Dear KAG: 20200604 Open Thread

Don’t know about where you are, but here…it’s getting hot, and I’m not just talking about the riots. Time for a little dance relief.

As usual, this is the daily thread, the place to put all information that needs to be out there – Q drops, news flashes, WuFlu updates, satire, memes, and of course cute animal videos.

In the meantime, the short and sweet version of “THE RULES” is here borrowed from Tuesday:

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Fellow tree dweller Wheatie gave us some good reminders on the basics of civility in political discourse:

  1. No food fights.
  2. No running with scissors.
  3. If you bring snacks, bring enough for everyone.

Since it is almost the weekend, the reminders are in place to not swing from the chandeliers, wash your hands and face, marinate the ribs, and be nice to the liberals whether they deserve it or not. Making your bed, OTOH, is optional.


MK 12:28-34

One of the scribes came to Jesus and asked him,
“Which is the first of all the commandments?”
Jesus replied, “The first is this:
Hear, O Israel!
The Lord our God is Lord alone!
You shall love the Lord your God with all your heart,
with all your soul, with all your mind,
and with all your strength.
The second is this:
You shall love your neighbor as yourself.

There is no other commandment greater than these.”
The scribe said to him, “Well said, teacher.
You are right in saying,
He is One and there is no other than he.
And to love him with all your heart,
with all your understanding,
with all your strength,
and to love your neighbor as yourself

is worth more than all burnt offerings and sacrifices.”
And when Jesus saw that he answered with understanding,
he said to him, “You are not far from the Kingdom of God.”
And no one dared to ask him any more questions.

Here’s to avoiding speed traps and liberal Karens empowered by the nanny state who feel they must lecture the rest of us on proper social distancing and decorum, and all the insurrectionists arrested.

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  1. I believe that we have been seeing a nation wide lynch mob mad with power.

    The country is being poisoned by leftist hate and disinformation.

    A headline on Drudge says that Georgia Floyd had covid. This does not excuse the behavior of the officers, but it does explain why they might have thought that their actions were not lethal and why they were not listening to him. He may have had the oxygen starvation of that disease and their brutality pushed him over the edge.

    A “standard of care” in police procedures might be of national benefit. We need input from black Americans on this.

    I really believe that, terrible as it is, the whole situation creates an opportunity for the President and the rest of os to reach out in love to the black community and xome up with solutions.

    The reality is that all black Americans are not violent looters, all cops are not abusive thugs, and all white Americans are not racist and privileged.

    Furthermore, a lot of white Americans have black bosses. Privilege and power are what the left say enables racism. If you don’t have it, according to certain textbooks, you can’t be racist which is one reason they say that black people cannot be racist. When we get to the point of reason, consideration of these things may help.
    We share the often painful results of the human condition and when we help one another we love one another. A heartfelt bond is established within us, where skin color does not matter,

    Killing an innocent makes a person into the thing they hate if they seek to fight injustice.

    Imo, The people dropping off frozen water bottles and bricks are also responsible for the assault and murder these things can cause. Acme brick is tied to Hillary and Bill gates.

    The whole country needs the standard of the rule of law fairly applied to each and every one of us and our leaders, and we would all benefit from focusing in rebuilding our communities and opportunities into things of beauty.

    Destruction and hatred, murder and violence, lies and tyranny are owned by the left.

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    1. Back in the early 90s, the company that I worked for successfully fought an EEOC claim that it was biased against blacks by extensively documenting that it treated EVERYONE poorly, regardless of race (the incident had occurred before I got there, and turnover had been so extensive that it would be difficult to track down witnesses). We produced evidence (among other things) that the average tenure for a similar job during that period was four months, and the complainant had lasted seven.

      Don’t know if that would still work today.

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        1. It is amusing to note that even Kalifornia is an “employment-at-will” state….and if you have a “manager” who comes into work every Thursday angry about a fight with his wife and fires the first three people that piss him off, that’s perfectly legal. So long as it isn’t because of their race, creed, color, gender, national origin, sexual preference, age, or disability [or whatever the list is up to now].

          When I joined the company, it had been in such a regime. I was there seven years and the company didn’t do that during the years I was there. As the head of administration, it fell upon me to try to defend the indefensible….so I documented it, instead.

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        2. “The “I’m not racist, I hate everybody” defense.”


          That’s one thing about our Harry, he doesn’t play any favorites, Harry hates everybody.

          That’s why he’s called Dirty Harry.

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    2. I think the cops knew exactly what they were doing. The man was pleading for his life, calling for his mom, exclaiming he couldn’t breathe.

      At this point I am not sure we should believe a damned thing we hear from official sources, including the coroner.

      Also, America’s race problem has more to do with race hustlers like Crump and Ellison, and their ilk, along with Marxist college professors who seek to overthrow our Republic through dividing us along race and class lines.

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      1. Unfortunately, I’m not sure what we should believe from any side. The video was emotionally wrenching — but for all we know, everyone involved got up (including George Floyd) when the camera was off, high-fived, and congratulated each other for a great take. This should be a local matter in far-off Minnesota, and it has been nationalized by unreliable snakes to trigger looting in LA and arson in DC.

        I used to think that our system’s dedication to due process would eventually sort the wheat from the chaff. After two years of Mueller chaff, I no longer believe this. We are besieged by multiple malign groups trying to manipulate us to their advantage. Nothing is what it seems.

        It is only through observation and reasoning, as is found here and in other blogs, that we can perceive some semblance of what is actually happening.

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        1. I agree. This could be another FF, and Floyd could be enjoying a doobie somewhere in hiding. But until there is more proof, I must assume he was killed as we saw in the video, and try to reason from there.

          This is what our President does. Does he know that we are the victims of many FF events designed to destroy our Republic? I think so. For whatever reasons We the People are left to surmise on our own and try to glean the truth as best we can.

          It is very difficult to watch the carnage and damage to our country and not wonder why the plain truth is not given to us. Having confirmation of FF events as government-controlled operations would redpill millions who have slumbered until now.

          That said, I’m not in the control room. I must defer to the wisdom of our President and other patriots in the know.

          It is very difficult. To watch the bloodshed is heartrending.

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          1. Adds in a quick take. NYT had an expanded look at the whole situation on a vid, One thing shown and said is that Flyod was actually put into the police car despite his claustrophobia complaint thing, but was put into the car. When Crump and Tu Kow showed up, last on the scene and Tu Kow watches as Floyd is put in the car from the side walk side but then , but then it shows Crump pull him out the other door where he’s then put on his stomach in the street and story most know unfolds from there.

            At the minimum was this a training session for his rookies on how to handle unruley citizens no longer wanted?

            Those guys in the ambulance were dressed as cops, not paramedics. Was that the fabled bumpy ride the bad guys get?

            Insert this into FF theory as both may have happened and I certainly do subscribe to the FF theory.


  2. The Library


    Pat C in Central FL 🏝🕶☀️
    Officer Shay Mikalonis shot in the back of the head point blank while working the riots in Las Vegas. Haven’t seen his face on social media or the news, does his life not matter? Hanging onto life support at 29💙🙏🙏🙏🙏 For the record, every life matters.

    Harold Wren

    The Library

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    1. “….withheld meds….” Of course they did. That is standard procedure. You get ONE pill dispensed according to doctors orders. You do not get a bottle of pills to share with your bodies.

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  3. “I believe that we have been seeing a nation wide lynch mob mad with power.
    The country is being poisoned by leftist hate and disinformation.” – LM

    LM is correct.

    Right now the two camps are:

    * Those watching the MCM . . . and believe it
    * Those thinking for themselves and rejecting the programming of the narrative

    It is astonishing to witness.

    Church event tonight – church has been overrun by the Willow Creek Karens recently. They are calling all the shots; they are running the show. They think they own the church, and maybe they do. The reports are they all are reading ERLC and quoting Russell Moore material.

    A friend was telling about a mutual friend on Facebook who got upset and picked a fight with him for re-posting Chuck Norris’ story about his brother . . . “It was facted checked he was wrong” But I think that Chuck Norris probably knows a little more about his brother’s death than some idiot internet fact checker.

    The confused friend? Wow, unbelievable. Apparently that doesn’t matter, fact check says Chuck Norris is wrong, and you are dangerous and pushing a political agenda laden with conspiracy theories. (WTH?!?)

    But by no means an isolated case.


    Right Now Media is now official bought off. They dropped a big piece.

    Phil Vischer of Veggie Tales fame? Also dropped a piece supporting the narrative.

    As I said we’ve been looking for another church home. One we visited dropped their piece tonight.

    Remember one of the church we visited, back in January was SHOVING the racial justice narrative in the face – during the men’s conference while the men of the church were gone!!!

    Turned out that the Teaching Pastor of that church was the head of a Soros-funded racial justice organization that had networked and infiltrated a SHOCKING number of area churches . . . their website directly referenced teaching materials from the Southern Poverty Law Center (SPLC) on “tolerance”.

    And don’t get me started on Al Mohler’s role in all of this. 2019 SBC annual meeting, his cronies pushed a Resolution through in favor of Critical Race Theory – what more do you need to know? Also bought off by Soros dark money orgs.

    Soros’ “Christianity Today” is ALL IN on SJW – pushed this agitprop:

    * Do White Evangelicals Love Police More Than Their Neighbors?
    * A Soul Check for White Christians
    * White Pastors: Our Decision to Show Up Matters
    * George Floyd Protests Mark a Turning Point for Minneapolis Evangelicals
    * A Nation on Fire Needs the Flames of the Spirit
    * The Bible Is Not a Prop: In Fact, We Need It Right Now
    * Efrem Smith: White Evangelicals Need to Humble Themselves

    Today a friend forwarded me this piece by the Baptist Standard:

    Letter: President Trump, protesters and a church photo-op

    All assets being deployed.
    People used as pawns [controlled].

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    1. I have studied theology for decades – including historical theology.

      I have never any Christian theological teaching that backs all this mess up.

      Except for the extreme Black Liberation Theology. Which is to say, MARXISM wearing a pastor’s suit and pretending to be Christian.

      In other words, a new, novel, and virulent version of Christian teachings with no basis in any historical Christian theology or church tradition.

      This is all new, novel construction, of a recent vintage, and clearly strategically weaponized for this moment in the culture wars.

      Someone passed out a huge pile of commie ammunition.

      Yes, you know who that someone is.

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      1. “I have never any Christian theological teaching that backs all this mess up.”


        Because it doesn’t, of course. It’s pure apostasy, laughably so, like something out of a Monty Python movie. How can anyone take this fraud seriously? I don’t mean just the church(s) you’re talking about, but any church that teaches anything that isn’t straight out of the Bible?


        “Turned out that the Teaching Pastor of that church was the head of a Soros-funded racial justice organization that had networked and infiltrated a SHOCKING number of area churches . . . ”


        What is a teaching pastor, and why would the Elders / Bishops hire someone from a Soros-funded racial justice organization? Sounds like the Elders who hired him are either crooks who are in on the apostasy, or so clueless that they have no business being Elders in the church. Are they even qualified to be Elders?

        Not according to any book of men, but according to either passage in God’s Word?


        “In other words, a new, novel, and virulent version of Christian teachings with no basis in any historical Christian theology or church tradition.”


        I don’t even understand how any of this happens. I really don’t. I mean, I understand the nature of false doctrine and false teachings, and I know exactly how they worm their way into a congregation or church, because I have been taught how it happens (to help us be alert to it) and because I have learned from discussions with people in other religions/churches. So I understand it, I just don’t understand why people stay, once they know, once they see it.

        Once it has happened, how does one not see it plainly?

        And seeing the error plainly, if it can’t (or more accurately, won’t) be stopped and corrected, then why not look for a church that is faithful?

        When I decided to look for anyone teaching the truth about God — if such a thing could be found — I approached it the same way I would try to approach anything else, logically.

        1) I would have to read the Bible, but I wanted to understand WHY the Bible was considered the inspired Word of God, whether those arguments could withstand even casual scrutiny, and then research WHICH Bible was the ‘best’ one to read

        2) after I was satisfied that there was a compelling argument for the inspiration of God’s Word, I determined that the KJV, while it has a few known issues (and no English translation is perfect), the KJV was the most conservative choice. Lots of people prefer other versions, and lots of people have problems with other versions, but the KJV appeared to be the ‘safest’ choice. Also, it (along with the ASV of 1901) is old enough that the translation pre-dates political-correctness, and the mind-set that lives in a politically correct world.

        3) I then read the KJV, from Genesis through Revelation. For the most part, it’s a fascinating read, not just the actual contents, but how much I was already familiar with due to American culture, and also some things I thought I knew (due to culture) that were not ‘in there’.

        4) then I started researching on the Internet, comparing the ‘Statement of Faith’ or “About Us” of similar pages on church websites, lots of them, comparing what they advocated to my VERY basic understanding of God’s Word, after having read it through ONCE

        5) it was amazing how quickly I learned to spot something which I had read NOTHING about in Scripture, openly proclaimed on a ‘Statement of Faith’ (or similar) page. It reminded me of when I was a kid, and chrome valve extensions and caps for our BMX bicycles was all the rage, so lots of kids would steal them from cars. Not just the valve extensions, but the chrome valve caps. Some were square heads, some were hex-heads, some had tall (or long) wrench flats, some short, some looked like R2D2 with a round head, some had flat heads, etc. I could scan a parking lot while I walked into the grocery or a restaurant with my parents, or wherever, and know in seconds which cars had nice chrome valve extensions and caps. It became second nature. Not stealing them, but spotting them, recognizing the type. Spotting error (something I did not find in the Bible) on church websites was kind of similar. As soon as I spotted error (something I hadn’t read in the Bible), I closed that website and moved on.

        6) it became a kind of game, to see how fast I could spot ‘error’. And it’s a good thing it turned into a game, because I probably wouldn’t have stayed with it long enough if I hadn’t. Along the way I found lots of interesting websites, some serious “hellfire and brimstone” web pages, some philosophical, some new-agey, all kinds. All of this helped my knowledge grow of what was ‘out there’, all the different ‘flavors’ and ‘variety’, but I was just looking for a church that simply taught what God’s Word actually says. I was pretty well convinced after a couple of months that no such thing existed.

        7) eventually, and it took a long time, I stumbled onto a church website (actually a Bible study website, the church itself was not mentioned) where I couldn’t find any obvious error. And they made it easy to check by having the Scriptures that supported every statement or teaching in parentheses after the point was made, which is certainly helpful. I spent a lot of time researching that website, and they had short articles on all sorts of common subjects, each one documented with reference after Scripture reference. Not pushing any particular angle, just ‘here is what we believe, and here is why we believe it, because it says so right here, in this passage, and this passage, and this passage, and this passage.

        8) eventually I found another Bible study website, located in another country, teaching all of the same things as far as I could tell, but obviously written by a very different author. It was definitely no corporate copy-and-paste job, these websites are extensive, unique, yet teaching the same doctrines and supporting every belief or position with Scripture references. Later on, I discovered that both of these websites (one in America, the other in a foreign country) were managed by members of the same church, independent, non-denominational, autonomous congregations in fellowship with each other (as the example is in Scripture, the churches at Galatia, Corinth, Ephesus, etc. were all in fellowship with each other, but there was no ‘oversight’ or ‘umbrella’ governing body).

        9) each of these Bible study websites offered to try to put people in contact with a faithful, local congregation, with the understanding that any congregation (at any given point) could be sliding into error, so due diligence is always necessary. You entered your zip code, and their search engine would bring up a list of congregations in your zip code.

        There were LOTS where I lived, I was surprised. Some very close by, and I wasn’t even aware of them.

        So I went to a Bible study, and went to some worship services at one of the congregations near me. That congregation had it’s own website, and I studied it, and like the others, a unique creation, yet teaching all the same positions according to plain Scripture references.

        So you can imagine how utterly STRANGE it is for me to read about so many churches that are doing all these strange things — in some case, horrific things — involved in all sorts of extra-Biblical activities, teaching all kinds of ‘new’ things, accepting homosexual conduct, female pastors, bishops, etc., and women in other positions of leadership, ‘social justice’, it’s just bizarre.

        There is no authority or example or command for any of it in God’s Word.

        It’s wholesale rebellion.

        I wouldn’t have spent more than a minute examining any of that kind of church’s websites, before moving on. They’re not even in the ballpark. Not even close.

        It’s just nuts.

        I didn’t go into it with any preconceived notions. I knew nothing about Calvinism, or Luther’s doctrines, or Baptist doctrines, or Methodist doctrines, or Roman Catholicism, etc. Nothing. I wasn’t raised in a church going family. My grandparents were Presbyterians, and my Mom went to an Episcopal church when she was young. Nobody in my family even talked about religion when I was growing up, except for my Grandma, who would read Bible stories to me when I was little, and took me to Sunday School a few times, when I would stay overnight on a Saturday night.

        I read the Bible.

        I looked for a church that taught what the Bible actually said.

        That was the criteria.

        It’s such an uncommon thing, after a while I was sure no such church existed.

        And then one day, there it was.

        I didn’t go immediately. It was kind of a shock to actually find what I was looking for. I thought about it for three days. It was going to mean making some changes to my life that I wasn’t sure I could make, considering my nicotine addiction (Marlboros) and how much I liked beer, partying with my friends, etc.

        My family wouldn’t mind, they might even think it was good overall, though probably strange. I was sure (because it was obvious) that most of my friends would wonder what happened to me, exactly like this:

        “For the time past of our life may suffice us to have wrought the will of the Gentiles, when we walked in lasciviousness, lusts, excess of wine, revellings, banquetings, and abominable idolatries: [4] Wherein they think it strange that ye run not with them to the same excess of riot, speaking evil of you:” (1 Peter 4:3-4, KJV)

        I thought of lots of reasons not to go over those three days, but I knew I was going to anyway. And the reason I knew was simple. After I spent all those months, reading God’s Word, and searching for someplace that taught His Word just as it is written, and believing that it might not even exist, how could I walk away from it, after I found it?

        How do I live with myself, knowing that I found it, and turn away?

        I didn’t have any good answer to that question.

        So I went.

        They were for real.

        A couple months later I was baptized, by immersion [baptizo, to immerse or submerge], according to Scripture.

        Anyone can do this.

        I think for many people, it would be a lot easier than it was for me.


        P.S. I always wonder whether I should say what the two websites were, or if it would be better for people to find them (or ones like them, there are lots of them) on their own. I could make a good argument either way.

        One of those two websites was

        The other one happens to be a website that Wolfmoon actually referenced here a while back:

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        1. Interesting, thank you for sharing. I went through something similar except I found out my babysitters husband was entertaining himself with his children and the church backed him and not the wife. The wife was a Girl Scout Leader. I had been attending church with them and going to bible study.

          Glenn Beck had a Rabbi on his show (years ago) and Rabbi Lapin said that “everyone needs a Rabbi”. I signed up for his newsletter. He always spoke of ancient Jewish wisdom and I wanted to know what that was. I had heard many times and by different people that if you have not walked through the old testament with a Rabbi you have only skipped over it. I am a believer in that statement.

          I found my way to and spent the last few years doing their daily chumash and found it fascinating. Rabbi Gordon is easy to understand and goes over the scripture word for word and letter for letter. I had read my bible KJV through several times and spent years off and on going to bible study.
          I learned things from Rabbi Gordon that are not spelled out in the bible, some are markers that indicate the passage of time, some are simple punctuation marks that have their own meaning. Rabbi Gordon explains everything in detail and why it is so. Everything has meaning. While I have had many Jewish friends and acquaintances over the years, I have a whole new respect.

          I have also read, and have my own copy of the Qur’an. This should be mandatory reading for everyone.


        2. Scott, Thank you for sharing this. My journey was similar.
          I became saved the last night of summer camp in late summer when I was 11 and turned 12 in September. I started going to a Methodist Church near where we had moved. My parents actually decided to go also. I thought it would be easy to go to church to be taught about Scripture and being a Christian. I read my Bible, taught Sunday School, Bible School, sang in the choir and attended church around 5 times a week in various roles.
          I could not reconcile the differences between what the Church was teaching and the Scripture I was reading. I tried a different church and over the years I have tried several. I tried to just keep my mouth shut and try to see why everyone else seemed satisfied and I was not satisfied.
          I have not gone to church since 2001 now. I live in a prayer. I can’t imagine my life without Jesus.
          I have been through the loss of both of my children and many other events that were very difficult. None were as difficult as both of my children dying. My daughter was 33 and my son was 42.
          As hard as things were at times, God also gave me wonderful times and events. I got to do and see things I would never have considered possible if I set my own goals. I would always have limited myself.
          I learned that there are no depths so low that God has ever left me alone. God is with me all the time. He comforts and guides me through everything.
          I learned that the world has nothing to offer that is more important or better than my relationship with God. Things my look enticing but in actual fact they are just empty without God.
          Thank you for the websites. I will try again to find a church. It would be nice to have some companionship along the way. God has always sent people like you to discuss things with. I really have relied on Matthew 18:20 “For where two or three are gathered together in my name, there am I in the midst of them.” and have found great blessings there. God sends the people I need when I need them and He sends me to be there for them when they need me. When He sends them, I stop what I am doing and spend time with them. I have enjoyed my time with you.

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    2. Some wake up others fight it tooth and nail.

      The msm stories are edited to manipulate and if they can’t do that its ignored. Plus all the negativity! Damn I need a trump rally!

      They say protests but refuse to call them looters. Same with illegals.

      Maybe that’s why q says your watching a movie. It’s scripted aka the playbook. It’s edited and cut together.

      As long as trump and MAGA win in the end.

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    3. I have spoken with a left leaning family member who voted for the President.

      I was told that reason had not worked and the violence was necessary because this keeps happening to the black community. There was absolutely no compassion forthcoming from this gentle hearted person on behalf of the several people who have lost their lives to these riots.

      This viewpoint, presidential politics aside, will continue to divide us and build the hate in all sides.

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      1. Seems like the divide was already there.

        Q was right that’s what they want.

        They don’t talk about the justice reform potus did.

        Or that the looters are destroying black small businesses.

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  4. People seem to have forgotten where the ‘black fist logo’ came from…

    It’s now being used by Black Lives Matter.
    But it originated from…the Black Panthers:

    The ‘black fist’ became a symbol for “Black Power”:

    But now…it’s a symbol for Black Lives Matter…which is supposed to be a “peaceful” organization.

    The Black Panther org was a militant, fringe group.
    They didn’t get thousands of people to join in with their demonstrations, or march with them.

    There were photos/video in 2008, of Black Panther members intimidating voters at polling places.
    This is a federal offense.

    Those Black Panther members were arrested.
    But Eric Holder made sure that nothing happened on that case.

    But…after that, the Black Panthers just sort of faded away.

    Then, the Black Lives Matter group sprang up.
    They had ties to Hussein…and the leaders visited him at the White House.

    It’s clear that Hussein and Holder figured out a way to turn the old Black Panther/Black Power movement, into a big movement that would attract normal, non-militant black people…and liberal white people.

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    1. What do you think?

      If we looked into the origins and genesis of the Black Panthers . . .

      What do you think we’d scratch under the surface and find the same people and players as in BLM?

      Just sayin’

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      1. Yep! I think we would!

        What we need…is evidence/proof that this has all been orchestrated by Democrat players at the top — to fool people.

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    2. Dumb white liberals didn’t do this for the Black Panthers…

      But now…they eagerly join in with the Black Lives Matter organization:

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    3. They should rename LIFELOG to BRAINWASHBOOK.

      To: M
      From: Friend
      Subject: Just Gets Crazier
      When you get a chance, take a look at X’s post. It’s unbelievable.

      Resharing here. I want to keep this person anonymous, but this is enthymematic of the rhetoric that has distorted all clear thinking, replace only by the poisoned MCM narrative. Lots of emotion, and believing many many lies that have been told to her:

      I read this morning that President Trump had police officers clear a way for him through protesters (who had every right to have their voices heard) so he could take a picture with a Bible. With a Bible. Does he know the Bible speaks about God’s love for justice? And compassion? And being willing to listen to those who are hurting? Why is he holding this Holy Book? Does anyone think this is okay, really??? Then I read apparently both our senators have condoned his use of force for a photo opp. I can’t believe it. I’ve already written both of them.

      There was a time in my life when I voted straight Republican because I value the sanctity of life, even from the womb. I still value the sanctity of life–#Blacklivesmatter. The last presidential election, I wrote in [X]. This year, I am hard pressed to do anything but vote Democrat. Maybe straight Democrat.

      A pile of “Likes”. Several comments.

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      1. That’s a shame. And saying I’ll vote dem is not helping. Dems are the ones causing issues. Sad that the msm has so much power still over most people.

        No talk of the criminal justice reform. Or that bill c did the same thing with the bible.

        Agree emotions are running high.

        If trump loses because these bs dem tricks I’ll be pissed!

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        1. But trumps in a damned if you do damned if you don’t spot. He makes the walk with the bible they yell. He doesn’t they yell. He says hello they yell.

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        2. Yes, things are solidifying. The sides are getting much clearer.

          What saddens me is that many liberals I know cannot get themselves awake enough to make a definitive break with the Left. Very disappointing.

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      It ALWAYS was about COMMUNISM!

      Soviet Raised Fist
      Designed by NeoFaction
      A soviet style raised fist</b. and star emblem surrounded by a sunburst effect.

      MAY 13, 2016
      Why I Am a Communist!

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  5. Someone please do a better job with this drop:


    1 Jun 2020 – 11:13:28 AM
    1 Jun 2020 – 11:07:26 AM


    Cuomo warns protests could spark coronavirus comeback📁
    Attempting to establish new narrative ‘riots’ created[ing] second COVID-19 wave?
    Loss of control [first wave]?
    Regain control necessary re: vote-by-mail re: [D] state bailout(s) re: economy-unemployment kill etc?
    All assets deployed.
    Win by any means necessary.
    2020 Presidential Election.

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    1. Here’s that jpg that didn’t show:

      It’s becoming clear that this is going to be used by the Dems to ram through their demands for “Vote By Mail”.

      They know they cannot win any other way than by cheating.

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      1. You knew they wouldn’t drop the vote by mail that fast. Didn’t they burn a post office?

        Q mentions patriots to make sure trump mad it in and avoid cheating. Q talks about all assets deployed by the left and I’m guessing by the patriots as well.

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  6. Liked by 12 people

      1. Yep. Catholics need to understand it is COMPLETE infiltration of communist lavenders. The occasional wonderful, orthodox priest is a vanishing species.

        It’s like the parents who always say what a wonderful school their kids are in. Sigh.

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  7. Have any of you heard of this theory that George Floyd was suffering from “excited delirium”? It is mentioned in the charging documents of Officer Chauvin, that he was concerned that Mr. Floyd was experiencing it. The restraint they used is the exact recommendation presented to law enforcement to use in this situation. Really good article on it here:
    We have not seen the body camera footage from the police officers, nor have we even heard anything yet from their perspective. This is why I never follow the herd mentality on these things and always wait for more information.
    Nothing is ever as it seems.

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    1. autopsy out – suspect was high on meth + more. they can be incredibly strong when high on meth. 6’4″. Resisted arrest and took that many to calm him. CPR was preformed. did not work. his heart was in horrible condition. he had a heart attack. probably confused the tightness in his chest with “can’t breathe”. He could obviously breathe the entire time or he wouldn’t have been able to talk – common sense! no evidence of suffocation, strangulation. No injuries to his neck. No bruising or swelling in his neck or torso. They were holding him still but if holding him so tightly he couldn’t breath there would have been some evidence of being pushed that hard.

      I have not at all understood why SD and many others (almost everyone) were so instant on the side of the talking points that the man was “killed” v. died while being held still by the police after he fought police and while waiting for medical help that the police themselves called.

      Being held still is not “killing” someone. A man having a heart attack while in custody is not being “murdered”.

      But the narrative has been echoed by Everyone…NO one stopping to question if the knee on the nect was necessary and if it actually caused his death – was the knee being pushed enough to stop breathing? Evidently not.

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      Excited Delirium Syndrome: Causes, Symptoms, Treatment

      Excited delirium is considered a relatively uncommon health condition characterized by severe agitation, aggression, distress, and is often fatal. In many cases of excited delirium, individuals will have displayed noticeable increases in body temperature (fever), utilized drugs that altered dopaminergic functioning, and exhibit overtly bizarre behavior….

      Some research suggests that individuals with excited delirium generally die as a result of heart attacks; this may be subject to individual variation. The condition is sometimes referred to by other names such as: “Bell’s mania,” agitated delirium, acute exhausted mania, and lethal catatonia. While many individuals that experience excited delirium are identified by law enforcement and treated by medical professionals, some cases prove to be fatal….




      Law Officer(dot) Com
      Minneapolis Disaster: Fentanyl, Methamphetamine & Excited Delirium
      The Case Against Officer Derek Chauvin Is Anything But Solid

      ….before you quickly go the typical “you are justifying the murder” of Mr. Floyd, go ahead and take a step back.

      Our job here is to give you the facts and whether you want to believe it or not, many of the facts are either not reported or not yet known and that should be concerning to every American.


      But what we know at this time gives us reason to believe that the criminal case is weak at best and there are several reasons for that.

      From the charging documents on Officer Derek Chauvin we hear, for the first time the issue of excited delirium.

      We know Chauvin was concerned about it and that was the reason Floyd was subdued. We will know more when the body camera footage is released but oddly, that has not been done. Frankly, it makes us wonder what the footage shows and whether it supports the evidence of excited delirium.

      The Western Journal of Emergency Medicine says that “Excited delirium is characterized by agitation, aggression, acute distress and sudden death, often in the pre-hospital care setting. It is typically associated with the use of drugs Subjects typically die from a heart attack and the majority of the patients die before hospital arrival.”

      “All accounts describe almost the exact same sequence of events: delirium with agitation (fear, panic, shouting, violence and hyperactivity), sudden cessation of struggle, respiratory arrest and death.”

      Once again, the body camera footage showing the initial encounter, discussions among officers and the call to paramedics about the issue of excited delirium will be a major factor in this case.

      While much has been said about Officer Chauvin’s knee to Floyd’s neck, the medical examiner’s autopsy showed that Floyd did not die from from strangulation or asphyxiation. In fact, the autopsy showed no trauma to the body.


      And before you respond with Michael Baden’s “independent” autopsy as reported by the media, understand that Baden is a hired man that also believed Michael Brown was shot in the back after looking at a diagram and that O.J. Simpson was innocent. Two specific items were noticed in his press conference that the media is not reporting.

      1. He never said it was his “expert” opinion but rather his opinion. This is to protect his integrity as an expert witness.

      2. Most importantly, Baden didn’t do an autopsy. He formed his opinion from watching the video and speaking to the family of Mr. Floyd.

      Nothing he said can be brought into a criminal proceeding. It’s simply done to sway public opinion but we will get to him in another article. Back to the actual facts…….

      According to the autopsy, Mr. Floyd had two specific drugs in his system, methamphetamine and fentanyl.

      A narcotic that is 50 to 100 times stronger than heroin, fentanyl is associated with more drug overdoses than any other opioid….


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  8. This is pretty good.

    Dinesh D’Souza tweets:

    Obama addressing America on how to heal the racial divide is like Al Capone holding a national symposium on how to address the nation’s crime problem.

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    1. I peeked into the Spam bin, Evereleutheros…and yup, you have a comment in there.

      Sorry I cannot rescue it, though, because I am not author on this thread.
      DePat would have to do it…or Wolfie.
      Hopefully they will see this and rescue it soon.

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  9. Have to go to bed, but in response to Michael’s comments on the church I wanted to say that I have missed a call to holiness and repentance coming from my church in recent years,

    This call to holiness requires an individual response that we can all respond to in order to pray effectively and act in godly love. Looking to our own hearts is a good first step towards changing the world. We are told to guard our hearts above all else. (Proverbs 4;23)

    We need the voice of our church leaders to encourage holiness, the fear of God, honor of character, and Godly love and not kowtow to political correctness by parroting social justice talking points.

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      1. I used to favor Mattis, ’cause “warrior-monk” is such a nice trope. Unfortunately, it doesn’t mix well with “Deep State Asshole”, which seems to be the flavor of the day.

        Liked by 9 people

      1. Yeah, funny that. Mattis needs to be asked why he never saw nor was concerned about Obama’s demonstrative efforts to divide the country.
        SO disappointed with Mattis….and I’m really getting tired of “it’s part of the plan and it’s all a movie “ rhetoric, meanwhile, we are being crucified!
        We need some reassurance…some hope!


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    8. First off, I would question anything that comes from The Atlantic which has an unbelieveably leftist bias, and would jump at the chance to publish such an account.

      Second, it makes little sense that several men sang one tune in 2016 and 2017, to all of a sudden take feuds public when none of them were known to do this previously. It’s not in character for them.

      Something is in play, and it may simply be the smokescreen of war. One of these escalations comes up every time the White House needs a “look squirrel” moment. Curious.


  10. This is just too…convenient.

    They suddenly come up with someone who they can pin the Madeline McCann disappearance on?

    I wonder if this means there is an imminent arrest for the Podestas?

    Liked by 8 people

    1. EXACTLY, Wheatie!!!!!

      sott and other sites also had the photos up back in 2013, when, suddlenly, it was buried. Seems Hill-the-BEAST needed some cleanup done.

      I’m scouring the YSM/MCM here (which are controlled by the same beasts who control the US versions thereof). How convenient to find a known padeo and throw him under the bus to take the heat off of the Paedosta brothers, who are documented to have Padeophilic “Art” in their homes.

      More fake news from Kamp Kllntoon…

      And why did this story suddenly gain traction, indeed even appear?

      For one, Merde-Kuh would love nothing better to have her Black jesus or her witch-lady friend (would not surprise me if Merde-Kuh was also a witch) in office… Meanwhile, all that happens here in BDD (beautiful downtown deutschland) is the (overwhelmingly) Moslem robbers, stabbers, rapists, and murderers get sent to the psych wards, where they can break out in six months and do it all over again…

      The only ones getting fined, arrested, and sent up are normies who don’t practice social distancing and/or don’t wear those bl00dy masks…

      Maybe that’s it. Merde-Kuh &co. have been wearing masks 24×7 and the lack of Oxygen has damaged their brains… or they’ve confused O² with CO², and reduced their intake of O² drastically…

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      1. “Trump is demonstrating that he can send regular armed forces anywhere at any time without it leaking or anybody knowing it was going to happen.”

        Hence why a distraction was needed.

        That is something that’s made being in the conspiracy world a lot less fun. The leaks from the good guys have stopped. Now, everything is pretty much speculation unless there are non-military personnel reporting helicopters and booms in the vivinity.

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  11. For Q enthusiasts, & Q “agnostics” (like me) this is a worthy read all the way through…Blessings!

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    1. From within the thread:

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      1. Pages from his dad’s resume & why he thinks his dad is qualified to opine on Q:

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          1. That was pretty much my understanding of where you come from when you call yourself a Q agnostic. But that label could be taken two different ways (agnostic as in don’t know if Q is real versus agnostic as in don’t know whether to trust things Q says), so I thought I’d clarify. Of course I was not going to try to speak for you, only for myself, but it sounds like we’re on the same page.
            I said this this time, just to try to explain

            Liked by 1 person

            1. Thanks, Steve. I appreciate your precision & clarification. I didn’t think you were speaking for me (or anybody else for that matter) 🙂 I’m not (thus far) digging deeply into Q & the drops though I appreciate that others are fascinated & captivated by the game.

              For me the “proofs” are at least at times pretty big stretches. That being said it does look at least theoretically possible that Q+ Might be President Trump. If there is ever an Accurate History of the Trump era the Q phenomenon will surely need it’s own volume! Blessings!!!

              Liked by 1 person

              1. Valerie, the best Q proof I ever read or heard was from someone here, and I can’t remember who! Please speak up if it was you, whomever you are.

                IF Q was not real, HOW could President Trump allow the RISK of people believing he was associated with Q? He would HAVE TO deny Q, on the off-chance that Q could come out and say/do something terrible. If not affiliated with and/or controlled by the President, Q could come out with virtually ANYTHING, and the President would get the blame. See it?

                Q+ IS Trump. Q is real.

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              2. Oh, yeah for certain many “proofs” are anything but.

                The best evidence that Q is real (in the sense that he/they are working for/with the President) is the dog that didn’t bark. To wit: POTUS has never discouraged us from paying attention to Q.

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    1. Going on National TV without President Trump’s permit and a set of topic and policy parameters is very very stupid.

      Fauci is another one – he’s a complete blabbermouth camera hog.


  12. Hmm…I haven’t seen this clip before.

    Was something injected into George Floyd’s neck?

    I don’t know…what do you think?


    Hey everyone, if you agree that something was injected into his neck then make a screen recording or desktop download. RENAME the file and post the video from YOUR account. just use the hashtag above so anyone can find it
    …………….End text.

    What is weird to me is, that Chauvin’s knee is still on Floyd’s neck.

    If the EMT is just ‘checking for a pulse’…then that usually means that the person is unresponsive/unconscious.
    If Floyd is unconscious, then why continue to keep knee on his neck?

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        1. Thank you Gail for carrying the torch on this. I do think that it makes perfect sense in light of the way the officers were acting at the time. Plus read in some accounts that they were heard saying, see kids, this is what drugs do to you.

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  13. This is a long & fascinating read about Trump, Tesla, history, & Howard Hughes…

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  14. The Storm is upon us…and it flushed three Rats out of their hidey holes, to whine about it.

    Larry Schwiekart tweets:

    I know there is wailing and gnashing of teeth about Mattis today.

    But what Trump is doing must be huge.

    In one week, W, Mattis, and Zero have all felt the need to come out and try to stop him. When the enemy has committed its reserves, you know he is in danger of losing.

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  15. I agree…Police Dogs are awesome.

    Description of video clip:

    Mob of demonstrators are taunting and yelling at Police K9 units, which are doing their best to hold their dogs back.

    One of the mob turns his back and gets too close…and the dog bites him on the butt.

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  16. Heheh.

    George Papadopoulos tweets:

    We need to start looking past the grunts like Strzok. I wanna know what did Biden know and when did he forget it?

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  17. Good article:

    Was it Ever Really About the Virus?

    ………..From the article:

    For the past four months, Americans have endured a constant barrage of news and fear porn about the Wuhan coronavirus. The country has been locked down as tightly as Anthony Weiner’s infamous laptop computer, now finally starting to slowly reopen.

    We have heard about ventilators and ICU beds, social distancing and masks, death counts and vaccines, all to the point of over-saturation. Fox News ran a nearly constant death count side bar and CNN blamed the virus, the resulting economic shutdown, and every other bit of trouble in the world on their least favorite president ever.

    Only those in a coma or living in a Siberian cave weren’t aware of the Chinese virus and the havoc it brought to not only America but also to the rest of the world. Digital media provided confirmation. But suddenly it all stopped.
    [ … ]

    How quickly everyone forgot about the virus. Cable and network news are focused exclusively on the riots. Almost no one is talking about COVID 19. No one at CNN is calling these protesters racist for defying social distancing rules and mask use as they merrily destroy their cities, looting already decimated businesses in their neighborhoods.


    Attending church or a gathering of more than ten people was only recently grounds for arrest. Not today as hundreds gather in close proximity in what the media describe as “peaceful protests.” No one seems to be concerned about a potential surge in Wuhan virus cases due to the rioters, negating America’s sacrifice in staying home for the past three months. It’s almost as if this is part of a grand plan.
    [emphasis mine]

    ……………End quote.

    It’s a really good article…and reads like it could be written by one of us.
    Because it is about the things that we’ve been talking about.

    Author of the article is Brian C Joondeph, MD, who is “a Denver based physician and freelance writer.”

    This is his twitter account:

    And lookie there 👆…WWG1WGA.

    Is the good doctor a fellow Q peep? Writing for American Thinker?

    His twitter acct is full of good stuff.
    You can access it by clicking on his twitter-name.

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  18. I don’t hear much about this from the media. I guess they don’t want to go against their talking points about ‘peaceful protests’.


    Churches in 6 states damaged by violent protests

    Church buildings in California, Minnesota, New York, Kentucky, Texas, and Colorado were attacked. Many of the defaced or damaged churches were cathedrals. The Cathedral Basilica of the Immaculate Conception in Denver sustained permanent damage.

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  19. Nuh-uh!!!!

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  20. Øbhorrent spent his entire tenure fueling violence, encouraging racial hatred and resentment of law enforcement and due consequences for criminal, lascivious and perverse behaviors.

    Liked by 6 people

    1. This gives me an idea.

      We should live stream a dismemberment abortion. If the general population can get excited about the livestreaming torture of a puppy, it should also work for humans.


  21. this is interesting…in the medical examiner’s report he finds an absence of broken blood vessels that can be a sign of asphyxiation. Floyd tested positive for COVID 19 in April, so the “i can’t breathe” thing may not be only as a result of the knee on the neck thing.
    The medical examiner appeared to back his conclusion that Floyd was not asphyxiated by listing a host of injuries that were absent, in particular petechiae, or pinpoint-size red spots caused by broken blood vessels that can be a sign of asphyxiation.
    Also highlighted in the report was that the autopsy failed to find “life-threatening” injuries to Floyd’s neck near his head, spine, chest, brain, skull or related to the larynx.

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  22. James O’Keefe
    BREAKING: @Project_Veritas
    infiltrated the violent group #ANTIFA and will show our undercover footage to the world tomorrow.

    See it first:


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    1. For quite a while, I’ve wondered if James O’Keefe was recruited by the planners to help expose what is being tried. This pretty much cements that notion. The cement is still wet, but I’m betting he’s been commissioned to help the white hat cause.

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  23. Fired from a Catholic school. I feel so bad for him. Glad he’s not backing down.

    Liked by 10 people

  24. warning of possible attack coming…to Sparta, Illinois
    Sources tell Natural News that Antifa terrorists are currently expected to move along state routes 154 and 4, seeking out rural targets including isolated homes and farms to cause maximum mayhem and property destruction. Although our sources did not specifically mention the methods by which killing livestock would be accomplished, it seems almost certain that firearms would be the most effective way for Antifa terrorists to achieve that morbid goal.

    Note it is possible that Antifa may alter its planned routes of destruction based on the appearance of this report. Although our sources are highly reliable individuals, the information / disinformation warfare tactics of Antifa are incredibly advanced, and part of the Art of War is to make your enemy think you’re in one place while you’re actually attacking another.

    We are told that the timing of this attack is “this coming weekend,” which could indicate Friday, Saturday or Sunday night. Today we are urging the citizens of Sparta to prepare for the possibility of Antifa terrorism activities in their area. We are especially urging individuals who have houses located near the major highways to be on alert for attempted arson, property destruction, shootings or the killing of livestock.

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      1. You’d think a restaurant would want the business and would have suggested two adjoining tables…or some satisfactory solution to accommodate.


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