Dear KMAG: 20200529 Open Topic

This FRIDAY THE JUNETEENTH open thread is OPENVERY OPEN – as in LET’S OPEN UP ALREADY – but don’t open up on a looter unless the LAW is on your side – a place for everybody to post whatever they feel they would like to tell the White Hats, and the rest of the MAGA / KAG! / KMAG world (KMAG being a bit of both MAGA and KAG!).

You can say what you want, comment on what other people said, and so on.

Free Speech is practiced here. ENJOY IT. Use it or lose it.

Keep it SOMEWHAT civil. They tried to FORCE fake Orwellian civility on us. In response, we CHOOSE true civility to defend our precious FREEDOM from THEM.

Our rules began with the civility of the Old Treehouse, later to become the Wolverinian Empire, and one might say that we have RESTORED THE OLD REPUBLIC – the early high-interaction model of the Treehouse – except of course that Q discussion is not only allowed but encouraged, and speech is considerably freer in other ways. Please feel free to argue and disagree with the board owner, as nicely as possible.

Please also consider the Important Guidelines, outlined here in the OLD January 1st , 2019 open thread. Let’s not give the odious Internet Censors a reason to shut down this precious haven.






Our movement

Is about replacing

A failed


Political establishment

With a new government controlled

By you, the American People.

Candidate Donald J. Trump

Also remember Wheatie’s Rules:

  1. No food fights.
  2. No running with scissors.
  3. If you bring snacks, bring enough for everyone.

Seriously – FRANCE just banned use of HCQ for treating COVID-19.


Looks like there is going to be a SCIENCE and MEDICINE FIGHT in the middle of RIOTS and DECLAS.



815 thoughts on “Dear KMAG: 20200529 Open Topic

      1. GROOMING!
        This is used to make children ACCEPT being ABUSED as natural.

        Why can’t they just let children BE children?

        Our neighbor’s girl was getting homework in kindergarten. WTF? are they TRYING to make kids HATE SCHOOL?

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        1. I had ZERO, absolutely no homework all the way through the 5th grade. Then, starting the 1st day of the 6th grade, we got homework in every major subject, every night.

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    1. Yes. Its not “ed”. They are pushing to teach masturbation to prek and teach actual types of activity. It went from specific education on how babies are made and childbirth to why you should be a pervert and how its all ok.

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    2. They do it here in Germany (and probably the rest of Europe) from 0-4 (yes, that’s right ZERO to FOUR years of age, in the “KiTas” (Kindertagesstätte, basically daycare, so the kids can be indoctrinated while both parents are slaving away at work to keep up with the Schmidts and Müllers).

      For the Fives and above, the regular Kindergartens (“Kindi”) and schools provide the followon indoctrination.

      (NO)Thanks to the CDU (Christian Democratic Union) which is neither Christian, Democratic (in principle) nor Unified (and the left/right splits are getting larger)…

      They used to be on the right side of the political spectrum. Now, thanks to Merde-Kuh, they’re left of center, with only the AfD (Alternative for Deutschland, indeed, the ONLY alternative and hope) to the right of center, about where the CDU used to be. Yet they’re labelled as right-wing extremists or Neo-Nazis…

      Talk about yanking the Overton Window: they’ve smashed it.

      Hmmm. CDU –> CUD… Merde-KUH… chewing on her CDU…

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  1. Deplorable Patriot
    May 29, 2020 at 09:52
    Waking up is hard to do.

    Do do do
    Down dooby doo down down
    Comma, comma, down dooby doo down down
    Comma, comma, down dooby doo down down
    Waking up is hard to do

    All of my thoughts are anarchy
    That evil Trump is all I see
    I live my life without a clue
    So waking up is hard to do

    Remember riots just last night
    When all the cops took off in fright
    Think of all that we’ve been through
    So waking up is hard to do

    Another big night of grief and rage
    Those prissy cops just won’t engage
    They’re little girls not men in blue
    And waking up is hard to do

    I say that waking up is hard to do
    Now I know, I know that it’s true
    Don’t say that this is the end
    We’re not waking up we’re going out to shake it up again

    I beg of you don’t say goodbye
    Can’t we give Walmart another try?
    Come on, baby, you know we’re due
    Cause waking up is hard to do

    Down dooby doo down down
    Comma, comma, down dooby doo down down
    Comma, comma, down dooby doo down down
    Waking up is hard to do

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  2. Q 4348

    Q !!Hs1Jq13jV6 ID: 7b4897 No.9363013 📁
    May 29 2020 12:46:30 (EST) NEW
    Loss of narrative control.
    You are the news now.

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    1. No, Gyorgi,

      Burning in HELL FOR ALL ETERNITY will be the culmination of your life’s work.

      Unless you repent and turn.

      Learn. Turn. Or Burn.

      Your Choice.
      Your Eternity (whether you believe it or not).

      Choose Wisely.

      For You Only Have ONCE…

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      1. On behalf of Mr. Steve,

        中国是个混蛋 !!!
        Zhōngguò shì gè hùndàn !!!
        China is Asshoe !!!

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          1. That was short and 🔥. Verbally lowelring the boom on Chyna and not even mentioning the riots. I don’t know how this will affect the people of Hong Kong.

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              1. Unfortunately we can do nothing for the people of Hong Kong. The best thing is if ALL nations treat China like the Dangerous Outlaw Nation it is and QUARANTINE CHINA from any and ALL TRADE.

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    1. Hammering China on one sin after the next and focusing the most on WuFlu (he called it Wuhan virus)

      issuing proclamation regarding University research

      protecing financial system – study the differing practices of Chinese companies listed on our stock markets

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      1. Discussing Hong Kong. Hong Kong no longer autonomous and no longer eligible for policy exemption of Hong Kong from China agreements. terminating and revising now.

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        1. How great was that? for amusement purposes only, I just rewatched the last 60 second showing President Trump and team walking back into the White House and the “reporters” yelling and trying to get his attention…funny

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      2. POTUS said what he had to say and left with the “journalist” getting no questions after sitting outside in the sun waiting for him for well over an hour. hahahahahaha

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        1. DP,
          He said any students in the USA with connections to china’s military , will be booted out.
          GA/FLA posted the whole thing below.
          It’s a quickie

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  3. Tweet is part of a THREAD

    Ivan Pentchoukov@IvanPentchoukov
    AG BARR: “So when they fact check content onto other people’s content and when they curate their collection and when they start censoring particular content, including in many cases AT THE DIRECTION OF FOREIGN GOVERNMENTS, like Communist China, they become publishers.”

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    1. “President Trump emerged from the Oval Office and made his way to the podium in the Rose Garden at about 2:48 pm.

      He was accompanied by Treasury Secretary Steve Mnuchin, Secretary of State Mike Pompeo. Robert O’Brien, Robert Lighthizer and Larry Kudlow.”

      Hunter Walker
      White House Correspondent
      Yahoo News

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        1. Financially, Hong Kong is/was a Golden Goose. Chyna thought they were going to keep the eggs. POTUS just burst that bubble. Losing exemptions and favored status, US (and Allies?) will disconnect from HK financially causing them massive losses. It had to be done to cut off the ChiComms, but HK’ers will surely suffer.

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      1. Prez was just giving the sun and fresh air an extra hour to mitigate the viruses crawling all over those creeps.

        With respect to the press . . . (sorry for the incorrect plural) –

        Big virii have little viri
        All over to infect ’em.
        And little virii have littler virii
        That’s why we don’t respect ’em

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  4. President Trump’s latest tweet re rioting explaining what he meant and proving that tweeter and the fake news put their own interpretation on his earlier tweets…editing and doing so in a bias way that was its own fake news!

    They so walked into that one!

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    1. 2nd part……..WE knew what he meant.

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  5. So I know a number of guys who are taking their stimulus checks and buying guns. LOL

    One of them said “Thank you Mr. Trump for your generosity!” 🙂

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      1. Someone said — and I have no idea whether it’s true — that you can defend your home with deadly force but not your business, according to the law there. If that’s the case, this man could be in real trouble.

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  6. Harold at The Library recommends this THREAD… so do I…remember to remove the *

    Texas Rose~Trump 2020~ObamaGate Medium starMedium starMedium star@AmericanRose8
    WTF is this@jack@Twitter@Policy@delbius@TwitterSafety@TwitterSupport

    You have censored @realDonaldTrump Double exclamation mark Who the hell are you to censor OUR President, how dare you!! Since you are so concerned about “violence” let me add just a few things that you Allow on Twitter Face with symbols over mouth


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  7. ### ATTENTION ###

    Please be advised that, going forward, I will be using the word “asshoe” in place of the word “china”.

    Ex: I visited the People’s Republic of Asshoe once, but I will never go again.


    Those asshoe communist assholes are full of crap.


    Thank you. This has been a public service announcement.


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    1. TruthSeeker
      Replying to @sevareidcbsnews
      More thugs were flown in this morning.

      Replying to @sevareidcbsnews
      Soros paid out-of-staters at DAPL Pipeline protest (10,000 protesters), $500 to get arrested/$1500 to stay overnight in jail…Protesters openly admitted it.

      Flying Texas
      Replying to @sevareidcbsnews

      Busses, groups of people waiting for instruction and a person giving instruction.
      @realDonaldTrump do we not have anyone left in Fed law enf. Who can investigate, find out who is doing this and stop it???

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      1. Apparently it’s the biz of dividing is no object. The “Cause” is whatever catch phrase the community organizer & chief says it is.
        Obamination didn’t create all those orgs for show..he created them for showtime

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    2. And the asshoes have shown up in NYC and now Houston. Knew that was coming, Floyd’s hometown. HPD better shut that nonsense down!!

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    1. Pah! That’s just anecdotal! We need at least a 2-3 year controlled study before we can extract any meaningful conclusions concerning ballot fraud.

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      1. Maybe longer even. We need to do all we can to make sure that everyone is confident that their mail in ballot is secure and every person everywhere has equitable access to participate in our democracy!

        It’s super important we study to have the best, most accurate data in order to know if any mail ballots are or could possibly be subjected to voter fraud. Could take years of experimenting with it.

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        1. After that POS mailman cost me THOUSANDS in lost ATT stock I would not trust the mail for anything valuable. The neighbor caught the same POS taking the mail out of the box tossing it into the snowy mud and then running back and forth over it with his mail truck.

          We complained and got NO WHERE! We were told he was union and though they had many complains they could not fire him. Worse the [swear like a sailor] state of Taxachusetts STOLE my stock saying they had never received it. (ATT had said they turned it over as unclaimed)


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    1. Another thing to note –

      If I remember correctly, the cop that was kneeling on GF’s neck had an open view to whomever was recording the incident . . . and had no objections to that even though it seemed the cop looked sort of at the camera. Could the cop have been so uninformed about what he was doing that being filmed while kneeling on an apparently unresisting suspect’s neck was OK?

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      1. There’s so many hinky things and even if there was a smoking gun, direct video..anything..nobody but a few of us would pay attention.
        This is the race extravaganza for pre election 2020 brought to us by the Soros/Obama Evil Empire

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        1. Cop-on-the-neck has a bland or even dissociated aspect to his face. He went through a cycle of sticking his fingers into his pants pocket and removing them, rinse and repeat. It was either a leverage anchor for his balance or he was placing his fingers close to his genitals as a method of controlling anxiety. I wonder if there’s MK Ultra with this person?

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    1. Yippee let’s get this really rolling now. You started riots we declassified.
      The truth will come out and it will be glorious.

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  8. Daily Caller reporter. Worth reading his thread:

    I do not know if this part will show
    BREAKING: Police in Excelsior, Minnesota are calling citizens warning them to stay in their homes and closing roads in response to groups of rioters who say they want to kill residents of the suburbs.

    So it now looks like open Civil War.

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    1. So it now looks like open Civil War.
      Definitely war. The officer is in custody, charged with murder, and it happened quickly and before the investigation is complete. The justice system is funcdioning as it should. So what do the “protesters” want?

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      1. Ummm, let’s see, not necessarily in order: their pay for the day, free big screen TVs and other appliances, clothes (especially celebrity sneakers), free booze and a great bonfire, maybe drugs from a pharmacy or two, humiliate police, throw blame on PTrump, hair extensions and, generally, a fun night, getting to run wild, flaunting all authority.

        Respect for George Floyd? Meh. Not so much.

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      2. This is what war looks like. One sees cities burning and wonder if one is next. The sirens are missing though.
        We need to get back into houses of worship and pray for our Country, our children and grandchildren and most of all for the misguided people who are burning their cities down.

        Each generation of immigrants build this country. I see walls of stone separating fields build by Irish. I see trains and tracks build by Chinese. I heard stories of immigrants who had to pay of their ticked to the US through slave labor.
        The sweat and tears of all immigrants are in the earth of this land our country. Yes slaves too but they were not the only one. Many people were treated wrong because evil is and was . Though good overcame and today evil stirring the flames of hate.
        I weep for this generation who have given themselves to hate the furry of hate. Hate will never destroy this country only the soul of misguided youth. Evil needs to be defeated and there is hope because light overcomes darkness all the time.

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    1. I guess Barr is getting to close and the rats want to damage Pampeo and weaken POTUS?
      We have gone though to much Hocus Pokus the last 3 years. I believe nothing unless I hear it from POTUS.
      CIA is expert in disinformation.

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  9. hahaha… riots everywhere and they’re still talking about flattening the curve and safe phases

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        1. What’s wrong with these kids?

          I can’t believe none of those kids were creative enough or enough of a smart ass to wear a scuba mask instead of a covid-stupid mask.

          I’d have had scuba mask AND snorkel… maybe even a full brass antique diver’s helmet, if I could find one 👍😁

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  10. Hmm. I take it y’all would like a separate post for Rosie’s testimony? I’m happy to schedule one. Just know I may not be around much for it. Long story.

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      1. Exactly. And he’s right on this one.

        Where I live…in some of the cheaper housing (two and four family flats, smaller houses) there are quite a number of blacks. For the most part, in all essentials, they are no different than anyone else. Out on the walk, we pass each other all the time, and exchange salutations. The other morning, I heard a white woman thank a large black man who was walking his dog for the help he gave her in disposing of a dead rabbit.

        There’s nothing racist in any of that. But, the white liberals who talk a good game…that’s something else.

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        1. “Exactly. And he’s right on this one.”


          He wasn’t really, watch it to the end.

          Van Jones: “Even the most well-intentioned white person, has a virus in his or her brain, that can be activated, in an instant.”

          See, according to Van Jones, you’re just sick.

          You have a virus, there’s nothing you can do about it, and it makes you a racist.

          So just deal with it.

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      2. You have to watch it to the end, then you find out Van is the same old white-hating racist he has always been:

        Van Jones: “Even the most well-intentioned white person, has a virus in his or her brain, that can be activated, in an instant.”

        Van Jones says you have a virus. It’s in your brain. And it makes you a racist.

        I wonder what kind of viruses are in Van Jones’ brain?

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    1. Van Jones: “Even the most well-intentioned white person, has a virus in his or her brain, that can be activated, in an instant.”

      Van Jones is scum.

      He’s the racist.

      According to Van, white people have a virus.

      The good news is, we’re now all absolved from any potential guilt or responsibility, because we’re just sick, you see.

      And that can’t be our fault.

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  11. Make L.A Great Again 🇺🇸 (@GuiltyHonkey) Tweeted:
    This is @MayorOfLA block right now .. multiple police vehicles .. as well as at least one undercover But this guy does not want you to own a firearm to protect yourself

    This is how the elites live In Los Angeles

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