7.2.20 News Roundup! The Winning Is Absolutely INTOXICATING, NAFTA Is Dead, Two Graphs Tell the Coronavirus Story In Our Country, Economic Train Is Continuing To Accelerate, June’s Gun Background Checks Set A New Record, More Court Wins Protecting Our Election, Kayleigh McEnany’s Press Briefing, PDJT’s Interview, Wilbur Ross’ Interview, Bye Bye CHAZ/CHOP, Two Weeks Too Late For A Father, NYC Has A CHAZ/CHOP, Provo, Utah Shooter Is Arrested, Huge Fundraising Quarter For PDJT, PDJT Tweets A Fantastic Video…..

There was so much winning that occurred yesterday! Where do we begin.

NAFTA is DEAD and BURIED! The USMCA is now fully in effect and the Globalists, CoC, China, Canada, Mexico, NWO etc. have lost to our President and our country.

Effective yesterday the manufacturing of North American products must originate in North America. No longer will Canada and Mexico be allowed to “assemble” component goods from Asia and transport them as finished North American goods into the U.S. market.

From the article linked above:

The U.S.-Mexico-Canada (USMCA) trade agreement formally replaced the North American Free Trade Agreement (NAFTA) on Wednesday, meaning that President Donald Trump has now officially completed one of the biggest promises of his insurgent 2016 campaign.

[…] The International Trade Commission estimates that the USMCA will create between 176,000 and 589,000 jobs in America. In automotive manufacturing alone, the U.S. Trade Representative’s office estimates, there will be another $34 billion in investments and 76,000 new jobs for Americans. The U.S. Trade Representative’s office also says that several restrictions from Canada on American dairy, wheat, and wine producers end as a result of USMCA as well.

The immediate impacts from this trade-loophole closure will be felt over the next several months and years. The Economic Train is smiling like never before. We are going to see a manufacturing explosion. Expect the Democrats, MSM, Leftists, Never Trumpers etc. to push the Coronavirus as if their lives are on the line. They have nothing left in their arsenal.

The problem for them is that Americans are waking up to the BS Coronavirus narrative:

You can find the White House and USTR Lighthizer’s statements in the links below.

Statement from the White House:


Statement from U.S. Trade Representative Robert Lighthizer:


The problem for them is that our President and his Killers built an incredible economy over the past three years. Look how quickly it is bouncing back. The so called experts are losing their minds.

From the article linked above:

U.S. manufacturing activity rebounded in June, hitting its highest level in more than a year as the broader economy reopened…

The Institute for Supply Management (ISM) said on Wednesday its index of national factory activity jumped to a reading of 52.6 last month from 43.1 in May. That was the strongest since April 2019 and ended three straight months of contraction.

A reading above 50 indicates growth in manufacturing, which accounts for 11% of the U.S. economy. Economists polled by Reuters had forecast the index rising to 49.5 in June.

[…] The ISM’s forward-looking new orders sub-index jumped to a reading of 56.4 in June, the highest since January 2019, from 31.8 in May.

Look at the revision for the month of May. Absolutely incredible! They were off by 5,825,000 jobs!

From the article linked above:

The ADP National Employment Report found private sector employment increased by 2,369,000 jobs in June and the prior month was revised to show historic job gains.

While the headline number missed the forecast, a large and expected upward revision to the month prior more than makes up for the miscalculation. The May total of jobs added was revised from -2,760,000 to 3,065,000.

The gun sales data for the month of June was released yesterday. This put such a BIG smile on my face!

From the article linked above:

June 2020 witnessed nearly 4,000,000 National Instant Criminal Background Check System (NICS) checks, shattering not only the record for any previous June but also the record for any single month, period.

FBI numbers showed 3,931,607 NICS checks conducted in June, besting the previous single-month record of 3,740,688 in March 2020.

This means June 2020 witnessed more background checks than any single month has witnessed in the 20 years background checks for retail sales have been required. This also means that June 2020 continues the trend of each month from March forward witnessing more checks in 2020 than it ever has.

In other words, January 2020 set the record for NICS checks for the month of January, February 2020 for the month of February, March 2020 for the month of March, and on and on through June 2020.

Small Arms Analytics & Forecasting examined the background check numbers and estimated 2,387,524 guns were sold in June 2020. That represents an increase of 145.3 percent over June 2019.

After the incident in St. Louis and Provo, Utah, the month of July will beat June’s numbers. Keep in mind that 40% of those purchases are first time gun owners. They never thought about purchasing a firearm prior. The Democrats, MSM, Coronavirus, Leftists, BLM, Anarchists, Defund the Police Movement, CHAZ/CHOP etc. scared them enough to go out and buy their first gun.

They will also change their voting habits. The Democrats will look back at 2020 and realize that is when they lost their power in our country.

Another big court win in the State of Wisconsin!

From the article linked above:

A federal appeals court panel upheld a host of Republican-authored voting restrictions in Wisconsin on Monday, handing conservatives a significant win just months before residents in the battleground state cast their ballots for president.

The three-judge panel of the 7th U.S. Circuit Court found that the state can restrict early voting hours and restored a requirement that people must live in a district for 28 days, not 10, before they can vote.

The judges, all Republican appointees, also said emailing and faxing absentee ballots is unconstitutional.

[…] Democrats railed against the decision, calling it an “assault on our democracy.”

We are also got a big win in Florida!

From the article linked above:

A federal appellate court has halted a lower court ruling that gave Florida felons the right to vote.

In May, a federal judge in Tallahassee ruled that Florida law can’t stop an estimated 774,000 felons from voting because they can’t pay back any legal fees and restitution they owe.

The ruling by U.S. District Judge Robert Hinkle called the law a “pay-to-vote system.”

But Republican Gov. Ron DeSantis immediately appealed that ruling to the Atlanta-based 11th U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals, requesting a stay of Hinkle’s ruling and a review of the case by the full appeals court.

The appellate court, in an order issued Wednesday, granted both requests. The court gave no timeline as to when it would hear the case.

Yesterday White House Press Secretary Kayleigh McEnany held a press briefing.

[Video and Transcript Below]


Here are some shorter video clips:

Our President held an interview with Fox Business News’ Blake Burman. The President discusses a variety of current headlines including ongoing COVID-19 mitigation, a potential fourth round of stimulus, the ridiculous Russia conspiracy nonsense and the 2020 election campaign.

Here are some shorter video clips:

China is deciding to flex their muscles when it comes to Hong Kong. They will soon find out that when you play stupid games, you win stupid prizes.

During an interview with Fox Business’ Maria Bartiromo, Commerce Secretary Wilbur Ross notes that companies with headquarters in Hong Kong are likely to rethink those offices with China now taking control under sweeping new security laws.

This is a significant statement and emphasizes our President and his Killers strategy in dismantling the Chinese influence on global trade and manufacturing. As Secretary Ross noted: “I believe that there’s a good chance that all companies who have Hong Kong as their headquarters for Asia will begin rethink whether the new rules – the new relationship between Hong Kong and mainland China – whether those rules let Hong Kong be as favorable a place to have headquarters as it used to be.”

The block party and summer of love has come to an end. CHAZ/CHOP has been taken back by the police.

Citing two deaths and fourteen shooting incidents, Seattle Police Chief Carmen Best gives a briefing after police and FBI cleared the Capitol Hill Occupied Protest zone (CHOP). According to the Chief, the police are preparing to move back into the East Precinct within Seattle’s Capitol Hill area.

From the article linked above:

Officers arrested at least 31 people by 9:25 a.m. for failure to disperse, obstruction, resisting arrest, and assault. SPD tweeted that officers made an additional arrest around 10:50 a.m. at Broadway and E. Pine St.

Seattle Mayor Jenny Durkan issued a 48-hour executive order for protesters to vacate the area due to the ongoing violence and public safety issues in the area of the East Precinct and Cal Anderson Park. Mayor Durkan’s order declared thegathering as an “unlawful assembly” that required immediate action.

Police moved into the CHOP just before 5 a.m. and issued a dispersal order to any protesters in the area. “Anyone who remains in the area, or returns to the area, is subject to arrest,” SPD tweeted

Regrettably for this father, it was two weeks to late:

We have a new CHAZ/CHOP forming in NYC:

A couple of anarchists were taken off the street yesterday:

Brad Parscle is absolutely right!

From the article linked above:

Donald J. Trump for President, Inc., the Republican National Committee (RNC), and their authorized joint fundraising committees today announced that combined they raised over $266 million in the record-setting second quarter of 2020.  In June alone, the Trump and RNC committees raised a record $131 million. The massive amount raised in June eclipses the total raised in any single month of 2016.

The staggering second quarter haul is over $111 million more than the first quarter of 2020, a 71 percent increase, highlighting the incredible enthusiasm Americans have for President Trump and Republicans across the country. In June, the Trump campaign, RNC, and joint committees took in an average of $4.3 million per day, driven by a record setting single day online figure of $14 million on the President’s birthday.

Awesome video tweeted by our President:

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  1. Great Roundup, Flep!

    My thoughts….

    Oh, that is a smart call by you on the gun buys changing voting patterns. People are going to VOTE GUNS. They are going to vote to protect their “last resort” for law and order. DEMOCRATS. Play stupid games, win stupid prizes.

    PressSec a.k.a. Supergirl – still AWESOME AS EVER!

    Chaz gone – makes me wonder if POTUS was about to go in, sending announcements to Washington quietly and secretly, and the Mayor decided not to give Trump his “law and order massive re-election event”.

    Corona – great information! Thanks for that!!!

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    1. Flep – thanks for the roundup. Thought my Q family might like a ground report from Provo, Ut. Very interesting tidbit here – Jesse Taggart – the 33 year old loser from SLC that fired at an unarmed citizen as he was sitting in his truck at a blocked intersection in downtown Provo is the son of a guy named Tag Taggart. Ring a bell? Well, Tag Taggart (now deceased) was a former BYU studentbody president and best friends with Mittens Romney! Mittens even named his oldest son – Tag – after Tag Taggart. This may seem like TMZ stuff, but I happen to know this family personally and they are beyond angry at this guy. The girl that was arrested, the one from Ogden – also way north of Provo, was his getaway driver after he continued on his little shooting spree, threatening other people in their vehicles as he walked up University Avenue. Police were able to track them down because they caught her license plate numbers as she and the Taggart kid pulled away. He actually shot into the back of the original gentleman’s truck as he drove away after being hit with the first bullet. They found the slug embedded in his steering wheel. His angels were with him – he is in the hospital recovering from a bullet wound to the arm and shrapnel debris in his face, I believe. Anyway – Provo is a sleepy little college town with a very heavy majority of conservative LDS (Mormon) residents. The miscreants that are here with their phony BLM protests, etc., are not from this area. Most come from SLC (45 miles north) and beyond. It is the perfect target for these loons because we are so quiet and traditional. Tonight, however, the protestors were met with a fully armed police force and a fully armed citizen force – kinda like what happened in Coeur D’Alene, ID and Boise this week. Mormons can be feisty when necessary – just sayin’. One other note about the Taggart kid – his whole family is nuts. His older brother threw himself off a building in SLC a couple of years ago and died, he has a couple of sisters that are loony feminazi lesbians, and his Mom belongs to some strange religious cult. He is the typical BLM/Antifa supporter – someone so unhappy with their own desperate lives that they can’t think of anything else to do but bully others.

      One more thing, and sorry for the long post – my oldest son is a gun rep in California (go figure). He has done nothing but put out fires the last six months because the gun makers he buys from cannot make guns fast enough to keep the retail outlets he works with in merchandise. Everyone is always mad because they can’t get their stuff! H&K just told him last week that they are not taking any new orders until January 1. Crazy times….

      I will keep you all updated on the Provo stuff if I hear/see anything else. Luckily, I was on the golf course tonight with a bunch of my darling grandkids, so I didn’t feel compelled to drive thru downtown Provo. It would not have been pretty….The mayor and the police chief got pretty unpleasant phone calls from me yesterday.

      Sorry again for the long post….

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      1. Thanks for all the great ‘inside’ information – both the Provo UT and gun sales situations!

        We learned during a certain election that Mitt is not as clean and holy as he pretends.

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      2. Great information OW21. Great inside information.

        Me thinks, part of the gun availability problem in CA is CA induced. Only “CA approved” guns can be sold in CA. All 50 fifty states and DC are competing for these “CA approved” guns. They are not any better than other guns. So, IF a gun is wildly popular and CA approved, gun buyers across the states are pursuing it. Another reason to leave CA…ignorant gun laws.

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        1. The requirements to gain the approval are pretty onerous too, some gun manufacturers aren’t even bothering. Even a minor upgrade to a design needs testing.

          That will eventually lead to only “obsolete” (but still perfectly worthwhile) guns being available in CA.

          Meanwhile, I’ve seen guns from a certain brand who prominently labels the box “Not Legal in CA” sell like hotcakes (probably not legal because of the magazine sold with the gun). Here, it’s something to boast about.

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          1. Yepper.

            Gun manufactures need to provide CA ATF or whatever they are called two of every model gun they wish to sell in CA. I believe gun manufacture underwrites some or all CA testing, utter BS at its finest on State of CA part.

            And, as you provided, slight change to gun, it gets vetted by State of CA again. gun manufacture gives two guns to CA and pays.

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      3. OW21
        Great information, thanks so much! Please stay safe out there.
        Looks to me, from the ages of the thugs who were caught so far, that they’re not college kids.
        So they’re likely trained AND paid.
        Also, that ROMNEY STENCH just keeps growing, doesn’t it?

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      4. Thanks for the ground report OW21 !
        Great info and insight on the perp and his accomplice we would not have otherwise known.

        ” the gun makers he buys from cannot make guns fast enough to keep the retail outlets he works with in merchandise.”
        Just a reminder: While there may be shortages of some firearms in different localities .
        One does not have to fear the shortages .

        The beauty of the modern AR platform, is that it can be built from parts, sourced from all over the USA and assembled to fit any number of individual requirements/needs/ variations AND budgets ,by any knowledgeable person .
        Anyone who can meet the FFL requirements and legally own a firearm,
        Can also purchase the parts required to build a perfectly adequate AR for home self defense, from any of the millions of FFL license holders who also build and sell them once properly assembled.. Or build your own.
        More Freedom ,More options , More American ingenuity .

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      1. Ozzy. A bit complicated…not a cut and dry answer.

        CA every time a gun is purchased. BUT, if a CA resident buys a hand gun (pistol) and long gun, it is one NICS call. IIRC, CA folks can only buy one hand gun and one long gun every thirty days. Quite onerous. And stoopid.

        My understanding, most states quite different. For example…

        NV. CCW holder has NO NICS call. The CCW IS effectively the NICS call, as background check was completed to receive the CCW. No CCW, a NICS call. In NV and I believe most states, a person can buy all the guns one wants in a single purchase.

        No idea where the “first gun” data is sourced. Have not seen a question like that on the Feds, I think 4473 or whatever the form is we complete to buy a gun.

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      2. Yes, the NICS is done every time, because things can change quickly, and a FRESH CRIME can be very important. The public demands this.

        I believe that there can be cases where stores can use active licensed gun information (police or licensed carriers) to speed up checks, but I have not investigated this in detail, so I defer to anybody with more knowledge about how that actually works.

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      3. In Colorado, when the call is made (and we don’t get out of it just from having a CHP [concealed handgun permit] unlike in other states), the retailer has to specify “pistol” or “rifle” and can apparently do either if you are purchasing both simultaneously. They don’t have to say how many. [Note: the law changes, and my info may be out of date.]

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          1. Yeah well the “good” news is, it’s basically illegal to buy a gun in a state you don’t live in. It can be done by having the seller (If he does not have a Federal Firearms License) give the gun to an FFL (basically any gun shop), have the FFL ship to an FFL gun dealer in your state, then the FFL in your state can run the background check according to your state’s rules. Thus YOU don’t really need to know the laws in another state, ever. Your gun store, of course, is familiar with the laws in its own state and knows if something is prohibited by the local fascist scum.

            The banning of interstate sales is an archaic rule from 1968, ostensibly to stop the “problem” of people mail-ordering firearms. It’s a bigtime violation of 2A, but there it is.

            It’s probably not even really “necessary” any more even by “their” rationale, now that the instant background check is in place–I should be able to walk into a store in Kansas and they can run a check on me as well as people here can. But the real purpose of the law is to harass us, not actually make the public safer, and it’s unconstitutional anyway, just in case I forgot to mention that. 😀

            Oh, almost forgot to mention, it’s a violation of my rights, too.


    2. Another perp being sought for violence against police in Utah!

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    3. Besides some key folks probably arrested prior to shutting down Chaz, there was a significant “warning flare” announced a few weeks ago.

      IIRC, III Percenters, Oath Keepers or other good guys said IF Chaz was still and entity on July 4th, they’d visit. Not to cause fights. But absolutely dismantle Chaz. Was truly hoping to witness Chaz being taken out by citizens.
      ^^^ This, IMO, is part of why Seattle dismantled Chaz yesterday.

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  2. TY

    Locking down doesn’t work

    Texas never “skipped over” steps on re-opening

    Fauci has been wrong on basically every issue

    We don’t need his advice anymore

    Texas needs to stop listen to FAKE EXPERTS


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    1. Was just in Texas. Great state! Like many states, the mask hysteria is quite over the top. While Texas is huuuge, areas I visited. El Paso, masks mandatory…not enforced. Waco, masks mandatory…trying to enforce. Pearland (SSW Houston, masks mandatory.

      Hope Texas nixes the 100% BS “wear a mask” mantra.

      Crossing NM and overnight in AZ, mask lunacy ongoing. Have had many “looks” as I won’t wear a mask. At Chili’s yesterday got an extended glare from a gal as I didn’t wear a mask entering. She wore a mask as she drank her beverage with a straw, wearing a mask. Yea, it was LOLF 😉
      – Or maybe she was irritated with the Trump hat, I was wearing, including inside the eatery. Yea, I’m not house broken yet 😉

      Reports of Houston ICUs nearing capacity debunked by Houston ER doc.

      Will be back in NV later today. Vegas area two days, then back to saner northern NV Saturday. NV socialist guvner has edicts for masks and other ignorance. All of which I’ll ignore.

      Fourth of July…what better day to “flip off” Gestapo edicts from socialist governments.

      R E S I S T !

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  3. The winning is coming so fast I didn’t realize we go this win as well a few days ago.

    From the article linked above:

    The United States Supreme Court has declined to hear a legal challenge to the Trump administration’s continued construction of a wall on the country’s southern border.

    A number of environmental groups led by the Center for Biological Diversity had asked the Supreme Court to review a lower court ruling, which ruled the project could continue.

    The environmental group had sought in a lawsuit to bar continued construction of a physical barrier along the border with Mexico in the states of Arizona, California, New Mexico and Texas on the basis the wall was being constructed without congressional approval and was endangering wildlife.

    […] Jason Rylander, representing the activist group Defenders of Wildlife, told CNN the high court’s decision is the “end of the line” for a coalition of environmentalists who had hoped to oppose the border wall in court.

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    1. Flep, are all the tweets turned off by Wolf, so the page loads faster? For the last day or two I haven’t been able to see the tweets like we normally do, and I remember Wolf said something about it, but during the same time I added the “NoScript” extension to my browser, and I’m not sure if what I’m seeing is different because Wolf changed something or because of the new extension.

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        1. Thanks Flep.

          All I see is the vertical blue indentation line along the left hand side, with an https link at the top, followed by the text of the tweet in question, but no graphics or pics.

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          1. Yes, very true… I have the benefit where I am of fiber to the curb – but it is expensive even with no frills. In fairness to my laptop, while not a slouch, it is a little under-powered in the RAM department. These WordPress pages with tons of twatter and youtube haven’t been too kind on it. It was never intended to be a permanent replacement for my desktop.

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    2. Blue Lives Matter

      We support our Police and Law Enforcement Officers!

      We do not support thugs who hate our police and hate our unfailing allegiance to our nation’s finest Police and Law Enforcement Officers!


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    1. I believe Brad Parscale wrote the article for the Post on their opinion page, but I am astonished that they actually printed it. It is devastating, as you said.

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  4. “FBI numbers showed 3,931,607 NICS checks conducted in June, besting the previous single-month record of 3,740,688 in March 2020.

    This means June 2020 witnessed more background checks than any single month has witnessed in the 20 years background checks for retail sales have been required. This also means that June 2020 continues the trend of each month from March forward witnessing more checks in 2020 than it ever has.

    In other words, January 2020 set the record for NICS checks for the month of January, February 2020 for the month of February, March 2020 for the month of March, and on and on through June 2020.

    Small Arms Analytics & Forecasting examined the background check numbers and estimated 2,387,524 guns were sold in June 2020. That represents an increase of 145.3 percent over June 2019.”


    Why would they estimate the number of guns sold in June to be only 2,387,524 guns, when there were 3,931,607 NICS background checks?

    It’s the absolute first thing that occurred to me, as fast as getting wet if you’re pushed into a swimming pool.

    It just kills me, journalists NEVER answer the basic obvious logic questions.

    I don’t know if it just doesn’t occur to them, or if they get some kind of perverse pleasure out of provoking people to irritation 😂

    It has to be on purpose, because you can’t miss it. You can’t WRITE something like the author at Breitbart wrote, without the basic obvious questions popping into your head as you write. As someone who writes (here) all the time, I know this is true, lol!

    Do the NICS states NOT distinguish between background checks for gun purchases, and background checks for OTHER reasons?

    They now EXACTLY how many were for gun purchases.

    Why don’t they just release that number?

    Aren’t We the People paying for that agency and the employees who run it?

    Is it a matter of national security?


    The other point is that if you walk into a gun store and buy more than one firearm (e.g. two pistols, an AR15 and a shotgun), they only run ONE background check, NOT one background check for each gun, so multiple gun purchases (at one time) only reflect one NICS background check in the stats.

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    1. That’s assuming that you live in a civilized state where you can purchase more than one firearm at a time. Here in the People’s Republic of Kalifornia, this is completely forbidden.

      Mind you, John Moses Browning [ https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/John_Browning ] invented a significant percentage of modern armaments, and he made all of his proof-of-concept designs in his home shop in Ogden, Utah — including the Ma Deuce .50 cal, the 1911 pistol, and an over/under shotgun. He used to test-fire them in a basement hallway. He died in 1926, so everything he did is now in the public domain.

      If these can be constructed in a reasonably equipped home shop, why is it such a big deal to buy one?

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  5. The question as posed: Has any one read the book? Recommend or not!

    “The Coddling of the American Mind”
    Book by Greg Lukianoff and Jonathan Haidt

    Myself: I have not read this book, but I do have some comments on Jonathan Haidt that may be helpful.


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      1. “never focus on ‘intentions’…focus, instead, on ACTIONS… …especially in a toxic situation.”

        Wow, very good way of putting it.

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  6. I may be getting a little weird lately, but for K-Mac’s press conferences, the first thing I look for is her cross. Because then I know she is wearing the Armor of God — which is seriously needed in that den of vipers. It’s a little thing — just an inch or so — but it seems to appropriately protect and sustain her.

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          1. LOL, KM derangement syndrome? The dems are gonna need new Psychiatrists! Mnuchinism, Trump derangement syndrome Lighthowser bipolarism, Kaliegh Mceanny syndrome, Pence partum depression, and Rudy Guliani disease. LMAO, please forgive spelling, I did not look up all the names exact!

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    1. Watching Biden and his convective decline reminds me of Mueller who seemed to failed also.
      I find this very strange and begin to wonder both men are and have been used by the same people who want control who want POTUS gone.
      Is there something in the CIA arsenal that can trigger a mental decline ? My husband is going t be 78 next week he is sharp as a tack and I know many ordinary people who are in their eighties and are fully functional. My Dr neighbor is 94 still drives swims everyday and still does yard work.

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      1. To me it not the scandals and sexual crap on Biden, even though that alone should disqualify him. Biden is not there anymore..

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      2. FYI then there is the 97 year old Pearl Harbor Survivor who walked, actually pretty much danced the 5 mile parade route. Oh and he is very cognitively there for I not only talked to him while at Pearl Harbor, but listened him talking to others.

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    1. That “federal license” would be the Federal Registry that the Dems have been wanting for a long time.

      It would effectively kill our 2nd Am Rights!

      How it would work, is that you would have to ‘apply’ for that Federal License.
      You would have to list the guns you already have…or list the gun that you are wanting to buy.

      Then, the next thing you know…you receive a “application denied” notice.

      If you already own firearms, then they have a list.
      And since you have No License for those firearms…the next thing you hear is:
      :::Knock Knock Knock:::
      Fed agents are there to search your house and confiscate those ‘unlicensed’ firearms.

      I agree, Fle…this won’t go over well with the general public.

      I hope the Trump Campaign *does* make some ads about it!
      Because those would be lethal.

      Congressman Bobby Rich, [D-IL], tried to get virtually the same thing passed back in 2009.
      The NRA put the word out about it…and it led to the R’s taking the House in 2010!

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  7. And so it begins…

    First step — get rid of the evidence of the Dems racist past.

    Next step — deny that it ever existed!

    USA Today proclaims that the “Democrats didn’t found the KKK and didn’t start the Civil War.”

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  8. What happened to the republicans? Whatever happened to Americans? This kind of pandering to the mob is embarrassing and disgusting!

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      1. Fercryinoutloud… we already have the whole month of February, and Lincoln and Washington lost a half-day each, while MLK gets a whole day…

        So WHOSE LIVES MATTER???????

        I’m getting sick of all these SIGs (Special Interest Groups). How about we just have ONE SIG.


        Times were, people wanted to move to America to start a new and better life, and to assimilate and work together with others to build and defend her.

        Now, people come here, hyphens at the ready, running from the $#!tholes where they were, bringing both their problems and their enemies (real and perceived) with them, and proceeding to turn the USA into YAS (yet another $#!thole). Complaining all the way, wanting extra special benefits to the exclusion of everyone else, and reparations for wrongs they never encountered from people they never knew nor met.

        Buncha ungrateful maroons.

        Being an American IS A PRIVILEGE, NOT a right. Every other country treats citizenship as a privilege, and protects their borders. Why shouldn’t we????!!!!!

        So, suck it up, buttercups. If you don’t like it in the USA, there are over 110 other countries from which to choose…

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        1. Let the communists and Islamists go to one of those countries that best fits their ideologies – leave or QUIT TRYING TO CHANGE THE USA!!!

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    1. Many “Republicans” are being called: “Weak… Timid” or such by the likes of sean Hannity.
      Once again….. They are WRONG.
      Those so-called “Republicans” are indeed……

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    11:30AM THE PRESIDENT delivers remarks at Spirit of America Showcase – Grand Foyer

    LIVE STREAM will be posted later here – https://www.whitehouse.gov/live/

    Golden State Times – https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=n8V7daE3GNw

    There is a Spirit of America org that supports our troops around the world: https://spiritofamerica.org

    Do not know if this group is connected to today’s event.

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    1. I’m here in Rapid City, ready for the fireworks at Mount Rushmore tomorrow! It’s gonna be glorious! I will post about it when my internet connection is good (campground internet sucks!).

      I’m so excited!

      Liked by 8 people


        Secretary Mnuchin is speaking – More upbeat news!!! Our work is not done until every single American is back to work – working on extending the PPP – working with Congress – some businesses particularly hard hit – and we want to extend a hand to help them! 8 Million Jobs is extraordinary!!!

        Director Ludlow makes comments relative to overall progress – Housing – Trucking – Jobs!!! Forecast for Third Quarter very promising – we are well-positioned – we still have work to do.

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        1. I love Secretary Mnuchin – He takes no guff from the kiddies – has no patience for questions outside of the economic news – Good for you, Secretary Mnuchin – Buh, Bye Buttheads!!!

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    1. Mnuchin is very smooth, poised, quick – handles the press like a Harlem Globetrotter with a basketball. Kudlow is also sharp as a tack! And Wilbur Ross too!

      Thank you, Mr. President for the mensches and mavens you have put in charge of the economy.

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    1. The better put her in a 24/ 7 redundant guard video and audio cell surrounded by Belgian Malinois, vipers, and a moat. with NO furniture, and nothing that could even be chewed into as rope. Better yet, get her statements on video NOW.

      Liked by 5 people

          1. Well…actually no. Turns out they are actually venomous (in spite of the Mutual of Omaha Wild Kingdom statements to the contrary–new discoveries made).

            The reason their bite used to be considered infectious is that one of their favorite tactics for going after water buffalo much larger than they are is to give them a good bite on the ankle.

            The water buffalo then goes into the nearest wallow to soothe the wound, and of course the water in a buffalo wallow might as well be sewage as far as its sanitation is concerned.

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  10. Geez guys did I call it or what, just yesterday I speculated that the June jobs report would SHATTER Mays revised up record of 3 MILLION. But, not even I saw 4.8 MILLION jobs, and you just KNOW that that number is going to be revised UP as well!

    I told you that at the present trend, the economy and jobs would be AT or ABOVE their previous highs by NOV. But, I was WRONG, at this rate the economy and jobs will be ABOVE the previous highs by OCT 1.

    NOW you KNOW why the sudden push by dems ,MSM, CDC< Cabal, to try and hype up a second wave of Covid, and slow this puppy down or try to re-shut it. There can be NO doubt now, the dems OBVIOUSLY had advance knowledge to the jobs numbers (just WAIT till the GDP proves NOWHERE near as pad as "predicted" They KNOW that is coming to, and then old basement Biden is TOAST as is ANYONE they try and run in his stead.

    They have to truy and stop it, hence the PHONY rise in cases and hospitalizations, which btw are ALSO FAKE numbers on paper, but people have went to Hospital ERs, and reports by patriots from within those hospitals tell a VASTLY different story. THERE IS NO SURGE, and the cases in there are NOT Covid, but other things. The DEATH rate of Covid is continuing to FALL despite thee "surge" we are supposed to see an INCREASE in deaths, but they are FALLING, and this "surge" supposedly began MORE than 3 weeks ago, so WHERE are the deaths, where are the PHOTOS, VIDEOS< and interviews with "overwhelmed" ER staff and first responders? There are NONE.

    ONLY one conclusion, this is ANOTHER fake to try ands STOP the economy, because as the economy booms, NO ONE can beat Trump, and THEY know it.

    We lost @ 40 million jobs, in Feb-march. Since then, and the re openings, we have gained back nearly HALF 18000000. We still have 22 million to go, but do the math, at 3-4 million a month or more by October we will have all but ERASED the losses and at 5 million, we WILL have.

    NOW you not only feel that this was a scam, you not only saw it, now you KNOW it!

    Still the Best President EVER. Trump 2020 Abracadabra!

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  11. Never forget……

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  13. Flep, and ALL, it occurred to me, just randomly the next attack by the left, after they FAIL at getting Mount Rushmore. I think they will go after our MONEY, IE the presidents pictures contained there in. Think, all our coin and paper currency save for a VERY few, have pictures of Lincoln, Washington, Jefferson, Hamilton, Franklin, Grant, etc. I guess Dimes and dollar coins, and half dollars are safe…wait Jefferson was a democrat!

    Just random opinion, but I am sure it is on the list

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        1. end of the dollar…end of cash…more control …more tracking + the pandemic ID chips. don’t forget that…already in play ( but not in USA yet)


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          1. There is ONE small possability, that could be on OUR side. ALL coin and paper money in the US is a FEDERAL RESERVE note. Could it BE that Trump really IS stealthily removing the Fed, brick by brick? Could a NEW gold based currency be coming (hoping) I read an article on this a few days ago, I wish I had saved it.

            It basically says there was some law enacted under Bush, but NEVER implemented thanks to 911. The act removes the Fed, and IRS, and places us back on a precious metals standard with a 10% federal sales tax instead of income tax. It would wipe out ALL bank notes and credit one time, and “free” us back to pre WW1 Constitutional principles.

            I will look in my history and post if I find it!

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            1. There’s been rumors about a gold backed currency for about two and a half years. With Bitcoin taking a nose dive today – it was rumored to be how the sex trafficking rings were being financed – and gold suddenly back in the news with Chinese counterfeit gold and Venezuela not being able to touch theirs, something’s in the works, that’s for sure.

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              1. Someone did. I had heard bits and pieces of it, like the records destroyed in bldg 7 of the WTC on 911, and eliminating the Fed, and going back on the gold standard, but I had never heard them all put together like that or the debt forgiveness either.


              2. Building 7…that housed the NYC office of the Securities and Exchange Commission that supposedly had a HUGE anti-trust case under investigation against the Rockefellers.

                Guess what evidence was destroyed when it fell into its footprint.

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              1. didn’t exactly post…but if you click on that link, you can watch the clip play…ab 2 minutes.


      1. NO, not yet, PLANNING stage, you and I may have ironically put two and two together, you found the proof, you just didn’t know why or what the reasoning was, I provided the reasoning. Now we have a plausible reason, and the proof, the question is, if right, how can we STOP it?

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  14. Gee, Flep, the techno fog tweet indicates that the charges against Maxwell date to 1994-1997…WHO was President, fiends with Epstein, and had a residence in NY at that time (Hillary was there getting ready for her running for Senate)? Oh. right, William, Jefferson Clinton. Better TRIPLE the security on Maxwell. She needs to be guarded better than the true birth certificate of Obama.

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    1. Mr. KRUGMAN, a so-called “economist” who hates POTUS and everything related to him, needs a “friendly visit” from the SECRET SERVICE. TODAY.

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  15. U.S. Supreme Court tosses rulings blocking Indiana abortion curbs

    Thursday, July 02, 2020 9:52 a.m. CDT by Thomson Reuters


    By Lawrence Hurley

    WASHINGTON (Reuters) – The U.S. Supreme Court on Thursday gave Indiana a second chance to revive two restrictive abortion laws – one imposing an ultrasound requirement and the other expanding parental notification when minors seek abortions – by throwing out a lower court’s rulings blocking them.

    The justices directed the Chicago-based 7th U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals to reconsider both cases in light of the Supreme Court’s 5-4 ruling on Monday invalidating a Louisiana law that imposed restrictions on doctors who perform abortions.

    Indiana will now get another shot at arguing for the legality of its two Republican-backed laws that the 7th Circuit had prevented from going into effect.

    The ultrasound measure would require women to undergo an ultrasound procedure at least 18 hours before terminating a pregnancy. The second law would require that parents be notified when a girl under 18 is seeking an abortion even in situations in which she has asked a court to provide consent instead of her parents, as was allowed under existing law.

    The ultrasound measure was passed by the state legislature in 2016 and signed by Vice President Mike Pence when he was Indiana’s governor before Donald Trump selected him as his running mate.

    Abortion rights proponents have said that for most women seeking an abortion, an ultrasound is not medically necessary, and that the requirement is an attempt by anti-abortion politicians to make obtaining an abortion more difficult.

    Republicans at the state level have pursued a variety of abortion restrictions.

    In a third Indiana case on Thursday, the court left in place a ruling in favor of an abortion clinic seeking a license to open a clinic in South Bend. The state appealed when the 7th Circuit ruled in 2019 that abortion provider Whole Woman’s Health could get a provisional license while the litigation over the matter continued.

    The Supreme Court on Thursday in two other abortion-related cases left in place policies in Chicago and Pennsylvania’s capital Harrisburg that place limits on anti-abortion activists gathered outside clinics.

    The Chicago policy bars activists from coming within eight feet (2.4 meters) of someone within 50 feet (15 meters) of any healthcare facility without their consent if they intend to protest, offer counseling or hand out leaflets. The Harrisburg measure bars people from congregating or demonstrating within 20 feet (6 meters) of a healthcare facility’s entrance or exit.

    In Monday’s ruling on Louisiana’s law, conservative Chief Justice John Roberts sided with the four liberal justices in the majority on the basis that the law was almost identical to a measure from Texas that the court struck down in 2016.

    (Reporting by Lawrence Hurley; Additional reporting by Nate Raymond; Editing by Will Dunham)

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  16. JULY 01, 2020 | JUDICIAL WATCH

    Judicial Watch Sues DC Government for First Amendment Access to Paint Message on DC Street


    (Washington, DC) Judicial Watch announced today that it filed a civil rights lawsuit against DC Mayor Muriel Bowser and other officials for First Amendment violations over their refusal to allow Judicial Watch to paint the message “Because No One Is Above the Law!” on a DC street. (Judicial Watch. v. Muriel Bowser, et al. (No. 1:20-cv-01789)).

    On June 5, 2020, after days of protests and riots in Washington, DC, led by the Black Lives Matter organization, Mayor Bowser authorized the painting of “Black Lives Matter” on 16th Street NW, and later authorized or allowed “Defund the Police” to be painted alongside it.

    On June 10, 2020, Judicial Watch sent a letter requesting permission to paint “Because No One is Above the Law!” in the identical size and coloring of the “Black Lives Matter” painting on another DC street near its headquarters near Capitol Hill. Judicial Watch offered to pay for the cost of the painting and, citing the timely nature of the issue, asked for a response in three days.

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  17. *https://twitter.com/AmyKremer/status/1278713916089077760…

    Justice is coming Jason Charter, you little Antifa punk.

    This is the same guy that assaulted @JackPosobiec last week.

    Couldn’t have happened to a nicer guy.

    I hope they throw the book at him and lock his ass up for a long time.

    Feds arrest ‘Ringleader’ in attack on Andrew Jackson statue by the White House


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  18. *https://twitter.com/RealJamesWoods/status/1278730826931269635

    Dow jumps 400 points and Nasdaq hits a fresh record Thursday as jobs report for June shows 4.8 million jobs created ahead of Independence Day holiday // Great news for all Americans. More jobs are good for everyone (except Pelosi and her #MiseryHucksters).


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