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For your listening enjoyment, I offer this composition from Michael Kenneth Marino, titled ‘Rasa’:


Pedophilia is disgusting and it is sickening to think that human beings would engage in such a vile horror.

People like Ruth Bader Ginsberg and Ghislaine Maxwell think that the ‘age of consent’ should be lowered to 13…and other leftists want to decriminalize pedophilia altogether. They declare that “love is love” and want to normalize the revolting practice.

I say pedos should be rounded up, locked up together in a sealed enclosure and introduced to a swarm of Murder Hornets!

Need some cuteness now, to offset such a foul subject:


Wheatie’s Word of the Day:


‘Nidus’ is a noun which means…a point or place at which something originates, accumulates, or develops; a nest or breeding place, or a central point or focus of infection by bacteria or other pathogens.

‘Nidal’ is an adjective describing something that is like a Nidus. The plural of Nidus is nidi or niduses. We also have nidification, for the process of building a nest, and nidicolous, meaning “reared in a nest.”

Used in a sentence:

Our education system has become a nidus for leftist indoctrination.


661 thoughts on “Dear KMAG: 20200713 Open Topic

  1. CJTRUTH⭐️⭐️⭐️@cjtruth
    Trump’s reelection operation hires 1,500 field staffers

    Trump’s reelection operation hires 1,500 field staffers
    WASHINGTON (AP) — The Republican National Committee and President Donald Trump’s campaign say they have now hired 1,500 field staffers, aiming to convert their financial advantage over Democrats…

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  2. Lisa Mei Crowley 🇺🇲@LisaMei62

    There’s a fake Wayfair ad being spread around (made to look like they’re advertising they ship kids). There’s enough legit creepy sh*t on their site w/o needing to make stuff up. It’s actually an edited version of this FedEx commercial.


    FedEx TV Commercial, ‘What’s Inside?’
    FedEx inspires wonder for what’s inside its boxes. The delivery service says there could be a moment of joy, an artist’s inspiration, or an act of kindness for an old man. And as far as what a…

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    1. Possible tactic by the bad guys . . . release an over-the-top, obviously faked Wayfair aid, debunk it thoroughly, then use it in a claim that all the bad accusations against Wayfair are part of a “set up” being perpetrated on Wayfair.

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      1. Smells of Axelrod all over it. When it was discovered that Soetoro wasn’t a natural born citizen, you were labeled a “birther”. They’re doing the same thing with this Wayfair mess.

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  3. not going to link the article (unless someone asks) but it seems a couple of NBA players are NOT putting the SJ messages on the backs of their jerseys–Lebron James and Anthony Davis. But what’s interesting to me (aside from the fact that the author of the article failed to recognize those 2 protecting their BRAND names in doing so) was that there’s an “approved” list of messages to “choose” from…hmmmmmmmm…so you can’t put Blue lives matter or stop abortions or anything else the left doesn’t approve of on there…some CHOICE.

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  4. Patrick Howley@HowleyReporter

    The lawyer working on the big lawsuit against CPS in California that I just wrote about was murdered

    “Homicide Detectives are investigating the murder of Marc Angelucci in Cedar Pines Park” from SBSD

    Homicide Detectives are investigating the murder of Marc Angelucci in Cedar Pines ParkDATE/TIME: Saturday, July 11, 2020 4:03 p.m. INCIDENT: Murder Investigation LOCATION: 22400 Glenwood Drive, Ced…

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    1. ANOTHER “HIT” ………………


      DeAnna Lorraine Flag of United States@DeAnna4Congress

      It was a homocide. Most likely a hit. He was just about to win a huge case in Mariposa county that had been going on for years. Can’t say much more beyond that at this time. Incredible man though and did a lot of great work for the community, fathers and men. I’m in shock.

      7:06 PM · Jul 12, 2020·Twitter for iPhone

      DeAnna Lorraine Flag of United States@DeAnna4Congress
      Replying to @DeAnna4Congress

      Key California Case Puts Property Rights to Test
      Under Existing Receivership Laws Counties Can Sell and Dispose of Property without a Trial

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      1. This does appear to be an arranged hit to take out Mr. Cox.
        He’d already been thrown off his property; it was sold at 1/2 the value to MARK ADAMS, who owns a receivership group in California; and Mr. Cox was homeless and on welfare and food stamps.
        What appears to be REALLY behind the whole sordid mess is a BOGUS series of charges against Mr. Cox involving sex offenses that were proven to be false. The “bonus” for the people behind the charges apparently was to “find” dozens of “property safety and health violations” against Mr. Cox and then demand that he get them all repaired within 30 days, which Mr. Cox didn’t have the $$$$ money to do. So then it was onward to throwing him off his property and the judge giving to the Mark Adams receivership company.
        RIP, Mr. Cox.

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    Zoe, text is

    This is so adorable.

    Dads matter. Red heart

    followed by a vid clip of Dad and daughter (young, maybe 5 y/o?) in a park… Dad is obviously really fit and works with gymnists ? Anyway, Dad lifts her into a handstand and spins her, etc. Big smile on her face and all the confidence in the world that Dad can throw her into the air and he will be there to catch her! Beautiful !

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    1. Looks like cheerleading stuff I’ve seen. I was invited to a program put on by a local club year before last, and the more advanced groups had routines that had those type moves involved. Those are moves that used to be common in the trampoline event when I was active in gymnastics. Of course, now there is no trampoline event.

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  6. via Ace of Spades

    July 13, 2020

    The Morning Rant


    “As I mentioned last week, Trump has identified America’s real enemy in the culture war, the anti-historical, fanatically totalitarian left:

    In our schools, our newsrooms, even our corporate boardrooms, there is a new far-left fascism that demands absolute allegiance. If you do not speak its language, perform its rituals, recite its mantras, and follow its commandments, then you will be censored, banished, blacklisted, persecuted, and punished.

    Make no mistake: this left-wing cultural revolution is designed to overthrow the American Revolution…

    To make this possible, they are determined to tear down every statue, symbol, and memory of our national heritage.

    I love the fact that he’s the first “conservative” president to call out the enemy by name. This is a left-wing cultural revolution, not some disagreements over policy. And the phrase “cultural revolution” of course brings to mind the one the Chinese cultural revolution of during the 60s, which the journalismists covering the speech would’ve known if they knew anything about history, which they don’t. But they did realize that Trump was pointing the finger at them, which is why the called the speech ‘dark’ and ‘divisive’. Which is a bit ironic coming from the ones who have all but declared themselves to be on the same side as the rioters, looters, and vandals.

    But what’s President Trump going to do about it? About a week later, he tweeted this:

    When I first read this, I thought, what, Trump is going to take on academia? All right! This tweet is what I call a shot across the bow. If you want to get academia’s attention, hit ’em right in the endowment.

    I don’t know what he has in mind. Maybe a law that says if you’re a university with an endowment of ‘X’ billions of dollars and above, you’re not eligible for any federal money? I don’t know, I’m just guessing. Conservatives have known that academia has been a fetid swamp of leftist dogma for decades, but DJT is the first president to actually claim to be interested in fixing the problem.

    And then there’s this:

    continue at link

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      1. Take them all over as Federal Lands run by the national park service and put up a LOT of museums and statues… The shutdown proved they are nonessential… they’ve been replaced by the Internet!

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  7. From

    Christchurch mosque shooting: Brenton Tarrant to represent himself at sentencing


    Wasn’t there some people posting videos that “proved” that this incident was just another FALSE FLAG? And a bunch of others joining the chorus with agreement?

    So . . . is this a sham, false flag trial, too? Huh? Well, is it?

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  8. Just letting everyone know I am fine. We (including ponies) got invited to help for a week at a pony day camp. We are now catching up on the stuff we didn’t do. ANNNnnnnd putting up and repairing more fencing.

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    1. Los Angeles . . . figures. My SIL teaches in Bakersfield. She says they’re opening in August, but under a split-class, M-T, clean on Wed, TH-F, clean on weekend regimen. So, it looks like two days of actual school per week for the student.

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    1. Ya know the cancel culture is a ticking timebomb for the dems. Either they run out of conservative business to cancel, or those left give two shits what they say and THEN they get out of control and start coming for LEFTIST businesses.

      OR, we conservatives FINALLY fight back, and show them what the TRUE majority can do when IT sets out to prove a point and cancel some DEM businesses.. Either way, the dems WILL lose. That is why they ALWAYS rush things, which leads to sloppy loss of positive control, and OVERRREACH, which equals BOOMERANG!

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        1. Ahhh. The silver and black (if I can just get the decals, I have silver and black computer cases where I can trade the side panels and other bits)…

          Pride and Poise…..
          Commitment to Excellence…
          Just Win, Baby…

          Rauch, Madden,Lamonica, Otto, Otto, Oats, Keating, Cline, Wells, Blietnikoff, Stabler, Shell, Thoms, McClouhan, Brown, Dixon, Plunkett, Branch, Smith, Atkinson, Allen, Tatum, Martin, Blanda, Guy…. the list of greats goes on, and on, and on… “Eleven Angry Men”, the greatest defense ever…

          And, speaking of winning percentages,” Madden, who was only 42 years old when he retired and who maintained his promise never to return to the sideline, compiled a 112-39-7 record 1969-78. That included a victory over the Minnesota Vikings in Super Bowl XI at the end of the 1976 season.”

          Ahh, yes.

          There were no greaters than the Oakland Raiders! 😆 😎

          Oakland. Now there really is not THERE there…

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        1. Nope. The folks who named the Washington Redskins were Native Americans, and PROUD of the fact that a football team would bear their image and honor their heritage!

          Maybe they should just rename all of the football teams to “Xyzzy Pansies” and be done with it…
          The late Jim Otto would blister them, saying they should take care of their knees, and their country…

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          1. Oh, I see – Agree – ‘Knee Knockers’ – ‘ Pansy Asses’ – ‘Puny Punters’ – ‘Slip Sliders’ – you get the point – these wusses need to be brought to both knees and ask forgiveness for being such spoiled brats!!!


  9. Stephen L. Miller
    They said close the economy. We did. They said you don’t need masks. We said ok. They said stay at home for two weeks. We did. Then they said we do need masks. We said ok.

    Then they said but it’s actually okay to gather in large crowds & mass protests because social justice

    Stephen L. Miller
    COVID-19 particularly hits communities of color the worst. Then that all went in the dumpster so people could gather by the hundreds in close proximity during a contagious pandemic, to “save black lives”

    You created this. Not us. We did everything we were told

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    1. What a hassle! I recently had a dead battery, but after an appointment, not before. Then the replacement battery started to malfunction in about two months, going dead at odd tiimes, so I had to replace that faulty battery.

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      1. Well…this is a 13 year old Escape with wacko dome lights, and a recent history of electrical malfunction. The back gate…last year that was not cheap to fix.

        I just went out and looked, and the needle on the charger hasn’t moved. That battery was new last year after a fiasco where no one listened to me, as usual. I wonder if it’s still under warranty.

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        1. Couple of thoughts… did the problem start when you had the back gate repaired? One car I knew of had a window motor replaced and a very low current drain was (unintentionally) part of the repair, though not enough to blow a fuse or impair the function of the window…

          The other thing would be to check for parasitic current leakage (there are numerous vids/articles on the web about that. The electronics of today’s (and even day-before-yesterday’s) cars do take some current, even when in total sleep state (for some VW’s here that takes up to a day!), as the various alarms and sensors need juice, as well as keyless entry, etc. Sometimes an onboard function or two might not shut down when it should, and a dead battery is the result. An OBD (plug-in diag) readout should give some hints… In any case, if the battery’s still in warranty, it’s a good idea to get it checked/replaced under that.

          If you don’t drive very often, or just short trips, a good (not c-chicom-c) trickle charger is a good investment. Oh, for the days when the cars didn’t run the batteries down all by themselves. I’ve heard that two weeks is the max a car can go without being driven (or else it won’t start…)…

          [Battery Life Matters :cool:]

          Probably there are some good Click and Clack columns/vids on this…

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          1. Actually, I just heard it turn over outside. My dad has all the car battery gadgets – charger, volt meter, etc. Dad checked the voltage and it was high enough, so he was going to clean the posts and see if that made a difference.

            It did.

            That’s the thing about living with engineers who grew up maintaining cars. They can deal with such things.

            That car is driven on short trips for the most part, rarely ever longer than an hour, so when something goes wrong it’s kind of a shock…like when the dead baby mouse fell out of the sun roof last week.

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            1. Yep. I use post grease on mine (breath-takingly expensive, but it helps; I suppose Vaseline would do almost as well). Corrosion/crud can screw up charging as well as starting. The main problem here is the cold winters and not driving often enough. Still, my original equipment battery survived 11 winters, so that’s not too shabby – except it croaked when I needed it – Murphy!!!

              An hour per drive should be more than enough to charge recover the starting drain and charge up the battery, unless you have a 5000W sound system 🙂

              I’ve found nuts under the hood (squirrels, I guess) but a mouse in the sunroof… ouch… hope it didn’t drop in for lunch 😮

              Glad you got it fixed – One year isn’t old, even for a K-Mart battery… (Varta user here, thanks to VW)…

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              1. Cuppa, Vaseline works just fine n battery posts.
                First heard of this from and old VW Mechanic from the Way-Back Machine….been using it ever since: $1.00 at the Dollar Store.

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          2. And the battery was dead before the back gate was fixed. The fact that there was a dome light that didn’t go off was the catalyst to get all that taken care of. I was out of town, and other people were forced to deal with it, and realized I wasn’t just talking out of my backside.

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  10. Dan Bongino@dbongino
    Trump Reelection Campaign Now 50% Larger Than 2016 Campaign

    Trump Reelection Campaign Now 50% Larger Than 2016 Campaign
    The Trump campaign goes into overdrive.

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        1. Wasn’t there a ChiCom female labbie that was nailed for stealing “biological materials” and attempting to transport them to China? Could this be her?

          And what is Melinda doing wearing bell-bottoms? Did the 60s come back?

          All four of those people in that picture are the picture of evil: Faux-Xi, Melinda Ghoul-Gates, Øbozo, and that ChiCom agent…

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    1. this is such ridiculousness!
      they are on death row because they have been found guilty by a jury of their peers. they caused enough pain and suffering in others that they were sentenced to death. that’s HOW HEINOUS their behavior was.
      would this judge prefer they be licked to death by kittens?
      if you do not have the stomach for the tough calls–get out of the profession.

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      1. Chutkan…

        Let me guess. Non-native (i.e. immigrant) American, Øbozo appointee…

        This crap has to stop. If lethal injection is too painful, perhaps Sparky or a firing squad would suffice.
        Fer criminy’s sake, folks that get lethal injections are doped out of their minds before they get that final shot…

        The victims of these perps, on the other hand, DID NOT…

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        1. Yep. From Wackypedia (same as other sources):

          On December 19, 2013, President Barack Obama nominated Chutkan to serve as a United States District Judge of the United States District Court for the District of Columbia

          Chutkan was born on July 5, 1962, in Kingston, Jamaica. She received a Bachelor of Arts degree in 1983 from George Washington University and a Juris Doctor in 1987 from the University of Pennsylvania Law School. From 1987 to 1990, she worked at the law firm of Hogan & Hartson LLP (now Hogan Lovells). From 1990 to 1991, she worked at the law firm of Donovan, Leisure, Rogovin, Huge & Schiller. From 1991 to 2002, she was a trial attorney and supervisor at the Public Defender Service for the District of Columbia. She was a partner at the law firm of Boies, Schiller & Flexner, where her practice focused on complex civil litigation and specifically antitrust class action cases.

          Her husband Peter Krauthamer, a judge on the Superior Court of the District of Columbia, was nominated by President Barack Obama on July 11, 2011, and sworn in on April 20, 2012. They have two sons.

          Notable case:
          In summer 2017 Chutkan presided over the Imran Awan and Hina Alvi fraud case.

          Deep State’s cloven hoofs are pounding…

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      1. Well, singular … not plural (at least one of the four killed ‘children’)

        “… The 47-year-old, of Yukon, Oklahoma, is scheduled to receive the lethal injection at the U.S. Penitentiary in Terre Haute, Indiana at 4 p.m. for the 1996 killings of gun dealer William Mueller, his wife Nancy Mueller and her 8-year-old daughter Sarah Powell.”

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    1. Well, it must have been something like cancer since she died in home country and not in the host country. They had notice of her terminal condition so they brought her home.

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    1. I read the story on 2 different sites–the NBC (I think) site was “explaining” Fascist’s ever-changing schtick—by saying stuff like “as we learn more about the disease, we have to change our recommedations to match new info…” blah, blah, blah. another site basically said…Dude couldn’t predict the winner of a one horse race–the day AFTER the race.

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    2. I posted a summary yesterday of DR. FAUCI’S video interview on JULY 2 with DR. HOWARD BAUCHNER, the editor of the JAMA. Fauci is hard at work behind the scenes — with discrediting POTUS, discrediting the Hydroxychloroquine+ZPak+Zinc treatment for the Wuhan Coronavirus, pushing for schools NOT reopen if there’s a “high infection rate” in the community, SURVEILLANCE pool testing of college students, and pushing Redemsivir as a treatment until a VACCINE is ready for widespread use.
      The above is what YOUR DOCTOR is being told by the AMA, unless your doctor is enlightened enough to see through the hype and the population control methods.

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  11. Weissman has a book deal–“Where Law ends–Inside the Mueller Investigation”

    “I am deeply proud of the work we did and of the unprecedented number of people we indicted and convicted — and in record speed. But the hard truth is that we made mistakes. We could have done more. ‘Where Law Ends’ documents the choices we made, good and bad, for all to see and judge and learn from.”

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    1. Well then – Christ won’t even have to ask him why He should send him downstairs. He can just tell him ‘read your book’ – ’nuff said.

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  12. 72 SECONDS Retweeted
    James Woods@RealJamesWoods
    Highly recommended
    Quote Tweet


    · 1h
    Replying to @RealJamesWoods

    For further reading on these people, I recommend Days of Rage by Bryan Burroughs. A detailed summary can be found here:

    “People have completely forgotten that in 1972 we had over nineteen hundred domestic bombings in the United States.” — Max Noel

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  13. 72 SECONDS
    Worth remembering …
    Quote Tweet

    Jim Hoft
    · 6h
    Deep State Is Panicking Over President Trump’s Commutation of Roger Stone Because His Appeal Will Reveal RUSSIA NEVER GAVE EMAILS TO WIKILEAKS via @gatewaypundit

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  14. Judicial persecution? or actual uncertainty?
    Judge Amy seeking the EO commutation order–presumably to see if it includes parole–but really looking for loophole
    A federal judge on Monday sought a copy of the executive order commuting Roger Stone’s prison sentence in order to address questions about the scope of President Trump’s commutation.

    Judge Amy Berman Jackson said in an order that she is seeking the document in response to questions from the U.S. Probation Office. Berman Jackson, an Obama appointee, said she needs to determine whether the commutation “involves the sentence of incarceration alone or also the period of supervised release.”

    Berman Jackson ordered Stone, a longtime Trump ally, and the Department of Justice to produce the document by Tuesday.

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    1. Is the WH switchboard broken? Maybe just ask DJT.

      And what makes her think Stone has a certified copy of the order. If he has one, it’s just a photocopy. Plus it’s the prosecution that can/should have it.

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      1. Of course it still applies… always does when commutation comes AFTER sentencing…

        Again, the Judge KNOWS THIS…

        POTUS did not pardon Stone…

        The substitution of one punishment for another, after conviction of the party subject to it. The change of a punishment from a greater to a less; as from hanging to imprisonment.

        What is COMMUTATION? – Black’s Law Dictionary

        AND there’s a reason for this:

        Stone’s appeal (which he will continue to seek) will REVEAL RUSSIA NEVER GAVE EMAILS TO WIKI

        see my comment above

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    2. And this CORRUPT MORON is a “judge” Psst, dear “judge” first year law students KNOW that a commutation is a rendering of TIME SERVER. IE all time served. You ONLY get paroled on EARLY exit for GOOD behavior or “special” circumstances When Trump commuted Stone’s sentence, Roger essentially served his ENTIRE sentence in the eyes of the law. Those that completely serve their time, non violent, are NOT put on parole, there debt to society is PAID IN FULL. Geez. Day TWO of Trump’s second term, with a majority in the House and the Senate, ALL the corrupt judges, including Sullivan and Berman get IMPEACHED.

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  15. Bill Melugin (@BillFOXLA) Tweeted:
    BREAKING: Governor Newsom requiring all counties in the state to close all indoor operations. In LA , Orange, Ventura, San Bernardino Cpunties, Gyms, fitness centers, hair salons etc will now have to close. @FOXLA

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      1. Recall is under way as of 2nd week of June. More organized and easier in some ways. Many many more signature gatherers. They collect them until 1st week of November. They tally and verify and a special election begins. Probably when inauguration hits we have another. But, no one has emerged as a leader here. No one.

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  16. Encounter today while at Publix. .. Elderly lady waved to get my attention and pointed to her mask. I very sweetly replied…”thank you for sharing that.”
    A large man nearby, 60’ish, said…”she’s telling you that for a good reason.” I just replied…”hmmm.”
    Next aisle ( that I started going “against the arrow“ ) same man….”You know, we would like you to wear a mask AND follow the arrows.”
    I said…”would it make you feel better if I walked backwards for the 10 feet to get my item? You know, your remarks are awfully grade school level.”
    Fortunately, that was the last I saw of the social justice Publix sheriff.
    I’m very much afraid our local city council is going to vote mandatory masks for 60 days tonight. I have appointments this week plus an outdoor social bagel breakfast scheduled. Tomorrow I plan to make some calls to see what the mask policy will be, and do some rescheduling, if necessary.

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    1. Cant legally tell you to do it. Has to be a law first, ratified and a penal cide section. Of course its easily made illegal on challenge if they did. Thatscwhy everyonevis doing this shady mandate biz. And no ones challenges it in court.

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      1. Key word YET. There will be MILLIONS of lawsuits if they try this again on a Lie. Btw, WHO is going to arrest all us millions, they want to DEFUND the police. What they gonna send a social worker, of dept of public health? They better deputize them and give them a gun, or there will be big troubles for THEM.

        I want them to arrest me, I will then file a lawsuit, and WHEN I win the criminal case, I will go for a one TRILLION dollar class action suit. NO MORE GAMES. Oh, and I will SUE ANYONE whe enables thism, be it the cop, the social worker, the Dept of health worker, or the Governor. Yes in my state you can SUE INDIVIDUALS responsible, they do NOT get an out by “following orders, because illegal ORDERS are null, and they SHOULD have known better.

        I have personal experience, I had to defend MYSELF for a termination of my employee by order of my vice President. I got sued TOO as a supervisor.

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        1. There have been a number of attorneys offering FREE representation for folks nailed by the mask Karens (i.e. local power freaks).

          Time to get them in on the game. I know there are a few in Kalifornistan (I don’t remember the link though, sorry)…

          This crap has to stop.

          I’d print out some study results with links, etc., and if some Karen yapped at me, I’d say, “Here, read this. It’s from REAL SCIENTISTS, not politicians”.

          I’d probably also say, protect your yap from Corona – put a sock in it…

          Newscum is only doing what Auntie Piggly-Wiggly-osi is telling him to do…. gotta have that mail-in fraudulent voting, doncha know…

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          1. My first thought,,,Gov, Newslime… got a phone call from dear auntie…and probably another deposit in his off-shore account. I’m having very uncharitable thoughts and hanging my head in shame.

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          2. Mail in fraud in Cali and NY and dem areas will do then NO GOOD. First Trump had people watching in 2018 to see what they did AND how to STOP it. Second, the dems would have to try it in the swing states, Presidents are elected by the ELECTORAL College, NOT the popular vote. Stacking votes in NNY and CA will only PROVE their fraud, as Trump will get 320 PLUS Electoral votes elsewhere.


          1. It is going to happen if the persist. I told Mrs Rex, that if they continue to get away with this shit, and somehow do get Trump, we the people will have NO recourse, there is no unbiased MSM, there is NO fair judiciary, there are NO elected officials with POWER, save Trump.
            We ONLY have one RECOURSE while we still CAN.

            Picture this. Trump is cheated, two days later, Pelois and the dems and Rinos are on Capital hill celebrating and plotting our demise.

            In rushes the sergeant at arms “Madame Speaker, YOU have a serious problem.”

            Pelosi, “WHAT problem, that bastard is gone, we GOT him.”
            Sergeant at Arms “No mam, there are approximately 1 million armed civilians, wearing MAGA hats, singing God Bless the USA, waving US flags, and caring ROPES.

            Pelosi” SO, call out the Capital Police”. Sergeant at Arms, “But Mam, you DEFUNDED the police”

            Pelosi, “Oh, well, call out the National Guard”

            Sergeant at Arms ” But Mam, you and the Mayor BANNED the National Guard from the city. ”

            Pelosi, “Oh, then call up the Army”

            Sergeant at Arms, “But Mam, you banned them TOO!”

            Pelosi, Oh well, my private security will stop them!”

            Sergeant at Arms” But Mam, that is the problem, those that did not JOIN the mob, have been overwhelmed!!?

            Pelosi ” Oh, SHIT!! well YOU stop them while I get my car.”

            Sergeant at Arms. “F*ck YOU Mam.”

            Sergeant at Arms, pulls gun, points at Pelosi, yells to mob, “I got the b@tch right HERE”

            Mob storm Capitol Hill, grab dem coup plotters, (Dems and RINOS) and haul to National Mall, where a LARGE gallows is being built.

            Pelosi turns to see that not only are most of Congress there, but Biden, Obama, Soros, the Clintons, many members of the MSM and print media, and even several Federal Judges are there, as is FIVE SCOTUS Judges, the four Liberals AND Roberts.

            Pelosi rushes to Schiff, Obama, Soros, and the Clintons. “What have we DONE!!!”

            Obama, we awoke the American People, The GREAT AWAKENING happened, it REALLY HAPPENED!!!

            Soros, you FOOLS,!!!

            Hillary to Bill, “This is ALL YOUR Fault!”
            Bill To Hillary ” I TOLD you to let it go, but you just COULDN’T could you, you HAD to keep pushing, now you and your friends have killed US. ”

            Shiff, weeping, ” Oh God, it wasn’t my fault” ” I’m so sorry”

            Others to Schiff, SHUT UP you wimp, try to die with a little dignity.”

            Schiff shits pants and urinates as noose is placed and death sentence read….hood placed over heads…the sound of a lever being puulled, the sickening snap as the first six traitors meet their maker!

            Think that is fantasy? Just let them keep pushing the bear. Remember what Thomas Jefferson said. “The tree of Liberty MUST be fertilized with the blood of tyrants and Patriots from time to time.”

            That is our future if we do not bad together and STOP them before it REACHES that point.

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  17. LIFELOG uses hack-job Politifact to flag John Solomon information as “False Information” even though John Solomon never made the false claim they slandered him with.

    False Information Found in Your Post
    Independent fact-checkers at PolitiFact say information in your post is false. To stop the spread of false news, we’ve added a notice to your post.
    You can check out additional reporting from independent fact-checkers who investigate reports of false information across Facebook.

    False: No, the CDC is not on the verge of lifting ‘epidemic’ label for COVID-19
    PolitiFact is a fact-checking website that rates the accuracy of claims by elected officials and others on its Truth-O-Meter.
    All fact-checkers who partner with Facebook must be signatories of the International Fact-Checking Network and follow their Code of Principles.
    See how Facebook works with independent fact-checkers to stop the spread of false news. Watch video in Help Center.

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        1. Oh, most of them have. That and Brave New World, and they’ve seen Metropolis that was released in 1927. They’re super edumacated donchya know?

          They just don’t get that we’re living in that world. They still think it’s fictional.

          Liked by 3 people

  18. Newsom just shut the whole state down again.
    Note the photo includes CHURCHES.

    Bill Melugin (@BillFOXLA) Tweeted:
    BREAKING: Governor Newsom requiring all counties in the state to close all indoor operations. In LA , Orange, Ventura, San Bernardino Cpunties, Gyms, fitness centers, hair salons etc will now have to close. @FOXLA

    Liked by 5 people

      1. Newsome forgets that we the people are the church. Building are not and still Christ is the head of the church.
        Matthew 18:20
        “For where two or three are gathered together in my name, there am I in the midst of them.”

        King James Version (KJV)

        Liked by 8 people

        1. The state board has threatened anyone who operates ousmtside of state board rules that they will cancel the licenses. Doing this is guaranteed to lose license, get fined state and local, possibly arrested. Except, they have always done outdoor haircuts for disadvantaged youth, ie illegals, outdoors for years.

          Liked by 3 people

      2. Outside of significant swift brutal vigilante justice, waiting until a Predidential election with total silence is not enough here, it just isnt.
        Schools arent reopening, businesses are closed, Church is closed bc most comply, city libraries and services have not reopened so we are being taxed for nothing, the state legislature is shut down and Newsom in coordinating with dimm leadership is doing this and other things.

        If I were to say what needs to be done Id be in jail. I have no idea how many have signed the latest recall.

        Liked by 6 people

        1. And yet, news today states municipalities are going to impose major tax increases because of the shortages caused by COVID-19.
          Taxation without representation? Sound familiar? And just look what happened….😁

          Liked by 4 people

        1. Me ? I’m not on Twitter..there’s several Molly Pitchers here and there..DP linked a comment that I made here about the weird Amazon?Wayfaire pricing.
          I did get on Parlor though..same name as here MollyPitcher5 (haven’t made much effort figuring it out yet)

          Liked by 5 people

          1. Ahhhhhh, no wonder. I thought for sure since I never heard of ant others, sorry about that 😬. Yeah she linked to a molly pitcher thread about celebrities and the water companies they invest in. Argh, I know better than assuming 😞😁

            Liked by 2 people

            1. I figured carrying water would be about all I’d be good for in a hot revolution!

              Molly Pitcher was an American patriot who carried pitchers of water to soldiers during the Revolutionary War’s Battle of Monmouth, thereby earning her nickname. After her husband collapsed during the battle, she took over the operation of his cannon

              Liked by 4 people

              1. Oh, thank you. I think I now vaguely remember reading about that many many years ago, we actually learned history back then, and everything is making more sense now. Odd coincidence that the first thread I read on that profile is one about water. Go figure. 🤷‍♂️

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  19. Phillip (@Phil_GillenH2O) Tweeted:
    As a Californian, @GavinNewsom is the most corrupt governor in #California history. He got caught trying to give $1B to China. He is a disgrace to public service and a [DS] operative.

    Text: Newsom needs to be recalled now. My proposal is: Any person who even suggests a State go into Lockdown should instantly forfeit a years salary that goes into a Trust to help those hurt most by the first round.


    Liked by 6 people

        1. It won’t.

          San Andreas is a Strike-Slip fault, and the way the tectonic plates meet up, Kalifornistan won’t be going anwhere except north, albeit slowly…

          Liked by 3 people

    1. They’re counting on Kommie-Kore math to cover their lies…

      Probably the Garlock Fault is off in the desert somewhere, and only the Cacti and tumbleweeds would be inconvenienced…

      Buncha maroons. Next we’ll have Satan Soros funding an Open Faults Initiative…

      Liked by 3 people

  20. Teachers are demanding hazard pay? Your teaching via online which is like home schooling. Why should you get paid more? How about we just let parents teach and save use all this bs of tax increases.

    My taxes go higher but what the end result is sucks

    Liked by 6 people

  21. davealvord164 Retweeted
    Hugh Hewitt@hughhewitt
    Just now @HawleyMO told me @WojESPN should be immediately reinstated and NBA Commissioner Adam Silver subpoenaed by @senjudiciary to disclose NBA financial ties w/ CCP. #FreeWOJ

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  22. Brian Cates ON Cernovitch and Bannon KNIFING President Trump in the back.

    “Conservative Influencers” are gearing up to try to split the base & lead a significant chunk of it away from Trump over “amnesty to DACA recipients” that isn’t even happening.

    Dishonest bastards….

    These two guys here are F**KING with you.

    They want you to believe Trump’s gonna wave some magic wand and all the DACA kids are going to instantly become US citizens.

    If you still listen to them, that’s your fault….

    [Brian explains actual deal — GC]

    Brian Cates //Flynn & Breitbart’s Army!

    Trading *legal status* for 1.8 million DACA recipients with a 10-12 year pathway to citizenship MOST won’t complete?

    In exchange for THIS?

    1) border wall $
    2) increased border security
    3) end of chain migration?

    Oh HELL YES.

    You make that deal.
    7:18 PM · Jan 28, 2018

    Which is why I f**king HATE these guys.
    They’re on the Trump train!

    No wait…they’re off again!

    Hold it, they just came back on!

    Stop, they just climbed back off!

    And now they want you to TRUST THEIR TAKE on Trump’s DACA moves over what Trump himself says…..

    Read the rest:

    Liked by 9 people

    1. Thank you for posting this. This kind of thing is why I haven’t trusted Bannon in a long time. I’m not as familiar with Cernovich, but he seems flaky. And I don’t trust anyone who touts his own insight over that of Pres. Trump and those working with him. They are not working with us, and their pontificating does no good.

      Liked by 2 people

    2. How different is Bannon and Cernovitch from democrats? Both of these guys want power and blackmail those including POTUS if he does not do what they want. They use their followers like the dems do.
      I used to have respect for them. They prefer communism under Biden more than getting Trump reelected?
      They are so into their ideology that they are blind. They are showing there true color and I know what it is .
      They cannot hide anymore who they are and they are not my kind of people.

      Liked by 1 person

  23. for the love of mike…reparations for 41 million black people–$6.2 QUADRILLION–what utter nonsense! so, after this, do we consider the pay differential between men and women–and make reparations to women as well?

    Long at the center of the debate has been the potential price tag of paying slavery descendants, which studies broadly include most or all of the 41 million black people in the country.

    A new study from three college professors said that the ultimate cost could be $6.2 quadrillion. Quadrillion comes after trillion, and one quadrillion has 15 zeros.

    The study suggests a payment of $151 million each, and the cost to every person would be $18.96 million.

    The calculation is somewhat complicated, but it essentially studies the unpaid hours slaves worked, calculates a price for massacres and discrimination, and adds in interest. It is titled “Wealth Implications of Slavery and Racial Discrimination for African American Descendants of the Enslaved.” It was published last month in the the Review of Black Political Economy.

    Liked by 2 people

    1. Fine. Let the DEMONicRATS pay it.

      That should end them.

      This overwhelming idiocy needs to be stopped. Maybe leaving the skoolz (Kommie Indoctrination Centers) closed isn’t such a bad thing after all. And the libturd teachers don’t need hazard pay: THEY are the hazard.

      Time to end tenure and forced union participation for good. They can work under the same conditions as the rest of us: HIRE (and FIRE) AT WILL. PAY FOR PERFORMANCE.

      And the same goes for the SES (Senior Executive Service) – END IT!!!!!

      Liked by 7 people

      1. I keep thinking about all of this, the masks for demoralization and isolation, the vaccines that will kill and sterilize people, the schools that indoctrinate…the people falling for this are the sheep the overlords would want to keep around.

        The sheep obviously don’t see this, but the overlords aren’t getting it, either.

        Liked by 2 people

    2. That’s going to really mess up pro sports…why bother to aspire to be the best baller ever so you too can have the cars,the cribs, the best seats at the clubs….every homie can have it for nuttin

      Liked by 3 people

    3. It’s about time we recognized that all this talk about “REPARATIONS!” is nothing but a scam to justify the U.S. Government taxing 100% of all private wealth and private property and converting it to state owneship to usher in Marxist Communism. None of that money will make it to decedents of slaves.

      Liked by 5 people

      1. In the end what will happen is we ALL will become slaves…

        And under worse conditions than ANY slave has experienced in the history of the world…

        Liked by 7 people

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