban centers. Statewide, bars will need to again shutter and restaurants must halt indoor dining.

[…] In March, Newsom was the first governor in the nation to fully shut down his state, elevating California into a poster child for aggressive efforts to limit the pandemic’s spread. Public health officials credited the effort with staving off a surge that might have crippled the state’s health care system.

“We were able to suppress the spread of this virus, we were able to knock down the growth of this in the beginning,” Newsom said Monday as he issued new restrictions. “We’re going to do that again, there’s no doubt in my mind.”

Caseloads and hospitalization numbers have risen sharply in recent weeks as California authorized counties to restart various sectors of the economy. Hospitals in some parts of the state are staring down the prospect of running out of beds as the state’s seven-day average of new infections is approaches 9,000 daily, while its positive test rate has climbed above 7 percent after hovering near 4 percent during the initial reopening process.

The Democratic governor previously ordered especially stricken counties to bar indoor commerce like inside dining and museums, but his Monday order expanded that mandate to cover all 58 counties in California — a clear acknowledgment that the state must do more to control the rapid spread of the disease.

The problem for the POS Governor this time around is the fact that he was okay with thousands of protesters marching in the streets of California on a nightly basis not adhering to any type of social distancing.

The Governor is in for a rude awakening! He got away with it the first time because state after state was closing down. This time he will be one of the few that does so. Americans are not dumb. They see that the Democrat Governors are screwing their citizens in order to try and hurt our President and our economy.

Remember that the pendulum can only go so far in one direction. When it can’t go any further, it will ricochet back with tremendous force. That day will be November 3rd.

Facts Not Fear:

It is now official! President Duda of Poland has won his reelection bid.

From the article linked above:

Polish President Andrzej Duda has won five more years in power on a socially conservative, religious platform in a closely fought election that makes renewed confrontation with the European Union’s executive likely.

He will remain as Poland’s President for another 5 years. Our President took some time today to congratulate him via Twitter:

I always enjoy watching the Fake News get destroyed by their guests that go against their narrative.

Later today we will know Jeff Sessions’ fate.

Alabama is a closed primary with ballots determined by party affiliation. Former Alabama Senator Jeff Sessions is facing off against candidate Tommy Tuberville in what will likely be one of the most watched primary races of the evening.

Our President has let it be known where he stands on the race:

This will send another necessary shockwave across the bow of RINOS that think they can survive backstabbing our President and our country. Sessions was loved throughout Alabama before his time as AG under our President. Losing this primary will show all of them who has the power in the Republican Party.

Here is GA/FL’s Wall Update:

WOW – BORDER WALL MONDAY REPORT from CBP Chief Rodney Scott!!!


Drug and human trafficking interdictions on land and sea continue!


Millions of $$$ in stolen cars are a large part of the trafficking.


115 thoughts on “7.14.20 News Roundup! Kayleigh McEnany’s Press Briefing, PDJT and VP Pence Host A Roundtable Discussion Defending Law Enforcement, Mayor de Blasio Couldn’t Care Less About What Is Happening To NYC As Long As His Mural Is Not Vandalized, Larry Kudlow’s Interview, They Need To Kill the Economy, Governor Of California Shuts Down Indoor Activities, Facts Not Fear, PDJT Congratulates President Duda, Fake News Get Embarrassed Again, PDJT Is All In For Tommy Tuberville, Wall Update…..

  1. Roger Stone starts with appreciation for all who have helped him. Clearly professes his faith in God. Explains how the Shifter used FISA material to construct entrapment questions. His lawyer explains why appealing puts Roger back in danger. Thanks to Wheatie for posting on Open.

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  2. https://wearethene.ws/notable/121662

    Post 9954075

    Why Rich New Yorkers Are Causing Big Problems for the Census

    If residents who fled the virus for second homes aren’t counted, the city could lose out on crucial federal money — and congressional seats.

    When city officials took on the herculean task of getting every New York City household to fill out the census, an eat-your-vegetables exercise that provides millions in federal aid to low-income residents, they didn’t expect the Upper East Side to pose much of a problem.

    But the coronavirus has upended census-takers’ best-laid plans. And that may have serious financial implications for the city.

    Only 46 percent of Upper East Side households have filled out their census forms, according to a June 25 report circulated by the Department of City Planning’s chief demographer, Joseph J. Salvo — well below the neighborhood’s final response rate in 2010, and short of the current citywide rate of almost 53 percent.

    The reason?

    “They’re not here,” said Liz Krueger, a Democratic state senator, referring to her constituents in Midtown and the Upper East Side. “No one’s here.”

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    1. these people are nuts!
      many can’t PROVE they are descendants of slaves–and my family immigrated in the early 1900’s so why should I help pay for it? it’s nonsense and pandering at its worse.

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      1. To top it off…only 5% of Whites owned slaves at the time in the United States…95% DID NOT!

        —So who are the descendants of the 5%?

        —What if a person is mixed Black and White…and that White part was a descendant of a slave owner?

        —What if a family came to America AFTER slavery was abolished…regardless of their skin color???

        —What about reparations for other groups?

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    2. From the referenced article–
      “A new study from three college professors said that the ultimate cost could be $6.2 quadrillion. Quadrillion comes after trillion, and one quadrillion has 15 zeros. The study suggests a payment of $151 million each, and the cost to every person would be $18.96 million.”

      I assume the Dems will make all the immigrants they will add to the USA contribute. Maybe it’s their plan to discourage immigration, legal and illegal. /s/

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      1. The black community is creating its own hell with drugs, crime, violence and effing around making illegitimate children – and then killing millions with abortions and shootings.

        SIN is the problem in the black community – it’s not police of white people.

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      2. I am still LMAO about the ‘Grand Master’ of the Black Panther brigade demanding their own black state – “We’ll take Texas” he said.


        That’s the most grandiose statement – even makes narcissist dictator wannabe Øbastard look humble.

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  3. Through court-ordered consent decrees, the Obama administration Justice Department (DOJ) forced dozens of state and local law enforcement officials to accept to run their departments under direction of a court-ordered federal monitor. Obama used it to stop immigration enforcement or get control of local departments on hiring or policing. Now some think Trump will turn it around and use it to free departments from onerous leftist oversight.
    Potus can make lemonade from anything

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      1. But Potus and patriots can subvert it. Get the right people in place and then terminate it. Double edged sword. They never thought she’d lose

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  4. Call me silly, but I’m always heartened by K-Mac’s cross necklace. She’s contending with such obvious evil that Divine Protection seems like a necessity. I can see it and know she will prevail against the unholy scum of the WHPC.

    Today’s cream dress didn’t provide enough contrast for me to see it, which has left me oddly disquieted. I know there’s a 99-44/100% chance it was there, but I am uneasy.

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  5. This man (my governor) is driving me crazy. He doesn’t have the authority to do this!


    Comrade Cuomo Announces Visitors into New York Must Show Papers and Register With State or Face $2,000 Fine..

    Comrade citizens, those who travel in the Northeast zone should beware, Minister Cuomo is going all-in with the COVID compliance mandates. All travelers into New York from “high-COVID” states, must provide their papers upon arrival or face a summons and $2,000 fine.


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    1. wonder if he considers PA a high covid state? we live right across the border and use a close by pharmacy for our scripts—may have to transfer them to PA.
      NY you are just losing revenue you dork!

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  6. thanks for video clips!
    the economy is forcing the dems hand—and it is roaring back–and they can’t handle it. that’s why the draconian measures are coming back into the spotlight. we agreed to a small shutdown to flatten the curve and then a little more to make everyone safe–but it’s summer. we’ve been cooped up, unemployed and bored–we want out! this is not gonna be the piece of cake they thought it’d be to put us all back under house arrest,

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  7. Kayleigh McEnany’s press conferences are exciting – almost as much as a spectator sport or a thriller movie.

    Watching her put down Jim Acosta yesterday was worth the price of a ticket.

    She sees the hidden dagger insinuations and assertions in their pretend questions and flicks them away with the speed a Krav Maga instructor!

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    3:00 pm – meeting with Secretary of State Pompeo

    No other events nor press conferences scheduled yet.

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    1. President Trump’s WMD Twitter feed followers continues to be manipulated – either by Twitter or some of the left who love to try to play tricks with Trump MAGA Rally tickets.

      83,423,068 – 6:49 am – 7/14/20
      83,400,023 – 8:08 pm
      83,399,183 – 8:07 pm – minus 1,956
      83,401,139 – 7:13 pm – 7/13/20

      This is typical – One week in April, Twitter took off over 51K followers in increments to prevent the number from hitting a new million.

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    1. That was Cuomo cleaning out his Medicaid patient rolls to save $$$

      The left doesn’t value human life particularly the unborn, disabled and elderly – but do value $$$ and s3x.

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  9. http://www.dailyprogress.com/
    13 hours ago
    “Walker: UVa reopening plan ‘a recipe for disaster'”

    So it appears that, ALL OF A SUDDEN, the Communist fellow-traveler Mayor of Charlottesville, NIKUYAH WALKER, is afraid that bringing thousands of students back for the reopening of the University of Virginia is going to be a catastrophe.
    Apparently there are already video clips on social media posted by UVa students from large parties in off-campus residences in the city.
    UVa is scheduled to reopen on August 25 with strict health, temperature check, and other requirements. There is supposed to be a mix of virtual and in-class instruction. There will be no Fall Break, all fall classes will end by Thanksgiving, and spring semester will not begin until after January 1, 2021.
    Here’s the issue: UVa is going to severely limit the number of students who will be allowed to live on campus. So the rest of the students who will be taking some form of in-class instruction (as well as those who want to be near the school and will be taking virtual instruction) — will have to find places to live in Charlottesville and the surrounding area.
    “It’s a recipe for disaster. It’s going to leave us all in the lurch…”, said Walker.

    Now, here’s another issue:
    From the summary of the video interview I posted a couple of days ago that I watched with DR. FAUCI and DR. BAUCHNER on the JAMA Ed Hub website — Fauci said that a new mutation of the coronavirus has been found. It’s called “D614”.
    THIS is strain is apparently the one that is making younger people sick with the virus.
    THIS strain apparently replicates better and has a HIGHER VIRAL LOAD than the original strain.
    And THIS information is what’s being told to AMA members. NOT tot he general public.

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    1. CORRECTION — typing too fast, sorry:
      The new mutation of the CCP virus is called D614G.
      This mutation apparently is 10 times more contagious than the original CCP virus, BUT it seems to have a LOWER death rate than the original CCP virus.
      THIS is what the American people aren’t being told — about the lower death rate.
      All WE, THE PEOPLE are getting are the “incredible spikes” in the INFECTION rate.
      And IF the governors of states like OHIO, CALIFORNIA, and NEW YORK know that the death rate from this new mutation IS lower than that of the original virus, but STILL closing their states down again — WHY are they doing this?

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  10. After checking both of todays posts, as of this writing only Flep’s has any mention of the Alabama primary.
    The President again expressed his support for candidate Tuberville; and his distain for former AG Sessions.
    Over there Sundown took time out from his mission to save the Administration and lead his band of pitchforkers in a savage beating of Mr. Sessions.
    In the long run does it matter who prevails as long as we have a Republican Senator in November?
    I’m not from Alabama although I served with a few fine men from the state. Those men are voting for the former AG.
    Will the never-Trump Republicans vote for Mr. Sessions to spite the President?
    (and add to the total for Mr. Sessions)

    Here’s some optics to ponder:

    J Sessions last day at DOJ

    R Rosenstein DOJ departure ceremony

    Former AG Sessions defending departing AAG Rosenstein

    When I watch these videos I’m unable to reconcile that either of these men are black hats.
    Because if one is then they all are.

    Q–trust Sessions

    Time will surly tell.

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        1. Ah, yes literally true.

          But that was a bit of snark aimed at them–many lost their jobs in a layoff recently, and people told them they should learn to code, since that was what they had said to factory workers.

          It actually got banned on social media, from what I understand.

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  11. Hey flep, still lovin the roundups! You’re probably well aware of what’s happening down there but wow, these numbers! Wonder when everyone finally gets educated about the real numbers and the true effects and insidious nature of this entire scamdemic.
    It’s loony land nowadays.

    The article is short so I pasted it along with the link.


    FTA: Some Florida labs report 100 percent positivity rates
    ORLANDO, Fla. – The Florida Department of Health released its daily coronavirus testing report showing a statewide positivity rate of 11 percent, but FOX 35 News investigated and quickly noticed some shocking positivity rates.

    Countless labs have reported a 100 percent positivity rate, which means every single person tested was positive. Other labs had very high positivity rates. FOX 35 found that testing sites like Centra Care reported that 83 people were tested and all tested positive. Then, NCF Diagnostics in Alachua reported 88 percent of tests were positive.

    How could that be? FOX 35 News investigated these astronomical numbers, contacting every local location mentioned in the report.

    The report showed that Orlando Health had a 98 percent positivity rate. However, when FOX 35 News contacted the hospital, they confirmed errors in the report. Orlando Health’s positivity rate is only 9.4 percent, not 98 percent as in the report.

    The report also showed that the Orlando Veteran’s Medical Center had a positivity rate of 76 percent. A spokesperson for the VA told FOX 35 News on Tuesday that this does not reflect their numbers and that the positivity rate for the center is actually 6 percent.

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  12. For Pat and all who love AOC…


  13. the grieving family of the 1 yr murdered child should sue De Blabb-io for wrongful death, and seek punitive damages. in Civil Court, if not negligent homicide in Criminal Court.

    I am having a very hard time with that needless and heinous tragedy.

    doesn’t that little boy’s #LifeMatter ??

    WTH, New York.

    NYPD was one of the finest.

    where’s the outrage ??

    Liked by 4 people

      1. Hahahahaha! The President spent the entire Press Conference on the many ways in which Biden would destroy America – what his policies were – what they would do – and how people would suffer if he ever became president – he talked for over an hour on just about every issue from immigration to China.

        The first question was directed to the point of this Press Conference – is he concerned he will lose the election – is that why he talked for over an hour on these issues? – LOL

        He only took (3) questions – the last of which was from Chanel Rion – about Chinese investments – asked if he had planned a new deal with China – and had he spoken to President Xi – no and no – he said.

        This was a brilliantly strategic Press Conference – he told the American people exactly what the Democrats plan to do to destroy energy – increase immigration – make us pay for their welfare and benefits – and what is wrong with their plan for America – I thought it was very effective – and like our Super Press Secretary – he ended the Press Conference very abruptly – and walked away!!!

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        1. “We’ll be having more of these…” said President Trump!

          The Press Conference was a campaign speech, a rally speech, a contrast of Republican and Democrat platforms and positions speech!

          Good job, Mr. President!

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        1. Oh, I see – he has an updated number for today – maybe – I love your wall reports – and the reports from Border Patrol about the drub busts, too.

          It could be these miles will be completed by the end of the work week – have no idea, Georgia – I just remembered the last number you provided – no naturally, I was surprised.

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  14. ALL a LIE folks. Check this new data. https://www.thegatewaypundit.com/2020/07/floridas-covid-positivity-rate-skewed-countless-labs-reporting-100-positivity-rate-medical-centers-admit-real-rate-9-less/

    In Florida they are IMHO just ADDING random high numbers in FRONT of the actual rate of positivity, and NO ONE called them on it, until TODAY. For example, the VA in Florida was listed as 76% positive. Fox 35 patriots could not believe it, and CALLED THE VA directly, the REAL positive rate….SIX percent. NOT SEVENTY SIX, SIX%.

    In Orlando the positivity rate was REPORTED as 98%, Fox 35 AGAIN called, and it was NINE %. That is WAY more than just a RANDOM error, this is FRAUD, on a MASSIVE scale. There were “countless” counties and testing centers reporting 100% positivity rate, an IMPOSSABILITY unless one or two were only tested, and we KNOW from the Desantis data that that is NOT true, there is MASSIVE testing going on.

    Then we have Texas, yes where Abbott is freaking out. The Texas Dept of health released (by accident I am sure or by a PATRIOT) the 2018, and 2019 seasonal flu deaths and mortality rates. The mortality for 2018 seasonal flu was .04%, it was .05 in 2019. Guess what Covid is with a factor of 1000 MORE testing, .001.


    This is ALL one big FAT LIE, FRAUD< and actually subversion. When the states are following strict criteria "guidelines" that depend on LOW case rates, and then they FUDGE, and this is fudging like saying lake Meade fits in a basket, the numbers it DIRECTLY negatively impacts the states.

    Time to END this FRAUD Mr. President. Time for an INDEPENDENT audit of ALL the CDC "statistics". John's Hopkins "statistics" and EVERY state health dept and testing center in the COUNTRY. Yes it will take a few weeks, and $$, but it will MORE than pay for itself in the EXPOSED FRAUD it finds, thereby FORCING Dem Govs, and ENABLING Rep Govs to FULLY reopen, including the SCHOOLS.

    DO NOT use ANY institution that is REMOTELY affiliated with the DS or the Cabal, and then have the numbers VERIFIED and POSTED in one big database the eNTIRE world can see.

    I suggest the MILITARY as the auditor. They are MORE than capable, have the RESOPURCES and material ready to do the job, and are reliable. There are ZERO HIPPA requirements, it is JUST numbers., right Cabal, plus the folks at USAMRID could do it, and still abide by HIPPA.

    Time to EXPOSE the CDC FRAUD, and all the dem controlled health depts. A few % points off is a random error 1200% or MORE is FRAUD, on a MASSIVE and COORDINATED scale. There is NO WAY simple human error accounts for THIS much FRAUD.

    Since it IS happening in both FL and Tx, you can rest assured that any area with a recent "spike" is also being GAMED. If we cannot trust them on the testing numbers, the positivity rate, or the infection rate or mortality rate, how can we believe ANYTHING they put out. We CAN'T. They already lied on the projections, spread rate, Covid life span, surface transmission, mortality rate, and need for supplies and hospitals.

    They have ZERO credibility on ANYTHING else, like masks, time to STOP the fraud folks, how much info do people need to WAKE UP and SEE the FRAUD.

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  15. Ruth Bader Ginsburg hospitalized for infection — ‘Fever and chills’… Developing…

    Posted by Kane on July 14, 2020 5:40 pm


    Ruth Bader Ginsburg was taken to Johns Hopkins Medical Center this morning and doctors are treating her for a “possible infection.” She is reportedly resting comfortably and will undergo intravenous antibiotic treatment over the next several days.

    This is the second time the Supreme Court Justice has landed in the hospital. She was taken to Johns Hopkins Medical Center in May following a gallbladder infection.

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