Dear KMAG: 20200607 Open Topic

Rest in the Lord, and wait patiently for Him;
Do not fret because of him who prospers in his way,
Because of the man who brings wicked schemes to pass.

This Superlative Sanctuary Sunday Open Thread, with full respect to those who worship God on the Sabbath, is a place to reaffirm our worship of our Creator, our Father, our King Eternal.

It is also a place to read, post and discuss news that is worth knowing and sharing. Please post links to any news stories that you use as sources or quote from.

In the QTree, we’re a friendly and civil lot. We encourage free speech and the open exchange and civil discussion of different ideas. Topics aren’t constrained, and sound logic is highly encouraged, all built on a solid foundation of truth and established facts.

We have a policy of mutual respect, shown by civility. Civility encourages discussions, promotes objectivity and rational thought in discourse, and camaraderie in the participants – characteristics we strive toward in our Q Tree community.

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Please also consider the Guidelines for posting and discussion , outlined here. Let’s not give the Internet Censors a reason to shut down this intellectual haven that Wolf has created for us.

The Storm is upon us.
Please remember to Pray for our President.

Our movement is about
replacing a failed and CORRUPT political establishment
with a new government
controlled by you, the American People.

~ Candidate Donald J. Trump

Also remember Wheatie’s Rules:

  1. No food fights.
  2. No running with scissors.
  3. If you bring snacks, bring enough for everyone.


On this day and every day –

God is in Control
. . . and His Grace is Sufficient, so . . .
Keep Looking Up

Hopefully, every Sunday, you can find something here that will build you up a little . . . give you a smile . . . and add some joy or peace, very much needed in all our lives.

“This day is holy to the Lord your God; do not mourn nor weep.” . . . “Go your way, eat the fat, drink the sweet, and send portions to those for whom nothing is prepared; for this day is holy to our Lord. Do not sorrow, for the joy of the Lord is your strength.”

Resting in the Lord

Rest in the Lord, and wait patiently for Him;
Do not fret because of him who prospers in his way,
Because of the man who brings wicked schemes to pass.

The latest lunacy from the left is mind-boggling: COVID-19 is such a threat to the existence of society that we must live our lives in lockdown, not even being permitted to attend church services or walk with your dog on a deserted strip of beach,

BUT . . .

It’s perfectly OK, even psychologically healthy, for crowds to gather by the thousands, assaulting citizens, and looting and burning businesses all with the pretext of honoring the life of a drug abusing, porn acting, counterfeit money passing individual considered the victim of excessive police force.  And, likewise, it’s OK to encourage a million man mob to form in Wash., D.C. to possibly spread disease and mayhem on an enormous scale.

This latest bit of insanity got me thinking of how my involvement with these events are actually effecting my life in these times.  Here.  Now.

What am I missing? I’m missing the whole concept of “Resting in the Lord”. That concept is fairly well fractured on a daily basis these days and that’s what I’d like to explore a bit this Sunday.

For years, I’ve had in my mind’s eye what, for me, would be an idyllic, restful setting:

I’m sitting in an old, rather worn recliner (that fits me like a glove) on the covered back porch of a small log cabin buried deep in a pine forest.  The heady scent of the pine pitch is strong in the air and the sights and sounds from the woodland creatures, and those from the lake just a few yards away, lend a fairy-tale aspect to the sight of the red rising sun, just appearing through the trees on the ridge nearby.  The sun draws a red path through the lake, across small ripples from the gentle morning breeze.

At this cabin, I have all I need.  My health is good, my retirement income is ample, and I own the cabin outright.  My larder is well-stocked, I’ve plenty of practical clothing for all four seasons and a big woodpile, and nothing, nothing impacts my life that would cause anger or even concern.  I’ve got goodwill in my heart for all, man or beast, and a pleasant feeling of contentment, not involving any of my own accomplishments, but from being in this restful place with a feeling of gratitude for the same.

Now this tale, with a few adjustments, embodies my general feelings of resting in the Lord.

We are where we are in this country, and we have all that we have courtesy of a generous Provider Who is our Creator.  He owns the cabin, the pines and the lake and graciously allows me to stay there, without charge, if only I acknowledge Him as my Provider and trust in His Son as my Savior, which I am pleased to do.  (Jehovah-Jireh: The LORD Will Provide)

He has given me my health, and provided my larder, clothing and woodpile.  Because of my trust in Him, I will not let myself be overly concerned by the machinations of the world outside of the forest.

My Provider has written some principles that He has advised me that I should develop in my life, but He wants me to accept these principles, not as imposed and enforced rules, but as a way of life that I realize is best for me and also for those around me.

The two major principles are general: to esteem and honor my Provider and to seek the higher good for others.  A few of the personal characteristics my Provider specifically mentions are love, joy, peace, patience, kindness, goodness, faithfulness, gentleness and self-control.  He has more principles such as justice, mercy, forgiveness and humility that He wants me to follow and examples for me that He has written in a Book that he left for me.

My Provider also wants me to know that He is controlling the events of this world according to His perfect plan in which all will work out to my benefit.  He does ask that I be still, quiet and rest easily in the confidence that He is in control of everything.

I also read in the Book that my Provider has some great plans for me in the future.  He is preparing a place full of joy and peace, and so wonderful and delightful that it is beyond my imagination, a place in which I will be able to stay for a very, very long time.

When the Big Crazy starts closing in on me, I find that I can escape it with a quick trip to the cabin in the pines, never losing sight of the fact that it is my Provider that has made it all possible, in spite of my unworthiness of the privilege, and giving Him the thanks, the praise and all the glory.

When peace, like a river, flows swiftly away,
And troubles like sea billows roll;
In You I’m steadfast, from Your arms I’ll not stray,
For it’s well, yes, it’s well with my soul.

  ~ apologies to Horatio G. Spafford

If then you were raised with Christ, seek those things which are above,
where Christ is, sitting at the right hand of God.
Set your mind on things above, not on things on the earth.

FYI – Some of the other names for God in the Bible
(There are many more)

EL, ELOAH: God mighty, strong, prominent
ELOHIM: God Creator, Mighty and Strong
EL SHADDAI: God Almighty
YAHWEH-RAPHA: The Lord Who Heals
AHWEH-M’KADDESH: The Lord Who Sanctifies, Makes Holy
YAHWEH-SHALOM: The Lord Our Peace
YAHWEH-TSIDKENU: The Lord Our Righteousness
YAHWEH-ROHI: The Lord Our Shepherd
YAHWEH-SABAOTH: The Lord of Hosts
EL ELYON: Most High
EL-OLAM: Everlasting God

515 thoughts on “Dear KMAG: 20200607 Open Topic

    1. You didn’t really think MI5 could help to form a coup against a sitting president, and then protect the Monarchy from exposure of the Prince’s penchant for underage girls…

      Time’s up for Randy Andy……………………

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      1. No – it is all connected – they fear PT – because he knows – for 50 years we have been accumulating evidence – it is exposure time – what they fear the most – their dirty little secrets out in the open for all to see – shame on them – wait till everyone finds out they are not royalty – they are all frauds.

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              Also research “transhumanism”

              Also understand Cabal restricts disclosure about these topics… as they do most topics.

              That doesn’t mean it ain’t happenin’ …………….
              Frankly, I prefer the sand between my toes, not over my head. jes my 2 cents.

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              1. For sure… my understanding of the situation is that cloning the aged involves speeding up the process and thus more problems with the finished product…

                The one really malfunctioning is Biden’s clone… just my opinion of course

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              2. Well, I would think you would only need a clone when the original could no longer serve your purpose… either too old to articulate effectively, or “foot in mouth” problem all along. Biden has ALWAYS been a loose cannon, which is why he’s always had a handler (spouse)… so, the first clone is made when he is old and no longer useful, but his NAME is a brand they can push. Well aging a clone rapidly means it’s not going to last long… three months tops maybe before it starts to breakdown… malfunction. Hey, I don’t know the specifics, as I said, the Cabal keeps that info to themselves. What I do know is what everyone else sees… it (clone) ain’t working.

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    1. THIS WAS THE GOAL. Removal of police by prog wokesters and their Muslim allies.

      Without police, the radicals will do whatever they want.

      Now I understand why MK tactics were deployed. Same as CA3 – the “done deal” to implement Affirmative Action in universities without regard for consequences – even what would happen to the students.

      It has all been one long program by radical progs and their CIA and foreign backers.

      This is a smooth plan. Even with Trump in place, they are keeping a schedule.

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          1. True – just saying the Somalis in Minnesota have their own agenda – why they are here – MK just facilitates this monstrosity – the take over of the universities – this pandemic – the whole BLM movement – plus the riots – all of this pent up anger – yes – they are behind it all – infiltrate first – control next – see what you are saying – it all makes perfect sense – evil intent – to destroy America.

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            1. After watching Wray’s video to the FIB workers yesterday, I think Wray is 100% checked out of reality.

              That’s a guy who has sat through 10 million sensitivity training classes — total lobotomy.

              He probably can’t even brush his teeth without apologizing all over himself.

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              1. Like a cult leader.

                The kind of person who would encourage and reward all those FIB agents kneeling for BLM / panti-a, when every last one of them should be fired.

                Same for the fake soldiers and fake national guard who kneeled in solidarity with the enemy.

                Fire them all.

                If that’s the kind of judgement (or lack thereof) they possess, then they have no business being in a law enforcement or military role.

                No business at all.

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        1. I’m trying to think of ways to fight it. It’s a lot like colonization. It’s much like metastatic cancer.

          It may very well be possible to use *REAL* civil rights back at it. These prog non-police will inevitably deprive people of their civil rights, having nothing to do with skin color. Mostly due process.

          JFK or Ike would send in the troops if needed on that basis.

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    2. Who knew that lawfare would wind up abolishing police departments.

      I like Thomas Wictor’s take on this, but it might be too clever by a half and take FAR too long.

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          1. The initial state before the cycle is received is stable, at least in terms of the subsequent reaction on hearing the bad news. Compared with the ups and downs to come, even if there is some variation, this is indeed a stable state.

            And then, into the calm of this relative paradise, a bombshell bursts…

            Shock stage*: Initial paralysis at hearing the bad news.

            Denial stage: Trying to avoid the inevitable.

            Anger stage: Frustrated outpouring of bottled-up emotion.

            Bargaining stage: Seeking in vain for a way out.

            Depression stage: Final realization of the inevitable.

            Testing stage*: Seeking realistic solutions.

            Acceptance stage: Finally finding the way forward.

            * This model is extended slightly from the original Kubler-Ross model, which does not explicitly include the Shock and Testing stages. These stages however are often useful to understand and facilitating change.


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      1. It was the i hear you thing and how much shakedown money they gave to blm.
        I think antifa wasnt getting enough and all the money being given directly is supporting terrorism.

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  1. Bako Carl – Your banner image is just beautiful….the light, peace and beauty are so comforting. The pond looks like a great place to relax and enjoy nature.

    Speaking of nature, the rain from Tropical Storm Cristobal filled the drain area behind the houses on my street. As soon as it filled about a foot deep, a white heron came, stood in the rain and surveyed the new ‘pond’. Then a flock of white egrets came to visit. A little while later, a dozen tiny little ducks were swimming around. It’s too far away to tell what kind they are. They don’t look fat and fuzzy gray like the baby Canadian geese that usually come to N FL in the winter to nest. Hard to tell – but if they are hatchlings, wonder where the adult ducks are and wonder how they got here? If the rain quits, the pond will dry up and so will all our fowl weather entertainment.

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      1. One of the very first skills a discerning duck hunter learns is duck ID. Not only do the grain eating ducks taste better than the divers, but certain specie have much more restrictive bag limits than others. Not being able to ID the duck one is shooting at can easily wind up being a VERY expensive lack of skill.

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      2. It’s dark now. If they are still there tomorrow, I can try. They may swim away if they are frightened. I’m familiar with mallards, wood ducks, etc….but these are much smaller than that. I don’t have binoculars or a telephoto lens on my camera. It’s just a little bitty digital camera.

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          1. This morning, the pond has nearly drained with only a few puddles and the tall weeds are all showing again. Don’t know if the little ducklings are still there, or if their parents have ferried them to the permanent pond on the other side of the neighborhood. N FL is spring-fed lime sink pond territory.

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    1. If I move my laptop screen back and forth, it gets brighter and darker….so I can make the sun go down and the scene look like a quiet summer night with barely any light showing in the windows and on the lake. It’s neat! .

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    1. ONE HUNDRED AND FIFTY LEOs INJURED and she gets pissy and tries to say they used tear gas?

      THEY BROKE INTO THE TREASURY and she gets pissy and tries AGAIN to say they used tear gas?

      They are darn lucky they did not get SHOT!

      If I had a TV I would be tossing bricks at it by now!

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      1. just one statement I’d have liked Barr to make in that interview….

        “I just want to point out to your viewers how utterly uninterested you are in the bad news reporting that has happened vs. understanding what really happened, as evidenced by your “gotcha” interview technique. I’d also like to point out that you are clearly being hostile and pushing a very particular and one-sided point of view. It is insulting for you to be speaking to me in the hostile and disrespectful tone you are using in order to virtue-signal your bias and pander to one particular group of people. Objective people want to make up their own minds, not be told what to think, nor do they want to be led to a particular conclusion. If you were truly interested in the rightful application of law, you would understand the point I’m making.”

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    2. I had posted those earlier in the day. That woman…pulling the Catholic card is out of bounds in this situation. The bishops and their precious council say one thing. The whistleblower in hiding came out on Trump’s side. It’s a mess.


  2. Ex Clandestine Spy Explains Intelligence Psyops Being Used on the American People w/ ToreSays (2of2)

    See Part 1:

    Ex Clandestine spy, Tore Maras, joins the program to share her vast experience working for multiple intelligence agencies. She shares her experience working directly with John Brennan and others within multiple military/intelligence contracting firms. She also explains how most human assets are used this way to eliminate any future ability to be protected with whistleblower status. You can see more of her work at

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  3. California Dismisses National Guard After Week-Long “Occupation”; De Blasio Plans To Shift Funds From NYPD To “Youth & Social Services”

    by Tyler Durden
    Sun, 06/07/2020 – 19:22

    Update (1900ET): National Guard troops will be pulled out of California cities after a week-long deployment, according to the Associated Press.

    As the mayors of Chicago, Atlanta, NYC & other major cities cancel curfews, incidences of rioting have been reported in Brussels, as the protests have gone global for a third day.

    “After nearly a week assisting civil authorities on the streets of California, soldiers with the California National Guard will begin transitioning back to their home armories,” the Cal Guard said in a statement, though a timeline for the pullout wasn’t provided.

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  4. Allow Bush320 to explain the legal justification to what is soon about to take place.

    Posted on June 7, 2020

    Please read all of it so you can explain to others who are wondering what’s going on. Pass it on, Folks.

    For the people who think the global mass arrests are a complete farce, allow me to explain the legal justification to what is soon about to take place. For the last 19 years our nation, the USA, has been undergoing a SILENT WAR between military intelligence and…

    The Cabal (New World Order). Though I can’t go into all of the details, America has not just been at “War Against Terror” BUT WITH EMBEDDED TERRORISTS AND TRAITORS OPERATING WITHIN OUR OWN COUNTRY…

    What I’m about to share is simply a historical breakdown of the legal maneuvers that have led us unto this tenuous point in American and world history.

    [Excerpt] Read more at the link above…

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  5. Amazing how the mob wants the police to be 100% focused on THEIR “feelings”, but the mob doesn’t care one single iota about how the police feel.

    Such hypocrisy.

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      1. Thank you.

        Some good news WRT David Dorn — suspect (a convicted felon) arrested:

        ‘On Sunday, St. Louis Circuit Attorney Kim Gardner announced that Stephan Cannon, 24, has been arrested in connection with the murder.

        ‘He’s been charged with first-degree murder, first-degree robbery, first-degree burglary and three counts of armed criminal action as well as being a felon in possession of a firearm, KDSK reported.’

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  6. You know Mom and I were talking about this and something BTS must have happened becuase the way the DC mayor was pushing BLM aka leading to the White house. Throwing NG out. And not so many idiots I mean protesters showed up. Something must have happened becuase it really looked like they were ready to take on the WH.

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  7. Liked by 6 people

    1. Ridiculous. That is clearly an imposter.

      This is his secret twin brother, Chuck, who has been working inside US Mil Intelligence all his life….

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