Mount Trumpmore Triggering Event: Full Coverage, Including Our On-Site MAGA Reporter Aubergine!

I will add more details as time goes on. HERE is a schedule:


More coverage:


Lauren Boebert for Congress (R-CO3)


The only change that we will consider making to Mount Rushmore is adding President Trump’s face to it.



President Trump’s speech tonight at Mount Rushmore will be one of the most important of his presidency. At a time when all of America-its values, its institutions, its history are being challenged by anti-American radicalism this is a key speech in stating the challenge.



Golden State Times!!!


White House Live Coverage!


WQTH Coverage on Twitter!


I will add more as I can! Please post links and any Aubergine comments that do not get into this thread!


Reporting for WQTH…….

619 thoughts on “Mount Trumpmore Triggering Event: Full Coverage, Including Our On-Site MAGA Reporter Aubergine!

  1. I thi k this national monument as a park should be YUGE. a really big place to celebrate or reflect. But where? I think it ahall be interesting to see how a place is chisen.

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    1. Middle America, bringing lots of JOBS and REVENUE to the chosen ones, Blessed by POTUS the Builder!😊

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          1. Yes. All of the things d.c. and ny have concentrated in 1 area isnt representative of the whole country. I never knew we have a free national zoo and other things we cant use unless we have pkenty of money to travel. And all the political class gets them all the time while we either dont know or cant afford to tesvel.

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        1. Busy, busy IRL, including complete overhaul of home computers and home network router/config. About half way to the set up I want and the rest of life isn’t showing any signs of slowing down either.

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        1. It’s good to see you too!
          I’ve tried to check in a few times a week just to keep the connection, but I didn’t want to log into WP until I had a better handle on separating citizen activism and personal/work tasking.

          The site is looking good!
          Happy to see your Monday polar bear each week. 🙂

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  2. Well, I made it back to the camper, so I am updating for anyone still reading.

    One super cool thing that happened was when the band played the anthems for all the services. They played, for the first time in public, the new anthem for Space Force! So I got to be there for that, which is historic and awesome!

    The speech was PERFECT! I don’t know how obvious it was on media, but in person, the crowd was very respectful and listening intently. It was very different from a rally. There was applause, cheers, and the occasional yell, but mostly polite applause.

    The fireworks were incredible. They were timed to the music, and even matched in color for a song or two (Red, White, and Blue lyric, red white and blue fireworks).

    Melania looked amazing, I was so happy that I got to see her in person!

    Kristi Noem is a ROCKSTAR! She is destined for the Presidency someday, IMHO. Smart, articulate, beautiful. She has it all.

    As I expected, the crowd was kind to each other. No problems whatsoever.

    We ran into no significant protesters. I said earlier that I saw five. That’s ALL I ever saw. The protesters who blocked the road did so after most everyone was inside the park, from what I could tell. The lady sitting next to me saw more protesters than I did, she arrived an hour and a half after me, and got shoe-horned into a seat. But even she had no problem getting past them.

    This was EXACTLY what Trump supporters needed to get us going for the campaign. It seems the focus is maintaining and preserving the America we all know and love.

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    1. We obviously couldn’t all be there, but we were so happy you were there to Witness and Represent — and the first public performance of the Space Force anthem is just too cool for school.

      Gotta say, the intertubez had a bunch of pix from someone way back in the nosebleed seats, and I kept going, “our beloved Aubergine is right. down. here.”

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      1. You know, I got SO lucky with timing. We went up to Keystone, parked on the side of the road about 200 yards from the barricade at the entrance, and wandered around souvenir shopping for about three hours. We had lunch, too. When we noticed the cars starting to line up on the road, we jogged over to the truck, eased into the line, got into the parking garage, and arrived with probably the first 200 people. Went down and got the great seats, and voila!

        The other thing I heard from Kristi Noem that AMAZED me, as far as luck goes, was that there were 125,000 requests for tickets. We got amphitheater seating. There were probably only about 2500 of those tickets given in the lottery. Think about how lucky I was to get them!

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    2. Very cool – and very reassuring!

      You got to see FLOTUS in person!!! Yea, that dress is WOW, too. I am just so jazzed that one of us was part of this historic occasion. Just very thankful that you had that urge to go see it. Very prescient of you to make that decision so early.

      Kristi Noem is awesome. She is going to be in the left’s cross-hairs in all possible ways, particularly to “RINO” her into Nikki Haley PC compatibility. Will pray for her strength, wisdom, discernment, and vision into every move the other side makes!!!

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      1. Jason Chafetz, who was filling in for Hannity, gave an account of when Kristi Noem “invited Pres Trump to come to the Mt Rushmore monument”.

        He said that he knows Noem from when they were in Congress together.

        He recalled that it was in 2017, when she was running for governor, that she said in a conversation with Pres Trump…
        ‘When I am governor, I hope that you will come to SD and have a 4th of July celebration at Mt. Rushmore.’

        Pres Trump loved the idea.

        So this event had been planned for a couple of years.

        And yes! Kristi Noem is awesome!

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      2. My favorite thing about this comment is that I am “one of us.” Thank you for making this great community of friends for us Wolf. I just love this place.

        I will pray for Kristi, too. Unlike Haley, she was raised by a Christian family in the Great American West, so I think she has a shot at keeping her integrity.

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    3. Thank you so much for this ground Report, Aubergine!

      Having you there made it even more special!
      I kept thinking of you there as I was watching it.


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        1. Oh I can imagine…I would be hoarse too!
          Because I would’ve been whooping and cheering, bigtime.
          Glad you had a great time!

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  3. thank you all for the comments, perspectives and thoughts on this thread!!!
    I always love the enthusiasm of the rally threads!!!!
    thanks Aubergine for your insights!!!
    thanks wolf for the thread and the opportunity to see the truth!

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