Muh Drumpf Sends Signal To Moscow – Start Your Printers!

Beware the predictable calls against mail-in ballots by John Brennan, Jim Comey, and all those LOSER AMERIKANSKIS who tried to stop MUH VLADDY last time. Sorry – too late. Moscow is stealing this election again, Democrat losers and haters, and there is NOTHING you can do about it.


Yes, it’s too late to stop mail-in ballots, and Democrats are going to LOSE AGAIN. President Trump has now spilled the beans, so I can come out OPENLY and support Russian Mail-In Ballots!

NOW do you see why Drumpf backed aging, senile, boob-job veteran Nancy Pelosi for Speaker, and helped kill off honest socialist Bernie Sanders, so that y’all would be stuck with literally demented Joe Biden as his opponent?

OMG, this operation was so SLICK! Trump even got Pelosi herself to push for the mail-in ballots, while “defending” against the idea.

I mean, seriously. POLIDENT? You think Polident gonna figure this shit out? Maybe just NOW!


Did I say it? I’ll say it again.


You Democrats think “Hands” Biden is gonna figure out Trump’s cunning triple-reverso-with-a-backflip imposition of RUSSIAN MAIL-IN-BALLOTS? A Machiavellian Sun-Tzu master who got YOU to ask for the Russian win?

Hands Biden? Who got schooled by THE KEEBLER ELF?

“Smugs” Biden, a.k.a. Captain Obvious, who could not – in his PRIME at the Clarence Thomas hearings – even conceal his foolish hatred for a black guy who always was and always will be 100 times smarter than good-old-boy “Plagiarize” Biden?

The hair-sniffin’, nursing home-qualified, Basement Joe? Your “funny uncle” who needs to be in a home NOW, where nobody will see him hitting on therapists like some ULTRA-BOOMER from pre-feminist hell? This guy is gonna stop PUTIN and TRUMP? THIS GUY???

A guy who – UNLIKE Trump, who runs rings around Twitter – has to be HELPED by Facebook?

Yup. TOO LATE, DEMOCRATS. You’re stuck with OLD LOSERS who think these riots are going to help. They ain’t gonna help. They’re gonna seal the deal for Putin and Trump.

Let me say the word FROM YOUR LIPS that will chill you to the BONE, Dems:


Hey, you called it, Dumb-o-crats.

I’m predicting a TRUMP LANDSLIDE.

NOW – here is the killer. This is why Mail-In Ballots will favor TRUMP and not BIDEN.

The Quality of Forgery Goes To The Russians.

I repeat.

The Quality of Forgery Goes To The Russians.

You guys think China can pull you out of this?

HA! Too late. Maybe in 500 years. Not today.


Russia has always been WAY BETTER than China at every form of document-based fraud in the West. And this is an extension of their general ability to counterfeit things, which is legendary among those of us who are WISE to how crafty the Russians REALLY ARE.

You always catch Chinese counterfeit EVERYTHING.

You NEVER catch Russian counterfeit ANYTHING.

Did you ever stop to wonder WHY?

OMG, this is so perfect.

All Trump has to do is implement some kind of “Election Integrity” to weed out forgeries, fraud, and bad ballots.

The pulled ballots will ALL be Chinese crap favoring Democrats.

BLAME THE VICTIM. “Democrat fraud!!!” LOL.

The RUSSIAN BALLOTS for Trump will sail right through, fooling everybody.

SO – here is my advice to Republicans.

Yeah, it’s good cover to OPPOSE mail-in ballots, but don’t fight them too hard – OK? *WINK*

“Vlad’s got this.”


64 thoughts on “Muh Drumpf Sends Signal To Moscow – Start Your Printers!

  1. NEXT – PRESIDENT TRUMP will end any state trying to foist the Mail In Ballot Scam™ in the coming election and all future elections!

    He may also have US Federal Agents inspect and certify/validate voter rolls – would be possible to check voter rolls against Social Security numbers, SS death benefits and county and state death certificates, wills probated, etc.

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    1. Awwwww, c’mon! Trump MUST wait until after the tainted win! It’s just like how he’s dealing with the “defund the police” radicals. Trump has to SHOW the foolish Democrats that securing elections matters!

      Trump landslide! That’ll teach ’em. 😉

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    2. GA, Newsom has made vote by mail his priority. Tro but he signed a bill saying he will do it just a couple days kater. Still dealing with tro though.

      Kevin Kiley (@KevinKileyCA) Tweeted:
      We’ve filed our Opposition to Gov. Newsom’s appeal of the Temporary Restraining Order. The argument he’s making almost defies belief.

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        1. Shamelessly stealing yours and gil’s comments 😛

          CA Gov Newsom has made vote by mail his priority.

          Temporary Restraining Order (TRO) in place.

          But he signed a bill saying he will do it just a couple days later.

          He still has to deal w/ the TRO for now.

          Poor New-Scum! He fell for Trump’s trap – just like all the other D’s! Smiling face with sunglasses

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    3. In 2012 there were several dozen districts with 100% plus turn out! 100% was one thing which has to be practically impossible to have every registered voter vote in a district!
      However, to have 105%, 110% and some as high as 120% voter turnout, that is mathematically impossible!!! 😳😳😳
      Once enough electoral votes were in for Obama win everything went quiet!
      Not something one makes up, at least not me cause at that time I never realized there could be voter tampering like that!!!

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    1. Ha!

      We’re beyond the point of no return. Dems will lose no matter what. Thus, we have to torture and taunt them with knowledge of their defeat before the landslide!

      Every time the Dem leaders call for Vote By Mail, Dem voters will know their leaders are being scammed. More and more semi-sane Dems will defect to “be on the winning side”.

      Popcorn!!! 😎

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      1. HEY…

        If they’re going to go 100% full on gaslighting and crazy-making…

        It’s TOTAL OPEN SEASON for snark, sarcasm, satire, and TROLLING!!!

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  2. Wofie oh my my my–that was my suspension on FB. got 24 hour suspension for that! Comment was “what about this” Was warned that if I posted anything like that again it would be a week or total lost of account! Almost willing to do it again just to see how far they would go.
    Even comments like “Even without the sexual issues there is BIden’s dementia issues” have been wiped even before they post. So I do believe I am being monitored . I can talk about the dementia but not use the word sexual in same post as the name Biden.

    Oh it is so crazy out there I can’t believe it . Its like we all live Watts, East LA, or the crime infested areas of other big cites. It almost doesn’t matter where we live now a days, we have to be careful. H3LL even in the small area I live in its bad now.

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      1. Should flee them all except for maybe you guys—
        Hmm wonder if there is an country that I could retire in with my meager retirement and get by with only English!!

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      2. No. Stand your ground. Let fb and ms learn to fear us.
        They going get schooled soon, and hard. Hell I bet they’d rather be locked up with Biden

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    1. Wrong link!

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      1. See? Trump is building his COVER!!! There is NO WAY another special counsel can catch him. NO WAY. Trump’s bitter opposition to VBM is on record!!! No suit or investigation will stand.


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          1. Yep.

            Demand Voter ID, so Joe Biden can know WHO and WHERE he is…

            (not sure about what, when, why, and how, though 😀 )…

            [OK, perv, now and always, because he likes it, “Hands-On” manglement style ]…

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          1. It is really scary to think Americans are scared of people who support the American Constitution, American Military , American LEOs and patriotic Americans who love & care America.

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              1. Way over the 55 years I have been alive. Sometimes I think my generation was the last one who actually had a chance to have a free mind in school. Now it seems like schools are indoctrination centers that are hell bent on making American kids stupid.

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    1. I’m pretty sure Potus and Putin have a very good understanding of how things stand. In fact Putin will be enjoying the complete humiliation and destruction of Obama and his minions immensely.
      And after the Russian got totalled in Syria. Putin has a very clear concept of Potus red lines and consequences

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  3. Do not write off Putin. I doubt he is really happy with the Chinese Communists gaining power.

    Also at Putin Blasts Euro-Western Culture of Pedophilia and Satanism

    In an explosive speech given by Vladimir Putin at the final plenary meeting of the Valdai International Discussion Club. On September 19, 2013, addressing a number of challenges faced by contemporary Russia. In doing so, he also took aim at the moral degradation creeping through Europe and the West, in a rare – by normal political standards – display of candour.

    He alluded to Satanism which Putin knows full well has, for a long time, been quietly rotting the fabric of America at the core….

    Also America is #1………….. in Child Sex Trafficking and Pedophilia

    Donald J. Trump‏Verified account @realDonaldTrump

    Got to do something about these missing children grabbed by the perverts. Too many incidents–fast trial, death penalty.
    6:13 AM – 8 Oct 2012

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  4. I’ve read it twice now, and I’m just not smart enough to understand what in the world this thread is about.

    It appears that we’re attempting to gaslight the Left into thinking we want mail-in ballots now, because China will print millions of poorly forged ballots for Biden, but Russia will print millions of excellent forged ballots for Trump, so Trump will win the ‘battle of the forgeries’.

    And to do this, we’re going to create some kind of ‘forgery detection’ bureau to examine all the mail-in ballots, and catch all the China/Biden fake ballots, but let all the better-forged Russia/Trump ballots be counted.

    What could possibly go wrong?

    So best case scenario, we win because we counted on Putin (wait… what?!?) and because our side cheated better than the other side. Three cheers for election integrity and confidence in free and fair elections.

    Worst case scenario, the Left says “right on, dude!”, so we have mail-in ballots for 2020 (and forevermore) and there are no forged ballots for Trump, only for Biden, and Biden wins in a landslide.

    And no matter who wins, any ‘forgery detection’ bureau to examine all the votes would take months to complete their task, and nobody on either side who supports the ‘losing’ candidate would ever trust that the ‘forgery detection’ bureau wasn’t corrupt.

    At this point, it seems better to take off, and nuke the entire site from orbit.

    It’s the only way to be sure.

    And to be really sure, I’ll ride the bomb all the way to the target, just like Slim Pickens.

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  5. Scott’s on the bomb, the bull-rope in one hand and waving his hat with the other. Wolf is typing at the kitchen table grinning like a maniac. I’m twisting a lime into my quinine and gin. Vlad asks his staffer, “Why do they not catch on? It’s me and Trump against the whole damn world.”

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      1. “I have long suspected that is true.”


        Well it’s not actually true, if I had the bull-rope in one hand and was waving my hat with the other, how would I hang onto the bomb?

        See, it’s not as easy as it sounds.

        There are a lot of small details that go into an operation like this 😁

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    1. “Scott’s on the bomb, the bull-rope in one hand and waving his hat with the other. ”


      It’s no big deal really, I didn’t have anything else planned this weekend. 👍

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