WARNING: Twitter May Be Slowing Down Our Site

Just a quick note to let you know that – if you think this site has gotten slower lately, as the election approaches, it is NOT your imagination. The site is getting slower and slower, because EMBEDDED TWEETS are loading slower and slower.

I don’t know WHY they are loading slower and slower, but they are.

I finally had enough, and turned off scripts in my browser, so that I don’t see the full graphics of Tweets.

It is well within Twitter’s rights to choose IF and HOW MUCH it wants to serve tweet data to pages not its own. It may even limit data for ideological reasons, because that is a stated part of their policy – that they can limit their data going to sites based on THEIR (Twitter’s) policy toward content on those sites. Twitter has explicitly stated that it will even pass judgment on is own users, on Twitter, for content posted elsewhere, so passing judgment for TWITTER data posted elsewhere is simply to be expected.

To beat this slow-down, you need to TURN OFF SCRIPTS on this site, using whatever browser or privacy extensions you happen to be using. You will then have to click on URLs in Tweets to see them fully, in the same tab or a new tab. Pretty much like any other link.

Without scripts, your browser will likely load the TEXT of the tweet, but not the full contents of the Tweet, including pictures, videos, etc.

It is a small price to pay, for FAST LOADS and NO WEIRD UP-SCROLLING after the loading. That weird up-scrolling is due to the full loading of embedded Tweets. Turn off scripts and it is gone – but so are pictures in Tweets.

It’s a tough choice, but you may want to make it.

Meanwhile, consider Parler. Parler offers links that provide a fast view of a “Parley” in a new tab if one chooses to click the link.




57 thoughts on “WARNING: Twitter May Be Slowing Down Our Site

    1. Pedo Joe Biden would advise everyone to use a double-barrel shotgun only — and in case of emergency, go out on the front porch and fire both barrels into the sky.

      Leaving yourself out of ammo and at the mercy of your enemies.

      For the record, nobody else on the planet would ever recommend this, only the nutcase formerly known as Joe Biden 😁

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        1. “I forgot to mention that it’s a semi auto with a 7 shell capacity.”


          Is that 6 in the magazine and one in the chamber?

          Or are you ghost-loading the seventh round?

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    1. Yes – that would be the Twitter plugin doing its thing. And by Jove, if they wanted to make THEIR plugin (it’s on GitHub – open source) eat up a bunch of RAM, then sure enough, it would.

      Explains a LOT.

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          1. My techy son told me about a browser called Opera. I’ve had so many problems with Firefox and Chrome (updates broke features, especially in WP) that I installed it. It pulled bookmarks and passwords from Firefox and works slick as crap. Doesn’t have as many extensions but I just pop over to Firefox when I need to use something like web clipper. Check it out.

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  1. Encountered a first, yesterday on Twisted. There was a tweet with a video that had thousands of likes/retweets, I hit play, the video started to play, then all of a sudden the whole tweet DISAPPEARED!!
    The whole tweet was yanked off the screen. The tweets above and below just scooched together as if the original tweet never existed. Very bizarre. 🤨🤨

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    1. I can’t get a lot of must see Twitter videos to load on my iPad. The ones Twitter doesn’t want me to see. It will either not load or just play the audio

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      1. How old is your iPad? They basically don’t work after a while, because of abandonment on testing. Once the Apple beta-testing system stops staying current on a model, the web will start crashing it.

        Which is not to say that this is not then used as a pretext to not deliver certain content to certain destinations – the devil is in the details on THAT one. What one rescues and what one does not is a classic hallmark of the left – hypocrisy then being the only evidence of agenda.

        “Videos aren’t working on your site? We’ll get back to you when we have an answer.”

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        1. ‘How old is your iPad’—- Ummmmm I’ll have to get back to you on that one. LOL

          But I have noticed that when I go to certain twitter sites that twitter loves it loads very fast but POTUS or even VoE was SLOW

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    2. I’ve had issues trying to get Twitter videos to play as well. Not just one here, but on Twitter’s actual website. I’ve long suspected that they intentionally degrade playback on any viral videos the censors don’t like.

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    1. That would have been my guess, too, but when we took moderately big hits on traffic in May and June due to Daughn leaving, the slow-downs INCREASED dramatically in inverse proportion!

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  2. As mentioned recently, I fully endorse NoScript by Giorgio Maone for Mozilla-based browsers……to the point where a temporary problem between Firefox and NoScript almost had me bailing on Firefox. And he’s a great guy, besides.

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    1. “As mentioned recently, I fully endorse NoScript by Giorgio Maone for Mozilla-based browsers”


      Thanks, I found the add-on (Firefox) for NoScript. Restarted my browser and came back here.

      It was showing some strange little graphic where the “star” is located next to “Liked by” under each post, and when I hovered the cursor over the “likes”, it no longer showed who had ‘liked’ the post.

      I clicked on the NoScript icon at the top left of my screen, and saw that WordPress and wp.com were set to UNTRUSTED.

      I set WordPress to “Trusted” and refreshed the screen, and the ‘star’ symbol returned, but I still could not see who had ‘liked’ anyone’s post.

      Went back to the NoScript icon and set wp.com to TRUSTED, and now I can see who ‘liked’ various posts again. Particularly MYSELF, because lots of times I don’t remember whether I’ve already ‘liked’ a post or not 😁

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  3. A few days ago, I started getting browser errors every time I visited this specific blog. It doesn’t happen to me with other WordPress blogs. Of course when I try to reproduce the error to screenshot it, it doesn’t work. I’ll try to screenshot it if it happens again.

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      1. This is the error I get almost every time I visit here now. The site lags, this error screen flashes on my screen for a few seconds, and then it continues on to the homepage. This only happens to me with this particular blog. The rest of WordPress runs smoothly for me.

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  4. There could be over a million tweets posted here in the QTree threads.

    I will avoid posting tweets from now on…and just post the text and images, without the actual tweets.

    Wait…are the twitter-coded images also something that ties us to Twitter?

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    1. I may try to use some screen captures of Tweets, but I would not worry about just using Twitter URLS (not “mobile”) and letting people turn off scripts if they experience trouble.

      This is not a big deal for most people – it is for US because we basically communicate over WordPress.

      Images may be slower – hard to tell. We’ll see…..

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      1. Ah…okay, so it’s alright to keep posting tweets?

        I haven’t had much of a problem with a ‘slowdown’ here, just an occasional time or two when the tweets are momentarily all text.

        What is frustrating to me most…is when someone’s comment is completely Blank.
        I cannot see what it is.
        Nothing there…at least for me.

        Not sure what’s causing it.
        I’m sure it’s on my end; something in the security stuff that mr. wheatie has running, I dunno.

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        1. Blank comments are frequently due to EMBEDS that WordPress doesn’t like, in combination with embeds which it DOES like, where basic ad blockers and privacy software disable the scripts which accomplish the embedding.

          An example is Facebook embeds. Much privacy software will NOT allow them. FB URLs thus show up blank.

          Gab embeds likewise show up blank due to WP eating them.

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        2. That is exactly what was happening to me in Firefox. I switched to Chrome and it mostly solved the issues you just mentioned (I could see comments and full tweets). I recently installed a newer browser called Opera and it works perfectly.

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  5. @ Jack is a weird bird anyway….like Schiff and numerous others on the left.

    Hope the White Hats are get any and all prosecutable goods on him.

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  6. I haven’t had any problems with this site using Brave browser on an android. Twitter app, on the other hand, I don’t know but Twitter often loads tweets and profiles that I click on painfully slow. I figured I need an SD card to add storage but wonder if Twitter has been like that for others.

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  7. Problem with being running away from Twitter and FB and that all that will be posted is all the liberal lies. There are many on both of these social medias that are on the fence both ways I have just decided I will not take the abuse but walk away or block those that believe the only way to agrue is name calling or barraging one with lies or questions of prove it or that is fake media, These are very obvious the trolls! Under 100 followers, especially ZERO followers is a sure sign on Twitter of Troll instigators that only get a block from me.

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      1. They are safe havens–
        Will admit that Twitter FB can be so frustrating at times! worse part is the name calling by some to trying and get you to commit some crazy?? yet if you report them you only get more targeted.

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    1. OMG – didn’t WE have problems with contamination with the CDC test kits, and then they had to abandon their first tests?

      What if somebody tried to SABOTAGE our early testing, too, and we found it – attributed it to “incompetence”, and then we farmed out testing to a lot of different private outfits to BEAT THE COMMIES?

      Oh, this is ALL making sense.

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  8. Instead of punishing users making death threats, the tech giant suspended Terrence K. Williams’s account. Comedian and commentator speaks out.

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