5.28.20 News Roundup! Big Win For the State Of Texas, Stock Market Continues To Respond To the Reopening Of Our Country, China Is About To Feel the Wrath Of the Eagle, Wilbur Ross’ Interview, PDJT Will Veto FISA Reauthorization, Jim Jordan’s Interview, AG Barr Appoints West Texas U.S. Attorney to Support Durham Investigation – Review Unmasking Before and After 2016 Election, Matt Whitaker’s Interview, New Ad…..

We are going to have to win in court to stop the Democrats plan of having the November 3rd Election done through the mail. The Texas Supreme Court told the Democrats to go pound sand with their BS scam.

From the article linked above:

The Texas Supreme Court on Wednesday ruled that lack of immunity to COVID-19 alone is not a physical disability that qualifies people to vote by mail.

The ruling is a victory for Attorney General Ken Paxton, who has argued that only a physical illness or disability that prevents voters from going to the polls should qualify people to vote by mail. It is a loss for the Texas Democratic Party and voting rights groups who had pushed for expanded mail voting during the coronavirus pandemic and had won temporary victories in lower courts.

In the majority opinion from the Texas Supreme Court, Chief Justice Nathan Hecht, joined by six other justices, acknowledged the intense political debate surrounding voting by mail.

“The question before us is not whether voting by mail is better policy or worse, but what the Legislature has enacted. It is purely a question of law,” he wrote. “Our authority and responsibility are to interpret the statutory text and give effect to the Legislature’s intent. We agree with the State that a voter’s lack of immunity to COVID-19, without more, is not a “disability” as defined by the Election Code.”

As more of our country reopens, the Stock Market is taking notice and is responding accordingly.

From the article linked above:

Stocks soared Tuesday as enthusiasm builds about the reopening of the country and the development of a coronavirus vaccine.

The S&P 500 rose nearly 2%, breaking over 3,000 for the first time since March 5. The Dow Jones Industrial Average rose over 2%, briefly trading above 25,000 for the first time since early March.

[…] “You could see a fairly rapid recovery,” JPMorgan Chase CEO Jamie Dimon said Tuesday. “The government has been pretty responsive, large companies have the wherewithal, hopefully, we’re keeping the small ones alive.”

Dimon added that “you’re already seeing the positive effects of the opening-up taking place, at least for the economy,” according to Bloomberg.

American consumer confidence stabilized as well, having plummeted to its lowest level in about six years at 85.7, in April. The confidence index recovered to 86.6 in May, CNBC reported. The rate of recovery was much higher than what economists expected and hoped for, as a Dow Jones survey found that economists predicted a confidence index of 82.3 in May.

China is playing stupid games when it comes to Hong Kong and will win stupid prizes from the USA.

Secretary Pompeo dropped a bomb on Twitter:

From the article linked above:

The Trump administration said it could no longer certify Hong Kong’s political autonomy from China, a move that could trigger sanctions and have far-reaching consequences on the former British colony’s special trading status with the U.S.

Secretary of State Michael Pompeo announced the decision Wednesday, a week after the government in Beijing declared its intention to pass national security legislation curtailing the rights and freedoms of Hong Kong citizens. The National People’s Congress, China’s legislature, is expected to pass the measure later on Thursday.

“Hong Kong does not continue to warrant treatment under United States laws in the same manner as U.S. laws were applied to Hong Kong before July 1997,” Pompeo said in a statement. “No reasonable person can assert today that Hong Kong maintains a high degree of autonomy from China, given facts on the ground.”


Pompeo’s decision opens the door for a range of options, from visa restrictions and asset freezes for top officials to possibly imposing tariffs on goods coming from the former colony.

Commerce Secretary Wilbur Ross was interviewed yesterday and discussed the likelihood of an economic response toward Beijing to countermand aggressive geopolitical ambitions.

Shifting high-tech industrial manufacturing away from China, back to the United States, is an important component in the strategic U.S. economic approach.

Our President tweeted he will veto the House FISA re-authorization if it is passed without first investigating and exposing prior FISA abuses committed against his prior election campaign and administration:

Lou Dobbs discusses the issues with Representative Jim Jordan just before our President tweeted his intent.

Justice Department Spokesperson Kerri Kupec spoke to Sean Hannity. Within the interview: “the attorney general determined that certain aspects of unmasking needed to be reviewed separately as a support to John Durham’s investigation,” Ms. Kupec said.

John Bash is assigned to review the scale of overall Obama-era unmasking to identify if laws were broken and or if downstream leakers can be identified.

From the article linked above:

Attorney General William Barr appointed a federal prosecutor to review so-called “unmasking” requests that Obama administration officials submitted against Trump associates, a spokeswoman for the Justice Department said Wednesday.

Kerri Kupec, the Justice Department spokeswoman, said on Fox News that Barr appointed John Bash, the U.S. attorney for the Western District of Texas, to conduct the review.

Bash will carry out the probe in coordination with U.S. attorneys John Durham and Jeff Jensen, who are looking into various aspects of the Trump-Russia investigation.

“The attorney general determined that certain aspects of unmasking needed to be reviewed separately as a support to John Durham’s investigation,” Kupec told Fox News’ Sean Hannity.

AAG Matt Whitaker was interviewed by Jan Jekielek of Epoch Times. Matt Whitaker shared that the Mueller investigation was used by corrupt interests within the special counsels office to threaten any/all executive branch and congressional officials with “obstruction of justice” charges if they revealed any exculpatory or counter-narrative information during the Mueller probe.

Whitaker describes this as the “obstruction of justice trap.”

Interview Timestamps:

♦03:43 On Judge Sullivan choosing not to dismiss the case against Gen. Flynn
♦06:54 On FBI director Christopher Wray calling for an internal investigation
♦08:41 What kind of accountability will we see for 2016 election surveillance?
♦15:27 The problem with the regulation creating Special Counsels
♦19:32 Obstruction of justice trap?
♦35:38 Communist China’s a greater threat than Russia

Our President is about to drop the hammer on Twitter, Facebook, YouTube etc!

Another great ad released by our President’s re-election campaign.

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  1. A minor quibble — the stock market info is old….Wednesday’s close on the Dow was 25,500+ and overnight futures are looking for more.

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    1. Hmmm. Just wondering where those factories in India pumping out HCQ are located… near the border where the Red Chyyneese are trying to invade???

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  2. That Lou Dobbs – Jim Jordan interview is a must watch!

    Especially from 6:00 on where Jordan discusses Rosenstein and recites what happened in the short a critical time – 8 days – between May 9 when Comey was fired – and May 17 2017 – when Mueller was named special counsel to investigate the non-existent Russian Collusion.

    From then on, Russia-Russia-Russia began was the loud incessant non-stop drum beat in Congress and the Media.

    The Mueller investigation may have been a political tactic to interfere with the 2018 election. It concluded in March 2019 at great expense to the US taxpayer – with a disgraceful report that was more opinion than factual evidence that was an attempt to further smear and cast suspicion. Mueller’s in-person report to Congress revealed he was not very conversant or knowledgeable about his own report. The investigation and report was likely the work of Democrat vicious hatchet man, Andrew Weissmann, with Mueller as a mere figurehead.

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  3. Conservative spitfire from NY State Elise Stefanik:

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    1. Twitter is also accountable for
      – the threats and smears against President Trump.
      – the false allegations and attacks against conservatives.
      – the biased silencing tactics of its management
      – the p3d0philia – exploitative tweets that target children.

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  4. Yet another study shows HCQ – Hydroxychloroquine very effective – vital for early treatment – to prevent progression of COVID-19

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  5. great NEWS report Fle!!!

    Voting is ESSENTIAL–just like groceries–and if I’m safe enough at walmart with a mask and social distancing, I can be safe enough at a polling place to vote. and you don’t spend nearly the same amount of time at a polling place as you do in a grocery store…

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    1. “…and if I’m safe enough at walmart with a mask and social distancing, ”


      What if it’s not necessary — or even safe — to wear a mask?

      ‘Doctor’ Tony Fauci says masks are not necessary and really don’t do anything with regard to China virus:


      Study claiming new coronavirus can be transmitted by people without symptoms was flawed
      By Kai KupferschmidtFeb. 3, 2020


      Blaylock: Face Masks Pose Serious Risks To The Healthy

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  6. Yesterday’s Oval Office closed press meeting between President Trump and ‘Governor’ Cuomo evidently did not go as Cuomo hoped – with the promise of many more millions being lavished upon the state of NY as a bail-out….because right after the meeting Cuomo got on CNN and complained and criticized President Trump.

    Cuomo even blamed the nursing homes for following his mandates: https://www.weaselzippers.us/449512-dem-gov-cuomo-blames-the-nursing-homes-for-obeying-his-orders-and-taking-covid-19-patients/

    Cuomo gave immunity to nursing homes after receiving large donations: https://www.theguardian.com/us-news/2020/may/26/andrew-cuomo-nursing-home-execs-immunity

    Gail Combs saved several copies of the Cuomo mandate to nursing homes that forbade testing for COVID-19 in the WQTH Memo Thread.

    Candace Owen’s tweet stands as witness to Cuomo’s and other Democrat governors’ criminal malpractice:

    Half of COVID-19 deaths in the USA were in nursing homes!

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    1. These always crack me up.

      To think that I would change my vote if Trump referred to me in some way that I could take issue with is just stupid… like I’m going to throw our country away because Trump said “________”.

      Just as the idea that a devilrat would either stay home or vote for Trump because Pedo Joe said “Latinix” (I don’t even know how to pronounce that, never even heard the word before) is ludicrous.

      You’re saying the fact that he’s a creepy hair-sniffing pedophile with advanced dementia was fine, no problem — but saying “Latinix” was a bridge too far?


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        1. Thank you duchess 👍

          Apparently the Tweet above didn’t even get it right, it’s not Latinix, it’s Latinx.

          I am so outraged by this misspelling in the Tweet, that on behalf of Hispanic people and out of my deepest umbrage at this silliness, I will refuse to use the word AT ALL. 😁

          ‘Latinx’ explained: A history of the controversial word and how to pronounce it
          Adrianna Rodriguez
          USA TODAY

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          1. Neat, Scott! So – on top of his idiocy – it is misspelled – this is a game I am not enjoying playing – while people laugh at his gaffes – I fail to see any of what he says as funny – how could they promote someone who is fumbling around – maybe pretending he is mentally deficient (which we all know is not funny) – why did they promote him if they are going to replace him – oh – to quote another idiot ‘what difference does it make’? His whole presidential run is a distraction – from what, tho’? Any ideas???

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            1. “His whole presidential run is a distraction – from what, tho’? Any ideas???”


              Biden can’t be the candidate, unless the Dims want to get blown out 50 states to nothing. They’re going to lose anyway, but they can’t just concede defeat because of they don’t try, then DJT’s coattails are going to be so huge that the Dims won’t just lose the presidential race, they’ll lose everything down-ballot too.

              So they have to come up with a candidate who can at least speak coherently, which means Biden is just a placeholder until they’re ready to reveal their secret weapon candidate.

              And who could THAT be?

              There is only one person is COULD be IMO, and that’s Sick Hillary.


              Because she has enough power to push anyone else out of the way, and because she wants it so bad she can taste it, and because she and Hussein and their entourages have the most to lose if she doesn’t.

              She can’t debate to save her life, and it’s a toss-up between Hussein and Sick Hitlery as far as which is the most unlikable person on the planet, so they have to hide her for as long as possible.

              That means Pedo Joe is going to have an Arkanstroke at some point. Maybe before the Convention, maybe during the Convention, or maybe they’ll hold out until two weeks before the election.

              That way Sick Hitler wouldn’t even have to debate Trump.

              But at that point she would have to be a write-in candidate, and normally that would be a token measure that would only garner 5% or less of the vote… BUT…

              In this case, it could be the perfect CHEATING mechanism.

              All the Dims would have to do in print out MILLIONS of ballots and write in ‘Hitlery’ on them, and stuff the ballot boxes all over the country, like usual.

              That gets around their loss on the ‘mail in ballots’ issue, avoids debates and campaigning for Hitlery, and practically guarantees the win, or at the very least throws the winner on election night into doubt.

              Chaos and disruption and drama beats losing, and since they can’t possibly win, I think they’ll go for all in for chaos / 4GW in an attempt to rip the country apart.

              Because that’s exactly who they are, and exactly what they would do.

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              1. edit / correction: “All the Dims would have to do in is print out MILLIONS of ballots and write in ‘Hitlery’ on them,”


                “Chaos and disruption and drama beats losing, and since they can’t possibly win, I think they’ll go for all in for chaos / 4GW in an attempt to rip the country apart.”


              2. Makes a lot of sense, Scott! But – the wicked witch is going to lose just as she did the first time – cheating did not help her – however, this time – Trump voters will show up at the polls in droves – the National Guard will be watching the vote tallies – and illegals will make up the vote-by-mail and some of the absentee ballots – which will be heavily scrutinized – no state will have its vote tallies accepted as valid if they have more than 100% of their citizens voting – that would send up a red flag for an ‘audit’ of the voting rolls – the Dims cannot guarantee the ‘black or latino vote’ – any longer because they have seen what they have done for them – zero.

                And – because they hemmed and hawed about helping during the crisis – and blatantly said they wanted to support illegals rather than US citizens (i.e, the homeless) – about the only ones voting for them will be illegals – and – even if there are 40M illegals in this country – that is not enough to win a presidential election – cause PT will have 150M voting for him – yes, I am an optimist.

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              3. scott467
                My opinion:
                HILLARY CLINTON will be the DemCom Presidential candidate once Joe Biden is “removed”; and,
                KAMALA HARRIS likely will be the DemCom VP pick.
                Biden is already saying that Kamala Harris has a “good chance” of being his VP pick.
                Kamala Harris will be chosen for the DemCom VP slot to try and lock up the Black vote + the under-age-50 vote.
                Kamala Harris will do what she’s told — she’ll be given a series of “hints” on this.

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          2. I was thinking that Latinix was a computer operating system where system commands were things like “quaere”, “mutare”, “enumerare”, and, of course, “vi”.


  7. A leak – real or intentionally leaked or fake?

    In the replies: Laura@Rosy_Lara_

    Anything leaked from this WH is usually only allowed out to squeeze someone or to find the leaker.

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    1. Here’s the PDF – *https://kateklonick.com/wp-content/uploads/2020/05/DRAFT-EO-Preventing-Online-Censorship.pdf

      Inside: Orders the Sec of Commerce, through the NTIA – National Telecommunications and Information Administration to file a petition for rule-making with the FCC – Federal Communications Commission to clarify

      Section 3 – Prohibits spending Federal tax dollars online platforms that violate free speech principles.
      Section 4 – Federal Review of deceptive practices….White House Office of Digital Strategy has created a reporting tool which has received 16,000 complaints of censorship.
      Directs the AG to establish a working group to investigate….

      There’s lots more.

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    2. THREAD SUMMARY of leaked EO:

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    1. Watched the video several times. Weird expression on that cop’s face. Hand in pocket, hand out of pocket. Is he playing with himself? Checking in with his center to manage anxiety? What?

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    2:30PM THE PRESIDENT and THE FIRST LADY receive a briefing on the 2020 Hurricane Season

    2:00PM BRIEFING – Press Secretary Kayleigh McEnany – James S. Brady Briefing Room

    LINK – https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=W5vi4zWkljc


    PRESIDENT TRUMP is expected to sign an Executive Order protecting free speech and stopping election interference by social media outlets.

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    1. From President Trump just now….

      Our President is as angry as all get out about this!

      You can bet both China and Democrap governors are going to pay dearly for their part in killing these precious US citizens!!!!

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      1. “We have just reached a very sad milestone with the coronavirus pandemic deaths reaching 100,000.”


        The good news is that less than 9 are likely to actually be from China virus, and the other 99,991 are people who died from other causes, but were falsely listed as China virus deaths to artificially inflate the numbers.

        And it appears that the large majority (70% or more) of deaths were in nursing homes, the result of mass-murder by blue state governors putting people sick with China virus into nursing homes to kill as many people as possible.

        Cuomo: murderer
        Whitmer: murderer
        Newsom: murderer
        Northam: murderer

        And on and on.

        And since these were not independent actions, but part of a broader scheme, it was both premeditated AND a conspiracy.

        Death penalty eligible for all of these governors AND their state health directors, and with tens of thousands cruelly murdered with malice aforethought, it’s hard to conceive the possibility of any sentence besides death.

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        1. You can’t have it both ways.

          Either there are only nine victims–in which case little harm was done by the nursing home shuffle–or a lot of harm was done by it, in which case there were more than nine genuine victims.

          I realize the 9 was probably intended as humorous hyperbole, but seriously, this disease has killed thousands, probably tens of thousands of people, and even if most had pre-existing co-morbidities, they would have lived longer without CCC than with it–CCC being the immediate cause of death–so it’s proper to assign those deaths to CCC.

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          1. “You can’t have it both ways.”


            If Trump can have two scoops of ice cream, then I can have it both ways 😁

            I’m sure that some people died. I don’t have any reason to believe it was even thousands, much less tens of thousands, because ALL of the numbers are being reported by corrupt agencies, and apparently EVERYBODY has cause to corrupt the numbers.

            If it was a jury, and I find one aspect of the witness testimony to be a lie, I am free to disbelieve ALL of the witness’ testimony.

            But here we have the opposite problem, we can’t find ANY truth.

            In the case of the numbers being reported by corrupt agencies around the world, I can’t even find one aspect of the witness’ testimony that was TRUTHFUL.

            This is obscene.

            If I understand the charts at PoliticalMoonshine.com, the rise in China-stupid cases corresponds with a drop in reported cases of PNEUMONIA.

            (8:45 mark)

            Charts and graphs can be found at the bottom of this article:

            Here are just a few:


  9. TROPICS …2 low pressure areas to watch…early models are showing a “maybe” for something in GOMEX, early June..next week (!)….maybe…keeping an EYE on those, for sure…

    image (might not post)…

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        1. Philippe Papin has some spots to watch:

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  10. Great roundup as ALWAYS Flep!. Sorry been away a few days guys, trying to get businesses up to snuf again, and having HVAC problems. A couple quick points from me. One Barr is SAYIING one thing “Obama and Biden are not going to be the targets of a criminal probe” , and DOING quite another in appointing Bash to look into unmasking BY Obama officials…the IMPORTANT part, BEFORE (IE 2016) and after the election (IE 2017).

    I have been telling you all that the unmasking occurred WAY before October 2016, started all the way back in 2015 (April if I am right). THAT is how the got Flynn, Papadopolous, Manafort, Cohen, and TRIED to get Trump and Don Jr.

    Crossfire Hurricane was a COVER and retroactive “justification” for all the spying done WITH FISA’s (Papadopolous, Manafort, Cohen, Flynn and the attempted Trump one) BEFORE Crossfire began on July 31 2016, and BEFORE Page was FISA’d in October 2016. ALL they had way back then was the DOSSIER. That dossier LEADS right to it’s ORIGINAL owner, requestor, and enabler, Barack Obama.

    Everything to date we have seen is to MASK that fact, the players involved, and the HEAD of the Cabal, Obama.

    EVERYTHING done, and BEING done is to MASK the “sources and methods” used to MAKE that dossier, and WHO was responsible, Barack Obama. Political espionage by Obama and his Cabal, was NOT “new” in 2016 and 2017, it was SOP for MANY years before then, probably dating to at LEAST 2010, after Obama got his clock CLEANED well in the 2010 midterms with HISTORIC losses in the House, Senate, and even State Govt’s.

    That is when the IRS targeting, Roberts STRANGE defection on the ACA, and MANY strange occurrences that followed like DAPA, DACA, gay marriage, and MANY other strange judicial decisions, and Congressional INACTIONS as well. Obama has been SPYING on EVERYONE, including reporters from Fox to the AP, the Senate break rooms, and the halls of Congress, to Trump Tower, Sheryl Attkisson, our own PHONE records, thanks Snowden, and God knows what else SINCE.

    ONLY Trump stood up to him. ONLY Trump could. Now it is ALL slowly beginning to come out. I believe it ALL WILL come out, including Obama’s actions. He HAS to pay. He and his cohorts MUST go to at LEAST prison for what they did, and ATTEMPTED to do. If they don’t, there simply IS no law anymore, at least not for the elite, and we the “little” people are SCREWED. They will continue their lawlessness, continue spying and blackmailing from the spying results, until they get TOTAL power. Then we the people ONLY have two choices, capitulate and become a “socialist nation” OR Rebel and start the second American Civil war. A second Civil War would be 10 times as bloody as the first, and would throw the WORLD into chaos and anarchy while we fight for our freedom, the Cabal will take great advantage everywhere ELSE in the world, entrenching their power by weakening or destroying entirely OURS.

    Trump KNOWS this. Barr KNOWS that Trump KNOWS. ALL the Cabal KNOW that they know. What they DON’T know is what is coming, they simply FEAR it. Barr COULD go wishy washy as his WORDS indicate. OR, he could go SCORCHED earth, as his DEEDS indicate.

    We now have THREE separate CRIMINAL investigations by THREE separate US attorneys. One on Russia gate including the “political” espionage lead by Durham. One SPECIFICALLY on what is done to Flynn lead by Jensen of Missouri, and NOW Bash leading one on ALL (key word ALL) the unmasking done in 2017, 2016, and I BET BEFORE 2016. Durham is the HEAD, the other two are related SPINOFFS. But it is ALL one big puzzle, even “miss” Lindsey will play a part by having OPEN hearings on it all. Rosenstein is simply FIRST.

    Now with Ratcliff, a VERY good prosecutor in his OWN right, seated as DNI, EVERYTHING is going to come out, in little “scoops” almost DAILY. Each one will BUILD on the previous, and begin to tie them ALL in TOGETHER. WHEN that happens, there will be NO cover for Obama. It will be OBVIOUS to everyone that HE and HE ALONE, was in CHARGE of this ALL. People HAVE to PAY, and HE was the leader, chief enabler, and chief REQUESTOR that started, spread, and KEPT this going. HE has to pay as WELL. His skin color of FORMER position cannot be used as a crutch to “save” him. IT WOULD NOT, and WILL NOT work. Justice is BLIND, to RACE, COLOR, CREED, RELIGION, or POSITION. Justice either EXISTS or it DOESN’T. Under Trump it MOST CERTAINLY DOES EXIST. Obama and his Cabal are F*CKED.

    They KNOW something is coming, hence Covid 19, as a last resort, they just don’t know WHAT is coming and just WHO it is coming for and WHEN. I will enlighten them. It is coming for them ALL, and it will begin NOW, and it will be WELL on it’s way to the end BEFORE the election. It will END when they ALL face prison or in some cases WORSE, probably sometime in mid to late 2021. THAT is why they are SO desperate to get Trump out at ANY cost, even thousands of lives to a “virus”. They THINK that they can STOP it IF Trump is not reelected.

    ONE problem. EVEN IF, God forbid, they STEAL 2020 somehow. Trump STILL has nearly two months of lame duck time. He could, and WOULD put in place a special Council, OUTSIDE DC AND DOJ control. Someone like Joe Digenova or Sidney Powell, or even Radcliffe himself. That SC, just like Mueller would be FULLY independent, and have an UNLIMITED budget and TIME to get to the bottom of it ALL. EVERYONE involved would be revealed, and prosecuted, just like the SHAM Mueller investigation did to Trump, 4AM arrests for them ALL, oh and the DOJ CAN”T interfere, remember “Independent” Council. As we SAW with Trump, ANY interference WOULD be construed as “obstruction of justice” Sauce for the goose!.

    Remember, you CANNOT get to the HEAD, Obama, without getting to those under him, INCLUDING Biden.

    Don’t worry, that is last ditch, Trump WILL win, but he will make SURE that these people are naked in the sunlight and headed to justice BEFORE the election.

    One last point, and call me a conspiracy nut, but does ANYONE think that the events in Minnesota are in a vacuum or “coincidence” with the evaporating Covid 19 pandemic? TOO coincidental, too PERFECT a timing, using a TRIED and true “event” a “racist” white cop or group of cops, kill a defenseless black “suspect” . VERY public. LOTS of camera angles, from MULTIPLE camera angles. See they LEARNED from Fergusson, got to have LOTS of film, and LOTS of witnesses. The one that just happened, the one with just ONE cell video, that wasn’t “enough”.

    It did not, as planned. spark the OUTRAGE, riots, and looting it was supposed to. So, this time, they went BACK to the TRIED and TRUE method of a “racist cop” attacking and killing a handcuffed black man. Just as we saw in NY, almost VERBATUM. Just as we saw in Baltimore (Freddie Grey). TOO coincidental wit the FALL of Covid 19. Got to have ANOTHER controversy, and “crisis” to take it’s place. What BETTER than riots, lootings, arsons, and a Trump stickered car destroyed to boot, get the HOOK. It is all “Trump’s fault”. TOO predictable, too coincidental for me.

    Now, don’t take me wrong, I KNOW there are STILL racist cops, both WHITE and BLACK. I KNOW there is still racism alive in the country on both sides. BUT, the FACT that it happened in Minnesota, a state in which Trump is SURGING and may actually “flip” in 202 AND in Omar’s district, where SHE can be a focused mouthpiece DESPITE all of her OWN racism, against Israel. Cmon guys, TOO perfect.

    I FEEL for the dead man. It was BRUTAL, and HORRIBLE (just as PLANNED). I do NOT justify the ACTIONS. I just think the poor man was a PAWN in a setup. He was sacrificed for an AGENDA. We have seen it before.

    THIS will be the key, and the TELL if I am right, and this too is just another setup. IF Pelosi or ANY dem blame Trump for the actions of the officers, saying something like” It is because of Trump’s racist and divisive actions that this happened” “Trump is racist…look at Charlottesville” Blaj blah blah. ANYTHING like that means it IS just another setup. Watch and see. NEVER knee jerk, that is where they WANT you, REACTIONARY. Give it 72 hours, lets see where it goes, and WHO says WHAT>.

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  11. Food For Thought…. I have been wondering why POTUSVSG has been hammering Joe Scarborough about his past. I mean it is tragic and sketchy as h3ll, but how does it fit into the big picture of Swamp Draining and Cabal Crushing? Is there a mystery coverup conbtributor who POTUSVSG wants/needs exposed to connect some DS dots? Or something else….

    Could it be that POTUSVSG has been jabbing various targets on Twit, looking for a weak spot, and now he has found one? Has he caused someone (Mika) to call for obvious censoring, and the Usful Idiots all jumped on the bandwagon? Has Jack taken the bait, feeling empowered by his bubblemates, to finally censor transparently POTUSVSG? And has that now given POTUSVSG the opening to hammer Social Media with the upcoming EO?

    Which also brings up…could Joe and Mika be ‘controlled opposition’? They had been friends in the past…until they weren’t. Could they have seen ‘which way the wind blows’ and decided to jump on the Trump Train? Or were they sleepers? That might be a bit far, but in 2020, anything is possible!


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  12. attn : weather geeks…there are at least 2 of us here, lol…

    this is capture from Tropical Tidbits GFS model for 342 hrs from today…that would be around June 10-11…

    notice The Thing coming up into SWFL/GOMEX from Cuba areas…

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          1. Hey Georgia, that’s no country for old men. Be careful.

            Don’t dox yerself, but I had the time of my life touring Fort Davis, Alpine, Marfa, Marathon. Just wow. Massive distances and truly Enchanted Land.

            Of course you could be in Presidio, Terlingua, or even Panther. Oh man, Treepers are everywhere and they know everything!

            Those towns were nice enough in person, but something about the highways and the sky…
            I get a feeling in my chest; a living heart ticking like a clock in the expanse of eternity.

            Is it way different from Valdosta and Tallahassee, sojourner?

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            1. Hi Zorro – one of my favorite TV show and movies – I know both the latter towns well. But was born even further in the deepest south. And lived all over the country with army father and later with school and such.


            2. Geez, oh, now I get it.
              Your Big Bend is the area from Panama City over to Panacea. The forgotten coast.

              I am cooped up, couped-up, and want to DRIVE SOMEWHERE !!


      1. it hasn’t exactly materialized…yet…my guess…it’s a GFS model…might be part of that Central American Gyre system(s) now forming…?

        all I can say is, in the past, I have come to trust this type of future GFS tracking tool…if you go to TropTidbits, you will find this…as we know, much can and will change with these tracks, projected tracks, as time unfolds…it’s just a reference tool to use…Mike’s Weather also posts these …meanwhile, I’ll see if I can find more ab it…

        Liked by 1 person

        1. As long as they don’t gimble… (I can sort of hear Joe Bastardi now):

          ‘Twas brillig, and the slithy toves
          Did gyre and gimble in the wabe…

          Liked by 2 people

            1. Cheers 😀

              [I can just see Mr. T. saying to Greta and AlGoreTheClimateWhore: “Hey, none of that Jibber-Jabberwock” 🙂 ]…

              Liked by 1 person

      1. ugh…if you click on that site, you’ll also see the wind currents in motion…can easily see how that system could follow the currents, sweep down into Hispaniola and up thru Straits, up into GOMEX from Cuba/Keys, just saying.

        Liked by 1 person

    1. Nice to see Rumpelstiltskin awaken in the AG’s office.

      Great to see him point out, with alarm, what the rest of the country has been screaming about for 3+ years now, lol!

      Welcome to the party, Mr. Barr… a lot of Americans thought you weren’t going to make it…

      Liked by 1 person

        1. It would be a lot easier to give him a break if it was 1962.

          Since 1963, the American People have had zero cause to think or believe that our government will ever get to the bottom of anything or hold anyone accountable for anything, including the assassination of a President of the United States.

          So they start with zero credibility, long before Hussein (or even the Clintons) came along. Hussein and the Clintons just poured accelerant on the fire

          To make matters worse, Barr has been in government BEFORE, which was WAY after 1962, when it was as big of a dumpster fire as it is today, just less visible than it is today.

          Back when Barr was in government last time, the dumpsters that were on fire were mostly out of sight, but he had to know all about them.

          Today, there are hundreds of flaming dumpster fires, and they’re being pushed around like shopping carts by all the openly corrupt and proven criminals and traitors, like they’re having a televised demolition derby, and Barr is just stirring out of his slumber to realize there may be a problem, lol!

          The biggest problem is zero credibility.

          Nobody believes or trusts that the government can or will ever investigate itself or hold itself accountable, and with good reason, because it has never happened before in the history space and time.

          And Barr’s ‘aw, shucks’ routine, while amusing, doesn’t instill much confidence!

          Liked by 2 people

          1. Oh, Scott – what a joy to read your posts – even though you have a penchant for the ludicrous – your expressions and analysis are spot on – you are absolutely stupendously succinct – while being frantically funny!

            Awww…shucks – methinks you know the man well – Like you, AG Barr is so entertaining even when he is serious.

            Liked by 1 person

            1. My penchant for the ludicrous is directly proportional to the insanity of matrix in which we find ourselves 😁

              I am also reflecting the insanity back at the instigators/creators of all the insanity.

              And it seems like vivid imagery (both ludicrous and hyperbolic) helps to cut through the background noise while (hopefully) adding humor. Best case scenario, it all combines to make something both entertaining and slightly memorable, so long as the basic arguments or analysis is reasonably sound.

              Like a mad scientist playing with explosive chemicals in the classroom. The kids think he’s crazy, but they probably learn and remember more from that class than some of the others.

              I’m not teaching anything though, I just like playing with the explosive chemicals 😂

              Liked by 1 person

              1. Hahahahaha! * Still Laughing * Oh, you are a GEM, Scott!!!

                “My penchant for the ludicrous is directly proportional to the insanity of matrix in which we find ourselves 😁”

                For the past (5) months – no one has been laughing – and yet – you find something oddly amusing in the worst of times, Scott – You are a breath of fresh air – something we all need to experience – WITHOUT A MASK!!!


              2. “For the past (5) months – no one has been laughing – and yet – you find something oddly amusing in the worst of times, Scott ”


                It’s just a coping mechanism. I find that humor is a great antidote for stress, tension, frustration and anger.

                And I had a lot of stress, tension, frustration and anger when I was growing up, which really helped develop my sense of humor in ways I wouldn’t have anticipated 😁


    1. Well it DOES say “Self Checkout”… 🙂

      (Even though I HATE Target, they shouldn’t have this happen to them)…
      Nor anyone else, for that matter.

      But the DEMONicRATS care not for life (born or unborn), liberty, or property.
      Sort of the opposite of what our Founding Fathers intended…


  13. EXCLUSIVE: TOP FBI RAT OUT Wray & the Bombshells Are Epic: FBI Director Who Presided Over Multiple Russian FBI Probes Has Millions in Cash Invested in Russia

    Top brass in the FBI have ratted out their director Christopher Wray with shocking revelations detailing a string on alarming conflicts and millions of dollars of investments in — of all things — Russia.


    Liked by 2 people

      1. I kind of wonder if this has been in VSGPDJT’s desk, waiting for the appropriate moment. This behaviour by the Twits, Googs, and B&oslash,rks has been going on for quite a while…

        Maybe waiting on the FCC, as well. Maybe they should take ALL of the protections away from twitter, et. al., and declare social media to be a utility; or, as someone suggested, break them up, as monopolies…

        Liked by 2 people

      1. About Kayleigh McEnany – “Her rapid occupational success was noted by Van Jones, CNN commentator and liberal activist who worked with her at CNN, “I’m not trying to defend the messaging, but what I hope people can acknowledge is there’s very few people in either party who can accomplish what Kayleigh has accomplished in such a short time… People keep taking her lightly, and they keep regretting it.” – https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Kayleigh_McEnany

        Liked by 2 people

    1. THAT WAS FUN!

      Kayleigh still ‘ain’t taking none of their crap’ and ‘She ain’t studying them.’ as we say in the South.

      She ‘hands it down from on high’ with authority, as I was advised to do by my boss one time when dealing with decorating clients.

      Liked by 2 people

      1. She also ‘ain’t taking no prisoners.’ She’s quick on the draw. She knows her stuff.

        The presstitutes haven’t ever had to deal with a Harvard law grad.

        Liked by 1 person

  14. President Trump understands VERY well what the ‘social media’ are up to – it starts with I and E – Interfere with and Influence the Election!

    Liked by 2 people

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