LIVE THREAD: 20200603 10am EDT Rosenstein Before Senate Judiciary Committee

Opinions rage on a number of members if the never ending Swamp Theater, and one of the biggest lightening rods, is, well, Rod Rosenstein. As a refresher on what he was up to PRIOR to being a figure in the Russia Russia Russia fiasco, wiki provides his resume:

Rosenstein attended the Wharton School of the University of Pennsylvania, where he graduated summa cum laude in 1986 with a Bachelor of Science in economics.[21]

After graduating from Penn, Rosenstein attended Harvard Law School where he was an editor of the Harvard Law Review. While at Harvard, Rosenstein landed an internship with then acting United States Attorney for the District of Massachusetts Robert Mueller. Rosenstein graduated cum laude in 1989 with a Juris Doctor degree.[21] He then served as a law clerk to Judge Douglas H. Ginsburg of the United States Court of Appeals for the District of Columbia Circuit.[22] He was a Wasserstein Fellow at Harvard Law School in 1997–98.[23]

Early career

Rosenstein during his time working for the Independent Counsel. Brett KavanaughAlex Azar, and Ken Starr are present.

After his clerkship, Rosenstein joined the United States Department of Justice through the Attorney General’s Honors Program. From 1990 to 1993, he prosecuted public corruption cases as a trial attorney with the Public Integrity Section of the Criminal Division, the latter of which was led by then Assistant Attorney General Robert Mueller.[21][24]

During the Clinton Administration, Rosenstein served as Counsel to Deputy Attorney General Philip B. Heymann (1993–1994) and Special Assistant to Criminal Division Assistant Attorney General Jo Ann Harris (1994–1995). Rosenstein then worked in the United States Office of the Independent Counsel under Ken Starr on the Whitewater investigation into President Bill Clinton.[25] As an Associate Independent Counsel from 1995 to 1997, he was co-counsel in the trial of three defendants who were convicted of fraud, and he supervised the investigation that found no basis for criminal prosecution of White House officials who had obtained FBI background reports.[21]

United States Attorney Lynne A. Battaglia hired Rosenstein as an Assistant U.S. Attorney for the District of Maryland in 1997.[21]

From 2001 to 2005, Rosenstein served as Principal Deputy Assistant Attorney General for the Tax Division of the United States Department of Justice. He coordinated the tax enforcement activities of the Tax Division, the U.S. Attorneys’ Offices and the IRS, and he supervised 90 attorneys and 30 support employees. He oversaw civil litigation and served as the acting head of the Tax Division when Assistant Attorney General Eileen J. O’Connor was unavailable, and he personally briefed and argued civil appeals in several federal appellate courts.[26]

U.S. Attorney

President George W. Bush nominated Rosenstein to serve as the United States Attorney for the District of Maryland on May 23, 2005. He took office on July 12, 2005, after the U.S. Senate unanimously confirmed his nomination.[24][26] He was the only U.S. Attorney retained by President Barack Obama.

As United States Attorney, he oversaw federal civil and criminal litigation, assisted with federal law enforcement strategies in Maryland, and presented cases in the U.S. District Court and in the U.S. Court of Appeals for the Fourth Circuit.[26] In 2012, Attorney General Eric Holder directed Rosenstein to investigate leaks regarding the U.S.’s Stuxnet operation, which sabotaged Iran’s nuclear program; as a result of the investigation, former U.S. Marine Corps General James Cartwright pleaded guilty to making false statements to the FBI and acknowledged leaking information about the operation to New York Times journalist David E. Sanger.[27] During his tenure as U.S. Attorney, Rosenstein successfully prosecuted leaks of classified information, corruption, murders and burglaries, and was “particularly effective taking on corruption within police departments.” [28]

Rosenstein secured several convictions against prison guards in Baltimore for conspiring with the Black Guerrilla Family.[25] He indicted Baltimore police officers Wayne Jenkins, Momodu Gondo, Evodio Hendrix, Daniel Hersl, Jemell Rayam, Marcus Taylor, and Maurice Ward for racketeering.[29] Rosenstein, with the aid of the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco and Firearms and the Drug Enforcement Administration, secured convictions in large scale narcotics cases in the District of Maryland, including the arrest and conviction of Terrell Plummer,[30] Richard Christopher Byrd,[31][32] and Yasmine Geen Young.[33]

The Attorney General appointed Rosenstein to serve on the Advisory Committee of U.S. Attorneys, which evaluates and recommends policies for the Department of Justice. He was vice-chair of the Violent and Organized Crime Subcommittee and a member of the Subcommittees on White Collar Crime, Sentencing Issues and Cyber/Intellectual Property Crime. He also served on the Attorney General’s Anti-Gang Coordination Committee.

Attorney General Eric Holder appointed Rosenstein to prosecute General James Cartwright, a former Vice Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, for leaking to reporters.[25] Cartwright pled guilty, but was later pardoned.[25]

Rosenstein served as the U.S. Attorney in Maryland at a time when murders in the state dropped by about a third, which was double the decline at the national level. Robberies and aggravated assaults also fell faster than the national average. According to Thiru Vignarajah, the former deputy attorney general of Maryland, “Collaboration between prosecutors, police, and the community combined with a dogged focus on violent repeat offenders was the anchor of Rosenstein’s approach.” Rosenstein regarded the heroin and opioid epidemic as a public health crisis, hired a re-entry specialist to help ex-offenders adjust to life outside of prison, and prosecuted several individual cases of corrupt police officers.[34]

Judicial nomination

In 2007, President Bush nominated Rosenstein to a seat on the United States Court of Appeals for the Fourth Circuit. Rosenstein was a Maryland resident at the time. Maryland’s Democratic United States SenatorsBarbara Mikulski and Ben Cardin, blocked Rosenstein’s nomination, claiming he did not have strong enough ties to Maryland.[35]

Deputy Attorney General of the United States

Nomination and confirmation

Rosenstein being sworn in as Deputy Attorney GeneralAppointment of Special Counsel to investigate Russian interference with the 2016 presidential election and related matters

President Trump nominated Rosenstein to serve as Deputy Attorney General for the United States Department of Justice on February 1, 2017.[36][37] He was one of the 46 United States Attorneys ordered on March 10, 2017, to resign by Attorney General Jeff Sessions; Trump declined his resignation.[38] Rosenstein was confirmed by the Senate on April 25, 2017, by a vote of 94–6.[39][40]

Various oracles have opined on Mr. Rosenstein, but the one that counts, Q, first brings him in over two years ago:


Q!2jsTvXXmXs8 May 2018 – 12:36:41 AM

Mass exodus in DC?
Mass exodus – corporate CEOs?
Who has the POWER?
Who has the CONTROL?
If POTUS was NOT IN CONTROL would they be retreating?
Who is the AG?
Who MUST approve the firing/dismissal of DOJ officials?
Re_read DOJ org change (open source – more in pipe)
Who is the FBI director?
Who MUST approve the firing/dismissal of FBI agents?
Re_read FBI org change (open source – more in pipe)
If SESSIONS & WRAY are DC SWAMP/DEEP STATE why are they cleaning their respective houses?
Why are they slow walking unredacted data?
Why are they slow walking doc disclosures?
Why is the WH backing up DOJ?
What if the same data is being used by other investigators?
What does it mean if a grand jury is impanelled?
Why are confusing questions asked as to outcome re: Mueller?
What would be the purpose of creating confusion?
What was Sessions’ Senate confirmation vote?
What was RR’s Senate confirmation vote?
If RR is dirty, Mueller must also be dirty.
If Mueller is dirty, RR must also be dirty.
Common denominator.
Why did Sessions pick RR?
Everyone has an opinion.
Few have the facts.
Few know the plan.
Midterms [save & push]?
Swing voters to retake House/Senate?
Impeachment proceedings (open source) initiated?
Power at all costs?
Blue wave?
Why must the DOJ & FBI be cleaned FIRST?
What is the DOJ responsible for?
What is the FBI responsible for?
Why did HRC get a free pass?
Define single shooter.
Who is HUBER?
Define IG.
When does SESSIONS step back in?
Already is?
Why did SESSIONS secretly engage HUBER?
Why did SESSIONS reveal HUBER?
Timing is everything.
Department of Justice does not discuss ongoing investigations or confirm specific matters,
What about the active investigation into leaks?
“Horowitz oversees a nationwide workforce of more than 450 special agents, auditors, inspectors, attorneys, and support staff whose mission is to detect and deter waste, fraud, abuse, and misconduct in DOJ programs and personnel, and to promote economy and efficiency in Department operations.”
Why did MP step into the C_A prior to Sec of State?
They are deeply connected.
Think Offshore.
MIL INTEL providing support during this time?
Why are select EO’s aggressively being written and put into law?
State/C_A next?
Think logically.
No outside comms.

In other words, prior to the Mueller probe, which turned out to be a gigantic hamster wheel to nowhere, Mr. Rosenstein was trusted by the swamp.

What color hat he REALLY wears is yet to be revealed.

Stay tuned.

271 thoughts on “LIVE THREAD: 20200603 10am EDT Rosenstein Before Senate Judiciary Committee

  1. Outstanding research on RR Dep Pat! Kudos …………………….

    Hope you’re able to listen to the proceedings…

    and I’m thankful you are safe and pray you continue to be so.

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  2. So do y’all think this is a head fake, and the Sessions feud too? I’m guessing it is.

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    1. I know some think POTUS/Sessions ain’t what it seems. But honestly, if that’s true, I don’t see how POTUS walks back all his public comments. Oh, it was just an act to catch criminals??? He will be (further) branded as untrustworthy, with no one ever able to believe a word he says again, the Press will have a field day! Or I was duped??? Makes him look incompetent. POTUS never apologizes. If what he says is always right and eventually proves true, which it does, there’s Gonna have to be one heckuva explainer to defend him lying to the public. Sorry guys, I’m having a hard time reconciling this one. I’ve been silent this whole time, but I remember the Cabinet meeting long ago when POTUS was berating a beet-red faced Sessions, the looks in both men’s eyes, I knew then and there he was genuinely pizzed. Hope I’m wrong.

      Liked by 10 people

        1. Then carry that thought forward. Is Q wrong??? Shudder to think ya’ll – one reason I’ve stayed silent. Or was Q trusting Sessions until it was finally clear he could no longer be trusted? I don’t know the timing of it all to accurately analyze.

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      1. What did Huber do? Nothing. We waited for months and months with bated breath.

        I never thought he would do anything.

        I never liked Sessions.

        I never liked Rosenstein.

        Those are just my opinions. I tried not to voice them often, but now that PDJT is tweeting the same, I am taking the opportunity to do so now.


  3. Chad Pergram
    Fmr Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein now appearing before the Senate Judiciary Committee on the FISA, Russia probe & Crossfire Hurricane. Expect questions about whether Rosenstein wanted to invoke 25th Amdt to remove Trump or record conversations w/Trump

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  4. Broadcast on OANN, CSPAN1. What? No FOX, No CNN, or MSDNC??? I wonder WHY?? 🙄🙄🙄

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  5. Who am I kidding? I can’t watch this. I’m too on edge. I want to reach right through my screen and grab DiFi by her wattled neck and shake her. And she isn’t doing anything other than being herself. I’m far too irritable this morning. I’ll have to check in here and depend on you guys to keep me informed.

    Liked by 9 people

    1. She’s a piece of work alright, RUSSIA RUSSIA RUSSIA. Don’t blame you one bit Miss Sylvia. Not sure how much of this I can take either, the PlanDemic and America burning has me pretty angry these days too.
      Feel better. 🤗🤗😘😘

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      1. PoppaD was a valid reason to start CH. 🤮🤮
        Guess she didn’t see the Strzok memo to self about the gossip as the basis to start a criminal investigation.

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    1. Liked by 5 people

  6. Ratty Rod, going with the RUSSIANS!
    Camera pans to Cruz hand propping up his face, disgusted look.
    Rod throwing the FBI under the bus. They swore to what I signed. I was duped.

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  7. Rod saying doesn’t think McCabe lied to him, then says he did. Withheld FBI suspicions for a week even though they met daily.

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      1. This is LAWFARE – this is pure McCabe. Do something just short of fully and obviously criminal, and if enough of them do it together, the CRIME IS HIDDEN in the curvature of 1000 small LIES.

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  8. CH team (the crooks) gave RR the information for the scope memos, he just signed, was a conduit. Not his job to investigate.

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      1. Liked by 7 people

        1. Yup. This is it. My theory of how Rosenstein played the “I will just let this stuff happen” part of the LAWFARE is right here, and he’s whitewashing it by standing firm. Sessions just accepted this crap. Trump is right. Sessions got played. All legally defensible, can’t prosecute, and Rosenstein knows it.

          CLEAN GETAWAY.

          Trump adapted to it, but he had to use the Barr Switch to recover, because Sessions didn’t have the guts to “unrecure” himself and throw all these CREEPS into the toilet. Institutional protector.

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  9. What I’m getting here is that Rosie was being played by the FBI under McCabe. Whether or not it was a trap…that’s what I’m not sure about.

    In the meantime, Graham is putting all sorts of information in the public record that the public may not have heard yet.

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    1. Two things
      1) Rosenstein is incompetent
      2) Rosenstein is stupid

      I hearing Rosenstein I believe he is playing stupid and is incompetent as manager to manage a large group of people.

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  10. wtf??? RR claiming dossier not in FISA’s, FISA’s contained only verified info. SCREAM!!! What a DOPE!

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    1. Liked by 7 people

  11. Liked by 7 people

        1. He’s pretending to be clueless. Hell’s bells – I could lie my way out of this better than Rosey is doing. Not going to say how – I don’t want to teach these eviloids any more trickery than they already know!!! 😉

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            1. Even if Rosie is INNOCENT but BENT AS EXPECTED AND NEEDED, the lawfare people played him perfectly. But I think he was part of the plot, and maybe the smartest one, waiting for the obstruction charges. I think he knew the plot was hosed when Trump fired Sessions, but he still protected BS during the interim. All attempts to take me out were before BARR was sworn in, but the most sophisticated one was during the interim, after Sessions was fired.

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          1. Not knowing did not save the brass after Nazis fell. They were hanged.
            Rosenstein is a snake who slithers through the hearing . Our political class are spinless weasels.

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            1. “Not knowing did not save the brass after Nazis fell. They were hanged.”

              Off topic, but only a sampling of them. Most escaped to the Mideast, S. America, or were let go, or were hired by the USA,

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    1. Grassley got off a lot of good questions, but didn’t have time to stop for any of the answers.

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  13. Liked by 7 people

    1. This is EXACTLY RIGHT.

      Rosenstein was the END PIN for THE LAWFARE SCAM.

      He was the guy who says “The buck stops here by me not opposing whatever Mueller (really WEISSMANN) does, because it is my moral, ethical and legal duty to make sure that the independent special counsel really is independent.” But that ignore’s what Rosenstein SHOULD have been doing – namely his DUTY to curtail abuses by the S.C., which became MORALLY PERMISSIBLE by control of the MEDIA. The media is capable of COWING people in positions like Rosie’s, but also (when those people are part of the scam) it gives them COVER. Knowing or unknowing, they get COVER to behave as NEEDED by the scam.

      This is the exact same problem that Fake Science is having right now with hydroxychloroquine, BTW. The worthless media creates false perceptions of reality, and bogus social fears, in which ethical decisions in the “neutral zone” are made. Commies are EXPERTS on this kind of criminalized sociology.

      It’s a GREAT SCAM, and Sessions never did the right thing by stepping in and calling out the scam. This FORCED TRUMP’S HAND to get an unrecused A.G.

      BOOM. All becoming clear.

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  14. Okay, either Rosie is committing one felony after another in lying to Congress, or he’s there for a show hearing that is allowing the Republicans to repeat things for public consumption, and he’s the designated pinata.

    There’s just too much wackiness with this, and if you haven’t kept up with information, this would make no sense.

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    1. Cruz, Hawley, Blackburn, Kennedy, Sasse would provide the best to come, I would think.

      Lindsey Graham, South Carolina, Chairman
      Chuck Grassley, Iowa
      John Cornyn, Texas
      Mike Lee, Utah
      Ted Cruz, Texas
      Ben Sasse, Nebraska
      Josh Hawley, Missouri
      Thom Tillis, North Carolina
      Joni Ernst, Iowa
      Mike Crapo, Idaho
      John Kennedy, Louisiana
      Marsha Blackburn, Tennessee[5]

      Dianne Feinstein, California, Ranking Member
      Patrick Leahy, Vermont
      Dick Durbin, Illinois
      Sheldon Whitehouse, Rhode Island
      Amy Klobuchar, Minnesota
      Chris Coons, Delaware
      Richard Blumenthal, Connecticut
      Mazie Hirono, Hawaii
      Cory Booker, New Jersey
      Kamala Harris, California

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      1. Kennedy’s gonna be fun, always is! 😁
        Cruz, Hawley, Marsha maybe, all worth watching

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  16. Can you spell Kabuki Theater?

    Sick and tired of do nothing Senate and Congressional FAKE lying, colluding, backroom dealing investigations/inquiries.

    It’s the same old fox guarding the hen house crap.

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    1. SPIT, spit, spit, spit, spit, spit, spit, spit, spit, spit, spit, spit, spit, spit, spit, spit, spit, spit, spit, spit, spit, spit!!!!!!!!


  17. Lyndsey exploding. It wasn’t the Russians who did all the shenanigans in the FBI, the FISA’s, etc…

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  18. Mike Lee trying to tell RR that HE IS ULTIMATELY RESPONSIBLE for signing FISAs. RR says he’s responsible for ‘process’.

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  19. RR confident political bias didn’t enter investigation. Beyond F’n ridiculous considering Mueller’s team!!

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