Cultural Marxism’s Attempt at Creating the Zombie Apocalypse

(Writer’s note: I originally wanted to put the word “drone” in the title meaning drone as in bees. But upon a little research and realizing that drones are only created in a hive to mate with the queen and then they die, we’ll go with zombie.)

A little mood music:

In the last few weeks, as Americans beg elected leaders to reopen states run by Democrats so that they don’t lose everything they worked a lifetime to build, and the tyranny of mask requirements has tightened, it seems that the working to destroy America’s soul is in play again.

The Democrats are seeking to deny us all our individual and unique identities and turn us into interchangeable zombies.


The first time it happened was actually during World War II when the men who were drafted were just plunked into jobs where a warm body was needed. There was no consideration for a person’s fit for the task, at least not in offices. (Combat roles were different.) There was no consideration of a man was even suited for office work.

And many of them ended up being miserable in their work. There’s nothing worse than being miserable in a job for which one is not suited. (Been there, done that, gave away all the t-shirts.)

The plight of those soldiers was actually the inspiration for one of the counseling world’s great tools: the Myers-Briggs Personality Assessment.


Years before, a mother-daughter team of Katharine Briggs, and Isabel Briggs Myers, who were interested in personality, found the psychological work of Carl Jung to be helpful in determining personality tendencies. Exterior/interior, Sensing/intuitive, thinking/feeling, and judging/perceiving were the main words Jung came to describe as what makes up personality.

Isabel Myers and her mother used these words to arrange the sixteen archetype personalities that make up the Myers-Briggs personality types:

No one person with the exception of this writer’s sister is purely any one type. Each of us has a unique combination of personality traits with one archetype dominating. A cottage industry of webpages are available to explain the types in greater detail, sometimes contradicting each other. The reality is, though, that individuals can be and many are interested in knowing themselves better and hence study their personality type to get a handle on how to deal with various situations that come up.

What Isabel Myers did, was take this a step further in trying to determine personality by developing an assessment tool in the form of pages of questions and how one deals with various situations. The idea was to determine the closest personality archetype and make suggestions for work options that would be fulfilling based on those results.

In a certain way, then, what do you want to be when you grow up took on a pretty important meaning in an American’s life. Recently, however, there have been attempts to “debunk” this research and the tool that has helped so many figure out what they want to be when they grow up. While that attempt elicits excitement from the IJ combinations who have no use for the tool, it’s really cultural Marxism trying to make us all the same. Again.

In previous Cultural Marxism posts, this writer has referred to the psychoanalytical work of Clotaire Rapaille. While much of the Culture Code he determined for Americans is heavily influenced by cultural Marxism in entertainment for a century or more, one of the topics where it is not is in the matter of work.

“What do you do?”

When someone asks you that question, you could offer any number of answers. You might discuss your role as a parent. Or you could talk about various things you do to maintain your household. You might respond with a list of your hobbies. In America, though, the question really means “What job do you do?” and the only expected answer involves your work.

There is something very powerful and revealing about the way we ask “What do you do?” in American culture. It’s another way of asking “What is your purpose?” as though one were looking at an unfamiliar machine and asking “What is it for?” We usually ask it almost as soon as we meet someone. “Where do you come from?” is the first question, followed by “What do you do?” The answers enable us to size someone up, as well as providing an evening’s worth of small talk.

The book goes on to describe more of the American obsession with work, and comes out with a code phrase that is most assuredly at odds of having a work force that amounts to cogs in a wheel when it comes to workers.


In a sense, for Americans, work – what we do – is our identity.

And due to the draconian response to a virus that has effected less than one percent of the population by government on the advice of “experts” whose predictions are proven wrong on a daily basis, that uniqueness of identity is being erased. It is seen in the keeping of small and specialized businesses closed, as well as in the masks that hide some of our most prominent features. In that way, the REAL diversity of American humanity is being erased.

Okay, well, the Democrats are trying to erase it, but in the end because Americans don’t want what they’ve built to collapse and die, the effort will fail.

Because, when it comes down to it, we are created equal, but not the same. It’s the sameness of the zombie apocalypse that will never happen despite help from the Karens of the world who are willing to sell their souls and their individuality for the Cultural Marxist goal of complete conformity.

Too bad, so sad.

25 thoughts on “Cultural Marxism’s Attempt at Creating the Zombie Apocalypse

  1. Great correlation DP. I remember all those workshops I had to attend at work.
    Why do you react like this…..Why do you respond to this person like……. Oh it’s because you are……..
    Don’t get me wrong some was very informative and helpful but on the other hand it was away to label people too. Much easier to remove them from their job when they didn’t conform to what HR said you were. Don’t push back to much or guess what the next raise or promotion your trying to get might not work out.

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    1. Isabel Myers did her research at GWU, so they use the MB assessment extensively in HR presentations.

      I actually first did this in college when my initial major just was not working out. Turns out I’m a creator. I’m happiest when creating. That has played out in my life.

      I actually love all the webpages dedicated to Myers Briggs. They are very helpful in building fictional characters for my novels. 😎

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  2. My daughter and I were discussing that by the shutting down of small businesses, which include bars, salons and barbershops, restaurants, and other small independently owned mom and pop shops, it eliminates a lot of free thought and ideas. It’s that underground small talk that’s eliminated.

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  3. Things really opening up in the SS state, restaurants really picking up along with stores. Still see 😷 though, with the seniors and millennials.
    Out see y’all later have a great Holiday weekend!

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  4. “But upon a little research and realizing that drones are only created in a hive to mate with the queen and then they die, we’ll go with zombie.)”


    That’s why you don’t want to be a drone.

    You want to be the King Bee 😁 😂

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  5. Yes, this attack on America was very well-thought-out, in part, at least, by CIA psychologists.

    Take our work – take our identity. Don’t allow a sensible recovery – fill it full of random changes and non-sequiturs. Make it not make sense, so that we live in chaos.

    We need to think big. What will it take to make the Obama Vermin RAT OUT EACH OTHER, in beautiful Technicolor, at levels not seen since the Inquisition?

    Event 201 now has Obama-faction CIA fingerprints.

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    1. “We need to think big. What will it take to make the Obama Vermin RAT OUT EACH OTHER, in beautiful Technicolor, at levels not seen since the Inquisition?”


      Well it depends on how serious we are.

      We could start by naming the top 100 most wanted criminals of the New World Order. Hollywood Squares style, with photos.

      Every night at 8pm, on national television, we have a sort of ‘lotto’, where one criminal out of the top 100 is randomly chosen.

      The winner than has 24 hours to make a deal and rat out everyone they know on live TV, or all of his blackmail material (which the NSA or other intelligence agencies certainly have) is shown live on worldwide television.

      And considering the kinds of things these people have all done in order to be in the ‘club’, they really won’t be able to walk the streets.

      Once the video of their heinous deeds has been played, reveal their current location and put a bounty on their head, dead or alive.

      Then have professional camera operators video the ensuing mob surrounding the home, dragging him or her outside, and doing whatever mobs do.

      Then select the next lucky lotto winner.

      This approach combines all sorts of entertainment value, audience participation, teaching opportunities, and lessons about justice.

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    2. Wolf, that is a great article.

      What struck me, and has for some time now, is how easily the Christians folded.

      Francis and the USCCB we knew are globalist commies, but the Protestants just folded like a house of cards.

      This does not bode well. Lots of work to do to get the preachers and pastors back up to speed on what religious freedom means.

      Our President had to do the heavy lifting for them today. It’s shameful, really.

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      1. The communist takeover of Protestantism is indeed remarkable, and IMO “letting them think they were immune” was part of the approach. First, it exacerbated the split with Catholics / Orthodox – always a good thing from the communist point of view. Second, it gave them time to really infiltrate the social justice movements into the TEACHING parts – just like where they had the greatest success in secular academia.

        Failure to discern communists or the threat they actually pose is a grave danger, but the dark side is so hidden – particularly in churches – nobody believes it’s there.

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        1. “The communist takeover of Protestantism is indeed remarkable, and IMO “letting them think they were immune” was part of the approach.”


          The church I am a member of (non-denominational) was not taken over by Communism, or feminism, or homosexualism, or any other ‘ism’, and I believe the reason is because its organizational structure is not unlike that of a terror cell… or more accurately, according to the pattern given in Scripture.

          Each congregation is autonomous, in the same way that the church at Laodicea had no authority over the church at Corinth, which had no authority over the church at Thessalonica, which had no authority over the church at Pergamos, which had no authority over the church at Rome, which had no authority over the church at Galatia, which had no authority over the church at Jerusalem, etc.

          And yet they were all in fellowship with one another, united in Christ and in God’s Word (the letters and epistles of the New Testament, as they were being written, copied and passed to one another. (e.g., “And when this epistle is read among you, cause that it be read also in the church of the Laodiceans; and that ye likewise read the epistle from Laodicea. — Col 4:16, KJV)

          I suspect God had a good reason for the organizational pattern of His church being that way.

          Each congregation appoints their own deacons and elders (a.k.a. bishops), when there are men who are qualified according to the very clear qualifications given in Scripture (given twice).

          There is no ‘umbrella’ organization, no ‘synod’, no ‘president’, no human ‘oversight body’, just as there were no such things in the 1st century church or found in Scripture.

          Since there is no umbrella organization, no ‘pyramid’ type organizational structure, corruption cannot infect the ‘leadership’ of any ‘oversight body’ and then subsequently force that error onto all of the congregations under their authority, because it doesn’t work like that in Scripture or any congregation that follows the organizational pattern given in Scripture.

          So the only way the Communists could corrupt is to infiltrate each individual congregation (cell), which is no different than how doctrinal error (any belief or practice for which no authority exists in God’s Word) ‘infiltrates’, which I must say the congregations are always watching out for. Not just the elders, deacons or preacher watching out for error, but the whole congregation is taught alike to do the same.

          So long as there are other faithful congregations nearby, if one congregation is corrupted and falls into apostasy, the faithful members can leave the apostate congregation and be joined to another (faithful) nearby congregation which has not been infiltrated — at which point the infiltrated (or apostate) congregation would consist of the Communist infiltrators (or those who refuse to repent of the apostasy) and nobody else.

          No congregation is immune to error or apostasy, so every congregation watches for it.

          Quite literally, the only authoritative book we have is the Bible, no other books. There are shelves in the preacher’s office that are filled with books, but the only one that is Authoritative is God’s Word.

          So if one is familiar with that one book (the Bible), it is pretty easy to notice when error tries to creep into the congregation.

          Like any other book (or a movie, for that matter), if you are familiar with it, and new characters or a new plot-line suddenly appears, or any new thing is added, or any old thing is subtracted, it’s pretty hard not to notice… especially if everybody is paying attention.

          And if something ‘new’ is noticed, the attention that thing receives is not positive. Unless it can be proven forwards and backwards to reconcile with all other Scripture on the same subject, and everyone missed it before — which is always possible, at least in theory, so always an open mind to go with the open Bible — but I haven’t seen any new thing that reconciled with all other Scripture on the same subject come along yet.

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  6. “The Democrats are seeking to deny us all our individual and unique identities and turn us into interchangeable zombies.

    Yes. Yes, they are.

    And this Plannedemic was diabolical.
    Even though I cannot prove it…I think that the Dems collaborated with the ChiComs on this Plannedemic.

    Look at the Timeline of it.
    The Dems acted like they were in some sort of ‘race’ to get the Shampeachment done.
    They rammed it through in record time.

    Then…Pelosi sat on it for a month!
    What was she waiting on?
    We thought at the time, that she was probably waiting until after PTrump’s State of the Union Address…so that he would be “impeached” when he delivered it.

    But that was before we knew about this Plannedemic ticking away.

    The Dems and their globalist masters, along with the ChiComs, are so desperate to gain control over us…that they are willing to kill millions of people in order to do it.

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  7. It’s good to mock the Cultural Marxists…so I think this video belongs here:

    [Hat tip to Duchess, who posted it in the 20200522 Daily Open.]

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