Mount Trumpmore Triggering Event: Full Coverage, Including Our On-Site MAGA Reporter Aubergine!

I will add more details as time goes on. HERE is a schedule:


More coverage:


Lauren Boebert for Congress (R-CO3)


The only change that we will consider making to Mount Rushmore is adding President Trump’s face to it.



President Trump’s speech tonight at Mount Rushmore will be one of the most important of his presidency. At a time when all of America-its values, its institutions, its history are being challenged by anti-American radicalism this is a key speech in stating the challenge.



Golden State Times!!!


White House Live Coverage!


WQTH Coverage on Twitter!


I will add more as I can! Please post links and any Aubergine comments that do not get into this thread!


Reporting for WQTH…….

619 thoughts on “Mount Trumpmore Triggering Event: Full Coverage, Including Our On-Site MAGA Reporter Aubergine!

  1. Eric Trump
    En route to Mount Rushmore! Looking forward to a beautiful night! Happy 4th of July weekend friends!!! Never forget that we live in the GREATEST country on earth! Flag of United StatesFlag of United StatesFlag of United States.

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  2. Why have they not rounded up these idiots. Your giving them what they want. Now you have to round up these idiots once the vans are removed which will take more time.

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  3. There was just a scuffle. Woman agitator and another man? attacked Trump supporter. NG wrestled to ground and arrested. Protesters are saying about 10 agitators there, not from their group, want nothing to do with them so they’re assisting LEO’s which is good. POTUS fixing to land.

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      1. anarchists?
        Anti american?
        Kid living in Mama’s basement?
        Hasn’t seen a shower in days group?
        Can’t sing?
        A lost Weight watchers group?

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        1. Btw, the people blocking the road to Rushmore are not “protestors.”

          They’re fascist assholes breaking the law.
          6:38 PM · Jul 3, 2020·Twitter for iPhone

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  4. OK best I stayed home==Believe it or not I had forgotten about Trump there since it was kind of back paged.
    I just thought I should see it prior to someone destorying the place

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    1. Heh Big sis!!!! Been missin ya right and left!!!! Ima hopping off to literally… absorb this speech!
      Love ya Phoenix!!! to da moon!!!!💖💖💖😘🥰

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              1. Much Love to Marica and all her Honey B’s!!!💞💓😍💞😍💓💞

                ARE YOU READY TO TRUMPMORE???

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              2. MISS SYLVIA!!! 🤗😘🤗💞🤸‍♀️🦋🤸‍♀️🦋😍😍

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              3. I’m sooo excited!!! It’s been tough with only 1 rally these last few months. We need our lives and our POTUS back!!!

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              1. Yes… (still praying for Taylor I am) I’ve tied myself down to the ship… I ain’t goin’ nowhere, except WWG1WGA !

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  5. Too nice of a pu9c not to be seen.

    RedWhiteAndYou (@RedWhiteYou1776) Tweeted:
    Supporters of @realDonaldTrump ride through #Keystone, S.D., on Friday ahead of a large fireworks celebration at Mount Rushmore National Memorial and a presidential address.
    (Andrew Caballero-Reynolds/AFP/Getty Images)

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  6. FNC is covering in between Raymond Arroyo talking. They do intend to show POTUS’s speech. Finally CSPAN1 took the plunge and has full coverage. OANN tbd.

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    1. But CSPAN keeps interjecting statements by military members into the proceedings. CSPAN usually doesn’t do that. I just want to see the event.

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      1. I finally realized they were doing it at the event too. Even the online WH broadcast aired the messages from the servicemen. I got TV and 3 tabs playing, LOL!!


    Did ya hear during the song break??
    Crowd fired up.
    HI AUBERGINE!!!!👋👋👋👋👋

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  8. ET’s Mary Hart is Mistress of Ceremony. Mike Rounds, John Thune, Rand in the crowd, Meadows, Scavino, O’Brien, Eric and Lara in the box w/POTUS.

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  9. Soldiers from Operation Enduring Freedom being welcomed home. 👏👏👏 (No one did it prior.)

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  10. We hold these truths to be self-evident, that all men are created equal, that they are endowed by their Creator with certain unalienable Rights, that among these are Life, Liberty and the pursuit of Happiness.


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  11. This monument will never be desecrated, never defaced, heroes never forgotten, WILL STAND


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