Dear KAG: 20200603 Open Thread

On this Storm is Upon Us Wednesday, we suspend the camels and their humps for something more somber, as the boss was on full display yesterday.

And now for the obligatory message from our sponsors:

Here at the Q tree we believe in the concept of CIVIL open free speech and the discussion that fleshes out ideas. When commenting and participating in the OPEN discussion on this thread all comments MUST NOT CONTAIN personal threats, baiting, name calling, or other anti-social words fomenting hate, violence or destruction. Our host Wolfm00n has strict rules about that.

Fellow tree dweller Wheatie gave us some good reminders on the basics of civility in political discourse:

  1. No food fights.
  2. No running with scissors.
  3. If you bring snacks, bring enough for everyone.

In addition, it is requested that there be no swinging from the chandeliers, celebratory gunfire, messing around with the nuclear weapons, and, please, everyone wash your hands.

Please, do not forget to apply sunscreen after a sensible vitamin D bath and after swimming at a safe social distance from all the people in chlorinated pools, which must maintain enough chemicals to kill just about everything except the Wuhan Flu that somehow will travel six feet in densely hot and humid air.

Please remember to remain locked and loaded and ready for trouble should the insurrectionists try to invade your space.

Those who have things to say that do not fit the generally accepted limits of “civil” discussion, Wolf has provided a venue known as the UTree which is currently going through its water cooler/canteen phase. Please, venture over there for any such thoughts and comments. This sort of thing is always a possibility on that site:

A few other vital notes:

Please, review these rules that our host Wolfm00n outlined toward the beginning of the growth of the tree itself. it won’t take long.

Ridiculing the other side, on the other hand…well….


Psalm 122 (123)

To thee have I lifted up my eyes, who dwellest in heaven. [2] Behold as the eyes of servants are on the hands of their masters, As the eyes of the handmaid are on the hands of her mistress: so are our eyes unto the Lord our God, until he have mercy on us. [3] Have mercy on us, O Lord, have mercy on us: for we are greatly filled with contempt. [4] For our soul is greatly filled: we are a reproach to the rich, and contempt to the proud.

As always, prayers for the fight against that which seeks to enslave us are welcome. And this week, lots of prayers for those who have the virus, and those who have died due to it are part of daily prayer.

It looks like the storm is here.

607 thoughts on “Dear KAG: 20200603 Open Thread

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  2. Jack Posobiec
    Flashback: St. Louis circuit attorney candidate defends accepting super PAC campaign money from liberal billionaire George Soros
    St. Louis circuit attorney candidate defends accepting super PAC campaign money from liberal…
    State Rep. Kimberly Gardner, one of four Democrats running for St. Louis circuit attorney in the Aug. 2 primary, has a political ad paid for by a George Soros-backed super

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  3. The Library


    #Breaking: US Secretary of Defense overturns Pentagon decision to return US active duty troops to home bases. (@Global_Mil_Info)

    Harold Wren

    The Library

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  4. Sean Davis Retweeted
    Michael Tracey
    Mattis resigned in protest because Trump wanted to withdraw troops from Syria. He has no moral high ground
    Quote Tweet

    The Washington Post
    · 39m
    In extraordinary criticism, former defense secretary Jim Mattis accuses President Trump of trying to divide Americans

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  5. What say you?

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      1. I see what you mean about the pictures….but what would then explain the african hair if Obama was half white and half asian? I don’t get how that is actually possible.


        1. You’d be amazed at what a perm or a wig would do.

          Blacks go the other direction (relaxers, etc.) all the time; and Øbozo had an image to present, and probably unlimited (read: Satan Soros) money available to shape it…

          Also there’s some question as to the “white” half of his background. With no birth certificates extant, there’s no way to know for sure, and even those documents can be falsified (albeit with varying degrees of difficulty)…..

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            1. Yep. I know. I lived, worked (in Oakland, even), and went to school with a number of blacks. Some went the “wig way” and others struggled with relaxants.

              I had really curly hair (for a white guy), and always tried to straighten it out. Now I’d be happy just to have more hair 🙂 Sometimes I think all those times with two brushes and a hair dryer trying to straighten it out took their toll…


  6. The Library

    You’ve heard us here at the Library talk a great deal about Antifa terrorism, and we have had some questions about what it is. Im sharing here a very very good primer that will answer many questions.

    Harold Wren

    The Library

    You’ve also heard me talk about Antifa’s very close sibling that is also violent, Democrat Socialists of America. Its most famous personality is Bernie Sander.

    Harold Wren

    The Library

    Both DSA & Antifa are linked to & work with Communist Party USA (CPUSA)

    Harold Wren

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  7. Candace Owens
    It’s heartbreaking to read what police officers are going through all across the country, at the expense of one idiot.
    Especially the New York Police Department who are being neglected by spineless politicians.

    RETWEET if you support the men and women in blue.


    Candace Owens
    Confession: #GeorgeFloyd is neither a martyr or a hero. But I hope his family gets justice.16:39
    237.9K viewers

    Candace Owens
    Confession: #GeorgeFloyd is neither a martyr or a hero. But I hope his family gets justice.

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  8. Jack Posobiec Retweeted
    PortSide NewYork
    Federal state of New #China was announced over #NYC #harbor by 4 planes towing banners. Anyone know what’s going on? #waterfront


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      Some looked on puzzled while others grew concerned when a group of propeller planes circled the Statue of Liberty before dusk Wednesday pulling banners that said: “Congratulations to federal state of new China!” in English and Chinese.

      What was it about?

      The stunt was organized by fugitive Chinese billionaire businessman Miles Guo and former White House Chief Strategist Steve Bannon.

      In a live stream from a boat in New York Harbor on the anniversary of the 1989 anniversary of the Tiananmen Square massacre, Guo said that “from today the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) will no longer be the lawful government of China.”

      Bannon, meanwhile, said a renegade organization that calls itself the “Rule of Law Movement” aims to “rid the Chinese Communist Party of its dictatorship over the Chinese people” and replace it Western law such as is in Great Britain and the United States.

      Witnesses counted at least eight dozen planes circling Lady Liberty behind both men for nearly 45 minutes. The banners bore stars in the form of the nuclear symbol along with their message.

      “The elimination of the Chinese Community Party is essential…to bring peace to the international community and all mankind,” Bannon said while reading a “Declaration of the New Federal State of China.”

      Bannon, who left the White House in 2017 after a falling out with President Trump, called the CCP “a gangster organization with no legitimacy” that has killed its own people and “unleashed” the coronavirus on the world while “covering up the truth and spreading the virus to 180 nations worldwide.”

      China’s totalitarian rule has caused “horrific atrocities,” “trampled over democracy” and “exported corruption across the entire globe,” Bannon added.

      Besides oppressing its own people, he said, the Chinese Community Party threatens the security and primacy of the West.

      Chinese citizens throughout the world contributed to the declaration over the past six months, said Bannon, who’s broadcast a radio show critical of the CCP from Guo’s Manhattan apartment.

      He predicted that 90 nations on Thursday would join the movement to de-legitimize the CCP.

      A conservative documentary filmmaker who spent time as an investment banker at Goldman Sachs, Bannon was executive chairman of Breitbart News for four years before running Trump’s successful 2016 presidential campaign.

      He more recently has been working closely with Guo, who is being sought by Beijing for extradition from the United States on charges of money laundering, bribery and rape.

      Wednesday’s declaration marked “the turning point for the necessary steps in terminating the Chinese Communist Party by justice and rule of law,” Guo said.

      “The CCP is condemned and doomed because of their infiltration of the coronavirus to the world, because of their manipulation of terrors messing up the United States, and because of their killing, raping and sodomizing tens of thousands of young protesters in Hong Kong,” he said.

      “The ANTIFAan American terrorist group, operated by The Communist International, is working along with the CCP, carrying out a series of attacks in the past couple of days to mess up the United States and the West,” said Guo, who fled China in 2014.

      “While the CCP-virus pandemic is still spreading around the world, CCP is coordinating its allies from Africa, the Middle East, to certain Northern European countries, especially North Korea, Cuba to create troubles for the United States, aiming to make the United States and Europe kowtow to it to solve the ‘problem’,” he said.

      “President Trump will crash the ANTIFA riots in the following days, and no one can mess up the United States.”

      Guo owns G News, a website that earlier this year published fake news bout the CCP creating COVID-19 in a laboratory. Although false, the story had more than 19,000 tweets and 18,000 Facebook engagements before PolitiFact shot it down.

      G News is best known for an unfounded story that the coronavirus was stolen from a lab in Canada.

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  9. Jack Posobiec
    Attorney General Keith Ellison upgraded charges against officer who knelt on George Floyd’s neck; charged other 3 involved
    Attorney General Keith Ellison upgraded charges against officer who knelt on George Floyd’s neck;…
    Three other fired Minneapolis officers at the scene of George Floyd’s death are now book and charged with aiding and abetting murder. That comes two days after Ellison took over the case. Gov. Tim…

    Awakened Shinobi Retweeted
    Dr. Karlyn Borysenko
    This is what setting someone up to get acquitted so you can spark even more outrage looks like.
    Quote Tweet

    Amy Klobuchar
    · 6h
    Minnesota Attorney General Keith Ellison is increasing charges against Derek Chauvin to 2nd degree in George Floyd’s murder and also charging other 3 officers. This is another important step for justice.

    hehe I wonder why that could be?
    Quote Tweet

    Seung Min Kim
    · 4h
    Sort of odd Klobuchar is announcing charges before Ellison formally does?…

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      1. It isnt policy TO kneel. It is apparently within their use of force Department policy as a tool IF you have had the CORRECT training. Their policy will state what that training is specifically, how frequently its to be reevaluated if at all, and should state when its to be used and exemptions.

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        1. Steve be hones i hope they throw the key away on this guy. He was a bad apple in the police department and a cold killer.
          I have no understanding how some can do that when the subject is already subdued .
          I can see in war but not in the name of law in the US.
          The one thing I like to ask all black people do all black lives matter or only the lives that allow people to riot?
          Every life matters no matter who the killer is because ever life is a gift.

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      1. How did she get in? Was no one running against her? How has she not been tossed out? It’s scary that he’s invaded the Midwest.

        FYI protests in st Charles? Really?

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              1. Your state’s AG is pretty solid though isn’t he, Ken Paxton? Luckily I live in a red county here but the gov and state AG had a lot of help from Soros groups. They should have remained Republican-held if not for ballot harvesting imho.

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    1. And Jim Kenney in Philadelphia is removing Frank Rizzo. Philadelphia. The same city where Wilson Goode firebombed Osage Ave. in 1985, killing 11 black people who were part of the MOVE group. Five kids included. What happened with Goode? He was re-elected. Because black lives matter of course.

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  10. The Reckoning 💥 Retweeted
    Senator Ted Cruz
    I’m grateful my colleagues have confirmed Judge Tipton to fill the last federal judicial vacancy. He will now serve the Southern District of Texas. Drew will be an excellent judge & Texans will be well served for years to come by his experience and commitment to the rule of law.
    Cruz on Confirmation of Tipton as District Judge in Corpus Christi

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  11. Well, I guess we need a few more days of riots to convince a few more dumbed down normies

    The Reckoning Collision symbol Retweeted
    Jack Posobiec
    49% Say ‘Antifa’ Is A Terrorist Organization
    49% Say ‘Antifa’ Is A Terrorist Organization
    Voters are more critical of the police response to the latest outburst of black protest nationwide but also tend to agree with President Trump that the so-called “antifa” movement thought to be…

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  12. The Reckoning Collision symbol Retweeted
    Richard Grenell
    The Russians, as they do in many countries, interfered in the US election DEBATE (almost exclusively via social media using propaganda) – there is no evidence the Russians interfered in the actual election voting. This distinction is important and purposefully blurred by many.

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  13. Jordan Sather
    You already know I’m ready for the Deep State to play their alien card!

    He means an alien psyop. So, not the real deal even though (we) know they’re real. He’s talked about it before Winking face

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  14. Actually the NY State AG is threatening to sue president Trump if he tries to use nat’l guard/military in NYC.

    NY AG Letitia James threatens to sue Trump over military deployment

    New York Attorney General Letitia James has threatened to sue President Trump for mobilizing military forces to states to quell riots and looting that have broken out across the country in the wake of George Floyd’s death.

    “The President of the United States is not a dictator, and President Trump does not and will not dominate New York state,” James said in a statement Monday, shortly after Trump invoked the Insurrection Act of 1807, which could allow him to deploy troops anywhere across the nation. “In fact, the president does not have the right to unilaterally deploy U.S. military across American states.”

    Promising to “guard the right to peaceful protest,” James said her office would look at any federal action “with an eye toward protecting our state’s right.”

    “Rest assured: We will not hesitate to go to court to protect our constitutional rights during this time and well into the future,” she said….

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  15. I don’t know how Trump does it. I really don’t. So much hate and neg things being thrown at him 24/7 365. And yet he still gets so much done without taking a cent.

    Thank GOD for him. I don’t think anyone else would fight for us like this.

    My Mom asked ‘can we win against the swamp’. I think yes. We got Trump as POTUS and its time for good to crush evil.

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    1. “……So much hate and neg things being thrown at him….”

      Yes but so much love and thanks from us so therefore the negative crap does not matter.

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  17. I saw this on the Q boards which go over my head but one of them pointed out this story

    Law & Order spin-off writer is fired by Dick Wolf for posting a photo on Facebook showing himself guarding his Los Angeles home with a gun and threatening to shoot looters amid the city’s curfew

    The man posted on his media and gets fired?!?!?

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  18. OMG what does this have to do with anything?!?!!?

    Ferguson elects its FIRST black – and female – mayor six years after a white cop shot dead unarmed black teenager Michael Brown sparking protests across the city

    The other mayor could not run for reelection. I am so done with MSM and DM and all this BS.

    If they can’t twist it they ignore it. So that’s what I’m going to do. Ignore the MSM.

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    1. Bet President Trump could force them back by some legal means such filing a dereliction of duty impeachment against them in the Supreme Court…

      or lure them back if he did something outrageous in their book.

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      1. I believe he can force the House, the Senate, or both back in session in cases of Emergency.

        And considering that all 50 states (and IIRC D.C.) have a state of emergency, he’d be well within his authority to do it.

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    2. So what else do they have planned after the funerals and before they go back to DC? That is, providing they don’t come up with other things that “require” them to stay away from DC.

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  20. Theres a lot here.

    Rich Higgins (@RichHiggins_DC) Tweeted:
    The individual who brought Mattis in worked natsec transition and was brought to Trump team by John McCain’s Senate staff.

    While in Beijing he was accompanied by the leader of the International Union of Muslim Scholars….aka; Muslim brotherhood.

    Should I continue?

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    1. I was looking at the comments and some of those are very interesting and not complimentary to Mattis.

      and DB’s reply just below this tweet are interesting.

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    1. “***


      The only ‘issue’ anyone needs to know that it’s a deep state cover operation is that Lady Graham is involved.

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  22. List of demands…prepare to roll your eyes

    Ok but here’s the thing its call the justice system. innocent until proven guilty? due process?

    Ok but “Shift from punitive to rehabilitative model in prison system.” What do you think Trump was doing when he changed the system. Oh wait

    Decriminalize marijuana —– really?!?!?

    The comments on yahoo are great FYI

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  23. Laura Ingraham just played this on her show.

    Twatter can delete it and try to suppress it…but it’s out there now!

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  24. I’m not enjoying “discussion about race issues” that’s being jammed down our throats again.

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        1. Christ warned us about Wolves in Sheep’s Clothing. There huge wolfpacks, they’ve all been summoned by their master and now are tearing into the flock of God.

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          1. Very much so. driller son is sure finding out. He’s disgusted by it and doing well so far speaking truth to his peers, some of the Christian ones (some moody coincidentally) being the most brainwashed. He’s attracting a lot of followers though that agree and are helped by the way he’s countering them. If there was ever a time to pray… whew! If you have any resources he wouldn’t mind exchanging emails, or if you’re on FB he’s real easy to get on messenger.

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