Watching the Medicine Is All That Psy-Op Die in Real Time

I’ve been meaning to write this piece for a few days, and every day that goes by, something comes up that I’m glad I didn’t.

First, a little background music.

Earlier in the week, when Little Tony Fauci, the Don of all things vaccine, was being questioned via video chat by two of his actual peers (Fauci is a medical doctor, or an MD which is a professional degree, not a scientist with a Ph.D after his name) it was very obvious that his physical location, at home, in his office with natural lighting and no sweat, glare, or weird camera angles, was probably the reason he was “self-quarantined.” He looked cool as a cucumber, and his peers who were actually asking the right questions from an informed perspective, Senators Rand Paul, MD, and Bill Cassidy, MD, really did not.

In short, the set-up was a psy-op, a way to make the “expert” who has the same educational training as the questioners look like the smart guy in the virtual room.

And then came the flurry of Q drops on Friday, May 15:


Q !!Hs1Jq13jV6 ID: 84eaad No.9184840 

Sometimes you can’t TELL the public the truth.


Q !!Hs1Jq13jV6 ID: 84eaad No.9185312 

Why did [D]s push ‘everything is fine’ narrative early on [ex: Pelosi China town]?
Why did science board push [no need close China travel] narrative early on?
Why did [select] govs push COVID-19 positive elderly patients into nursing homes [most at risk_proven] when surplus of availability in hospitals [+ USNS_Comfort]?
Why are CDC numbers conflating COVID-19 deaths with influenza, pneumonia, other?
Why are influenza deaths at [all-time] historical low levels vs years past [outside of standard deviation]?
Why are COVID-19 tests returning positive results on pawpaw’s and animals?
Why are [select] swing states undergoing heavy quarantine extensions?
Why are possible [treatments][cures] being prevented and attacked [USA]?
“Testing, Testing, Testing, Tracing, and Isolation.” – [Pelosi]


Q !!Hs1Jq13jV6 ID: 8ddc3d No.9186868 

It’s time to end the horror show.
It’s time to stand [lead by example].
Enough have seen [domino effect].
[note: who wears a mask and who does not]

And with these three drops, why I waited became obvious. It wasn’t time yet. (And, yes, I got that message during prayer.)

One little Generation X girl sitting in the Midwest saying what follows won’t carry much weight. But Q saying it…that’s different.

American Deplorables, the people who are waking up from the complacent sleep safety and security induces, are not – how do I put this – the biggest fans of psychology. Many think it’s a bunch of gobbledigook outside of maybe marriage and family counseling. In fact, being psychoanalyzed by, well, just about anybody, doesn’t always go over well. However, what the patriots don’t realize is that apart from Freud, the cocaine addict pervert, a lot of psychoanalysis is used in our every day lives. And the field that utilizes it most often (and not always for wholesome purposes) is marketing.

This is pretty common knowledge that marketing is essentially applied psychology. (At least, I hope it is.) That being the case, marketing’s three arms – advertising, propaganda (known more commonly these days as public relations) and public service announcements – invests heavily in psychoanalysis of various populations any time a product is launched or needs to be re-launched, or a campaign embarkation begins.

Enter an American immigrant from France by the name of Clotaire Rapaille. Rapaille is a known starting point for many of the big boy companies that make and sell items we see and use every day. His client list includes L Brands, General Motors, L’Oreal, and others which are easily recognizable. His method of psychoanalysis research, on the other hand, is unique. Rather than convening focus groups and sending out test samples for commentary to get ideas for an advertising hook, Rapaille interviews a cross section of any one culture on an individual, person to person basis, like a patient talking to a therapist. He does this in three hour sessions, and in the third hour, when the interview subject is good and comfortable, he gets what he wants out of them: the deep memories that invoke the real emotions resulting from the memories.

Those emotions, then, are analyzed for cross-sectional cultural patterns.

It’s sneaky, yes, but in a compilation of those memories, themes emerge, and Rapaille is able to distill the themes into code words and phrases which become the deep background basis for the development of advertising campaigns.

For the United States, Rapaille wrote a relatively thin tome that tells of many of his code words relating to our culture. It is titled The Culture Code, and is fascinating reading for those who study culture and motivation.

(Some of the codes are not flattering to a nation that bills itself as the greatest country ever on earth, or one that’s based on Judeo-Christian ethics and morals, but that’s a result of…well, you’ll see. The same tactics used in the manipulation of opinion regarding medicine happened in a good many other areas of life thanks to marketing efforts, and as a result, cultural maturation either stalled or reversed.)

As the weeks of the coronavirus episode in human history have gone on, some of the code words included in the book kept coming to mind, particularly the code word for doctor:


One of the things about this particular subject that is interesting in the course of Rapaille’s book, is that this is one of the few places where there are no stories inserted from the people who were interviewed. It could be that HIPPA rules would be violated if any of that was published, but it’s one of the places where that information would be interesting to read, and it is not there.

However, think of the connotations that go with the concept of a hero, the virtues assumed in a heroic figure such as honorable, trustworthy, ethical, etc. And then consider a doctor’s attire: a WHITE lab coat. White, in western cultures, is the color of purity. The symbol of medicine, the Caduceus, comes from mythology, and is generally associated with Asclepius, the Greek god of medicine even if it was used in Egypt and other cultures before the rise of Greece in the Classical Era. A physician’s language, frequently, includes a lot of Latin as all body parts have Latin names that usually bear no resemblance to those in the vernacular. It makes them sound smart, that’s for sure.

The thing is, for anyone who has been around physicians for any length of time and is not part of the industry, the aura surrounding doctors really does not shine as bright as it once did. Yes, there are stellar practitioners of the art of medicine. But, there are just as many who aren’t all that bright of bulbs.

It’s the way it goes in any field of work. But, when it comes to medicine, the aura is especially artificial. After the Flexner Report in 1910, when the field of medicine was essentially organized by agents of the Carnegie Foundation, the parent organizations took action to shore up what had previously been a fairly shoddy reputation for the profession. From wiki:

The Flexner Report[1] is a book-length landmark report of medical education in the United States and Canada, written by Abraham Flexner and published in 1910 under the aegis of the Carnegie Foundation. Many aspects of the present-day American medical profession stem from the Flexner Report and its aftermath.

The Report (also called Carnegie Foundation Bulletin Number Four) called on American medical schools to enact higher admission and graduation standards, and to adhere strictly to the protocols of mainstream science in their teaching and research. The report talked about the need for revamping and centralizing medical institutions. Many American medical schools fell short of the standard advocated in the Flexner Report and, subsequent to its publication, nearly half of such schools merged or were closed outright. Colleges in electrotherapy were closed.

Homeopathy, traditional osteopathyeclectic medicine, and physiomedicalism (botanical therapies that had not been tested scientifically) were derided;[2] some doctors were jailed.[citation needed]

The Report also concluded that there were too many medical schools in the United States, and that too many doctors were being trained. A repercussion of the Flexner Report, resulting from the closure or consolidation of university training, was reversion of American universities to male-only admittance programs to accommodate a smaller admission pool. Universities had begun opening and expanding female admissions as part of women’s and co-educational facilities only in the mid-to-latter part of the 19th century with the founding of co-educational Oberlin College in 1833 and private colleges such as Vassar College and Pembroke College.

And in a parallel effort to make medicine an “expert” profession, an all out propaganda campaign was put into force positioning medical doctors as the sort of people who can do no wrong. After all, they were adher[ing] strictly to the protocols of mainstream science in their teaching and research. Articles were placed in mainstream publications with physicians cited as experts. Advertisements quoting physicians gave credence to claims. Later, movies and television shows depicted physicians curing people without always showing losses. Companion medical arts such as chiropractic and alternatives to mainstream media presentations of medicine were (and are) almost ALWAYS ridiculed as “witch doctor” efforts.

In entertainment offerings, medical doctors always seem to have an answer – and most of the time, it’s the right one.

Because, science and all.

(Even if Osteopaths get the same education as MDs, but practice with a different approach, and chiropractors educated by the original school founded by D.D. Palmer know the nervous and skeletal systems far better than more than one orthopedist I saw in my youth.)

And that being the case…Americans trust medicine, and the parent organizations made up of experts in white coats, the CDC, AMA, etc. – the organizations that control licensing of practitioners.

But that’s a topic for another post.

This post is about watching the “HERO” label subconsciously put on medical doctors due to programming and conditioning be shattered as we watch the people who are supposed to be right all the time be wrong.

It has happened as the number of cases of the supposed killer virus have not increased to close to one percent of the population infected – and the numbers are being revised DOWN, rather than up as would be expected.

It happened as front line practitioners gave field reports explaining that the recommended protocol from the professional organizations was not working.

It happened when some of those same front line practitioners used a protocol dismissed by the very people and organizations trusted as “expert” and a cure and it did work to heal the sick.

More shattering of the image came when Senators Rand Paul and Bill Cassidy – both medical doctors like Fauci – questioned him on childhood development needs to ensure the health and well being of the future generations, and he was flippant about any concerns in that area regarding children being in isolation when they should be exposed to the outside world including a whole lot of germs, and learning grade level information.

And that HAD to be demonstrated. Otherwise, the people who have been taught to not think for themselves and defer to “experts” even in the field of medicine, would never believe that medical doctors (and scientists) can be thuggish, greedy bastards all the same as those in any other walk of life. (No profession or calling escapes a sub-set population of these sorts.)

The aura of these people and their methods of treatment – namely vaccines that whistleblowers have called contaminated and have questioned for decades while so many of them died for their efforts – HAD to be exposed for the fraud it is. (Bill Gates being exposed as a globalist eugenicist is a bonus.) The same for “new and improved” medicines that aren’t an improvement over the tried and true at all. The fact that the professional organizations and state governors are forcefully keeping the tried and true from patients exposes them for what they are as well.

And THAT is why Little Tony Fauci and Deborah Birx with the fabulous pashmina and scarf collection have not been fired. They, the two “experts” who got the entire country to dance to their tune which resulted in not patient waiting it out by the people who are supposed to be horrified by so many people dying of this disease (which is not happening), but waking up the sleeping giant, are being proven to be no more reliable than TV weathermen. We the People had to be shown that fraud in real time, and along with it, that science can be manipulated to make the results say whatever the researcher wants them to, or else millions of normies would never believe it.

If it didn’t happen this way, we’d still be blinded by all the talk that’s nothing more than having a really extensive vocabulary.

84 thoughts on “Watching the Medicine Is All That Psy-Op Die in Real Time

    1. Good stuff DP. Lets just say I am VERY familiar with BOTH Abraham Flexner AND BOTH MD’s and PHD’s. Like 34 YEARS worth of experiences. You are EXACTLY correct. BOTH physicians AND scientists do not suffer from “modesty” in the LEAST. In fact, the term “holier than thou” or “looking down ones nose” comes to mind. I have told you all before I worked for a MAJOR research facility in my state. One that has produced many drugs in the market, and is world renowned in Heart, hand, spine, cancer, and other research.

      I can 100% attest to the fact that these types of people, not ALL, but a LARGE amount, think their shit does not stink. They are egotistical, misanthropic, conceited, arrogant, anachronistic, demanding, and overbearing. That is just their GOOD qualities. Most LITERALLY think they are smarter than you, and BETTER than you, and you live to serve THEM unless you have a PHD or MD behind your name.

      I have seen and experienced this too many times to count. I would NOT have worked under most of these holes of the ass as their lab assistants did. They made 1/100th of the PHD/MD, and took ALL the shit, for PEANUTS, and did MOST of the leg work!

      Most people THINK MD’s and PHD’s are smart, and they are BOOK SMART. But as my dear old Grandma used to say, they do not have enough common sense to poor piss out of a boot. I have SEEN that too.

      I have watched as these people DRESS DOWN the poor custodial staff or the maintenance men as to WHY their room was too hot, or their lights did not work. I wanted to say, because you stupid moron, the switch is off, and the thermostat is set to 76. But I bit my tongue.

      Without revealing too much of myself, lets just say I LITERALLY have met, enacted with, and carried on highly sensitive conversations with literally THOUSANDS of MD’s and PHD’s. 10’s of thousands in 34 years. I watched probably OVER 50000 MD’s take their Hippocratic oaths.

      I have had MANY opportunities to talk to both rookies, and veteran PHD’s and MD’s. MOST, not ALL, but MOST, I came away thinking WHOA, I don’t want THAT person working on ME on an operating table. YEP it is THAT bad. They are VERY book smart and they have to go through a LOT to get those degrees. But, the PERSON and the common sense does NOT translate to the professional. Not ALL, but 40%. Yes, THAT high.

      Most are “nice” enough, unless you DARE question them, or their opinion. THEN the berating and the horns and tail emerge, EVEN if they are 100% WRONG, they are NEVER going to admit it to a NON peer. They really do FORGET from whence they came. They DO NOT like contrary opinions from a NON peer. MOST will discount it out of hand, even if it is 100% correct, and they are 100% wrong.

      The word inflexible comes to mind. Again, NOT all, but nearly half. Some SHOULD NOT BE in the practice they are, they do it for ALL the wrong reasons, IE money. I have seen MANY literally STONED or drunk out of their minds. I have seen even MORE forget where they are, be SO distracted that they LITERALLY walk in traffic. I have watched them talk DOWN to those they felt were unworthy, or simply snub their noses at them

      MD’s and PHD’s are a very skilled lot, and they DO provide a valuable and necessary service, sacrificing ALOT of their time and lives to serve. BUT, they are NOT the end all be all some portend to be. Some USE their “lofty” accomplishments to belittle others around them. IT I am CERTAIN did NOT start out that way, but BIG money and the PERKS that come with it RUINED a LOT of them .

      I say what I say, revealing perhaps a bit too much, I worked with thousands of wonderful people, and most are VERY good at what they do, but as in everything in life, I remember the BAD more so than the good. It is the BAD that I saw that reminds me to a TEE of Fauci, and Birx. They ACT as our betters, because they have titles, and degrees. Sorry, I know MANY people who did not finish Highschool who are JUST as smart, and WAY better people. They just apply themselves to a DIFFERENT skillset, one that does not require 6-8 years in a college. They went to the school of hard knocks, and got an advanced degree in LIFE.

      Fauci, comes of as BEYOND egotistical. You can TELL he ENJOYS his time in the spotlight. You can SEE the disdain in his face when he is DARED to be questioned, and has to explain himself to the little people. NOT the MSM, oh he LOVES the attention, it strokes his ego. I have met thousands JUST LIKE HIM. I bet his secretary has to order his lunch because he can’t relate to the people at the restaurant. I bet he has NEVER turned a screwdriver or a wrench in his LIFE. I bet he has to have his secretary show him how to use his new phone, or PC. YES I HAVE SEEN a secretary ACTUALLY have to SHOW a PHD how to use a MOUSE on a PC. I have watched MD’s who could NOT work the VCR or PC in their power point presentations and videos.

      THAT my friends is FAUCI. He THINKS his shit does not stink, you can SEE IT. You can ALSO see his disdain for Trump, he THINKS he is smarter, I know the look, the smirk. He is ENJOYING his new found “power” believing he KNOWS better than all of us. All I hear is “hey you kids, get OFF my lawn” Ms. Tessmacher, fix me a sandwich. He LOVES that because of HIS opinion and position, Millions have to “listen to him”

      He LOVES the fact that he is in control of the lives of millions, not ONCE considering the consequences of him being WRONG. In HIS mind, that is an impossibility. HE is literally “too smart” for his own good. He CANNOT see the forest for the trees, and this does NOT even take into account that he is Team Cabal with an agenda.

      His AGENDA, and his vanity prohibit from admitting either error or FAULT. In essence he BELIEVES his own bullshit. Par for the course in his profession, especially one in the same job for 40 years.

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      1. I know a gentleman who administers the board exams in his specialty. In that field, I trust him implicitly. Even as an opinion in various other medical fields, yes. For musical evaluations…no, even if he thinks he knows more than he does.

        For a decade, I worked in a support department of a medical school. I saw enough to know that not all graduates are, shall we say, top if the class. Even the head of the surgery department when he walked in the door, was not what one expected. (He was actually respectful and quite human which countered his reputation.) BUT, common sense…yeah, it’s not common.

        And the white coat is a license to be an A$$ in some minds.


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      2. “….The word inflexible comes to mind….”


        I worked with PhDs. They were insufferable! Because they had the PhD after their name they thought they were experts in EVERYTHING! —-WRONG! But try to tell them that. IMPOSSIBLE if you were a lowly tech with just a BS

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    2. DP, really informative. Thank you.

      p.s. What do you call an MD who graduated last in his class?
      What do you call an MD who graduated first in his class?
      Both are called doctor.

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    3. Excellent article, with important point after point. The marketing details about Rapaille are eye-opening and reinforce the importance of language and why we should not let people control what we can say (e.g., our pronouns). I’m glad people are waking up and questioning not only the experts, but whom they consider to be experts. It’s much harder to have to research and know what you don’t know — because, let’s face it, doctors do know a lot more than we do. But a highly educated person who is closed to new ideas and who won’t listen can sometimes pose more danger than someone with less knowledge but more common sense and the absence of an agenda.

      You asked for corrections, and one thing struck me that is very commonly done: Instead of HIPPA, it’s HIPAA (Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act). 😷

      Thank you for this article.

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  1. WAIT! Hold the phone. Stop the presses.

    Is this part of the reason why Latin was declared dead and the teaching of it as a matter of education stopped? Phonics as well? So that science and medicine, one speaking Greek, the other Latin, would not be understood by the people who are not in the field?


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    1. It’s kind of interesting that you, as a Catholic, feel that way about Latin.

      And, I’m reminded of the price some people paid for their attempts to translate the Bible from Latin into the native languages of their land.

      Latin is not confined to medicine, though; it’s the language of botany and biology. It’s how species are described and delineated. Just tradition, but the precision of Latin is helpful to sort things out and keep them that way.

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      1. Continued…..The precision of Latin has done the same for anatomy as it has for botany and biology. I’m rather fond of those drawings of flora, fauna, bones, muscles, etc. with the Latin in elegant italic script.

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        1. The reason Latin and Greek (once taught in high schools across America) were taken out of public schools was the dumbing down and the beginning of the ‘education major’ and teaching became a major and the field of study (English, history, math) became a minor.

          As the decades rolled on, with politics and affirmative action, many public school teachers are not adequately educated. And public school teachers are not always moral or spiritual role models. That’s why we find so many predators and political agenda activists.

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    2. I believe you are correct. When I was to take a language at the local satellite extension of the Big Ten college I was attending, I had to take a language. I wanted to take Latin. I had 2 years of it in HS, liked it, and saw it’s usefulness in many areas of what I was pursuing. No, they didn’t offer it.

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      1. I feel for you. I was first offered language instruction in 6th grade — French, German, or Spanish — and eagerly enrolled in German. At the time, it was the 2nd language of technology, and I was already a tech-boi. And then we moved to a place that didn’t offer German, so I took Spanish. We moved again to a place that offered German and I signed up. Only to move the next year to a district that didn’t.

        I’ve lived my entire life in California, and once you start with Spanish you have sufficient reminders to keep it active in your head. German, not so much — so I had repeated “Introductory German”…..but went from Spanish I to Spanish II.

        My THIRD attempt at Introductory German was as a High School senior, when I did “concurrent enrollment” in a local community college. It had its weird moments — most of my fellow students were actually from the California Institute of the Arts (“CalArts”) which is a Disney-funded art school (and, essentially, the birthplace of Pixar). One day, they presented her with a lithograph and she immediately exclaimed, “Ooooh! Gupta Pitke — the most beautiful lamasery in Eastern Tibet!!!!” — which is not the type of statement you want to parse right before starting a language class.

        So I ended up graduating High School with one year of college German, and three years of High School Spanish.

        That said, I’ve heard it said that both Spanish and Italian are essentially drunken peon Latin.

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        1. “That said, I’ve heard it said that both Spanish and Italian are essentially drunken peon Latin.” Bwahaha
          So true. So many words of both languages seem to be a bastard version of the Latin words.

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        2. Spanish, Italian, French – all Romance languages. Not as in romantic how we understand it, but Roman in origin and nature.

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    3. My wife was asking about Latin for homeschooling, trying to decide which path to take on it.

      Same principle: Don’t let them have a secret code language that is indecipherable.

      Even if all you do it study Latin roots you’ll be far ahead of most “educated” people out there.

      In cybersecurity where I work there is a lot of what I call “security theater” – going through a security act to impress others and make them think you know better than they do. Consultants do it to make sales; companies use it as part of their marketing to get a “security expert”, preferably someone with former IC experience that they can sell “I’m a cybersecurity expert and a twenty year FBI veteran.” I use the phrase “blinded me with science” a lot describing how these operators work. Knowing the vocabulary is the key to breaking the spell – once you know the words terms and ideas you can start asking the right questions. They don’t like that getting called out.

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    4. NOT just Latin and Greek BUT ALSO GERMAN. AKA Beilstein and Gmelin Handbooks

      Beilstein Handbook is organic chemistry
      Gmelin Handbook is inorganic chemistry

      I had to learn German in college as a requirement for my degree so I could read those two books.

      My first job included doing literature searches IN German and IN French and translating specific papers into English for a chemical company. We made precursors for the drug companies, that is the raw materials used for making drugs. And yes we got yearly visits from the FDA.

      When I was a kid, schools offered Latin, German and French in high school. ALL three are the languages of science.(My parents also had access to Classical Greek.) Now Spanish is about all that is offered as a second language, at least at my town’s high school. A language NOT used in science.

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      1. OOPs forgot to mention I barely passed three years of French in High School and from that experience opted to take my two years of college German in summer school so I could concentrate on ONLY trying to learn German. I really really suck at languages. I also need a very very large bucket to carry a tune. I literally do not have an ‘ear’ for either although my hearing is still excellent.

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        1. Hello, Gail: I so appreciate your contributions here at the Q Tree. And, there’s no question(in my mind) that “an ear for music” goes together with an ability for languages. So, I admire your perseverance in learning these languages.
          And, just another “note”: I had Latin in high school, enjoyed it and found it so helpful in understanding things throughout my life.

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  2. The problem with Fauci – he’s a pompous little wannabe celebrity.

    He absolutely loves being with the rich, famous, powerful politicians and getting their donated or voted millions….and billions.

    He love having spent decades messing about with a cure for HIV, but never quite getting there, so gets to play with the politicians and celebrities at the fundraisers again.

    POLITICS, PROFITS and POWER are the problem!

    Political agendas and big dollars rule medical research and pharmaceutical development.

    There are many lies told and much manipulation along the way.

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    1. This might describe Faux-Xi (with help from Weird Al – idea was from Madonna(!) of all people).
      Hope this works; it’s geoblocked here and I can’t (quickly) figure a way around it (OK, OK, I’m too cheap to get a VPN subscription)… (Should pop up “Like A Surgeon”, from Weird Al Yankovic)

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        1. Heh.

          The Tubes had a section of their stage act where Fee would run a chainsaw in a shopping cart of baby dolls. They didn’t do it every show — I saw five shows and only saw it once — but it is a sickening bit of theater. Still, it’s theater, as they were bloodless plastic parts coming out. And the context is a harsh, bitter criticism of modern medicine.

          It’s referenced in the lyrics for “Tubes World Tour” —

          The threw us in the slammer
          when we did it in Miamer
          Mondo Bondage blew their mind
          The kids were screamin’ for more in Baltimore
          Thought they would never unwind
          They rushed Dr. Fee
          in Washington D.C.
          A.M.A. didn’t go for the chainsaw

          Frankly, I preferred the shows where things were more lighthearted.

          (In 1979, they were singing about the vapidity of the media.)

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    2. The Media shills (redundancy) and the rest of the Trump haters are waiting with bated breath for Potus to reject Fauci. That will trigger the next wave of attacks. How funny is it to see Scarf Lady and Dr. Doom flanking Potus at a presser wearing their muzzles, I mean masks…thoroughly subdued. They’re still out there though, preventing the outcry from the Enemedia and the rest of the Trump haters.
      I can’t shake off that image of those two muzzled. 😷🤦🏻‍♂️🤦‍♀️

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  3. As some of you know, I’m blessed to have a number of family members who are top doctors…the kind who get full scholarships to medical school or were asked to stay on at Johns Hopkins to teach after their residency. Another was one of the best who ever went through the Emory ObGyn program and a fine Gyn surgeon.

    In the small towns in S GA where I lived the longest, almost all of the doctors were good, caring and conscientious and had studied many years through medical school, through specialty residencies, passed boards, kept up their certifications, worked long hours.

    We would get the occasional poorly trained, mostly foreign medical schools, and the occasional misfit due to attitude or mental breakdown, but those were few and far between. Each new generation of young doctors would generally have better and more extensive training than the generation before.

    It is true that a person’s experiences with a doctor can shape their estimation and opinion of the entire medical field.

    Many people have complained about ‘medical’ doctors and drugs – that they are not interested in simple healing or building healthy people with nutrition and supplements – but take heart – there is a ‘functional medicine’ movement amongst the younger ones.

    Do you know what doctors’ biggest complaint and difficulty with patients is?


    Truth is, most people don’t take their medicines faithfully or properly. For some reason/s, maybe psychological, people sabotage their own health – don’t eat right or take care of themselves as they ought to do.

    Patients also don’t self advocate and ask questions, learn about their conditions, medications, etc. as they ought to do.

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    1. There are too many jackasses though that get snippy with a patient when we do ask questions, or want a second opinion. The last GP we had rolled his chair over to DH and got in his face to yell at him when DH asked a very logical question about my care. That same man went nutty because I went out of the system and not to a doctor of his choosing. I’m so happy we left him.

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      1. So true Jane! I’ve recently been through the big C route and the minute I would say I had done some research on the net, their eyes would just go dead and blow me off! My oncologist and I have had several go-rounds over that. Don’t EVER question the doc! If I were closer to the beginning of my cancer journey instead of being in maintenance mode, I would have changed doctors. But at the beginning when I was having issues with him, I had just begun chemo and didn’t have the energy or will to make the change.

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        1. Sallyal, I’m so sorry you experienced that with your Onc. That is a horrible spot to be in, having an Onc that you are not comfortable with.
          Thankfully, God really did an intervention when my local Onc was going to fry my brain with radiation before even trying chemo. Then go on to chemo to kill off the other cancers in my body. Through what some people would call luck or circumstances, but definitely not me, I wound up with experts at a teaching hospital who recommended to my local onc to go with chemo. My Onc was receptive.

          Regarding jerk MDs I referenced, I meant my former GP before the diagnosis of cancer.

          Are you on Immunotherapy now?

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          1. No, I’m on hormone therapy. It’s horrible also. Obviously not as bad as chemo but threw me right back into all the menopause symptoms plus hair thinning bad (badly?). I will be on this drug for 4 more years. 5 total. Ugh.
            Best of luck you in your journey. The chemo brain fog sucks! Even at a year after completing it I was still experiencing the fog. But it has resolved at long last.

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            1. Thank God the chemo brain is resolving for you. He is so Merciful. Prayers for you to recover to where He wants for the good of your soul and the souls of your loved ones. God Bless.

              Liked by 1 person

      2. So glad you left that doctor.

        ‘The system’ that you have to stay in because of ‘your plan’ is new in my lifetime and I hate it.

        Maybe it rewards or produces ugly superior attitudes in doctors when patients can’t choose the doctor they want.

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        1. What I mean is – if the doctor with an ugly unconcerned beside manner or lacking skills is on the list for a plan – some folks are forced to put up with him anyway, so he is emboldened and protected against free migration away from him and his practice.

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    1. That just means it forgot (momentarily) you were logged in.

      Why on earth that’s not a “log in” button instead of “create your own website” is beyond my ken, but you do push the button–and THEN you get a log in option.

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      1. Thanks Steve. Lately, I’m having a difficult time wrapping my brain around anything to do with the pc of iPad.
        Getting scared here. One day I’m a savant with sudoko the next day I put a number in a box that already has same number. Hope this clears up. I am still good with spacial but my words are getting mixed up some in my speech.

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  4. Thanks DP great work putting into word’s what I am sure the majority of the people are realizing. These people need to be exposed for where their loyalty lies

    Liked by 9 people

  5. Most excellent post, DePat!
    Thank you.

    Yes…we’re being psy-op’d, and have been for a long time.
    What’s heartening is seeing people finally waking up to it!

    It’s like the good guys, the white hats, realized that the way to beat the bad guys’ psy-op…was to fight them with a ‘good’ psy-op:
    A psy-op that would make people Wake Up to what has been going on!

    Fighting fire…with fire.
    Fighting psy-op…with psy-op.

    That is why I like the Q movement so much.
    It has been a good psy-op…to make people wake up and think for themselves.

    And that’s why the Cabalists have been so desperate to destroy Q.
    They sent out their enemedia flying monkeys to lie about Q and label it as a “conspiracy theory” and a “dangerous cult”.
    ‘Dangerous’? To whom?
    It’s only dangerous…to [Them]!

    The Great Awakening is happening — and it is glorious.

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    1. I never even heard Bruce’s version before. I knew he wrote it, but Manfred Mann and his Earth Band made it famous 😁

      It grabs you with the very first note, and it never lets go

      Liked by 4 people

        1. I always loved the instrumental section in the middle of this song.
          It’s from the 2:53 mark to the 4:45 mark, on this video.

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  6. Lately I’ve been seeing tweets like this…and it’s great to see it.


    I owe patriots of America a sincere apology. I used to be a Liberal of the worst kind….a Canadian liberal, smug, and hated all things American. Then I woke the F**k up! I now understand your constitution, and see the destruction of my country. I’m sorry!

    I’m overwhelmed by the support and love! This tweet is confirmation that I made the right decision. I followed my heart when I knew something was terribly wrong! Love to you all! #WWG1WGA

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    1. Ooops…here’s that second tweet…the text of it is above.

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  7. “Sometimes you can’t TELL the public the truth.


    It’s sometimes always more effective if you do BOTH, tell them AND show them.

    If you just tell them, it goes in one ear and out the other.

    If you just show them, they have to connect the dots on their own, and you don’t ever want to be in a position where someone else has to connect the dots on their own, if you can help it. Not if it’s important.

    Doing BOTH increases the chances of successful communication exponentially.

    There’s a reason why it’s called show AND tell, not show OR tell 👍 😁

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  8. This Video where Dr Jason Fung explains the Financial Conflicts of Interests and the End of Evidence-based Medicine, needs to go at the top!

    Liked by 4 people

    1. Great confirmation of what is happening. It helps to have someone qualified to say it out loud.



    I’m still incensed and angry that the leftist fools tried to make hero out of Rock Hudson just for getting AIDS/HIV…which he got from children in the parks of Haiti or the child brothels of Bali or second or third hand from the patrons of those foul cold heartless places.

    I’m still incensed that people tried to hide the predation of children by priests, coaches, teachers, even normalize THE EPLOITATION/RAPE OF CHILDREN it and try to excuse or heroize it as a true ‘orientation’. ….even lobby to lower the age of consent in state legislatures.

    Earlier the liars and propagandists of the left fomented the LIE that homosexual ‘orientation’ is another ‘identity’ and that sexual identity disorder is not a disorder but another ‘gender’

    These people are engaging in evil and they are not heroes by any sense of the word.


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  10. OK – here is something.

    First, what Q said, talking almost certainly about HYDROXYCHLOROQUINE.



    1 May 2020 – 1:27:39 PM



    Next, a video where it’s clear what Q was back-referencing – listen to FAUCI talking about much less effective remdesivir…..


    His “money line” clearly spelled out in the video: “This will be the standard of care…..”

    That Fauci can declare a standard COMPLETELY AT ODDS with what frontline doctors were observing at the time – to the point where patients CLAMOR for hydroxychloroquine rather than take a chance on barely working remdesivir……

    What in the HELL do we have such people for, if they OBSTRUCT???

    Cankles. I lay this crime at the cankly, creepy, and utterly corrupt feet of CANKLES!!!

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  11. History for you: the white coat is a legacy from medicine’s medieval roots. They come from barber’s coats. Because barbers also did surgery and dental work. The barber pole is a remnant of the bloody rags being wrapped around the pole as an advertisement outside their shops.

    I refuse to wear one. I’m neither butcher nor barber. I’m in the game of healing. And the patients are my team members. Sometimes patients want to run the show, insist on the medications I *will* prescribe, and what they will and won’t do, and I let them know that they’re welcome to do that – with someone else. They hired me to help them get better, not to keep them sick and addicted. I want people who are active participants in their own healing, not people who are interested in nothing more than status quo.

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