Dear KAG: 20200702 Open Thread

Here we go, Fourth of July weekend starts TOMORROW!

I’ll have more to say on this in another post that’s incubating but in the meantime, in the flurry of Q posts yesterday was this one.


Q !!Hs1Jq13jV6 ID: b2492a No.9813070 
Worth repeating.
MSDNC pushes coordinated FAKE, FALSE, MISLEADING DISINFORMATION based on a biased [D] political viewpoint [controlled mouthpiece(s)].
Blue checkmarks then defend and attack [target] opposing viewpoints using slander, aggression, suppression, group-think, etc. [suppression tactics].
Non-blue checkmarks then defend and promote attacker(s) [blues] viewpoint(s) [leftwing ‘cult’] to instill echo_chamber wall-to-wall amplified narrative for each designated subject.
Select [public discovery] topics are deemed and ranked in priority order [ranking determines use of assets [big-to-small]].
[How to herd the sheep (you) 101]
If you do not follow [remain in-line] with their political viewpoints you are deliberately made to feel in the minority [isolated] and inferior [using aggression-slander].
[If majority thinks x then x must be true _projected false reality _minority projected as majority using news _ social media platforms to spotlight designated viewpoints [the ‘narrative’]].
A public (person) that thinks for themselves [independent free-thought] is what they FEAR the most [loss of control].

Hence why videos like this exist.

Reminiscent of a certain shampoo commercial from my youth. And they’ll two friends, and they’ll tell two friends, and don’t vary the message because it has to be the real thing.

One thing these 4 am talking points get really wrong is that this nation, the United States of America, is a REPUBLIC, hence the title of the musical selection below is the Battle Hymn of the REPUBLIC. This setting is the most popular here, and to be honest, those Glorias above the staff are murder at pianissimo. Originally, it was written for all male voices and has been rearranged in SSATTBB.


As usual, this is the daily thread, the place to put all information that needs to be out there – Q drops, Q drop decodes, potential riot information, rumors about MAGA rallies starting up again, news flashes, WuFlu updates (is that still a thing?), satire, memes, and of course cute animal videos.

In the meantime, the short and sweet version of “THE RULES” is here borrowed from Tuesday:

Guidelines for posting and discussion on this site were outlined by our host, WolfM00n. Please, review them from time to time.

The discourse on this site is to be CIVIL – no name calling, baiting, or threatening others here is allowed. Those who are so inclined may visit Wolf’s other sanctuary, the U-Tree, to slog it out.

This site is a celebration of the natural rights endowed to humans by our Creator as well as those enshrined in the Bill of Rights adopted in the founding documents of the United States of America. Within the limits of law, how we exercise these rights is part of the freedom of our discussion.

Fellow tree dweller Wheatie gave us some good reminders on the basics of civility in political discourse:

  1. No food fights.
  2. No running with scissors.
  3. If you bring snacks, bring enough for everyone.

Since it is almost the weekend, the reminders are in place to not swing from the chandeliers, wash your hands and face, marinate the ribs, and be nice to the liberals whether they deserve it or not. Making your bed, OTOH, is optional.

Referenced above:


From Psalm 19

2] May the Lord hear thee in the day of tribulation: may the name of the God of Jacob protect thee. [3] May he send thee help from the sanctuary: and defend thee out of Sion. [4] May he be mindful of all thy sacrifices: and may thy whole burnt offering be made fat. [5] May he give thee according to thy own heart; and confirm all thy counsels.

[6] We will rejoice in thy salvation; and in the name of our God we shall be exalted. [7] The Lord fulfill all thy petitions: now have I known that the Lord hath saved his anointed. He will hear him from his holy heaven: the salvation of his right hand is in powers. [8] Some trust in chariots, and some in horses: but we will call upon the name of the Lord our God. [9] They are bound, and have fallen; but we are risen, and are set upright. O Lord, save the king: and hear us in the day that we shall call upon thee.

Mask on, mask off. Where’s Mr. Miyagi when you need him?

Time to be a rebel and #TakeOffTheMask!

880 thoughts on “Dear KAG: 20200702 Open Thread


    Brian Cates //Flynn & Breitbart’s Army! Retweeted
    Carlos Osweda@COsweda
    The economy recovery is going TEN TIMES AS FAST AS EXPECTED.

    Obama’s best YEAR was 2014, with 3 million jobs created.

    Trump just created 5 million jobs IN ONE MONTH.

    During a pandemic and partial economic shutdown.

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  3. I commented on this recently… seems to me there would be no new legislation necessary… but glad it’s getting done.

    l E T 17 Retweeted
    Phillip Nieto
    will “soon” introduce legislation that will hold city officials financially responsible for damaged property and injuries sustained from rioting.

    Latest with
    Ted Cruz To Introduce Legislation Holding City Officials Accountable For Injuries From Rioting
    Texas GOP Sen. Ted Cruz will “soon” introduce legislation that will hold city officials financially responsible for damaged property and injuries from rioting.

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    1. Actions, not words.

      Ted Cruz is delivering on them.

      Love PDJT or not, he is most definitely on our side in this fight and has been doing more than MOST GOP senators.

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              1. At least in the “Electoral” sense.

                As for the Physical birth………
                Cuban and Canadian both start with a C……
                Don’t know if he was born Caesarean 🙂

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  4. They’re going Nucking Futs!! NFL is now totally dedicated to BLM. Can’t wait to see all the EMPTY SEATS! 🤯🤯🤯

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    1. Empty seats and turned-off TVs. It’s no longer about Kaepernick and disagreeing with him and with the NFL’s coddling of him and other players who want to “protest” at a football game. It’s about being sickened and disgusted by the entire enterprise to the point that you couldn’t pay me to watch it. It’s not about “black lives”; it has turned into anti-America brain-washing and is dividing our country. I hope the NFL goes bankrupt over this.

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      1. I will second that motion and add Basketball, baseball and Nascar to the pot.

        With luck Rodeo will tell them to take a flying leap.

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        1. Watch Rodeo become the #1 sport in America, because patriotism and USA 1st principals.

          In fact, rodeo is the oldest and most original American sport there is.

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    2. Hmmm, can players take a knee during the “Black National Anthem”?

      Can players stay in the locker room until after the “Black National Anthem”?

      Another reason to not watch NFL… Didn’t need another reason. Have not watched NFL in five or six years. Don’t miss NFL.

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  5. l E T 17 Retweeted
    Anonymous 𝑸 Patriot ★★★
    Tucker Carlson Has Highest-Rated Program In Cable News History

    Tucker Carlson Has Highest-Rated Program In Cable News History
    Tucker Carlson just edged ahead of Fox News’ Sean Hannity as the only two shows on cable TV to deliver more than four million viewers in 2Q 2020.

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    1. Well done, Tucker Carlson!

      He might not be for everyone here, but Tucker is reaching the puzzled middle class audience.

      I think he’s great, especially with the WASP Dad expression. Brilliant!

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        1. I saw that. From the WP comment, seemed harmless. Maybe poster took it down, didn’t want to be Q’d??? Ya know how everyone congratulates in pile on fashion?😃

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