Dear KMAG: 20200525 Open Topic


This Memorial Day Monday Open Thread is VERY OPEN – a place for everybody to post whatever they feel they would like to tell the White Hats, and the rest of the MAGA/KMAG/KAG world (with KMAG being a bit of both).

This is a day when we honor our fallen warriors, who…along with their families…have sacrificed so much, so that we can enjoy the freedoms that we have.








Our Nation owes a debt of gratitude to our fallen warriors…and even though they do not ask for thanks, we can never thank them enough.


Free Speech is practiced here at the Q Tree. But please keep it civil.
Discussion of Q is not only allowed but encouraged. Imagine that! We can talk about Q here and not get banned.

Please also consider the Important Guidelines, outlined here. Let’s not give the odious Internet Censors a reason to shut down this precious haven that Wolf has created for us.

With the Storm upon us…please Pray for our President.


Wheatie’s Rules:

          1. No food fights.
          2. No running with scissors.
          3. If you bring snacks, bring enough for everyone.


For your listening enjoyment, I offer this composition from Dwayne Ford, titled ‘When Soldiers Come Home’:


Walking in Arlington

By Bakocarl

Sometimes, for thought, I’ll take a walk
Where the heroes in Arlington lay.
And though they’re dead and buried,
Their silence has volumes to say.

Row after row of marble markers
Give voice to those under the sod,
A testament to their life and death
In ways known only to God.

Sometimes I come for perspective,
When nonsense has shaken my day.
Sometimes I come for solitude,
And sometimes to kneel and pray.

The sons and daughters of Arlington
Represent America’s best.
They stepped up and defended the gap,
Protecting the world’s oppressed.

Through all the ravages of war,
Through sweltering days and long dark nights,
They fought for freedom and justice,
Fixing the wrongs and setting things right.

Remember now, when you stand and pledge
Or hear our National Anthem played:
Our flag, our country and our God,
And the selfless price these heroes paid.

They kept the faith and fought the fight;
They gave their all to the very end.
And greater love has no one than this:
To lay down one’s life for one’s friends.


Yes, it’s Monday…again.


But it’s okay…it’s a Holiday.


Wheatie’s Word of the Day:


‘Dauntless’ is an adjective that means…fearless, brave, resolute and incapable of being intimidated or discouraged.

‘Dauntless’ is a derivative of the word, ‘Daunt’, which is a seldom used verb that means…to frighten or intimidate, to discourage or shatter the courage of another.

‘Dauntless’ used in a sentence:

We are blessed to have dauntless individuals who volunteer to fight for our freedoms.


458 thoughts on “Dear KMAG: 20200525 Open Topic

  1. That’s a fascinating GIF of the raptor going between the trees. Seems like a squirrel sitting next to the camera could have a heckuva Monday.

    A very nice, reflective, Memorial Day post.

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    1. AND the Cabal is fighting back!

      Yesterday I mentioned Twatter now has trending ‘Missouri Hair stylist tests positive for Covid-19’

      I immediately thought it was bogus.

      First we have been on modified quarantine for six weeks so where the heck did she contract it at this late date?

      Second the US government has a HISTORY of using bogus test results to TEACH PATRIOTS A LESSON THEY WON’T FORGET!

      These two incidences happened while family farmers were fighting Animal RFID tagging and having to register your property as a PREMISE — meaning the US government was now part owner and you were just a tenant.

      Mad Sheep: The True Story Behind the USDA’s War on a Family Farm
      I was following the story as it went down. HORRIFYING!

      …. a federal judge ruled August 1 that the animals should be slaughtered because they might have mad cow disease. [WTF? — SHEEP???]

      After years of dismissing suggestions that mad cow disease might threaten U.S. livestock, the U.S. Department of Agriculture used controversial tests to claim these sheep, imported to Vermont from Belgium in 1996, may harbor the always fatal transmissible spongiform encephalopathy,…

      Positive for what? After hours of mind-numbingly technical testimony, one thing was clear: Scientists on both sides refused to support the government’s provocative claim that Rubenstein’s tests could determine if the TSE was “atypical” or “of foreign origin,” much less differentiate between mad cow disease and scrapie. The only test which can make that diagnosis takes eight months to two years for the results. “The only thing you could possibly conclude [from Rubenstein’s tests] is that the sheep might have scrapie, a disease currently endemic to the United States,” Higgins says. “From that, the USDA has taken a huge scientific leap. … If they can do that, they can seize every sheep flock in the country.”…

      Chances are the sheep did not even have scrapies since they were IMPORTED, Tested, quarantined and given a clean bill of health at the time. Also ALL the ram lambs sent to slaughter WERE CLEAN. (The herd was in the USA for about five years at that point AND STILL QUARANTINED.) These were a rare breed of milking sheep imported at great cost from Belgium. Note that the USA REFUSED to allow the Faillace’s to ship the sheep to Belgium and even refused to give Belgium samples. Also note that the NORMAL CERTIFIED TEST gave negative results so the USDA resorted to a BRAND NEW UNPROVEN experimental test AFTER THE FACT to test brain tissue that had already tested negative…. SEVERAL TIMES.


      The Henshaws were accused of having Russian Hogs with pseudorabies. Again ALL the evidence (The USDA could not catch or shoot the piglets because they were too darn fast) shows there was NO pseudorabies on that hunting enclosure. Pseudorabies would make those piglets very sickly. Again this was a ‘closed herd’

      FROM the USDA

      Pseudorabies is a disease of swine that can also affect cattle, dogs, cats, sheep, and goats. Pseudorabies virus (PRV) is a contagious herpesvirus that causes reproductive problems, (abortion, stillbirths), respiratory problems and occasional deaths in breeding and finishing hogs. Infected newborn pigs may exhibit central nervous system clinical signs.

      Infected piglets, if they were not stillborn would be very very sickly and not out running the USDA idiots with rifles.

      A 1/2 way reasonable coverage:

      Again I was following the story closely because Cindi was posting on the NoNais site at the time and several very knowledgeable people were chiming in including vets, lawyers and a judge. People traveled to the Henshaws and even had their vehicle broken into and important papers stolen. Note that these OH SO CONCERNED ABOUT PUBLIC HEALTH officials left human feces and toilet paper all over the farm and left trails of ‘infected blood’ running down the highway. The USDA killers were at the farm for about 3 weeks and kept Cindi in house arrest.

      Danny was finally convicted of breaking a law that did not exist. His lawyer figured that out AFTER the judge made the ruling convicting Danny. SMH!

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  2. A Memorial Day Remembrance

    We must always remember
    With great honor and pride,
    Those who fought for our freedoms,
    Especially those who died.

    May those memories remain
    Fresh, secure in our minds,
    Of those who gave their lives,
    Both for us and mankind.

    Welcome Home

    The sun shines brightly on a cool, crisp day;
    Faint sounds on the breeze, a few blocks away.
    The parade is coming, drawing slowly near,
    Toward a small crowd straining to hear.
    Some people sit on blankets on the grass,
    Some on chairs, as the parade marches past.
    A frail old man, very thin with white hair,
    Sits alone, by himself, in an old wheelchair,
    Wearing a garrison cap with a flag pin,
    Speaking to nobody, nobody speaking to him.

    The flag passes by, but nobody cares,
    Except for the vet in his old wheelchair.
    The flag passes by, but nobody stands,
    Except for the vet, held up by his hands.
    The flag passes by, but nobody cheers.
    The old vet holds on, eyes full of tears.
    The parade passes by, moving down the street;
    The old vet, now trembling, shuffles his feet,
    And with a soft groan, eases into his chair.
    He sits for a while, head bowed in prayer.

    He doesn’t pray for himself, for less pain,
    Or to be able to walk, even with a cane.
    He prays for our country, our own free land,
    And for our people, who did not stand
    To honor the flag for which his friends died,
    Protecting freedoms of those sitting curbside.
    He raises his head, face wet with tears,
    Thinking of the flag that he holds so dear.
    With the parade gone, he wheels slowly away,
    Remembering his friends from back in the day.

    The wheelchair sits empty, by a small bed;
    Nearby, a Bible, well worn and well read.
    Just a few days ago, the old vet died,
    But no one by his grave, no one to cry,
    No flowers at all, just the bare ground,
    On a dull, gray day, not even a sound.
    On the small marker, a short two-line note
    Taped onto the stone, somebody wrote:
    “Asleep now, at last, under the sod,
    Welcomed in heaven by friends and by God.”

    Considering these events from an earthly view,
    It may seem sad, what this frail vet went through.
    But when his time on this old earth was done,
    The prize is his, for his victory is won.

    No matter how lowly we go through this life,
    Whether unknown and poor, or troubled with strife,
    When we trust in God, he’ll give us His peace,
    And eternity above where wonders never cease.

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    1. my daughter and i make craft items that we sell at local gift shops and other stores. One woman loved our items but told us she could get “similar” items from China at cheaper prices…we smiled, said thank you and went on our way.
      she called my daughter last week and asked to see our stuff again when their section of the state reopens…

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      1. THAT DRIVES ME INSANE. A handcrafted item that the materials were $20, and took HOURS to make, someone will not purchase at it’s real value because they can get something similar at Wally world or Target for $15.

        You should see the inventory no one wants to buy that’s stored under my bed.

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        1. i can believe it…
          hand quilted quilts are now made for a fraction of the cost in Vietnam…the color choices are not to my taste, but they can quilt evenly and quickly…and they overtook the US market…


          1. I remember when visiting a Thailand several years ago, one of the “sponsored” cottage industries by the Queen was making those lovely silk flowers we see for sale in craft stores. They were making and cutting them out BY HAND…each petal. One of the items, that I brought back, was a hand made paper umbrella, highly oiled to make it waterproof. Another craft being taught was caning, primarily furniture. It’s rare to find anyone that can do that here in the US now unless it’s a hobby, like weaving.
            Do you think we will ever go back to placing value on handcrafted items and almost forgotten skills?

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            1. i think we should…
              my mother-in-law used to cane…and she had both her grandmothers’ rocking chairs. When she passed, I took one of the chairs–the cane seat had a break in it. I wanted to restore it and miraculously I found a woman who still canes in NY. her home was filled with objects she was repairing! so there’s a need for it.
              what was even better (in my mind) was her YOUNG apprentice learning the skill!
              (btw–the rocking chair seat that she fixed matches the back perfectly in pattern. and has yellowed to match the color as well! the chair is marked yr 1900)

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              1. I recently had new foam inserted in several sofa and chair cushions at an upholstery shop…another dying art. In chatting with the 55+ black owner who seemed overwhelmed by The volume of work, I mentioned he needed to find some apprentices. He said he has continually tried…going to schools, advertising, etc. no interest. A local drapery lady told me the same thing…a lot of the ones that show interest cannot seem to do the basic math Necessary to measure!

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    1. Thanks, miss Gill.
      I’m so glad you like it.

      I think I saw something on his schedule about laying a wreath at the Tomb of the Unknown Soldier?
      I could be wrong.

      But I would imagine that he will do something.

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        1. Yes, he and FLOTUS are going to lay a wreath and then , despite very rude orders from the Mayor of Baltimore to stay home…they are taking part in a ceremony at Ft. McHenry in Maryland.

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    2. President and First Lady are going to Arlington to lay a wreath and then to Ft. McHenry Baltimore* for a Memorial Day ceremony.

      Posted the time schedule on Flep’s News Roundup.

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  3. Hitler had an alligator named “Saturn” who lived in Soviet Russia after the war? Yeah, this sounds like some sort of secret code.

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    1. If you buy a pet tortoise or any of a number of birds (African greys, for instance), you’re buying something that might not just outlive you, but your children.

      That being said:

      An alligator named Saturn? Huh.

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      1. Didn’t the USSR have a massive famine during/after the war? I get that they’re Communists, but why did they spend resources transporting Hitler’s alligator from Germany to Moscow, and then feeding it for 60+ years? The whole thing is just sounds “off.”

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        1. The propaganda value would make up for it, to them. Besides croc food might actually be fairly cheap for them–dead gulag prisoners, etc…

          Another factor is reptiles can go for an awful long period of time without food, if they have to.

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        1. “Not sure what our govt can do precisely.”



          First we can seize all assets belonging to China that are within United States jurisdiction. They could do the same, but they will lose a whole lot more than we will.

          Second we can withdraw most favored nation status.

          Third we can jack tariffs on everything from China up to 100%. They can do the same, but it will hurt them a WHOLE lot more than it will hurt us.

          Fourth, we can officially recognize the government of Taiwan as the rightful leadership of China, and withdraw official recognition of the CCP.

          Fifth we can encourage all of the African nations and other nations the Chinese have subverted to simultaneously cancel any and all debts and contracts with China.

          Sixth we can enhance the economic pacts with the nations surrounding China, so that China hemorrhages cash and commerce, which is all diverted to their neighbors.

          Seventh we can file a class-action lawsuit on behalf of at least 184 countries against the Chinese Communist Party, seeking damages over the damage and death of China virus, in the amount of $500 trillion dollars. Then seek treble damages.

          Eighth, when we win the lawsuit, file liens on every single thing of value in China, including their dopey aircraft carrier.

          Ninth, de-list every Chinese company on the American stock exchanges, and every company with more than 10% Chinese ownership. Do this in unison with all of the other countries who expect to receive compensation from the aforementioned lawsuit, so that any company with more than 10% Chinese ownership cannot be listed on any equity market on the planet.

          Tenth, officially declare China a ‘Global Pariah’, have everyone else do the same, and make sure the Chinese People understand with clear communication that all of these things will stop just as soon as the top 50 levels of the CCP are executed on live television.

          It’s not intended to be a comprehensive list, it’s just a few things off the top of my head, but it would be a good start. 👍

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          1. “Ninth, de-list every Chinese company on the American stock exchanges, and every company with more than 10% Chinese ownership.”

            Hells yes, on de-listing the Chinese companies.

            But de-listing the other companies that have Chinese ownership would hurt those companies more than it would hurt the ChiComs.

            Companies that are publicly traded have no control over ‘who’ buys their stocks.
            So it’s not their fault that the ChiComs own some of their stock.

            It would be better, I think…to seize the Chinese holdings.
            Then sell them off to pay damages.

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            1. “But de-listing the other companies that have Chinese ownership would hurt those companies more than it would hurt the ChiComs.”


              We could give those companies 30 days to buy those shares from China at a discount, and after 30 days, any remaining shares owned by China are void and the stock certificates are reissued as if they had been lost.

              Those reissued shares are then sold at public auction to pay damages to the American People, like a dividend check.


              “Companies that are publicly traded have no control over ‘who’ buys their stocks. So it’s not their fault that the ChiComs own some of their stock.”


              Why not?

              Anybody who owns 10% or more of any publicly traded company is easily discoverable and known to the S.E.C., the Treasury, etc.

              Every time we find Chinese ownership, those shares are seized and auctioned, the proceeds being dispersed to the American People, like a quarterly dividend check.


              “It would be better, I think…to seize the Chinese holdings.”


              Definitely do that too.

              Including all of their stock (and bond) holdings among those things being seized.

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              1. “Companies that are publicly traded have no control over ‘who’ buys their stocks. So it’s not their fault that the ChiComs own some of their stock.”


                Why not?

                Anybody who owns 10% or more of any publicly traded company is easily discoverable and known to the S.E.C., the Treasury, etc.

                Every time we find Chinese ownership, those shares are seized and auctioned, the proceeds being dispersed to the American People, like a quarterly dividend check.

                Sorry, but you did not in fact respond to Wheatie’s point. Which was that companies have no control over who buys their stock once they are publicly listed. You point out that we KNOW that someone owns that stock, but that’s not the same thing as the company being able to control it.

                By threatening to de-list those companies over something they CANNOT control, you actually hand the Red Chinese leverage; they can simply buy up 10 percent of whatever company they want to punish, and we’ll do the work for them by delisting the company–even though the company itself did NOTHING wrong.

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            2. “Sorry, but you did not in fact respond to Wheatie’s point. Which was that companies have no control over who buys their stock once they are publicly listed. You point out that we KNOW that someone owns that stock, but that’s not the same thing as the company being able to control it.”


              This doesn’t have to be so complicated.

              If you own a majority share of a publicly traded company, or if you are the CEO of a publicly traded company, do you know which investors own at least 10% of your company?

              Of course you do. It’s in your interest to know anyone holding that much ownership of your company, and they probably make themselves known in various ways, including voting.

              But whether you know them or not, it could be arranged so that anyone owning 10% or more of the company would trigger a routine background check on the investor(s) by the Treasury or the S.E.C. or whichever agency is best equipped to handle that issue.

              If it is discovered that the Chinese are involved, those shares are seized and auctioned (or voided and reissued and auctioned), or otherwise worked back into the market, so the company is not harmed in any way, but the Chinese interest is removed.

              People need to decide whether we’re at war or not.

              If we are at war, we cannot allow declared enemies to own our businesses and supply chains, in whole or in part.

              There are ways to accomplish this. I’m not a Wall Street expert. If there are better ways to accomplish the objective (and there certainly must be), then fine, I’m all for it. I don’t care HOW we do it, just that it gets done.


              “By threatening to de-list those companies over something they CANNOT control, you actually hand the Red Chinese leverage; they can simply buy up 10 percent of whatever company they want to punish, and we’ll do the work for them by delisting the company–even though the company itself did NOTHING wrong.”


              Obviously if a domestic company is the subject of SUBVERSION by the Chinese, they would not be punished, the Chinese would be, by having their investment seized. HOWEVER, if a company that has been historically fornicating with the Chinese (Google, Twitter, FB, Amazon, et al) aids and abets the Chinese to superstitiously evade laws designed to prevent Chinese ownership, then the threat of de-listing those companies is a STRONG check on traitors within that company who might think of doing such a thing.

              If there is a better way to do it, then fine. Suggest away. I have no dog in the fight over the means and methods used to achieve the objective, so long as the objective is achieved.

              The objective is to eliminate Chinese investment and ownership, for all the obvious reasons.


          2. As a minor quibble, I would opine that exchanging one fiction for another is inferior to recognizing the truth. China is China and Taiwan is Taiwan. Chiang Kai-Shek firmly lost the mainland to the CCP.

            Besides, if we continue to maintain the “one China” thing, how could we sanction and tariff one without the other? Cut the cord and recognize Taiwan as a noble and honorable nation, worthy in their own right to be a trusted partner.

            Further, this leaves the door open to recognizing other nations with distinct language, culture, history, and aspirations in the future *cough* *Tibet*.

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            1. “As a minor quibble, I would opine that exchanging one fiction for another is inferior to recognizing the truth. China is China and Taiwan is Taiwan. Chiang Kai-Shek firmly lost the mainland to the CCP.”


              I’m certainly flexible, so long as maximum damage is inflicted on the CCP and maximum benefit is derived by the American People and everyone else the CCP has harmed. 👍

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      1. This is my favorite image of Ben Rhodes, so far. What he’s so sad about, so devastated over, is that the monster he works for won’t be able to end our Republic and turn earth into a slave planet.

        Looking forward to his execution for treason and crimes against humanity.

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        1. His reaction is amazing. It’s as if he had no clue that she could lose or that it was even a possibility. (Maybe he thought their cheating would guarantee her win.) He might be worried about the things he has done, and I suspect definitely the wrath of Hillary. ‘Cuz we all know Hill wasn’t calmly texting right about then. I imagine she was apoplectic, yelling, throwing things, placing blame, and generally having a tantrum. Not showing her face to her supporters, even by video, is a dead giveaway.

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          1. Someone suggested yesterday that she didn’t throw a tantrum, but rather that she had had a seizure. Or maybe a stroke, I can’t recall for certain. Either one of those would render her unfit to appear in public.

            (More unfit than usual, I mean…)

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      2. Every time I go look at the replies to a Trump tweet I wind up thinking to myself, “Are some people REALLY that moronically stupid?”

        And then I see a Karen wearing a mask while driving. Alone. In a “SMART” car.



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        1. “Every time I go look at the replies to a Trump tweet I wind up thinking to myself, “Are some people REALLY that moronically stupid?””


          It would not surprise me at all to find out that 90% or more of those tweets are generated by Chinese bots, with enthusiastic support and facilitation by Jack.

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          1. Yeah, but then I leave the house and see a Karen, and another Karen, and another.

            Have you ever stood at the door of an airliner watching the zoo you just flew somewhere getting off the plane, thinking….”My God. These people can vote”…..??

            And we gotta be all…

            This spot spoofs flight attendants, but if you saw/heard what I do on a regular basis you would understand her completely….

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            1. A totally different flying friend of mine than the last one I told a story about said he was deplaning one time (as a passenger) and he realized the pilot was saying “Fuck you” to everyone instead of “Thank you.”

              That one seems pretty unbelievable (just like the one about the hail damage) but he’s never steered me wrong.

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              1. It’s a photo of a few years back but one of my favorites…trying to be so brave. He’s undoubtedly grown and at least in college by now and I always wonder how he fared.

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  4. The callous behavior is astounding. I am glad this man got the care he needed. Home health didnt get set up but cmon! The man is right there. Nate (@EnduringNate) Tweeted:
    so they said they couldn’t see him. Then my dad (his friend) got upset and said he wanted to talk to the doctor in person. That’s when you see the physician talking to the patient. This just all pisses me off, my dad said their were only a few patients waiting to be seen.

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        1. Sadly this may be too much the norm… medical professionals demonstrating more conformity then maybe they should. The masks leave less then a favorable or even knowledgeable impression for what they are supposed to represent this late in the game. If it were a hot zone, maybe I’d understand, but somehow I doubt it is. Apologies.. me just thinking aloud.

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  5. SD: “A DC judge hiring a well connected DC lawyer to write his response to a DC circuit court appeals panel is the part that’s interesting. There’s no guarantee the appeals court will accept such a response; but that’s also another issue. Bottom line: Judge Sullivan is importing a lawyer to represent his interests. Very unusual.”


    And therein lies the problem.

    The Judge is not supposed to HAVE any personalinterests‘ in the cases he presides over, because that would be a clear and obvious conflict of ‘interest’.

    If he does, then he obviously cannot be an impartial judge.

    And if he cannot be an impartial judge, then he cannot be a judge — at all.

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    1. Don’t worry.

      The appellate court that Sullivan answers to is getting ready to gut him like a fish.

      This is the exact same court, btw, that FORCED Contreras to recuse in this same Flynn case.

      (Reuters) – The U.S. District Court for the District of Columbia judge presiding over the criminal case for President Donald Trump’s former National Security Adviser Michael Flynn has been recused from handling the case, a court spokeswoman said on Thursday.

      NOTE: Contreras didn’t recuse himself, he “has been recused”.

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    2. That would be the hearing that, yesterday, I said:

      “as the Appeals Court goes through a hearing, that in technical legal terms is called a “What The Everloving Fuck Do You Think You’re Doing, Dickhead????” hearing.”

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      1. All common sense aside, Sullivan is not playing to the honest crowd. All theater for the cowards, the dishonest, and evil for those needing to cling to thin branches to keep suspending themselves from a fall to certain doom, hoping to buy time for some malefactor to pull something that looks like a rose out of their sorry behinds that will save their day. Try as they will though any such will only come up soiled and will be just another sorry sight. These people are ugly and beyond repair.

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        1. Apparently the name for the male Karens, is…Neil?
          I’ve been seeing people on twitter using that name for the guys who act like Karens.

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    1. Look at USA case distribution.

      There are no C19 deaths reported in the white area.

      There are as many C19 deaths in the green area as there are in the yellow area.

      There are as many C19 deaths in the red area as there are there in the yellow area.

      Remember, President closed the US to travel from China on Jan 31.
      However, DemocRATS and even the health officials refused to listen to President Trump’s warnings.
      They went on television and urged people to go on with life as usual.
      The virus hit first and hardest in the DemocRAT strongholds and sanctuary cities
      and was spread and increased by DemocRAT leaders actions, such as sending contagious patients to nursing homes where there was no means of isolation and the virus would spread kill the vulnerable.

      The map above shows this quite clearly.

      Source of data –

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      1. My County had 14 covered 19 infected people 11 women and 3 men all under 64 and all lived.
        We had no problems in nursing homes.
        People here lived their lives visited families had birthday parties and most people went to work.

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      2. Yup. That MAP shows where the COMMIE MAYORS had such great effect!!! Kind of ODD that GRUESOME and the California commies didn’t go along with the program on nursing homes, but it may simply be that warmer weather in general protected the Pacific coast.

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      1. “Our Job”

        And that’s how Crony Journalists think, too!

        They hate us…and consider themselves performing some sort of ‘heroic’ job in controlling what we think.

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        1. The crusading Liberal Journalist.

          I took J-school for one semester in high school, and I was brash enough to accuse the teacher of bias one time. He actually owned up to being a liberal. Luckily enough…he didn’t seem too angry at me.


  6. Article:

    SAMMY HAGAR Says He Is ‘Not Afraid’ Of Contracting COVID-19: ‘I’m Not Locking Down Anymore’

    …………From the article:

    Hagar, who turned 72 last October, is at high risk of complications from COVID-19, with most of the patients hospitalized being 65 or older, and most of the deaths occurring in the same age group.

    “…Life isn’t gonna be any better from this day on for the rest of my life than it has been. And I swear to you — I came to grips with it. And I was not afraid. I didn’t wanna get anyone else contagious if I had it, but I don’t have it — I’m healthy as a freakin’ tick. So all of sudden, I wasn’t afraid of it anymore. And then I got jumped up about it. I said, ‘This is bullcrap, people being afraid and staying away from their own children and their own parents.’ It just took the love out of families.”

    He continued: “I hate it. I don’t say the word ‘hate’ very much, but I hate this freakin’ coronavirus crap. And I’m not afraid of it, and I’m not locking down anymore. I’ll go around to anyone. If you don’t wanna be around me, fine. Keep your distance — I’m all cool with that. It’s not like I’m against that. But I’m sorry — I have no fear at my age about it.”

    “Only three people out of the thousands of people that I know have got it. One guy is a very unhealthy 67-year-old guy who got it,” Hagar added. “He lasted 10 days and he’s over it. And his son — nine years old; healthy as a tick — lasted four days. And they were diagnosed; they had it. They went to the hospital, said, ‘Hey, I’m feeling terrible. I’ve got this terrible fever. My chest is tired. I’m coughing, coughing.’ They just gave him some antibiotics — bang, bang, bang. And another guy in his 30s had got it, and he was fine. He said it was a horrible flu. It was miserable. ‘Trust me, you don’t wanna get it, Sammy.’ But he goes, ‘Five, six days later, I started feeling pretty good.’ [He’s] totally over it. So I’m saying I don’t know anybody that died. I read about people that died. But I’m not afraid of it anymore. That’s all I’m saying. Everybody, be their own self. I’m not trying to sway anyone any direction. But Sammy Hagar, I’m not afraid of it. There you go.”

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      1. I never could drive 55 mph.

        I wanted to, it was just so slow that it made me want to pass out. You can actually count the white dashes painted on the highway at speeds that low. Saying ‘Mississippi’ between each one…

        One Mississippi, two Mississippi, three Mississippi…

        I don’t know how anybody stays awake at that speed on the highway.

        But I know some people do it. I just drive around them like they’re traffic pylons.

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          1. “You just gotta watch out not to pull out in front of the guy trying to drive around you like YOU are a traffic pylon!!!”


            How would that happen?

            It has never happened before, in a lifetime of driving experience.

            If I am moving faster than the flow of traffic, then I am passing people consistently. Anyone who is behind me is either disappearing my rearview mirror, or someone I pass decides to follow me as I pick my way through the traffic.

            Occasionally someone comes along who is driving faster than I am, and I see him from a long way back, and get out of the passing lane before he gets close (nobody gets out of the passing lane these days, which is why either / any lane is now a passing lane, because people no longer know how to drive).

            I’m not driving at excessive speed, just 10 to 15mph higher than the flow of traffic. There are a couple reasons for this.

            1. I can’t drive 55. It’s a stupid arbitrary number based on false data that we were running out of oil, and slowing down from 75 to 55 would save enough oil to… what, last an extra year before the world ended? It was stupid, Carter was stupid, the whole thing was stupid. It’s like football, people get hurt during practice because they’re only playing at half-speed. Your head isn’t in the game, you’re not paying attention during practice the same way you are at full speed during a game when it counts. I don’t expect most people to understand, and that’s okay.

            2. As anyone who has ever watched NASCAR racing knows, especially at Daytona or Talladega, driving in large packs of cars is the most dangerous thing you can do, because if one car at the front of the pack has a problem, it’s going to wipe out 10 or 15 or more cars behind him.

            The reason they race in packs at the big oval tracks is because the cars are all relatively evenly matched due to restrictor plates on the carburetors, so aerodynamics plays a significant role, and they move faster as two (or more) cars traveling bumper to bumper than one car by itself.

            Aerodynamics is not a factor (in any significant way) on the highway unless you’re going over 120mph which I’m usually not. And the cars around you have all different horsepower capabilities. So the only reason to travel in ‘packs’ on the highway is because you’re asleep at the wheel, and you are lulled into a false sense of security, or you are not aggressive enough to pick your way through the pack to get to clear road.

            In NASCAR (or any racing), you spend a lot of time both in practice and actual racing with the same group of professional drivers. They are good enough to get to that level of competition, and you learn each of their strengths and weaknesses and general driving characteristics. The overall difference in driving skill from one driver to the next is reasonably narrow, because they’re all at the far end of the bell-curve to start with, compared to the general population.

            On the street, it’s the opposite in every way. You have no idea who the other drivers are, what their skill levels are, the condition of their vehicle (do the brakes work, are the tires low), the condition of the driver (is the driver on drugs, drunk, who knows?), etc.

            Why in the world would I want to drive side-by-side, door to door, bumper to bumper, in a pack of 10 or 20 (or more) cars, on the highway, with a bunch of people I don’t know, half of whom aren’t paying attention to anything around them in the first place?

            I can hardly imagine anything more dangerous, lol!

            So I don’t do that.

            I drive at a different speed than the flow of traffic, which means either slower or faster. Slower is out, so I drive faster.

            When I come to a NASCAR pack of 10+ cars, I pick my way through them. Most of the time, they never know I’m there until they see me through their driver door window as I pass, if they even notice then.

            Once clear of the pack, resume normal speed, until I catch up to the next pack.

            Mostly I prefer to drive at night, because there are a lot fewer large packs of cars driving together.

            So every once in a while somebody is in a real hurry, and I see them in my rearview mirror, and I give them the passing lane as appropriate.

            But nobody is ever just driving along behind me, that they would then pull out and try to pass me. If he was driving faster than I was, so he catches up to me, I get out of his way and let him by. If he catches up to me because I’m momentarily blocked by a pack of cars, I’m picking my way through them and he will probably follow my lead, and when I’m clear, he is clear to then get around me and on his way.

            But there is no situation I can think of where I could pull out in front of the guy trying to drive around me like I was a traffic pylon.

            It just doesn’t work that way in practice.

            If someone is going faster than I am, I see them coming and give them the lane.

            If someone is not going faster than I am, then it’s not possible for me to pull out in front of someone who is trying to drive around me.

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            1. OK, I came across poorly there. Obviously you ARE watching out for the occasional faster driver. Or you would not be here to post today.

              It’s a precautionary note to anyone who decides to take your advice, that they do occasionally have to look out and not do something stupid to faster drivers.

              I share your frustration with people who permanently dwell in the left/fast lane.

              It’s so bad in California, that (on a four lane interstate like I-5 through the center of the state), the right lane has become the passing lane. Even if traffic is fairly light, all the cars are in the left lane, permanently, passing the fewer trucks (whose speed is legally restricted to 65 even in 70 MPH zones–another stupidity of CA). So those wanting to move faster have to pass on the right, occasionally getting a half mile of clear right lane between trucks to pass 12 people going at the prevailing speed set by some left lane dwelling idiot ten miles ahead.

              The good news is, this “right lane is both the truck lane and passing lane” custom is so well entrenched people won’t try to block you from merging when you catch up to the truck in front. It’s not technically “correct” but since everyone is doing the SAME wrong thing, it works out.

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              1. Hence my pylon term, lol!

                When I started driving, I was taught that you pass in the ‘fast lane’ (left lane) and then move back over to the right lane when the pass is complete.

                But people stopped doing that. They just started driving slow in the passing lane, and didn’t care. Either clueless, or on drugs, who knows.

                For a while I tried to fight the system, trying to get their attention by flashing my brights or riding their bumper, to get them to move over.

                I only did that for a short time though, because it just makes people angry and because it really messes with the ‘flow’ of my driving.

                So I don’t really have a preference for lane anymore, I’m just driving where the other cars aren’t. So if I happen to be driving in the passing lane, going 10-15mph faster than the flow of traffic, and I am coming up on a car in the passing lane that is going slower than me, it doesn’t phase me at all anymore, I’m stress free 😁

                I just ease over into the open lane and keep on truckin’, no change of speed (though I almost never use cruise control, because I didn’t learn to drive that way, I maintain steady speed based on the tachometer in 4th gear or 5th gear, depending on the car and whether it has a tach).

                If the road is open, I have been in the habit of running the tangents for many years now, so if the road does an ‘S’ curve, I’ll drive straight down the middle, upsetting the chassis as little as possible, nice and smooth. At speed, it has the effect of feeling like the road is unfolding before you as you drive along. On longer trips, cutting the tangents consistently my cut an hour or more off your ETA.

                Mostly I expect that every other driver is drunk or simply not paying attention, so when they do something they shouldn’t, I already anticipated it. I drive in whichever lane the other cars aren’t. Rarely any jerky movements or frequent slow down/speed up, I like to drive smoothly, as much as possible, to maintain a consistent speed.

                On a racetrack, ‘smooth’ is usually faster than trying to muscle the car around the track. On the highway (and the racetrack), ‘smooth’ is a state of mind, like being ‘in the zone’ as a sports analogy (e.g., when you’re shooting basketball, and all your shots start going in the basket for a while, like you can’t miss, you’re ‘in the zone’).

                The most important thing though, is to know yourself, know your car, and then DRIVE, because that’s what you’re supposed to be doing, and too many people forget that. You’re not in the car to read, or send text messages, or yammer on the phone, or look over your shoulder at the kids in the back seat, or anything else that takes your eyes off the road or your attention off what you are doing, which is controlling a 3,000+ pound vehicle at speeds high enough to hurt yourself and others (or worse) if you’re not paying close attention to what you’re doing.

                Driving is a skill, but for many people, it’s just a means of getting from ‘A’ to ‘B’, and that’s the extent of the thought they put into it. They don’t care about doing it well, so long as they don’t hit anything… many people probably never even think of driving in the sense of doing it ‘well’ or skillfully.

                I can’t imagine driving that way. Driving is an experience, one that I usually enjoy or at least want to enjoy (an experience enhanced about 10,000% by a manual transmission… on the floor, not column shift… though even column shift is more of an involving driving experience than ‘magic carpet ride’, i.e., automatic transmission).

                Even if you’re just driving an old beater car with a 4 cylinder engine (ah, memories!), if it has a manual transmission, you can still wind out the gears up to redline and have fun 😁

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              2. You seem to be fortunate enough to live in an area where one lane WILL be open.

                What I see here a lot is traffic moving somewhat below the speed limit in the right lane, and one guy moving slightly faster in the left lane…and he won’t get out of people’s way. Eventually there WILL be a gap in the right lane and a few people will get around him.

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      1. Gil? Did you grab the wrong song? That one sounded like it was going 55. Oh wait.. maybe it’s my lap top. Lost the flat screen and its sound in this last storm passing through. Fried it, but shielded my computer. Still everything is tin now.

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        1. Just “Googled” it. Yes, pilots can carry a gun while on duty. Qualifications, yada, yada… Numerous articles available.

          I guess a pilot that is licensed or otherwise OK’d to carry while on duty can’t legally say, he is armed. Guessing that is what FG&C is saying.


          A Federal Flight Deck Officer (FFDO) is an airplane pilot who is trained and licensed to carry weapons and defend commercial aircraft against criminal activity and terrorism. The Federal Flight Deck Officer program is run by the Federal Air Marshal Service, and an officer’s jurisdiction is limited to the flight deck or cabin of a commercial airliner or a cargo aircraft while on duty. FFDOs are federal law enforcement officers sworn and deputized by the U.S. Department of Homeland Security.[1]


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  7. FG&C posted this video yesterday, early….

    To which I later posted the following (which 2 people liked, so I think most missed it–it was page one and there were already threee pages of comments when I posted it):

    I just “wasted” (meaning no, it wasn’t a waste) part of my data allowance and some time watching that.

    World War II in my family fell between generations–no one fought in it. And we just barely missed Korea. Vietnam and WWI, on the other hand…

    But I knew plenty who did fight in WWII, one still around today because the pilot of his bomber gave his life to give all the others a chance to bail out. And I do believe my friend did “earn it” over the next 77 years. [The fact that he is Canadian, not American, alters nothing.]

    But in a larger sense it is up to ALL OF US to “earn it.” We need to be the sort of country that is worth them having given their lives for. We are, I hope, closing in on the end of a long period of time, the resolution of which will answer that question.

    At least for this generation, and perhaps the one to come.

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    1. Hail and well met, honored ally! Thousands of downed allied airman…many badly wounded….found safe passage though occupied Europe during WWII thanks to the generosity and friendship of the Swiss. Often at great risk and cost to the Swiss themselves.

      And that is not forgotten, nor ever will be.

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        1. Judging from the time, you’re an American expat living in Switzerland, not a Swiss expat living in America.

          Incidentally, Scott Adams has a (not serious) theory that the Swiss are really aliens in disguise. He bases that on the fact that you basically never see Swiss outside of Switzerland, because they’ve made the place so awesome they never want to be anywhere else. It’s also very hard to *become* Swiss.

          I did a more limited amount of homework on Switzerland myself–the constitution is extremely brief (alas calling for social services), and it seems to be doing a very good job being a federal system, possibly better than we are.

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  8. I have noted that I generally respect Derek Lowe’s commentary, and that he works closely with pharma. He’s got another post at

    I logged a comment over there that has yet to surface….

    “A major problem here is “The lady doth protest too much, methinks.”

    I’ve taken synthetic quinine before, myself. Twenty years or so ago, I was an active SCUBA diver all over the world. When I went to swampy places, I was told to start taking it for 10 days before, all during the trip, and for 10 days afterwards. Prescriptions were handed out like candy.

    It was available OTC in France for decades until January 13 of this year, when it was abruptly determined to be “poisonous”.

    It’s on the WHO (back when they weren’t complete CCP shills) list of “essential medicines” that should be readily available in every country, like aspirin. Millions, if not billions of doses have been shipped to actual illiterates across Africa and tropical America because it was regarded as safe without warning labels [N.B. — if they had a civilized justice system, France would be incredibly liable for handing out “poisonous” substances across Africa for decades.]

    If this had anything to do with the pursuit of truth, HCQ should be made OTC in the United States, and academic papers should be written to decry it as worthless or tout superior solutions. Instead, it is legally (or illegally) banned and restricted…..even while the powerful like Chris Cuomo, Klobuchar’s husband, Donald Trump, and many others use it.

    Let the market weigh its truths — it is far more reliable than politicians.

    And, BTW, I’m currently loaded with enough zinc that I can galvanize sheet metal by touch. I’ve supplemented zinc during cold/flu season for over a decade and *knocks wood* it’s done very well for me. This year, I intend to keep doing so until the storm flags for Covid are lowered.”

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        1. I still remember the tylenol poisonings.

          I even saw a homecoming parade float that had a tiger on its back (legs up in the air) and a big bottle of tylenol: “Tylenol the TIgers!!!”

          I have to hand it to them, they were able, from a marketing standpoint, to recover from that disaster.


  9. Great Trump Photo – Taken at Arlington Cemetery on President Trump’s first Memorial Day in office by General Mattis’ Department of Defense military photographer U.S. Air Force Tech. Sgt. Brigitte N. Brantley.

    The composition, detail, facial expression, light and dark, light on the weather strip….everything is wonderful – it is a work of art!

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    1. There is no need for “Contact Tracing” anymore…now that we have a cure!

      But the control freaks are still acting like that’s a part of the ‘new normal’.
      They want to keep doing it as a way to intimidate and control us.

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      1. So you sign in using the governor’s name and address or that of a DemonRat Mayor or Congress critter or an obnoxious local Karen. Make a pact with others before hand and hand out the names. DO NOT USE THE PHONE OR INTERNET!

        It is time to tell these Asswhores to OFF! THEY ARE LYING to us in order to CONTROL US. Therefore we are under NO OBLIGATION to not lie right back!

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    WASHINGTON ( – Churchgoers across the country are standing up to heavy-handed Democratic governors and demanding their freedom to worship God.

    While some Democratic governors like Minnesota’s Gov. Tim Walz are seeing churches rebel against their “indefinite suspension” of church services, others are being hit with a myriad of multifaceted lawsuits from Americans seeking to regain their personal freedoms protected under the First Amendment.

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  12. I think we already have a Law like this…it just isn’t enforced very well.

    But I am loving it that so many people are finally fed up with the ChiComs!

    James Woods tweets:

    A law labeling country of origin on all manufactured goods sold in the United States is a good start. I’ll never buy a Chinese product again.

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    1. I think we already have a Law like this….”

      It is actually pretty useless.

      Country of Origin Labeling (COOL) is a consumer labeling law that requires retailers (most grocery stores and supermarkets) to identify the country of origin on certain foods referred to as “covered commodities”. The 2002 and 2008 Farm Bills and the 2016 Consolidated Appropriations Act amended the Agricultural Marketing Act of 1946 to require retailers to notify their customers of the country of origin of muscle cuts and ground lamb, chicken, goat, wild and farm-raised fish and shellfish, perishable agricultural commodities, peanuts, pecans, ginseng, and macadamia nuts…..

      The COOL legislation defines “retailer” as subject to the licensing requirements of the Perishable Agricultural Commodities Act of 1930 (PACA). As defined by PACA, a retailer is any person engaged in the business of selling any perishable agricultural commodity at retail. Retailers are required to get a PACA license when they purchase more than $230,000 of fresh or frozen produce a calendar year….

      The COOL rule does not stipulate the exact size or placement of COOL declarations, only that the statements be “legible and placed in a conspicuous location where they are likely to be read and understood by a customer.” The rule provides various options for presenting country of origin declarations at retail sale. COOL statements can be placed on a placard, sign, label, sticker, band, twist tie, pin tag, or other format that allows consumers to identify the country of origin of the product….

      So it is up to the RETAILER.

      As one trucker told me, he had to wait at the USA/Mexico border while the produce was transferred from the Mexican boxes to those saying grown in the USA while the USDA person studiously looked the other way. When he reported it to DOT (Dept of Transportation) they threatened to yank his CDL so he gave up. Of course they then made it legal for Mexicans to drive the trucks here in the USA so that little problem of American Patriot Drivers blowing the whistle ‘went away’

      That is food.


      Marking of Country of Origin on U.S. Imports
      What articles are excepted from marking by 19 U.S.C. 1304?

      And there follows a long list. Also as we well know “ASSEMBLED IN….” gets around the country of origin issue very nicely.

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              1. Hey, Pat! I hear you – some fool was setting off firecrackers last night – wanted to shout at him – what the hey are you celebrating? No matter – he could not have heard me anyway – prolly just a DemonRat being annoying.

                The picture Wheatie posted above says it all – a man whose heart is broken standing in the midst of seemingly endless rows of tombstones that mark those who died in ‘their’ endless wars!

                There is a website that chronicles the cemeteries around the world where American servicemen are buried – I cannot go there, again – hurts my heart too much.

                May your day be blessed by the remembrance of Americans who died so that we may live free! * Big Hug *

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              2. True – funny how the ‘Opening of the Beaches’ did not happen this year – so that summer seduction did not materialize.

                I guess TPTB do not want us to remember their ‘souls for profit’ demonic delusion!

                POX on them – for every life lost – the flames will get higher in their eternal home! They may escape justice in this life – but, will not escape God’s final judgment in the next.

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              3. Responding to you and Pat both (and she will probably never see this)

                I agree, it’s not a day to celebrate, it’s a day to commemorate.

                And to resolve to “earn it” as a country.

                And to resolve that this will not have to happen nearly so much in the future. If our politicians do their jobs right, the soldiers, sailors, air men, marines and coastguardsmen will not have to die in action while doing theirs.

                (I note that not everyone who dies on duty dies during action–and that those sacrifices are also commemorated today. Necessarily this cannot ever drop to zero, but we can continue to reduce it.)

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    1. A TWO FER ONE!

      The European Banksters made $$$ funding BOTH SIDES and killed off lots of American Alpha Males at the same time.

      When I looked a couple decades ago the USA had an average IQ of 100 it has since declined to 98. Of course this is being covered up. (Think the importing of third world immigrants and massive # of illegals)


      The Socialist have pass lots of laws that encourage the lazy and stupid to breed. I know one guy who is dumb as a rock who has 52 illegitimate kids. The Mommas fork over a portion of their welfare $$ or risk getting beaten. There are also lots of laws that prevent the ‘awarding of Darwin Awards’ to those who should never reach an age to breed. (Sorry nature is cruel)


      Think of all the Welfare Hoes sitting on their rumps watching TV….

      Farming to blame for our shrinking size and brains

      ( — At Britain’s Royal Society, Dr. Marta Lahr from Cambridge University’s Leverhulme Centre for Human Evolutionary Studies presented her findings that the height and brain size of modern-day humans is shrinking.

      Looking at human fossil evidence for the past 200,000 years, Lahr looked at the size and structure of the bones and skulls found across Europe, Africa and Asia. What they discovered was that the largest Homo sapiens lived 20,000 to 30,000 years ago with an average weight between 176 and 188 pounds and a brain size of 1,500 cubic centimeters.

      They discovered that some 10,000 years ago however, size started getting smaller both in stature and in brain size. Within the last 10 years, the average human size has changed to a weight between 154 and 176 pounds and a brain size of 1,350 cubic centimeters.

      While large size remained static for close to 200,000 years, researchers believe the reduction in stature can be connected to a change from the hunter-gatherer way of life to that of agriculture which began some 9,000 years ago….

      Agriculture however does not explain the reduction in brain size. Lahr believes that this may be a result of the energy required to maintain larger brains. The human brain accounts for one quarter of the energy the body uses.
      This reduction in brain size however does not mean that modern humans are less intelligent. Human brains have evolved to work more efficiently and utilize less energy.

      Excuse me but BULLSCHIFF! Farming allowed the children who would have died in a traveling band of hunter-gatherers to live. It allowed the ‘too dumb to survive’ to survive and breed. It also fosters inbreeding unless the farmers raided for wives.

      9,000-Year-Old Cheddar Man Has Living Descendant Still Living in The Same Area Talk about sedentary!

      We are seeing an example of what I am talking of in the UK.

      Inbreeding Within the UK’s Pakistani Community; It’s Costing the NHS Billions

      There is growing evidence to support the fact that inbreeding (usually between cousins in the Pakistani community) is to blame, at least in part, for the dramatic rise in stillborn babies, early deaths and learning difficulties. Associated learning difficulties include neurological problems, heart, kidney, lung or liver failure, blindness and/or deafness.

      Of course, problems like the above happen to native British families too; but a staggeringly high amount of treated children are Pakistani. What we need to consider here is that only 2% of people in Britain are Pakistani; yet they make up a very high percentage of birth defects.

      Pakistani Inbreeding and Birth Defects: The Stats
      Now, there is no official data in the UK which tells us the amount of birth defects which are linked to inbreeding. What we do know though, is two important things. Firstly, around 55% of British Pakistanis are married to their cousins. Secondly, British Pakistanis are 13 times more likely to have children with birth defects than the general British population. It definitely makes sense to correlate the two things….

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      1. It would be helpful if the higher IQ people had one or two more kids. And if some of us could actually find spouses. But, no, women are supposed to work outside the home rather than keep it and raise the next generation.

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        1. YES! The Rockefellers cursed us with ‘feminazism’ to be able to tax our labor, destroy the nuclear family, remove our children from our care and depress our birthing rates. I never ever thought I would work all my life and never have children.

          It was a really big WIN-WIN-WIN-WIN for the Cabal.

          It also removed grandparents from the home and stuffed them into nursing homes where they could not pass their wisdom onto the younger generation. My grandma who had been a Latin teacher lived with us until she died when I was 8. I still learned a lot from her thanks to constant daily contact.

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            1. DP someday when you least expect someone will come into your life. My one son did not marry until he was 45. The other son did not marry until he was 29.

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          1. Gail it took me a while to realize how families where separated into nuclear families. The name itself says something that it was to destroy the extended family.
            In the seventies when I attended with my husband some of his company functions the first word out of women was “what do you do?” When I said I am a stay home mom they turned away form me and it was the men who talked to me the rest of the evening. Women behaved if I had no value to society because I stayed home. I also saw it as natural to take care of my husbands parents.
            My grandchildren all attended day care . They turned out because parents spend all their time with the children when the kids were home.

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              1. My husband liked that I stayed home because he could focus on his work and societies. He traveled a lot when our kids were teenagers.
                When they were in college I attended Junior Colledge for 1 year and then we moved. I spend time in NY to take care of my husbands father after his death we brought his mom with us to OH to live with us until she died. I went back to school after that and then went for a certificate in Spiritual Formation. Most of my wok was volunteer work never got paid. I did much but it does not count in a society we have now where your worth comes how much money you earn. I am contend how it turned out life is good. In-between being on the forum I am making German schnecken that are now raising 🙂

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          2. Funny, my dad’s mother taught me to play gin during a marathon trip decades ago. She also taught me how to iron, and I didn’t see her all that often.

            My mother’s mother, taught me to clean, and how to can. Not that I can all that often.

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            1. DP my grandmothers were so different. My fathers mother was a poet, a mystic and herbalist.
              My mothers mother was elegant business woman and taught me how to take care of my skin. As teenager she taught me how to dress and took me out to fancy cafes and restaurants.
              My fathers mother taught me to appreciate forests and meadows herbs , church and prayer and to be content with little things that are actually nurturing to the soul.

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    1. Chicago: “Memorial Day weekend marks the start of the annual Summer Shooting Season with a special “this is not a lockdown, it’s not martial law” twist that’ll sure to do absolutely nothing to keep the hi-speed lead virus R0 below 1.” – Sunday 5/24/20 -11:00p – Not-A-Lockdown Tally: 9 killed, 22 wounded

      Baltimore: Most recent 100 – Looks like about 7 so far this weekend. It’s ahead of last year. More than 50 homicides so far this year:

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  13. .
    James Woods tweets:

    I was handed a folded flag while the bugler played taps. I was twelve years old. Every good thing in my life was because I was the son of the man being honored. He was my beloved Father, Capt. Gail Woods, WWII, Korea, Purple Heart. I honor him today and always. God bless America.

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  14. H/T Dora

    Contact Tracing and other Orwellian Realities

    Many headlines can tell a story that no novel can and in one concise phrase.

    “House bill 6666 to track everyone with COVID-19.”

    House Democrats have put forward legislation that will track anyone who has tested positive for COVID-19 and require them to quarantine. What stood out was the bill’s number: 6666 and the legislation’s ensuing acronym (TRACE) meaning “Testing, Reaching, And Contacting Everyone Act.”

    Shakespearian in scope is the everlasting question, what’s in a name?

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  15. H/T Cathy M

    Ohio Judge Deems State’s Coronavirus Lockdown Illegal

    Judge “Lucci, however, says that Ohio law only permits Acton to “isolate” the sick and “quarantine” those who have been exposed to an illness during the period of incubation for the disease, and that in the case of the Wuhan coronavirus, the incubation period is 14 days.

    Therefore, Judge Lucci has concluded that Acton’s powers are to stop after 14 days.

    “The director has quarantined the entire people of the state of Ohio, for much more than 14 days,” wrote Lucci. “The director has no statutory authority to close all businesses — which she deems non-essential for a period of two months.”

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  16. H/T Lucille

    How a ‘Lone Survivor’ Gold Star mother is doing Memorial Day differently this year

    Posted May 22, 2020 by Alex LaCasse, PORTSMOUTH HERALD, N.H.

    SCPO Daniel Healy, SEAL

    With no parade to commemorate Memorial Day due to the ongoing pandemic, parade organizer Florence Ruffner and Natalie Healy said they had to be creative to honor Exeter’s service members killed in the line of duty.

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  17. hmmm…budget strapped NYC …yet DOE has a “Director of Mindfulness” at a salary of $200,000…
    If you’ve ever wondered what an out-of-control educational bureaucracy looks like, New York City is a shining example.

    Schools Chancellor Richard Carranza recently warned of “painful” cuts to the city’s education budget due to COVID-19, but as the New York Post reports, that budget is “still packed with central-office fat.”

    An almost-$200,000 chunk of that fat goes to a gent named Barnaby Spring, who holds the title of district “Director of Mindfulness.”

    According to the Post, Spring wants to “expand yoga and meditation for students, staffers and execs” because he claims they’re “as important as academics.”

    A former teacher and principal, Spring told the site that Carranza “is familiar with the practice of meditation and mindfulness” and “[the DOE] understand[s] the cost-effectiveness of this, almost as a preventive health-care initiative.”

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    1. Thank you, Driller.
      It’s good to see you…you’ve been missed.

      Hope you and your lovely missus are well and doing good.

      And a Blessed Memorial Day to you as well.

      Liked by 9 people

      1. Thanks Wheati, missed you guys too. Sorry for dropping off. I had an issue delegating my time there for a while and I’m known to make drastic changes sometimes. 😬 This tree is too valuable tho, I’ll try to drop in more. ❤🌳

        Liked by 11 people

  18. EU leftists had gotten used to our previous Ambassadors lying down like rugs for them to walk over.

    Ric Grenell stood up to them…for us.
    And they are whining about it.

    Text of Ric Grenell’s tweet:

    You always wanted me to stop asking you publicly to pay your NATO obligations and calling for an end to Nord Stream 2. But these are US policies. And I work for the American people.

    Text of Doktor Andreas Nick’s tweet:

    For a generation, each and every US Ambassador I got to know personally – career dipomat or political appointee alike – used to leave his post as a highly respected figure and trusted friend of Germany. Now someone leaves issuing threats as if he were representing a hostile power.

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  19. Feel I should apologize for flaking out on you guys with really not much explanation. I’ll keep it short but here’s the deal. In late 2015 I finally was talked into Facebook. Pretty cool connecting w/relatives, old friends etc at 1st until learning how many damned socialists were in the family and also some friends.

    The hatred for candidate Trump then Pres. Trump made for a rough, discouraging, but enlightening campaign and election. The REEEEEEE afterwards was unbearable so I had to get off there finally.

    A few months ago I decided it’s time to drop red pills so I spend a lot more time finding material (especially off Twitter) and carpet bombing my page with articles and memes. I get ignored a lot but get enough encouraging feedback that I know it’s helping some and really helps encourage the few like-minded on there.

    So, knowing that you all can capably hold down this Tree I just ended up redelagating my time. Just want y’all to know I do value you guys and appreciate this place still. I do apologize to any who wondered “wtf? happened” and will try’n stay in better touch. 🧡👌

    Liked by 15 people

    1. Red-pilling others is always time well spent, Driller!
      And bless you for doing it.
      No need to apologize!

      I’m just glad to hear from you.

      Liked by 8 people

    2. Glad to hear it Driller.

      That is why I spend time her bring in information so others can use it to carpetbomb Facebook and Twitter. (I am persona non grata and got kicked off a lot of places back in late 2015 by being labeled SPAM.)

      Liked by 6 people

          1. I’ll try to get her to. I think she got overwhelmed by all the awesome peeps here and got scared of getting enveloped. She’s working and stays pretty busy but I’ll see if I can do 👍 We’re doing great by the way, we’ve had some tests and spiritual attacks that have strengthened us and our marriage ❤

            Liked by 2 people

            1. good to hear!!

              please…no obligation intended…just nice to hear from posters every once in a while that they’re okay–especially lately!

              must be a Grandma thing–I worry about everybody!

              Liked by 2 people

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