7.9.20 News Roundup! Kayleigh McEnany’s Press Briefing, PDJT and President Lopez-Obrador Sign Joint Statement, PDJT and Mexican President Andres Manuel Lopez Obrador Joint Press Statement, NYPD Retiring In Droves, A Hero Makes His Most Important Catch, President Bolsonaro Tweets Video Of Himself Taking Hydroxychloroquine, Religious Freedom Gets A Big Win At the Supreme Court, Governor DeSantis Once Again Shows Real Leadership, Justice Will Be Served…..

Yesterday White House Press Secretary Kayleigh McEnany held a press briefing

[Video Below]

Here are some shorter video clips:

Yesterday our President and Mexican President Andrés Manuel López Obrador held a joint press conference prior to signing a joint declaration celebrating the initiation of USMCA in the Rose Garden.

[Video and Transcript Below]


Here are some shorter video clips:

The POS Canadian PM used some BS excuse for not coming. The truth is that Canada had absolutely no say in the deal. They absolutely got their asses handed to them by our President. That is the REAL reason he didn’t come!

Yesterday our President and visiting Mexican President Andres Manuel Lopez Obrador delivered a joint statement and took some questions.

[Video and Transcript Below]


Mayor Bill DiBlasio has no one to blame but himself. I can’t blame any officer who is eligible to retire for doing so. The problem the city will face for the foreseeable future is that people are not going to want to become a police officer in NYC. No matter how much money they will offer.

From the article linked above:

New York’s Finest are putting in for retirement faster than the NYPD can handle — while citing a lack of respect and the loss of overtime pay, The Post has learned.

A surge of city cops filing papers during the past week more than quadrupled last year’s number — as the city grapples with a surge of shootings — and the stampede caused a bottleneck that’s forcing others to delay putting in their papers, officials and sources said.

The NYPD said Wednesday that 179 cops filed for retirement between June 29 and Monday, an astounding 411-percent increase over the 35 who filed during the same time period in 2019.

The astonishing rush for the door came as 503 cops filed for retirement between May 25 — the day George Floyd was killed in Minneapolis, sparking anti-cop protests around the country — and July 3, the NYPD said.

That number represents a 75-percent increase over the 287 who filed for retirement during the same time last year, the NYPD said.

[…] Sources blamed the situation — which comes amid an alarming spike in shootings — on growing anti-cop sentiment, coupled with a pending city law that would make it a crime for cops to use chokeholds while trying to subdue violent suspects.

“There’s just droves and droves of people retiring. But there’s no surprise here, who the hell wants to stay on this job?” one cop said.

“Why would you want to stay on this job when people don’t appreciate what you do?”

An incredible rescue by a former Marine. Regrettably the mother passed away.

From the article linked above:

Marine who played wide receiver in college catches a three-year-old boy thrown from a burning building by his mother before she died in the fire

  • Phillip Blanks, 28, ran to the home in Phoenix on July 3 barefoot to try and help 
  • He was able to save Jameson Long from the flames on the third floor balcony
  • ‘There wasn’t much thinking. I just reacted. I just did it’, he said Wednesday 
  • Blanks, who now works in the security industry, is a former wide receiver and said the boy was ‘twirling in the air like a propeller’ as he fell
  • ‘I know how to catch. I’ve learned how to catch a football’, he added
  • The boy’s mother Rachel, 30, died in the blaze; Blanks said: ‘She’s the real hero of the story because she made the ultimate sacrifice to save her children’

[…] Blanks said: ‘I can definitely credit to the Marine Corps for instilling this good training in me to save a life. I don’t see myself as a hero. A person trained to do my job is trained to protect people.’

Jameson and his eight-year-old sister were taken to hospital with burns, along with another woman, but are expected to survive.

[…] Eyewitnesses stated that Rachel was on fire at that time, but rather than jumping herself to safety, she went back in for her daughter Roxanne and sadly, did not return. Reports say a passerby kicked in the door of an already engulfed apartment and heroically saved Roxxi.

Brazil’s President Jair Bolsonaro is proud to show the world that he is taking Hydroxycloroquine for his Coronavirus.

Another big win for religious freedoms at the Supreme Court!

From the article linked above:

The U.S. Supreme Court (SCOTUS) ruled 7-2 in favor of the Little Sisters of the Poor on Wednesday, finding employers may be exempt from the contraception mandate in the Affordable Care Act (ACA), better known as ObamaCare, if they object due to religious or moral values. The ruling is a major victory for religious freedom.

The Trump Administration allowed exemptions for religious-affiliated groups and some for-profit companies. The Catholic charity, which cares for the elderly, was involved with two related disputes against the state of Pennsylvania, and sued. Lower court rulings issued a nationwide injunction putting the exemptions on hold.

Once again Governor DeSantis is showing real leadership.

From the article linked above:

Florida has ordered that all schools reopen their campuses in August – a major departure from nationwide education policy as many public officials continue to debate whether to return to the classroom in the fall in any capacity.

[…] In Florida on Monday, state Commissioner of Education Richard Corcoran issued an executive order directing “all school boards and charter school governing boards [to] open brick and mortar schools at least five days per week for all students” in August.

Corcoran cited what he said was the “need to open schools fully to ensure the quality and continuity of the educational process, the comprehensive well being of students and families and a return to Florida hitting its full economic stride.”

The commissioner further ordered that schools throughout the state “must provide the full array of services that are required by law so that families who wish to educate their children in a brick and mortar school full time have the opportunity to do so.”

Our President is absolutely right!

Justice will once again be served!

From the article linked above:

Federal executions are set to begin next week for the first time in more than a decade after a months-long legal battle and despite concerns about the coronavirus outbreak.

Three executions will take place next week at an Indiana prison by lethal injection, beginning Monday, according to The Associated Press. Per federal guidelines, family members of death row inmates will be allowed to observe the proceedings despite an overall ban on visitors in the prison.

[…] This is the first time since 2003 that prisoners will be executed on federal death row.

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        1. A friend didn’t keep the broiler clean. Kitchen grease fire took over so fast she couldn’t use the extinguisher. All got out okay (in PJs).

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          1. Dirty stoves and stove pipes can cause tragic fires and loss of home and life.

            Most people avoid thinking about fire dangers.

            Where can you buy and get fire extinguishers serviced?

            I’ve got a small one in my kitchen but it’s decades old. Wonder if it still works?

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            1. If I remember correctly, I bought mine from Home Depot years ago. As far as servicing, I was told by the extinguisher inspectors out on the job that as long as the pressure is still in the correct range, it is okay.

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              1. Don’t we need two or more types of fire extinguishers? One for smothering grease fires and another for general fires?

                ANOTHER common cause of fires is dryer duct blockage. I try to be careful to clean the outside critter cover on my vent. It is a long under slab vent which I am not pleased about, but the location of the laundry room required that. Just last week, I cleaned out the cover and brought my battery blower inside and blew into the dryer end.
                I need to get a pro to brush out the duct once a year. IF I forget and wait too long – the dryer heats up much more than usual, so it’s telling me to check the outside cover which can get blocked with lint from towels. If I didn’t bleach the towels, the lint would probably not be so extensive. But I like to sanitize my white towels and washcloths.

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            2. Extinguishers “should be checked every year and replaced every 5-10 years at MOST. The chemical agent inside “degrades” over time. Koorson services extinguishers, but the home models are so cheap, I would recommend just replacing them.

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              1. YW, you can get a decent home sized ABC extinguisher at Lowes for @ 50.00, I think 10 lbs. Remember, certain extinguishers are ONLY good on certain types of fires.

                Alos NEVER spray directly on a grease fire, you will spread the fire. It is best to try and “smother the fire” taking away one of the pyramid, oxygen, needed for fire (oxygen, ignition source, fuel)

                Use the PASS system, Pull, Aim, Squeeze the trigger, Sweep back and forth (ABOVE the fire moving down to smother it. ) In ALL cases, if you cannot control the fire quickly, LEAVE and call 911, alerting as many as possible by yelling fire and or pulling the alarm.

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            3. Costco often carries fire extinguishers. Having your appliances given a once over by a service tech every other year is a good idea too.

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        2. One fire extinguisher can cover most any fire likely in our homes. I keep one under the kitchen sink and one in the garage near house entrance. Both good for each type of fire likely in a home.

          A – Wood paper
          B – Liquid
          C – Electrical equipment

          Many fire extinguishers are designed for multiple types of fires. Available at Walmart, Home Depot, Lowe’s, COSTCO…

          Very affordable. Easy to use. Please read the simple instructions to use. Check the pressure gage, just as we would periodically change our HVAC filter, fridge water filter, smoke detector batteries…

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          1. Small extinguishers for vehicles are also awesome, and THEY WORK – but it is helpful to RESEARCH and KNOW how to safely put out a vehicle fire.

            The first order of business is to GET EVERYBODY OUT. If you can grab the extinguisher safely, do so – otherwise just abandon the vehicle. If you cannot get out – if you are trapped inside the passenger compartment, then (if the fire is in the passenger compartment), use the extinguisher, but if the fire is in the engine compartment, get the extinguisher to a rescuer outside the vehicle who can put it out. Instruct them if needed. You have to put out the ORIGIN of the fire. If you can’t do it yourself, get the extinguisher to somebody who can.

            Normally, you just want to get away, but if you CAN get away, you need to get away to the FRONT of the vehicle. The safest angle in a vehicle fire is – surprisingly – in front of the engine, because the heavy engine protects you from flying debris if anything bursts or explodes. Put the engine between yourself and the gas tank.

            You want to get as far away as you can get (while still in a position to monitor the fire and keep people back), unless you are going to risk putting out the fire. This is a major DECISION POINT, and only LIFESAVER mentalities (which include people taking risks to save property or animals) should attempt this. Act FAST if you choose this option, in which case you approach directly from in front, and spray INTO THE GRILL. Use observation and logical thinking – you may need to aim up or to the sides. Some advocate cracking the hood, especially if the fire is small and just starting, but this can be dangerous and increase the fire – use your head. Through the grill is SAFEST. If you won’t need some of the extinguisher again (secondary fire in passenger compartment or possible resurgent fire while freeing a trapped passenger), then dump the WHOLE THING through the grill.

            AND IT WORKS.

            I carried a small fire extinguisher for cars for YEARS – as in from BOY SCOUTS into adulthood – decades old – multiple different vehicles – long past its listed expiration date. It didn’t even have a pressure check. It was about the size of a can of OFF. Looked useless at best, but I kept it in the glove compartment like a good luck charm.

            One day on the way home, I saw a guy with a truck – he was out of the truck and his engine compartment on fire. People in the road were slowing down, and you could hear people screaming. The guy was standing away, semi-properly, to the front at about a 45 degree angle. It looked like it was early, but the fire was burning strongly. If it continued to burn, it would be a serious loss of property, and I suspected this guy did not own the truck. He had the look of “Oh, shit, my life is ruined.”

            I threw my extinguisher to him, and drove on, because I was in traffic. He was doing it properly, approaching from the front, last I saw him.

            Circled around and got back in a matter of minutes.

            He had put out the fire and driven away!!!

            I now keep a small extinguisher in EVERY vehicle. The one I had before was really too small – it was very lucky that it worked on a truck fire. Try to get the biggest that will fit – either in the glove compartment, or as a WALL MOUNT by the driver’s feet.

            Moral to the story: Even an OLD, TOO-SMALL fire extinguisher is BETTER THAN NONE.

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              1. These are great! I just spent an hour researching them.

                Element’s scientific description of how they work is full of errors – a Xerox of a Xerox of somebody’s marketing department’s erroneous translation of some scientists trying to explain it, but it doesn’t matter – it works and makes sense, once you get back to the MSDS and other information about this class of extinguisher. Turns out that Element is marketing an ITALIAN product in America. And there is a Chinese company that is selling analogous systems that use STRONTIUM NITRATE instead of POTASSIUM NITRATE – likely because China is awash in strontium nitrate for fireworks and road flares.

                The principle is really sound. They’re basically dumping competitive termination radicals into a radical chain reaction to kill it. Beautiful idea.

                More info on source:



                In general, these work by taking a “soft, low ionization potential, metal nitrate salt”, mixing it with a high-nitrogen organic (DCDA = cyanoguanidine, nitroguanidine, etc.), and a molding agent like an organic resin. Igniting this mixture creates primarily nitrogen, water vapor, carbon dioxide, and potassium salts, as well as finely divided metallic potassium which draws oxygen to form oxides instantly. The mess is low in oxygen, high in radicals and things which consume other radicals, and just waiting to terminate oxygen oxidation of almost ANYTHING (meaning FIRE).

                A non-pyrotechnic aerosol analog which basically depends on the fire to supply the heat are those Tundra units, which appear to be potassium lactate as the extinguishing agent.

                These presumably don’t dump as many free radicals, which have to be generated from the potassium lactate being incinerated. Cheaper, but – yeah – you get what you pay for. For an engine fire, I’m betting the pyrotechnic sticks are more reliable for fogging the engine and putting out the fire.

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              2. And easier to have handy for a kitchen fire too I would guess. Thanks for reviewing the chemistry background. I just wanted something that fit in the glove box. 🙂

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    1. My mom lost her father when she was 7. He was drunk and passed out in bed with a cigarette, mom and grandma couldn’t get him out of the bed but couldn’t.
      I have always had a phobia of fire.

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    1. Petition for the rehiring of a cop who was fired due to writing on facebook that a business which insulted the memory of two dead officers should get no business.

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      1. I’m liking the migrant cash cow is drying up. Forallthelawyers and advocates and charities that depend on the $ from importing garbage

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  1. thanks for the news and video clips!
    wow, what a brave woman throwing her child off the balcony to save him and what an awesome catch!
    heartbreaking tho!

    saw some yahoo headlines this morning…Tulsa cases are SKYROCKETING because of rally…cases–not deaths, not hospitalizations–cases.

    CDC fires back at Trump–these are guidelines not rules–hmmmm

    anyway thought you might want to know what your (SNICKER, SNICKER) “competition” thinks is news…(not even in the same class as you Flep!!!!)

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    1. Ohh my gosh… DS is really scrapping the bottom of the barrel to say negative things!

      Tragedy is that some believe ANY and EVErythING said by the BORG…………….

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  2. 98 L ….now at 80 % chance of development : TD Fay….

    Intensity Guide (fluid)…


    hugging east Atlantic coast…moving north….Friday….

    some squalls

    some wind

    some waves

    lots of RAIN

    its development depends on whether it moves across land vs water.

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    1. We got a whole day of rain and another day of off and on showers as this system passed over the panhandle. Grateful for the moisture and that it wasn’t a deluge with strong winds.

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    2:15PM – Roundtable with Hispanic Leaders – Cabinet Room – Closed Press

    3:00PM – PRESIDENT signs Executive Order Hispanic Prosperity Initiative – Rose Garden

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  4. DON’T FORGET! Stock up on popcorn and snacks!


    THIS SATURDAY – 8 pm ET – Portsmouth International Airport, NH

    Portsmouth airport also shares space with the NH National Guard – that’s extra security.

    Any QTreepers attending?

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    1. LIVE – The White House – 07/09/2020
      Upcoming Events

      1:30 PM EDT
      Press Secretary Kayleigh McEnany Holds a Briefing
      The White House

      3:00 PM EDT
      President Trump Signs an Executive Order on the White House Hispanic Prosperity Initiative
      The White House

      5:20 PM EDT
      Vice President Pence Delivers Remarks at a Back the Blue Rally
      Philadelphia, PA



    1. Remembering my late Mum, born in England in 1920, I can imagine what Queen Elizabeth, almost the same age/era/sensibilities would say to “Randy Andy”…

      STAY AWAY!!! Who knows where THAT’S been…

      Whatever happened? The greatest generation must be massively disappointed (the sadly few remaining) or turning over in their graves. Even the “rough ones” had some sense of propriety…

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      1. No one in a position of authority is immune to hanky panky – they all do it – some are better than others in covering it up – Andrew is an idiot – why his wife and children are no longer living with him – surely, the Queen Mum knows her children well – and has had more than one disappointment – Charles is no better.

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        1. Elizabeth is the Queen; the Queen Mum was her mother, who passed a few years back at 102.

          But Queen Elizabeth is made of sterner stuff than all of the younger royals, with the exception of Prince William. I don’t know why you always assume the worst simply because people were born into the royal family.

          Their future is locked in place from the moment of birth. The ones who are immature, weak, or cannot handle it are the ones who don’t do so well. If you want to toss some shade, have a look at the Mountbattens…

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          1. I stand corrected, Cuppa – I think of her as the ‘Queen Mum’ – the ‘Mum of All’ who happens to be the Queen. I realize that is not proper protocol – I remember her mother – I liked her – she was delightful.

            As far as the children and grandchildren are concerned – Andrew had outside interests – as did Charles – and it appears (not sure) – so does William – Harry does not seem to fit – maybe, because it is alleged Charles is not his father – even though he did ‘manly’ things – his Hollywood wife is a bit overbearing – I do not think the Queen likes her any more than she liked Diana – Anne is an accomplished horsewoman – I respect that – other than that – I do not know much about her – except maybe – she married later in life.

            I have no idea who the Mountbattens are…


            1. The Mountbattens are Prince Philip’s family lineage…..It is quite the story how Phillip and Lord Mountbatten (his uncle) plotted to arrange his marriage to Elizabeth and then change the royal family name to Mountbatten. He was later assassinated. He was very close to Phillip – more like a father to him than his own dad..

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          2. Yep the ginger winger springs to mind. This generation’s Edward the eighth. A useless impoverished vagrant


        2. Fertile is in it up to her neck. Epstein bailed her out when she was broke post divorce. She introduced Epstein to andrew, who had the trade rep position which they then monetised. Thick as theives they are and dirty as sewerage

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        3. Charles has flown on Epsteins plane once. Hopefully they managed to instil recognition of a honey trap into his idiot head. Better if he fell off his perch and william stepped up

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  5. Folks, the GASLIGHTING is strong. “sources tell Fox news that Durham is under pressure to wrap up” IO say by WHOM? Then the same sources say., he does not want to appear “political” LMMFAO, do NOT fall for it, Durham is INVESTIGATING “political” ESPIONAGE. Let me repeat that. Durham was HIRED to investigate political opponents SPYING on, and then FRAMING first a candidate of the opposition political party, and THEN a SITTING President.

    There is NO WAY this CANNOT be “political” the OTHER SIDE CRIMINALS made it so. I want to know WHO these ALWAYS unnamed sources are…Christopher Wray, James Comey?

    Look folks, we JUST heard from John Solomon who has a PROVEN RECORD of being RIGHT when he says something about spygate. What did he say? That Durham, who we KNOW has a CONEINED grand jury, just Covid delayed, is about to INDICT members of the Cabal. IF that is “wrapping up” then I am ALL for it, time for ARRESTS.

    The Cabal anbd MSM are in OVERDRIVE today, and the last few weeks. Ask yourself WHY? WHY, IF Biden is winning SO big, do they have to be in 100% Defcon 9 OVERDRIVE against ANY good news? WHY are they STALLING the Flynn exoneration? Hell according to the DUMBASS operative at Fox, that’s right DUMBASS operative, Durham is done, found nothing, and is worried about appearing “political” Trump is supposedly “furious” at him is what we HEAR from the DUMBASS at Fox’s “source”, UNNAMED of course.

    Now let’s see, IF Trump was “furious at Durham”, where is the tweet storm? Does Trump EVER pull punches? NOPE. GASLIGHTING. Trying to DEPRESS you.

    Another EXAMPLE, the SCOTUS rulings today. The MSM and Pelosi would have you think today was a LO
    SS for Trump. They want you top think that Gorsuch and Kavanaugh “betrayed” Trump” Hell, even TRUMP played along.

    ONE small PROBLEM folks, and it AIN’T for Trump. Today’s rulings were 100% a VICTORY for Trump. WHAT? HOW?

    Wait for it and let me let you in on the BEST kept secret that Trump does NOT want the MSM to ever get. READY?

    Trump does not give TWO rips about his taxes, or IF the Cabal get them. WHAT< but he is fighting them. Sure he is, part of the GAME. DENY the left something they WANT BADLY, and watch them squirm, go crazy, and do All SORTS of questionable and ILLEGAL means to TRY and get them. Trump REALLY does NOT care, it is a MERE "look SQUIRRELL" to him FOR the left. WHAT? WHY? Because, folks, there is NOTHING illegal, improper, or even QUESTIONALE in Trump's taxes, never WAS.

    Remember the Rachel Madow BREATHLESS reporting on an OLD Trump return, likely given to her by either Trump himself, an advocate, or maybe MARY Trump. There was ZERO impropriety in them, and it actually made Trump look GOOD, and Madow like a partison RABID IDIOT, just as PLANNED. They have been AFTER Trump's taxes since 2015, trying to somehow justify and tie the Russia hoax through them. They want to get Trump tied in with PEDO central funding bank, Deutsche Bank. Maxwell's case REVEALED that Deutsche Bank was the SOURCE for some funds for Maxwell, that came from, most likely, Lynn de Rothschild. GET It? PROJECTION.

    Trump has ZERO worry on his taxes, ZERO. Look, first, he does NOT even DO his taxes, he has an ARMY oif accountants and attorney's for that, his taxes LITTERALLY stack up higher than Trump's 6'3" frame. ALL he does is SIGN them. IF there was one IOTA of illegality, impropriety, or even a "questionable" deduction, the IRS would have gotten him, OR LEAKED it YEARS ago. The ENTIRE Govt is STACKED with embeds, are we to believe, AFTER Louis Lerner, that there is NO ONE in the IRS that could have and WOULD have released Trump's taxes IF there was ANY advantage to it? Of COURSE NOT. Trump's taxes are a RED HERRING that Trump ALLOWS the Cabal to chase. BUT, they SCREWED the POOCH this time. They took it to the SCOTUS.

    But, PRex,you say, Trump LOST, the court ruled that they could get access to his taxes in the CRIMINAL case in NY. And they ruled that the Congress just DID IT wrong, sending their request BACK to the lower court. That means it is NOT over, and they WILL be able to get the President's record. BINGO, you are ALMOST there.

    WHAT? That is BAD. NO, it is NOT. Not for Trump anyway. OH, now you are CURIOUS, aren't you? Ready?

    The court did NOT just rule on Trump's records. They ruled on PRESIDENTIAL IMMUNITY from courts GETTING records. OOOPSY. What is good for ONE President, Trump, is good for ALL Presidents. Like you know Obama and Clinton.

    WHAT? That's right folks, the PresiudenCY is NO LONGER immune to records, being subpoenaed in COURT. financial? or ALL? Well, they sure left that BROAD didn't they. People were saying, like that IDIOT, Napolitano, that Trump's legal team was STUPID for requesting the court to rule on a President's ABSOLUTE IMMUNITY from having his financial records, or for THAT matter ANY records subpoenaed in court. WHOOPS I do NOT think the Liberal justices thought that out. In their ZEAL to get Trump, they were DESPERATE to rule against him, they THINK this allows for HIS prosecution IF he loses in 2020.

    They simply FORGOT that this ruling applies to ALL Presidents, PAST and FUTURE, NOT just Trump. If they did THAT this could and WOULD eventually be CHALLENGED, and WON for being arbitrary and capricious.

    Want the BEST part? WHO wrote the MAJORITY opinion? John Roberts. You know the guy they THINK is on their side. WAIT WHAT? Roberts JUST ruled against an abortion case, and has been siding with the liberals. Part of the GAME folks. Roberts ruled FOR the abortion case BEFORE he ruled AGAINST it this week, an OBVIOUS conflict that WILL be challenged. Roberts LEFT a BREAD CRUMB, and an OUT, read his OPINION. But then he BETRAYED Trump again on the DACA case. NO, he really DIDN'T he just said the Government did not do the due diligence, he did NOT rule on the MERITS, he ruled on the PROCEEDURE, it CAN and WILL be RESUBMITTED.

    AH, now you see, Roberts has been PLAYING OPOSSUM. Shannon Bream is FIGURING it out. LOL Cavuto is CLUELESS, calling it a LOSS. Bream RIGHTLY, although I do not think she REALIZES it. In the NY case the CJ of the SCOTUS said, that NO PRESIDENT has absolute IMMUNITY from prosecution, or subpoena. BOOM, she just doesn't yet realize. Her pretty little heads may explode when she FIGURES it out.

    Mind blown yet? That's right folks, THIS was PART OF THE PLAN. The REASON Trump's team wanted. SPECIFICALLY for SCOTUS to rule on ABSOLUTE IMMUNITY, of the PRESIDENCY, NOT just Trump, is NOT to get Trumps records, but to get OTHER PRESIDENT's records, in COURT. There is NO LONGER ANY immunity from subpoena. ROBERTS just did that, and they HAPPILY sided with him, thinking it was to get TRUMP.

    It WASN'T, Trump as I said above is NOT ONE BIT concerned, because HE has nothing to hide. Obama, Clinton, and the BUSHES however have LOTS to hide. NO MORE ABSAOLUTE IMMUNITY, not just for TRUMP my friends, for ALL Presidents. OBAMA is SCREWED now, and he don't even know it, and it was his "liberal friends" and his "puppet" Roberts that DID IT TO HIM. LMAO. The ILLUSIONJ was cemented by Alito and Thomas being the DISSENTERS, the MOST conservatives on the court, ROLE REVERSAL.

    These FOOLS in the Cabal and the MSM do NOT get it, even Trump tweeting he was "pissed" and it was "unfair" to single HIM out, you ALL should have caught that, I DID. Too much "gaslighting" Why do you THINK that this LAST session BEFORE the election was WHEN these rulings came down? LOL.

    I will have to NOW admit, Roberts had even ME fooled. I wondered how on select cases he could side with the liberals, BUT, on KEY cases like religious freedom, he ALWAYS sides with the conservatives. I wondered WHY, was he keeping up appearances? YOU BET, but it was NOT to appease US, it was to fool the CABAL.

    Now you all will bring up ACA, and YES he DID betray us, because I BET that he was blackmailed to do so. HE has been under CONSTANT blackmail, UNTIL TODAY. Something changed. I think NOW you know why ALL the Durham gaslighting. Roberts waited until the LAST POSSIBLE MOMENT to stick the KNIFE in his captors backs.

    There is NO time to change it now. NO other SCOTUS appeals will be HEARD on this this term, have to wait till SPRING, by that time, Obama and others will be TOAST.

    The SEVERE gaslighting today on EVERYTHING from Covid, masks being 65% "effective", the SCOTUS rulings, to the ONLY 1.3 million unemployment claims. That is HALF of last week folks, THAT they did not tell you did they? They even had to TROT out Biden from his basement, giving an ANGRY speech, talking about Trump's taxes too, LOL. WHY? Because folks, that "{absolute immunity" ruling, you know the one the "stupid" President's lawyers ASKED the SCOTUS to rule on, which they DID, ALSO effects VICE Presidents, ALL VICE Presidents. Hi Joe, WHAT'S in YOUR financials? China? Ukraine? NO MORE HIDING THEM at the University of Delaware now joe, also NO MORE SEALED Obama records, they CAN and WILL be subpoenaed in COURT.

    How ya like me NOW Cabal? B O O M!!!!!!!!!

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    1. So true. The irs have been weoponised against trump for years. Obumma might be a narcissistic, low iq, chutney ferret but he could recognise that trump. Jovial ,caricature trump was actually an apex predator and someone to be feared . Bigly

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      1. Why do you think he was SPYING on Trump and tried EVERYTHING he could to prevent Trump from winning, and then even organized a COUP attempt to remove him? Obama KNOWS Trump is to be FEARED, and he means what he says and says what he MEANS. Even HILLARY knows, remember the “If that bastard wins we will all hang from nooses” comment to Donna Brazille?

        They ALL know.

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        1. The whole of govt was weoponsed against Trump. And then the Mueller investigation turned up Jack shit. The deep state are throwing everything at him and he’s dealing with it like a boss. Steve bing might not be the only one to jump

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    1. That’s a cute effect where the wavy arm-holes of her dress echo the waves in her hair. I’m sure the WHPC appreciates such details while they’re getting brutally K-Mac’d.

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  6. I just read about two months worth of @TomasSowell on twister today.
    I think like I just went to a University course.

    Thomas Sowell @ThomasSowell

    In the schools and colleges, the intelligentsia have changed the role of education from equipping students with the knowledge and intellectual skills to weigh issues and make up their own minds into a process of indoctrination with the conclusions already reached by the anointed.

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