Sub-Dividing the Diving Deeper CV Post, Part F

Continuing on From Part E Here:



This is a scathing indictment. In paragraph after paragraph, Trump establishes either that the WHO was grossly incompetent or that China has such control over Dr. Tedros that the WHO failed to serve its function as a clearinghouse for information that affects the world’s health.

In a nice double-whammy, by indicting the WHO’s conduct, Trump manages to expose China’s negligent and intentional acts without engaging in a direct back-and-forth with President Xi. It’s a shrewd triangular negotiation with a destabilizing nation that needs to pay the price for creating a worldwide disaster and, once having done so, trying to profit from the chaos it created.

To cap it off, Trump directly insults Dr. Tedros. He does so by reminding Tedros how well his predecessor, Director-General Harlem Brundtland, handled the SARS outbreak that also came from China. Having rubbed Tedros’s nose in his mess, Trump closes with an open threat: unless Tedros proves within 30 days that the WHO’s mending its ways:

I will make my temporary freeze of United States funding to the World Health Organization permanent and reconsider our membership in the organization. I cannot allow American taxpayer dollars to continue to finance an organization that, in its present state, is so clearly not serving America’s interests.


World Info

More Coming in Part G

13 thoughts on “Sub-Dividing the Diving Deeper CV Post, Part F

  1. Yeah, parts A through F will require a brute force technique:

    (1) Copy all the content out into a draft (just copy the post and save as a draft, using the old editor)
    (2) Delete everything in the post
    (3) Convert to blocks
    (4) Add stuff back in as separate blocks using the block editor.

    I will test this now on a copy…..

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      1. I just did it on this one right here – the process works great.

        You will only need to do A through E. Just follow this method.

        (1) Go to “My Sites” (upper left corner in WP toolbar)
        (2) Find the published post, click the three dots, choose “Copy post”, will appear in editor
        (3) Change title slightly (e.g., Copy of…), save the draft, keep it open in the OLD editor
        (4) Open up a fresh empty draft in a new tab, title it same as original but add (Edited), etc.
        (5) Copy over pieces carefully into individual blocks, as follows……
        headings and paragraphs each go to same
        paste as plain text – if you don’t, non-block HTML JUNK will copy over, no good
        multi-asterisks all turn into separators
        copy image URLs and use URL option on image blocks
        if no-show image, use YOUR media bin & URL in an image block
        Twitter URLs go into Twitter blocks
        Twitter URLs can be multi-line-copied but paste as plain text
        YouTube URLs the same
        Links can be fancied up in paragraph blocks to open in a new tab
        Long texts can use Quote blocks or multi-paragraphs
        (6) when done save as a draft
        (7) under three dots top right of document find “Copy all content” near menu bottom
        (8) edit the ORIGINAL, real post in a different tab, using the block editor
        (9) the whole post will be in a single “Classic” block – click on it
        (10) in the block menu at the top, select last item “Remove block” – this erases everything
        (11) click in the first empty paragraph block that is all that is left
        (12) PASTE everything into it (not as plain text this time – you want all the HTML & junk)
        (13) watch everything embed separately and properly
        (14) save the document, then do final checks and touches
        (15) update the document
        (16) keep or trash the scratchpaper draft copies – don’t publish them

        Like I said, this works great and will get you used to the block editor.

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        1. Wow, that’s some Amazingly Detailed Tutorial…I will do this after my trip! Thank you for this–wow!

          I hope you’re saving a copy of these directions or posting them into the authorship thread for this is a great walk through!!! Thanks so much!

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      1. Thanks, Wolf. I Will do these after I get back home next week. I also need sleep for it was a near all-nighter to get the original RED PILL CV post up (I really wanted to post it before heading out of town)…

        Also, since all these “bugs” are getting worked out it will make the Red Pill & red pill posts go a bit differently now…

        Old dog
        New tricks

        Happy Wife Happy Life!

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