Grandparents of the world, unite!

Oh, the show we are all watching as players on the chessboard of this American drama play their roles! It can make your head spin trying to figure out the good guys and the bad guys.

The latest Constitutional drama unfolding regards the 10th Amendment. Alan Dershowitz, the same guy who defended President Trump during the impeachment debacle, the same guy who has flown on the Lolita Express, and who is a Constitutional Lawyer (doncha know), asserts the government has the absolute right to forcibly vaccinate every citizen.

He finds that right in the 10th Amendment to the Constitution of the United States of America:

“The powers not delegated to the United States by the Constitution, nor prohibited by it to the States, are reserved to the States respectively, or to the people.”

Wait. What?

Here’s the interview in which Dershowitz asserts his views. It’s from and starts around 19-20 minutes in:

Dersh finds that the federal government has the right to forcibly vaccinate citizens because of the 10th Amendment? Well, find out what happened around 1976 (link below).

Have you seen this site: National Constitution Center? Oh, you will need to bookmark it and refer to it often. Such a wonderful avenue for discussion about our Constitution!

For our purposes, I will link to a short article by Gary Lawson, who clerked for Justice Antonin Scalia, and Robert Schapiro, who clerked from Justice John Paul Stevens, discussing the “common interpretation of the 10th Amendment. From the article:

“The only question posed by the Tenth Amendment is whether a claimed federal power was actually delegated to the national government by the Constitution, and that question is answered by studying the enumerated powers, not by studying the Tenth Amendment. That was the understanding of the Supreme Court for nearly two centuries.”

This short article contains numerous very surprising and interesting points of history regarding the Bill of Rights, the Constitutional Convention and how various courts have interpreted the 10th Amendment.

Just me, but do I see the federal government progressively twisting the 10th Amendment to take more power than the Constitution grants it?

So, on to how we as grandparents and others can be of assistance to parents in educating the younger generation about our Constitutional rights? MAGA Mom made a fantastic comment on my last post, and I want to take a closer look at it. Frankly, I could have reproduced it here without comment. 😊

There is so much there I can hardly contain myself. Here’s a little of what I pulled out of it:

  • Americana, history, government – make it a part of our daily lives
  • Stop at historical sites
  • Attend historical reenactments
  • Watch historical films as family entertainment
  • Read aloud historical fiction, non-fiction, biographies
  • Share historical magazines
  • American history videos for kids like Swamp Fox series, etc.
  • Patriotic music…Star-Spangled Banner, Pledge of Allegiance every morning/visit
  • Make Civic Holidays an important family celebration
  • Talking about history as we ourselves have lived it.

There is so much here I can hardly stand it! I have grandkids most weekends. Starting this weekend, we will listen to the Star-Spangled Banner and recite the Pledge of Allegiance (need to find a little indoor flag), as well as say Grace at breakfast.

Making CIVICS AND PATRIOTISM PRESENT IN OUR OWN LIVES AND HOMES will start the ball rolling. I think I’m going to have Grandpa teach the kids how to properly fold and care for the American flag. Why didn’t I think of that before?

I had a young mom suggest the following to me, too:

  • Have History and Civics in mind at gift-giving time
  • Find fun History and Civics games for the kids to play
  • Provide coloring books and other activities that incorporate History/Civics
  • Get the PBS series, Liberty Kids

I had a few thoughts rolling around in my head, too. I think most parents would welcome someone being willing to share in educating their kids. Just make sure you are on the same page. If not and the kids are younger, I think beautiful books like the D’Aulaire books would pass muster. There is a plethora of historical fiction, too. Just do an online search.

It might be trickier with some kids, but where there’s a will there’s a way to share. I once sent a funny book about George Washington to my nephew, whose parents are very liberal. While it was funny, it shared great historical information.

GW Teeth

I like to garden, and I ran across this quote by my favorite gardener, Charles Dowding. Referring to starting a garden for the first time, he said,

“The most successful approach is gradual, piece by piece, with continual small achievements that build confidence, interest and a great garden.”

I think the same can be said for incorporating Civics and History into our lives and the lives of our loved ones. Start small. Be humble. It’s okay to fail, too. Sometimes a book or video or activity is just a failure. The kids didn’t like it. Just go on to the next thing and don’t worry about it. Education is a journey. And sometimes I found that the kids just weren’t ready for something, but later on enjoyed what they earlier rejected.

One more thought. MAGA Mom is so right about visiting historical places and reenactments. When I was homeschooling, I was very fortunate to live in the Boston area. We had endless American history PLACES to visit, museums to go to, even the homes of some of the Founding Fathers and Revolutionary War heroes.

Every city, no matter how small, has historical places to visit. Getting to know your local history gives children a foundation to the larger context of our national history. It’s all intertwined.

I went scrambling for some resources and found a few things that might be just the ticket.

Next time I’m going to go all in for the Fourth of July! A little history and a whole lot of ideas and resources on how to celebrate this Civic Holiday. We’ve only got a few weeks to prepare!


Red, White and Blue Computer Game (Ages 10-14)

Patriotic Symbols & Memorials Activity Book – PDF Download (K through 5th grade)

American Patriot Costume for kids (different sizes. You can find a plethora of links to all kinds of historical costumes for kids.)

The Swamp Fox Series on YouTube:

Johnny Tremain video

Top Trumps Card Games (Ages 6 and up)

Patriotic Favorites Coloring and Activity Book (Ages 3-7)

U.S. Constitution Coloring Book (Ages 3-9)

American Trivia Family Edition – The America Themed Family Board Game (2-8 players, ages 9 and up)

Liberty Kids Video Series (videos on YouTube):

Revolutionary War Discovery Kit (Ages 9-12)

America: An Art Activity Book for Patriotic Artists and Explorers of All Ages [With Wooden Stylus]

America’s Favorite Patriotic Songs (All ages, CD or download)

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43 thoughts on “Grandparents of the world, unite!

      1. I suspect we still are. I’m going to think over what I’ve experienced in my life. Both Kennedys assassinated, Man on the Moon (or not), Vietnam, Kent State, Watergate, Iran, Waco, Ruby Ridge, Elian Gonzalez, the Blue Dress, and so on. I also remember many things my parents and uncles told me.

        I may write down my impressions. What a gift that would be for grandchildren, I think.

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        1. Just read this, grandma! The best possible memory I have is as a yery young child was growing up in Bedford, MA.

          We would visit Lexington, Concord and the Bridge often for reenactments, and Boston…the Old North Church, Paul Revere’s home, others. Followed the procession on many July 4th’s between the reading of the Declaration and the grave sites for the gun salutes! And Patriots’ Day was earnestly celebrated!!!!!

          One other very special trip many years later was to the church that Quincy Adams had built in memorium for his parents. Was able to visit the cript where John, Abigail, Quincy and his wife are laid to rest. My own family broke into the Lord’s Prayer as we felt such an extraordinary presence.

          Those memories cement my love for this country like none other!

          Thank you for your post!

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        2. The first time I visited Washington DC I met an older woman. She had been born in the 1800s and lived to see the world change from horse and buggy to a man landing on the moon.

          Can you imagine what that must have been like?

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        3. “…Man on the Moon (or not)…”

          We definitely *did* go to the moon, GrandmainTX.

          It’s important that we teach our grandkids this, too!
          It was a great accomplishment for our country…which is why the commies want to make people think it “didn’t happen”.

          This is a good resource for Proof that the Moon Landings Happened:

          View at

          This one Fact is particularly good:👇

          “⚫ Apollo 11 installed the lunar laser ranging retroreflector array, which is still operational today, allowing us to reflect lasers off of it and measure the Earth-Moon distance to ~centimeter precision. (We also use Apollo 14, 15, and the Soviet Lunokhud 2 rover for this.)”
          [emphasis mine]

          Further Proof lies in the more recent photos that show the tracks of our Lunar Rovers…as well as the Equipment that we left behind:

          So…there is no “or not” about it.

          We went to the Moon and there is Proof that we did!

          We also claimed the Moon “For All Mankind”.

          Countries like China and Russia do not like this.
          They want to ignore this.
          They are in a race to get to the Moon now…and when they get there, they will likely try to claim as much of it as they can, as their ‘own territory’.

          The Moon Rocks that we brought back show high concentrations of Helium3, which is scarce here on earth.
          Helium3 could be the source of Clean Energy.
          And there is supply of it on the Moon that could power our entire planet for thousands of years.

          So the Moon will be an important part of our grandchildren’s’ future.
          And…it is important that they know the Truth about our history with our Moon Landings.

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  1. Hey as a grandparent, I am sick to see what if any America I will be leaving my Great Grand Kids, and other futue generaltons,

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  2. Johnny Tremain was a boy, just fourteen,
    Living in Boston and working for pay,
    Watching his friends risk both life and limb
    In our past, in Revolutionary days.

    King George III, ruled our colonies,
    And took their money by taxes and fees.
    Work there was hard and those taxes were high;
    The Patriots rebelled, wanting to be free.

    Colonists were forced to buy tax stamps
    To get the money to pay Britain’s debts.
    Johnny’s friends helped our country rebel
    Against British rule and British threats.

    Johnny was not such a likable lad,
    Hardworking, yes, but had too much pride.
    He thought himself better than others,
    But then he changed when his friends died.

    Johnny’s friends fought so all could be free,
    Giving their lives so others could live.
    Johnny learned to think more of others,
    Not what he could get, but what he could give.

    What Johnny learned is called character,
    It means to be honest, decent and true
    (Though some would call it integrity),
    And think of others, not just of you.

    It means to be fair, and be a good friend,
    And to help others who are in need.
    It means to be gentle, humble and kind
    And work hard, yes, and try to succeed.

    Now Johnny Tremain wasn’t a real boy;
    He’s from a book written by Esther Forbes,
    Living in Boston a long time ago,
    When America was ruled by British lords.

    Though Johnny’s not real, the history’s true,
    And what he did could’ve been you or me,
    Working and living among patriots,
    And watching them die for our liberty.

    So we celebrate this 4th of July,
    The day we vowed to fight to defend
    Our freedom from the rule of others,
    And we recall, too, Johnny and his friends.

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    1. I have an ACTUAL ANCESTOR, Absalom Hooper, who ran away from home when he was 12 years old to fight in the Revolutionary War! It is the coolest story, which is well-documented by his own account, when he applied for a military pension years later. He was captured twice, once when wounded, and was in the enemy hospital for five months. He escaped the hospital and was captured AGAIN in another state. That only lasted five days, when he was court-martialed then released. So he joined up again to fight on!

      I have been teaching my grand kids about the Revolution using Absalom as an example. Here is his pension application. He WAS a kid, so it is interesting for the young ones. He was my 6th great-grandfather. Of my Revolutionary ancestors, he is one of the most fascinating to me.

      Click to access w7813.pdf

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      1. Now that is a piece of history.

        “he ran away from his mother who was a widow and an adherent of the Tories”
        Think about her worries! He knew his mind at a young age.

        Liked by 6 people

          1. What an amazing story! A stronge headed young patriot!

            I had two family members who fought in the lower Saucon Vally in PA, and just went back to a generational reunion three years ago at the grist mill they used to own.

            Now, it and the adjacent farmhouse is a museum, and what a wonderful setting it is! Amazing to meet other members of the family line over a chicken dinner!

            Liked by 3 people

      1. Prob needed the vacuum necessary to suck a golf ball through a garden hose at his age.
        If you don’t get this it’s ok, don’t ask

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          1. No, no. Imma not wanting you to go to hell.
            Unless of course you will miss me.
            When obumma died he got the choice of heaven or hell. He got a tour of heaven with everyone lying around on clouds happy and content. Then the devil took him on a tour of hell. There were golf courses for him, super skilled beauticians for mike, clubs bars and lots of pretty, pretty boys.
            He went back and said to St. Peter that heaven seemed nice but hell looked more fun, so the devil took him back to hell. It was a burning wasteland of torment. Bozo the clown said WTF? Yesterday this place was fabulous.
            The devil replied yesterday you hadn’t signed the deal

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  3. Bwahahahah

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          1. Sir Francis chistchester was the first guy to sail solo round the world. He did it in a tiny wooden boat. One morning he was awakens by a thunderous roar overhead and rushed out of his little cabin to see a us aircraft carrier about 100 feet away and he was in the middle of an entire fleet. His wooden boat hadn’t showed up on radar. The carrier started flashing its big Morse code light at him warning he was within the fleets defensive perimeter and demanding to know who he was and what was he doing.
            He replied, with British aplomb
            Sole sailor travelling between x and y
            Will not attack unless severely provoked

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  4. Thanks for another great thread, GrandmainTX!

    Thanks for all the links and resources!

    I think that the Mel Gibson movie, ‘The Patriot’, is also a good historical movie for grandkids.

    The character that Mel Gibson plays in that movie reminds me of the Swamp Fox.
    Even though he was called “The Ghost”…there are a lot of similarities.

    So I have wondered if the movie is paying homage to the Swamp Fox.

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