7.4.20 News Roundup! They Are Petrified and They Have Reasons To Be, Rasmussen Poll About Mount Rushmore and Historic Statues, Anarchists Showed Up At the Husband and Wife’s House In St. Louis, NYTs Says Speech Was Dark and Divisive, Tammy Bruce Is Spot On, PDJT Announces An Executive Order To Create A National Garden To American Heroes, Video Clips Of the Incredible Speech, The Assassin Drops A Nuclear Bomb On President Xi and China, Singing and Chanting Is Forbidden In California, HUGE Win At the SC, God Bless This Father For Speaking Out…..

First of all I want to wish each and everyone of you a Happy 4th of July.

Rasmussen put out some polling data that has shook the Democrats, MSM, Leftists, Never Trumpers etc.

Our President delivered one of his best speeches yesterday! He defended Mt. Rushmore, he defended the four great Presidents on Mt. Rushmore. He defended our country and everything it stands for. He defended law enforcement.

He told the Democrats and their radical anarchists that we will never ever surrender our great country to them.

As soon as the speech was over, the MSM went into overdrive. They saw the Rasmussen data. They know damn well that the incredible speech will resonate with a vast majority of Americans. They also know that our President will be running on this incredible platform. He is the only person standing in the way of the radicals taking over the levers of power.

Do you think the millions of new gun owners weren’t fired up by that speech. There was a reason why so many Americans have been buying guns since January 1st in record numbers. They know there will come a day that they may very well have to use it to protect themselves and their families. They don’t want that day to occur but are preparing just in case.

Guess who showed up at the husband and wife’s home in St. Louis last night. Americans are seeing with their own eyes that these anarchists are rabid animals.

Look at what the NYTs had to say about the speech:

Tammy Bruce is absolutely right!

Our President also threw a MOAB on all of their heads by announcing that a National Park named the “National Garden Of American Heroes” honoring the “Greatest Americans” in U.S. history.

From the article linked above:

President Donald Trump, on Friday evening, said he is signing an executive order to build a new national park named the “National Garden of American Heroes” honoring the “greatest Americans” in United States history.

In response to rioters tearing down monuments and statues dedicated to American historical figures, Trump said he will commission the federal government to build the National Garden of American Heroes.

[…] The National Garden of American Heroes will be opened on July 4th, 2026. The national park will include statues honoring:

  • John Adams
  • Susan B. Anthony
  • Clara Barton
  • Daniel Boone
  • Joshua Lawrence Chamberlain
  • Henry Clay
  • Davy Crockett
  • Frederick Douglass
  • Amelia Earhart
  • Benjamin Franklin
  • Billy Graham
  • Alexander Hamilton
  • Thomas Jefferson
  • Martin Luther King, Jr.
  • Abraham Lincoln
  • Douglas MacArthur
  • Dolley Madison
  • James Madison
  • Christa McAuliffe
  • Audie Murphy
  • George S. Patton, Jr.
  • Ronald Reagan
  • Jackie Robinson
  • Betsy Ross
  • Antonin Scalia
  • Harriet Beecher Stowe
  • Harriet Tubman
  • Booker T. Washington
  • George Washington
  • Orville and Wilbur Wright

The White House hasn’t released the video of the incredible speech. When they do I will update the thread with it and the transcript. In the meantime, here are some shorter video clips:

While our President was traveling to South Dakota, The Assassin decided to drop a nuclear bomb on President Xi and China.

From the article linked above:

White House economic adviser Peter Navarro claimed that the Chinese government knowingly allowed people who had contracted the coronavirus to travel overseas before the virus was declared a pandemic.

Navarro, who is on the coronavirus response team for the White House, sparred with Ali Velshi in a Saturday afternoon interview on MSNBC about the Chinese Communist Party’s role in spreading the virus as COVID-19 cases again spike in places around the United States.

“I want everybody right here today, as the day before America’s Independence Day, to understand where this virus started — with the Chinese Communist Party that is making us stay locked in our homes and lose our jobs. They spawned the virus. They hid the virus. They sent hundreds of thousands of Chinese nationalists over here to seed and spread the virus,” Navarro said.

[…] “Let me be really clear about this: I don’t think it matters whether they did — what they deliberately did, Ali, and this is beyond reproach in terms of a fact. They deliberately allowed Chinese nationalists to come to the United States, Italy, and everywhere in between — who were infected — while they were locking down their own transportation network. And I think it’s really important for Americans to understand that,” he added.

Lucifer is using his creatures here on Earth to go after our Lord and his followers.

From the article linked above:

Californians are still free to attend their house of worship. But they’re forbidden from singing or chanting.

Updated COVID-19 guidelines issued Wednesday by the state Department of Public Health require churches and other houses of worship to “discontinue singing and chanting activities.”

In previously allowing religious organizations to reopen in late May, the state merely said these institutions should “strongly consider discontinuing singing, group recitation, and other practices and performances.”

[…] “Activities such as singing and chanting negate the risk reduction achieved through six feet of physical distancing,” the state said in its new guidelines.

Another big win at the Supreme Court! We are protecting our elections. This ruling is devastating for Nancy and her radical party. They can run to their liberal judges but will find themselves rebuked every single time by the Supreme Court.

From the article linked above:

The Supreme Court on Thursday shot down a ruling from a lower court that would have eased voting restrictions in Alabama during the coronavirus pandemic. 

To vote by absentee ballot in Alabama, the state requires residents to send a copy of a photo ID and mandates that the ballot must be either signed by two witnesses or notarized.

In June, a U.S. district judge in Birmingham issued a ruling to waive the requirement that voters in three counties get their ballots notarized or witnessed by two adults and waived the photo ID requirement for residents who are 65 and older or have a disability.

[…] However, in a 5-4 vote along ideological lines, the Supreme Court blocked the ruling until at least an appeals process occurs.

God bless this father for speaking the truth:

124 thoughts on “7.4.20 News Roundup! They Are Petrified and They Have Reasons To Be, Rasmussen Poll About Mount Rushmore and Historic Statues, Anarchists Showed Up At the Husband and Wife’s House In St. Louis, NYTs Says Speech Was Dark and Divisive, Tammy Bruce Is Spot On, PDJT Announces An Executive Order To Create A National Garden To American Heroes, Video Clips Of the Incredible Speech, The Assassin Drops A Nuclear Bomb On President Xi and China, Singing and Chanting Is Forbidden In California, HUGE Win At the SC, God Bless This Father For Speaking Out…..

  1. Being that the EO contains language in Sec. 3(c)(iii) establishing the “National Garden of American Heroes” shall contain “opponents of national socialism or international socialism”, this will probably cause fainting spells among the left. For which, I present a humble suggestion.

    There should be a nearby parcel — contiguous if possible, but otherwise nearby — where privately funded statues of proponents of socialism may be displayed in an area where the uppermost point of the statue is no less than sixty feet below mean low water (for safety and navigation reasons). This would provide artificial reefs for the support of local fish stocks and may be visited by certified divers during normal park opening hours. A boat ramp should also be constructed for support.

    This should be well-supported by Flep, who is going to love the fishing there!

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      1. One time, I was talking to a guy who had done a mission to, maybe, Malaysia. The family he was staying with had a toilet built over a stream, and as he performed his #2, he observed numerous tilapia swarming the results. He cleaned himself up, then went in for dinner……and was served a cooked tilapia on his plate…..

        His comment was, “that took some getting used to.”

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        1. Yeah I can see that.

          But ultimately, all poop gets recycled; we just don’t see it quite as obviously.

          And there’s a rather famous observation that at least some of the molecules of water in that beverage you drank have to have passed through Oliver Cromwell’s bladder.

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  2. lord of the fleas…cry baby cry…

    video KIRO 7 News…Freeway Foot Race Ends With Leader of Former CHOP Zone In Handcuffs..

    from July 2, 2020

    that “revolution” ended with a whimper.

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    Chapman, the radical Marxist-Leninist..

    FRSO (Freedom Road Socialist Organization)…


    “People’s War” : Pro-China Communists Claim Credit for Sparking US Riots



    July 2, 2020

    Commentary by Trevor Loudon

    leaders of the pro – ChiCom Freedom Road Socialist Organization …trained Maoist revolutionaries FRSO..

    they are also laying the groundwork for, and playing an active role in, maintaining momentum for the ongoing insurrection.

    article also discusses the radical Frank Chapman who is organizing the Minneapolis-based FRSO front “Twin Cities
    Coalition 4 Justice 4 Jamar”…

    in 1961, Chapman was sentenced to life + 50 years for armed robbery and murder in Missouri…while in prison, be became a radical Marxist-Leninist and a jailhouse “lawyer”…his “cause” became championed by the CPUSA..

    a LOT more about all of this, at the link.

    always good solidrelaibel info from Trevor Loudon who has been researching these connections for a long time now.

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              1. oh noes!
                what did the chocolate chip do? it’s shaped like a pyramid? built by slaves???
                maybe it’s the “chip” part? Erik Estrada was a CHIP–he’s latino–but he’s a COP—oh noes! chips are named for cops!
                maybe we should name them chocolate chunk cookies–no, then the lesbians will be mad!!

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    1. Remember, remember, on the 3rd of November,
      Democrat treason and plot!
      There no reason why Democrat treason,
      Should ever be forgot!!!

      DNC China virus collusion/corruption version:

      Remember, Remember on the 3rd of November,
      China-Democrat treason and plot,
      There is no reason, that such heinous treason
      Should ever be forgot!

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  4. Happy Fourth Fle!!!
    thanks for all the clips of the President’s speech…for what i hear it was truly inspiring!!
    Stephen Miller is a GENIUS! SAVING AMERICA is an awesome campaign message!!

    love the National Park of American Heroes!!!

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    Peter Navarro@PeterNavarro45
    “Let me be really clear about this: The CCP deliberately allowed Chinese nationals to come to the United States, Italy, and everywhere in between — who were infected — while they were locking down their own transportation network.”


    You can be absolutely certain that Peter Navarro would not speak those words unless they have been approved by President Trump!

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  6. As Smiley has posted above LINK– The Chinese/Black Muslim Supremacist/Socialist/Communists are brazenly coming out in the open!

    So – as Navarro has shown – President Trump will name their crimes – and will fight them in the open!

    President Trump is proclaiming: “Hear this loud and clear – you Communists, BLM, Antifa, ØFA, $0r0$, – You send your nasty violent thugs to tear down our statues and memorials; you try to cancel our history and culture – > This President and American Patriots will build even MOAR statues, memorials and tributes to American history culture!!!!”

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  7. DEFUND THE POLICE changed to DEFEND THE POLICE outside Milwaukee City Hall!



    NOW we must change all the – BLACK LIVES MATTER street signs – to ALL LIVES MATTER!

    BLACK LIVES MATTER – is a statement of discrimination and racism!!!

    In the USA – ALL LIVES MATTER – no matter the color of your skin!

    That is what America stands for – what our Founding Documents, pledge of allegiance say – LIBERTY and JUSTICE FOR ALL – ALL ARE CREATED EQUAL!

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      1. She spoke like a pro, Church – first time I have heard her speak – have to say I was impressed – and I understand she handled the ‘plague’ quite well, too – unlike some others who enjoyed punishing their constituents.

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  8. Glad the Assassin is openly stating what some of us on here knew and stated back in February. It was a bioweapon designed to create panic and death of the elderly along with those with pre-existing issues. Quit falling for the BS, fellow patriots. The numbers are fraudulent. The virus is real, but it is targeted. The numbers are fraudulent to extend the fear to deter voting in person and promote ballot harvesting. They are now claiming positive cases from those people who have been exposed to a person who had it, which is the reason they are pushing contact tracing. They have been claiming deaths “with” as compared to deaths “of” are all COVID since the beginning. The actual deaths “of” (only) are under 10 K. The only answer to this is herd immunity.

    So quit being sheep. Cali and other oppressed residents should ignore anything the communist dictators say. Go to the beaches. Go to church and sing as loud as you can. In he rare even you contract it do what PDT told you to do and did himself – hydroxy, z-pac, zinc sulfate. You will have a high chance of recovery as the studies now show.

    Stop trusting Gates, Fauci, Birx, etc. Just say no. The Democrats are evil and connected at the hip with the Chi-Coms. They want you dead and took steps to kill you. Stop buying goods made in China. Decouple – like the Assassin and PDT’s trade team is in the process of getting done for America. Do not let up on Democrats and RINO’s until the last one is converted or gone.

    It’s Independence Day!

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  9. Proud To Be An American…

    elderly PATRIOT salutes the American Flag while he’s out for a neighborhood walk…


    to my

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    1. For Portland that’s not new, except that the police seem to be taking action now. About every 3 months or so there have been demonstrations of some sort in Portland with Antifa usually doing some type of destruction Usually the police just stand by and watch.
      The liberal cites are like the parent who keeps telling their child it is wrong to do something, yet does nothing!, Then finally when their child is an adult, they wonder where they went wrong while they have to keep bailing them out of one mess after another, financially or criminally!!. I have a feeling that this is the type of home many of these rioters came from. No restrictions, or punishment regardless of what they did while growing up.

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        1. Being in eastern Portland we have been watching it. The worse ones were the weeks after Trump won, and the take over of the DHS buildings.
          However one does not need to be down there during a protest to end up with Antifa down your butt, even if you not a Trump supporter or wearing Trump hats and stuff.

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      1. I thought President Trump was contemplating more assistance to small businesses – perhaps, they are talking about extending stimulus payments to individuals – I think they are against giving people incentives to remain out of the workforce – as you say, Kal.

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      1. Sometimes, you have to ignore the players and just listen to what they say – these kids did not know the name of the war – and the year for starters – nor did they know against whom we fought – I am appalled they do not even know simple American History – our Education System is broken – an entire generation has grown up without the benefit of the knowledge of the rich history of our country.

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      1. Maybe, Rod – however – he was just the puppet that perpetrated the fraud – plan long in the making by TPTB – the dumbing down of America seemed to have worked our well – all according to their devious plan.

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        1. That was a scary video.

          I know our nations are turning into Idiocracy (as in the film), but I did not expect for those young people to answer that we gained independence in the 1970s from ourselves, i.e. ‘the United States?’.

          OH. MY. WORD.

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  10. OK tell me I’m crazy or not–These heavy duty pro mask people keep showing these tests of people sneezing or coughing with no mask on & how many germs are spread.
    I’m like man, has no one heard of covering their mouth when they sneeze or cough???
    DAMN. I was taught that when I was a child. Probably only people that don’t cover their mouths are really little kids and they are except from mask wearing anyway.
    Hate to say this but damn the thought of sneezing into a mask I’m wearing sounds really gross. Odds of being able to get it off in time to use a Kleenex or my hand are probably very slim.
    That is why i always have extra Kleenex in my purse.

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    1. Breathing in exhaled air is unhealthy – as far as sneezing is concerned – I agree – that is disgusting.

      We never needed masks before when we had the flu – we stayed home from work – drank lots of liquids – and rested so we would not expose others to whatever we had – even a simple cold – this whole mask thing is insane.

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    2. It wasn’t long ago that TPTB were telling everyone to ‘cough into your arm, where your arm bends at the eldbow’, apparently because germs were sneaking past fingers that weren’t pressed sufficiently tight together when covering their mouth with their hand.

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      1. This is what I am finding the strangest about all of this. First it seems most of Americans don’t know good hand washing etiquette, or health. Now it seems that most don’t know that one covers their mouth when sneezing or coughing, or grab a tissue if one is near by.
        Hey I’m 71 and most of this was drilled into me by teachers and my mom.

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