Forces of Evil Want To Steal Our Freedom in the Dark of Night, But God Stands with Us

by Michael Flynn

In my opinion, this is one of the most important essays you will ever read.


“There are seminal moments in American history that test every fiber of our nation’s soul.

“We are facing one now.”

Please continue at the link:


18 thoughts on “Forces of Evil Want To Steal Our Freedom in the Dark of Night, But God Stands with Us

    1. TY @jsolomonReports !!!

      This case has had so many twists and turns it’s going to be a case study for fraudulent prosecution and failed jurisprudence for CENTURIES

      The physical manifestation of Spiritual Warfare

      But I read the last chapter – #GodWins!!!

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    1. “God will not give way to the care of the devil or allow us to be left to the evil vices of those who would steal our freedom in the dark of night.

      He will not.

      Instead, God will stand with us, as he always does.”
      – Medium starMedium starMedium star

      TY GF! SpiritWar

      I read the last chapter


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  1. This is so excellent!

    And the other day, 40Head followed me back, so I am two steps away from General Flynn (at least, I am in the fantasy world inside my head, which is all that counts)!

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    1. Hang in there, Aubergine. General Flynn followed me a few months back (that was a thrill) and I don’t even tweet that much. I mostly retweet and occasionally add a comment to someone’s thread. He seems to follow patriots as he finds them. I bet he finds you eventually.

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  2. Well, hope I read the whole Flynn statement, which was short but so inspiring. I had trouble as a video in background which was mostly visual with music, and I could not follow it. Haven’t been posting comments due to computer issues. Thank you, Wolfmoon, so much.

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  3. Sullivan should be impeached and removed from the bench for this stunt he is pulling!

    A judge cannot be both the prosecutor and the judge.
    He’s just doing this to delay and delay…and keep Gen Flynn’s gag order in place.

    It’s an outrage! 😠🤬

    Btw…that triangle-shaped lapel pin that Gen Flynn is wearing in that photo, is what Pres Trump’s inner circle wears to identify them to the Secret Service:

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  4. I’d love to think that would stop them, but if they had a powerful enough motive, were willing to sacrifice their freedom or their lives … I just hope you are right.

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