Dear KAG: 20200526 Open Thread

And now for some inspirational music. Since we’re all ready to break out and all. 😁

And now for the nitty gritty of the Q Tree 5 minute, stand up, Tuesday morning meeting version of the Daily Thread.


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Fellow tree dweller Wheatie gave us some good reminders on the basics of civility in political discourse:

  1. No food fights.
  2. No running with scissors.
  3. If you bring snacks, bring enough for everyone.


Psalm 67 (68): 2-25

Let God arise, and let his enemies be scattered: and let them that hate him flee from before his face. [3] As smoke vanisheth, so let them vanish away: as wax melteth before the fire, so let the wicked perish at the presence of God. [4] And let the just feast, and rejoice before God: and be delighted with gladness. [5] Sing ye to God, sing a psalm to his name, make a way for him who ascendeth upon the west: the Lord is his name. Rejoice ye before him: but the wicked shall be troubled at his presence,

[6] Who is the father of orphans, and the judge of widows. God in his holy place: [7] God who maketh men of one manner to dwell in a house: Who bringeth out them that were bound in strength; in like manner them that provoke, that dwell in sepulchres. [8] O God, when thou didst go forth in the sight of thy people, when thou didst pass through the desert: [9] The earth was moved, and the heavens dropped at the presence of the God of Sina, at the presence of the God of Israel. [10] Thou shalt set aside for thy inheritance a free rain, O God: and it was weakened, but thou hast made it perfect.

[11] In it shall thy animals dwell; in thy sweetness, O God, thou hast provided for the poor. [12] The Lord shall give the word to them that preach good tidings with great power. [13] The king of powers is of the beloved, of the beloved; and the beauty of the house shall divide spoils. [14] If you sleep among the midst of lots, you shall be as the wings of a dove covered with silver, and the hinder parts of her back with the paleness of gold. [15] When he that is in heaven appointeth kings over her, they shall be whited with snow in Selmon.

[16] The mountain of God is a fat mountain. A curdled mountain, a fat mountain. [17] Why suspect, ye curdled mountains? A mountain in which God is well pleased to dwell: for there the Lord shall dwell unto the end. [18] The chariot of God is attended by ten thousands; thousands of them that rejoice: the Lord is among them in Sina, in the holy place. [19] Thou hast ascended on high, thou hast led captivity captive; thou hast received gifts in men. Yea for those also that do not believe, the dwelling of the Lord God. [20] Blessed be the Lord day by day: the God of our salvation will make our journey prosperous to us.

[21] Our God is the God of salvation: and of the Lord, of the Lord are the issues from death. [22] But God shall break the heads of his enemies: the hairy crown of them that walk on in their sins. [23] The Lord said: I will turn them from Basan, I will turn them into the depth of the sea: [24] That thy foot may be dipped in the blood of thy enemies; the tongue of thy dogs be red with the same. [25] They have seen thy goings, O God, the goings of my God: of my king who is in his sanctuary.

As always, prayers for the fight against that which seeks to enslave us are welcome. Via con Dios.

530 thoughts on “Dear KAG: 20200526 Open Thread

  1. I don’t know about everyone else, but I would LMFAO if Grenell declassed another 60,000 pages tomorrow morning before Ratcliffe is sworn in.

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    1. George Papadopoulos: “I predict the biggest development of the last year will come out this Tuesday”
      (Fun to think about, but nothing might happen, as well.)

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  2. Adam Housely has been redpilled and seems to be expecting something huge. SD even replied on a twit.

    Adam Housley (@adamhousley) Tweeted:
    The corruption runs deep and through both parties and it ain’t gonna look good when it’s all said and done.

    Adam Housley (@adamhousley) Tweeted:
    It ain’t about Republican and Democrat anymore…it really isn’t. People were given the opportunity to do the right thing and some chose wrong. It’s about right versus wrong.

    Adam Housley (@adamhousley) Tweeted:
    Names to watch…McMaster. Rosenstein….McCain. This crosses party lines and you all need to be prepared. This isn’t about being pro Trump, or anti Trump. You ALL need to understand that….and you need to be willing to call it out irrespective of party.

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    1. Adam Housley happened to be in Las Vegas when the shooting massacre happened there.

      He was at a restaurant down the street…and was one of the first on the scene.

      I happened to be reading on twitter when the first reports started showing up…so I turned on Fox to see if it was being reported on there yet.
      It wasn’t, but within minutes Adam Housley appeared, reporting from the scene.

      Housley reported on things that were later swept under the rug.
      Things like…witnesses talking about multiple shooters and seeing gunfire coming from different directions.

      I don’t know when Adam Housley left Fox.
      But I don’t remember seeing much of him after the Las Vegas massacre…so I have wondered if that event had something to do with his leaving.

      Adam seems to be a standup guy.
      He is freelance now.

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        1. Yes, I think you are correct about why he FOX….and, I believe one other reporter left for the same reason at the time. Remember James Rosen…I thought he was very good but you rarely hear anything from him now after he left FOX.

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            1. James Rosen AND Sheryl Atkinson
              Remember Sheryl Atkinson had her Lap-top confiscated/ investigated.

              These two cases alone would have a chilling effect on anyone venturing into free speech and honest reporting .
              As would the IRS scrutinizing records of any politically conservative leaning organization that voices theirs opinion .
              BOTH parties are complicit in silencing any rising political opposition, by their SILENCE .
              Being Silenced by our government agencies is NOT Consent,.. but Tyranny!!

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              1. Would like to see some of the repub side of the UniParty face indictment too.
                (Mittens would make an excellent start.)

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        1. And…there was that revelation about “agency plants” in all the news departments.

          I remember how that FBI ‘handler’ guy swooped in and started appearing beside the Vegas Sheriff in all of his updates.
          The Sheriff seemed different from that point on.

          But yeah, Adam Housley saw things and heard things that night…
          Things that were swept under the rug and edited out of the official narrative.

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        2. Here is that tweet from Housley about the ‘plants’.

          And I wonder who Tony Shaffer is referring to?

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        3. Ryan went to fox probably to help obfuscate during the release of all this Deep State info and at this point to supervise the crash landing of the SS DS and facilitate triage (whos can they save, who will die (total exposure/prosecution)

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        1. That incident was in Thousand Oaks, FCa. On another topic, James Corbett has part 4 of a video about Bill Gates, which I received from G. Edward Griffin. If it hasn’t been posted here, I would appreciate if someone would post it on here. Thank you in advance.

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            1. That looks like one of the four. Part four is amazing, but people should see them alll. I suspect that is part one. Thank you, DP.

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    2. “Names to watch…McMaster. Rosenstein….McCain. This crosses party lines and you all need to be prepared. This isn’t about being pro Trump, or anti Trump. You ALL need to understand that….”


      That’s THREE, Adam.

      How many corrupt LEFTISTS can you name?

      Would you like some help?


      “…and you need to be willing to call it out irrespective of party. ”


      NO problem, Adam.

      The Republican traitors can be first in line for execution. Nobody wants them held accountable more that we do. Nobody who supported the conservative and patriotic cause supported criminal activity by the Republicans.

      It would be great if the democrats could say the same.

      But they can’t.

      Not even close.

      They sided with the traitors, the obviously and contemptuously corrupt, the Clintons and the Hussein and their entourage of thugs.

      And nobody is going to forget that.

      Not ever.

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      1. There is a very damning article by Daniel Greenfield about Susan Rice Found in the headlines on the Libertytree website this morning. Basically, it says she is an intellectual lightweight but would do anything for Obama, the least of which was to lie about just about anything he wanted her to do.
        You certainly come away with the notion she is as lacking in a moral compass as Hillary.

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        1. “Basically, it says she is an intellectual lightweight but would do anything for Obama, the least of which was to lie about just about anything he wanted her to do.”


          Well we know she “never leaked nuthin’ to nobody“, because she said so right on national television.

          Was it a clever lie? If she ‘never leaked nuthin’ to nobody’, that doesn’t rule out that she ‘leaked sumthin’ to somebody’.

          Or was the Hussein’s national security advisor really that grammatically challenged?

          I remember at the time when questions were raised about that exchange, the media hack apologists trotted out the ruse that it was some ‘cultural’ signal to ‘her people’ that she wasn’t a ‘snitch’ or some similar BS that was as believable as Unicorns on a snipe hunt.

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  3. Dave (@dacmillero) Tweeted:
    @adamhousley Burn it down, burn it all down and start over at the top levels…and that goes for the DOJ, CIA, State Department and simply DC overall too. There is a cancer that has been growing and it is way past time to burn it down, and restart.

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    1. Whitmers husband name dropped and wanted his boat on the water 3 weeks ahead of other people, when he was supposed to be in a lockdown area. What POS that governor and her husband are.

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    1. “Don’t ever open the building again! Home is so much better!”


      If you’re staying home, why would it bother you if we open the building?


      “My family is going to stay home for awhile before coming back. Sorry can’t be there.”


      That’s your decision and of course I respect it. If you still think that way a couple weeks from now, I would like to send you some information that should alleviate your concerns. Starting with a cheap, plentiful and readily available cure for the China virus. Talk with you soon.


      “Here are the 25 things you need to do if you want to meet in your building again.”


      Thank you very much for your great list, I can see you put a lot of thought into this. Would you please provide a rational argument for each one? This exercise could turn out to be a lot of fun.


      “We need to open the church building! I need to be there and see everyone! WHAT ARE YOU WAITING FOR???”


      1) Agreed
      2) Looking forward to seeing you
      3) Sunday?


      “My wife, husband, dad, grandparent… uncle… sister… brother… niece… just passed away from Covid-19.”


      Please consider coming to worship services, so we can mourn with you, and support you, and pray for you, and comfort you.


      “It is all a big hoax! A conspiracy! A media frenzy! Read this article! This link! Don’t be afraid!!”

      1) I know!
      2) You’re not kidding… wait until you see the information I have collected… we should compare notes
      3) almost like they’re in on the conspiracy…
      4) thanks!
      5) I’m not, the HCQ cocktail is cheap, plentiful and effective, often works in just hours, if taken soon after onset of symptoms

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    2. Forgot one:

      “You can’t open the church building yet! It is a huge health risk!! You are wrong if you do.”


      1) Why not?

      2) What if it’s not actually a huge health risk at all? What if there is a cheap cure that often works in just hours?

      3) You could be right, but I ask that you reserve judgment until you have reviewed the evidence attached to this email…

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  4. Aaah, the Great Escape.

    Funny you should highlight that one.

    That Canadian WWII vet friend of mine? Who got to bail out of his bomber because the pilot sacrificed himself to keep the plane in the air as long as possible?

    He got to spend a couple of years in that very Stalag. He’s unfond of the movie (it contains too many inaccuracies–as it happens there were no Americans in that camp at that time, though there had been a year or two before and an earlier tunnel was rushed to completion to give them a chance to get out before being transferred–but that tunnel was discovered by the Germans).

    But at least the story was told.

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  5. Via LIFELOG:


    Dr Louis P Coates
    33 mins ·
    Coronavirus Update 5/26/2020 – BTHO COVID-19

    So today at the time of this writing there are 19,775 new cases today with 505 deaths. The lowest death total in a long time. Today’s mortality rate is also the lowest in a long time at 2.55%. We also have 17,114 in critical condition still high so the fatality numbers will likely stay high a while longer. I am still amazed that the critical care number is still rising. Today the overall mortality rate dropped a little to 5.85%.

    We also have now had 426,817 people recovered from this virus and should now have some degree of immunity from this horrific disease.

    Locally, in Texas cases are relatively flat. We had 497 new cases which is up from yesterday but still pretty flat over the past week and only 5 new deaths with a slowly declining mortality rate of 2.7%.

    There are 19,577 active cases in Texas. The number of active cases is down some but really pretty steady. In addition we have 35,292 recovered now. In addition we are still many times under both the number of hospital beds and ICU beds needed.

    Today in Dallas county with 171 new cases and no new deaths. Harris county with 74 new cases and 1 new death. Collin county with 15 new cases and no new deaths. Denton county with 12 new cases and 0 new deaths. Tarrant county with 26 new cases and 1new death. Brazos county with 2 new cases and no new deaths. Travis county with 59 new cases and 1 new death. Fort Bend county and Bextar with nothing reported.

    For the newbies we have been predicting an overall fatality rate somewhere in the 0.3 to 0.7 range when we finally correct the denominator. Now it actually looks like that might be too high with newest estimates around 0.2% by CDC.
    Another new study showing no effect with HCQ/Zithromax in the hospital setting was released the other day.

    While this part is not surprising as we have discussed many times on this blog that this drug is extremely unlikely to show benefits by the time you are admitted to a hospital. In addition there was no Zinc used in the trial and many eldery patients are Zinc deficient which inhibits the ability of this drug to be effective. What was surprising is the increased mortality reported in the HCQ/macrolide group. So I wanted to see the study myself.

    To do this they did a multinational registry analysis of the use of hydroxychloroquine or chloroquine with or without a macrolide for treatment of COVID-19. The registry comprised 671 hospitals located in six continents.

    First of all this study says it is an early intervention study because the medications were started within 48 hours within admission. However, in my clinic it takes 3-5 days and an average of 4 days to get PCR test results back so you add this to the 48 hours and most patients were at day 5 at best and likely day 7 before treatment was initiated. And that’s assuming they went to get tested the first day of symptoms and went to the hospital the day of their results. Both of these are very unlikely. Usually, they don’t call the PCP till day 3 and it takes another day to go get tested and four days to get results. So likely it is 8-9 days before they get results back and go to the hospital. Add 48 hours and you are likely looking at 10-11 days prior to initiation of therapy. Way too late in my opinion to likely be effective.

    Secondly, they used the qSOFA criteria to determine how sick the groups were since we use this to determine risks in sepsis patients. However, this criteria has already been studied and determined to not be an accurate assessment of risk in Covid-19 patients. Further, because of political reasons HCQ hasn’t been widely embraced here in the USA like other countries. Therefore it is typically reserved for the critically ill and not used routinely. So this leads to a likely possibility of patients being in a worse condition in the HCQ group here in the US. Particularly considering they are using measures to determine illness that have been shown not to be accurate in assessing degree of illness in Covid-19.

    Why not use LDH, hs-CRP, d-dimer, and lymphocytes to help stratify severity disease as these markers have already been proven to be beneficial in assessing severity of disease in previous studies.

    They also mention they excluded patients who had taken Resdemivir but what about other antivirals. And if they were given to who in which groups and were they equally accounted for. And why exclude only Resdemivir and not all antiviral medications.

    Now look at the numbers in each group. First thing that sticks out is a SpO2<94%. This is an awful way to group patients. All kinds of things can be hidden in this type of grouping. For instance, one patient could be at 93% who is stable and might not even need to be in the hospital as frequently admission criteria is <92% and the other patient could be near death at 80% and they would be classified as the same in this study. This would explain the increased use of ventilators and mortality in the HCQ group. Why not categorize them in tiers like <81%, 81-85%, 86-90% and 91-94%? It is very possible that they are not equal. If they were equal why not show us at least an average SpO2.

    In addition their own data shows use of ACE inhibitors and statin drugs did better. However, I can not find any information showing these factors were accounted for. We have other data showing that famotidine patients did better and did they account for this. Finally, we know that vitamin D deficiency is a huge risk factor for patients in severe disease and how many in each group are vitamin D deficient.

    Was Zinc added? Nowhere does it mention Zinc and from the NYU study adding Zinc decreased mortality 44%. If you read most of my earlier posts I told you that taking Zinc was optional and not likely important; you just don't want to be deficient in Zinc. However, I have since been following this pandemic and changed my mind on that. I started drawing zinc levels on my elderly patients and many were deficient. I looked in the literature and studies now show that 20-25% of adults over age 60 are actually zinc deficient. This is even reported by the NIH as of 2017. This study in the elderly showed 28% have zinc deficiency due to poor diet and decreased absorption. The second study found of 102 Europen elderly 44% had zinc deficiency they estimated 50% of elderly have a zinc intake below the recommended level.


    Now we have to consider the fact they found more heart arrhythmias in the HCQ group. This is alarming and could be a very legitate reason for concern. There are many things to consider first is that they admit to no screening EKG’s were done looking for prolonged QT. So this could be a sign that this might need to become a protocol if more data is shown to repeat these results.

    Also they defined a significant ventricular arrhythmias (defined as the first occurrence of a non-sustained [at least 6]. This is a pretty liberal use of the term significant ventricular arrhythmias as we see these short nonsustained runs on holter monitors pretty frequently. And they didn’t mention how many had torsades de pointes which is the life threatening arrhythmia we are looking for.

    Next is that the damage Covid-19 is doing to the hearts could be potentiating the risks of arrhythmia in the later phases of the disease. We know patients are developing significant clotting issues from endothelial damage in the later phases so this could be causing more heart damage than we previously thought. This would also help explain the cardiomyopathies we are seeing develop in Covid-19 patients.

    Or it could be a sequela of the patients just being more sick in this group as we mentioned early. This would explain why we are seeing more arrhythmias and an increase in mortality in the HCQ groups. If you look you will see there are more blacks, males, higher BMI’s, CAD, CHF, diabetics, HTN and smokers in the HCQ/zithromax groups. I am sure even a non doctor can see a pattern of higher risk patients in the treatment group. Even though it is a just a percent or 2 difference when it is always slanted towards the treatment group it begins to add up as a disadvantage. These need to be more equally distributed.

    In addition we have been using HCQ for many decades daily in Lupus and Rheumatoid Arthritis without significant arrhythmias or deaths. So it is hard to believe the risks presented in this study as we would be seeing this in these patients that have taken it daily for decades.


    Finally, their own conclusions basically say what I have been saying the whole time in that this trial has very little value. “ Nevertheless, a cause-and-effect relationship between drug therapy and survival should not be inferred. These data do not apply to the use of any treatment regimen used in the ambulatory, out-of-hospital setting. Randomised clinical trials will be required before any conclusion can be reached regarding benefit or harm of these agents in COVID-19 patients.”

    I think we have enough data and it is clear that HCQ has no value in the hospital setting so let’s get a well designed outpatient study so we find out once and for all if what all of the results all of us doctors are seeing are just anecdotal or is this combination actually working. However, with the WHO statement today we may never get to really know.

    For the people still living in fear of Covid-19.

    You don’t have to here is the latest estimates of mortality rates from the CDC which is not far off of the numbers I gave you the other night. Basically if you are under 50 it is less than the flu and over 50 greater than the flu.

    Per CDC, symptomatic case fatality rates by age:

    0-49 yrs: 0.02% – 0.1%
    50-64: 0.1% – 0.6%
    65+: 0.6% – 3.2%
    All ages: 0.2% – 1%

    Symptomatic case hospitalization rates by age:

    0-49 yrs: 1.3% – 2.6%
    50-64: 3.6% – 5.7%
    65+: 5.2% – 10%
    All ages: 2.8% – 4.1%

    The CDC estimates that between 20% and 50% of infections are asymptomatic.

    As for Asymptomatic patients. Even more reasons to not live in fear as new study shows they may not be as infectious as we once suspected.

    In this study they followed all of the contacts of 35 asymptomatic patients. This included hospital staff, family members and patients, who were routinely screened. This totaled up to 455 contacts – 224 hospital staffs, 196 family members and 35 patients – who had been exposed. They followed all of these 455 contacts who were exposed to asymptomatic patients. The median contact time was 4 days for patients and 5 days for family members. During the quarantine seven patients plus one family member developed mild respiratory symptoms and fever. There were no severe respiratory symptoms. All CT images showed no signs of Covid-19 and all tested negative. In summary they concluded all the 455 contacts were excluded from SARS-CoV-2 infection and we conclude that the infectivity of some asymptomatic SARS-CoV-2 carriers might be weak.


    Here is a repost of the supplements we have discussed to have potential benefits.

    Quercetin from 250mg up to 1g twice per day Remember this is a Zinc ionophore.
    Vitamin D3 Take this for sure if you are deficient and I now recommend taking it as long as your values are not too high.
    Sleep greater than 8 hours per night
    CoQ10 100-300mg per day: a potent antioxidant that potentially helps balance oxidative stress, increase vasodilation, prevent clot formation and decrease vasoconstriction.
    Zinc any amount is probably good but take what you can tolerate without making you feel bad up to 40mg. You do not want to be Zinc deficient as it is how many drugs like HCQ work.
    Melatonin 0.1mg to 10mg at night. Take what you can tolerate and what helps you sleep without making you feel drugged or tired in the morning. If you are diabetic watch your sugars.
    N-acetylcysteine (NAC) – 600mg twice per day shown to decrease severity of influenza, improve lung functions in COPD, antioxidant properties and help with mental disorders. Caution for asthmatics as there is potential for bronchospasm.
    Vitamin C 250mg to 500mg twice per day. Effects debatable in oral form but IV did help in China. But is proven to strengthen immune system
    Green Tea either drink some or 1 pill per day alternate zinc ionophore if you don’t have or don’t take Quercetin

    As always the information and understanding of COVID-19 is changing rapidly. This information is for education purposes only and you should never make changes to your health without consulting your personal physician. Make a virtual appointment with your physician and discuss your health and the best possible treatment plan for you. It is also important to reiterate that there are no clinically evidence-based integrative prevention or treatment strategies for COVID-19 infection.

    Let’s all keep praying for all that are ill with this virus in the world.



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    1. W.H.O…Chyyna, cabalists appear to be pulling out all the stops in their concerto of HCQ deprivation.
      Multi country study orchestrated to condem HCQ to the ash heap of usefulness. (except for Chyyna & Cabal) if they could, they’d ban it…too deep a history though.
      Let’s see if I’ve got this right…in some places (like my 93 year old MIL’s skilled nursing facility) HCQ is only available if they are hospitalized but the highfalutin study shows that by the time they’re admitted it’s
      useless…perfect. Well between N.Y. Pennsylvania & N.J. sending covid positive into long term nursing & the orchestrated unavailability of HCQ in many locations, there would seem to be an intent to target our elders.
      Gee seem to remember hussein talking about limiting care for elderly. Surprised at the serendipity…not so much.

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        1. Yeah…wish I could do justice to the heartache that is being inflicted on our and countless other families by these minions of he who doesn’t deserve a name.
          What was it that Potus said regarding the country not needing less prayer, but needing more…🙏🙏🙏

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    2. Michael great information 🙂 Thank you for posting!

      When I was sick I drank a lot of
      Dyokuro Imperial Green Tea from Tevana that is no longer.
      With mixed Tea with ginger pieces, lemon grass, lemon peel , licorice and spearmint from the Society of Shakers. The mix with green tea takes the bitter taste. I also put raw honey in.
      For vitamin C I make Rose Hips Tea from Society of Shakers.
      Then take my eye meds that are high in zinc, fish oil, vitamin D and CoQ10.
      I have always had this regimen in lesser amount.
      I think this has helped me when the virus hit me.
      3 times a week I make a shake from Green Superfood. I add 1/2 banana, blueberries , honey and coconut milk.
      I admit I am a tea nut have more than anyone should have.
      This regiment helps me plus eat fish of all kind my afford sardines and herring.
      I still drink much my green tea combo and vitamins and Green superfood drink.

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      1. Yeah if (when?) you come down with the virus, you gotta get on top of it early b/c it can get NASTY fast. If you can’t get the HCQ the Green Tea + Zinc combo seems to be the best readily available OTC combo. Vit C, Vit D, CoQ10 . . . every bit is important and helps. And most overlooked, SLEEP! 8 hours per night!

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      1. Way behind in this neck of Trump Country. Wolfs, I take it calling someone jelly is pretty rough. I mean, Michelle Malkin doesn’t take prisoners, we all know that.

        The next progressive I run into, tell ’em straight to their mask, “You Jelly. You Karen, you Peanut Butter!”

        Winning with Booms on Tuesday.

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  6. YUGE!!!

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    1. What is his source?

      Posobiec’s reputation with the crowd at NeonRevolt’s page (and elsewhere) is less than zero.

      It’s an extraordinary claim, McMaster would have to be a raging idiot to ask Susan Rice who he should appoint.

      Isn’t that a decision for a big boy like McMaster to make for himself?

      Why would he ask anyone who he should appoint as his personal aide?

      If he asked a thug from the Hussein’s treason gang, that just makes a bad decision even worse.

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          1. “Yes. And remember the lovey-dovey congratulatory control tweets from Rice. HUGE tip-off.”


            Why do they do that, why do they make their connections and loyalties obvious?

            If you’re a manager at a bank, and you’re the ‘inside woman’ for a bank robbery, and the whole plan depends on the cops never knowing that you and the bank robbers are old friends, why would you blow your cover by sending love tweets to Lex Luthor?

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            1. McMaster was PROUD of his relationship with Rice! And vice versa! BECAUSE NATIONAL SECURITY PROFESSIONALS!!! 🙄

              Seriously, it was only a “tip” to conspiracy theorists and anticommunists like me. To everybody else, they were wonderful colleagues!

              “In the bank together to do upstanding business. Never mind Ms. Rice’s assistant, Mr. Ciaramella, with the BAG FULL OF DYNAMITE AND DRILLS.” LOL

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              1. “McMaster was PROUD of his relationship with Rice! And vice versa! BECAUSE NATIONAL SECURITY PROFESSIONALS!!! ”


                That just exposes McMaster as a fool. He would literally have to be too stupid to spell his own name, to NOT know that Hussein and his entire entourage were and are America-hating traitors.

                The fact that Susan Rice was in the position of a ‘national security professional’ only makes her crimes that much more egregious, it doesn’t create a ‘common bond’.

                Mike Flynn is a “national security professional” too. He’s on the extreme opposite end of the spectrum from Susan Rice. McMaster, like any other of the 330 million Americans, would have to reconcile that chasm in order to conclude that Rice’s professional position had anything to do with her loyalty to America or the Constitution or anything remotely lawful.

                And there is no way to reconcile that chasm between Flynn and Rice.

                The level of denial McMaster would have to undertake is so vast that his head would explode, and I don’t believe it is possible to rise to the level McMaster did without having a keen sense of self-awareness.

                And you can’t be self-aware, and ignore the disparity between Rice (or anyone in the Hussein treasonocracy) and someone like Flynn.

                If I can see that as a private citizen surfing the Internet, how much more must McMaster be able to see it, from having an inside view AND access to all the information available to the public?


      1. Poso gets good stuff – makes a lot of breaking news. He gets quality leads. But I need to clue you nice folks in on some dirty secrets RE why people on our side don’t trust him or like him.

        Here we go.

        I keep telling people that Q is a deniable psy-op. People need to accept the CONSEQUENCES of this. They will SEE denial IN REAL LIFE by people who otherwise seem to be on our side and seem mostly compatible with our ways of thinking.

        Posobiec DENIED Q because he/we/they needed to CONTROL THE DENIAL.

        Let’s start at the beginning.

        What does Q allege? – that he’s military intelligence

        What does Q do? – all the stuff we allege, using TRUTH to gain TRUST (with a minimal amount of misleading the other side by differential delivery OF the truth)

        What are the backgrounds of Cernovich and Posobiec? – small-time military intelligence (COUGH)

        Was Posobiec’s “denial” of Q credible? – YES to THEM, NO to US

        What was the other effect of Posobiec’s denial? – Nuanced effects on MicroChip – including making Q herd reject MicroChip’s call to use Alinsky methods and respond in kind to leftist lies and hoaxes, etc., with the same.

        Why can’t Neon get this or admit it even if he got it? – Because he leads a herd of the CORE TARGETS of the Q psy-op, meaning PizzaGaters, who were previously reactively controlled opposition of the LEFT, and who (like Trump says) are “good people” but they’re too good, and can’t deal with many realities well. You will never get that herd to forgive Posobiec – who would reject their “forgiveness” anyway, so don’t even try. Leave it alone. Give up.

        Why doesn’t Posobiec do *exactly* what he “should” do, per my beliefs as a logical person? – Because he’s in the military and follows orders, and your point-of-view drew the short straw – DEAL WITH IT.

        What makes it worse? – Posobiec uses a lot of quality disinformation and self-negation as cover. It’s very professional.

        Once you see all this, forgiving and/or ignoring Posobiec is easy, except where you expect him to be straight. And don’t worry – ANYTHING you throw at him will be used effectively spun, deflected or boomeranged “FTW” on our side. Anything. He will leverage EVERYTHING to advantage.


        Now, let’s deal with McMaster.

        First, understand that this guy is like McCain, and that is why he got the job. He VIRTUE SIGNALS to the leftist psychology VERY strongly for his “deep jones”. Nothing deeper than asking Rice for a recommendation. Ultimate olive branch to the peeps already there.

        McMaster is one of the most externally left-controlled military thinkers I’ve ever observed. I used to think he was just a supreme DUPE, and that’s why I call him McDupester, but I am now pretty certain he was HEAVILY MKed by the CIA. He does “virtue signal” to the left at McCain levels. It smells of actual BRAINWASH. Dhimmi Carter is another example of a combination brainwash/promotion by the left.

        In terms of “public MK”, McMaster is famed / lauded / buttered up by the left for his academic stuff, including especially his thoughts on Vietnam, which were not leftist, but were nowhere near understanding what the CIA did to us there. It was filled with military self-blame, IIRC. He’s also highly “anti-Patriot” in terms of being highly negative of those who the left labels as “far right”. I also believe that he has “Hillary-compatible” views on Islam, and has been subconsciously rewarded greatly for being an intellectual dhimmi.

        McMaster cannot grasp – and I mean he is literally INCAPABLE of grasping – what Rice and her cohorts were up to. He was SAFE. He was the perfect weapon BACK at the Q team. He would ROOT OUT thinking that he categorized as “extremist”.

        This is one of the reasons why people need to understand how nasty things were at the beginning of the Trump administration. The Obama NSC (which is what Trump inherited) basically performed a COUP to keep Flynn OUT and put in somebody THEY liked.

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        1. “What was the other effect of Posobiec’s denial? – Nuanced effects on MicroChip – including making Q herd reject MicroChip’s call to use Alinsky methods and respond in kind to leftist lies and hoaxes, etc., with the same.”


          I had forgotten all about MicroChip, and all I ever knew about him was his feud with Neon.

          Personally, I have no problem using the enemy’s weapons against them (e.g., Alinsky tactics), and that was only reinforced when I learned about (here, btw) about ‘Game Theory’, more specifically ‘tit for tat’, and more specifically “Saint vs. Sinner”:

          When Tit-for-tat plays against itself, it plays fair for the entire game and maximizes output. When it plays against anyone who tosses in some cheating, it punishes it by cheating back and reduces the other guys unfair winnings.

          No-one has ever found a way of defeating it.

          Now let’s analyze two different and even more simplistic approaches; we’ll call them “saint” and “sinner”. The saint plays fair every single round, irrespective of what the other guy does. The sinner always cheats.

          When a saint plays against another saint, or against tit-for-tat, the result is optimum but more important is that everyone gets the same result. When a sinner plays against another sinner, or against tit-for-tat, everyone cheats and the result is still even, though less than optimal.

          But when a sinner plays against a saint, the sinner wins and the saint loses.

          Which brings me back to the point of all this: Is there anything I would rule out in war? Nothing I’d care to admit to my enemies, because ruling out anything is a “saint” tactic. The Tit-for-tat tactic is to be prepared to do anything, but not to do so spontaneously. In other words, if the other guy threatens to use poison gas, you make sure you have some of your own and let him know that you’ll retaliate with it. That means that he has nothing to win by using it, and he won’t. (A war is a sequence game and not a single transaction because each day is a new exchange. If you gassed my guys yesterday, I can gas yours today.)


          So unless I missed something, any strategy that does not actively fight back (tit for tat) loses, and no one has ever found a way around that.

          And that is how our side always loses, we insist on playing ‘Saint’ while the enemy recognizes no rules.

          I don’t know anything about Microchip calling for the use of Alinsky tactics, but unless someone has a better plan — and I don’t mean DJT and military intelligence, I mean US, We the People who won’t have DJT to win our battles for us when he is out of office — we have a much better chance playing to win, than playing to lose.

          But our side never seems to want to play to win, and there are FEW things that make me more suspicious of our side than that.

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          1. Would you lie – deny your belief in Christ – commit pedophilia – deceive innocents – dedicated a book to Lucifer – to win? If you won’t, then you’re not Alinsky.

            There are some tats you won’t tit. Admit it! Or I’ll admit it for you! 😀


        2. “What was the other effect of Posobiec’s denial? – Nuanced effects on MicroChip – including making Q herd reject MicroChip’s call to use Alinsky methods and respond in kind to leftist lies and hoaxes, etc., with the same.

          Why can’t Neon get this or admit it even if he got it? – Because he leads a herd of the CORE TARGETS of the Q psy-op, meaning PizzaGaters, who were previously reactively controlled opposition of the LEFT, and who (like Trump says) are “good people” but they’re too good, and can’t deal with many realities well. You will never get that herd to forgive Posobiec – who would reject their “forgiveness” anyway, so don’t even try. Leave it alone. Give up.”


          I did a search for “Microchip Qanon” and found this article from Neon’s web page:

          Assuming the Q psy-op is Trump and/or Trump related, and seeing how Q has shed light on the whole Pizzagate and associated activities, it would seem that Q (and Trump) are “Pizzagaters” themselves.

          I’m not sure what you mean by being ‘too good, and can’t deal with many realities well’, most of Neon’s early or core group were ‘autists’, most of whom have apparently left, after Neon’s Gab channel became overpopulated with ‘boomers’ (his term).

          The article (linked above) appears to show that Posobiec is not a straight shooter, so even if he is a white hat as I think you are saying, how can he ever be trusted?

          I had a bad sense about McMaster. And Rosentstein. Was never sure about Sessions. Bad sense about Wray. Bad sense about Prince Reibus. Bad sense about Coats. Same with Kelly, and with Jim Mattis, and others.

          I don’t have a good sense about Pence, and I want to like Pence. Or Ronna McDaniel (Romney). I’m not sure about Pompeo.

          I think Barr is a white hat, but he sure makes it hard. I don’t know enough about Esper, or Haspel.

          I had a good sense about Sarah Huckabee Sanders, about Grenell, about the economic team (Lighthizer, Navarro, Mnuchin, Ross and Kudlow). Pretty sure Ratcliffe is okay.

          By ‘sense’, I mean an overall assessment, based on all the information I have processed about each of them.

          Every time I had a bad ‘sense’ about somebody, lots of people said I was wrong, and that’s fine, but as things are being revealed and turning out, it looks like I’m doing way better than average.

          I don’t have a good ‘sense’ about Posobiec.

          I will be very happy if it turns out that I am wrong, and he’s a white hat.

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          1. Good stuff – I hear you on “good sense” for sure.

            As far as “PizzaGaters”, I watched it very closely because I was part of the people doing Podesta research who were then HUGELY distracted to PizzaGate by the Hillary laptop and rumors of what was on that. People were drawn to some real dirt, but the left jumped in and did one of the most cunning psy-ops I’ve ever seen. They threw poisoned chum into the feeding frenzy, and it was ultimate distracto. Soon, people were unable to tell truth from suspicion or fantastic fiction, theory from speculation. It WORKED like crazy.

            Worst of all, thinking about the problem of pedophilia and WORSE, in itself is mentally damaging, and thus many researchers and followers met bad ends, up to and including suicide or “suicide”. That was part of the GOAL of the psy-op.

            Yes, Dem World is FILLED with pedophiles, satanists, and abusers of every kind. I know things – REAL THINGS – that are just horrifying from that world – straight out of PizzaGate. Some of it is provable, but much is not. Pedos and satanists are MASTERS of not leaving enough evidence to get caught. It is maddening, because so much credibility of GOOD PEOPLE is lost to LIARS and SCUM who know how to hide their crimes so well.

            The Dems were TOYING with these good people – until Q put a stop to it, and provided DIRECTION to the movement. PizzaGate became much more sane – and much more of a liability to the GUILTY and not the INNOCENT – after Q provided desperately needed leadership.

            To me, this is a stronger validation of Q than timestamps.

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      2. ” McMaster would have to be a raging idiot to ask Susan Rice who he should appoint.”
        You may be right…

        I don’t recall H.R McMaster ever being described as a brilliant example of intelligence
        so , any measure of idiot may have filled the replacement slot at the time.

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            1. Yup. As one frees oneself, however, there are choices. THAT is the beauty of freedom.

              The deep trick is realizing that we are ALL being played as useful idiots from many directions, and that we DO have choices in who we “idiot” for, and in which particular regard, because unlike the actual military, in many of these armies, it’s line-item volunteer.

              People may think we’re “Q-tards”, but I find their assumptions about what we believe to be very weak. They build straw men of our alleged ignorance based on leftist discreditation shills who slander the movement by insertion and derailment, as well as from those who the left has already misled, and who are brought in specifically by the Q psy-op to round them up out of leftist control.

              All THAT aside, there is still some great diversity of thought on our side. I like that.

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              1. I have one FB friend, a guy who used to be on a big blog with me, who is constantly harping on POTUS for the “moronic things he tweets” without any clue what half of it is. He won’t entertain that it’s anything more than face value.

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        1. Funny story! So I really have been so busy… but last night I just felt flooded with this song and the first place I thought to share it with is here!😍 It’s been sooo long so it took me forever to remember how to get on here (plus too much whiskey probably didn’t help😳)…I began to feel the forces trying to stop me(my husband says I shouldn’t share that otherwise people might think I need committed but it’s true… and it is a huge reason I haven’t been on here cuz I’m trying to keep sane in this insane time) so I begin to have a panic attack and sure enough the Russian version posted and that just made me sure Satan was involved😱… so I ran into our room waking my husband out of dead sleep begging him to help me… it was hilarious watching him scramble to try to comprehend what was happening… what I was asking and trying to explain he had no glasses as I shove my phone in his face telling him to fix it…😂🤣😂 Anyways I missed you all and am so glad to see you’re still rocking it!😍

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      1. Leonard always had incredible female back-up singers.

        Jennifer Warnes was one of his back-up singers (and a longtime friend) for many years. Jennifer released an entire album of covers of Leonard’s songs in 1987, which helped to revitalize Leonard’s career at that time.

        Here in the video above (2009, Live in London) it is the Webb sisters, who also sang back-up for Tom Petty (if I remember correctly) among others, and Sharon Robinson.

        Leonard released an entire album with Sharon Robinson in 2001, titled simply (as Leonard’s albums usually are simply titled), Ten New Songs:

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      1. I am! Thank you! Interesting times aren’t they? But so excited for the light to expose the darkness cuz I’m getting kind of tired of all the spiritual attacks we all face when those in the dark get scared! It’s time it ends!🥳

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          1. Exactly! I notice that is why God has me where he does because we are meant to stop the fear, pain, bleeding… people need people like us… they’ve been traumatized and actually I was too for a while… it’s made me so thankful for God!😍

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    1. If you like this song, here are two good covers. I had never heard of Kate Vogele before:


      And I think it may have been Jeff Buckley who had the biggest hit with Leonard’s song, before lots of others started covering it:

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    1. Looks like it’s a part of a Playlist.

      When one video in a Playlist is posted…then the whole Playlist posts along with it.
      This has happened to me too.

      The way to avoid posting the whole Playlist, is to separate it out.
      What I’ve done is…click on the name of the youtuber who posted that video.
      Find that video on their account page.
      Click on it.

      That will usually get you a Playlist-free version of the video.

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      1. She woke me up to ask how to post. Groggy and with no reading glasses I copied it wrong 😬.
        She doesn’t know how to use wordpress but was excited to post after some encouragement. Now she’s frustrated and I’m not much help since I don’t know how her iPhone works 😂 I appreciate that she tried 😚 ❤

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        1. Oh yeah!
          It was a nice try!

          Don’t get discouraged, Drillerwife!
          If you know how to work an iPhone, then you’re ahead of me.

          I don’t have an iPhone…and wouldn’t know what to do with it if I did.
          I use an old-fashioned flip phone that is text-only…or voice.

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            1. Funny, I was just replying to an email from someone not on this board, pointing out that Linux is the default development environment for everything…..and, as such, can understand everything from anywhere. If you have a weird file format, an odd language, want a library for strange analytics… have a better chance to find it on Linux than anything else.

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              1. After windows XP stopped updating I refused to pay for anything else Microsoft and tried linux. It’s great but then I got a galaxy and my computer pretty much collects dust now.

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            2. Driller, join the crowd.

              I ran over my first cell phone with the dually and my second with the tractor (No lie) I am still on a flip phone and the darn thing can STILL track me.

              I use a regular computer with Ubuntu and Brave.

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            3. Apple and other Silicon Valley companies pay top dollar for “UI developers” – experts in user interface development. They go through a great deal of training, courses, labs for development, and of course go to entire conferences on how to develop user interfaces.

              One might think they are trained in how to make the UI’s easy to use!

              But you would be wrong. They are paid the BIG BUCK$ precisely to design the UI to be as addictive as possible and maximize AD REVENUE.

              That’s it. That’s all.

              Ease of use DOES NOT MATTER. In fact, ease of use gets in the way. If a web site is easy to use an intuitive, then that is less advertisements that are show to the end user and the less clicks they get.

              Useful features are removed to get people addicted to a capability, like an easy photo edit on the website. They take it away to drive people toward paid options.

              The level of behavioral control that these people exert and practice every day is unreal.

              But it shouldn’t surprise us when they pay BILLIONS every year to get us to buy JUNK we don’t need and don’t want.

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  7. “It ain’t about Republican and Democrat anymore…it really isn’t. People were given the opportunity to do the right thing and some chose wrong. It’s about right versus wrong.”


    And who openly advocates for wrong, every single day, Adam?

    Who absolutely glorifies in doing what is wrong?

    If I asked ‘Which party is the God-hating, America-hating, Constitution-hating, baby-murder loving Treason party of Sodom and Gomorrah”, which party comes to mind, Adam?

    We have a democrat governor in North Carolina who PUBLICLY advocates murdering North Carolina citizens AFTER they are born ALIVE. We have members of the Muslim brotherhood who won elected office in Minnesota and Michigan, people who openly hate our country, our people and our Constitution.

    And WHO has been voting for these people, these radical Leftists, early and often (often more than once!)?

    It wasn’t PATRIOTS, Adam.

    It was democrats.

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    1. Remember a few counties like Durham were not called until the morning of the next day. Attorney Chuck Kitchen told me that 20% of the counties in NC had MORE VOTES than adult living in the county. Many ballots ONLY had Hitlery and NC Governor Roy Cooper(D) marked. Roy Cooper had been the State Attorney General BTW so any claims of voter fraud would have to go through HIS OFFICE!

      The NC ballot was not arranged by party so it took quite some time to vote a straight Republican or straight Democrat ticket. I think this is why so many NC ballots ONLY had Hitlery and Cooper marked. If you are ballot box stuffing at the last minute trying to check off all the Democrats would take forever and they just did not have the time.

      What is interesting is that the fraud was caught. However thanks to The Consent Decree of 1982 which prohibited the RNC from investigating Democrat Election Fraud nothing could be done. With the ending of that Decree (The judge finally died) The GOP CAN NOW go after voter fraud.
      It is not just North Carolina that has a massive Voter Fraud problem:

      Voter fraud is real:

      Over 60% of Michigan counties had more registered voters than citizens

      This same irregularity occurred in 76% of states and 15% of U.S. counties

      Over 3.5 million reported suspicious or fraudulent registered voters reported in 2016 election

      — Charlie Kirk (@charliekirk11) November 8, 2018

      Did you know:

      U.S. has 3.5 Million more registered voters than living adults

      Voter fraud is real.
      — Charlie Kirk (@charliekirk11) May 7, 2019


      The DemonRats are in a panic about their loss of their Licence to Cheat

      Stacey Abrams, the woman who gave the State of the Union Rebuttal, is spear heading the try to get that Licence to Cheat re-instated. This is why the hysterical screaming of RACIST! They HAVE to convince the public in general that racism is still a very large and wide spread problem.

      Stacey Abrams 2019 Move
      August 14, 2019 NPR Stacey Abrams Is Not Running For President, Instead Will Focus On Voter Protection

      The Georgia Democrat, whose race for governor drew national attention, says she aims to enfranchise voters across 20 states with an initiative called Fair Fight 2020.

      “There are only two things stopping us in 2020: making sure people have a reason to vote and that they have the right to vote,” Abrams said in announcing the initiative at the International Union of Painters and Allied Trades convention in Las Vegas on Tuesday.

      Lauren Groh-Wargo, chief executive of Fair Fight 2020, cited “unprecedented voter suppression mainly targeted at communities of color, but also at students and low-income folks across this country.

      “Our Democratic presidential nominee, our U.S. Senate nominees and our down ballot Democrats next year are going to need unprecedented support ensuring that voters are able to cast their ballot without issue or incident,” she said….

      ANDDdddd The Rest of the Story

      8/24/2019 Real Clear Politics: Stacey Abrams Benefits from a Voter Suppression Lie
      “Georgia Democrat Stacey Abrams lost her 2018 gubernatorial bid to Republican Brian Kemp by nearly 55,000 votes, but she still refuses to concede. Instead, she claims the election was stolen from her.

      Aug 19, 2019 Daily Caller: Abrams Explains Why She Still Isn’t Conceding Her 2018 Election

      Failed gubernatorial candidate Stacey Abrams said she’s still refusing to concede her 2018 election defeat because doing so would be an admission that the “process was fair.”

      “I run an organization that in 10 days, between election night and the night I refused to concede, we received more than 50,000 phone calls of people who were denied the right to vote,” Abrams, who lost her election in November 2018 by nearly 55,000 votes, said Monday on CBS. “I am complicit if I say that system is fair.”….

      “I did not deny the legal sufficiency of the election. I am not claiming to be the governor of Georgia,” Abrams continued. “What I have said is that we won the battle of making sure more voices were heard because we had the highest record turnout in Georgia history for Democrats.”

      ….Abrams has maintained, without evidence, that Kemp maliciously leveraged his former position as Georgia Secretary of State to suppress minority and Democratic voters in order win the 2018 gubernatorial election.

      Abrams said as recently as Sunday that voter suppression is worse today than it was in the 1960s, presumably speaking of the era before Jim Crow laws were repealed.

      “Over the last 20 years, we have seen numerous laws propagated that have eroded your ability to [exercise the right to vote], especially if you’re in a marginalized community — a community of color or from a community that is seen as less valuable to the Republican Party,” Abrams said about voter ID laws, updates to voter rolls, and other basic election regulations.

      Despite Abrams’s claims that votes were vehemently suppressed, 2018 election turnout in Georgia reached a record high.

      During the 2018 contest, 3.9 million Georgians went to the polls. This was a massive increase from the 2.5 million votes cast in the preceding midterm election in 2014. In fact, 2018’s midterm election in Georgia came close to the 4.2 million votes cast in the 2016 presidential election — midterm cycles historically see far lower turnout than presidential election years….

      Abrams recently announced the launch of a new initiative: Fair Fight 2020. Her organization aims to monitor the election process in numerous battleground states during the upcoming presidential election.

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              1. Hi, Pat! Hope and pray all is well and good with you and hubby – sunshine making you smile – and Angels watching over you!

                Have a Blessed Day, too – and remember to sprinkle it with * Giggles * – * Big Hug *

                [ I saw the cutest video of children with their * babysitters * but, I do not know how to post an MP4 video – perhaps I can find it elsewhere – know you and all animal lovers here would enjoy it!]

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              2. HUGS back to you!
                I am cleaning out some stuff in the basement…found the “exercise” bin…what a trip! let’s see, I got ankle weights, a shakeweight, an exercise ball and tons of videos (VHS tapes)…all going to a friend for her flea market stall…LOL…
                none of that stuff worked cuz my interest never lasted. know what did? combining 3 of my favorite interests: walking and reading or walking and sudoku…

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              3. LOL – Tis the season for Spring Cleaning – never know what we will find lurking in the rubble pile – workout videos and the like – now – you must have a personal trainer – however – we all know what we should be doing – we just need a kick in the pants to do it – prayer is my motivation – and the Angels help, too – * Smile *

                Love those warm hugs, Pat!

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              4. No, Pat! They are everywhere – and they include nutritional training in their workouts as well – see here…


                You do not have to go to a gym to see a personal trainer – one-on-one meeting – workout schedule – and follow-up – some are affiliated with gyms – however – not all of them work out of a gym – key is ‘personal’ – made just for you – to meet your goals – some have ‘regular’ jobs – and do it out of their homes – lots of different options, Pat!

                Each person is unique physically, emotionally, and mentally – a good personal trainer will take all of those aspects in mind – and develop a program that will meet your needs.


    1. Two digits?
      I dunno…it’s more fun to watch it go up in 3 digits.

      The Market is probably going to be reorienting itself towards investments in our Domestic Supply Chain now.
      Which will be good!

      The diehard Globalists will hate it, of course.
      They will have their shills and bots working overtime to thwart it.

      But I’m looking forward to hearing the honest analysts say things like:
      “We cannot go back to the days of pre-covid globalism.”
      And…”Globalism as we knew it, is dead.”

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      1. “The Market is probably going to be reorienting itself towards investments in our Domestic Supply Chain now.”

        Also, reorienting itself to reflect a less valuable dollar, as inflation eats away at everything due to massive outlays by Congress and Fed.

        Market anticipating revenue streams in 3rd qtr, 4th qtr 2020, and 2021, 2022, etc. to consist of larger numbers of weaker dollars than were the 2018, 2019, 1st qtr 2020 dollars of yore.

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    1. I think she should begin her next press conference with the sweet picture of her with her son on the couch…..and ask, “before we get into politics, any of you want to openly come out against motherhood?”

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  8. Sounds like Boris Johnson needs to step in and stop this.

    Nigel has been out in the English Channel reporting on this lately.

    He reported this last week:


    Text of Nigel Farage’s tweet from today:

    I have been out mid-Channel this morning and we were first to an inflatable with 13 on board.

    At least 5 boats so far today and even 1 kayak.

    The French navy are still escorting illegal migrants into UK waters, but now with their transponders turned off to avoid detection…

    Text from last week:

    I just witnessed the French Navy escorting illegal migrants into British waters, despite the money we are paying them.

    They even tried to prevent us from filming the handover, as you can see in the video.

    This is an outrage and a scandal. Time for the government to get a grip.

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      1. Picking the right THEME is critical. I highly recommend the one we use here: Independent Publisher 2. It will make people happy. I’m very good with “default” WordPress, and yet I find it almost impossible to make other themes work as well.

        I ended up reverting The U Tree to Independent Publisher 2 just to keep people happy. It WORKS for people who have been trained on CTH and QTH.

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      1. Since I had to hunt that down in my twit history, I came across my candidate for the Best Commie Lab Bat Virus Social Distance Resistor Person of the Pandemic. (in case there is such a thing, it would be the little maverick, top right).

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  9. Pelosi’s nothing if not versatile…LOL If this wording doesn’t work, just change it…vote by mail becomes VOTE AT HOME

    This should come as no surprise to anyone. It’s a typical move by the Democratic Party. They simply change the wording if the agenda isn’t working for them. For instance: “treason” becomes “impeachment,” “abortion” becomes “healthcare,” and “sexual harassment” becomes “just Joe.”

    Pelosi said the $3.6 billion in the House’s HEROES Act is “necessary to conduct an election” where all voters would receive absentee ballots.

    However, not everyone is falling for the big lie. Social media users pointed out the obvious: If it’s safe to stand in line at the big box stores for groceries and other household goods, then it’s safe to stand in line to vote.

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  10. This thread might explain a few things. The Sum of All Fears indeed.

    I should have Created a Thread Myself explaining why I Full Blown Support the Restart Opposition

    I Understand All Sides and why this confused some people

    I will drop a Thread which will eliminate all confusion

    Restart is like US Trump Supporters vs. the US Deep State
    Quote Tweet

    Comparing Restartees to the Regime of lran

    is like

    Comparing Trump Supporters to the worst people found in the ClA

    It’s like saying All Americans are like the ClA

    There are 2 teams found on Earth

    1 team is fighting for Freedom

    1 team is fighting for Divisions
    Enter: The Global Game of RISK

    This is the Game Q refers to, he specifically names this game in 2 Q posts

    Notice it’s like Pi for the Divisions, it goes on Forever unless it, like a Virus, is Cured/KiIIed
    Quote Tweet

    Why does the US Military play such a vital role in this global game of RISK? – Q151

    Bill Wood interview relevant about the GAME we’re in

    The Game of RISK is the Game!

    The Game of Global Domination/Conquest

    A United Awakened People Worldwide ENDS THE GAME!

    For this Game, our part is Information

    The Information War

    People will only divide with each other if they believe disinformation

    People would *Only Join* Team Division if they believed Disinformation

    Does this make sense so far?

    Why were the People of lran (now Restart) hostile to America before?

    the exact question, which answers the above, is

    Why were we Democrats (majority of us) before Trump?

    We Believed Bad Political Information.

    The thread keeps going. But in the end, Obama gave Iran nukes and we have to find them before just finishing off that regime.

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    1. This is how the thread ends:

      The ‘Focus’ on ‘Iran’ is simple

      I read Q Posts, I reread them often, and it clicked that Q placed more Emphasis on This People, the Persian Patriots, than anyone else


      We will all Die without them
      What Obama gave to Russia/China/lran/NK was a ridiculous amount of weapons and money to hold the world hostage

      We can’t currently just Strike [IR], that statement should raise the question Why, because of what Obama gave them all, Nukes

      This should clarify all ‘iran focus’ Q’s

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            1. Part of the problem for Iran is DELIVERY. You can have the weapon but that does not mean you can deliver it.

              Billy Boy Clinton even gave a delivery system to China! However if Wictor/Carlos is correct the Chinese really suck at copying plans. (Think Daughn’s article on the Chinese Hustle.)

              And what President Trump has the US armed forces doing (besides Space Force.)

              …Bill Clinton took contributions he knew came from China, and played another angle as well. US companies wanted to sell China military technology, but the sales were prohibited by law. Economic sanctions for the Tiananmen square massacre and restrictions on technology exports prevented these companies from selling China the armaments they wanted.

              In return for campaign contributions, the President shifted regulation of technology exports from the State Department to the free-wheeling Commerce department. The administration also relaxed export controls and allowed corporations to decide if their technology transfers were legal or not. When easing restrictions wasn’t enough, Clinton signed waivers that simply circumvented the law. The President’s waivers allowed the export of machine tools, defense electronics, and even a communications system for the Chinese Air Force.

              Bernard Schwartz and Michael Armstrong, the CEOs of Loral and Hughes, each donated over one million dollars to Clinton’s re-election campaign. These companies had an interest in seeing China develop reliable missiles to loft their satellites into orbit. Clinton arranged direct talks between Bernard Schwartz and a Chinese general to improve China’s rocket technology. Michael Armstrong was made head of the Export Advisory Council. Both companies were allowed to upgrade the launching and guidance of China’s missiles….

              These are a few of Carlos threads on Iran regime change: [remove *]



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              1. well that makes sense…so Iran is possibly just holding on till the Dems (Kerry & Obama traveling around the world making promises) can get POTUS out of office. then the delivery systems will be obtained and they can openly threaten the world.

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        1. “why then hasn’t Iran bettered their position? they’re not a really sensible regime…they are quite fanatical, no? why wait?”

          Though there are hints that things in Iran, politically, are not what they seem.

          Not saying it’s the same as North Korea (though I’m not sure exactly how things are in North Korea, or exactly what Q wants us to believe about it.)

          It’s widely believed that the CIA brought the Shah to power. (Leftists, and anti-American, anti-Shah Iranians have long complained about this.)

          IIUC, Q, or, at least, various anons trying to understand Q, have hinted that the CIA also brought him down, and still maintains some kind of influence there.

          By this theory, Iran is maintained, like North Korea, as a “rogue state”, “failed state”, a “Mini-Me to China”, that creates trouble in the world in order to increase division and thereby to keep the banksters in power.

          I’m not sure what to believe of all this. It is certainly intriguing, and could help explain things. And it could even be optimistic, considering that Trump is now in power, and will reveal the truth and prosecute the malefactors on this end of the conspiratorial network.

          But, for now, I keep it all filed in my basket of Q-related beliefs that are stamped “not proved”!

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      1. I think this is Why our VSG went to Saudi Arabia as his first state visit.

        King Salman and Prince MBS absolutely hate the current regime in Iran.
        So it was a brilliant move to cement a strong relationship with them…and to create the Gulf Alliance.

        I’m thinking that Prince MBS has operatives in Iran that have furnished info on exactly *where* the nukes are located.

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        1. It’s very confusing to figure out Saudi Arabia – since the Saudis were the majority of the 9/11 attacks and Saudis have attacked 2 US military bases in the last month or so.

          It is hard to trust any Islamist since their religion is so barbaric and promotes lies and deception and killing non-Islamists.

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          1. There was a change in the leadership in the House of Saud, and the younger guy now running the show is nobody’s fool. He knew for financial survival they needed to work with Trump. The DS actors in the family disagree, and word right after Las Vegas was that taking him out was what that was all about.

            Amazing that a good many material witnesses met untimely ends after that.

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            1. Saudi families are huge and complex…some of them have as many people as a large US city or small state.

              Lots of psy-ops all around – here and in Saudi Arabia.

              It’s hard to trust any Islamist, however. Maybe futile to trust them.

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              1. IIRC Osama Bin Laden has ~200 full and 1/2 sibs for example. His dad kept marrying young women and divorcing the wornout from childbearing until the day he died.

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          2. There are warring factions within the KSA…just like in our own country.

            As Americans, we get blamed for what the evil Dems do on the world stage.

            Prince MBS did another big purge in March 2020, of the corrupt members of the royal family there.

            The Salmans taking power was a sea change in the KSA, against the sponsors of terrorism.

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      1. Same here, people did NOT want to play Risk with me. I won the 1st game of chess I ever played, used to play w/my uncle via postcard. Went to tournaments w/him, @9yrs old. I’ve always been a heckuva strategic 🦋! 😁

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  11. No matter what or where we are – the Grace and Mercy and Forgiveness of our GOD still calls out to us.

    1 When peace like a river attendeth my way,
    when sorrows like sea billows roll;
    whatever my lot, thou hast taught me to say,
    “It is well, it is well with my soul.”

    Refrain (may be sung after final stanza only):
    It is well with my soul;
    it is well, it is well with my soul.

    2 Though Satan should buffet, though trials should come,
    let this blest assurance control:
    that Christ has regarded my helpless estate,
    and has shed his own blood for my soul. Refrain

    3 My sin oh, the bliss of this glorious thought!
    my sin, not in part, but the whole,
    is nailed to the cross, and I bear it no more;
    praise the Lord, praise the Lord, O my soul! Refrain

    4 O Lord, haste the day when my faith shall be sight,
    the clouds be rolled back as a scroll;
    the trump shall resound and the Lord shall descend;
    even so, it is well with my soul. Refrain

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  12. So, one time, I was at the zoo, and the giant tortoises were outside, and the male went after the female right in front of scores of families. No sheltering the kids in that case.

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  13. I swear i saw something about this on Lame Cherry years ago before I gave up on that site. WAY too much time wasted reading through her crap to get one piece of decent information. But this I remember.

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    1. “He, and various other thinkers who radiate out towards the death-evading “transhumanist” movement, are fascinated by “heterochronic parabiosis” – the sewing together of two animals in order to create a living chimera” um, excuse me WHAT?? 😳

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  15. I do need to relay something. I talk about how quiet things have been around here at night since the quarantine. Well, last night at 3 am (I don’t know why I was awake), I heard fighters overhead. The engines have a distinctive sound. Could be nothing. Could just be training exercises given the number of air bases within 200 miles, but there were fighters in the sky.

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      1. Hiding…actually, I would argue, not hiding, but making it untouchable for asset forfeiture. Foundations do have to report their assets in audited documents. BUT, if it is not personal property, it’s not eligible for forfeiture as I understand it.

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        1. I’m thinking this may be somewhat in vain, if Trump’s EOs work as expected. OTOH, the left may be thinking THEY will get the money using those EOs very soon, through a socialist White House money grab. They can call “corrupt” anything they want.

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          1. The idea behind foundations, though, is through money a person’s influence can live beyond their years. Once the cash is not listed in estate assets, can the government touch it? Are the EOs that powerful?

            IDK. That would override some pretty major legislation that the rich and powerful had put in place in the 1950s.

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  16. Well, looky here — it appears that GEORGE SOROS how has a BIG foothold at the UNIVERSITY OF VIRGINIA:
    May 21, 2020
    “UVa receives $27.5 million donation to aid Democracy Initiative”

    Purport: JOHN L. NAU, III, a graduate of the University of Virginia, has given $27.5 million to help establish a new effort by the College and Graduate Schools of Arts and Sciences, called the Democracy Initiative, a program that will study “constitutionalism and democracy”.”
    The Democracy Initiative at UVA seeks to study, among other topics, “,,,democracy’s successes and failures, OPPORTUNITIES AND THREATS…” (

    One of the partners of Democracy Initiative at UVA is the BROOKINGS INSTITUTION, the leftwing think tank in the DC Swamp that lists Bill and Melinda Gates, OPEN SOCIETY, and DIANNE FEINSTEIN as donors.
    One of the components of the Democracy Initiative at UVA is something called “DEMOCRATIC STATECRAFT LABS”, courses that supposedly study the working of democracy and how to “improve” it. (
    (all emphases mine)

    Since the Daily Progress is a leftwing rag, the article DOES NOT mention the fact that this “new program” appears to be a branch of DEMOCRACY ALLIANCE, one of the groups funded by the OPEN SOCIETY, which is controlled / bankrolled by Soros.
    According to , Democracy Initiative (DI) “seeks to advance a variety of left-wing agendas, in particular: countering the influence of conservative political funders; EXPANDING VOTER ROLES while FIGHTING VOTER ID LAWS; …” (emphasis mine)
    DI was founded in 2012 by executives from GREENPEACE; the SIERRA CLUB; and the NAACP.

    What I do not understand is the apparent “dichotomy” in Mr. Nau between this donation AND the fact that he is a heavy contributor to Republicans and Republican causes. Nau lives in Texas, supports Gov. Abbott, and is the CEO of the largest distributor of Anheuser-Busch products in the United States.
    Unless Mr. Nau is being used as an “educated useful idiot” by those who are working with Soros to undermine, then destroy, the United States of America.

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  17. Some details on Lori Klausitis , her husband, who is an Air Force researcher, and the investigation that I hadnt read. Theres more in the article. Apoarentky the death investigation was set up on an AFB? Thats odd.

    “An Air Force connection—The obituary for Lori Klausutis reveals that her husband was T. J. Klautsutis of Niceville, Florida. A brief Web search reveals that Dr. Timothy J. Klausutis is a prominent member of the U.S. Air Force. One site indicates he conducts studies on navigation and miniature weapons systems for the Air Force Research Lab (AFRL). What does this mean? We aren’t sure,  but it reminds us that the Air Force had a number of curious ties to the Siegelman case. The prosecution team set up a shop, not at the U.S. Attorney’s Office, but at Maxwell Air Force Base in Montgomery. Mark Fuller, the trial judge, was a primary owner in Doss Aviation, a Colorado-based company that lived largely off Air Force contracts.”


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