7.12.20 News Roundup! PDJT Remarks Departing the White House, He Wears It Well, Cuban Immigrant Warns PDJT About the Danger Of Socialism/Communism, In St. Louis If You Protect Yourself and Your Home They Will Confiscate Your Guns, The Devil Has His Creatures Burning Churches In Our Country, He Deserved To Be Shot, Governor DeSantis Tells Dr. Fauci To Pound Sand, Their Dream Continues To Die, PDJT Denies the Governor Of Minnesota Request For $500 Million Dollars, Roger Stone Speaks Out, Video PDJT Asked Us To Watch, Awesome Ad…..

Yesterday our President stopped to give brief remarks to the assembled press pool as he departed the White House heading to Walter Reed hospital to visit wounded troops and veterans.

[Video and Transcript]


The Democrats, MSM, Leftists, Never Trumpers etc. got all excited yesterday because our President wore a mask while visiting wounded soldiers and veterans at Walter Reed Hospital.

The MORONS decided to build a media narrative around taking precautions in the #1 place you would take prudent precautions. Enjoy this themed video by the conservador:

This video is absolutely worth the 11+ minutes to watch!

During a roundtable discussion on the future of Venezuela, Cuban immigrant Maximo Alverez shares a warning about current political events in the United States from his own experience in Cuba.

[Video and Transcript Below]

(Note: Speaker #4 is the person that is speaking in the video / starts at 26:42 in the transcript below)


I guess in this POS’s jurisdiction, you don’t have a right to defend yourself against the anarchists!

St. Louis Circuit Attorney Kim Gardner, the city’s prosecutor, had previously said she would be investigating Mark & Patricia McCloskey for having the nerve to protect their home from violent anarchists who tore down a gate and stormed their property.

Yesterday Ms. Gardner issued a search warrant to confiscate the firearms the McCloskey’s used to defend themselves.

According to local media reports the warrant was executed Friday night at the McCloskey’s home in St. Louis.

From the article linked above:

search warrant was executed Friday evening at the Central West End of Mark and Patricia McCloskey, their attorney told News 4.

The McCloskeys made national news when they pointed guns at protesters from the lawn of their home on Portland Place on June 28. Protesters were marching to Mayor Lyda Krewson’s house.

Joel Schwartz, who is now representing the McCloskeys, would not comment on whether anything was seized from the home. The pair was previously represented by Al Watkins.

According to Watkins, the search warrant was executed because Circuit Attorney Kim Gardner “sought weapons held by Mr. and Mrs. McCloskey during June 28, 2020 in defense of themselves and their home at time of the march.”The attorney said he had been given possession of the couple’s hand gun so it could be used as an exhibit in court following the incident and was not dischargeable.

The Devil would be proud of his creatures here on Earth! They are absolutely doing his work.

From the article linked above (California)

A massive fire devastated an eighteenth century mission church in San Gabriel, in the Archdiocese of Los Angeles, July 11. Archbishop Jose Gomez of Los Angeles called the fire at San Gabriel Mission church, founded by St. Junipero Serra, “devastating.”

The fire began early Saturday morning around 4 a.m. and destroyed the roof and interior of the 249-year-old structure. Local firefighters said they responded to an initial alarm at 4:24. By the time they arrived, smoke and flames were visible from outside the church – which is a California Historical Landmark.

[…] Despite Serra’s record defending indigenous peoples, statues of the saint have become focal points for protests and demonstrations across California in recent weeks, with images of the saint being torn down or vandalized in protest of California’s colonial past.

Rioters pulled down a statue of St. Serra in the state capital of Sacramento on July 4, during which one man burned the face of the statue with an ignited spray can, before a crowd pulled the statue from its base and struck it with a sledgehammer and other objects, dancing and jumping upon it.

Another statue of the saint was torn down in Golden Gate Park, San Francisco, on June 19 by a crowd of about 100 people, and on the same day a statue of the saint was torn down in Los Angeles. The following week the San Juan Capistrano Mission and its neighboring church removed statues of Serra from their outside displays to preserve them from being targeted.

From the article linked above (Florida):

A Florida man lit a Catholic Church aflame on Saturday, while people inside prepared for morning Mass.

The Marion County Sheriff’s Office reported July 11 that deputies were called at about 7:30 am to Queen of Peace Catholic Church in Ocala, while parishioners inside prepared for morning Mass.

A man crashed a minivan through the front door of the church, and then lit a fire with people inside, the sheriff’s department said. One local media outlet, Orlando News 6, reported that man set the building ablaze by throwing an incendiary device.

Meanwhile the anarchists are taking to the streets in Detroit, Michigan over this POS’s death. Please watch the entire video. Thankfully the cop was not hit.

Governor DeSantis tells Dr. Fauci to go pound sand with his BS narrative.

From the article linked above:

Gov. Ron DeSantis (R) on Friday responded to remarks from Dr. Anthony Fauci — who recently said that states like Florida “opened up too quickly” — pointing out that there was “really no justification to not move forward” and reopen the state at the time.

“I think there was really no justification to not move forward,” DeSantis said during a news conference in Orlando on Friday, explaining that the percentage of positive coronavirus test results was relatively low in May.

“This is a virus that has a five-day incubation period,” the governor said. “So it wouldn’t take six weeks before you started seeing something if [reopening] were the cause.

All they can do is change the narrative but their dream is still dying!

Our President tells the POS Governor of Minnesota to go and take a hike with his request.

From the article linked above:

President Trump has denied a request from Minnesota’s governor for money to rebuild parts of Minneapolis that were destroyed during the riots following the death of George Floyd.

“The Governor is disappointed that the federal government declined his request for financial support,” Minnesota Gov. Tim Walz’s office said in a statement. “As we navigate one of the most difficult periods in our state’s history, we look for support from our federal government to help us through.”

Walz, a Democrat, requested that Trump declare Minnesota a “major disaster” zone in a request to the Federal Emergency Management Agency on July 2 after more than 1,500 buildings were damaged by looting and rioting in the wake of Floyd’s death, totaling over $500 million in damages.

The POS should reach out to BLM and Hollywood for the money.

I am so happy for Roger Stone and his family!

Love what Roger Stone has to say about the RINO from Utah:

Our President tweeted this video for us to watch:

Another absolutely awesome ad:

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      1. As I’ve posted before, it automatically is forwarded to my regular list and I suspect many forward it to theirs….so your great efforts are indeed circulated far and wide. As always….very much appreciated, Fleporeblog!

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    1. Was just getting ready to post this, you beat me to it. The important part, and THIS article proves it. It is ALL, the Covid 19 HOAX, a LIE. From the manipulated numbers of new “cases” double, triple, and more counting of “probable’s, and ANYONE who was around a probable. NOW you know why they were so IOONSISTANT on “contract tracing, so they could TRY and fool us again by MANIPULATERED numbers. They ALWAYS had this as a contingency for when the next narrative, the riots, and race wars FAILED. The riot and race war failed TOO quickly, and then they IMMEDIATELY began manipulating a “spike” in cases. Hell at the RATE they are fudging, EXPONENTIOALLY ( just for you Dr Doom), we ALL will have had it in a matter of months, and we will NOT even know it OR have even BEEN TESTED.

      BUT in their RUSH to create a “spike” they FORGOT to spike the death totals, and someone f’d up and allowed the TRUE pattern to show up, with actual deaths declining by the DAY, we CALLED them on it, they “tried” to “wait for it” but when NO new death spike occurred after SIX WEEKS from when they FIRST put the “spike” hoax in motion, in mid may, to coincide with the FIRST open Holiday, memorial day, the HAD to do SOMETHING to prop up their FAKE cases narrative. So, after nearly TWO MONTHS of NO weekly increases, ONLY a STEADY decline in deaths, DESPITE the “spike “, they HAD to do it AGAIN, they created a FAKE DEATH SPKIE, by RECOUNTING and inserting deaths from APRIL, or THREE MONTHS AGO AT THE TRUE PEAK of Covid, into LAST week.

      NO ONE is THIS incompetent or STUPID, this is IONTENTIONAL,. and we all caught them AGAIN. Again, this spike was inserted to coincide with the SECOND open Holiday, the fourth of July. They THINK we are stupid, and even SOME, cough Abbott in Tx cough,, ARE, but THANKFULLY others like Desantis are NOT.

      See they KNOW, despite burring their heads in the sand to try and NOT see it, and LYING their asses off, that the economy is BOOMING again. They HAVE to try and push this NEW lie, al bee it TWO MONTHS too late, never let the TRUTH or REAL facts get in the way of their FAKE lies.

      They are attacking the MAJOR tourist states, because they KNOW that TX, CA, and FL, ALONE will continue to DOUBLE the boom. They CAN’T have that with basement Biden FORCED to try and come out like Puxatawney Phil, and give a “speech” which he reads BADLY, to the 5 or so people, besides staff and media, that are actually there to hear it. They KNOW the more Puxatawney Joe has to poke his head out, the more the chance that the us people will see his SHADOW of his former self, and be APAULED. So, they HAVE to TRY and shut us down again, to stop the boom AND protect Biden. Then they hope to FORCE vote by mail to get Biden over the line by FRAUD in counting the numbers, just like EVERYTHING else, FRAUD is their mantra, and their ONLY weapon besides division.

      I will give you ALL a real world look into the fraud, I and my family JUST experienced it. My pre teen Granddaughter just went to the ER, had a fever, but NOT from Covid or any flu, but from a bacterial infection in her TOE. The ER gave her an antibiotic, and cleaned up the toe. When my daughter got home, she noticed what they did, they put on “cause for treatment, cold or flu”

      See, THAT was a probable case, WE are now more than likely DOZENS of probable cases via CONTACT tracing, which we do NOT submit to, but THAT would not matter. The POINT is, that this was 100% NOT Covid, and the ER KNEW IT, and yet listed something that WILL be “counted as Covid, the possible flu, anyway. She had NO sniffles, NO cough, NO runny nose, NO cold symptoms of ANY kind except a fever, for which they CONFIRMED a bacteria infection. They GOT their 13000 anyway by listing it as a cold or flu (which WILL be Covid in time on paper)

      THAT is how it is done folks, prop up numbers by PROBVABLES, probables which most likely, as in my case, were not even PROBABLE, and THEN “contact trace one into MANY” a PERVERTED E pluribus Unum. Once they have the “cases”, simply go back and insert April or march or may deaths, which were ALREADY counted, and you have your correlating deaths to spike with the cases. INSIDIOUS.

      Remember the lady that re ran bundles of dem votes through the machines in Detroit, as many as SIX times, and was CAUGHT in the recount? That is exactly what they are doing NOW with Covid, re running the SAME deaths as NUMBNERS, again and again, same with cases.

      The way to fix this is SIMPLE, but HURTFUL. Make them LIST NAMES< not NUMBERS. They cannot have the same john Smith counted in July that died in May. Even id numbers can be FAKED, but NAMES cannot. Unless and UNTIL they do that, they won't, then there is ZERO faith or belief in ANY numbers put out on Covid by the CDC or ANJY of their affiliates like Johns Hopkins.


      Who will join me in exposing the fraud, and REBELLING against it. We must do it in MASSIVE numbers, petitions, letters, phone calls, lawsuits. It is the ONLY way!

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        1. Somebody here posted a video of the mayor of San Antonio admitting to counting the “probables” as cases. I’m looking and can’t find it. 😏

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      1. Please pardon my chemo brain PrognoRex. I was wrong in my comment below. There are many on the ground reports of inflating covid numbers, and I got mixed up.

        What actually happened to my daughter’s friend’s child was, she was scheduled to go in for a covid test, and missed her appointment. SHE NEVER GOT TESTED. A few days later she received a letter saying she tested positive, and to quarantine herself for 14 days. This was in Missouri.

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              1. Hope it didn’t get me very disliked today. While he was telling me about the negatives of the radiation I blurted out to him that I hope I don’t come out of it as a democrat. Can’t believe I said that to someone whom I barely know, and might be a democrat, and has my life in his hands. I may just have made more work for God, the Angels and the terrific prayer warriors.

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  2. The POS shot 4 times at the cops in the video above!

    From the article linked above:

    […] It started as a drug arrest at San Juan and McNichols on Friday. Littleton wasn’t the one being arrested, however, he is seen pulling a gun and firing it four times at point blank range at officers, somehow missing them.

    Here is a perfect example that these anarchists are rabid animals that need to be put down

    […] While the video of the arrests and shooting was released on Friday, not all protesters were satisfied with the claims that the shooting was unavoidable.

    “That situation should never have been the claim in the first place,” said Alison Laske, a protester. “We need to organize our public safety, so that the public is actually safe and somebody who was just an innocent bystander didn’t end up dead at the end of the day.”

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    1. I don’t get it – did Alison NOT see the guy pull his gun out and shoot at the policeman? Is she blind???? Innocent bystander my azzz….These people are mental.

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      1. “I don’t get it – did Alison NOT see the guy pull his gun out and shoot at the policeman?”


        You’ll have to excuse Alison, she has a condition that medical professionals refer to as being a ‘dumbass’.

        Dr. Rashid Buttar (6:04): “I think that anybody who walks around with a mask on, is basically saying “Hey, I’m a dumbass”, that’s what they’re saying…

        Honestly, that’s what we should start saying, I should start handing out stickers when I see somebody wearing a face mask, ‘Here, here’s a sticker for ya, you know, I’m wearing a face mask because I’m a dumbass…” 😂😂😂


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  3. Flep – Thanks for the roundup. Don’t know what to tell you about Mittens a.k.a. Pierre. In my email to him today, I asked him why he was so stupid…I also sent him Harmeet Dhillon’s excellent article from yesterday on why President Trump was right to commute Stone’s sentence, but I doubt he will read it. The guy is just a loser and unfortunately, we Utahans have to bear the brunt of his big mouth and butt hurt feelings for another 4 years, unless we can get him to resign, as the huge billboard on I-15 asks him to do. Roger is right, even the people in Utah don’t want him.

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    1. “The guy is just a loser and unfortunately, we Utahans have to bear the brunt of his big mouth and butt hurt feelings for another 4 years, unless we can get him to resign, as the huge billboard on I-15 asks him to do. ”


      Since he is so obviously compromised and corrupt, there is a strong possibility that he will be in some state penitentiary, or GITMO, in much less than 4 years. 👍 😁

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      1. Yes, I’m beginning to think there’s something in Mitt’s background (Or family) he really, really doesn’t want the public to know, and may be blackmailed. But, by calling attention to himself with these very stupid remarks not only makes him look uninformed, petty and vindictive … It also focuses perhaps unwanted attention and further digging.
        He and Judge Roberts are very very much alike, IMO.
        I do wish the good people of Utah start demanding better things from him and hold his feet to the fire.

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          1. Yes, but I’d have to see all the dates…when Romney was there, when the women were there, etc. But, I certainly is a “coincidence“. Wonder how many employees at Bain were Mormons when Mitt was there. From various friends’ accounts who live in big Mormon communities, that is very common.

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  4. thanks for the news Flep!
    I believe you are absolutely right–any excuse to riot for these thugs. what a shame–they are destroying their communities! (and the balls on Walz to ask for a bailout when he allowed the destruction to occur.)

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    1. So I am still in this foreign country formally known as NY. Everywhere I go people have a mask on 😷 the stores have signs up telling y’all to put mask on per NY bla bla bla. I walk right in without one on and no one has said anything to me yet, I do get the side 👀 though. There’s the electronic signs on the expressway say “WERE A MASK” and “WERE NY TOUGH” every time I see them I wish I could change it to say “NO YOUR ALL SHEEP” or “THERE LYING TO YOU “. Went out to dinner the other night and everyone is masked up when they walk around but when they were standing around together talking (we were outside dining next to the lake) they would take them off 🤷🏼‍♂️. Looked like some people using them as fashion statement, hey look at me all proper in my mask. I wanted to slap them.

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      1. Dealing with this in Texas. The stores have people stationed just inside. They tell you that it is EXPECTED to wear a mask in their store. Outright facism.

        Now our governor is threatening to shut down the Texan economy if we don’t submit to wearing masks. May he pay at the voting booth for betraying Texas.

        In case anyone hasn’t seen these…


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        1. “They tell you that it is EXPECTED to wear a mask in their store. Outright facism.”


          Reply: Son, life is full of unmet expectations… and you’re about to get another one, right about now… 😂😂😂

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      2. the repulsive Covid Mask is their emblem of compliance, solidarity and undying loyalty to the Party ….

        it signifies that a person wearing it is one of them….

        and if you dare not wear that emblem of compliance, you will be cancelled .

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  5. Florida and Wuhan spike…look at the counties involved. Where have we heard Broward before? Sorry, but I cannot help but to be suspicious of numbers coming out of Democrat strongholds even if they sit within Red states.

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    1. Georgia – Please try not to dwell on and/or use the word ‘hate’ – it is anger turned within – I prefer ‘detest’ – because it has the same effect on the object of one’s disdain – and does not affect the spirit – JMHO

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      1. Hate has gotten a bad rap – my big old Oxford Dictionary – that is pre-PC says it means to utterly reject. The Bible uses it for the same purpose, if I recall correctly.

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        1. I just avoid the word at all costs, Georgia – because of what I see ‘hate’ does to people – it destroys them – with negative energy – imho – you know – you are ‘free’ to express yourself in the way that is most comfortable for you – it is just uncomfortable for me – that’s all.

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            1. Georgia, I am not sure I understand that word anymore – I have always been unaffiliated – I have known ‘persons’ of many ideologies – however – what I have found is – if they stand for what ‘most’ of these ideologies stand – they call themselves by that label – otherwise – I will never understand why they believe what they believe – the Democrat ‘ideology’ today is not the same as yesterday.

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      2. To clarify – and be more specific – I hate their behaviors – and wish them no harm, rather pray they be blessed with the grace to repent.

        Sin against children, however, is very hard to be repented, forgiven.

        Archbiship Diarmuid Martin who interviewed hundreds (!) of predator priests, said he only found one who truly repented and owned the damage he had done! The rest excused, defended and felt entitled to commit the abuse of children and teens! Spit, spit, spit!!!

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  6. You tell them Mr. President!

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    1. Yep. If it weren’t for Father Serra and his assistants, those tribes in Mexico and California would still be eating each other, literally or figuratively.

      The destruction of statues, churches, and eventually people is a Satanic practice that MUST BE STOPPED. And dealt with using the harshest penalties. The very people who are whining and moaning about “respect” and “matters” are showing no respect, and to them, NOTHING matters.

      I hope that there are armed guards around the missions, and other important places. Neither Newscum nor Francis the talking Fool will help. And where’s Pelosi, the “über Catholic”????? Torching Mission San Gabriel should hurt her at least as much as the pain of the “divine spark” MS-13, or?

      Looks like the only spark they have is the one from the matches and accelerants they used on the Mission…

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    1. So according to the article, the perp admitted that he was the arsonist, that he’s a schizophrenic, and he wasn’t taking his medicine.
      How “convenient” — he stops taking his schizo meds then suddenly comes up with a “mission” to destroy a Catholic church?
      Hope to God this DOES NOT mean the local police, FBI, and ATF will take the perp’s word and NOT search his social media accounts for any ties to Antifa / Islam, etc.

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    2. Quick trial and then execution, I will volunteer to flick the switch, pull the lever, pull the trigger…..
      He should of been shot on site, who is gonna riot over a white trash punk getting shot up????
      In reality his parents failed him by not following his indoctrination that should of been an education. This was all done by design, I had read somewhere that Obama had all school curriculum changed in 2009 when he came into office, I really wanna know ,if that’s the case who in the hell printed all them school books so fast???
      Obama was not a mistake it was meant to happen, prove me wrong 😎😎😎
      MLAR GI

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  7. Chris Conkle (@cconkle) Tweeted:
    **Video** San Gabriel (CA) FD: 4th Alarm at Mission San Gabriel Archangel, Early morning fire destroyed the roof structure and severely damaged the nave of this historic structure built in 1791. https://t.co/lSs6AD9rLc

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  8. http://www.bgdailynews.com/
    Updated 15 hours ago
    “Fire destroys much of 249-year-old church in California”

    So it’s already being put out there that the devastating fire at the San Gabriel Archangel church is somehow tied to “renovation work” being performed in the building in preparation of a celebration of the church, which was founded in 1771.
    The article ALSO makes it a point to mention the “darker side ” of Fr. Junipero Serra, the mission’s founder, stating that he “forced” the Native Americans in the area to “abandon their culture or face brutal punishment” — the same “rationale” given by the paid Antifa / Soros Axis thugs for tearing down other statues of Fr. Serra.
    However, the authorities stated that the cause of the fire “is under investigation”.
    This fire occurred EVEN AFTER local police patrols were increased in the area.

    Because of this, it may well be warranted now to WARN any locality in the United States that has ANY monument dedicated to ANY person whom the paid Antifa / Soros Axis thugs deem to be connected in ANY way to “oppression”, slavery, or “coercion” of ANY type — this can happen right in their own town.
    First, they remove / topple / destroy monuments to Confederate generals.
    Second, they remove / topple / destroy monuments to the Founding Fathers.
    Third, they destroy the BUILDINGS associated with these persons — like Mount Vernon, for example.
    UNLESS these anarchists are stopped and ruthlessly DEALT WITH.

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    1. The Cathedral of Notre Dame was also undergoing “renovation”, as were a few other structures that oddly caught fire. Not a coincidence…

      Quite simply, this IS TERRORISM. Attack the symbols, faith, institutions, and people of your enemy; dishearten them to be able to subdue them, even if outnumbered (multiplication of resources, at which Satan Soros is a master)(of disaster)…

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  9. “re-imagining”

    St Petersburg, Florida….. Community Assistant Liaison/CAL


    St Petersburg Police reforms Include No Longer Answering Non-Criminal Calls



    July 9, 2020

    not enough being reported about this, imo, beyond the fluff in the above article…

    starting Oct 1, this new “reform” program…CAL…will be implemented in St Pete…that will include 18-20 social and mental health workers , 3 “workers” allocated to each district from 6 am – 2 am…

    every day of the week, presumably altho article didn’t say that…so I guess : 7 days/ week…?

    and : they will not be armed and will not have radios …what could go wrong there in a hurry ?

    the idea there is to not intimidate the disorderly, unruly, intoxicated, vagrant, drug overdosed citizens with the scary sight of police uniforms , badges, guns, radios etc.

    here’s one of my many Questions : will these unarmed socal workers and mental health workers have the authority to ARREST any of the “non-criminal” people involved in the various “liaisons” should the “”non-criminal liaisons” suddenly escalate or deteriorate into a CRIMINAL situation either on the spot or half an hour later after the social workers/mental health workers have moved on and everybody’s had a nice group hug ?

    that’s just one Question I have….

    another Question might be : WHO decides WHO is a member of CAL ?

    the NAACP ? BLM ?

    and….from what gene pool are the social/health care “workers” chosen ?

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    1. …and…what happens…who steps in…when/if any of the unarmed social/mental health works suddenly gets jumped from behind, stabbed, shot at, assaulted by someone there at “the scene” of the non-crime ?

      what happens then ?

      how would “reform” kick in there ?

      that’s when someone calls 911 and asks for the poilice ?

      am I missing something ??

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        1. Of course what we are witnessing with St. Petersburg is the FIRST FORCED implementation of the goals of the paid Antifa / Soros Axis “new society”. it is the template of what they will be pushing for THROUGHOUT the United States.
          Of course what this “social experiment” is ALSO doing is placing the safety of ALL 260,000+ residents of St. Petersburg at risk — EXCEPT for the “UPPER NOMENKLATURA” of the city and those private citizens who can afford armed security.
          The city ALREADY has the 6th highest violent crime rate in Florida. (Wikipedia)
          The city is run by a DEMCOM mayor.
          My opinion: look for a MASS EXODUS of people who can get out.

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    1. High Court Backs Tribal Designation for Wide Swath of Oklahoma Land

      July 9, 2020 JACK RODGERS


      WASHINGTON (CN) — In a decision that reclassifies a large swath of eastern Oklahoma as land belonging to Native Americans driven from their ancestral home during the Trail of Tears, the Supreme Court ruled 5-4 Tuesday that a Seminole man sentenced to 500 years in prison for rape and sodomy should have been tried in federal court.

      Jimcy McGirt, turning 72 in October, contends that the crimes of which he was convicted in 1997 occurred on Muscogee or Creek Nation land. McGirt himself is a member of the Seminole Nation of Oklahoma and applied in 2018 for post-conviction relief based on the successful appeal of Patrick Dwayne Murphy, a Creek member whose death-row conviction was vacated after the 10th Circuit held that Congress never explicitly erased the Creek Nation’s boundaries when Oklahoma was granted statehood.

      [Excerpt] Read more at the link above…


    1. Well, what this ruling will likely engender is following (this not a complete list):
      ^^ In Oklahoma, eventual demands from the tribes for TOTAL SECESSION from the United States, pushed by a “new alliance” between the tribal leaders and the paid Antifa / Soros Axis thugs.
      ** In Oklahoma, the tribes WILL, despite assurances / agreements to the contrary for “cooperation” with the remaining non-tribal part of the state, ABOLISH all laws, taxation, etc., currently in place by the state, and impose TRIBAL laws, etc. Watch for things like gates and toll booths on highways and roads that cross into tribal nation lands.
      ** In Oklahoma, watch for the new tribal nation to INVALIDATE any official certification previously issued by the state of Oklahoma, and IMPOSE their OWN certifications that they WILL require to be the ONLY valid ones.


      ** Watch for the “Oklahoma Ruling” to be used by OTHER tribes in OTHER states to force the carving-out of their lands away from the state.


  10. *https://twitter.com/drawandstrike/status/1282331650471399431

    Brian Cates//Flynn & Breitbart’s Army

    The reason they have to drop ALL the indictments at once is the Flynn case can’t be extricated from the larger RICO criminal conspiracy within which it was formed.

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  11. Hey Texas, you need to start pushing your
    is standing up buy your Governor is not. If this can work in California, it can work in Texas. Citizens need to speak up.


    · 8h
    BOOM. Mask mandates are GONE in Orange County, thanks to citizens, like this one, who are fighting back! Fisted hand

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  12. *https://twitter.com/cjtruth/status/1282337868388737031



    [Maybe, someone can explain this for me – Please – Thanks]


        1. Remember what Dr. Birx told the CDC – that she couldn’t trust any of their numbers.

          I’m very suspicious of the numbers – especially in Democrat cities and states.

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          1. The fact that anybody who died during the ‘plague’ as PT calls it – was listed of dying from the bug even if they were not tested for the bug – the ‘bums’ are trying to make a big deal out of something as threatening as the common cold – and fatal to those with compromised immune systems.

            I am still praying about the Nursing Home fiasco – what they put the elderly and their families through is unconscionable – actually it is downright criminal, Georgia!!!

            The bums responsible for this cruelty should be in jail and punished to the fullest extent of the law – I am calling AG Barr.

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  13. *https://twitter.com/cjtruth/status/1282337426850095104

    The Silent Majority is bigger than ever…



  14. Finally made it to the bottom of the page and all I gotta say is I love you Flep, best friggin new anywhere👊🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸👊 you are my Hero as well as every Patriot here in the Wolfs den…

    Hey commies——> Want some come git some, Quick war ning we Patriots dont play well with you kind….

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    We’ve all seen the stories about Dr. Fauci “being sidelined by the White House”, and “White House seeks to discredit Fauci amid surge”.
    But today he emerged — ON THE AMA ED HUB WEBSITE.
    I get AMA email notifications pertaining to how to get Continuing Education credits — but since I’m not an MD, I can’t access the “paid” online sources. I can only access the “Free” ones.
    The “Free” CE offering in my email today was another video interview with JAMA editor DR. HOWARD BAUCHNER: “Coronavirus Q&A With Anthony Fauci, MD”.
    The date of the video is JULY 2.
    I took notes as I watched the 33 minute video. Here’s the summary: Apologies for the length, but I feel this is important to know about how Fauci IS ACTIVE BEHIND THE SCENES.

    Fauci: The country is not going the right direction regarding reopening. Even with trying to open the country abiding by guidelines, there are “All or None” people who think it’s either “lockdown” or “let it all go”. States reopening without requiring masks made it predictable for “getting into trouble”. He mentions FLORIDA and TEXAS.
    He says that these “SURGENCES” make the other parts of the country “vulnerable” — warns that the guidelines must be adhered to or there will be “serious difficulty”.
    Bauchner interjected that he was “gratified” that “some Republican leaders” are going with masking.
    Fauci said that THIS SIGNIFIES CARE FOR THE PUBLIC HEALTH (with the implication that NOT wearing masks means certain governors DO NOT CARE about the “public health”).
    Fauci and Bauchner then had a discussion about YOUNG PEOPLE wearing masks: the consensus was that wearing masks protect “vulnerable people”. **FAUCI QUOTE: “If you don’t recognize this, YOU ARE PART OF THE PROBLEM”. He called this “SOCIETAL RESPONSIBILITY”.
    Fauci and Bauchner then had a discussion about the concept of “POOL TESTING” for the virus. Fauci said that testing by “pooling” is for SURVEILLANCE, and to get a feel for “PENETRANCE” in a population, like students on a college campus.
    Fauci then talked about how the virus is mutating. At least one mutation has been identified: D614. This mutation replicates better and has a higher viral load than the original virus.
    Bauchner and Fauci then had a discussion about VACCINES. Fauci said that several vaccines in trials now are showing promise. Phase III trials will start in August / September, with at least one vaccine ready for widespread use by EARLY 2021.
    *** Then they talked about “BRIDGING THERAPIES”, meaning short-term / emergency medicines to help people who are very will with the virus. Fauci mentioned REMDESIVIR, DEXAMETHASONE, and CONVALESCENT PLASMA. At NO TIME did he mention HYDROXYCHOLORQUINE + ZPAK + ZINC — these therapies / cures ARE NOT RECOGNIZED by the AMA community.
    Bauchner and Fauci then discussed the SCHOOL REOPENING situation. Fauci said it’s a “delicate balance”; he recommends that schools DO NOT OPEN in areas that have high outbreaks. He said what must govern school reopening are decisions made in the “realm of some prudent evaluation for the safety of the children.” In all cases he recommends some mixture of online and virtual classes, mask wearing by ALL if doing in-person classes, etc.
    Regarding sporting events: Fauci said his earlier statements were taken out of context by people like SEN. RAND PAUL. Fauci said that all questions about restating sporting events must be based in science and statistics.
    Lastly, Bauchner and Fauci discussed keeping the US economy open as opposed to closing / crashing it. Fauci said that a “balance” must be found public health concerns and the economy.

    My opinion:
    Fauci, while a very educated man, is a public health bureaucrat from his head to his toes. He likely feels upset that POTUS hasn’t taken every word out his mouth as if it were Gospel. Fauci also apparently believes that ONLY a CLOSE partnership between public health and government AT ALL LEVELS will save the US from what he termed a “secondary, tertiary, OR QUATIARY” return of the virus.
    It also appears to me that the Bauchner and JAMA are attempting to influence the US medical community to follow Fauci and the CDC in all things coronavirus.

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    1. No surprise there, CV – the man is a medial menace!!!

      As far as the CDC is concerned – they are right on par with the WHO in credibility – like ZERO!!!

      Should be renamed to Center for Disease Contagion – imho


    2. Fauci is a front man for the medical mafia. Nothing less.
      Part of their MK program for America.
      His “memory problem” concerning HCQ + Zinc for coronaviruses is a tip off.


    3. Thank you for that synopsis CV. Interesting. AMA is reestablishing themselves via Faustes as the ruler over all M.D.s, removing any autonomy from them.


  16. Had to make a Walmart run this afternoon – and on the way I passed one of our neighborhood churches. Out in the front yard, were some middle school/high school kids playing a game – having a great time! No stupid masks – no stupid social distancing – just being NORMAL!

    Looked kinda like this!

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    1. Should send that to PT, Georgia – I am certain he feels the same way as we do!!!

      Cut the indoctrination – and get those kids back in school and learning – let the kids be kids, again!!!

      Make Kids Great Again!!!

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  17. Flynn Defense Files Supplement #2 Motion to Dismiss – Includes New Exculpatory DOJ Release…

    July 12, 2020
    from The Conservative Treehouse


    Earlier today Sidney Powell filed a new supplemental brief (#2) [pdf here] in support of the unopposed motion to dismiss. The supplement covers the defense position on the newly released information from USAO Jeff Jensen which includes: notes taken by Tash Guahar at a January 25, 2017 briefing; the FBI work product that was an outcome of that briefing; and later notes by acting DAG Dana Boente.

    [Excerpt] Read more at the link above…



    July 12, 2020
    by Mac Slavo, DC Clothesline


    Scott Jensen, the doctor and senator from Minnesota, who blew the whistle on the government’s gross over-exaggeration of COVID-19 deaths is being investigated. Jensen shared documents proving Health and Human Services demanded healthcare workers list as many deaths as possible as COVID-19 deaths, whether they were tested or not.

    Not that the tests matter anyway with a 50-80% (depending on the study) false-positive rate. Jensen is now under investigation after someone complained about him sharing the fact that the government needs to count as many deaths in the United States as possible as COVID-19. We featured Jensen when he first broke the news a few months ago:

    He was not the only doctor who blew the whistle either. There’s now a running joke that if you fall out of an airplane without a parachute, you’ll be labeled a COVID-19 death. Jensen says he knows he’s being targeted for sharing this information with the public.

    [Excerpt] Read more at the link above…


    1. They are investigating this man for telling the TRUTH – and Dr. Devil Fraudci still spews LIES and nothing happens to him?

      Time to scrub the bathtub before i start swearing!!!


    1. The propaganda trolls on twitter and in the media are really upset the President played golf.

      They won’t admit the Democraps are the ones killing older people and spreading the disease and hyping the numbers.

      COVID-19 is a Propagandemic, a Politicaldemic and a Plannedemic.


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