7.5.20 News Roundup! Another Scam Is About To Destroy Their Last Hope, MSM Went Hysterical About PDJT’s Incredible Speech At Mount Rushmore, The Monster Cannot Be Contained and Will Destroy the Democrat Party, Thank You Portland, Oregon, Trash Is Continuing To Be Collected, What Could Possibly Happen When You Protest On An Interstate, Driver Kills the Narrative, No Respect For Our FLAG, Gun Sales Will Be Through the Roof in July Thanks To the NFAC, Salute To America Celebration, God Bless Generation Z, 4th Of July Message From PDJT…..

John Solomon wrote an article than states the CDC is a week or so from no longer being able to call COVID-19 an epidemic. The fact that the number of Americans identified as being COVID positive is destroying their scam. The death rate is what matters. The weekly death rate has been coming down for the past 10 weeks. It currently stands at 5.9%. As soon as it falls below 5.9%, the CDC has to withdraw calling it an epidemic.

From the article linked above:

Coronavirus deaths in the country have nearly reached a level where the virus will cease to qualify as an epidemic under Centers for Disease Control and Prevention rules, the federal agency reported on Friday.

The CDC qualifies a disease outbreak as an “epidemic” if the number of deaths attributable to the disease exceeds a certain percentage of total deaths per week. That threshold for pneumonia, influenza and COVID-19 fluctuates slightly depending on the time of year, ranging from around 7% at the height of flu season to around 5% during less virulent months.

CDC data indicate that deaths from those ailments began skyrocketing in the country around the second week of March, hitting a peak around early May and then plummeting quickly after that.

The latest data show that the percentage of deaths in the country attributable to those factors had as of the last week in June reached its lowest point since the end of last year, becoming “equal to the [current] epidemic threshold of 5.9%,” the CDC said.

[…] Though infections are significantly up in some places, deaths throughout the country have remained flat, due likely to several factors including a younger cohort of infections as well as improved treatment methods.

Our President understands the game is destroying their narrative.

As I said yesterday, the MSM would be in overdrive to try and convince Americans that our President’s incredible speech was dark and divisive. That is exactly what we saw on Saturday.

From the article linked above:

Drew Holden can always be counted on to bring the receipts, and in this epic thread, he does it again, putting side-by-side excerpts of President Trump’s Independence Day speech (delivered a day early) with tweets from the media and left-wingers who must have been listening to something else. According to the media, Trump’s speech was “dark,” “divisive,” “jaw-dropping,” and “dystopian.”

Here is the entire thread:

I shared with you the data from Friday’s Rasmussen Poll. It is absolutely devastating for the Democrats, MSM, Leftists, Never Trumpers, RINOS etc.

The monster they created and cultivated for the past 3+ years is no longer listening to them. They are free and won’t be put back in a cage. They also can’t come out against their monster. They are literally sitting ducks waiting to be shot off.

Our President is going to make his campaign about not only MAGA and KAG but just as important saving America from the anarchists that have taken over the entire Democrat Party, MSM and Leftists.

How many of those polled will vote for SleepyCreepy Joe and his Party. They have and will continue to see with their own eyes the anarchists trying to destroy our country. Look who decided to tweet this pile of crap:

They are also seeing this occur in Democrat cities on a nightly basis:

I knew the anarchists is Portland, Oregon weren’t going to be outdone by Seattle’s CHAZ/CHOP. They are feeling their oats and are ready to carry the anarchists flag forward.

They will have some serious problems on their hands. Look who is on the ground protecting our federal courthouse. Those arrested won’t have a friendly leftist DA. They will be facing federal charges.

Meanwhile the DOJ, FBI and local police are removing the trash on a daily basis. Look at this POS cry. He was the leader of CHAZ/CHOP.

Americans saw what happened to the man in Provo, Utah. They aren’t stopping for the mob. As a matter of fact, if the mob gets in the way, they will do some gymnastics.

The MORONIC Mayor came out to defend the two anarchists that got hit by the car:

Problem for her and her elk is that the driver’s skin color kills their narrative.

From the article linked above:

A 27-year-old man drove a car onto a closed freeway in Seattle early Saturday and barreled through a panicked crowd of protesters, critically injuring two women, officials said.

Dawit Kelete of Seattle drove the car around vehicles that were blocking Interstate 5 and sped into the crowd at about 1:40 a.m., according to a police report released by the Washington State Patrol. Video taken at the scene by protesters showed people shouting “Car! Car!” before fleeing the roadway.

[…] Love was filming the protest in a nearly two-hour-long Facebook livestream captioned “Black Femme March takes I-5” when the video ended abruptly; with about 15 seconds left, shouts of “Car!” can be heard as the camera starts to shake before screeching tires and the sound of impact are heard.

They also can’t stop themselves from showing their hatred of our country!

Meanwhile the statue of Christopher Columbus was taken down in Baltimore and thrown in the Inner Harbor.

Another anarchist group decided to take to the streets in Seattle! I absolutely love it! Gun sales in the month of July will warp June’s record. They represent the NFAC (Not Fucking Around Coalition) not Black Panthers. 

The Salute to America ceremony was absolutely amazing!

Our President delivered remarks from the South Lawn of the White House and afterwards Americans were treated to a spectacular fireworks display from the National Mall.

This year’s festivities honored our service members and veterans with music, military demonstrations and flyovers.

You can watch the entire ceremony in the link below:

Here are some shorter video clips:

The future of this country will be carried forward by Generation Z!

Generation “Z” will be the generation that ultimately saves us from the squishes and soy boys comprising the millennial generation.

From the article linked above:

Of those surveyed, 82 percent had a “very” or “somewhat” favorable opinion of the American flag, divided among 91 percent of high school-aged students and 73 percent of high school graduates. Fifty-seven percent of respondents said they believe America is “exceptional and unique” and is a country that “values liberty.” The poll found 54 percent of those who participated enthusiastically feel America offers “opportunity for all who work for it,” and 46 percent said America is both a “good example for other countries” and a nation that “values justice;” 43 percent enthusiastically said America “values equality.” 

While standing for the national anthem draws country-wide controversy, 63 percent of respondents feel “extremely” or “very” comfortable standing for the national anthem and 58 percent held the same view of saying the Pledge of Allegiance at a meeting or event.

[…] Patriotism has grown into a taboo subject among young adults, especially with the rise of social media dominance. For those who value pride in our country, this polling should be encouraging. Pro-America positions are alive and well among young Americans, even with the presence of unmistakable bias on college campuses and the leftist bubble constituting the overwhelming majority of social media platforms.

Here is our President delivering a 4th of July message:

98 thoughts on “7.5.20 News Roundup! Another Scam Is About To Destroy Their Last Hope, MSM Went Hysterical About PDJT’s Incredible Speech At Mount Rushmore, The Monster Cannot Be Contained and Will Destroy the Democrat Party, Thank You Portland, Oregon, Trash Is Continuing To Be Collected, What Could Possibly Happen When You Protest On An Interstate, Driver Kills the Narrative, No Respect For Our FLAG, Gun Sales Will Be Through the Roof in July Thanks To the NFAC, Salute To America Celebration, God Bless Generation Z, 4th Of July Message From PDJT…..

  1. Great News Roundup, You always do a great job,,,,

    Damn—this is only a piece of it .

    They intimidating people in cars

    Type in Armed black Panthers stone mountain Georgia on Youtube to see more

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      it’s an indication of how far we have fallen, over the past decades, and particularly during the crappy kenyan years, as a direct result of all the eff-up political “correctness” and multi-cultural diversity BS that has corrupted the American mind-set, generally, as well as the brainwashing by the cultural Marxist media, Hollywood, and Democrat left….making too many Americans asleep at the wheel from decade to decade, unable to recognize what is happening right before their very own eyes b/c they have been so freaking dumbed-down they couldn’t find their way out of a paper bag w/out their smartphones and social media.

      if we don’t identify and put a full-stop to this communist anti- American INSURRECTION right now , we are toast.

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  2. Great round up flep!

    I know some who worked with a COVID positive person. She tested negative but hubby tested positive. He’s getting paid aka time off so he does not care to be retested or not.

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  3. Great round up flep!

    I know some who worked with a COVID positive person. She tested negative but hubby tested positive. He’s getting paid aka time off so he does not care to be retested or not.

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  4. Thanks for this outstanding News Roundup, Fle!
    I really appreciate all the work you do on these for us.

    This is such a sweet photo:

    And thanks for spelling out what “NFAC” stood for…I had been trying to find that out:
    NFAC = Not Fkng Around Coalition.

    How do they expect to be taken seriously with a name like that for their organization.
    News people won’t be able to use the f-word when reporting on them.
    And the name sounds like a joke!

    Are Dems going to embrace the ‘Not Fkng Around Coalition’?
    What about all those celebrities who have embraced BLM…are they going to do that with NFA’s?

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    1. A REAL, LIVE black supremacist, ethno-state-advocating, ethnocentric organization is (and I love this part so much)……




      Let the DEMS figure out what to do. No matter what they do, it will hurt them.

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      1. Yeah, these guys are actual black nationalists.
        As in…demanding their own all black nation.

        They are the actual embodiment of what the left accuses us patriots of being.

        When in fact, all we are wanting is to put our nation first…as in, America First.
        Which means *everybody*.

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        1. The left clearly ginned this up to try to get an equal and opposite reaction from whites for the media to pounce on, OR (and here is the media play – get one result or the other) nobody counters these groups, so the leftists push these black racist groups FURTHER and make them an “accepted part of the new normal”, allowed to intimidate whites wherever and whenever they please.

          IMO the media needs to be shamed mercilessly here. Actually confront them with the worlds BLACK SUPREMACISTS, and ask why they are allowing BLACK SUPREMACISTS.

          The media can be destroyed by this.

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          1. Yes…and armed Black Supremacists, too.
            Commandeering a highway, marching in a military formation.

            The enemedia would be freaking out if it were a bunch of white guys doing that.

            It is a truly bizarre development.

            The leader said that he would like to be given Texas, as their territory.

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            1. Oh, it’s time to NAIL the media for hypocrisy. This exact same talk by whites is considered worse than the Confederacy.

              Seriously, the media needs merciless attack. If they won’t budge on the issue, or try to shill for the black supremacists, then we need to start talking about the dangerous media supporting black supremacy. DEPLATFORM!!! CANCEL!!!

              Andrea Mitchell off the air!!!

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          2. with all due respect…it’s not just “the left” who is ginning this up…

            it is the COMMUNIST Movement …incl the ChiComs…and all the various commie fronts within the USA, and the CPUSA…

            “the left” are the tools…the useful tools…

            this is an orchestrated, highly organized, militant communist take-over, plain and simple..

            imo, it needs to dealt with a lot more “effectively” than what’s piddling around, so far.

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        2. Just like CHAZ/CHOP – they want their own country – but they want it protected, subsidized, supplied and funded by the USA including whites, Hispanics, Asians – everyone not black.

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  5. The noisy few RINOs – former Bush Admin forming new PAC…

    and The Lincoln Project sour pussies…..

    and the plotters and seditionists in the House….

    and in the Kalorama and $0r0$ mansions….

    and the vandals, looters, violent haters blocking streets, burning police cars and destroying statues…

    are not going to affect the election one little bit.

    The Silent Majority – sick of lies, corruption, terrorism, riots and socialism – real people – voters from all parties, ethnicities, colors, ages ….

    are voting for Trump – in a landslide – on November 3, 2020!!!

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    1. forgot to add….

      and the China-spread, WHO-Democrat-facilitated, media-hyped coronavirus…..

      None of their plots, schemes, lies will make a difference.

      The American people are not fooled but will vote for Trump 2020.

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    2. The Bush minions have a kind way to manure their Republican friends who donated money time to Bush and now they turn on his ex supporters and fellow Americans? Just shows you who the Bush’s are they never deserved our loyalty.
      Shame on them.

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  6. Liked by 9 people

          1. Mr. West apparently fits the Constitutional requirements of being over 35 years old, a natural born person, and residing in the United States for at least 14 years.
            His father was a member of the Black Panthers before he became a Christian and a counselor.
            But I do agree that Mr. West has NO “life experience qualifications” for being President of the United States. He may be described as a “talented musician and dilettante” and I CANNOT imagine him having access to the Nuclear Codes.

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  7. thanks for the great roundup!
    I have no mercy for people in the streets blocking traffic. me in a car? I belong there. you walking/blocking the street? have no good reason to be there–especially at night–wth?
    but this is on the mayors. governors, etc and people are seeing that…

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  8. Media are also A$$hoes:

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      H8 the media and the $0r0$-Øbastard pagan vandal army more and more every day.

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  9. I hope it’s that simple, but somehow I doubt it.

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  10. Morning Fle … and everyone … great news round up (as usual!)

    Got a little more NY sourced info ya … probably need to add this one to the “not going to end well” category.

    “NBA, union agree on 29 approved social justice messages for jerseys”


    … read some of the “ideas” … or, as we say here in SEC country: What’s basketball? 🙂

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    1. NBA, NFL…never discussed, as if they don’t exist.

      NBA, NFL…have zero viewership in my home.

      NBA, NFL…gear wouldn’t be worn by anyone in my home. Even if it were free. Rag when I change the oil, maybe. Burn it, I would.

      NBA, NFL… S P I T !

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  11. BLM declares war on police, mobilizing armed Black Panther patrols to roam the streets

    “It’s our obligation; it’s our duty to provide people with a way forward. We want the immediate end of government sanctioned murder by the police,” said Newsome. These new Black Panther style “patrols” will serve as watchdog groups to intimidate law enforcement officers. If the BLM patrols feel that law enforcement are acting racist toward the black community, BLM patrols will take the officers head on, most likely in a gunfight. As BLM gains control over the streets, there will be no law and order.


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    1. this has nothing to do with racial injustice, police brutality, black lives that do/don’t matter, black slaves, aunt jemima, jimmy crack corn or statues of american heroes, flags, emblems, honkies, niggers, hoes…

      this is COMMUNIST militancy + infiltration….purposely ORCHESTRATED, specifically and intentionally to provoke chaos, racial division, hatred and mass confusion…to divide and conquer the USA..

      it’s not supposed to make any “sense”…it is intended to wreak havoc and more hatred…

      …and FEAR ..

      and the longer they can get away with this, the worse it will get.

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    2. Oh, so this is a Tit for Tat? Muscling up on both sides? Not good!!!

      I understand why this was allowed – so people could see who the actual perpetrators are – not just those who were rioting in the streets but, also their enablers – however – the Black Panthers are ruthless and intimidating – remember when they patrolled poling places in 2012 (I think)?

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  12. Exceptional Roundup, Flep.

    The Commie Leftist MSM went crazy over POTUS’ Independence Day speeches. They likely had their response preset and just inserted whatever they could.

    Portland looks it’s about to go into total meltdown.

    I’ve watched the car swerving to avoid the car blocking the highway, then trying to swerve back onto the road – looks to me like he just couldn’t do it at that speed. Lefties are angry that it wasn’t a white guy at the wheel. Won’t work as well for their narrative.

    I’ve always thought the highways belonged to the Feds – this idea of people being able to block roads – endangering travelers is a problem that needs to be solved. No one with any common sense would stop where protesters are.

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    1. Admittedly, I may be an outlier on this…

      Personally quite happy for the two maroons that went airborne briefly on I-5 in Seattle. Would contribute the the driver if he has a “go fund me”. Hope the two maroons have life long injuries.

      100% sick of rioters and terrorists shutting down roads, burning, looting and all of their mayhem.

      Hope to see moar guns presented by good guys. Hope moar asshole rioters obstructing roads get “pushed” aside.

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      1. You know, Kal, I’m right there with you. And now one of them has died, and I still can’t dredge up a give-a-shit. Which kind of makes me sad. But I just can’t care when these idiots commit suicide-by-protest.

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  13. weather…or not…

    Tropical Depression 5

    plus…..N/NE GoM and vicinities + Atlantic coastals…

    hearing rumors that peak H-Season this yr might ramp mid to late August into September…hoping it’s all a lie.

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  14. The Tower of Babel happening to the leftists and their minion media every day that passes. May evil be vanquished by our Lord and Savior as Americans return to living under the protection of Almighty God.

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  15. Americans !


    article link…


    July 5, 2020

    it is either victory…or disaster…and it’s time to STAND UP to it…nobody else seems to be….very much..

    (personally, I can hardly wrap my mind around how far this has already gone…)

    another article…

    Saving America From The Mob



    July 5, 2020

    good synopsis, so far.

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  16. start lining up, slaves….mark + beast ?

    thought it couldn’t happen here ?


    Michigan Passes Controversial Bill To Microchip Humans Voluntarily “To Protect Their Privacy”



    July 4 , 2020

    the Michigan House of Reps…sponsored by republican Rep Bronna Kahle…passed under the guise of “protecting workers”…

    The Microchip Protection Act …allows employers to use microchippig its workers with consent ….

    “voluntary”…for now…but just wait til the next “health crisis” (cough cough) suddenly appears…

    oh…and by the way…those “protective” RFID transponders cause cancer….

    as if slavery and control are bad enough.

    more about this horror, at the link.

    demoralized yet ??

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  17. Add the John Solomon article to the GROWING list I posted yesterday of EVIDENCE of the new Covid cases HOAX. What is the CDC (Criminal Deception Cabal) gonna do when ALL there “new cases” fudged numbers, WITHOUT the massive deaths to equalize them, has to declare the Covid 19 epidemic OVER because the death rates FELL below their own stated 5.9%? His article is the FINAL nail in the new Covid hoaxes coffin!

    My bet they will remain SILENT, and say the equally HOAXICAL AND FARCICAL “deaths always lag new case” mantra.

    Psst, hey dumbasses, that is TRUE, except in THIS case. Your OWN reporting started the supposed spike in LATE MAY, that is nearly 1 1/2 MONTHS ago, WELL past the 14 to 21 day gestation period. That means there are NO massive deaths to correlate with the supposed “massive new cases”. Where is the death spike that SHOULD be following the cases mantra? There is NONE, despite 20000 new “cases in Fl, there were TWO new Covid deaths, not 2000, NOT 200, not even 20..TWO. THAT right there PROVES the FRAUD being ATTEMPTED.

    By all that we are being LIEDS to about, there SHOULD have been a MASSIVE influx of new Covid deaths, but.despite their best efforts I am sure, there are NOT.

    My friends that ONLY means ONE of TWO things, and NEITHER is good for the hoaxers. Either there are NO new massive amounts of cases, and the numbers and being FUDGEDM bigtime for a new hoax to try and re=shut or slow the economic boom (my pick). OR, there are no new deaths because despite the massive cases, we must have discovered a therapeutic that slows or prevents the DEATHS from Covid., the ONLY therapeutic out there (Remdisivir is NOT widely available yet, and is VERY expensive.) just happens to be…. Hydroxychloroquine + Azithromycin + Zinc. Gee, how about that. THAT would make TRUMP right, and the CDC, MSM, and all the pundits WRONG.

    Either way they LOSE, one it is a HOAX , my bet, and when people find out they have been PLAYED, they will NOT be happy, an then the Covid 19 virus in unceremoniously FINISHED overnight. People will NEVER believe the NIH, of CDC AGAIN, not under current leadership, which will give Trump the empties to CLEAN HOUSE entirely. People will then in spite of the protestations of the leftist Govs, ignore their “orders”. and go back to normal life immediately, NO social distancing, NO masks, and NO restrictions will be tolerated.

    Two it is not a hoax (no way, too much evidence), BUT, there is a therapeutic (HAZ) that mitigates or lessens the severity, ESPECIALLY ventilation and DEATH, that is CHEAP, readily available, scalable, and SAFE. A therapeutic
    that has been suppressed and LIED on to us, essentially HIDDEN from us. That will open up a whole entire another can of worms. Then people would want the liars, that LET PEOPLE DIE, KNOWING there was a way to stop it, heads on a platter. They would DEMAND firings at the NIH, CDC< which Trump would HAPPILY give them, and then they would want ACCOUNTABILITY from those in the MSM that LIED to us and HID the "cure". Another win. Meanwhile people, KNOWING now that there is a therapeutic, would feel empowered to IGNORE shut down orders, social distancing, masks, and then begin the return to NORMAL life, NEVER to be fooled like that again.

    EITHER scenario, and believe me this is it, there can be NO other stalling, will spell DOOM for the Cabal, and their candidate Basement Biden. The economy will take of so fast that it would make June look like a "small" increase. Either way, we finally win and they LOSE.

    Solomon proves this "pandemic" is OVER, and they are trying to put it on life support, despite ALL REAL EVIDENCE to the contrary. Their scam is about to bust, and BADLY. Those that continue to perpetrate it, like the MSM, Cabal, and basement Biden, will NO LONGER have ANY credibility. They put ALL their eggs in the WRONG baskets of a pandemic scam, and anarchy. They are going to PAY dearly for that.

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    1. Yep. That’s a GREAT video. Red Skelton was a great patriot and a great talent, also a great artist…
      We have no one nowadays anywhere close…

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