Crony Journalism

We will NEVER have a better example of CRONY JOURNALISM than Spygate and the Mueller Hoax Prosecution. The Fake News media was involved in every step of the way, and even got WORTHLESS Pulitzers – WHOOPS, I MEAN NOBLE PRIZES – in PHONY REWARD for their political subservience.

The utter SAVAGERY of Trump’s attack on FAKE NEWS is evidenced by the fact that almost NONE of the journalistic coverage admits this is cunning and devastating sarcasm. Most claim – with a straight face – that “Trump later claimed it was sarcasm”.

Just do a search on “Trump Twitter Noble Prizes” and look at the utterly Stepford, straight-faced pretense that Trump didn’t know what he was talking about when he absolutely KNIFED the credibility of the phony crony Democrat press.


Total “Mamet Principle”.

Back to the story at hand.

I sometimes need to use the word “crony capitalists” to indict cronies who are brought into a crony relationship with people in power – ironically often communists like Obama – precisely because they ARE capitalists who control some means of production, or more often COMMUNICATION. Interestingly, if the crony capitalists are media companies, then they will have – quite literally – CRONY JOURNALISTS in their employ.

Obama, who nearly turned this country into The United States of Chicago, was a MASTER of cronyism. Spygate and The Hoax all employed crony journalists, and relied upon them to go far beyond the normal cronyism of picking a side – they were used to DEPLOY CRIMINAL LIES AND SLANDER for political effect.

Yahoo, Isikoff, Maggie Haberman, David Korn – ALL are fully exposed as CRONY JOURNALISTS.

But wait, there’s more.

Just go online and look at some of the pictures of these urban rubes. DUPES. Young and stupid, and utterly usable, just like I was when I was that age.

Watergate could not have taken down CIA/FBI-set-up-and-betrayed dupe Richard Nixon without two young, dumb, and future-proven (when they ignored Obama) CRONY JOURNALISTS named Woodward and Bernstein.

Woodward and Bernstein were the “back then” analogs of Haberman and Isikoff today.

Today’s discussion of cronyism began HERE:

…..where I argued FOR accurate usage of the term “crony capitalists” when capitalists ARE in fact brought into a crony relationship.


Wheatie, understandably, hates the term, which is always selectively and over-indictingly applied to CAPITALISTS ONLY.

I get that. And it BUGGED ME.

Well, I decided that this bit of language – this INSINUATION BY ABSENCE – needs an ATTITUDE ADJUSTMENT.


Wheatie, Bfly, and Duchess all love the term, and want it to go big, and I agree. The problem is active suppression. “They” will fight it.

Well, one way to start getting it out there is to make it a TITLE here. It’s a WORDPRESS TRICK.


Use it or lose it.


32 thoughts on “Crony Journalism

  1. “Yahoo, Isikoff, Maggie Haberman, David Korn – ALL are fully exposed as CRONY JOURNALISTS.

    But wait, there’s more.

    Just go online and look at some of the pictures of these urban rubes. DUPES. Young and stupid, and utterly usable, just like I was when I was that age.”


    Except those crony clowns can’t use ‘young and stupid’ for an excuse:

    Michael Isikoff – age 68

    Maggie Haberman – age 46

    David Korn – age 61

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      1. I didn’t even get to the meme πŸ˜‚

        I usually reply as I read through the article, it’s more spontaneous that way.

        I just saw the B&W photo and didn’t recognize either one (Lou Diamond Phillips, maybe?), so figured you meant the ones you had named, which of course you knew weren’t young… could be stupid though, if it turns out they ever actually pay a price.

        If they don’t, then they weren’t stupid at all, they did their ‘job’ for (and as) the criminals and got away with it, like always.

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          1. We were supposed to be so very impressed by their “youthful intrepidity and brilliance”. Thus, an example of “future proves past” the opposite way.

            They were FED what the FRAMING ELEMENTS at CIA and FBI needed – just like what they TRIED to do to Trump.

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            1. Interesting. Thanks for that.

              I just checked Carl Bernstein’s Wiki profile. His parents were Communists in the 1940s (Carl was born in 1944):


              Bob Woodward never talked about his own time in the Navy.

              The article below has more on both Woodward and Bernstein.

              The author thinks that Woodward might have been involved in Operation Chaos. Then he worked in a top secret department at the Pentagon. Hmm:


              Fascinating article.

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              1. Yup. A great quick summary of Watergate there. Now just add in the previously unknown fact that STEFAN HALPER was an ambitious underling of one of those senior aides to Nixon that are mentioned in that article. Which information was REMOVED from several sources on Wiki. I am positive the guy is KEY to these internally directed coup ops.

                Nixon and his aides were SET UP and FRAMED to be discredited. People did not EXPECT this internally in the US government at that time.

                Not implying that this is a British thing (Americans are very good at it), but one of the first people who worked a really sophisticated discred op on me was a British American whose true agency affiliation remains unknown to me, but the overall plan seems CIA, so I’m assuming that is where it came from – but it needed to look “other”. Same with the other person involved in that op – different apparent affiliation.

                Thus, HALPER and MIFSUD seem like classic elements in pulling off ops that require some deniability. The elements in CIA that were running this gambit to take out Nixon and/or pressure him to cut a deal with China really did not want Nixon to ever think it was the CIA knifing him in the back. If Halper ever got caught on Nixon, his foreign aspects could always be used to rescue things.

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              2. The British are really good at getting information. This is where the stiff upper lip comes in handy. Also, the British are really good at couching their words and true sentiments. ‘Well done’, for example, might mean, ‘You rotter’.

                I don’t read it enough any more to know at the present time, but, when my mother bought the National Enquirer in the 1970s and the 1980s, they were never wrong. That is because they had British journalists.

                I have a book from the early 1990s which was all about how British journalists from national UK newspapers used to ‘doorstep’ people in the news. It was an incredible piece of work, riveting from beginning to end. I can’t remember what it was called and it’s buried in my attic somewhere with a load of other tomes.

                This is a definition of doorstepping:


                I don’t think it’s done so much nowadays, but it was done a lot in the 1990s and the early part of the 21st century. It involved standing outside someone’s house until they gave a soundbite or a brief interview.

                I saw many news reports during that time where several journalists stood outside someone’s house. It must have been awful for the people inside. That said, some of the doorstepped deserved it.

                Halper really does have nine lives. It’s amazing his career has survived this long. Perhaps he’s learned a thing or two from Britain? Who knows? There’s a book, film and TV series there, for sure.

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  2. I love this!πŸ˜πŸ˜€πŸ‘πŸ‘

    This is a sidebar-worthy Thread Post, Wolf.
    That way we can add to it, as we see examples of Crony Journalism.

    That video compilation of newsies all saying the same thing, would be a good example of Crony Journalism.
    I think there has even been more than one of those videos…since they do it often.

    These Crony Journalists are also cronies of the politicians that they cover for!

    And there is also the incestuous relationship between the Crony Journalists and the Democrat party.
    I recall a graphic that someone made…which connects the dots between the Hussein administration and their relatives/spouses in the Enemedia.

    Thanks for doing this, Wolf!
    I hope you’ll add it to the sidebar!

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  3. Twitter thread!!!

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  4. I met one of these low lifes today when I saw the below tweet. The tweet seems innocent enough but when I started going through the comments it was all the anti trumper comments and nothing good to say about the event.
    Next I followed the guys time line. The guy tossess in little barbs all over the place. The one for this tweet was very subtle though. So besides informing some of the jack assess what the event was about I also called him out on it and added the hash tag for Rolling to Remember on it to out the guy to vets.

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  5. Hmm…let’s see…one, two, three, four.

    I count 4 Crony Journalists here with their cronies:

    Crony Journalism — it’s been going on for a long time.

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    1. This is actually HUGE – much more information on this.

      This image was FED to Patrick Howley by a “high-level source”:

      Saving an image of the tweet for when he gets banned by Jack Boot.

      Here is a really good image from the article:

      This is where the “bloodlines” snicker came from. Interesting that all the CRONY JOURNALISTS were sent into paroxysms of hatred when Trump flipped a comment at their MASTERS.


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  6. BWAHAHA – I dumped this stuff on Twitter BIGLY.

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  7. Wolf, you’re gonna love this.

    Check out the ^^Crony Journalists^^ singing the praises for the main business of their crony overlord, Jeff Bezos/Amazon/WaPo.

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      1. Yep!
        You should see the Amazon commercials that have been running on tv…

        They are stroking this ‘lockdown life’ like it’s going to go on…forever.

        Of course they would!
        Bezos has got to be grinning from ear to ear.
        This is like a dream come true.

        The commercials are basically conveying the message:
        ‘Relax. Stay home. Stay safe. We will deliver whatever you need.’

        They want us to be Amazombies.

        And their Crony Journalist buddies are reinforcing it with their Fear Propaganda.


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