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This Stormwatch Monday Open Thread is VERY OPEN – a place for everybody to post whatever they feel they would like to tell the White Hats, and the rest of the MAGA/KMAG/KAG world (with KMAG being a bit of both).

Yes, it’s Monday…again.


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For your listening enjoyment, I offer this composition from Michael Kenneth Marino, titled ‘Rasa’:


Pedophilia is disgusting and it is sickening to think that human beings would engage in such a vile horror.

People like Ruth Bader Ginsberg and Ghislaine Maxwell think that the ‘age of consent’ should be lowered to 13…and other leftists want to decriminalize pedophilia altogether. They declare that “love is love” and want to normalize the revolting practice.

I say pedos should be rounded up, locked up together in a sealed enclosure and introduced to a swarm of Murder Hornets!

Need some cuteness now, to offset such a foul subject:


Wheatie’s Word of the Day:


‘Nidus’ is a noun which means…a point or place at which something originates, accumulates, or develops; a nest or breeding place, or a central point or focus of infection by bacteria or other pathogens.

‘Nidal’ is an adjective describing something that is like a Nidus. The plural of Nidus is nidi or niduses. We also have nidification, for the process of building a nest, and nidicolous, meaning “reared in a nest.”

Used in a sentence:

Our education system has become a nidus for leftist indoctrination.


661 thoughts on “Dear KMAG: 20200713 Open Topic

    1. OK, break time. There’s only so much of that to do in one shot — the area behind the dryer has got a shelf over it, so everything has to be done hunched-over. It’s also really filthy back there and is playing hell with my allergies.

      Got the back off, got the duct loosened, haven’t completely worked out how to extract it all the way (it runs parallel to the back of the dryer until it bends toward the front for the filter). I may have to move something else to get it past the bend. I’ve got the bottom part outside the frame of the dryer, so there’s that.

      I can tell I’ve worked on it before, because there are “cheat sheet” notes written on the back in Sharpie. That time appears to have been more electrical.

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      1. Did another cycle. Couldn’t get the duct completely disconnected, but got it separated enough I could reach around and grab handfulls of crud out of the duct. Got a couple of big handfulls out — would be about three pounds of ground beef in volume. Also spilled a bunch on the ground and into the air I was crouching in. But I got the pen.

        I’m going to hit it tommorow with compressed air in some spots I couldn’t reach well and see if I can get it appropriately clean. I could put it all back together and run her clothes, but then I’d have to take it apart sometime soon to get it done right, so I decided to hang it up and finish it right tomorrow. Besides, with all the stuff I’ve dislodged, her clothes would probably end up covered in lint.

        On another one of those random notes, I used nutdrivers that I inherited (along with a large part of the mechanical aptitude to use them) from my maternal grandfather. They’re still in the blue fishing-box container he kept them in. When I get my shop and outfit it, I’ll probably have a set where you can read the sizes and they’re all in order and match and separate the metric from the SAE, and I can keep those in a drawer where they’ll all have places and stay in order…..but I’ll still have this little blue plastic box full of mismatched drivers from a dozen different vendors.

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        1. Gotta love those family history tools. My husband was attempting a repair using Grandpa’s pipe clamps years ago (we were newly weds & living in what had been my grandparents’ retirement home in Northern Michigan). My grandpa had had a gas station business & had Many Tools in his garage Up North. Hubby kept tightening down those pipe clamps but they never seemed to squeeze things right…eventually he discovered that the one never actually attached properly–joy. I believe that defective tool went into the old family stockpile for future enjoyment/frustration…

          Some years later there was a major garage clean up at The Cottage (as it’s now known) & someone discovered a well scorched ironing board cover & the packaging declaring it to be a scorchless item! Of course that went back into the garage attic stockpile for future generations to marvel at the quirky generational sense of humor.

          On the other side of the family, my dad’s mom’s dad, there was the infamous “string too short to save” box. Apparently great-grandpa collected stamps & would tie them together into small bundles so he kept a box (empty cigar box?) with very small pieces of string that were not fit for any other use…We still reference “string too short to save” around here, as in if it’s too short to save, why are you saving it!

          I’m a make-do homemaker with tendencies from some previous generations (my grandma used to make braided rugs from material too tattered/weathered to be useful in any other way). Occasionally I read up on other people’s frugality tendencies for inspiration…& self defense. No matter how pack-rat-ish I get I can always refer to the other woman who made Dryer Lint Mache (think papier mache) from dryer lint to construct Halloween masks for her (homeschooled???) kids.

          Ya’acov Apelbaum takes dryer lint &/or dust bunnies to a whole nother level however!!!

          Good for you planning to finish the job right. My husband quotes his step dad periodically “If you don’t have time to do the job right, when do you think you’ll have time to do the job over!” Blessings!

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          1. I am a piker compared to my uncle in TN (married to a blood-relative aunt). Just a couple of ones that I found amusing (and inspirational).

            I don’t visit as often as I’d like, but one time there was this rusty sheetmetal shed on the property, showing at least 20 years of weathering. It was there when they bought the place. About five years later, there was a shiny new sheetmetal shed at a different, more convenient location. I couldn’t imagine him buying a new one, so I asked them where he got it. They said that they had moved the old one. I was a bit startled, and asked ’em how they had cleaned up all the prior deterioration. They observed that, since they had to take it apart to move it, it was easy enough to reassemble it inside-out.

            During one visit, it actually snowed — and, me being a California wuss (he’s originally from Michigan), I was hoping that they’d salt a bunch of the snow and ice so we wouldn’t end up on our kiesters. So they went nuts their driveways and walkways were very clear and we felt very secure. I said that I felt bad about costing them extra — and he explained that the local salt trucks trickle it out as they drive around, but always end-up leaving little piles when they stop at stop signs, which just ends up as excess in the creeks. So he has five gallon buckets where he’s driven up to a stop sign, gotten out, and swept-up the excess salt from the salt trucks — carefully leaving enough on the road to do the job. He has plenty of room — something like seven acres — and so he can collect in one season and use it in the next.

            And on the subject of Americans and dryer ducts — I’ve been watching YouTubes and, so far, the funniest ones have involved leaf blowers.

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            1. That is all Most Excellent…perhaps Michigan is a breeding ground for extreme frugality! My grandparents (not blood, my mom’s adoptive parents) used to keep ledgers balanced to the penny & according to my parents if they found a penny on the sidewalk it went into the ledger! They both started out in immigrant Finnish communities in Michigan’s Upper Peninsula…hmmm…

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              1. Cleaning out my husband’s parents home we had to rent two big cabbage bins. They never threw anything away. The surprise we found was a ledger she kept that had were she wrote in all expenses that my husband cost them from birth until he married.
                Little did I know my husband did similar things with our kids. One day one of them said to him ” you did not spent much money on us.” My husband said ” I still have all the checks I wrote for you from dancing school to gymnastic to buying the flute to braces and college and the $10,000 we gave you when you married. My daughter said “I do not want to hear it and you really did not keep the checks did you?” My husband said “yes I did because I knew one of you would complain.”.

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        2. Hey Coothie, you make house calls to Texas?? My dryer that I thought was broken for 5 months – while pricing new ones, I climbed on top of it to look at backside to ensure it was gas connected. When I got down I pressed the home button just for grins, and it turned on!!! 🦋🤸‍♀️🦋 Folks have been telling me that I may have shaken loose some lint so I probably need a cleaning. I dunno what happened but I’m one happy camper!! 😊😊 No more lugging 6 loads of wet clothes to laundromat, although it really wasn’t too bad, since they all dried in 37minutes!! Ha! 8hrs to wash, 37min to dry, 😵😵😵

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  1. Wiki: “A nidicolous animal (/naɪˈdɪkələs/ ny-DIK-ə-ləs; from Latin nidus “nest” and -colus “inhabiting”) is an animal that stays at its birthplace for a long time because it depends on the parents for food, protection, and the learning of survival skills”
    See also, Leftist protesters and rioters. 😂

    “They are the opposite of nidifugous species, which leave their parents more quickly and survive independently.”
    Cf.: Patriots. 🇺🇸

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          1. I’m learning the ropes. At first I was getting an email for every like and comment, but I put a stop to that! I hadn’t realized that, if I have several different tabs open for different QTree articles, I have to sign in separately to WP to comment on each of them. Is that correct, or am I missing something?

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            1. Hmm…that doesn’t sound right, TT.

              Once you’re signed in, it should carry over to all the articles…even carry over to other WP sites.

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            2. You need to set up auto-sign-in. To do that, you have to sign into WORDPRESS itself ( in another tab. Have your browser remember the password, which token will be saved in a cookie for Then make sure that your page for this site allows third-party cookies, like the one for WordPress. Then kill all tabs for this site, and try a new one. It should log you in automatically.

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              1. I must be doing something wrong. I had my browser remember the WP password, but when I look at the list of sites that are using cookies, WP is not listed, even though my settings are allowing cross-site tracking and I have not blocked cookies. I’ll try again tomorrow. Thank you!

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          1. or an ACCIDENT–you know a truck carrying several dozen paint cans (with their lids askew) hits a bump–or suddenly has to stop–there could be a protester in the street he has to avoid–and then–DANG! paint in several shades of RED (POTUS tie red) all over the road…LOL

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      1. Shared it on FB:

        Things are changing

        Everything that you have known will be different

        You are not losing the past, but becoming who you will be

        The divine calling of heaven beckons you

        The adventure of your lifetime

        Mission and purpose filled with awe and wonder lay ahead

        Now is your time

        Go out there and take it

        Inspiration for the holy endeavor at hand

        God is With You.

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    1. As I scroll my friends!! SAME Music is Fabulous!! Keep your heads on a swivel!!!! Marica had a 24 hour.. Shit Storm!!! Love ya’ll!!!🙏🙏🙏🙏

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      1. I had some trouble too a few days ago. Got mad and lit into the devil real good w/scripture, and it stopped. Bind him Marica! (He goes away for a little while) Was about ready to get out the annointing oil and go around the doorposts praying over the rest of property. Last time I even oiled the dog!😊 Hey, it works! Full Armour, sword of the Spirit!!😍🙏💞

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  2. This is why communists hate Christianity:

    They want you to give complete loyalty to the State…and only the State.

    My answer: Oh hell no!

    Visual description of meme:
    It’s a picture of Alexandra Ocasio Cortez, smiling menacingly with eyes bugged out.
    The message is…”Have you accepted the State as your lord and savior?”

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    1. Good tweet. True. Most are worried about fraud.

      Didn’t Q mention something about patriots being in place in 2016. Hope they pay attention again.

      But trump and Q know.

      Judicial watch is cleaning up voter rolls.

      Heck makes me side eye the stupid recount Jill Stein was pushing back in 2016. Trump kept gaining votes.

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  3. Wow I just got time warped back 25 years ago by the look of the baby in the video…

    Those were Hard Days that I am thankful are (for the most part) in the rear view mirror. So many of the challenges related to raising & battling on behalf of Josiah are what ultimately lead me to blogging to try to process some of the many burdens that special needs parenting contributed to in my life.

    Without wordpress & serendipitous online meanderings & fellowship I’d probably never have found CTH & later the precious Q-Tree. Sometimes that broken road can lead to some very beautiful places…God is So Good!!!

    If anyone’s touched by that tiny baby in the tweet video, or interested in some of the details from the (ongoing) Josiah journey, I’ve shared quite a few tidbits here, fyi…

    That last post has a listing of many of the posts I’ve done over the years that heavily feature Josiah…in case anyone might be interested. You were all so very welcoming on some of our journey during the conversations following my 1st Q-Tree post, Luna Wolf Pack….& I greatly appreciate(d) such an unexpectedly warm reception 🙂

    God Bless all wonderful Q-Treepers! & thanks especially to WolfMoon for creating this Refuge from the Last Refuge where we can gather, share, & be inspired. You guys are awesome…& I’m still amazed that I was ever let into this Wolf Pack! 😉

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      1. Heheh…yeah, I don’t know what that bicycle thingy is.
        But I thought it was cool and a creative example of a way to ‘get through it’.

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        1. The guy builds things to follow biological mechanics. Like the way limbs work. He’s done a lot of stuff. Some looks freaky some funky

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      1. Well I’m never much of a joiner anywhere & not usually wanted in most venues…At the Q-Tree I’m Never the smartest kid in the room…& that’s kind of refreshing & humbling compared to my “brainiac” youth. Oh & I hail from & live in the Island of Misfit Toys…but “normal” is just so boring (or so I imagine) 😉

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        1. About what are you talking, Val? You have had experiences others could only imagine – and you have sailed through with faith like no other!!!

          What gifts did God NOT bestow on you? I cannot think of any – none of us are born SMART – some of us are quick learners – while others take longer – has nothing to do with intelligence at all!!!

          I have read your posts – and cried – and stopped – and came back to read more – I cannot imagine the heartache you endured – he was your little guy – literally – so little – he had to fight for every breath – and you took each breath with him – you absorbed all of his pain – his struggle – AND – his victory!!!

          Dear Lord – in the Precious and Holy Name of Jesus – I pray – you reveal to Val – how lovingly your crafted her to undertake the enormous responsibility you bestowed upon her – I thank you for instilling Your Spirit in her – to guide her – to encourage her – and to educate her – I am awed at what You and she have accomplished together – because she believed in YOU!!!

          Thank You, Jesus, for blessings received and prayers answered!!!

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          1. Wow Duchess. Thank you so much for sharing this & for your prayers! Sometimes my perspective is skewed. I come from a family where often criticism reigned supreme & seemingly no matter the efforts it was “never enough”.

            I guess I still wrestle with certain insecurities & perhaps they bleed out in ways I hadn’t realized. For some reason I’m thinking of a scene in the movie Armageddon between Bruce Willis & Billy Bob Thornton. BBT asks for assurances from BW “Tell me you’ve never let anybody down”…& BW replies “I haven’t quit yet.” And basically that perspective will have to do, at least around here.

            There were days when the kids were young & before J left on the special ed school bus that it was a screamfest from the moment he awoke until he was on the bus (him screaming & me wanting to)…anyway Many of those days I could barely drag myself out of bed. I guess there is still a load of guilt there, probably false guilt. No one wants that to be their kids’ childhood, but it is what it is.

            We all lived through those challenging days & we’re still here & still love each other! All four of our kids are strong & Conservative Christians!!! So in spite of the craziness we never did quit & we still are trying to glorify the Lord in how we live…even if some of us (mostly me) tend to live rather like hermits as a survival mechanism.

            Anyway thanks for the Christian encouragement! I Really Appreciate it…& you & your precious spirit!!!

            Thank you for continuing to extend God’s life-giving/enriching message of Love! Blessings

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            1. It is the Spirit of God that lives within us – that spurs us on – even though there were times when you thought you could not hang on any longer – the Angels held you in their loving embrace and carried you through – the family has been enriched because of that Spirit – You were blessed on a daily basis for patience beyond measure – I thank God for you – you have no idea how many you blessed along the way!!!

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              1. Amen! Once a number of years ago a young person at our church came to talk w/ my husband & I after church & casually dropped how “all” the youth group really admired us & looked up to us as an example of a good marriage. He said it matter-of-factly like we should already have known that we had that reputation as a couple…hmmm. We were basically oblivious of any “hero worship” tendencies on anyone’s part (thankfully)…

                Recently as our kids have been wrestling with the cultural insanity that’s swirling about, a couple of them have shared with us how much they appreciate our family, especially when they have seen how “worldly” many of their Christian friends have become. They are rather shocked that some of their class &/or church mates have drunk the cultural kool aide. They thought that the families those kids have come from were as solid in their faith as ours was but lifestyle choices & viewpoints of many of these peers call that perspective into question.

                We always tried to have a biblical foundation in our home. We also instituted a forgiveness routine very early on. We as parents apologized to each other & to our kids when we were in error & if disputes were “public” so were reconciliations.

                Because of Josiah’s numerous behavioral challenges we taught all the kids to forgive & to actually mean it. In fact some of them wouldn’t say “I forgive you” until they were actually ready–before the sun set of course. This really seemed to lessen resentments for all the chaos that swirled, especially pertaining to Josiah…

                & Josiah has such a deeply spiritual walk with the Lord, it’s truly a wonder to behold. He might be disabled in the eyes of the world, but in the arena of God’s Kingdom it is more like the rest of us are handicapped & he sees God with unveiled face!

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              2. Beautiful observations, Val!!! Amazing how God works it all out for those who love Him!

                Romans 8:28
                “And we know that all things work together for good to them that love God, to them who are the called according to his purpose.”

                King James Version (KJV)

                God made Josiah a ‘special’ child – from whom all members of the family could learn about Him – most remarkable how God works and inspires us all –

                We had an ‘Angel’ in our family who has long since gone to live with God – his mother rejected him – even though when you held him – you could feel the Presence of God emanating from him – his mother did not know God – could not comfort him – or even care for him – she was embarrassed – I loved him – when I looked into his eyes – I could see his beautiful soul – much the same as you see in Josiah.

                It is a rare quality of spirit to look beyond the physical and see the soul – the beauty within – and God allowed you to see that – you needed to help the others see it – and by your example – they did!

                God blessed you mightily for your patience and now – the entire family is blessed!!! Praise Be to God!!!

                He might be dis-abled by the world’s standards – but, he is extremely-abled in the heavenly realm where his glorified body will be admired by all!!!

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      1. How’s she doing now? She was probably further behind gestationally than were my twins given her birth weight. Our guys were born at 33 1/2 weeks with Brandon at 5# 4oz, normal size for gestational age, but Josiah was IUGR (Intra Uterine Growth Retarded aka very small for gestational age). In fact he had such very low birthweight that he immediately qualified for SSI based on his weight, under 1200 grams (among other things)…

        J had his 1st heart surgery to repair/patch a decent VSD (Ventricular Septal Defect–hole in the wall between the 2 lower chambers of the heart). When he was 4 1/2 he had his 2nd open heart procedure, a sub-aortic stenosis resection (remove encroaching tissue blocking the outflow of his aortic valve). He was “supposed” to have another open heart sometime about junior high age…but that surgery still hasn’t yet happened. 😉 They thought they’d have to replace his bi-cuspid aortic valve then, it has 2 flaps instead of the normal 3…

        I’m guessing if your niece has/had congenital heart issues (birth defects of the heart) she/her family was told that she’d “always” be followed by a pediatric cardiologist, for adult cardiologists don’t deal in structural abnormalities, more like just adult-onset heart disease issues. We were also told that J would always be on the pediatric cardiology floor/service whenever he was inpatient, but that hasn’t always been borne out, at least not for some of the other major stuff he faced like brain tumor & liver transplant…

        Sorry to run off on those tangents. I hope your niece & her family are doing well!

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    Roscoe B Davis🎖***

    Bitch you’re going to jail STFU

    Quote Tweet

    John O. Brennan
    · Jul 11

    If only we had someone in the White House with even just a small fraction of Bob Mueller’s integrity, competence, intellect, & lifelong respect for the rule of law.

    We don’t, but we can change that in just four months.

    1:32 AM · Jul 13, 2020 from Texas, USA·Twitter for iPhone


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    1. I remember when Kappy was murdered last year.

      He had been making videos, naming names and said he was about to publish some ‘proof’.
      Then he ended up dead.
      And his videos were deleted.

      That thing that Kappy said about a “secret bookshelf that revealed a secret room” was…interesting.

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      1. Then there’s this
        On 4Chan, anons are puzzling over how if you take the non-capitalized letters in this book review, believed to be by Ghilsane Maxwell on Amazon, and put them into this gematria calculator (essentially a letter to number, and back to word code used as a sort of future-predicting astrology-like-system), you get a message which seems to predict Issac Kappy’s “suicide” by jumping off a bridge in Arizona. Not sure what this is, but it might be some form of coded communication system they were using.

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      2. And there is Tom Hank’s name again!! And the photo of the glove and reference to “road kill”…creepy. I’m beginning to have very negative opinions about Hanks.
        Didn’t we just see another glove on the road photo somewhere? Senior moment this morning.
        All this “symbolism” and message sending is just too much! Certainly has made me look at things differently these days…not necessarily a good thing.

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        1. You know what’s funny Teagan I never like Hanks.
          He wasn’t good looking and yet he kept getting all these rolls. I NEVER liked his movie ‘Big’. Scene where a women hits on hanks whos a boy in a mans body. Always turned me off. Plus he’s anti Trump which says it all.

          Didn’t we just see another glove on the road photo somewhere? —– yes we did. (wow google his name and gloves and he does it a lot!!!!) People claim its of lost things but really?

          Lost glove and yet ‘cold hand somewhere’ And the work Hanx… yeah no thanks.

          Here’s the video Liz made. Sarah Ashcraft is the one who brings up Tom Hank. She says her father sold her to hanks when she was 13. Put her name in a search engine and you’ll see her tweets.

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  5. Gonna include all the fixin’s with this tweet. First time I’ve called out a “big name”. Gonna get blocked for sure.

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      1. I call BS. The computer screen displays something but it ain’t Chinese. Plus there is no PPE.

        IMO, this is from Fort Detrick or some similar think-tank lab.

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        1. Likely your right. 2 things here. No Obama visit to China in 2015 and when ever you have a photo of a tweet that you can’t just search by clicking it’s usually bogus.

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        2. It could also be the NC University Lab. It was rated BIO level II I believe where as Ft Detrick is is BIO Level III. If Gail was around I think she’d figure this one out for us.

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      1. You may find this interesting. This is an interview with the son of Diana Hyland from peyton’s place. She and Travolta were a couple. She died from breast cancer also, while with Travolta.

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  6. America, 1776, 2020

    Americans, what kind of people do you think you are? What kind of citizens are you? When flags are burned and statues of Abraham Lincoln are desecrated, what is America?

    We are exceptional. That is not an ideology of prejudice, but a fact. No other nation had its beginnings in intellectual deliberation by brilliant minds such as Jefferson, Hamilton, Franklin, and others.

    We have a Declaration of Independence that places us on the world’s stage before God, who has granted everyone “life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness.” “Happiness means not hedonistic gratification, but a life of virtue lived for the common good. The Declaration is an apologetic for America’s founding. It is one of the most brilliant and consequential documents in political history. Martin Luther King, Jr., appeal to it as authoritative in his “I Have a Dream” Speech. We must live up to its promise, he cried. We still must.

    Our Constitution is not divinely-inspired, but states the how of America. Since its writers knew it was not perfect and that America would change over time, they allowed for Amendments, the first of which is another pivotal statement in world history. The First Amendment guarantees five shining freedoms: of religion, of speech (not “expression”), of the press, of assembly (peaceable), of petition. Although it had antecedents, no governmental document ever approached this measure of freedom of conscience within ordered liberty.

    Those who burn flags, destroy statues, and appeal to simplistic and analyses of contemporary problems need to learn or return the meaning of the American creed. American has sinned in how it treated native Americans, African Americans, and, of course, more. But no nation under the sun has a flawless track record. One of the factors that makes America unique and exemplary is its ability to self-reform, and to even reform its reforms, as with prohibition.

    The wisest reformer has the deepest knowledge of American history and the nature of the American system. Those who destroy according to slogans, those who brandish torches instead of learned arguments, those who tear down with no vision of how to rebuild, these are the ones who set us back, who let loose untutored grievance, and who cannot be trusted to pursue the common good as Americans.

    Here is no unguarded and mindless patriotism. Here is no “my country right or wrong” nationalism. American citizenship calls for more. The flag will not atone for our wrongs. But burning the flag will not atone for them either. In fact, only Jesus Christ can atone for sins. But politically, reform and renewal is possible within the American system of civil government. That takes vision, passion, and patience: “a long obedience in the same direction.” America has been given much, in natural resources, in beauty, and in civil liberties. But, as Jesus said, “To whom much is given, much is required.”

    Americans, what kind of people do you think you are? What kind of citizens are you? The world is watching. The Creator, –who has endowed us with “certain unalienable rights” of “life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness–is watching.

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    1. For you, Michael:

      If you’re not familiar with Phillip Beesen’s work, he has a lot of good tracks, IMHO.
      ‘The End Of Silence’ is a recent one.

      Here is one from a couple of years ago, ‘Shadow Warrior’:

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    2. I guess I’m getting grumpy in my coming old age.

      I don’t have the patience to try and reason with drooling, ignorant, mentally crippled idiots that tear down statues of Frederick Douglass and desecrate a monument to the 54th Massachusetts Volunteer Regiment while claiming that “Black Lives Matter”.

      Ya don’t try to negotiate with rabbit dogs. They are utterly incapable of employing reason and logic outside the applications of force and submission.

      This is precisely why we had no other choice but to pursue complete, unconditional surrender (ie. total submission and capitulation) from the Nazis and the Japanese.

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        1. THIS is what I worry about when I get resistance to red pilling. The people who have been deceived their entire lives not being able to take all the lies they digested. I’m not talking about millennials, but people old enough to be this one’s parents and grandparents.

          It was a cultural thing from the time we were little. The newspaper comes in the morning, you read it. So does everyone else in the house, eventually. News comes on at 5 pm, you watch it, and not just for weather and sports. In eight grade, we had “current events” once a week where we were to bring in articles of things that happened around the world, so we could talk about.

          The culture trained us…until some of us started looking into what we were being told, doing our homework, and found out, for example, that CFCs couldn’t damage the ozone layer of the atmosphere without a whole lot of thrust to get them that high as they are dense, heavy molecules prone to the effects of gravity.

          From then on, it just got worse.

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          1. Yeah when I realized that CFCs were incredibly stable, safe, and did not destroy the ozone, that was a big moment for a school kid who had Newsweek clippings about the “northern ozone hole”.

            For some reason I’m still angry about it. Especially when I’m looking at $8k-10k to replace my compressor.

            I hope we can pull out of the B.S. international agreement, get the EPA off our back, and start using proper (safe, efficient) refrigerants again.

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              1. That too. They still lie about DDT … “Mosquitoes are resistant” when in fact DDT is used as a deterrent rather than a pesticide. There’s no logic, just anything they can do to say “NO!”…

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    3. But we started out as a penal colony. On the other side of the earth. 6 months via wooden sailing ship if you make it.

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  7. A critical CTH read which strongly hints at the nature of the BOMBSHELL Sundance is going to drop.….

    This question (why fire Dana Boente) is what will be answered, but attached to it is the answer to everything.

    You can see it coming – real proof of SD’s theory that all of Dodge and Fib were being run by Mueller’s team. It really does explain EVERYTHING.

    To put a bullet through me.)

    One of which was HIGHLY political, so that it would hit back on Trump. And Sundance’s DELINEATION of the array of forces inside DOJ and FBI and who was actually running them – it all makes SENSE NOW.

    Think of it this way. Sundance’s bombshell is being dropped on a giant weapons cache.

    At the center of which are a LOT of shady characters, including particularly WEISSMANN.

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      1. I think the demons know something is coming.

        That is why they have pulled out all the stops and have been resorting to rioting & violence in the streets.

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        1. I just hope we can survive it! I am sickened by the hate and evil being pushed by so many that, unfortunately, have a national voice. Tough to keep removed from the 24/7 hate hits….I’m spending the day in my kitchen, enjoying the miracles of nature with the piles of fresh produce from friends’ gardens…. and trying to keep grounded.
          I really want the Gates of Hell opened against these people.

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      1. Yes – Sidney arrived at Weissmann’s central involvement by a completely different route, based on bogus prosecutions during the Enron frenzy, which were EXONERATED upon appeal – companies destroyed, lives destroyed, no true justice possible.

        What happened there is very similar to what happened now – a combination of:

        PHONY CRISIS which needs villains
        DEM SLANDER which picks out the villains
        MEDIA FRENZY which castigates the villains
        PUBLIC HYSTERIA which pre-judges the villains
        DIRTY PROSECUTION which takes down the villains
        YEARS OF EXAMINATION which exonerates the villains

        It’s the DEM PLAYBOOK.

        The link between Weissmann 2008 and Weissmann 2018 is part of what brings down the whole scam. The link between Pelosi 2007 and Pelosi 2019 is also there.

        Sidney understood that Weissmann has always been DIRTY, and knew HOW HE OPERATED. This is why she never believed the other side and kept pushing.


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    1. Wolf, I mean this with absolutely NO disrespect to Sundance at all, sincerely. I am going to have to rely on you and others here to simplify and explain what he is writing about, if you would, please.

      His writing style is too rambling for me. It just goes on and on in what seems an endless cycle. I can’t make it all the way through it.

      To be honest, when I read there before the schism, I skimmed him and relied on the comments of people who are mostly here now to explain it all. I miss Ristvan the most, I think, of the ones that aren’t here.

      I would also like to share the information with others, but I know very few people whose eyes wouldn’t glaze over after two or three paragraphs. We need bullet points, or most won’t read it. And I know it’s important.

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      1. I may do a big explainer later.

        Here is the bottom line. This is a huge “TOLDJASO” by Sundance. What Sundance has done is LOGICALLY MAPPED OUT THE CORRUPTION in DOJ that many of us suspected was there. The infection was BAD – very bad – all of our worst suspicions realized. Barr and Trump are by now completely aware of this stuff (note how they took out Jussie K. Liu), hence the calls by Schiff and Pelosi to go after Barr.

        Remember how I suspected – how I could only see ONE explanation – that “Radium Rod” was behind the FBI trying to set me up? I was CLOSE. Mueller and Rosey were the VENEER over the rotten wood. Rosey just signed off on everything coming from a STILL-VERY-DIRTY DOJ and FBI. Orders to go after me may have originated anywhere in the dirty parts of DOJ or FBI, but per Sundance’s thinking, they were likely approved by “Team Resist” under Mueller, or one of their colleagues operating elsewhere in DOJ. Somebody signed off on the plausible bullshit.

        Wray had a CORE DIRTY DOJ monitor – Dana Boente – working with him – advising him. This is the fissile element – the U-235 – in Sundance’s nuke. When it is shown that Boente was DIRTY and part of the HOAX and the FISA LIES, helping to cover them up and continue the scam over TWO YEARS after DOJ and FBI knew it was BULLSHIT – and this guy somehow sidled up to Chris Wray and became his adviser – well, that’s BIG.

        Boente was fired for a reason. The media minimized and kinda did a “look at some other squirrel” instead of coming back in fury and weaponizing Boente’s firing against Trump in a big way. Hmmmm, that’s odd.
        Well, there’s a reason. It turns out Boente is KEY, and Sundance saw it. The media could NOT go anywhere near the real story on Boente.

        Sundance is REAPING ON THE HOAX. Durham and Barr can do whatever they like. Sundance has already poked his switchblade into Durham’s burlap bag, and RABID CATS BOENTE AND WEISSMANN are about to be let out into the sunlight.

        Sundance has strong goods, and is hinting to the cognoscenti on our side what they are (see below) – that he’s not bullshitting. I believe him, because what is in public is consistent with what he’s saying.

        Sessions and his small group of people like Whitaker were isolated against a very dirty DOJ with characters like Jussie Liu running around FAKING cleanliness. Rosey then played SERGEANT SCHULTZ, ACTING STALAG COMMANDER, and “saw nothing” as the “Resist/Lawfare” team under Mueller essentially ran the show.

        My suspicions of MK Mueller and the subsequent dementia now shift operational responsibility from the white hats, which never made sense, to Team Weissman-Brennan-KGB-CIA-9/11-CA3, with which I am intimately familiar. Mueller has been tied to MK from the early days with Whitey Bulger, who was also part of the project.

        Note that this does not invalidate Q, which is clearly a FORCE in the drama, but it does invalidate “over-readers” and “true believers” in the “we’ve got this scam all locked up” poppycock which Dems slathered over the Q movement, as well as early theories (Wictor, drawandstrike, even me and Sundance – COUGH) that Mueller and Rosenstein might have been “white hats” helping to bust Weissmann and all the crooks – far from it – they were there to PROTECT the crooks.

        One can now see why Sundance was so appalled at the people who thought it was all in the bag for Team White Hat. The left had figured out that OVERPLAYING Q’s reassurance aspects was the way to go. The idea that Trump had things “in the bag” was “get rid of Trump” propaganda from the other side, who wanted us all to sit tight and do no more than “trust the plan”.

        Trusting the plan was needed, but trusting ourselves to LEARN from the plan and FIGHT BACK was also needed.

        The positions which trusted Mueller and Rosenstein were WRONG. These guys were what I call “end-pins of credibility” – their only job is to do nothing to STOP the crooks – which is pretty much what Dem mayors do with ANTIFA and BLM.

        Now, Sundance’s understanding of a massively dirty DOJ is strongly inflated by the entire Wolfe episode, and how Wolfe got off thanks to dirty DOJ insiders, including Jussie Liu, who slapped him on the wrist and LET HIM OFF. Remember how scooping up Wolfe followed Sessions saying he was going to create a task force to look at leaks? To many of us, this showed – POSSIBLY – that Trump and Sessions were turning DOJ and FBI around. Yeah, but when Wolfe was let off the hook, THAT showed something was very wrong. So SD dug.

        Well, apparently, Sundance has MORE related to that “reversal”. He is strongly hinting that he has undeniable proof that DOJ buried the Wolfe matter, and KNEW exactly what they were doing. It looks like there was a REAL whistleblower (or at least a WITNESS) on it, and Dana Boente was involved in covering that up.

        I knew a “good assistant DA” many years ago, who explained a corruption case to me, which started with one small crime with one person, but upon investigation turned into bigger and bigger charges, and more and more substantial crimes. Their message that always stuck with me is that real cases are not like individual clods of dirt, but like a WEED with strong roots, pulled up out of the ground as a giant ball of dirt clods connected by roots.

        Sundance’s reveal is going to force people to do things. Some of that is going to be “controlled opposition” trying to get ahead of the reveals, and/or using them as cover to act against control – your call.

        Sundance is correctly PREPPING BRAINS to accept the full story on DOJ/FBI corruption, so it catches fire and grows BIG before the election. There are MANY reasons why this is needed. But the smoldering Mueller hoax that Pelosi, Schiff, and Resist/Lawfare have been throwing corona water and riot dust on is about to CATCH FIRE.

        Thus, Sundance may be forcing the Dems to deploy their NEXT PHONY CRISIS.

        Be prepared.

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        1. Thank you for the explanation/simplification. I appreciate it. Rod Rosenstein is a real puzzle to me, and I still am confused by what happened when he left. The send-off was incredible if he is team Black Hat. That is all I can’t get past. Maybe it was theater for good reason.

          I hope Sundance figures out a way to explain this better. Most people don’t have enough background info to follow this level of complexity.

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          1. Yeah, I may try to do an explainer for people here at some point.

            Rosey’s trouble will only come LATER, when people start asking why he – like all these other bad guys – never called out the HOAX, and just went along with it.

            Rosey and Mueller were a sweet dodge. Such a great scam. A DOUBLE WALL of Sergeant Schultz to protect Weissmann and the 16 other Angry Democrats.

            Were it not for the Barr Switch, Weissmann, behind Mueller and Rosey, would be harassing Trump’s kids every day. We would all be talking about “Will Ivanka be able to see her kids in jail?” That was where Weissmann was going.

            These people are evil. I think some of them will “nightstand out”, although I suspect they will TRY to go to civil war first.

            All Rosey had to do was buy time after they all KNEW the Steele Dossier was crap. It was PURE MAMET – “pretend not to know things”. Rosey “pretended” that Mueller would only make legitimate requests, and he (Rosey) would sign off on them in a kind of default manner, lest he (Rosey) “interfere” with the independence of the Mueller process.

            Mueller is actually a bad dude. He has been involved in shady stuff for a LONG time. But the media has made him a saint – the perfect FRONT for Weissmann. He was a figurehead. SICK!!! And Mueller tried to become Trump’s head of FBI for Rosey and McCabe – a FATAL MISTAKE if Trump had fallen for it.

            Rosey and McCabe tried one last scam – to get Mueller in charge of FBI, after Rosey helped Trump get rid of Comey. That was a SLICK move. Rosey really tried to pull a fast one on Trump there. When that failed, they went to Special Counsel and Mueller. Mueller was the key COVER for the rats. If he wasn’t FIB D, he had to get a special counsel.

            The idea was keep Comey in charge of FBI if possible. Failing that, get MUELLER back in. But failing that, Rosey believed he could control WRAY, so Rosey recommended Wray, but got Mueller in charge using a special counsel. SLICK.

            Radium Rod was good at hiding the bad. VERY good.

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            1. So if I am understanding what I think I am, the Rosenstein sendoff by Barr, et. al. was probably to keep ROSENSTEIN in the dark about the fact that they KNEW what he had done, that he was dirty. They didn’t want him to know they knew, because that would set off alarm bells they were trying not to ring too early.

              That’s the only logical explanation for it. They were playing him. Using his ego and hubris against him. That ALSO explains Q and “trust Rosenstein.” They couldn’t tip him off, it was mis-info, and we are not the only ones reading Q.

              Got it. Thanks again. I could actually probably explain it to someone else and not get them too lost now.

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  8. Thomas Sowell says systemic racism ‘has no meaning;’ warns 2020 election could be ‘point of no return’

    “You hear this phrase, ‘systemic racism’ [or] ‘systemic oppression.’ You hear it on our college campuses,” Mark Levin told Sowell in Sunday night’s episode of Fox News’ “Life Liberty & Levin.” You hear it from very wealthy and fabulously famous sports stars. What does that mean? And whatever it means, is it true?”

    “It really has no meaning that can be specified and tested in the way that one tests hypotheses,” Sowell responded. “It does remind me of the propaganda tactics of Joseph Goebbels during the age of the Nazis, which he supposed to have said, ‘People will believe any lie if it is repeated long enough and loud enough.'”

    “It’s one of many words that I don’t think even the people who use it have any clear idea what they’re saying,” Sowell explained. “Their purpose served is to have other people cave in.”

    TONIGHT at 8 PM eastern on Fox, my exclusive interview with the great Thomas Sowell on Life, Liberty & Levin for the full hour. Don’t miss it! If you can’t watch Live, you can DVR the show See you then!


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  9. 😳😮😳

    What did Rob Halford know, and when did he know it?

    You can look to the left and
    Look to the right
    But you will live in danger tonight
    When the enemy comes he will
    Never be heard
    He’ll blow your mind and not say a word
    Blinding lights, flashing colors
    Sleepless nights
    If the man with the power
    Can’t keep it under control

    Some heads are gonna roll
    Some heads are gonna roll
    Some heads are gonna roll
    Some heads are gonna roll

    The power-mad freaks who are
    Ruling the earth
    Will show how little they think you’re worth
    With animal lust they’ll
    Devour your life
    And slice your world to bits like a knife
    One last day burning hell fire
    You’re blown away
    If the man with the power
    Can’t keep it under control

    Some heads are gonna roll
    Some heads are gonna roll
    Some heads are gonna roll
    Some heads are gonna roll

    Know what it’s like
    When you’re taken for granted
    There goes your life
    It’s so underhanded

    If the man with the power
    Can’t keep it under control

    Some heads are gonna roll
    Some heads are gonna roll
    Some heads are gonna roll
    Some heads are gonna roll

    From the 1986 tour…

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  10. Oklahoma has had it’s first ChiCom Virus death of a “school aged child”.

    And the leftist teachers here are already pouncing on it as a reason to ‘keep schools closed’.
    They say that it would be “putting their lives at risk” if the schools opened up next month.


    First OK COVID-19 related death in 5-17 age category

    ………….From the article:

    UPDATE: Fort Sill says teen COVID death connected to service member
    Updated July 12 at 9:03 PM

    Fort Sill says the first Oklahoma COVID related death in the 5-17 age group was a dependent of a active duty service member at the post.

    The patient was identified as a 13-year-old who died at Comanche County Memorial Hospital on Friday night.

    “Our entire Lawton Fort Sill community is deeply saddened. Our greatest condolences go out to the family. Our thoughts and prayers are with them in this difficult and sad time” said Maj Gen. Ken Kamper, commanding general of Fort Sill and the Fires Center of Excellence.

    Family members are in isolation at their home on post.


    COMANCHE COUNTY, Okla. (TNN) – The Oklahoma State Department of Health reported Oklahoma’s first Coronavirus related death in the 5-17 age category.

    The child’s death taking place in Comanche County.

    On the state website, the information only indicates the age group, it does not provide any further information on the death.

    This was the only new death reported in the state, according to the State Department of Health.

    In a statement from the State Commissioner of Health Dr. Lance Frye, he said “I was deeply saddened to learn of the loss of the state’s first child impacted by COVID-19 since the pandemic arrived in Oklahoma. Our prayers are with the family and community as they mourn the loss of a young, innocent life…”

    Copyright 2020 Texoma News Network. All rights reserved.

    Fort Sill is in the SW corner of OK, near the TX border.

    No word yet on where this 13 yr old had traveled to recently.

    Even though Oklahoma votes conservative for the most part…we still have a lot of leftists embedded in our govt bureaucracies.

    This story might be used by the Left in other states, as a ‘reason’ to keep schools closed.

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    1. Question: If our VSG POTUS knows that DeVos makes the left see red AND he’s allowing her to say the schools need to be reopened, could that mean that the better #MAGA goal is for schools to stay closed down and this is reverse psychology? WHAT IF the left now is fighting to keep schools shut down and it leads to more red pilling about the waste of money by school districts, serious questioning of where tax money is going, greater acceptance for school choice and home schooling?

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      1. Could be!
        Because the longer that schools stay closed…the more people start using online resources to homeschool.

        People are learning that they ‘don’t need’ schools and teachers…not as much as they’ve been programmed to think.

        I saw a blurb about how some parents are pooling their resources and forming Homeschool Co-Ops, where they take turns at it, allowing them to go back to work.

        The teachers are shooting themselves in the foot, the longer they push the ‘stay closed’ thing.

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      2. DeVos is talking about withholding funding for schools that don’t reopen.

        What’s making me mad, at this point, his how gaslight and terrified the teachers are. Well, that’s the story. Fear is being used cruelly on these people.

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    2. I am speechless how impotent teachers and our system is getting kids into school? Europe opened their schools and are doing fine. We are the one with creativity and will to overcome instead we turned teachers and school boards into wimps. They cannot even deal with a crisis. They have no backbone. They would never survive a war or a depression that our parents and grandparents went through. They are weak spiritually mentally and physically because they did not feed their spirit their body and mind with that what gives life and strength.
      Going though tough times makes strong people pampering creates weak people. We pampered generations and now we see they are unable to cope and deal with life. Challenges are good.
      I see what I have gone through in life as blessing .

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    1. In the for what it’s worth column that’s a rather recent harp. Here’s 4500 years ago.

      Can’t vouch for this, But toss in different type of reed flutes and drums and you can well imagine they had a great variety in the way of music long ago. The music is said to have been for both for religious and social reasons and since making beer was made in the temples too you can imagine they weren’t stuck on old sounds.

      Tosses in the Sumerian Kings List. Near the bottom of the 1st dynasty of Kish is En-me-barage-si 2600 BC who is the first on the list that can be attested to through other means as being an actual historical person. Of other note is Kug-Bau of the Third Dynasty of Kish. She is the only woman on the list of kings and this is what was said of her. “the woman tavern-keeper, who made firm the foundations of Kish” and likely had good music too. Also of note is that some of these lists were contemporary with the other lists. The Akkad dynasty being a notable exception since Sargon the Great conquered it all after which once his dynasty power went back to Sumerians for a brief period of time.

      Where these list for the various kingships of the time ends are circa 1900 BC where in your Assyrian and Babylonian powers then ascend into power.

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  11. ✭ Wayne Dupree ✭

    He’s baaaaaaaaccccckkkk 🙌🏿

    From the article:

    Guess Who’s Going to be Opening MAGA Rallies Again?

    The Deep State Assassinator himself….

    This is great news for President Trump’s loyal base.

    Nine different people within the Trump campaign have confirmed General Flynn will be the “opener” at MAGA rallies again.

    Let’s hope this is true! I can’t imagine why Trump wouldn’t be all over this idea.

    Think about it…fresh off his defeat of the demonic Deep State, General Flynn will reprise his role as Masters of Ceremony at Trump’s famous rallies.

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    1. I can just see it — an announcer says, “for our next speaker, we’re going to have Rod Rosenstein on ‘What America Means To Me’.” Then, when the crowd has moved through low simmer to light boil, have General Flynn walk out with a hot mike and say, “seems like he couldn’t make it, so I’m going to fill in….”

      It’s pure WWF, and it would tear the roof off the place……and it’s totally repeatable. It could be “Dr. Anthony Fauci explaining ‘How We Can Be Safe When We Understand So Little About A Virus’.” — and Rand Paul could come on and say, “well, Dr. Fauci couldn’t make it, and I’m the doctor that was available…..”

      All you need is a heel and a face.

      And just imagine the fun when the coup gang are always the heels…..

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      1. Eh…I can’t see them torturing the crowd like that.
        It would probably go over like a lead balloon.

        Besides…do you think they will be able to keep it a secret that Gen Flynn is there?
        I don’t think so.

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        1. A heel and a face — it’s a winning formula in WWF, it can work in politics. And it’s not like you’re going to need the heel to show up…..

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  12. On a different note, there’s

    When I took the PSAT/NMSQT, there was a question with “pulchritudinous” and I absolutely whiffed it. That was over 40 years ago, and reality keeps beating me over the head with it. Not only the above, but things like “Pelvicachromis pulcher”.

    For the first couple of years, I took it personally…..but as I gained perspective, I began to think, “really……that’s all you’ve got?”

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    1. My parents had a huge Unabridged Dictionary…on it’s own stand…much like this one:

      I was fascinated with it.
      This one had an extensive color section in the middle, with maps and pictures…so that drew me in first.

      Dunno why, but I enjoyed reading through it like a book.
      It came in handy later in life, to understand words…and to be able to figure out big words based on the familiar smaller parts.

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        1. I did the same. That and a stack of National Geographics that started well before WWII that were in the attic of the house we bought the summer between 5th and 6th grade.

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          1. Yep. We had National Geographics, Popular Mechanics (and their “Home Handyman Encyclopaedia”), and a set of Encyclopaedia Britannica (and Books of The Year[s]) complete with two HUGE Funk and Wagnall’s dictionaries. So when Rowan and Martin said “Look that up in your Funk and Wagnall’s”, we actually could 🙂

            Also had (and still have) the Oxford Unabridged Dictionary of the English Language, ca. 1955 or so. Weighs as much as a small car, it seems. Fascinating to read… and read, and read, and read…..

            Back in the day when National Geographic wasn’t PC, and Scientific American was both Scientific AND American…

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      1. Many years ago, after marriage, mother asked me for suggestions for Xmas … I replied a good dictionary. Probably the last thing she anticipated but a beautiful one we got….still used and still appreciated, even with all the electronic ways of obtaining the information.
        I read books on my IPad and one feature I love is the ability to instantly look up words as well as references to foods, foreign phrases, types of flowers, outdated terms, etc.
        But, maps are my favorite!

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        1. Trouble with information on the internet, is it’s only as good as whomever it was that entered the data.

          Errors abound.
          I have seen leftist spin and lies in some of the online dictionaries, unfortunately.

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          1. The other thing about online information is that it is potentially evanescent in nature, subject to the whims of the authoring, hosting, or “fact-checking” “authorities”, and can be modified or removed at any time, cf. the many Kindle “disappearances”…

            Wackypedia is also an example of this.

            Hardcopy books remain as they were when published (provided they’re stored correctly, etc., and are printed on acid-free paper (or something close to that)…

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        2. HEAR HEAR!! We had big dictionary, encyclopedias too, Could spend hours in them. Played Jr. Scrabble w/ my Grandmother. Somewhere around 8 or 9, She bought HARD crossword puzzle books for us to solve, with 3-4 dictionaries. For years, We’d sit and work every night, until Johnny Carson was over, looking up answers, trading back & forth. City girl, I spent a lot of time with her in the country from 3-16, never dull. She trained me right, God Bless Her!💞

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    1. Found in the replies to that video:

      Description of meme:

      It’s a picture of citizen Minutemen from the time of our Revolution.
      The message is: “Q Sent Us…We want our fkng country back…#Qanon #MAGA”

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      1. Looks like lipstick, too. So screwed up, these young people. Why don’t their parents just get them the hell out of that environment? Wasn’t it Sally Fields that left the scene and went to someplace like Idaho to live?

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    1. I don’t get it – how could they possibly be tied? Does that mean ‘Likely Landslide’ for PT?

      Since Hiden Biden cannot garner enough people at a rally to fill a bathroom – I suspect his support is about the same – meaning President Trump is leading by double digits – and Blathering Bumbling Biden is in single digits.

      Detest these illogical, stupid polls!!!

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  13. David J Harris Jr

    Well, well, well…

    ……….From the article:

    Democrat Mark Kelly Helped Secure Chinese Tech Giant’s Funding

    The Democratic candidate for the US Senate in Arizona helped a Chinese company to get funding in order to enter into business.

    I don’t know about you, but I’m not interested in another Democratic Senator with close ties to China.

    RCP (Real Clear Politics) is reporting that a Chinese company, Tencent, who is the owner of the popular WeChat website invested money into Kelly’s business.

    In the fall of 2014, Jane Poynter, the then-CEO of World View Enterprises, announced during a visit to Beijing that Tencent had invested an undisclosed sum in the Tucson-based venture. In April 2016, as part of a subsequent, $15 million investment round, World View announced that it had received more funds from Tencent, along with three other venture capital firms.

    RCP says that articles in Chinese publications give Kelly the credit for getting Tencent to invest in his company.

    ……………End quote, more at link.

    If memory serves, that’s who has been pumping money into Hollywood, too.
    Also in Gaming, AI and payment systems.

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    1. Just announced here in western SC that 2 Bank of America locations are “temporarily” closing, including one in our town. They blame the COVID 19, but it’s their own fault…our Wells Fargo STILL will not allow any customers in the their building…and have a police presence.

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      1. So far my local branch of a regional bank is operating with the drive up lanes from the 60s and 70s that were never taken out, but I think there’s more to it than just COVID. Something is up with the banking system. I’m seeing way too much chatter from a number of quarters, and Treasury issued gold coins have different imprints…something’s going on. And I’m thinking it has to do with the alternative system Mnuchin presented to Congress in 2017. That was one of the posts SD did that was really helpful in understanding what was going on.

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  14. Watch the water thread:

    Molly Pitcher 🇺🇸

    Profile picture
    13 hours ago, 31 tweets, 14 min rea


    1/ Why are there so many connections between celebrities and water companies?

    Some are owners, some are investors and others just get photographed with the label strategically facing the pap camera?

    Is this… #WATCHTHEWATER?

    More at the link above. Be prepared for adult level images.

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  15. Brian has a thread well worth reading:

    3 years back Wictor & I often discussed a theory that the Mueller Special Counsel and it’s enablers like Comey that thought it was setting up Trump & his associates for impeachment/firing prison was ***itself*** being set up in a sting.
    1:06 AM · Jul 13, 2020


    Most of what you see on the surface when it comes to the Trump relationship with many of the key players in this –

    1) Jeff Sessions
    2) Rod Rosenstein
    3) William Barr

    is not **real**.

    It’s theater.

    DP question: what if it’s ALL theater other than the documents Horowitz had being sent to Jensen who then gives them to Sidney Powell for public disclosure. As Cates says here, this is all being laid out with precision against the DC leak machine that thrives on gossip.

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      1. Butterfly,

        Brian Cates states:
        “….Trump has PUBLICLY STATED in interviews and on his Twitter account that **MUELLER IS LYING ABOUT THIS**.

        It’s going to become VERY IMPORTANT what Jeff Session’s recollections about this meeting and other things are when the trials start.

        He’s going to be a witness **against** Mueller.

        He can do that because…HE WAS RECUSED AT THE TIME.

        No conflict of interest, see?….”

        President Trump MUST distance himself from Jeff Sessions at this time IF Sessions is going to be a WITNESS to all the corruption in the DOJ AIMED AT PRESIDENT TRUMP.

        Jeff is a MUCH more credible witness if he was not only recused BUT ALSO ON THE OUTS with Trump.

        Think YUGE STING with Jeff Sessions (and Ezra Cohen-Watnick) at the center.

        Ezra was Jeff’s Security

        May 11, 2020 — Ezra Cohen-Watnick, a defense intelligence veteran and former Trump National Security Council aide, is headed back to the Pentagon to serve as deputy assistant secretary of defense for counternarcotics and global threats.

        Ezra Cohen-Watnick was the senior director for intelligence programs under General Flynn and then McMaster. McMaster tried to remove him in March 2017 but was barred from doing so by President Trump. McMaster finally succeeded in August, 2017. Ezra then went to work at Oracle for CEO Safra Catz on expanding Oracle’s international public sector cloud business before becoming the national security adviser to AG Sessions. (interesting that KRISTINA WONG @ Breitbart leaves that part on his work at the DOJ out.)

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              1. Hey, Patty! How was the family party? Filled with blessings – I hope and pray!

                Got rain? We had some – am praying for more – hot and dry spell left us wanting.

                Have a Blessed, Fun Day! Hugs!!!

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              2. Knowing you – it will be up to snuff in no time at all – glad they decided to sleep over before traveling back – Monday is a good day to travel – fewer nuts on the road.

                Praying for rain – so we can go out and play in the puddles – lol

                * Receiving warm hugs and lovin’ it *

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  16. Posting tweet for the video. A couple of my friends were there. Really sweet, wonderful, good women. I may have to just go tonight.

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  17. Body cam transcripts of George Floyd’s arrest and death (12 pages):

    It’s pretty clear that he resisted arrest. One of the officers was sure he was on something at the time.

    Floyd also said he’d been ‘hooping’. It’s not shooting hoops but transporting something illegal up one’s tradesmen’s entrance.

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    1. I was reading one of these yesterday–he had a lot going on–claiming he was claustrophobic, hyperventilating because of that as well–resisting arrest. at one point, they do note he’s foaming at the mouth…

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    About 40 years or so ago Jerry Reed and BB King got together for a little pickin’. There was no head cuttin’ here, just two of America’s greatest guitar players enjoying some laid-back blues.

    Jerry Reed & B.B. King – In the Sack

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  19. H/T DORA

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  20. Jack Posobiec 🇺🇸@JackPosobiec

    ‘I Believe Prayer Works’: Rush Limbaugh Gives Good News Health Update

    ‘I Believe Prayer Works’: Rush Limbaugh Gives Good News Health Update
    On Monday, legendary conservative talkshow host Rush Limbaugh announced to his massive audience some positive developments in his fight against advanced-stage lung cancer. Using baseball analogies to…

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  21. Donald J. Trump
    Never in history have Police been treated so badly as they are in Democrat run cities – and these cities are a mess. Police must take a stronger stand with the Radical Left politicians that are treating them so badly, and so disrespectfully!!!

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    1. The Library

      The best weapon these police officers have is strikes & walk offs. NYPD had a walk off planned for 4th July weekend & didn’t follow through. They need to draw a line. ALL PD’s in blue cities should be taking a stand. They have far more power to fight back than they are using. Another powerful tool: cancel the details guarding these mayors.

      Harold Wren
      , edited

      Liked by 9 people

          1. everything for me, but not for thee.
            they consider themselves essential, valuable, elite.
            and they will work around using the police–they will simply hire private security using taxpayer funds.

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            1. Yes, BUT it will be exposed to the voters… and POTUS is going to deny any request from NYC for $$$$ to clean up the mess. You KNOW it’s coming… NYC is BROKE. deCommieO thinks the denial will make POTUS look bad, lose votes for him… hmmmm deCommieO is not the brightest bulb in the box, is he?

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  22. The Library

    After AG Barr schedules the first Federal Execution after a long hiatus, a fed court granted a stay b/c of COVID. Today, appeals court told them that’s nonsense. Execution back on.

    Daniel Lewis Lee: Federal appeals court will allow Monday execution

    Harold Wren

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  23. #ThePersistence@ScottPresler
    I’m driving through Pennsylvania towards Maryland & there are Trump signs everywhere.

    Not just Trump signs, but tons of flags.

    I’ve never seen anything like it.

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    1. #ThePersistence@ScottPresler
      It’s after 11 p.m. & I’m at my Post Office mailing thank you letters to voters in PA.

      We win Pennsylvania, & President Trump is re-elected:
      ✅July 14: Butler
      ✅July 20: Bucks County
      ✅July 21: DelCo


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  24. The FIRST Babylon Bee tweet I have felt worthy of a cut and paste ! (ymmv of course)


    The Babylon Bee@TheBabylonBee
    Jul 11
    Nation That Kills 3,000 Babies A Day Feels Morally Superior To Slaveowners From 200 Years Ago

    Nation That Kills 3,000 Babies A Day Feels Morally Superior To Slaveowners From 200 Years Ago
    U.S.—Leftists who support killing 3,000 babies a day were trying to virtue-signal but quickly ran into a problem: there’s no one alive to whom they can feel morally superior. So, the movement was…

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