Instead of a Trump Rally, We Get Wayfairgate

In the last twenty-four hours as of this writing, a GIGANTIC rabbit hole has opened up and is being thoroughly explored by anons everywhere. It’s now being called #Wayfairgate, and all evidence collected on Friday evening and through the night of the scheme – wildly overpricing items with all sorts of symbolism in the photographs of said items, and their being matched with the children on missing persons lists – is being systematically erased from view and “conspiracy theory” has now been slapped on the story, labeling it as a hoax and false by the usual suspects. (That evidence, though, is never really gone as the Internet, like a diamond, is forever.)

What this is all about can be explained pretty much by this video. Please watch to the end.

Also as of this writing, anons everywhere are finding the same sort of thing on other online retailers. So far Amazon, Etsy, E-Bay and a few others have been spotted. As new information comes available, please post it below. This topic was taking over the Saturday daily thread and some very valuable information was being buried.

In the meantime, here are some of the highlights so far:

From Wheatie:

“Caitlynne” is the name of a missing kid.

More examples:

Justice is ComingMedium starMedium starMedium star
Police cars revolving lightWow!
Look what Nightshift on the Frog faceboard found
Former Execs w/ #BainAndCompany and #Mittens
now working for #Wayfair Face with monocle

Do u believe in coincidences?

But there is moar!!

6:58 AM · Jul 11, 2020


Crazy. I don’t shop Wayfair much but for about the last month at Amazon I’ve seen the same thing. Checked out a random listing today.. a folding deck chair………..$28,972.43 & FREE Shipping


l E T 17
Quote Tweet

· 20h
If you think the Wayfair Child Trafficking scandal is just an honest mistake on pricing and that SKU #’s coincidentally bring up photos of underage kids…

You probably are also the kind of person that thinks masks protect you from the China virus.

God help, America.

This particular rabbit hole caught on so fast, in less than 24 hours Snopes has labeled it a hoax. That’s gotta be some kind of record.

What is interesting is that anons have now taken it upon themselves to look for additional online retailers whose prices are wildly out of line, and the dots are being connected.

If you see something out there that tells of more retailers being exposed, or is newsworthy on this topic, including memes, please add it to the comments below.

113 thoughts on “Instead of a Trump Rally, We Get Wayfairgate


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    l E T 17
    Time to better organize

    To all, esp those under 10k:

    If you have any threads/finds that you think people need to see about the recent habbenings drop them in the comments

    Others: RT/like the drops in the comments with good info

    I’ll RT and expand the # of eyes that see it
    l E T 17 Retweeted

    Replying to
    A company on ebay looks to have some suspicions items for sale:

    1:52 PM · Jul 11, 2020

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    1. Before watching this, have an adult beverage close by. If you don’t drink, either start or find some coping mechanism. At the start of part 2, refresh your adult beverage and remind yourself that your dance teacher in the 70s was nuts and probably didn’t realize she was putting on a baby burlesque show every spring.

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      1. Makes one wonder about the pic with Ghislaine Maxwell at an IN-N-OUT Burger…

        Worse, IN-N-OUT are a Christian company, and are a very good company, both to their employees and their customers. They have bible verses (e.g. Proverbs 3:5, John 3:16, and others) on the bottom of their drink cups, on their french fry wrappers, on their burger boxes (IIRC), and probably on other packaging.

        So using them as a “backdrop” is also an attack on Christians and Christian values.

        Very disturbing, but not surprising video. SF and LA are full of this stuff. Also, VigilantCitizen has some eye-opening articles on what’s going on in the media, movies, and even print worlds. K-Pop as well…

        Here are some articles about what YouTube, et. al. are spewing:
        Something is Terribly Wrong With Many “Kids” Videos on YouTube

        The Sinister Meaning of “Don’t Hug Me I’m Scared”

        “Bill Nye Saves the World” Episode “The Sexual Spectrum” is Indoctrination

        And, and article from EIGHT YEARS AGO:
        “Contagion”: How Disaster Movies “Educate” the Masses

        Finally, K-Pop (but…but…but…but… men’s lives matter, or?)
        “Peek-a-boo” by Red Velvet: Why Do Men Keep Getting Killed in Music Videos?

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  2. Even before the shutdown, I often saw such preposterous unreasonable high prices online at several sites – eBay and Walmart in particular…especially after the first page or so. I can’t think of any other sites right now – because I haven’t shopped much since the shutdown.

    However, I’ve NEVER seen missing children posts pop up online! Have any of you?

    China has been notorious for slave trade for many many years. Some older folks might remember the ‘white slave gangs’ where primarily white women and girls were kidnapped by Asian gangs. Now, the Chinese and the Middle Eastern gangs have turned to marketing organs – not from volunteer donors.

    Since the virus shutdown, everything has been weird – products I used to find are no longer available and the stock is sometimes gone. It’s frustrating, but understandable.

    Our strained political and trade relationship with China might be partly the cause.

    Unlike Mexico, China doesn’t seem to like the Trump WIN-WIN goal of trade negotiations. For too long,

    China has had an almost monopoly on manufacturing, and took advantage of it by producing cheap, sub-standard, dangerous, toxic even deadly items.

    Then there is China’s theft of intellectual property and counterfeiting.

    Just bought a pack of 10 masks from Publix – and they were made in China. Yikes! I’m going to douse them in 91% alcohol, then wash and dry them in the bright sun before wearing them!

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    1. And all I ever got was Billy and Narvik at IKEA, and they were just cheap furniture…

      (Used to be MUCH better quality, back in the 1980s)…

      We’re seeing the sporadic shortages over here, too. My wife buys shoes and occasionally tops from Lands’ End, and, although they constantly have sales (and are bombarding us with emails to remind us of that), they rarely have my wife’s size (normal) or a color that isn’t hideous. So it’s anything you want, at 60% off, free shipping, but, oops, we don’t have your size.

      Finally they did have some tees in stock. Made in Peru (!), NOT Red Chyyyyyna…. So, maybe there’s hope…..

      Hope and pray that the deep state is vanquished, destroyed, neutralized, and eliminated forever, with their ill-gotten gains returned to their victims (that would be us), and their proverbial heads on pikes to remind folks in the future to NEVER try that stuff again…..

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      1. Except for some sweaters, I send back items to Lands End anything made in China, even a dress I fell in love with. No more China ANYTHING if I can help it.

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  3. I recall a few years back on Amazon was it looking at high price items and people having a good laugh….

    -the Hollywood people sellIng on the site

    -how is this $ processed? Credit card or Paypal? Is PayPal in on it?

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  4. Wonder how long the MSM are going to be able to completely ignore this HOT topic? Hopefully, the citizen journalists wouldn’t allow that to happen….ground swell needed here.
    I’m sure we will soon know who in Wayfare (and they are advertising like crazy on TV currently) approves the ads with the outrageous prices, who is the financial backing of the company, etc. you can not approve a cheaply made cabinet for $12,000 being advertised without knowing something is going on.
    Read that Soros is shareholder which says to me it’s a public company…but nothing verified.
    Going to be a fun ride, I think!

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    1. Alex Jones, who I have never listened to…but a lot of young men DO, is saying this Wayfair thing is a diversion…the real action is in Europe.
      So, even on thedonald, there are young folks thinking this Wayfair thing is just not that big a deal…or maybe a hoax.
      I have commented they need more homework, but I do not get why Jones would make this a big deal…I do not think he’s a pervert…weird, but not that way.
      Of course I could be wrong, but I don’t think so…
      Any thoughts?

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      1. I think it’s a honeypot now. At some point in the recent past, it was real but the feds busted it and now it’s just chum to attract new sharks.

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  5. Another place to look would be price comparison sites. When I’m looking for computer hardware (expensive and sometimes frustrating hobby, I know), I’ll go to to check out the various offers out there. You can sort by a number of things; in my case best price. But you can also reverse-order the sort, and get the sometimes obscenely overpriced items first.

    I just chalked it up to typos, or price gougers, or some system failure.

    Now, I’m not so sure…
    There’s a (points to the eu), but there are certainly similar sites in the US…

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    1. “#Infowars founder believes this is a #DeepState #disinformation trap to deflect and distract from #Epstein/#Maxwell revelations”
      This makes no sense to me. We can handle more than one story at a time. The media is not talking much about Maxwell/Epstein as far as I can tell, so it’s not as if we’re distracting them from that story.

      If anything, if it turned out to be untrue, it would discredit our side and give them fodder for ridicule, but it would not distract from Maxwell/Epstein. It is too big of a story that people all over the world are interested in, red-pilled or not.

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        1. That seems more plausible to me. Pizzagate was not easy for normies to believe, but there is so much evidence here that, so far, hasn’t been explained, that it’s hard to ignore. Everyone who shops watches their pocketbook. Outrageously high prices are going to get people’s attention.

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      1. I agree. I don’t think so. It was in plain sight for too long, and all of a sudden the connections are being made. My guess is Q team seeding in the anons got the ball rolling, and the anon community picked it up and took off at a run doing what we all know how to do.

        And…since so many anons and accounts have sizable followings, it was not hard to get the story to go viral.

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    2. I have also worried that this is a HOAX – OR it could be a mixed hoax / real, where the hoaxy part provides camouflage and confusion RE the real part.

      This is why pedos joke about pedo. “I was just joking”, but – yeah – not really.

      We should not be binary about choices. AND logic. THAT is why the VP of pricing listed his favorite item as something so obvious (hidden door bookcase). “I’m just joking.” But the joke is a bit of a fail.

      Not all controlled opposition should be 100% rejected about 100% of their positions. This is particularly true of negatively controlled opposition, where control is loose and depends on the REALITY of the controlled party.

      Alex Jones is a mixed bag. Just treat with discernment.

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      1. It was awfully widespread to be a hoax. And several people here have commented on seeing the inflated pricing in the last month.

        I’m wondering if the feds shut down a previous online marketplace, and this wasn’t the go-to plan given that Soros is a major stock holder in WF. Bezos owns Amazon, and on and on.

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        1. Back in May I bought a new bedspread and searched both Amazon and Wayfair for burgundy king size sheets to match. The search for that particular color of high thread count solid pima cotton sheet sets took me pages beyond how far I normally venture. I also saw outrageously priced $12,000-$38,000 sheets. What didn’t make any sense at all to me at that time is now disgustingly clear. Like Q tells us, they do things in plain site.

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    1. (just a quick thought that crossed my mind…
      I used to know somebody whose last name is “Sandler”. I recall him stating that there are very few people by that name… Russian/ Jewish origin; Brooklyn… I don’t know if that’s true or not, or if it means anything.)

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    2. Sadie,

      re: “pillow” = code word

      Last year I was watching a French mystery movie where a French plainclothes homicide detective is pursuing leads at a large hotel in a resort town in the Alps, on the French shore of Lake Geneva.

      Anyway, when he is near the front desk, a guest is heard asking for extra pillows for his room. The detective’s partner explains for the audience’s benefit that “extra pillows” is a code word for wanting a call girl to visit.

      So, in some circles this is understood. And maybe the French screenwriters were even bowdlerizing it.

      Years ago on one of the Law and Order series, there was an episode that mentioned the practice of Germans and other Central European men, as well as American tourists, etc. in Germany or Austria crossing over the border to border towns in the Czech Republic or Hungary that specialized in prostitution and child trafficking, with victims mainly from Romania, Bulgaria, or elsewhere in the erstwhile Soviet Bloc. They said there were visual codes there, such as pink curtains on a house meaning underage girls, blue curtains underage boys, etc.

      So broadcast fiction can clue normal people into things that would otherwise go straight over their heads, even if Mockingbird designs the message for its own purposes.

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    1. I have to wonder what their level of training and expertise was. Why did they not have top-notch guards on Epstein, people who were overqualified for the job?

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  6. Prices of goods aside, a ‘seemingly harmless’ post by Q featuring a virtue signaling ad by Wayfair……is a thing.
    An anon spotted the pedo symbol and away we go!
    Mayfair panics and starts modifying their site, causing moar scrutiny.
    Fun times
    This ain’t over.

    Alex Jones was outed by Q.

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  7. This is my “the end is nigh” post.

    With Wayfair being DESTROYED by Anons…

    The MCM and Twatter will go ALL IN the “Qanon is conspiracy” and “Qanon is DANGEROUS”

    ALL IN.

    They have no choice.

    Especially @Jack and his activities.



    (Everyone’s invited – Bring your Popcorn)

    Buckle up, the hammer’s about to fall.

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    1. Have already seen “conspiracy” headlines on news sites. Oh yes, talking points will be going out fast and furious for damage control and desperately directing attention away from the bombshells. Should be fun to watch them scramble around. Oh I sure would love to see a series of posts from Q about now!

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      1. I can’t wait to hear their “plausible” explanations. Computer glitch and website operator error won’t cut it. One time, on one site, maybe, but not multiple times over more than one site.

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        1. This is either REAL or a very big HOAX to set up the ANONS. The Clinton connections are REAL. The Harvard / CIA connections are REAL. The BAIT is REAL. But is the PEDO TRAFFICKING REAL or HOAX? It cannot be accidental.

          IMO, if we find the TRUTH, then either way, CANKLES GOES DOWN.

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          1. I agree. I’m just trying to figure out what the advantage of setting up anons would be. Maybe they think that making anons look like kooks would discredit everything they say, and Q as well; but many already think anons are kooks and don’t believe Q, etc. If this is to discredit Trump supporters, same thing: they already ridicule us and discredit us. I can see it as a psyop to make anything p3do/trafficking-related look like a conspiracy theory, but someone is going to a lot of trouble for, IMO, little benefit. What am I missing?

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          2. And people can’t just order that pillow for $10,000 because who has that much to test it out. And with luck would have it you have to enter a code or something or you get a pillow.

            well this theory happened on the weekend so who knows. But msm has zip on it

            The CEO quits… I don’t think this is a hoax.

            What does your gut say?

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            1. OMG – that explains a LOT. Move money as OVERPRICED ITEMS, then PROTECT IT with a dubious trafficking explanation that can be disproven in many cases.

              This would also explain why they are so heavy on Harvard MBA-[CIA]-Bain types as well. Not only do they need people who can figure out the laundering mechanisms – they need people “in the club”, etc.

              Oh, this is making sense. This is why all the prices that are close to 10K or above – prices that are either over the limit or would be viewed as “structuring”.

              OMG – that’s it. This is a STRUCTURING OPERATION. TREASURY can go after the corrupt money. The Trump EO can take down Waif-Fare based on the fact that it’s STRUCTURING.

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        2. I’m SOOOOOOO sick of the “plausible” explanations, especially on mail in voting. Three people who do not know each other gave the same “plausible” explanation in regards to mail-in voting to me and another friend. They don’t WANT to think through implications.

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  8. Deplorable Patriot TY
    Damn been thinking of a new area rug for my living room, guess I will stick to Costco, and Home Depot…
    Just don’t like what Im seeing

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        1. Don’t forget the “size” is not exact….always an inch or two less than the description size. It’s like trying on a dress, depends on the manufacturer. So, take your measuring tape when you Look in person…hard to do when ordering on line.

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            1. That’s one of my complaints about Overstock is the prices. Being a clearance rack queen, when it comes to just about everything but food and beverages, if it’s mass produced, bargain pricing is far more attractive. I would pay more for something REALLY hand crafted, but most of that stuff isn’t.

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              1. Same here. I always shop the clearance before going to the regularly priced items. I don’t mind paying good $ but I want quality.

                I’ve gotten very picky with pots and pans and dishes. No China stuff ever, anymore.

                With clothes, I try to get things made up USA or India. Anywhere But China.

                #ABC should be a hashtag on Twitter.

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        1. That’s sad. The futon and comforters I purchased are quite decent, and I’m a stickler. I’m sure all their products aren’t created well. Sorry for your bad experience.

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              1. And that’s what they count on. I’m in the market for a new mattress topper but literally all are “compressed” in a box and only purchased on line. Returnable but laughable to get it back into a box twice the size.

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              2. Yep.
                I bought a really nice topper from Costo years ago. Then we found out that my problem was really a baffle on my side of the bed. Had to get a new mattress anyway. Didn’t know what to do with this great topper. Daughter Dearest and SIL love it still and it’s bee at least 15 years since they have been using it.
                I would definitely check Costco as soon as they stop being mask Nazis. You can return near anything to them, probably even bring it back unboxed on the roof or your car. Lolol

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    1. In my shopping for many a Jane mentioned, Overstock was always good, imo.
      My likes are real wool and cheap! Overstock used to deliver free. Nice to have an 8×10 magically show up on the porch! Lol, pro the reviews.

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        1. My question is who has the ability to change the listings ? They appear to be normal products and I don’t understand how a buyer would know to choose..cabinet or chair that has been altered. I don’t know if I believe the company itself is aware and maybe it wasn’t but skilled hackers are using it and redirecting the sale, the payment and delivery or pick up, all by dark web type thing ?

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          1. There’s lots of info in the metadata of the webpage that is invisible to the browser. If you’re ‘puter savvy and know how webpages work, you could read semi-secret messages there.

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        1. Irony of ironies would be if it were George Satan Soros who was shorting Overstock’s stock, if he had lots of coins in Wayfair (one. thin. wayfair.). The sort of thing he’d do, too…..

          Then again, he usually does that to COUNTRIES, not companies…

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        2. Overstock CEO Patrick Byrne resigned last August. Wasn’t he the one involved with the Russian “red sparrow” Maria Butina and got drug into the whole muh Russia scandal? I am not saying he is involved with this stuff at all. Perhaps he may have been approached and wouldn’t play ball, the other scandal would serve to discredit him…

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  9. Thanks DPat. I need to go back and watch the vids, but this was a good idea to put up a thread where all the Wayfairgate stuff can go.

    Out of curiosity what did Snopes say in their “debunking” of the story? Did they offer any explanations? (NOT that I believe Snopes).

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    1. No, according to Wiki. “Entrepreneurs Niraj Shah and Steve Conine founded Wayfair in August 2002, as a two-person company with a makeshift headquarters in Conine’s nursery, in Boston, Massachusetts.[13] Both Shah and Conine hold Bachelor of Science degrees from Cornell University. The pair had run two previous companies—Simplify Mobile and iXL, a global consulting firm—before starting Wayfair.”

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      1. Am I remembering incorrectly, that before Walmart went into online shopping to compete with Amazon, they sent online shoppers to some other group – either Wayfair or

        I came late to online shopping, took me forever to pay bills online, shop with Amazon, eBay, Craigslist, etc. and am on the spend as little as possible plan.

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  10. The first thing I thought of when I first heard about the Waif-Fare thing was the time a frat guy told me back in college that the frats refer to the sorority sisters as “furniture.”

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    Burn Notice@BurnedSpy34
    Jul 10
    Just looking for a new chair to ’round out’ my living room.

    What do you all think of this piece?
    Ghislaine Side Chair
    The chair provides a stunning contrast against the rustic natural tone finish for a look that is as cozy as it is chic. Intricate leg designs play beautifully off the delicate cutbacks for a look…

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    Jonathan Williams
    Well this should shake the room. We got Justin Trudeau who’s another ring leader of a children’s foundation meeting with Niraj Shah. You can’t make this up people! Wake up!
    Quote Tweet

    Justin Trudeau
    · May 18, 2018
    I had a great meeting in Boston with @Wayfair CEO Niraj Shah, who said: “200 jobs are just the beginning of what we can do.” Very true, Niraj! Looking forward to working together to create even more jobs & opportunity in the future.
    12:59 AM · Jul 12, 2020

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  13. Back to IN-N-OUT for a for what it’s worth moment.
    Remember Maxwell after Epstein didn’t kill himself. She became subject of much speculation and eventually she sent out some bizarre tweets of herself at a food joint. Some pictured her sitting on a noose (part of a leash she had her dog on) and a banner in the background from a Pre-Owned Certified car dealership prominently said “Trade”. Went back and looked and sure enough a second photo from a different angle shown that she was sitting at an IN-N-OUT. Perhaps that was part of the deal even back then? or just another strange coincidence?

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    1. If it were a hoax, Wayfair could make an announcement that someone has hijacked them and is using their site for one of the most despicable “jokes” one can imagine: using the idea of human beings being trafficked, and people’s logical response to it, to make those people look bad and to ridicule them. A statement like that would cover all the bases. It would let the public know that Wayfair is in no way dealing in human trafficking, and that Wayfair shares public concerns about that issue, and that they find it despicable that *someone* is making light of it. They could also say that they pledge to do something to combat trafficking — donate to some cause, cooperate with law enforcement, etc. But I haven’t seen anything like this.

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    1. The title says the conspiracy is “explained,” not “debunked.” It describes what people are saying and what they are concerned about. But Wayfair’s response is merely about the storage cabinets not being accurately described to meet the price point.

      I did a brief search for WTX Utility storage cabinets. The most expensive one I found on this Better Homes & Gardens site sells for $3,099.99, and that’s for an 8-piece set.™&pf=990

      When I click on the item, it takes me to the Wayfair site to purchase it, so I looked for other retailers. This one also has an 8-piece WTX Utility set for over $3,500.00.

      I have not seen a stand-alone (single) WTX Utility cabinet for $12,000, and Wayfair has not explained why one would cost so much. Wayfair does not say the price was a mistake, but that the cabinets are “accurately priced.”

      I have not seen a Wayfair explanation for $10,000 pillows or shower curtains. A search for “designer shower curtains” led me to the Wayfair site, and the most expensive ones were a little over $100. This other site had none over $100, and most were about $40.

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  14. Video explains things so I understand it better!

    Now I understand the connection between the listings and the children. OMGosh if true.

    President Trump has been targeting human traffickers – which is current day slavery – since the day he took office.

    Øbominable and Biden turned a blind eye to it! So did the Bushes and the Clintons.

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    1. Some have said that some of the children who are missing and whose names are suspected of being used on these sites are not missing anymore — and that might be the case. But I am struck by 1) the use of first names for items and 2) how unusual some of the names are. I had never heard of the name Samiyah. It is of Arabic origin and is near the bottom of the top 1000 U.S. names for girls. Why would they choose names like that, that might seem hard for people to pronounce or remember?

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