2020·06·06 KMAG Daily Thread–D Day, 76th Anniversary

Warfare has changed over the millennia. It has gone from hand-to-hand with clubs and blades, to involving archery, to firearms. And as that has been going on, it has also involved naval warfare, because seas were (and are) excellent means of delivering supplies and soldiers, so control of the seas became essential. And, over the last century-plus, this has become true of the air, with the added bit that air is an excellent place, too, for reconnaissance. And now we’re moving into space, which has largely (so far) been a place useful for reconnaissance, navigation and communications, and therefore, inevitably, will be fought over.

But–please correct me if I’m wrong–the last time huge armies of literally millions of people got together and duked it out for the survival of their major-power countries was World War II.

Probably the biggest “conventional” war since World War II was the Iran-Iraq war, with total military dead over the nearly eight years it ran being anywhere from 300,000 to 1,100,000 people. Even there though the forces in the field at any given time were considerably less than a million, total.

What killed the “big” duke-em-outs between major powers? The nuclear bomb. Two major powers will never get into that kind of fight again, because the side that thinks it’s losing will push the button, and the side that would be winning knows this. Not that they don’t fight…they just do it by other means, hoping to weaken the other side, but knowing they can’t annihilate them without being themselves annihilated. (And of course the Soviet Union bent every effort to get us to give up our nukes, so that they could then blackmail us.)

World War II was the last time we’ll see such massive carnage on a battlefield. One hopes. And there was plenty to go around; we had some positively brutal battles in the Pacific. The Soviets had an even rougher time of it, losing tens of millions to the war and more millions to their own government. We fought the Nazis, too, in Africa and Italy before…well, before D-Day.

[Now I have to stop right here and smack some Commies upside the head. The post-war Soviet Union loved to depict the US contributions to the war as absolutely minimal; I once saw a propaganda movie intended to depict us as doing nothing more than running a few exercises, blowing up ships we were about to scuttle anyway. Even today, sometimes the Russians like to minimize our efforts. That is, of course, a Terex-dump-truck-load of bearded dragon shit.

But by the same token, one must acknowledge that what we went through, though great, was less than the Soviet Union did, and no, not all of it was Stalin’s deliberate doing, and it’s not even the case all of it was Stalin’s incompetence. It does not minimize our efforts to acknowledge that what they suffered was even bigger.]

Which brings us, finally, to D-Day. In order to win the war against an intransigent enemy, we had no choice but to invade. (Bombers are very useful, but have never conquered anything.) That meant sending our troops directly to places where the enemy, which had had months or even years to construct fortifications, was waiting for them. We managed to blunt the impact of this with disinformation, the sorts of things we did to convince Hitler that the threat was to Calais, not Normandy. He moved forces that would have made mincemeat of the invasion, otherwise. (Even after the D-Day landings, Patton was kept in Southeastern England until July, to deceive Germany into thinking there would be an additional “main” landing at Calais. He was a victim of his own success in battle.)

The cost of picking Normandy was that our forces would have to travel farther to Germany, and farther across the English Channel. Germany knew this of course, and Calais was a much more obvious target for us. All of this convinced Germany to throw its resources elsewhere–plus, of course, most of its forces were fighting the Soviet Union.

But did I say “to blunt the impact of this”? If this was “blunted,” I’d certainly not wish a non-blunted version of it on anyone!

Most of us have seen Saving Private Ryan. That opening scene was a small taste of the reality. Anyone who was there, or on any of the other beaches, deserves our undying gratitude. Because of what they did, not only was the evil of Nazism extirpated–by this time that would have happened anyway; Hitler was already losing to the Soviet Union–but the western half of Europe was saved from the ravages of Communism. For Stalin would certainly not have stopped at the Elbe.

Imagine a post-war world where the Iron Curtain was the coast of Europe, rather than running down its center. I’m not sure the Soviet Union would ever have fallen. And what would have happened to the UK?

The Landings Themselves

D-Day remains the largest amphibious assault in history. 160,000 were landed on D-Day, with subsequent reinforcements bringing the numbers up to 875,000 by the end of June.

There were five beaches: Omaha, Utah, Gold, Juno, and Sword. The first two were American, the last three were invaded by British and Canadian soldiers.

By far the worst meat grinder was Omaha, with 2000 dead, followed by Gold with about 1000 dead. All told, on D-Day, 4,414 allied troops died, with a grand total of about 10,000 Allied dead and wounded. (The Germans lost about a thousand men, which is not unexpected proportions for a defending force.)

The situation after the first day

Those casualty numbers, bad as they are, could have been much, much higher. And I imagine if we fought like the Soviets fought, with utter disregard for the lives of their own troops, they would have been.

Without D-Day, we’d live in a very different world. World War II was pivotal in history, and D-Day was pivotal within World War II. Thank You to all who fought there, and in Africa and Italy before, and Western Europe afterwards, and also to those who fought in the meantime in the Pacific.

Let’s just hope we can dish out domestic justice as well as we dished it out to the Japanese and the Nazis. It’s the least we can do for them, to let this continue being the sort of country they fought for.

A Reminder Of Today’s Issues.

Our movement is about replacing a failed and corrupt political establishment with a new government controlled by you, the American People...Our campaign represents a true existential threat, like they’ve never seen before.

Then-Candidate Donald J. Trump

And if one wants the full, polished video:

Lawyer Appeasement Section

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5. Never point the gun at anything you’re not willing to destroy.
6. Keep your finger off the trigger until ready to fire.
7. Be sure of your target and what is behind it.

(Hmm a few extras seem to have crept in.)

Coin of The Day

Now it wouldn’t be one of my posts without a coin, would it? In fact, I’ll do four. The US, UK, Canada, and French commemorations of D-Day.

This is of course the United States commemorative coin.
The UK has one too, of course.
And the Canadian one.
Fittingly, France did a commemoration in 1994 as well…but by then it had to be in the guise of a 2 Euro coin.

Obligatory PSA/Reminder

Just one more thing, my standard Public Service Announcement. We don’t want to forget this!!!

I hope this guy isn’t rotting in the laogai somewhere!

中国是个混蛋 !!!
Zhōngguò shì gè hùndàn !!!
China is asshoe !!!

625 thoughts on “2020·06·06 KMAG Daily Thread–D Day, 76th Anniversary

    1. Almighty King, we sincerely thank you for the gifts of our Republic, the wisdom of our Founding Fathers, who feared and revered you, and for the many protections and advantages that has made our nation a beacon of light in a dark world. Truly, Lord, you have poured out all of your blessings upon us as a great river empties into the sea.

      Lord, we humbly beg thy forgiveness for our many failings, our brokenness, and our weaknesses. The Holy Spirit is our conscience and we grieve over the ways in which we fall short of your gracious love and kindness. Though there is nothing we can do to earn your forgiveness, we nonetheless beg your leave to look back upon who we once were, who we are now, and who we strive to become as a surety for your continued grace and goodwill upon us.

      I come before you, Lord, to boldly implore you to put away your long suffering patience and bring down your wrath on all those who openly mock you, defile your bride our church, and have no fear of you. They are idolators, child killers, deceivers, manipulators, hypocrites, and perverters of truth. Now, Lord, they have even released a man-made pestilence among us for their own gain, for power and control, to remake this nation and the world according to their evil-worshipping design. We know from your own words that you have seen their kind before, many times, and in times past you have brought about their destruction in your righteousness anger and vengeance. Save us, Lord, from their wickedness, their schemes, and their foolish, ungodly ideology. Not for us, Lord, but for our children, and their children, and the generations to come who, like us, will hold and remember you in holy reverence and loving fear. Our nation’s motto is “In God we trust”, and our faith is in you, because of you and all that you have already done over the ages.

      Bless, once again, our President, Donald J. Trump, and all those who are working with him to restore our Republic in all the ways the Founding Fathers envisioned for it in their fear and regard for you. Place a hedge of protection around him and all of us who stand with and support him…that the light of this Republic and all the great good it stands for shall not perish. Let our enemies break themselves upon your impervious righteousness and indomitable will; bring upon them enduring shame and let their defeat stand as a warning to future generations of the truth of your power. For your glory, alone, Lord, that we may sing of and celebrate a new victory of your love, grace, and goodwill.

      Thank you, Holy Father, for the uncountable blessings you have poured upon us, and our mothers and fathers before us, for so long now. We long for your return and the final victory over the darkness and evil which only you can bring. We humbly pray these things in the holy name of Jesus, our Christ…the one, true son of God, the Lion of Judah, the promise to our fathers.


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  1. Great post Steve…

    just wanted quickly to post this one thing, and then back to bed (dog knocked over something and woke me)

    The Library

    Do you know what this picture tells me? This picture tells me two *very important* things:

    1.) Christopher Wray is a total fucking failure. At protecting America, at cleaning up the FBI, at outing criminality of the Bureau.

    2.) the FBI is so fucking corrupt & rotten, not even the Rank & File can be saved.

    Burn the entire fucking FBI down & disband it. Bar anyone who worked for FBI from future govt service. Give all its missions to already existing agencies that aren’t totally cancerous & irredeemable.

    Rich Higgins
    A picture’s worth……..

    Harold Wren

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        1. WWG1WGA!!!!!! You.. Need to understand.. I LOVE YOU!!! So MUCH!!!!😘🥰💖💖
          And Everybody At WOLFIES!!!! And Daughn !! We ALL PATRIOTS!!! AND LOVE DONALD J TRUMP!!!!!!

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    1. I am having a problem it’s this photo…it just seems “off” to me…for one thing, look at the ages (too young). Secondly, there’s a very heavy young woman … if she had just been going through FBI training, vigorously physical, she would not be 50# overweight.
      Any opinions? So much is staged now…is this one?

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  2. Steve,
    This article is well worth the read, IMO. It ties in with your Daily Thread very well.

    Protesters Provide Cover While The Country Bleeds
    June 5, 2020
    Take a step back, now take a look in the mirror – did you fall prey to their game, again? This is it – this is their master class. This is psychological warfare, all rolled out with a grand form of synchronicity, that most didn’t even see coming, or take a breath to see what’s happening before their very eyes. While the country burns, and the country bleeds, thousands are willingly providing cover for those carrying out acts of violence and bloodshed during these protests over George Floyd’s death, and others are succumbing to their pent-up anger as bait is dangled in front of them.
    What has become of humanity that so many could be so blind?


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            1. Still trying to figure out breast plate shopping for women. It HAS to be more complicated.

              Men–you just have to find one the right size for the torso. Label reads S, M, L, XL, XXL. Women–you have to do that AND fit the, um, breasts, properly. So what, the label could read S/S, S/M, S/L, S/XL then M/S, M/M, and so on?


    1. Good to see you, Syl…as always.
      Hope you’re doing well.

      (No need to speak of it; don’t want to jinx anything.)

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    2. Steve…Thanks for the D-Day post, great map visual….DH very much enjoyed it and it was perfect for today.
      I imagine the exhibit outside of DC will get lots of visitors…the statues of the D-Day are excellent and very powerful.
      Also, although I’ve listened to the Trump speech dozens of times, it becomes more and more prophetic and meaningful as time goes by. I urge everyone to listen to it again today!! (DH actually broke down in tears listening again this morning)

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      1. D-Day statue?

        I was unaware of this one. There’s an Iwo Jima statue of the Marines raising the flag on Mt. Suribachi, and there’s a general WWII memorial (which today’s crop of shitheads has vandalized, I understand). Where is the D-Day statue?


        1. Darn…sent too soon. It’s the D-Day exhibit in Bedford, Va….the little town that lost the most soldiers in the War. Done exceptionally well, the highlight is the large series of statues depicting storming the shores…with water, “gun fire” and sounds of the day.
          Sorry I cannot supply image but just look it up and you’ll be able to see it. A must-see if you are in the DC area…there’s a train that takes you there.

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  3. A D-Day Tribute

    Eleven Friends

    This morning my father said to me, son,
    Remember your uncle, not John, Big Ed.
    Well, he was at Normandy, on D-Day,
    In the first wave, storming the beachhead.

    In June, after high school, Ed and his friends,
    So young and carefree, all joined the army.
    They joined to protect all the folks back home,
    Early in the summer of ’43.

    They all stayed together, from Fort Devens
    To Devon, England where they would train
    At Slapton Sands for the big invasion,
    All to bring freedom to France once again.

    With the First Division just off Omaha Beach,
    Out of the transports, all climb down the net.
    Eleven friends into the Higgins Boats,
    Some men praying, but all in a cold sweat.

    In the Higgins Boats, tossed by the sea,
    All were puking and seasick and cold.
    Weakness, nausea and obvious fear
    Were just a foretaste of the battle’s toll.

    The boats came in close, some out too far
    There was some hope, then the ramps came down.
    The order was given “Men, hit the beach!”
    Many, overloaded, stepped off and drowned.

    For Ed and Stash, the water wasn’t deep.
    They both charged forward, heroes at the least.
    They landed off the beach by the high cliffs;
    A stiff wind had blown the boats too far east.

    Into the water to the jaws of death,
    Obstacles, beach mines and cruel barbed wire.
    Rifles, machine guns and artillery,
    Death everywhere from the flanking fire.

    Through it all the men struggled and fought;
    Thousands died at Omaha in the bay.
    Of the original eleven friends,
    Only Ed and Stash were alive the next day.

    Son, you think of Ed, laid back and quiet,
    Never ever speaking of what he’s done.
    Back in the day he was “Ready Eddie,”
    Always smiling and always looking for fun.

    War and death will change a man in ways
    That sometimes are bad, and other times good.
    Ed came back changed, a grown serious man,
    Having less fun than, perhaps, a man should.

    We’ll all be going to Greenlawn today,
    To honor Big Ed and all of his friends.
    Nine of them buried at Normandy,
    Ed and Stash, here, close friends to the end.

    Eleven markers, for eleven men,
    Eleven heroes that kept the world free.
    Eleven patriots, eleven friends,
    Who lived life and died for our liberty.

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      1. I wrote it, loosely based on a snippet I read that mentioned a number of friends joining the Army to fight in WWII. I added the timing and the duty stations and the details of D-Day to make it accurate.

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    1. Thank you, Carl.
      If this is one of yours, then…well done!

      If not, then Thank you for posting it.

      This is a moving reminder that each one of those ‘numbers’ in the death toll…is a person.
      A person with a personality and a story.
      A life that was cut short by their sacrifice, for us.

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      1. I spotted ONE the second time I went back and looked.

        I’d say it’s worth a fix, so long as you also do a repeat post (particularly since we’re on page 2 as of the time I write this).


  4. I think these companies have gotten a memo. If I look at letter from two of them Ikea and Eddie Bauer notice that they both mention certain names.

    It reminds me of the mockingbird media well now I have the mockingbird companies.

    How this is going to help them I have no idea? Because I for one will not be spending my money in certain places that peddle this. Show me your making stuff in the USA.

    FYI my Mom’s comment to EB was ‘shut up’. Also your over priced and I’m glad you never got 1 cent of my $ and prob made in china. 100+ year heritage down the drain.

    A Message from Eddie Bauer President Damien Huang
    Our brand’s mission is to get people outside. By this, we typically mean into parks and wilderness for outdoor activity. Today I want to get outside in a different way – outside of our comfort zone, outside of the bounds of corporate speak, and outside of the typical Eddie Bauer email or social post highlighting an adventure or new product.

    Why? Because BLACK LIVES MATTER – full stop. As President of Eddie Bauer, I want to use my position and the platform we have to amplify this important message. I speak on behalf of myself – a bi-racial child of first-generation immigrants who was given some of the best America has to offer – but I also speak on behalf of Eddie Bauer. We stand in solidarity with the families of George Floyd, Breonna Taylor, Ahmaud Arbery, Eric Gardner, and the many others whose lives were cut short out of disregard for Black lives. Let us all lend our voices to condemn the horrific acts of violence, but also acknowledge and seek to dismantle the insidious ways in which racism exerts its power in our society.

    In acknowledgement that outdoor spaces have not historically been a welcoming place for all, we created our All Outside Program in 2019 to strive for the idea that ALL people should feel invited, accepted, and validated in the full range of their outdoor experiences. As part of the All Outside Program, we’ve expanded our Guide team to hire leaders, activists, and underrepresented voices from a range of communities to act as advocates for those who have felt overlooked by the outdoor community in the past. Most importantly, these new leaders are helping us effect change inside our company too.

    Yet there is no doubt that as an organization we have fallen short. There is more we could have done, and sooner, to ensure we are an anti-racist organization. We are committed to this for the long-term and know we have work to do. We will put resources behind it, set plans and processes, and hold ourselves accountable.

    Today, as a starting point, here is what we are doing:

    Donating to the NAACP, America’s premier organization fighting for racial justice and equality, and to Color of Change, the nation’s largest online racial justice organization building campaigns to advance the rights of Black Americans.
    Partnering and advocating within our industry for increased representation, support, and acknowledgment of BIPOC outdoor experiences.
    Providing opportunities inside Eddie Bauer to explore issues of diversity, equity, and inclusion, and to create forums for our associates to advocate and institute change.
    Hiring more BIPOC for paid opportunities to change how we show up as a brand, such as photographers and models for our marketing and advertising campaigns, or as content contributors for our Eddie Bauer Contributor campaigns.
    Creating opportunities for information and education by participating in more conversations in the captions and the comment sections of our social channels. We can’t promise we will be able to engage on every single comment – but we will be making an effort to use our channels for constructive dialogue.

    Our brand has a 100+ year heritage and there are many things we love about Eddie Bauer’s deep roots, starting with the ethos of helping guide everyone in their outdoor experiences. But that does not mean our company or society should look the way it did 100 years ago. Our company has stood the test of time because we recognize the importance of transformation.

    To make lasting, impactful change, we must make these actions a priority in how we conduct ourselves. It is in our best interest as a society and as a company to promote diversity, equity, and inclusivity in our community and industry. There are no excuses.

    We look forward to fostering a dialogue with more voices on this topic – we will be reading your responses and comments, and we encourage you to provide us with your feedback.

    Damien Huang
    President, Eddie Bauer

    Now onto ikea. Swedish need I say more.

    At IKEA, we believe that equality is a human right, and that everyone has the right to be treated fairly—but it’s time we acknowledge that this hasn’t been the case for African Americans and many others in the U.S. Many of us are hurting in light of the most recent incidents of inhumanity and inequality. Unfortunately, this is not a new issue, as we have seen time and time again the unfair and harsh treatment of African Americans across the country. Christian Cooper, Breonna Taylor, Ahmaud Arbery, and George Floyd have been added to a long list of names that will be embedded in our hearts and minds as we wrestle with the devastation this has created in our communities.

    IKEA condemns in the strongest possible terms all forms of racism and prejudice. And while we do not condone acts of violence of any kind, we understand how years of harassment and persecution can manifest in the outrage we are seeing today.

    We know many of you view IKEA as “a Swedish company,” but we’ve been in the U.S. for 35 years now and have 18,000 co-workers about whom we care deeply. We have a responsibility to create an environment where every co-worker feels safe, included, and valued. This doesn’t mean that we must agree on everything, but we will always respect each other. In the next few days, we will be in constant conversation with our leaders and co-workers to determine the best way forward and how we can help rebuild communities—many of which have already been impacted by COVID-19.

    In the meantime, we will not compromise the safety of our co-workers and customers and have suspended operations at our IKEA Twin Cities store in Bloomington, in addition to stores in other areas that have been affected.

    Our vision has always been to make life better for the many people—and as hard as that may seem today, we remain steadfast in that mission now. Together, let’s focus on leading by example, demonstrating how acceptance, care, and respect for our differences make us stronger.

    Javier Quiñones
    IKEA Retail U.S. President

    Can I just say this part pissed me off “IKEA condemns in the strongest possible terms all forms of racism and prejudice. And while we do not condone acts of violence of any kind, we understand how years of harassment and persecution can manifest in the outrage we are seeing today.” Soooooo if your ikea store is burned or looted your ok with that?!?!?!

    And now health care workers are doing “white coats for black lives’!?!?!!?

    This is crazy. I need a rally. I am so done with these idiots!!!

    Fun joke: I was at walmart and someone had a ‘the struggle is real’ shirt on. But I wasn’t sure if she was talking about the struggle or the struggle to get out of that tshirt!!!!

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    1. https://blogs.microsoft.com/blog/2020/06/05/change-in-ourselves-helps-drive-change-in-the-world/

      To this end, we will deepen our engagement with six organizations that are advancing social justice, helping community organizers address racial inequality, and offering solidarity to the Black community: Black Lives Matter Foundation, Equal Justice Initiative, Innocence Project, The Leadership Conference, Minnesota Freedom Fund, and NAACP Legal Defense & Education Fund. This starts with a company donation of $250,000 to each of these organizations ($1.5 million in total), followed by a company match of our employees’ contributions to eligible organizations. Together, through your giving and the company match, we have donated more than $15 million to civil rights, social action, and advocacy nonprofit organizations since 2015.

      I see BLM and the NAACP are getting a lot of money out of this.

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    2. Yep. I’d have asked her if the stuggle was to keep it all in, and say it looks like you’re losing…

      As far as IKEA goes, Ingvar Kamprad, the founder of IKEA (Ingvar Kamprad, the IK part), was thrifty, a hard worker, and had a Protestant work ethic. His progeny, and the “erbgemeinschaft”, and the corporate weenies, not at all.

      In around 2004, IKEA disbanded all of their local catalog groups, and moved to a central group in Sweden. Every country, from then on, got TWO (count ’em, TWO) pages of the catalog as their own, which would then be translated into the 100+ languages in which it appears. Needless to say, the market they really aim for is Red China, by far the largest market, and that could explain the prominence of RED in their color schemes!
      It also explains the prevalence of cheap Chinese Shit in their stores. Who knows what’s in the particleboard making up the Billy book cases (btw, Billy is like billig (in German) which means CHEAP – something that’s a bargain, good value for the money, is termed günstig…)…

      Ever since then, the catalogs have been a hodge-podge of disparate items thrown into a room, hoping that they land in something resembling some sort of order…gee, how edgy… No more lists of product families in the back, no more (real) Christmas things in the SB Halle (serve-yourself).

      Nope, the Scandanavians are killing their own culture, whilst welcoming the Islamic Barbarian invaders…

      You’d think they’d know, this being the third time ’round…

      And Eddie Bauer? They always served the “left” side of town. Sad… Look up their entry in “The Preppie Handbook”. Then again, they’re probably not far from the drain. Nordstrom has basically given up on Kalifornistan… and they used to have good stuff… sigh… We used to buy German baby shoes for my son from them long, LONG ago 🙂

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      1. Nope, the Scandanavians are killing their own culture, whilst welcoming the Islamic Barbarian invaders…—– yup. Sad but true.

        Thanks for the info by the way. Hope your doing well at least.

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    Good news! The protest in my neighborhood was peaceful! Thank you to all who helped me pray for peace!

    The protest organizers wisely changed the protest route overnight so that the protest was directed away from the main business and residential part of the neighborhood. They decided to block some major roads instead. I could hear the chanting and yelling from my house even with the THREE helicopters circling the neighborhood. There was social media chatter last night about people planning on open carrying around neighborhood businesses to keep them safe, so I wonder if the rumors of guns along with prayer prompted the decision to move the protest.

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    1. Our hearts went out to you, Sadie – we remembered you all day in our prayers – we prayed for protection and peace – we are so HAPPY to hear you are safe and sound – God is Good – He heard us!!!

      God Bless You today and always – and know we are here for you – whatever you need – God knows!!!

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  6. True journalism is dead I mean take a look at this story.


    “There’re so many crazy groups out there that could look at my name, look at my face and target my family.”—–and yet you post your REAL FULL name. And have your photo taken on camera.

    While some of the peaceful protests across the county have already led to changes in some states, one major topic that’s repeatedly come up in defunding police departments. Protesters in St. Peters said it’s not about eliminating or stopping policing but changing.———-peaceful protests? Ok!!! But I think Katie hopkins said it last time. What do you want? What is the point? You want change but someone else wants no police.

    Also WHAT does this town have to do with anything!?!?!??

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  7. Very high chance for a false flag today, folks.

    – 6th day of the month, 6 month of the year, 6th day of the week (depending on who you ask)
    – Saturday = Saturn’s Day (the cabal loves the 6th planet and its symbolism)
    – Anniversary of D-Day
    – Million Man March in DC
    – Ominous Q crumbs about a White House invasion and unrest in DC

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        1. Gail Combs
          June 5, 2020 at 20:30

          The DEMON-Rats want a really good Photo Op. and they do not give a rats arse if they have to get a bunch of protesters killed to get it. From their point of view, the more the better.

          Remember yesterday some dimwitted puppet was saying there should be no fence and it is the PEOPLES house and should be open to all.


          I think a weapon similar to this is probably best in these circumstances.

          The Active Denial System (ADS) is a non-lethal, directed-energy weapon developed by the U.S. military, designed for area denial, perimeter security and crowd. And that is ONLY because I do not want to give the DemonRats what they are hoping for.

          5 minute video:

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      1. This is reminding me of the “Joker” premiere and Virginia gun rally where there’s a whole lot of hype for something bad to happen. Maybe there were really were evil plans in those cases that were stopped by the white hats. Praying that this is a similar situation.

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        1. Sadie,
          What worried me was guards were reporting that people talking in Arabic and the people talking in Mandarin taking photos of the White House. (Reported here a couple days ago.)

          You can use the Cannon Fodder to locate the guns for take out and then attack the White House.

          There is a concerted effort to remove protection FROM DC

          Remember the Mayor ALREADY told the DC police to stand-down.

          Removal of curfew
          Jun 4th: JUST IN: DC Mayor Muriel Bowser says there will not be a curfew in the District tonight as protests over the death of George Floyd are expected to continue.


          Mike Lee
          Just heard that Mayor Bowser is kicking the Utah National Guard out of all DC hotels tomorrow. More than 1200 troops from 10 states are being evicted. This is unacceptable.

          June 5th:
          Paula Reid
          JUST IN: A senior defense official tells
          Defense Secretary Esper has given the order to return all active duty troops brought into the capital region to their home bases.

          Examples of letters:

          HARLAN Z. HILL [@ Fox News]
          Organizers say 1 million people are coming to protest in DC this weekend.

          If coronavirus is really as dangerous as the media claimed just 3 weeks ago, this is basically a biological attack on the nation’s capital.

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          1. From the many tweets and threads from Carlos Osweda, the Nazi/Commie/Marxist/Witch in WashD.C. will get her wish of moving the National Guard away.

            But what will replace them will be another order of magnitude more “special”. And the perps probably won’t even notice that they’re there, their presence being all but unnoticeable…

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    1. “Very high chance for a false flag today, folks.”

      Yes, I get the same sense about it.

      I’ve been bracing myself for some fake ‘right wing’ plant to start spraying one of the crowds with bullets, or something.

      The people behind all this are evil.
      They do not value life…and have already killed people with the Plannedemic.

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      1. Not to mention countless abortions… of the COMPLETELY INNOCENT…

        (Which is why they want them, but that’s another subject…).

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    2. I am glad that it was uneventful! My conservative area has been targeted. An l.a. organizer of antifa/blm are bussing in people for tomorrow. Out of area people to riot if they could bc no one from the protest has yet, although theyve discussed looting. It will be a difficult weekend here.

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  8. This evening I finally watched a film I have been saving specifically for tonight.

    76 years ago, on this night, tens of thousands of very young men….boys, really….began a fateful crossing of the English Channel….in what will likely stand as the greatest armada mankind has or will ever witness…to rid the world of some of the blackest and most vile evil to ever walk the face of the Earth.

    In their honor, I watched a film tonight that…in my humble opinion…readily joins the ranks of such monumental films as “Saving Private Ryan”, “Hacksaw Ridge”, and “Taking Chance”.

    If you haven’t seen it yet, I cannot more strongly recommend and encourage you to gift yourself the experience of this film. And, it’s a (mostly) true story.

    Have a taste…


    Medal of Honor citation, pararescueman William H. Pitenbarger, Staff Sgt., USAF


    “For conspicuous gallantry and intrepidity in action at the risk of his life above and beyond the call of duty near Cam My, April 11, 1966:

    Airman First Class Pitsenbarger distinguished himself by extreme valor on April 11, 1966 near Cam My, Republic of Vietnam, while assigned as a Pararescue Crew Member, Detachment 6, 38th Aerospace Rescue and Recovery Squadron. On that date, Airman Pitsenbarger was aboard a rescue helicopter responding to a call for evacuation of casualties incurred in an on-going firefight between elements of the United States Army’s 1st Infantry Division and a sizable enemy force approximately 35 miles east of Saigon. With complete disregard for personal safety, Airman Pitsenbarger volunteered to ride a hoist more than one hundred feet through the jungle, to the ground. On the ground, he organized and coordinated rescue efforts, cared for the wounded, prepared casualties for evacuation, and insured that the recovery operation continued in a smooth and orderly fashion. Through his personal efforts, the evacuation of the wounded was greatly expedited. As each of the nine casualties evacuated that day were recovered, Pitsenbarger refused evacuation in order to get one more wounded soldier to safety. After several pick-ups, one of the two rescue helicopters involved in the evacuation was struck by heavy enemy ground fire and was forced to leave the scene for an emergency landing. Airman Pitsenbarger stayed behind, on the ground, to perform medical duties. Shortly thereafter, the area came under sniper and mortar fire. During a subsequent attempt to evacuate the site, American forces came under heavy assault by a large Viet Cong force. When the enemy launched the assault, the evacuation was called off and Airman Pitsenbarger took up arms with the besieged infantrymen. He courageously resisted the enemy, braving intense gunfire to gather and distribute vital ammunition to American defenders. As the battle raged on, he repeatedly exposed himself to enemy fire to care for the wounded, pull them out of the line of fire, and return fire whenever he could, during which time, he was wounded three times. Despite his wounds, he valiantly fought on, simultaneously treating as many wounded as possible. In the vicious fighting which followed, the American forces suffered 80 percent casualties as their perimeter was breached, and airman Pitsenbarger was finally fatally wounded. Airman Pitsenbarger exposed himself to almost certain death by staying on the ground, and perished while saving the lives of wounded infantrymen. His bravery and determination exemplify the highest professional standards and traditions of military service and reflect great credit upon himself, his unit, and the United States Air Force.“



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  9. Q posts, at Elizabeth’s request: 😀

    Q 4427

    20 16:50:11 (EST) NEW
    EZx1SOsWoAEX4ZJ.jpg ⬇

    Seeing is Believing.
    Have faith in Humanity.

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  10. Q 4428

    Jun 5 2020 17:57:11 (EST) NEW

    Attempt [another] to remove WH protection.
    Ask yourself, why?
    Enemy of the People.

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    1. Skanky mayor Bowowser even puts that ‘tribute’ to BLM painted on the DC street.

      Is that…X marks the Spot?

      Is that where they are planning some sort of showdown?

      I mean…who does that?
      That’s like giving the city to the protestors.

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      1. well, if they can’t get the intended “victims” into the right photo op frame, then it’s a waste…so because they’re dumbass sheep, you paint lines on the road and tell them to stand on those lines…
        then you can take the best photo op pic (because the lines were painted days in advance) and you scoped out the area…you know where the masses will be, you can be ready–
        it’s all planned…

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    1. It’s worse than that.

      It’s not just that some people on our side are lumping everyone together.

      It’s that the LEFT sees no meaningful difference between a peaceful protest and this sort of pillaging and burning.

      (Though it seems in some cases they are doing the retarded barbarian thing and doing them in the wrong order. You pillage, THEN burn, not the other way around. I’m leaving out “rape” since I’ve not heard of that happening recently. At least not yet.)

      Come to find out my leftist niece is all down with the pillaging and burning, considering it justified.

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      1. Well they’re overloaded with soy. They probably don’t have the “muckies” to attempt that… fortunately…


  11. “Let’s just hope we can dish out domestic justice as well as we dished it out to the Japanese and the Nazis. It’s the least we can do for them, to let this continue being the sort of country they fought for.”

    Yes, well put, Steve.

    Thanks for the History recap…that was a moment in our history that should Never Be Forgotten.
    And here we are, now — battling the same evil forces who seek to enslave us.

    Thanks for the coin pictures, too!
    I always enjoy those.

    Nice work on the thread!

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  12. This is featured at citizens free press. Seems to be a dad leaving an apot from a children’s hospital. He mustve had to park a ways away but the terror the little girl has is real. And then they throw bricks anyways.
    No good people here. This is joes base.

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    1. If he and you are into movies, you could do “Longest Day.” It’s not full of gore. Of course if he’s old enough for that then there is ALWAYS Saving Private Ryan.

      (I was about to make a gore-and-bush pun but then I realized read a different way that superficially describes a lot of Hollywood’s Pg-13 and higher content. Ye gods was that endless election really twenty years ago?)

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      1. There’s always the immortal William F. Buckley quip:

        “I’d rather be gored by a boar, than bored by a Gore”….

        (gosh, that goes back even further, to Gore Vidal…)…
        (where are Steve Allen, David Frost, Peter Sellers, and Anthony Newley when we need them?????)…..
        (Not forgetting Spike Milligan and Harry Secombe)…

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        1. I referred to our wonderful major-party choices in 2000 as “Goosh and Bore” one time and I of course meant Goosh (R) and Bore (D) since the latter had such a reputation for being an uninspiring speaker. But someone did have to ask me to clarify which was which.


          1. Almost like that poster that was circulating in the cube farms of the 80s:

            “It has come to our attention that employees dying on the job are failing to fall down.
            This practice must stop as it becomes impossible to distinguish between death and the natural movement of the staff.

            Any employees found dead in the upright position will be dropped from the payroll.”

            [P.S. Great thread, Steve. Never in the field of human conflict was so much owed by so many to so few….]


      1. That’s because there was nothing actually WRONG with our productive capacity; we just had to remove the chains.

        The prior post-Obola recovery was slower than this only because we needed to rebuild our productive capacity first, but there was really nothing wrong with our capacity to build productive capacity either, once we removed THOSE chains. (Many such chains yet to be removed, incidentally.)

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      2. And what do you want to bet that Satan Soros (and his Satanic swampians) shorted just before the drop, sold it all, then reinvested at the bottom…

        Hell almost isn’t hot enough for the likes of Satan Soros and his spawn….

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  13. So, I found this live bird on the ground, on the sidewalk beside my house. It’s quite young — It still has some down, but mostly feathers — though I’m pretty sure it doesn’t have any flight feathers. It was on its side, with both feet sticking out one way. I could see it breathing, and at one point, it flopped around until it faced a different direction.

    I know the standard advice is to not get involved and let nature take its course — but it’s not natural to be laying on a concrete sidewalk on a well-travelled route for people to walk their dogs. So I scooped it up into a towel-lined short box and set it on top of the washing machine in our mudroom, with an incandescent light bulb to keep it company. (Birds are basically reptiles until they’re autonomous and need a source of heat. Chicks at about that age generally need to be 88-95 degrees. Being that it’s about 70 in the house, I put a clamp-on floodlight above the box with a 60 watt bulb and about a 1″ gap, then moved it off-center so I didn’t Easybake the victim. I fussed around until I thought the area near the bird was about right — it’s not like I keep electronic temperature monitors around in case of animal rescue.)

    After my fiddling with the heat a while, the bird has gotten its feet under it and settled down on its belly, and tucked its head away from the light like it was sleeping normally. If it’s dead tomorrow (as I half expect), I will have smoothed its passing. I looked in the bushes adjacent to the sidewalk where I found him and could not find a nest.

    Unfortunately, its breathing is not as readily visible in this position. Its eyes have been closed every time I’ve looked at them — but it seems odd that this would be a developmental thing being that he clearly has feathers. I just saw a bunch of Canada geese goslings that were out foraging around despite being entirely covered in down.

    I have no idea what type of bird this is — it’s halfway between infant (down) and juvenile (non-flight) feathers, and few birding books cover the coloration of either stage. It’s looking like it might be heading to pigeon size at adulthood, or maybe dove. Bill is long and pointed, like a seed-picker or insectivore.

    Anyway, I’m pretty sure I made it more comfortable and kept it from being stepped-on, kicked into the street, attacked by roof rats, or used as a dog toy (all unnatural). If it’s alive tomorrow, I’ll have to figure out what comes next.

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    1. Slight clarification — if it wasn’t obvious — if it were in a situation where it imminently would be picked-off by a (native) hawk, I would not have intervened. That’s the way that nature works. But it was in a confluence of artificial human risks that I hoped to partially offset by a human kindness.

      Oh, and someone lost a ball python nearby…..

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      1. Water has been on my mind (we would all die of dehydration long before we starved), but it was on its side until it was warmed, and then looked asleep. If it had been cheeping or active after being warmed, I would have tried to get it to accept water.

        I’m thinking that it just fell out…..but I found it in a place (on the sidewalk), where it could have moved some distance from the nest — and I wasn’t in a situation where I could examine 30 feet of bushes for a potential nest site — and he was somewhat mobile. I searched about 5 feet of that 30 directly above where I found him and saw nothing.

        The temperature dropped about 20 degrees between yesterday and today. Being a n00b, he may have been caught unaware.

        Given the environment we have here, it is entirely possible that it was growing in the nest and its parents got eaten by housecats.

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        1. Or snakes. That has been a far greater danger to nests than cats on our property. We finally put multi-layers of black netting around the trees with blue bird houses to deter snakes.

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    1. Wow. 😳

      So it’s the street leading right up to the White House that has BLM painted on it?
      Thanks, Sadie…I did not know this.

      Out of all the streets in DC…they put the BLM “mural” on that one.
      Um hmm.

      That’s not suspicious at all, is it.

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      1. I rather expect that will be scrubbed.

        That mayor thinks she runs/owns Washington D.C. She’s in for a rude awakening. As are the Fauxtesters…

        They’ll never know what hit them…


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  14. It’s too bad there couldn’t be another message painted on the street between the Park and the White House: “YOU’D NEVER KNOW IT W/ DEM POLICY”

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  15. Leftists on twitter have been attacking Barron Trump…and Twitter itself has got ‘Barron Trump’ trending.


    It looks like a lot of them are pro-BLM or pro-Antifa.
    Here is an example of the crap that they are posting…but these are the mild ones:


    Grrr…I loathe these people.

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      1. If they start having to repair a lot of moulding over doorways in the white house, this will be confirmed. Or if we see him walking around with bandages on his forehead or scalp.

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  16. “And now we’re moving into space, which has largely (so far) been a place useful for reconnaissance, navigation and communications, and therefore, inevitably, will be fought over.”


    If this is true — and I’m not suggesting it’s not — then why don’t we just win it right now, while the winning is easy? Why should we wait until the enemy can put up a credible fight?

    Why not destroy every enemy satellite and then use space weapons platforms to destroy any new satellite after it enters the equivalent of ‘international space’?

    If war in space is inevitable, then do the conditions for war not exist right now? Is there not an ‘arms race in space’ right now?

    Which is less costly in lives and treasure — to preempt a war in space that is certain to come, or to wait until the enemy has enough resources to launch a successful attack?

    There is no higher ground that platforms in earth orbit.

    The high ground is a huge strategic and tactical advantage.

    If we ever lose it, it may be impossible to ever get it back.

    Just a thought.

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    1. This is why it is so important that we have a Space Force, Steve.

      But as they say…”No bucks, no Buck Rogers.”

      We aren’t there yet.
      And we need a roaring economy with domestic supply chains and manufacturing, to fund a formidable Space Force.

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      1. Steve is my other brother by another mother… and father.

        But that’s okay, if it doesn’t happen at least once a week from somebody, I start to feel like something’s wrong with my world 😂

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    2. We don’t do this, for the same reason we don’t just send our fleet into everyone else’s ports and smash up their navies.

      You only do that AFTER war is declared. Before that, unfortunately, there’s a very expensive arms race, because the major powers know that the most expensive luxury in the world is a military second-best to your rival’s military.

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      1. “We don’t do this, for the same reason we don’t just send our fleet into everyone else’s ports and smash up their navies.”


        But it’s not the same, and the key is right there in your response, the words ‘everyone else’s ports’.

        Nobody has any ports in space, there is no ‘territory’ to violate.

        It’s space.

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        1. No, but we also don’t shoot on sight other people’s ships on the high seas either–also not anyone’s territory. Again, a line that isn’t crossed until war has been declared.

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          1. Okay, two issues come to mind.

            1) there is nobody on the satellites and/or weapons platforms, they are effectively ‘drones’, machines

            2) if you allow a weapons platform, you are allowing a national security risk — and not a little one, a huge one.

            We don’t allow the enemy (or anyone else) to violate our airspace, why would we allow the enemy to violate the area ABOVE our air space?

            Doesn’t the reason for protecting our air space go triple for the space above our air space?

            And due to the nature of space, can’t a weapon be launched from anywhere in earth orbit, and be guided to drop on the United States?

            How is it different from allowing the enemy to put a knife to your throat, but not doing anything about it until after he cuts your throat?

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            1. OK, so NOW we are talking *specifically* about weapons platforms.

              Not spy satellites, not comm satellites, not navigation satellites or even weather satellites.

              Those latter, of course, we DO let cross over our country. There was quite a lot of consternation in the early space age and the time immediately before it, because the old theory of property rights and territoriality said a property owner, or a country, owned a wedge whose point was at the center of the earth and which extended to infinity (this, by the way, is absurd on an oblate spheroid. You go straight down from any place not on the equator or at the poles, and you MISS the center of the earth; you’ll hit it if you allow the bore hole to curve to follow the gravitational gradient.)

              The conclusion of all of that is that up in space, it’s not our territory, and as long as nothing kinetic/destructive is headed towards us, we can’t lay a finger on it without it being a hostile act. This is because it’s basically impossible not to “overfly” some country’s territory unless the orbital inclination is less than the magnitude of the latitude of the nearest point in that country to the equator. (Again not exactly true, oblate spheroid strikes again, but the inclination has to stay below a number very similar to that latitude.)

              So I doubt there’s anything we could do about a weapons platform in orbit without it being an act of war; it’s not “our territory ” in any meaningful sense. Now if we expect an imminent attack from it, it’s justifiable to take it out, but note we’ll be at war either way, whether it was truly planning to blow us to bits or not.

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              1. Thank you for the history.

                “So I doubt there’s anything we could do about a weapons platform in orbit without it being an act of war; it’s not “our territory ” in any meaningful sense. Now if we expect an imminent attack from it, it’s justifiable to take it out, but note we’ll be at war either way, whether it was truly planning to blow us to bits or not.”


                If we can prove (which we certainly can by this point, and will continue to prove with the exposure of the CCP control over large swathes of our government and industry) that China has engaged in covert warfare against the U.S. for 30+ years, then they are engaged in war against us.

                For decades.

                Costing us trillions of dollars and nearly costing us our country, not to mention hundreds of millions of lives which never realized their potential, thanks to subversion and sedition and treason.

                Exposing the CCP to the world and removing all of their satellites would be a legitimate reaction, a legitimate act of self-defense.

                We’re already in an economic war with the CCP.

                And they won’t start a kinetic war, because if they believed they could win, they wouldn’t have written “Unrestricted Warfare” and used it as their template in the first place.

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              2. It is pretty evident that Trump does not want to go kinetic either. Actually there’s still plenty of non-kinetic damage we can do to them, and they’ve definitely stepped on their own cranks with golf cleats in re: the ChiComCrud; a lot of countries disinclined to do anything to them are now PISSED.

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      2. “You only do that AFTER war is declared. Before that, unfortunately, there’s a very expensive arms race, because the major powers know that the most expensive luxury in the world is a military second-best to your rival’s military.”


        Let me guess… Marquess of Queensberry is somehow involved in that strategery?

        That’s terrible policy. Which is why it never works, except for the military industrial complex and the bankers.

        In the history of war, from the dawn of Mankind up until the contrivance of Banker Family Instigated Wars of the 1700s – 1800s (and ever since), did enemies ever sit around and wait for their enemy to muster enough strength and power to present a realistic chance of defeating them?

        Was it Roman policy to wait until an enemy was powerful enough to threaten the empire before Rome crushed them?

        Did Babylon (by policy) wait until their enemies were strong enough to destroy Babylon before attempting to subdue their enemies?

        Did the Persians?

        Did Genghis Khan?

        Who does that?

        If you’re in a parking lot and some guy starts to rob you, but then he says “Hey, hang on for about 5 minutes until my friends get here, and I’ll rob you better then”, do you wait?

        See what I mean? It’s stupid, that’s why nobody ever did it, until the insanity of Central Banker Wars… 😂

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        1. No, that’s not what I am saying.

          A declaration of war doesn’t necessarily happen only when attacked; it can indeed happen pre-emptively. And of course not all wars are declared.

          But if you start destroying enemy ships or satellites, it will be considered an act of war, and you’d better be ready for it to get kinetic–in a lot of ways that hit a lot closer to home than low earth orbit or the high seas.

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          1. “But if you start destroying enemy ships or satellites, it will be considered an act of war, and you’d better be ready for it to get kinetic–in a lot of ways that hit a lot closer to home than low earth orbit or the high seas.”


            You mean like the Chinese Communist Party (and who knows who else) has been doing to us for the last 30 years, with a special heavy emphasis in the last 3?

            Undeclared war.

            Infiltration, not invasion.

            Unrestricted Warfare. The Chinese wrote the book on it.


            That’s what has been happening to us, since 1999.

            Click to access unrestricted.pdf

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            1. There’s a difference between that and what FG&C labelled “kinetic war.” The latter involves invasions, bombings, naval vessels shooting at things including other naval vessels, and so on.

              Is it a conflict, and can it do us grave harm? Absolutely. And can we retaliate, as we have done with the economic sanctions and tariffs? Absolutely–and that has hurt China a lot!

              But it’s a step below what you see in World War II movies full of loud sounds and kabooms.

              Blowing up other peoples’ satellites would be crossing that line, and Trump doesn’t want to cross it.


  17. Remember this guy…the Antifa professor?

    This was in mid-September 2017.

    This Antifa professor guy, Mike Isaacson, was put ‘on leave’ after his anti-police tweets about wanting to see dead cops, became known to the school where he taught.

    Tucker did a good job of getting this guy to expose his anti-free speech views.

    Then a year later…Tucker’s was attacked and his home was terrorized by a group that called themselves:
    “Smash Racism DC”

    Which is apparently one of Antifa’s aliases.

    So…Antifa has a history of joining forces with the BLM organization.
    It wouldn’t be a stretch to think of them as one and the same, even though BLM tries to claim that they are a “peaceful group”.

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    1. That’s one reason I think all these millions of dollars by virtue signaling corporations will never be disbursed.
      And, I hope someone closely follows the $100 million pledge by Michael Jordon, (one of the oppressed blacks, of course) to see just how much is given out of his pocket.
      All this reminds me of Haiti and the Clintons.

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    2. Ahhhh. I remember that guy, another pencilneck creep…

      Looks a lot (especially the one-eye) like one of the fellows whose picture was up yesterday…

      Where do the left (aka Creamer’s thugs) get these fools?????

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  19. The Muslim Brotherhood is another player in all this.

    They seem to like to insert female operatives into key positions where they can do damage.

    Text of Andy Ngo’s tweet:

    Urooj Rahman, the Pakistani human rights attorney accused of carrying out firebombing attacks at a Manhattan riot, gave an interview the same night where she said, “This s–t won’t ever stop unless we f–kin’ take it all down.” https://nypost.com/2020/06/05/molotov-lawyer-urooj-rahman-blames-de-blasio-for-not-calling-off-nypd/?utm_campaign=SocialFlow&utm_source=NYPTwitter&utm_medium=SocialFlow… #antifa #BlackLivesMatter

    Text of Joseph Flynn’s tweet:

    They need to put her away for life if she does not fess up to who the big bosses are in this two bit Ivy League Revolution.

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  20. 21 puzzling Questions about the Floyd George Incident – A Wichita cops wife wrote this says anon

    From above:
    Post 9496175 8 hours ago • View on 8kun
    A Wichita cops wife wrote this.

    LOTS of puzzling Questions about the Floyd George Incident:
    1. Why does one photo from behind show the man on the road is not handcuffed and the video from the front that he is handcuffed?
    2. Why is the cop car in the restaurant surveillance video different than the one Floyd was lying behind (different car numbers)?
    3. Why were the cops in the surveillance footage that arrested him different than the police in the actual incident?
    4. Why does the video show the diesel fuel price as 99 cents instead of the regular price in the area of $2.49?
    5. Why does the police car have a non-municipal license plate with “Police” on it?
    6. Why does Derek have a completely different police badge on top of a second police badge matching his partner’s if they work for the same precinct?
    7. Why is it not odd that both Officers Tou Thao and Derek Chauvin have both previously been investigated for excessive use of force and not charged by State AG Amy Klobuchar?
    Additionally, Officer Derek Chauvin is married to his partner’s sister Kelli.
    8. Is there any cop dumb enough to continue kneeling on someone’s neck for 8 minutes when surrounded by people and being video recorded?
    9. Is it possible for the deceased’s cousins and fiancé to be completely tearless during interviews?
    10. Why does the main cop have one hand in his pocket most of the time he’s kneeling?
    11. Why did the kneeling officer appear completely cool and calm, as if he was posing for the camera?
    12. Doesn’t it seem strange that Floyd and the officer that kneeled on his neck worked security together on the same shift at the El Nuevo Rodeo Club, the officer for 17 years (both were laid off because of the COVID-19 virus)?
    13. Why do the neighbors of this officer say they didn’t know he was a cop and never saw him in uniform?
    14. Why has the same attorney been hired as with all the other big supposed police killings of blacks? Attorney Benjamin Crump. The same attorney that worked on previous cases that resulted in busses bringing in rioters from outside the city?
    15. Why does store surveillance video show Floyd calmly and submissively walking with the officer and not resisting arrest while the officer gently allowed him to sit down on the side walk, and multiple officers calmly chatting with him? Is this the kind of suspect that a police officer would feel the need to put on the ground and place his knee on his neck?
    16. Why did the EMT workers (wearing police uniforms including bullet proof vests) roughly handle and dump the unconscious George on the stretcher? This is not how trained emergency workers lift a person with a possible neck injury. Why did they not attempt triage or try CPR?
    17. Can someone really not breathe when someone kneels on his neck and is the victim really able to speak for considerable periods of time if he can’t breathe?
    18. Post killing: Why is a white man that looks like an undercover (St. Paul) cop in black and a riot gear mask carrying a black umbrella walking around breaking windows (and others dressed similarly starting fires) and instigating a riot? Is this reminiscent of “umbrella man” during the JFK shooting?
    19. Why were almost all the rioters leading the destruction of the neighborhood at the beginning of the riots “white” and not from Minneapolis? In a black neighborhood after a police killed a black man?
    20. Why did the Chief of Police make it a point that those inciting the riots and arsonists were not from Minnesota?
    21. Why was a CNN News Crew not only detained but also Arrested?

    What did I miss???

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      1. I’d add in why was he put in one side of the police car by the two rookies with Tou Thao watching from behind and taking out of the other side of the car by Chauvin and laid stomach down in the street.

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      2. Minneapolis Disaster: Fentanyl, Methamphetamine & Excited Delirium
        Remove the three * WordPress censors this site.


        MORE from the same site:

        ‘Orgy of violence’ and ‘killing cops’ primary reasons for protests, says documentary filmmaker
        Documentary filmmaker Ami Horowitz embedded himself in the Minneapolis protests-turned-riots and said the majority of protesters he spoke with supported an “orgy of violence,” including “killing cops.”

        Suspects track officers home, throw molotov cocktails at police cars

        Officer Refuses To Kneel Before Protesters Who Demanded It

        ⬇️ READ!!⬇️
        Police Chief Forced To Resign After He Supports Second Amendment
        The Chief Was A 24 Year Veteran

        7 People Shot Dead In Alabama, House On Fire

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            1. Wow. Almost looks like there’s a guy with a bow and arrow there, with the bow drawn back…

              Great pic (and camo)…

              Wonder if they have something similar for D.C. and da hood…..

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    1. The “endless towel” (OK, I know, they’re not endless) would be ideal for HHGTTG folks, hoopy froods and all…
      (HitchHiker’s Guide To The Galaxy)…

      They were real big over here in the 80s and 90s… the hard part was to trick the dispenser into ejecting an extra section of towel, so you’d be sure it was clean. Now they have something similar, but for PAPER towels…sigh…..

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  21. H/T DORA

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    Briggs Nursery was kind enough to let me move around all of their pots after a rainstorm and videotape. 1993. The original music video has just been upgraded from the original 1993 videotape. The song was one my mother sang to me when I was a child. Mary, the Rose of Tralee.

    Camera – Briggs’ Roses – The Rose of Tralee – Nightnoise

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    1. Here’s John McCormack singing it, (in a film no less) from 1929… one of the greatest tenors ever, and not just as an Irish tenor…

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  23. Good tread by 40head harkening back to the days of Rep Goodlatte’s house resolution in 2017 which led to Sessions appointment of John Huber


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      1. That remark resembles a lot of code I’ve had to work with. I try very hard to avoid it being my code I have to work with but it’s amazing how much object oriented code can get that way on a bigger scale.

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        1. Same here. OS code, no less.

          I have to say, I object to that code 🙂

          At least SPLII and Modcal didn’t allow computed GOTOs (howdy, FORTRAN), although they allowed “equivalences” that would make mere mortals faint…

          Like Babbage: not weak typing, not strong typing, but touch typing… not goto, but going, going, gone…


    1. Liked by 8 people

      1. “Obama NSA intel staffer Rizvi, who bailed out her “best friend,” is a former Obama White House intelligence analyst”


        That’s pretty CLOSE to the inner circle, LOL!



    War has indeed changed. And almost no one has more knowledge of war and weapons than TW.

    Here are two threads of interest as we await news of the antics of Antifa and the hordes of Sorobama.

    Carlos on the inferior state of Chinese Armed Forces:

    Carlos on the Trumpian US Armed Forces:

    Carlos believes the whole concept of war has changed with all the new kinds of weapons and training.

    I believe the Space Force will be a major factor in future law warfare and law enforcement.

    We must never let another corrupt inhumane ruthless Communist-Islamist Anti-American into our highest office again. Ø was so ruthless, he even scared the Clintons sh-tless when (his people had) their campaign staff was executed in 2007.

    Liked by 5 people

      1. I have heard that several times, but he talks just like Wictor, has the same interests as Wictor, and in a recent thread, his home was attacked by a homeless woman same as Wictor.

        And he has a picture of Wictor with Roseanne Barr (who follows Wictor) for his avatar.

        If it walks like a Wictor, and talks like a Wictor, and tweets like a Wictor… it’s probably a Wictor 😁


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