What if Nursing Home Killer’s Send-‘Em-Back M.O. Was a Hasty Plan B, and Contaminated Test Kits or Test Procedures To Infect the Uninfected and Create a Massive Death Spiral Wiping Out Nursing Homes to Get Rid of Trump Was Actually Their Plan A?

It took me a while to put this together, but thanks to redlegleader68 and GAB it finally became obvious.

Well, with some assistance from Aubergine, too.

One of the TRICKS with using Aubergine’s Razor (and also with debugging Occam’s Razor for deception) is that one must be ITERATIVE. You can’t just stop using it or doing it – you have to KEEP GOING because the DECEIVERS will KEEP GOING.

Occam’s Razor, Tool of Deception

Hanlon’s Razor and The Mamet Principle Must Get Off Our Lawn

Aubergine’s Razor

NOW – I had seen THIS MEME from “chan world” and said to myself “sure sounds plausible, but could just be another speculative conspiracy theory, and I’m just gonna leave it alone.

You will note that I am not providing a TEXT VERSION of this. I’m not going to make one, either, and I’m asking all of you VERY KINDLY (ban hammer circling over my head) NOT to transcribe this. Leave it alone. Zoe is going to have to take this one on faith. No AI – American or European – is going to WARN the Dems.


There are no text versions of this out there. Whether they are simply not there or being SCRUBBED doesn’t matter. If you search the text of the meme – stuff that is strongly diagnostic and usually retrieves results, you get NADA. Put Governor Hogan’s name in there, and you get fluffy good stuff. You will not see any bad, like this meme.

Please don’t change this situation. Don’t quote text out of the meme, more than a word or two to spot sentences. I believe that we have been given a WINDOW OF OPPORTUNITY so that justice can happen. Look very high for where that came from.

Let me back up a bit.

LINK: https://wqth.wordpress.com/2020/06/28/warning-twitter-may-be-slowing-down-our-site/#comment-534449


Things that make you go, Hummmm …


… just sayin’ … 😉

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Explains the contaminated test kits. I was asking WHY. That’s WHY.

These Dem govs are SNEAKY.

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OMG – didn’t WE have problems with contamination with the CDC test kits, and then they had to abandon their first tests?

What if somebody tried to SABOTAGE our early testing, too, and we found it – attributed it to “incompetence”, and then we farmed out testing to a lot of different private outfits to BEAT THE COMMIES?

Oh, this is ALL making sense.

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OMG, I was right. Somebody posted THIS LINK in response to the Gab post.


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Let me explain why this was so profound. There was a very cunning unity in all of this.

Contaminated test kits from Korea and China seemed explicable as sabotage, but incompetence is always there, and if we are GENEROUS and use stupid Hanlon’s Razor and remain (for the sake of this mental exercise) deliberately ignorant, then we just say “Korean and Chinese incompetence”.

NOW, when CDC test kits were contaminated, and America was left blind on coronavirus (remember, Rod Rosenstein’s sister, “Neutron Nancy” Messonnier was in charge?), that also looked like “government incompetence”.

Odd Coincidence – Rogue CDC Official Pushing Coronavirus Panic Button is Rod Rosenstein’s Sister…

That was at the end of February. By April, all hell had broken loose between CDC problems and the media doing their best to create panic. Note that problems were found both overseas AND in the United States. In some cases, contamination was with the virus ITSELF.

Coronavirus testing delayed after kits found to be contaminated by Covid-19

UW Medicine halts use of coronavirus testing kits airlifted from China after some had contamination

Here is more recent information on the CDC problems. An internal investigation of THEIR kits looks like reagent contamination, NOT live virus. COUGH. Not sure what to believe. COUGH.

EXCLUSIVE: Internal HHS investigation finds CDC’s early test kits were ‘contaminated’

Early CDC COVID-19 Test Kits ‘Likely Contaminated’

An excellent EARLY Review of the issue:

Could Contaminated COVID-19 Tests Help Spread the Virus?

Now – note THIS reporting from HOAXING NPR (my reporting on Guginogate will SHOCK!)

Maryland Buys 500,000 Test Kits From South Korea, Drawing Criticism From Trump

Maryland Gov. Larry Hogan speaks at a news conference on Monday in Annapolis, Md., with his wife, Yumi Hogan (right), where the governor announced Maryland has received a shipment from a South Korean company to boost the state’s ability to conduct tests for COVID-19 by 500,000. Brian Witte/AP

Note that Hogan’s wife was part of this deal.

Generally speaking, [South] Korean test kits have gotten high marks and swift approval.

HOWEVER, a few things:

  • not all test kits must be contaminated
  • contamination need not be by the manufacturer
  • not all test kits must travel through the “innocent” supply chain
  • the Koreans can be completely innocent here – and it’s GREAT cover
  • kits and personnel can be contaminated up to the moment of testing
  • the kits themselves are not the only way to skin the cat on using TESTING as a means of infection

You with me? Contamination of testing materials and infection of seniors can be very smart and evil. But let’s look closer at Hogan.

Something bothers me about mandated testing, just like Cuomo’s mandated NOT testing. Fixing what “ain’t broke” is a classic way to break things and get away with it. The COVER of motive DENIAL is right there. And Hogan’s M.O. gets around the problem that nailed Nursing Home Killer – the fact that he ordered NO TESTING – an undeniable expression of INTENT.

Here, Hogan is ordering TESTING. His CONCERN seems to be, in reality [we think – where is the data?], very paradoxically, CAUSING DEATHS, but you can’t really prove it.


But the big deal here for me is that Nursing Home Killer Cuomo having to go to sending infected people back into nursing homes is explained by the idea of a GOAL of creating a huge problem in nursing homes, which he was UNABLE to accomplish in a SNEAKIER WAY.

  • He was SUPPOSED to do it by murderous testing
  • He could not deliver
  • He was forced into a more exposed method

This all makes sense if China’s end of the bargain was releasing the virus and making it look like an onion of denial – first natural, then a lab accident, but never as a PLANNED release made to look like an accident.

China upheld THEIR end of the bargain, and TOOK HEAT. Democrats must uphold THEIR end of the bargain, and must take RISKS to make the Plannedemic worse.

Now, it would appear that Hogan’s people have figured out a way to “test to death” people in nursing homes. They may be able to cook the books to hide responsibility, but MAYBE NOT.

Let’s hope that “maybe not” is what happens, if there really was a plot to kill, piggybacked into Governor Hogan’s “plausibly laudable” testing.

We NEED an investigation that looks at mandated testing versus deaths AS A FUNCTION OF TIME, down to the DAY, maybe the HOUR. The TIMELINES should get them, if this is REALITY.


NPR defends Hogan. NPR defends Gugino.


[ PS – Remember – all these dead people will be voting DEMOCRAT! ]

82 thoughts on “What if Nursing Home Killer’s Send-‘Em-Back M.O. Was a Hasty Plan B, and Contaminated Test Kits or Test Procedures To Infect the Uninfected and Create a Massive Death Spiral Wiping Out Nursing Homes to Get Rid of Trump Was Actually Their Plan A?

  1. At what point do we turn a blind eye to all of the murdering and destruction! At what point do we say enough is enough!
    Worse part for me is to realize how many that we trusted have knowingly stood by and watched it, but participated in it from both sides. Yes us voters are to blame too, for being so blind for so long.
    Since just the Floyd incident 18 police officers have been murdered, 800 injured and 1 officer is paralyzed from the neck down.
    I’ve had it past had it…
    “The value of love will always be stronger than the value of hate. Any nation or group of nations which employs hatred eventually is torn to pieces by hatred.”
    Whatever one thinks of FDR his words are so true! For remember if we start condemning the TRUTH of words because of past history of someone we are doing exactly what the rioters are doing with their tearing down of the statues.and Trump’s past.

    (Grannie rant over)

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    1. Exactly – we cannot let them get away with it.

      I think there is an excellent chance this report from the front lines is legitimate – that somebody noticed testing correlating with subsequent deaths.

      Sorry I can’t give you all the details YET, but I want journalists to be able to go after this, and by not letting the content feed the Google Automated Defenses, we have a LEAD on them.

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  2. Wit sending infected people back into nursing homes my instants first were the state needed to shrink the number of medicare and medicate patience. I thought they needed to do this because the states and cities were in financial trouble. I guess I was wrong.
    This who scheme did not feel like incompetence it feels on purpose maybe to raise numbers of deaths? POTUS had no control over this and they knew it and what better to claim POTUS incompetence dealing with the virus?
    This seems so out of Hitler’s deranged mind that it is unspeakable evil.

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    1. Correction: Instinct .

      Second thought how many of people in nursing home in NY were Jewish?
      That could not have been the only reason cause other run in democrat states nursing homes did the same.

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      1. I tend to think this is now “all about removing Trump”, and the socialists are just killing ANYBODY and EVERYBODY in nursing homes – except maybe their own kin, if they can sneak them out!!!!

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      2. DeBlasio has made headlines a few times harassing Jews. Funeral. Playgrounds. Probably moar. I either forgot or never read.

        Culling the medicare medicaid numbers is a secondary benefit to D-Rats.

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    2. “Wit sending infected people back into nursing homes my instincts first were the state needed to shrink the number of medicare and medicate patien[ts]I thought they needed to do this because the states and cities were in financial trouble. I guess I was wrong.”

      No, singingsoul, you are not wrong!

      It’s just that we have enemies who are extremely clever, and believe strongly in economy of force, as well as being vicious, treacherous, and completely unprincipled. They are therefore experts at throwing one immoral stone to kill multiple birds (achieve multiple intermediate purposes towards their immoral ultimate goals.)

      The states and cities are broke, and their executives would already be in jail now if the same standards used for private companies were in place for state and local governments. Some prominent Dim leaders like Fredo #1 in NY may go to jail yet, it is so bad.

      It’s not just Medicare and Medicaid, as you correctly identified. It’s also pensions for public employees, many of the older recipients of which are in nursing homes, and which governments are struggling to fund across the country. In all of the Nursing Home Massacre states, the governments are overwhelmingly Dim, the pension benefits are particularly generous, and the percentage of the population who work for government is high. All of these Nursing Home Massacre states have pension funds that are basically insolvent, and may lead to arrests.

      Also, it’s the funds that these states normally get from the federal government which have been withheld by Trump because many of them have declared “sanctuary” status for illegal aliens. This lack of federal funding makes it much harder to balance their bloated budgets without some catastrophe to blame it on. Catastrophes like WuFlu deaths, and all the WuHooey we were gaslighted into going along with, like lockdowns, economic targeting of Main Street America small business by Big Box Wall Street business, socialist distancing, face muzzles, no dining out, no travel, no public entertainment, etc., etc.

      So there are many reasons for their crimes, and you nailed them immediately on the Medicare and Medicaid murders!

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    3. Yes, I agree with Wolf Moon that the primary reason for the Plannedemic, especially in the US, and for the Nursing Home Massacres that exacerbate its destruction, is getting rid of Trump in the November election.

      But I stand by my previous post. They are sneaky, and never achieve one thing with a criminal act, if they can achieve more things with it.

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      1. “The economy of events principle”, as I like to call it. No matter whether the event is designed to { take out a pesky wolf, damage local Republicans, and harm Trump in the media }, or whether it’s designed to { take out a pesky Barbara Olson, justify nation-damaging neocon wars, and change the course of history }, it’s always the same. MULTIPLE OUTCOMES. It’s like a SIGNATURE of their evil.

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    4. The key is that the feds were paying bounties for each covid patient. $ to offset increased ICU costs.

      If not sent to ICU but paid as if they did, free found money.

      Same thing they did with their sweetheart lawsuit against the tobacco companies. The states get millions per year, every year, to cover the costs of smokers like me. The terms of the settlement were that smokers who got sick were covered by those payments.

      The honest way to deal with that would be to set up a medical trust fund in each state with designated medical personnel. for future patients. The dishonest way to do it (which of course was the choice) was to dump the money into the general treasury fund and let medicaid pick up the tab. Which was the way it would have been handled anyway since smokers either had insurance of their own or were too poor which qualified them for medicaid insurance. As soon as the smokers turned 65/67 they went on medicare anyway.

      I’m one of those smokers. I should have had a gold-plated policy, paid for by the tobacco companies. Instead, I’m on medicaid and medicare. The state of Washington incurs no medical costs for me but they get paid as if it does.

      It’s a great template for perpetual greed because the number of smokers makes no difference in the amount of money paid out.

      I’ll eat my hat if something similar is not behind the nursing home murders. Killing for fun and profit is their theme (e.g., see Planned Butcherhood).

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      1. Something that I posted a while back still gnaws at me. When I was diagnosed with small cell cancer, in liver, neck lymph node, spleen and brain, and femur, but clear lungs, the diagnosis says small cell lung cancer. Who reaps benefit from calling it small cell lung? Yes, I am a smoker. Small cell lung can start in prostrate, cervix, and misc other places. Why call it lung? Again who reaps the benefit of the misnomer?

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          1. Have a clue what it’s called Wolfie? It disappeared in my neck lymph after the second round, but now my lymph is swollen again. I get scans and MRI right after Independence Day.


          2. Sorry, don’t mean to keep hitting you with three separate comments, but forgot to say the last scans after 4 rounds showed nearly eradication of both lesions on brain, liver, and disappearance on lymph and femur. Spleen lesion went 76 % away.

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  3. Either way, Wolf – they both ‘knowingly’ killed senior citizens – I am looking for class action lawsuits – that cloth poster on the bridge tore my heart out – because I knew it was true.

    Now – what are they (the investigators) going to do about it? Hopefully, the investigation will prove these governors ‘knowingly’ did what we all ‘know’ they ‘knowingly’ did – and why!

    Tell me – someone – were they trying to kill Trump voters?

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  4. When the president of Tanzania tested a goat and fruit and the test came back positive, it should have been our first indication that something was a miss. Either the swabs were pre-contaminated or the final testing was off.

    My vote at that time and also now would be the swabs came pre-contaminated. I wondered if that is why Yumi Hogan got their swabs for Maryland from S. Korea. I also wondered at the time if President Trump had an idea of this too when he kept saying that we don’t need all this testing. It would also make you wonder if that is how they spread the virus so fast.

    Time to start testing lot numbers?

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    1. Interesting point about Trump saying that. I do think he was “testing” the left with that statement. Probably in multiple ways.

      Yes, may be good to “test the testers”, so to speak!!!

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    2. It’s good to keep in mind in this context that, as Gordon Chang points out, the current president of South Korea is a ChiCom-loving, panda-hugging plant who is the equivalent of the Obama or Justin Trudeau of South Korea.

      He’s an inveterate America hater and Trump hater, who wants to reunify North and South on the North’s terms.

      As another example, his administration has been practicing lawfare against the previously proud Samsung Corporation, jailing some of its executives on manufactured charges, and endlessly threatening, to force it to build chip-making factories in China, and knuckle under to the ChiComs on all sorts of other issues.

      Considering Samsung’s technological and sales position as an independent force in the world of telecommunications and consumer electronics, its kowtowing to Peking at this time will be a grave threat to our national security, as well as to Korea’s.

      So I could see the South Korean president’s hand in the WuFlu contaminated testing atrocity.

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  5. Wolf, the evil in these people is so stunning it leaves me almost numb. I don’t even know how to process it. Intellectually, I understand and know they did it. My heart, it just breaks.

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    1. Note that I leave open the possibility that Hogan isn’t in on it – that he’s a tool of more evil men – which is really a form of denial and rationalizing. Cuomo and his cohorts who engineered the “you can’t test the returns” policy HAD TO KNOW what they were doing. It becomes almost impossible to deny. But with Hogan, my mind still wants to say it was just people under him – he’s still innocent. But logic is cold and telling me to grow up – Hogan became governor for a reason.

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      1. While I can’t recall the details, Hogan has stepped in it a number of times since Covid arrived. He was singled out numerous times by President Trump, in speeches and TW.

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      2. “Even” without any nefarious motives, whenever testing is done there are a number of issues, especially on such short notice and this volume of testing. Statistics show that are always some false positives *and negatives). There are always some defective tests, or defective testing techniques.

        I wouldn’t trust any testing kits from China or S. Korea. I wouldn’t trust anything from China these days – remember their blatant basic ideology is a a disregard for human life (or animal life). Remember Chinese drywall, dog food contamination, and their own babies dying from contaminated canned milk.

        I believe the sending of COVID positive patients into nursing homes was deliberate – no honest medical practioner would say that was acceptable practice. Nursing homes do not have the facilities or adequate skilled staff to deal with these kinds of patients. That’s what hospitals are for.

        Cuomo did not just the temporary hospital (Jacob Javits Center) or the USS Comfort. Thousands of beds NOT utilized. Wasted millions of dollars to outfit that Navy ship.

        I believe the COVID numbers have been exaggerated, manipulated and outright inflated to cause harm to POTUS’ reelection. Seeding the virus into nursing homes was guaranteed to cause huge numbers of fatalities.

        Today’s Democrats are indifferent to human life and suffering. They’re our modern-day Communists. Abortion alone adds them to the genocidal ranks.

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        1. Well said.

          Slight correction – the money spent on the hospital ship is not wasted; it was just not properly utilized. It remains upgraded for use on another day, which with these political vermin running around is almost guaranteed.

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          1. Yes, it was upgraded – quite a bit which would have already been done as it is on active duty. It still cost millions to move people to staff it, and send it to New York. Just moving a ship from one pier to another is costly. We’re a Navy family, and I was a Navy nurse, so I speak from knowing how these things work.

            Ships’ readiness is always a good thing – it’s a travesty Cuomo didn’t use the aid POTUS sent.

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    2. “Wolf, the evil in these people is so stunning it leaves me almost numb. I don’t even know how to process it. ”


      I think it’s “in for a penny, in for a pound”.

      They have already sold their souls to the Devil, they’re all-in, so they have nothing more to lose and nothing to live for except this world.

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      1. And there appears to be a whole lot more of “them” than most people ever suspected.

        Politicalmoonshine says these monsters are at federal, state AND local levels, organized throughout the Hussein years.

        When these evil beings finally start being convicted and put to death, at all levels of government, hollyweird, big tech, banking, etc., people are going to be amazed how totally the disease of evil had spread.

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        1. Glad you mentioned Politicalmoonshine. Everyone here at the QTree should read their outstanding articles and follow them on twitter.

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  6. Does Medicare for seniors come out of the State’s Federal Funds? Would this be a way of off-setting the debt and spending of their bankrupt states?

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    1. States get PAID for each covid illness and get PAID even more for each ventilator patient. WHO is going to be more likely to get hospitalized and need a ventilator?

      It also clears out the EXPENSIVE patients with co-morbidities.

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        1. Medicare does not pay for nursing homes. Medicaid does pay for nursing homes. If Cuomo was able to infect people in the nursing homes and all of the Medicaid people died, it would save the state tons of money. It may be up to individual states on what Medicaid covers, NY covers almost everything.

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            1. Au contraire- he had every interest in having them dead. Save $, switch their votes to democrats, spread fear.
              Tbh as soon as I read of false positives I thought 1 psych ops to scare then (uncharitably) thought nah, they deliberately spreading it.
              But I didn’t want to be thought a paranoid. Even though the paranoid do have actual enemies

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          1. Medicare pays for the first 100 days in a nursing home. After that Medicaid kicks in if the patient is out of cash.

            Cuomo’s Medicaid policy is pushing his state budget underwater. Shipping Covid patients out of the hospitals into the nursing homes helped his bottom line.

            In the beginning of all this, Andy the Hypocritical Evil Clown signed an EO into place called Matilda’s Law which outlines social distancing for people over 70 to help keep them safe. It’s named after his 88-year-old mother.

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            1. Yes, after a 3 day qualified hospital stay, patients receive 100 days of fully paid medicare coverage of rehabilitation. Most nursing homes have a rehab wing where they get excellent constant Nursing care, daily Dr. visits, including personalized targeted PT and OT programs, w/dedicated counselors, etc.. At any point, Rehab patients can go back to hospital 100% paid, then to long term care hospital 100% paid, then to rehab. My Dad was in and out of this process for over 6 months before he died and still had rehab days remaining when he died. I received zero bills from all 3 places for repeated admissions/care.

              Hmmm, I’m wondering has anyone looked into deaths at Long term hospital care facilities?? Or were they bypassed and left out of this pay-to-kill scheme??

              Side note – You don’t have to be a Senior to enter a nursing home Rehab wing. Rehab is marketed as a side business of NH’s available to all ages.

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              1. True. My hubby went to one to rehab knee replacement. He woke one night with a night aid’s hands down his shorts.

                He woke and screamed bloody murder… what the hell are you doing! Etc etc. She told him she was just checking his diaper.
                I’M NOT WEARING A DIAPER!!, he yelled.

                Staff came running and He was SOOOOO pissed! I don’t think he saw her again.

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  7. I’m copy-and-pasting a comment I wrote in the 6/27 open thread about this:

    A local nursing home here was hit very badly with the virus. The state government asked the local hospital system to intervene and get things under control over there. The local hospital system said they would only do it if they were given 100 percent control to make their own decisions and fix it the way they felt best. The government refused and sent untrained National Guard members to take care of it. Keep in mind that the local hospital system has their own nursing homes and didn’t have a single virus outbreak in any of them. They had their stuff together.

    The chatter going around is that union politics sabotaged the whole thing (nursing home union at the affected nursing home didn’t want the hospital coming in), but I’ve long suspected it was more sinister than that. At the time, I suspected someone–the state government, the union, or both–was afraid that the local hospital system would find something incredible damning if they were allowed to deviated from government orders, and that’s why the whole thing got called off. The anecdote from /qresearch/, if true, confirms my suspicions.

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  8. Well, I’m just going to drop this one here.
    I get emailed Ed Hub updates and CME courses listings from the AMA. Don’t know how I got onto the Ed Hub mailing list but it’s a goldmine of information on COVID-19 from the AMA / JAMA viewpoint (along with information on tons of other medical topics). Since I’m not an MD, I can only access the “Free” updates or courses.

    Here’s one of the Free offerings that showed up today, listed under “Featured This Week: New COVID-19 Resources, ETHICS ACTIVITIES, Clinical Challenge, and more” (emphasis mine) —

    “Ethics Talk: Advance Care Planning and End-of-Life Care in the COVID-19 Era”
    This is a video interview between DR. AUDIEY KAO, a JAMA ethics editor, and DR. HELEN CHAPPLE, PhD, RN, a professor at Creighton University.

    The meat of the interview starts at 15:00 into the 27 minute video, after a long exchange about how elderly people need to talk with their families and get Advance Care Directives set up if they don’t already have one, due to the disproportionately high death rate among the elderly / people in nursing homes, from COVID-19.
    ** NOTHING was said in this interview about the disgusting and CRIMINAL actions of various state governors related to their forcing COVID-19 positive elderly people into nursing homes, thereby spreading the virus like wildfire and killing off THOUSANDS of them.

    At 15:00 into the video, Dr. CHAPPLE begins a discussion about the need to have a “triage” system of whether or not to resuscitate patients in hospital COVID-19 units / ICU’s. The decision to “let them die” would need to be given to the unit / ICU staffs “from the higher-ups”, NOT be the decisions of the “staff at the bedside”. The decisions given to the staff from the higher-ups “should be made in a non-personal way”.
    At this point, Dr. KAO chimed in with a comment about “having a degree of objectivity” in the Yes or No resuscitation decisions — in part, based on the “potential risk to the care team”.
    ** It was unclear whether or not a patient who had a valid Advance Care Directive that requested resuscitation and/or all options tried to maintain life, would have their directive honored. IN FACT, Dr. CHAPPLE spoke about how Palliative Care for the elderly in the clinical setting “is indicated”.

    Then Dr. KAO opened up a discussion about “having a Good Death” and how this universally-desired end is very compromised with COVID-19 patients in hospitals and other clinical settings. Since outside visitors are generally not permitted due to the virus, it is the clinical staff that has to “stand in” for the family. Dr. CHAPPLE picked up the thread and talked about how it’s critical for the staff to keep the family informed about the patient’s transition to death, to get chaplains involved, to make sure the patient knows they will NOT be left alone to die, to have music played for them, relay messages from family and friends, etc.

    My opinion after watching the video several times:
    COVID-19 has thrown out the previous norms of caring for sick elderly patients in a clinical setting.
    New “norms” are rapidly being evolved, which may OR MAY NOT follow the written care requests of patients with the virus who have an Advance Care Directive.
    These new “norms” are in part based on the potential for the CARE TEAM being exposed to the virus.
    These new “norms” are in part based on “non-personal” decisions that incorporate “a degree of objectivity” that come from UPPER-LEVEL staff at the hospital and transmitted to the care team at the bedside.
    Palliative Care appears to be an “indicated care direction” for elderly patients who are in the hospital with COVID-19, regardless of any written care requests in an Advance Care Directive the patient may have.

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    1. Excellent post. This is SOCIALISM asserting itself. This is STALINISM. This is OBAMACARE = STALINCARE.

      This is what they wanted – to CHANGE the dynamics of medicine fundamentally away from what we regard as human.

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      1. wolfmoon1776
        Agreed. It smells very much like a “kinder, gentler” incremental implementation of the LIVERPOOL PATHWAY of the English NHS. And once this “kinder, gentler” idea is in place regarding elderly patients with COVID-19. it WILL BE used as a template for ALL OTHER clinical settings involving, first, elderly patients — then broadened to ALL OTHER patients.
        We all get the Big Picture — getting rid of “useless mouths” to the State.

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        1. This disease is being used to force Stalinism and Maoism on us.

          THAT must be made clear to voters this election. If we make it clear, then the coup plotters will be forced to use means which will have “consequences beyond question” upon failure.

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    2. In other words, STAY AWAY FROM NURSING HOMES. DH after surgery was recommended to go to a facility for rehabilitation, and I didn’t care what the insurer (medicare) would decide. I knew if God didn’t want him to go, he would be denied, which I was kind of suspecting would happen anyway. Now I know why.

      (Some wonderful therapists are coming to the house.)

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      1. The knee replacement my hubby had that I spoke about above happened over 5 yrs ago. If it was now, I’d insist he come home too.

        I believe he was sent there because they felt I couldn’t help him as he’s much bigger than me. I didn’t know any better either. I’d not even known we had a choice. His mother had replacement a few years before him and went to rehab so we just thought that’s what happens.

        I had a double replacement done a few years ago and was told, yes, you’re going home afterwards. I’m so glad I did. I was worried I’d not recover as well as he did. I am SO glad I went home. Great in home therapy for 2 weeks then out patient at local PT place. Excellent recovery. A whole year later, but they say that’s expected.

        Good Lord, how much has changed in such a short time. I dread his or my needing assisted living some day.

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  9. Thanks Wolf, once again your insight is spot on. We all may think this but you have the inside track in bringing it all together to us common folk. Every day I am becoming numb to what is taking place. I am not shocked because I know theses people are EVIL, I continually pray for the day this is fully exposed and judgment rains down on theses evil people.
    On a side note, I don’t know if they will every get to Zero because of His “privilege “ but I would be satisfied if he was fully exposed for the fraud he is and forced to live in exile.

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    1. Zero’s day is already here, IMO, as far as exposure. He will never escape the moment that Rice tried to cover up, and BARR was able to unveil.

      Yes, his “privilege” will protect him, but only to a point.

      Liked by 11 people

  10. “Leave it alone.”

    Okay boss…will do.

    But I think that cat is already out of the bag.

    Plan A or Plan B — the Dems’ master plan was to kill off as many old people as they could.
    And still is!

    Liked by 4 people

  11. Posted some of this elsewhere.
    Friend/ extended family Nam Vet is going in to outpatient at hospital for normal bladder stint replacement will be required to have test for Chi-Com Flu before procedure. I AM livid. He is healthy now after bladder surgery for cancer.. What is purpose of testing, why? I fear for him and family. All I can do is warn two of his children.

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